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Gerard Butler Replaces Liam Hemsworth in 'The Raven'?

Gerard Butler Replaces Liam Hemsworth in 'The Raven'?

Gerard Butler may have found his next role: star in the sci-fi action flick The Raven, according to THR!

The 43-year-old actor would play Chris Black, a man on the run from a robotic police force, while a giant police ship coordinates the effort from the skies above.

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Liam Hemsworth was formerly attached to the role, as was Mark Wahlberg at one point, but the earlier iterations of the project fell apart.

ARE YOU EXCITED to possibly see Gerard Butler in The Raven???

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  • huh

    Good part? or more drivel?


    They can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking. This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces is so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • gwen

    NO! He is so gross!

  • GFW

    yes, Yes, YES! Thank you Jared & team!
    Can you see the impurities of gold before it’s put into fire? No. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Though hidden by us, they are not by others.
    Now he has a choice like Affleck, who addressed the Academy, We all have a choice. Stay held captive or live free. Grow up useful. Our choice is that we can remain angry at this thing or that person or you can see the dross of that anger on you for what it is, repent, receive forgiveness, and let them take the ladle and remove those impurities.
    See your true condition. The ability to see our true condition is another condition to being free from deception, even self-deception. When we blame others and defend our position, we are blind. I know this all too well. LOL
    Many are unable to function properly in their calling because of the wounds and hurts that offenses have cause in their lives. They handicap and hinder us from fulfilling our own potential.
    who loves that hint of a grin

  • C.A.

    YES we are excited …LOL
    Hope more work is coming his way and this sound like a movie I would very much love to watch so yes I am excited for GB :)

  • OhCanada

    I don’t understand his appeal. Major douche.

  • Pattycake

    Yeah, because when I think of Liam and Gerald I think, interchangeably same guy. Riiiiight.

  • wyld chyld

    @Pattycake: I know right? Not even close.

  • geraldine

    Who cares what role it is. Any news is welcome that takes the conversation off the topics from the last thread. Holy smokes what a bunch of crazy bs.


    So, the principal shooting script is not ready?? Hasn’t he learned NOT to jump into these things when they are only still “ideas”? “Talking”? Sounds like preemptive PR manipulation of the Cannes investors to me. The CGI will be the money shots in this one. I thought he is an actor, not a articulated set decoration. ACT, damn it, you really can be that good!

  • pff


    damn, he should consult you… pity, he left Sarasota already

  • thursday

    A possible new role for GB…this is fantastic news!!! Love the title…interesting plot. I hope it’s not only action, though…I’d like to see him in a drama too.

  • Not So Sure

    “that good” Really? Can you give just one example? Ralph Fiennes would like to know too.

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies. Hope this role will be a reality for him.

  • Shared

    Someone shared an article about GB up for the part w/photo on MG’s personal FB page. Will be telling to see if she removes it.

  • GFW

    “…a man on the run from a robotic police force, while a giant police ship coordinates the effort from the skies above.”
    The rise of the machine. Actually this isn’t very funny at all. The WP newspaper had an article about non-manned machines, all programmed of course, and how they could cause true trouble in very serious ways, Scared yet? Sounds like a timely project!

  • thor’s day

    GFW can you try and bridle your hyberbole, when Gerry is on par with Ben Affleck, we’ll let you know.

    However work is work and some of my fav movies are well done sci fi flicks. It is good Butler seems to be focused on work for a change.

    I do agree that it always makes me nervous when the principal script is not ready or they start messing with the principal script esp right before filming and this is often the lead actors that insist on those changes, why does X has more lines than me, etc etc. Sometimes the changes are for the better but many times NOT.

    Seems like the smart thing to do is not to accept a role until the script is ready or only accept a role conditional on seeing the working draft of the script so you can bow out if it really sucks. Maybe the latter is a standard clause.

    Guess some people still have confidence Butler can open a film.

    Saw the Year of Living Dangerously on TCM last night. Now there’s a great movie. Delectable young Mel Gibson and the beautiful Sigourney Weaver and the incredible Linda Hunt set against the political upheaval in Indonesia. Peter Weir at his finest. Would like to see Gerry was doing movies like that, do they make them like that anymore. Maybe it was the Australian touch on that one. I read the book and was pleased with the adaptation. You can’t say that often.

  • What’s Missing

    @thor’s day: Where did you get the idea that the principal script is not ready?

  • Seriously

    Liam is 1/2 Gerard’s age, so one wonders why the change of character age. Sounds like several different familiar plots prior, but then again, that’s Hollywood.

  • NiceToSee

    Congratulations Gerard! It’s time for him to have a Sci-Fi. I am excited to see Will Smith and his son in their upcoming Sci-Fi.

    Great! I like it and he deserves it. It is all about being around the right people. Gerard was around Antoine. Keep aiming high Gerard.

  • GFW

    @thor’s day:
    It wasn’t about being “on par” with Affleck. You apparently missed his acceptance speech?
    Ben had a lot of weight put on his shoulders pressed to be one of HW’s golden boys and leading man after Good Will Hunting and so on. Things didn’t quite work out like that, as we all know. So he had to take a step back, forgive, (or was it don’t hold grudges?) and press on to find his true bliss.
    Which is when he won an Oscar for Argo was more behind the camera than in front of it, or equal. But this isn’t about that either, not exactly… it’s about moving on, letting go and entering your true condition. I’m working on that myself so I identify. Butler is more than a handsome face, and tender heart.
    Only some foreign alloy’s (copper, etc, stuff that turns 24K to as low as 10K but still looks like gold) have hardened his heart that can’t be seen. And they need to be purged by him of course. Trials and tribulations bring those alloy’s to the surface for us to focus on them. Doing nothing or avoiding hide them. It’s complicated!
    I’m going to post what feel like it so no I won’t bridle anything!

  • NiceToSee

    @GFW you are correct about entering your true condition. Coincidentally, I am doing the same.

    Butler has some untapped potential and he is with the right people to bring out the icon.

    Some may not agree but if that man pulled off Leonidas as he did, he can do so much more.

    In the good ole days that performance was called a Cinematic Performance

    Cinematic Performance – Magic on the Big Screen

    Butler is about to shut up alot of people.

  • DocP

    I love sy-fi he should be good in this role. Surprisingly I liked him in Gamer which was a futuristic movie.

  • jlguerra

    lol he went to rehab because of addictions wtf?

  • And

    @jlguerra: What is your point?

  • NurseD

    Totally agree. He was amazing in Gamer. This is going to be great!

  • jlguerra

    @And: He’s a sad person. He takes drugs or whatever to play his roles better.

  • thursday

    I really hope this comes to fruition for GB…it was so exciting when MC was first announced at Cannes last year but not sure whatever happened with that…but all it took was the success of OHF to put him back on top again.

  • Kyle

    He should stick to action, he does it best. And I agree he was good in Gamer.

  • weakness

    He takes drugs because he’s an addictive person with no education.

  • And

    @jlguerra: Where is your proof?

  • DocP

    I didn’t think I was gonna like that movie but it surprised me. I could see Gerry doing something that requires action and special effects. It would be nice if he could get a true life story about a man searching for his soul like the one that Pitt did in Seven Years in Tibet.

  • And

    @weakness: He probably has a far better education than you and many others on this site.

  • TeaCakes

    Action sci-fi. Kind of tired IMO. I smell another bad project. Here’s the short by same director.

  • weakness

    @And: Are you on drugs too?

  • What’s Missing

    @GFW: Well there you have it. “thor’s day” wants you to “bridle”, then goes on and on with a bunch of drivel about “the principal script is not ready” and giving advice to GB on how to make his contract. When I asked he/she a simple question, I didn’t get a reply. Maybe “thor’s day” has taken their own counsel and bridled it. What is a “hyberbole” anyway?

  • NurseD

    ” I smell another bad project”.
    TeaCakes saying something negative about Gerry and his projects?
    What a shocking surprise!
    When you’re so predictable that anonymous posters on the web have you pinned, it’s time to get a new routine. Or better still, stop wasting your time posting negative things about a person you obviously dislike.

  • And

    @weakness: No, are you?

  • jlguerra

    @And: I have just one proof because I was awaiting moderation.
    If you know how to read and type you can google it and you’ll see the rest.

  • BO

    @TeaCakes:” I smell another bad project”

    You just small full stop.

  • BO

    @TeaCakes: ” I smell another bad project”

    You just smell full stop.

  • jlguerra

    @And: So move your lazy butt

  • Derpina

    This is going to be a joke

  • And

    @jlguerra: Because he went into rehab once does not mean he is still taking drugs.

  • Ick


    He’s got a freakin law degree….and how do drugs keep him from doing sci-fi???

  • Gerryfan

    @Derpina: “This is going to be a joke”

    Every thread seems to start like this now. It’s as if the looneys can smell a new thread starting.

  • jlguerra

    @And: He left rehab straight away for the golden globes so you think he’s recovered? I think he’s the same Gerry lol

  • Seriously

    @TeaCakes: The short is very well done, and a younger actor would be more appropriate. Maybe Hunger Games interfered with Liam? The actor in the short was very good, but they need names to finance a feature,

  • And

    @jlguerra: Quite frankly nobody cares what you think.

  • TeaCakes

    I’ll post whatever the h.e.l.l. I want. Why aren’t you gushing over your beloved’s new role news at the phansites?

    Obviously, having a hit film like OHF didn’t help him get a great new role. I’m simply not impressed with this scifi venture.