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Lily Collins & Sam Claflin: 'Love, Rosie' Does Great in Presales!

Lily Collins & Sam Claflin: 'Love, Rosie' Does Great in Presales!

Lily Collins shoots a night scene on the set of her new film Love, Rosie on Tuesday (May 14) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old actress was joined by her co-star Sam Claflin on set, where they will reportedly shoot for this week only before moving production to Ireland.

International presales for the film were handled this week at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival market and Variety is reporting that they went great. Looks like fans across the globe will get to see this film!

10+ pictures inside of Lily Collins and Sam Claflin on set…

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  • milena

    I can not wait for this movie! XD

  • Greg

    I wish I knew where they were filming downtown. And who’s there taking these photos? Is this a freelancer that submits them to JustJared, or a paid staff member?

  • Cate

    Loving these pictures from the set. Lily looks beautiful and Sam looks so cute and handsome in this movie. He hasn’t looked this good to me since he was in “United” on the Beeb. It’s fun to see Lily in pictures with a good looking guy rather than than her ugly twig of a boyfriend.

  • milena

    @Cate: LMAO!!!!!

  • lol

    @Cate: lol I seriously don’t see what she sees in her current boyfriend, he looks more girly than she does. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the closet.

    Sam and Lily look good together

  • Cate

    @lol: You’re not the only one. Most of us fans of Lily struggle to understand what on earth she sees in him too. I usually try not to comment on him because I haven’t got anything nice to say lol! Fortunately they aren’t pictured together often.

  • Jays

    Haha at the shallowness of the regular commenters on Lilys articles.

    Speaking as a massive lily fan myself I think she’d find your comments on the person she loves pretty disgusting.
    By the way – “most” lily fans is a huge overstatement. I have never seen any other lily fan ‘hate’ on Jamie before.
    In fact, even though they don’t find Jamie attractive themselves. They understand, as fans of lily, that he makes her happy and that’s all that matters.

  • http://JustJared Scoofer

    I am really angry at the personalization of your comments towards Jamie Campbell Bower. To each his own and he is just as attractive to as many people as he is not to others. Personally, I have always found him attractive but not in the conventional way. They really make a great-looking couple and will be starring in a series together so if you are trying to wreck his career, keep it up. He doesn’t deserve it.

  • lol

    @Jays: as fans of Lily, we don’t have to like Jamie too. Most of us liked her before Jamie entered the picture. I don’t expect them to last forever, so I don’t care much about him. It’s who she’s dating at the moment. I’m sure she’ll realise eventually that she can do much better. :)

  • Cate

    @lol: Well said. I’ve noticed a lot of people who claim to be fans of Lily are just fake fans who didn’t give a damn about Lily before City of Bones started filming and ~Clary and Jace~ started dating. Most of us were Lily fans long before Jamie came along and know she can do much better. We are not obligated to like Jamie because they are dating at the moment.

    @Scoofer: How are the comments any more personal than just about every other comment on this site? He is an actor signed on to play the hearthrob role in a YA book to movie so people are going to talk about his looks (or lack of). It comes with the territory. If you think people on JJ stating he is ugly is going to ruin his career then you must not have much confidence in him either!

  • maria

    I run a lily fan site and never have I seen ignorance and rudeness like this towards lilys boyfriend jamie.
    I don’t know much about him and I’m not a mortal instruments fan but he seems like a genuine guy and he makes Lily smile, so to be honest I’m not seeing the problem you lily ‘fans’ have.

    We are her fans and we should support her no matter who she chooses to date/ what she chooses to do.
    We can’t run her life and dictate who she does and doesn’t spend her time with.
    We’d be no better than ‘beliebers’

  • lol

    @maria: Never have you seen such rudeness? Have you by chance taken a look at this website? Every comment (ALL 10 pages) is pretty much a slam against Jamie and his looks.

    We’re not alone in thinking he looks rather, well, odd. Lily would be better off without him.

  • Cate

    @maria: You must not have seen comments about Jamie on other sites then. What I have seen here about his looks is mild compared to sites like The Daily Mail and ONTD.

    A real fan should want what is best for Lily not just support everything blindly or praise Jamie because “he makes Lily smile” as you put it. My dislike of Jamie isn’t even just about his looks. I didn’t like what I had heard and seen of his personality way before they started dating which is one of the reasons why I think Lily is much too good for him. Please don’t compare us fans to Beliebers. No one is sending Jamie death threats or telling Lily who she can date but we do not have to pretend to like him.

  • lol

    @Cate: SO glad I’m not alone when it comes to Jamie’s personality. I think he isn’t attractive in the slightest, but his personality rubs me wrong even more. People always go off on Lily for dating all her costars, but I find his dating habits much worse. He leaves and finds a new girlfriend DAYS after ending one relationship. I fully expect him to do the same with Lily, which is why I want her far away from him.

  • Cate

    @lol: The dating all her co-stars thing is such crap. Lily has only dated two co-stars which is is nowhere near all her co-stars and the same or less than nearly every other actor in Hollywood.

    I’m not superficial. If Lily was dating someone unattractive with a great personality I would be happy for her. I even felt sorry for Jamie and all the hate he received when he was cast as Jace. I haven’t been keen on Jamie since I read/saw some older interviews and he came across pretty badly. I didn’t care back then because he was irrelevant to me (and I never thought he would be dating one of my favourite actresses!) Nothing I’ve seen of his behaviour since seems to indicate he has matured much.

    I don’t know enough about Jamie’s previous relationships so I can’t comment too much but he always seems to be in a relationship. He jumped between his previous two very quickly, then he split up with Wright in May and started dating Lily in July. Between what I’ve seen of his personality and his relationship history I just don’t want to see Lily get hurt.

  • lol

    @Cate: Yeah, same. If Lily was dating someone ugly, as long as he was nice, I’d be happy. But nothing I’ve seen of Jamie’s personality seems very nice/appealing. He comes across as rather annoying to me.
    All I know about Jamie is he ends relationships and then starts new ones right after. I remember being a bit puzzled when Jamie/Lily happened as I thought he was still engaged to the girl from HP! Turns out it’s just a thing he does, goes from girl to girl within a few weeks. At least with Lily, her and Taylor had been broken up for a while before she got with Jamie and SHE wasn’t engaged. He doesn’t seem to show any type of mourning after breaking up and is with someone new right after. I fully admit to this being one reason why I don’t like him, because I am dreading the same behavior done to Lily. I just hope she doesn’t get too hurt if that happens.