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Mariah Carey Performs Medley on 'American Idol' Finale (Video)

Mariah Carey Performs Medley on 'American Idol' Finale (Video)

Mariah Carey takes to the stage looking beautiful to perform a medley of her greatest hits during the American Idol Season 12 Finale on Thursday (May 16) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old judge performed her songs “Vision of Love,” “Make It Happen,” “My All,” “Hero,” “We Belong Together,” and her current single “#Beautiful”.

“Thank you for supporting # beautiful and making it #1 on R&B! #L4L!!!!!!!” Mariah tweeted after finding out that her new single has become her 27th number one on the R&B/Hip Hop charts.

Mariah Carey Performs Medley on ‘American Idol’ Finale (Video)
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33 Responses to “Mariah Carey Performs Medley on 'American Idol' Finale (Video)”

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  1. 1
    Jess Says:

    A really good performance overall, but I can’t help but feel that her diva “moments” are a bit much in those medleys. With the wind machine and the way she keeps on flailing her arms/hands, there’s too much going on – makes it hard for people to relate to her. Besides, it seems that she’s lost her vocal range, since it’s not as good as it used to be – which I guess is common with aging. I love that she just stood there for a good two minutes after the performance. She wants to see that standing ovation goddammit (which of course she feels she deserves – if not the entire audience bowing down to her majesty)! Ugh… #typical

  2. 2
    katie Says:

    what a voice *bows*

  3. 3
    katie Says:

    oh nvm she lip-synced

  4. 4
    Melrose Says:


  5. 5
    @ Diver Says:


    People like you are really stupid. You’ve learnt one word and will use it to death because it makes you seem knowledgeable on music, lipsync.

    Ha! She’s not lipsyncing, get a life and expand your vocab.

    Find something else, smarts don’t work for you.

  6. 6
    Amanda K. Says:

    When you sound flawless live, you lip synch….when you sound terrible, you can’t sing! You sounded amazing Mariah.

  7. 7
    Austin Says:

    I am a HUGE Mariah fan…but you can not argue the fact: She was better singing live 20 years ago. Most of this performance is just production.

  8. 8
    Melrose Says:

    @@ Diver: and you find a new life, cuz dealing with REALITY isn’t working for you. All our ears are hearing the lipped and dubbed production. DEAL. All our eyes are seeing & cringing at the mismatched mess. DEAL.

  9. 9
    sdf Says:

    awful. grow up

  10. 10
    Steven Says:

    She lost a lot of her vocal power, but she can still sing! She is a great singer

  11. 11
    Rye28 Says:

    She sounded good, love the new song!

  12. 12
    Q Says:

    She lost her voice a long time ago. Shame.

  13. 13
    Krits Says:

    Lip Sync. Smh. I was really looking forward to her performance but it’s obvious that she is not really singing. This fan is disappointed.

  14. 14
    krane Says:

    I have to agree that she is lip syncing. Mariah is one of those artists that makes face expressions and body movements when she is hitting certain notes. With that said, she looks uncomfortable trying to stick to the tracks.

  15. 15
    Greg Says:

    Yeah that was a bummer. I’m surprised that she would lip-sync. She has the greatest voice of all time, but of course it’s natural that she would no longer have the pipes she had when she was 20. Still, she always will be, simply and purely, a music legend.

  16. 16
    Well Says:

    She’s still more talented than that Nasty Minaj chick.

    Much respect Mariah.

  17. 17
    christopher brisson Says:

    @Melrose: Shame on you for attacking Diver who was 100% accurate in his brief comment “Lip Sync.” Were you not watching the television screen tonight? Are you vision-impaired? Mariah was CLEARLY lip-synching, and not doing a very good job of it at that. The fact that her vocals are indeed complicated, made it all the harder (and more obvious) that she couldn’t replicate the right physicality in her attempt at lip-synching. What a major embarrassment for the show and a sign of disrespect to the contestants.

    Let’s face it, Mariah has written exceptional songs and has an impressive voice–one of the most celebrated in the business–and yet somehow she lacks the confidence to sing live on Idol? Week after week the contestants (many of whom are amateurs) are required to learn new songs to sing and have to render them live. And they do it–often to amazing effect. Whereas “legendary” Mariah only had to sing her OWN songs, some of which she’s sung literally hundreds of times, and yet couldn’t be bothered to do it live. Are you kidding me? And it’s not like she was busting her rump dancing for 5+ minutes like J-Lo. Mariah stood stock still in her mermaid gown while “singing.” There is simply no excuse for what she did.

    The fact that Ms. Carey got paid SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to be a truly feeble judge is criminal enough; that she couldn’t earn a few of those pennies by singing live on the finale…DEPLORABLE! Good riddance to her when they finally announce in a week or two that she won’t be back for next season.

  18. 18
    LawdJesus Says:

    AHHHHH STFU already. she performed most of it lived, and completely did her high notes live. she had a back track for the chorus but, who gives af tbh lol she’s still an amazing singer who gave a great performance.

  19. 19
    Matthew Says:

    Fact #1: Performance was taped one day prior to finale, following the Wednesday live show and was performed 3 times;
    Fact #2: AI/Fox Producers edited the 3 performances into 1;
    Fact #3: Mariah, Jessie J, Jlo, etc…all used a background track;
    Fact #4: Nicki still has Zero #1′s (when I speak of #1′s, I speak of the only chart that the people care about…The Hot 100′s)
    Fact #5: Mariah still has 18 #1′s, the most of any solo artist and second only to the Beatles.
    ***An interesting side note is that of those 18 #1′s, all but one was written/produced by Mariah. That song being the cover of the Jackson 5 hit I’ll Be There, from the Unplugged Album.

  20. 20
    Michael Says:

    @ christopher brisson, you are truly a moron!

  21. 21
    ssdsad Says:

    LOL at her pressing her ear and acted like she hit that high noteā€¦.

  22. 22
    Rocky Says:

    Loved my girl! She looked beautiful last night. ROCK IT MIMI!!

  23. 23
    No Autotune Says:

    People, save your breath when talking to a generation of losers that thinks autotune is singing. Mariah LOOKED like she was lipsynching in the ’90s when she did everything live (you can go and check out the old concert performances). I have seen her lipsynch, but listening would clearly let you know if this whole performance was a track. Lipsynched or not I will take real music and un-autotuned vocals anyday!! #MC

  24. 24
    advertbandit Says:

    There’s a slight delay during her singing on the audio they sent out (not live) and its still there after she’s finished singing and just talking so its a technical issue with the broadcast. Sorry no drama just great singing.

  25. 25
    enya Says:


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