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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: CW Upfronts After Breakup

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: CW Upfronts After Breakup

The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder arrive in style to The CW Network’s New York 2013 Upfront Presentation held at The London Hotel on Thursday (May 16) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress and 34-year-old actor, who dated for three years, recently broke up. The two presented the show on stage together at the event.

“NY upfronts for Vampire Diaries #5. 5 times a charm right…?” Ian tweeted that day.

The season finale to The Vampire Diaries airs tonight – on the red carpet, frequent guest star Arielle Kebbel told, “The season finale is tonight and I think if you’re a Lexi fan, you’re going to love it.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Versace dress, Cuyana studs and Rupert Sanderson heels. Ian is wearing Simon Spurr.

30+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder reunited at the CW Upfronts…

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137 Responses to “Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: CW Upfronts After Breakup”

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  1. 101
    Grey Says:

    Totally with you about mappets
    Remember ian huffpost interview? he was saying so much interesting info but fans weer interested only in what is going on in Nian bedroom and asked it online!!!
    they do live through Nian lives. And that makes Ian or Nina impossible even to sneeze bc even that fans will name as a proposal!!
    Now they counting cats under US article.
    It would be ok for them to be apart at evening but they hadn’t seen together for a long time and if ppl love each other they would spend time together before separation again. Ian underlines that he is alone and had heart to heart with a friend. Nina is busy with gf to have heart to heart with him
    for me and for thousands other fans if reunion will be then it is PR bc that is exactly what fans want. I would be ok with reunion bc ppl can made up but last few times in NYC they clearly avoided each other at all costs after that you wont reunite that soon and especially after finale of TV show. i know i ahve bad wording but you see th point
    those who claim Ian has no future- BS he has a lot of talent and he will show you all that may be he wont co for blockbusters but he is perfect for intellectual films

  2. 102
    Vera Says:

    First of all Ian has made the smartest move of all. He invented money and time in business. Hollywood doesn’t lost long but business does. As i told he chose a sector with much future, energy + plus animals. So is just fine. As for movies he is very talented – Sasha in a previeus article said he is perfect in theatre – too bad i haven’t seen him. But i have seen most of his other filmf or series and i loved him. I agree about intellectual films – he is perfect. And Ian himself has stated that in some years time he wants to relax and deal with family a business so i think intelectual films etc add to this acuation.
    The huffpost interview was my favorite one. He was given the apportunity to speak about so many interesting things…But fan all theu caed was hos bedroom. I want speak for the mother in low question or the if your real life relationship blah blah..No boundaries. It’s an other thing asking only aboyut the vampire diaries and an other think asking for an other person private life.
    Thank God at the RYOT panel we didn’t have such things..
    As for the timing is indeed fishy. The break up news were aired last week before a mojor episode. Now we had the upfront before the final episode – and all eyes where on them. I would be ok with a reunion too but not with this timing. If they wanted to be together they hadn’t seen each other for days – Ian could have gone to the dinner yesterday and NIna could have gone to her friends an hour later today. They made clear that they didn;t wan to be together. So yes i agree with you. IF now AFTER all this a reuinion is made the whole TVD fandom except Nian fans will see it as PR.

  3. 103
    Wafer Says:


    Well, at least she’s a CW actress. Tell me, what are you?

  4. 104
    soemi Says:

    Ian drinking a coffee alone? he is sad. Nina eat with friends? she is a monster. seriously? grow up, please

  5. 105
    Grey Says:

    i like reading Sasha too, i hadn’t seen Ian on stage but as lover of short indies i saw him in some short movies which actually got an awads on fets and tell you what he was brilliant in such short cut moment to pull so much out of his characters! For me to appear in a movies which make ppl think such as life as house is much more important that 5 mins fame after transformers. Ian had insured his future and i respect that and also he tries to inspire others to stop sitting and start acting!
    The timing of Nian was always fishy, as sasha once wrote – before major DE crash in season 3 fans got Nian kissing , before Dex ruined with sire bond fans got pizzeria pics,during hiatus when everyone went wild bc promo promissed SE reunion fans got Easter pics but easter pic are kind weird some fans posted here step by step how nina grabed ians fist and forced him to mingle fingers then they saw paps near the house and put a show for them that is clear as day but when they didn’t saw paps near the cars Ian was pissed and Nina was smoking they acted as strangers. The Nian epic moments good or bad is always around some kind of episode. So yeah if in season 5 after Elenas choice will be reunion i’ll say PR if reunion or on and off will start this summer i’ll scream PR from the roof tops and i can bet my ass all action will come from Nina
    I’ll give them my respect how they handled Upfronts like a pro and been all smiley and lovely with fans
    BUT after openly avoiding each other and i mean they knew that all fans eyes on them and that fans near hotel but they openly avoided each other and today is finale with a huge chance for DE to happen if after that smth will start to hint about them being on again then excuse me….

  6. 106
    Vera Says:

    Yes Sashas comment are nice!! I like her way of thinking!
    My favorite movie is Chainging Hearts! God i love him there!! As for his work outside acting….he is such and inspiration!
    I haven’t really paid attention to the timing of the relationship together with TVD. But if a reuinion is made after the final episode i can’t blame only Nina here. He is a part to and he can’t say no if he wants to. Both of them can. So if that happens i will blame both. Ian is not a small child that Nina or anyone else can make him do as they order.. That will be a huge PR stant from both sides.
    Today they were both profesionals, smiled to the fans and act nice to each other. Lets hope they will keep it that way with no pr situations. Cause that will only do damage to both of them.

  7. 107
    Sasha Says:

    wow! well F*ck me i am famous! Kidding here. Hello folks. I am busy tonight but i’ll add my 5 cents. Ok?
    So first of all i kinda don’t care about Nian but i am also very impressed how the did Upfronts!
    What i know bc i was following Ian for years and been a member on his old board with his dad as one of mods and read his Friday Fives, that the way Ian acted around Nina was not the way he acted when he is in love and proud of it. He was always very open about his girls and proudly speak about them naming them is his love,and always defended them. When last year Nina was bombed by fans in Paris Ian didn’t tweet for fans to stop as he did when fans bombed Meghan and that was for me the last drop it hit the nail for me to be sure that what ever it is between him and Nina is not love relationship
    I agree with Grey about Timing of Nian. when you wrote examples everything fits, also that part about private vacations it was all from Nina side, Ian didn’t participated.
    I dunno how can Ian stop her from showing up in Paris if this is the plan, but if it is CW thing i doubt Ian can say NO b/c it is producers thing he just can not play along. But also he can’t openly push her away from him
    You see the tricky thing Ian can’t not talk about her bc she is co worker and anything he says even if it is hint that she is moody fans see as love declaration. He can’t openly smth like – I don’t do kids or i am not into her bc it is plain rude and offencive. She is a young actress who is in a lot of polls like top sexy so he can’t make comments like that, he can hint on age difference as he did a lot but fans see it as he is ok with the fact that she is younger
    I hope this break up each of them will use to build an image of them as their own persons not Nian. Nina has enough fans to shine on her own already. So i hope she will use it.
    I don’t thing that she is THAT bad though may be so, truth to be said i didn’t pay attention to her
    I trust only Ian words and Ian actions, not what was said by fans. I even don’t trust tweets from cons until i watch the vid
    so i can say that Ian is Ok after break up, Ian was a gentelman and didn’t ruin reputation of his co star saying that he is not madly in love with her, he didn’t lie to fans either he was always – i ahve no time for love TVD is my gf. So if they wanted to be delusional it is their own choice
    I don’t have problem with Nian. I think they are/were good friends may be with benefits may be not i don’t care. I have problem with Nian fans who do not respect his choices and see him as a personal clown who should live via script they wrote for him
    Vera tank you for your kind words and i do agree with almost everything you wrote here as well

  8. 108
    Vera Says:

    @Sasha: I can only imagine your face when you read your name here!! :D
    Good point about the producers but they should also think that the TVD fandom is not only the Nian fandom. I believe that there are a lot of fan who couldn’t care less.
    Right now Ian and Nina don’t need each other for promosional reasons. Nina has created a fandom for herself. There are many people there that like kai admire her sanz Ian. I don;t think she is bad also. My only problem with her was that she didn’t support Ian with his causes. Sometimes i speak really loud about that cause it bugged me a lot. Other than that no problem – but as you said i didn’t pay attention either. I like her as Elena, prefer her as Katherine – other than that i saw her as Ian’s girl. But not supporting the causes doesn’t mean she is bad. She just have different taste…
    Today at the Upfront both of then handled the whole thing ok so fans who were worried what will happen to the show, we can say that both of them are professional enough to handle having scenes together.
    As for Nian fans ..i don;t know.. I think they will always twist their words and actions till the time they will see Nina with a new boyfriend or Ian with a new girlfriend..And i pity this boyfriend or girlfriend cause this fandom can be very abusive. They treated Meghan like **** and now they harassed the twitter acounts of friends, family, costars. There is a fine line everywhere but they don’t know it.
    Other than that i think that the break up is good for both of them. Ian can give himself to what he loves without being judged that he doesn’t give time to Nina and Nina can shine and do whatever she likes without being judged that she isn’t beside Ian all the time.
    Anyway great talking to you guys (i don’t know how great it will be for all the others that will read my blah blah blah) and wish you Good day or Good Night (it’s night here..) :D

  9. 109
    Jess Says:

    I’m sure about the relationship between these two because I never really followed them much but I’ll say this: at 34, Ian will probably stay in television whereas, at 24, Nina may be able to break into films. If she’s smart she will use this window of time before she’s 30 to transition into films. Ian will have a comfortable career in tv.

  10. 110
    Grey Says:

    About careers i may say that,yes, ian does have few not so good tv movies but he has a lot of art house as was said, been on stage and mostly he goes for quality then for quantity. Let’s bee realistic TVD is a good way back to be demanded and popular actor (what he didn’t use right after Lost when he went to art house and indies) and good money to start a business to have a solid background for the life. That it. When Ian was 24 he already had a solid list of excellent roles and done a lot to be respected. What Nina has beside and before TVD? Degrassi well compairing to Young Americans Degrassi is cheap teen age soap and she wasn’t that popular, other movies all together is less than and hour of screen time and not a good work in them
    so she has no better chances than Ian
    as for Nian.
    Well Hey to Sasha, Vera we will miss your bla blah blah i like reading you
    But here is one more thing why i hope they are over for good other wise it will be PR
    after season 1 no relationship off screen just rumors is Nian real and are Paul and Torrey married already or not/
    After season 2 Nian are on and Paul’s and Torrey Marriage, though more on Nian before DE development in seson 3. After season 3 Nian and Paul and Torrey equally shine , same NYC and SantaMonica pics and walks, ones picking up halowwen pumpkin other xmas tree. After season 4 Paul and Torrey shine more and Nian finally break up, If tonight will be official start of DE i wont be surprised.

  11. 111
    BOHJI Says:

    My my, can’t get through the passages of words but I am a Nina fan. she’s young beautiful and the world’s her oyster. They were good as a couple but I reckon Ian is married to his foundation and his cause, no offence meant but it is a helluva lot of baggage for a woman to put up with. I congratulate Nina for lasting the relationship this long. Ian is here, there and everywhere. He is a crowd and people pleaser and there’s no denying that. He travels alot too and a majority of his female fans see him as a sex symbol. Whoever he dates next has alot to put up with.

  12. 112
    Anna Says:

    Why do people always call CW actors irrelevant? Have you ever thought that they aren’t egotistical and don’t care about being seen out in public like stars from other bigger networks. Just because the CW isn’t a huge network, doesn’t mean its irrelevant. Some of those TV shows have some of the best acting I have ever seen on a TV show and yes that does include some of the cast of VD.

  13. 113
    S Says:

    @Anna: best acting? LOL, you need to get out more….poor thing.

  14. 114
    Watkins Says:

    The most Ian can hope for is another CW or hope for an ensemble role on a large cable or major network. His skills are about as thin as his hair….

  15. 115
    just me Says:

    Both look great and professional . Knows how to act after a break up.

  16. 116
    just me Says:

    Both are great and professional. Knows how to act after a break up.

  17. 117
    Jess Says:

    @Anna: CW is very low on the food chain in HW. Certain actors are completely happy to stay there or jump to another network when the opportunity arises. The truly ambitious want to get out of there as soon as possible and will do whatever it takes..Blake Lively for example. I think Nina has a fair chance of getting out of there and into a movie career.

  18. 118
    Ash Says:

    @BOHJI: Exactly. Ian prefers his organisation and work over everything. He is everywhere but not with Nina most of the time. I am not against him but judging by his interviews he has never considered any commitment with Nina.How can anyone judge Nina for concentrating on work too? She is young and has a career ahead. She can’t settle down at this time.

  19. 119
    Maria Says:

    Every comment here more or less say the same thing from a different prospective. Ian fans say that he wants to work with his foundation Ninas fans say she has a carreer ahead of her.
    I am an Ian fan and i aggree with both of you. The only thing being judged here are not Ian and Nina but the Nian fandom who have takes to people and created their storyline for them. Noone asked if Nina wanted to settle down – for me she is way to young, she has a lot of things to leave and learn an experience. And noone asked Ian if he wanted to settle down. The Nian fans are judged here not Ian or Nina solo.
    Right now we have to nice people who have broken up – for Nian fans this is the end of the world.. I say that we should respect theit desicion cause they know better. What they had was good – lets leave ot there. The blame game is enough. Media has created a buzz around it – and i bet that this buzz will continue.
    The thins is that Ian’s iddentity is not Nina’s boyfriend such Nina’s is not Ian’s girfriend. There fans of Ian like me and fans of Ninas like you that understand that. All the rest like it is Ian’s fault for that or Nina’s fault for this is immature – cuase i the end of the day we don’t know them.
    The best solution is the simple one. When Ian twitted people change he wasn’t only talking about Nina, he changed too. Both of them. And there is no good or bad change. There is just change. How many of us ask the same thing that we did 4 years ago? Not so much..So why could’t be the samoe for them
    Some fans have created a huge pain in the ass for both of them. Ian is not a lovesick puppie of Ninas as nian fans wanted him to be and i think that Nina has greater things to do that being a good housewife for Ian.
    Anyway all i am saying is that the one thing that i got from the comments is that the nian fandom has got on everyones nerves.
    And for those that say that Ian’s loses his hair: his hair are just fine – don’t like them don’t look at them. And fir those who say that Nina has something done with her face: her face is just fine, she changed here haircut – people should she the easy solution first people they write a hateful comment. Why on earth should a pretty 24 year old like her do something with her face? That way of thinking is beyond me.

  20. 120
    Maria Says:

    sorry for the typos and spelling mistakes…I should read again before submiting…

  21. 121
    nyamahunge moreen Says:

    thts bd em 2 separate

  22. 122
    emma Says:

    they and their reps haven’t confirmed the breakup….

  23. 123
    nyamahunge moreen Says:

    4 sure i luved their couple! oh its ril hard 2 believe tht thy separated oh gosh

  24. 124
    Ash Says:

    I agree with everything you said. People should stop projecting their own fantasies on them. Whatever they had was great and I am sure they will cherish it but sadly it is over now.

  25. 125
    Sam Says:

    Ian is ridiculously good looking, a great and talented man, i’m sure he has a wonderful Future ahead :)

    @Maria: Nina definitely has something done with her face! Its really obvious! And if you can’t see it you’re blind! No offence.

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