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Reese Witherspoon Joins Joaquin Phoenix in 'Inherent Vice'

Reese Witherspoon Joins Joaquin Phoenix in 'Inherent Vice'

Reese Witherspoon chats on her cell phone while getting out of her car and heading into Boa restaurant for lunch on Thursday afternoon (May 16) in Los Angeles.

It was just reported that the 37-year-old actress will be reuniting with her Walk the Line co-star Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming movie Inherent Vice, according to Deadline.

The film will also star Owen Wilson and Benecio del Toro and be directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It “takes place in Los Angeles at the turn of the 1970s, as drug-fueled detective Larry “Doc” Sportello investigates the disappearance of an ex-girlfriend.”

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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    That’s all well and good…but DO I KNOW WHO SHE IS?

  • Sara

    thought it was the daughter

  • Daleann

    Was excited for this movie, but her in it sounds awful.

  • Sam

    She just killed that movie! No Thanks! Sorry Joaquin and PTA!

  • TN

    I wonder if she remembers that she had a baby.

  • Sam

    It is funny how Hollywood forgives, embraces and rewards someone like Reese. but punishes others. I guess being drunk and allowing your drunk husband to drive and endanger others plus disobey, disrespect and lie to the police is not a big deal in Hollywood. Take someone like Wynona Ryder who did not work for years and her comeback was a small role and it is still not getting major roles. Although Wynona’s recent role in The Iceman was substantial and fantastic. Then take another one like Kristen Stewart who actually did not break any laws and is way younger than Reese yet Kristen is still being burned at the stake and probably won’t get much work. Not to mention that Reese’s latest movies have all been ripped apart by the critics and bombed at the box office. I guess it pays that she married a big public relations Hollywood hot shot, albeit a drunk.

  • Pattycake

    Hahahahaha. I’m sorry but I’ve never seen her look more ridiculous.

  • The Bird

    Don’t you remember? The baby stole her brain!

  • Daisy Mae

    @Sam: Excellent Post I agree with you %100

  • MnL

    Fugly Fake

  • Twinkie

    You haven’t? Did you not see all their arrest footage? rotflmao

  • The Music Man

    B!tches! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM ON AMERICAN SOIL and will get ANY film that THEY owe me!

    Hey PTA,
    GOOD LUCK WITH HER ON SET! I will be praying for you man!

  • Macy

    @Sam: Reese and Wynona Ryder both very good actors but Stewart is mediocre just a bad actor, she isn’t up to her peers

  • Pattycake

    @Twinkie: You’re right. I should have said that I’ve never seen her try so hard but yet look so ridiculous…although her last Oscar get up came close.

  • I know all

    Whether you haters want to admit it or not, her scoring this PTA movie is a MAJOR get.

    This arrest was the best thing that ever happened to her career.

  • I know all

    Pattycake, remember when Ryan Phillippe won that Oscar for…oh ya, nothing.

  • I know all


    Her last film, MUD, has recieved STELLAR reviews. This is Reese 3.0, Ms. Witherspoon if you nasty.

  • Sam

    @Macy: You obviously have not watched some of Kristen’s movies before Twilight including The Runways. Reese’s performance in her last couple of movies were harshly criticized. Not just the movies but her performances as well.

  • sally

    Does anyone know what brand her bag is? I really like this bag she has. Ive seen it only a couole of times in oictures, and cant figure out who makes it. Looks maybe prada or burberry???

  • lalaland

    @Sally, Looks like Jason Wu, but I may be wrong.

  • BWR

    @I know all: Pattycake is the worst thing that ever happened to Ryan Phillippe. I’m sure he would like nothing more than to disassociate himself from all things Reese. Freaky fans like Pat who stalk him constantly and bring him up in comparison to Reese 100 times a day on every site on the internet undermine his ability to have his own existence. You have to wonder if she ever pays attention to anything else. I bet he wishes she would back off.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Reese has a great talent for all possible characters yep!
    And this movie sounds interesting!
    Fine to see her again.

  • Mud

    Mud is not “Her Movie”. She has a very minimal role in it. She can land ANYthing but the real issue is quality. She does quantity and the quality of her acting is not there. She’s a diva on set, her way or the highway and has to control everything. So it will be interesting to see how EVERYthing from this point plays out for her.

  • C

    Her and Phoenix were brilliant in walk the line :)

  • @BWR n @I know all

    Here’s something for you…How do you know about this @Pattycake on ALL this sites? You both must be doing the same thing you are stating that they are doing because how else would you know what you are stating? and @BWR, using a moniker that represents a PR firm that happens to represent Mr. Phillippe and use to represent Ms Witherspoon, that’s fraud and I am sure they would not take kind to any misrepresentation since Mr Phillippe’s publicist is way to classy, educated to stoop this low along with others at firm to attack a poster about one of their clients who you probably know nothing about except that they are a fan of Mr Phillippe and not Ms Witherspoon which is a non issue to Mr Phillippe who would take any legal action against anyone that threatened them in anyway. You both are trolls with no knowledge of anything real and have a personal vendetta against a poster who does not endorse your ideas.

  • Pattycake

    Hey@@BWR n @I know all: keep me out of this. I don’t know who that maniac is that posted here and I’m not conferring with them about anything.

  • Love and Justice

    Braaaaaavoooooo!!! to #25
    I stopped reading articles on these sites for over a year and a half because of posters who claim to know all or misrepresent Hollywood and attack you because you don’t agree with them. I for one find @Pattycake snarky and refreshing on this site!

  • Candycane

    I still can not beleve that reese won and oscar and Joaquin did not, that was crazy, Phoenix was better

  • Palermo

    Dear Academy,

    This time give the Oscar to very deserving Joaquin Phoenix. You really dropped the ball with Walk The Line. Anyone who saw it knows Joaquin gave the brilliant performance, not Reese. She did a great job but she did not carry that movie like Joaquin did. Get it right this time, please.

  • Candycane


    I agree, that was not fair that reese won and Joaquin did not that was a slap in the face and Joaquin still was a nice friend to reese, but I hope reese is not the leading lady in IV, I like Charlize Thereon.

  • I know all

    @BWR: I totally agree Patty (Patricia Aguliar) is obsessed with Reese. They were married, they divorced, get over it. People like Patty can’t separate Reese from Ryan or Ryan from Reese and I can’t imagine that Ryan likes having his two or three obsessive fan girls obsess about Reese every time her name is mentioned. Poor Ryan, no matter what he does, will always be Reese’s ex-husband.

  • I know all

    @Mud: Yet she’s getting great reviews for it. imagine that.

  • I know all

    @Love and Justice: Lol, Patricia you’re such a loser. Pretending to be someone else and pumping up “patty.” Ridiculous.

    You’re not refreshing. You’re a grown woman who is obsessed with a crush from the 1990s. You’re pathetic. Probably a mental case. You write non-stop about Reese website after website. She and Ryan married young, they divorced. It’s over. You’re just obsessed with her because her career continued while his completely fell off. You make homophobic jokes about her husband and her last boyfriend. You’re a loser.

  • @I know all

    I don’t want your f-ing problem is but I am NOT who you are saying I am! You know nothing about me, so SHUT THE F UP or I WILL find out YOU are because I have the MEANS to do so and you will wish you never posted crap about ANYONE or myself! You psychotic f-ing idiot! Back the F UCK up!

  • @I know all

    WHAT THE F*CK IS YOUR PROBLEM you crazy b!tch? You WANT to throw names, I can start throwing your name, address, where you work? YEAH YEAH dumb b*tch, I know who your are! Let’s go there! I have been wanting to go there for a long time!

    The Bird

    LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!! mofo

  • WOW WOW!

    Whoever is @I know all
    What is your problem? Are you Reese, Jim, CAA, or her PR from 42west or the trolls they pay to beef up positive comments?
    You sound nuts and more obsessed about Reese then Pattycake! Good Grief! There are different opinions in this world and just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t give you the right to do what you are doing. Putting someones name, if that is even a real name, you are just asking for trouble and bringing this company, Just Jared into legal issues over a difference of opinion. Is Reese and Ryan really worth that?

  • Critic to All

    I know all @ 05/17/2013 at 12:46 am
    Her last film, MUD, has recieved STELLAR reviews. This is Reese 3.0, Ms. Witherspoon if you nasty.

    This movie is about McConaughey, Lofland and Sheridan. It is getting “stellar reviews” because of THEM not Witherspoon, lets be forthright!
    3.0? Really? hahahahaha Ooookay……

  • Critic to All

    I know all @ 05/17/2013 at 12:44 am
    Whether you haters want to admit it or not, her scoring this PTA movie is a MAJOR get.
    This arrest was the best thing that ever happened to her career.
    I doubt she wanted her sweet, innocent image rocked by being a drunk fool and married to a drunk fool! He didn’t go with her the first time with The Master. Who’s to say she won’t be replaced again?
    and to a few other posts about Walk the LIne? Phoenix should have that golden statue!

  • Take The Back Door

    Is it safe to comment on this site/thread or is @I know all going to attack us? Jesus Christ!
    Witherspoon has never been about quality and her diva ways has gotten her where she is now so who’s to say she is going to start now? Calling it like I have seen it!
    Don’t expose my name @I know all!!!!!!

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    @I know all @BWR
    What is with the attacks against others?
    Hey Just Jared
    Why are you not doing anything about those two?
    REESE SUCKS! and so does her boozer druggie gay lurch!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Wow, this is really a battle between 2 frontiers!
    “I know all”, I guess that you do nothing good for Reese, if you post such harsh critics against a Ryan-Fan like Pattycake! Don´t call her a “loser”!
    That is far beyond fair play!!! I must say this, although I am a Reese-Fan!
    And “I know all”, why the heck should this arrest be the best thing that happened to her career??? What has that to do with the PTA-movie???
    “@I know all”, don´t say that “I know all” is a “she”! And your insults are not fair, too. You cannot know, who that person really is! I think, that this person (“I know all”) is NOT a Reese-Fan! “I know all” sounds like an egomaniac. We shall think, that Reese is posting with that moniker, because of her “Do you know my name”-mistake.
    In reality, this person is someone, who wants to damage her image! (Of course, just one speculation of several speculations!)
    I hope that it is NOT Toth!!!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    A further fine theory: Perhaps “I know all” and “@I know all” are the same person, who knows???
    Hypotheticly, this could be a possibility!
    So, what do we know exactly???
    Now, the confusion is perfect!!!
    This all is NOT a Truman-Show, yep!

  • I know all

    Patricia Aguilar takes it in the butthole.

  • I know all

    2014 Academy Award winner for INHERENT VICE…

    Not Ryan Phillippe. The one and only, Reese Witherspoon. Laura Jean to her friends.

  • Anna

    I love Reese and she was brilliant with Joaquin in Walk the Line so I look forward to this chemistry in the new film. What’s with all the haters for Reese’s driving-under-the-influence? Yes, it’s a mistake, but hold on to your panties, it happens. Get over it.

  • Tasha

    Dear Academy Awards,

    THIS time, give the Oscar to Joaquin Phoenix, not Reese Witherspoon. How you overlooked his performance in Walk The Line is beyond everyone. What would Witherspoon’s performance have been without Phoenix’s?

    Get it right this time. Please!