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'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Recap & Cast Party Photos!

'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Recap & Cast Party Photos!

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn hit the red carpet at the Scandal Season 2 Finale Party held at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on Thursday (May 16) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The stars of the hit ABC series were joined by their co-stars Bellamy Young, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield, Guillermo Diaz, Josh Malina, Scott Foley, Dan Bucatinsky, Kate Burton, Tom Amandes, and George Newbern. Series creator Shonda Rhimes was also in attendance!

That same evening, the finale of Scandal‘s explosive second season aired and there were tons of huge moments that happened in the episode. If you want a recap of everything that went down, we wrote up a synopsis for you!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the season finale of Scandal?

Click inside for a recap of Scandal’s second season finale…


Olivia, Cyrus, Melly, and Hollis Doyle meet up to discuss what they are going to do about the Cytron card and they decide that they have to eliminate Billy Chambers (the man deemed to be the mole in the government). President Grant comes into the room and says that he is on board for whatever they must do. He then takes Olivia aside and tells her he wants to marry her and that she needs to fix America’s perception of the situation so that they will accept her in his life.

The mysterious man tells Jake that he wants to have a meeting with Olivia. Jake is skeptical, but the man insists.

Vice president Sally Langston decides that she wants to run against President Grant in the upcoming election and Cyrus flips out at her.

At the Pope and Associates office, they have a theory that Governor Reston is in cahoots with Billy Chambers and Huck/Quinn hack into security footage and find that they just had a meeting together. After we see the footage, David Rosen (who was seen giving the Cytron card to Chambers in last week’s episode, but is still working with Pope’s team) calls someone and tells them they are on to them.

Cyrus has a meeting with the mysterious man who tells him that he is handling Olivia and that Cyrus must handle the President. We are not exactly sure yet what they are working together on though. Cyrus then gets a call from Olivia who informs him that Reston is working with Chambers. Cyrus freaks out because Reston is meeting with the President at that exact moment. He then has a heart attack and collapses on the national mall.

In the meeting between President Grant and Governor Reston, the governor tells him that he knows about Defiance and demands that he is put on his ticket for reelection or else he will tell the world about the rigging of the election.

David Rosen has a meeting with Billy Chambers and we find out that Rosen has not yet handed over the Cytron card. Chambers then admits to killing the head of the CIA, the woman who was in Rosen’s bed, and the woman who identified the head of the CIA as being the mole (incorrectly). Chambers then does a good job at convincing Rosen that Olivia Pope has ruined his life and Rosen agrees and hands over the card.

Melly visits Cyrus in the hospital and tries to get back in the good graces of the executive team, but Fitz tells her that she will never be in his life anymore and details how her life will go in the future. He gives her the ultimatum that if she ever leaks Olivia’s name as his mistress, he will make sure her life will be hell in the future.

A woman tries to break into Olivia’s apartment but Jake is in there already and kills the woman before she can do anything. He takes her to her office to explain what is going on and tells her that as long as she is with the President, she will be in danger. There is a branch of the CIA called B613 and he is one of the agents. The woman who tried to kill her was an agent too and he disobeyed his orders to save her. They say their goodbyes and Olivia gives Jake a kiss and tells him to be safe.

Olivia tells Cyrus about the hit on her and he tells her he can’t discuss B613. He tries to talk her out of being with Fitz and tells her how Fitz killed Verna Thornton with his own hands. Olivia is shocked by the news. Cyrus then goes to the White House and shows Fitz the sex tape of Olivia and Jake together.

Quinn and Huck have captured Billy Chambers but Huck can’t go through with the torture after all that has happened recently to him. Quinn then takes the torture device and gets covered in blood while asking him for the location of the Cytron card. He gives in and gives out the location. Abby retrieves the card and takes it back to the office, where they discover that it’s not the right card. Billy Chambers reveals that it was David Rosen that gave him the card and we discover that David had replaced the card with a fake. Over the past few weeks while he had been sleeping at the Pope & Associates office, he had been testing the safe in the office with every possible combination until he discovered the correct one so he could make the big switch.

David Rosen goes to Cyrus’ office and hands over a tape with Billy Chambers confessing to all of the things the mole did. We realize that David did this all to help the president and he gets named as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia by the president himself.

Olivia and Fitz have a meeting where they reveal that they know each other’s big secret – for Olivia that she had been seeing Jake and for Fitz that he had killed a supreme court justice. Olivia says that whatever has happened in the past, they should let it go. Now that the Defiance scandal is in the past, everything is back in order and he should go back to his wife. She says that she needs to get back to her team of associates and be their Gladiator.

Fitz goes back to Melly and puts his head in her lap to tell her he is taking her back. Cyrus takes the real Cytron card and destroys it. We then see that Jake has been taken to the same hole in the ground that Huck had been thrown in after the agency found out he secretly had a family.

At the end of the episode, Olivia is seen happy and heading out of her apartment for a jog when she is bombarded by newscameras and reporters asking if she is really the President’s mistress. She is then escorted into a car and is found opposite from the mysterious man at the head of B613. When she sees him, she says “DAD?!”


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  • mrst

    Okay…I’m still reeling. This is the most exhausting and exhilerating TV show. I am hook line and sinker. First , Quinn is killer. David, well played man well played. Still undecided about Jake but he stepped up tonight. Fitz crying in Mellie’s lap, oye. Cyrus heartache and then the ultimate game changer. Lastly, the stalker henchman is her dad. Wow, wow, wow.

  • belinda

    I’m so done with scandal! Shonda found the way to ruin Olitz once again. I can’t anymore seriously. It would had been bold to go on with the plan A divorced potus in the white house? A first one. But the Olivia leaving fitz once AGAIN, this is ridiculous seriously. The season 3 is going to be without me.

  • Asha

    I loved tonight’s finale. I absolutely thought it was Mellie who released Olivia name to the press until it was revealed to be her FATHER. Omg…and Quinn, that girl is totally going to become a psycho murderer. Did you see the look in her eyes as she was drilling into that mans leg! I hope Fitz and Olivia aren’t done. They don’t have a healthy relationship at all but they are so hot together. I can’t wait for next season.

  • rita

    this show is so stupid. When Quinn took the screwdriver to that guy I just laughed and changed the channel.

  • willanka

    I’m just gonna stare at this pretty people here. Because this finale was bullshit! breaking up like this again?! come on! so not here for this! and Fitz on his knees in front of Mellie? big downgrade of his character. I actually like that Olitz is exposed, now they have to deal with it.

  • jewel

    I am done. At least I won’t be wishing my summer away, waiting anxiously for Scandal Season 3.

  • lolly

    the first season was pretty cool. at the second one, they tried way too hard to have a complicated story line it became ridiculous and too anoying to even watch.

  • Amy

    Loved the finale. Best drama on tv.

  • Kirsten duti

    It’s awesome recape.

  • Bohwe

    Season 2 was stupid. The writers tried too hard with Defiance and The Mole, and then for it to be about Fitz sleeping with Olivia and her daddy not wanting that, was so stupid. We, the fans wasted our Season 2, being psyched about the reveal, it was all about Olivia’s daddy not wanting her with Fitz, really? The only thing that saves this show is Olivia and Fitz, and that is why the writers dangle them over our heads, because they know without their scenes, who would watch,, because this show is extremely slow and nonsensical. The best episode was last week the one Tony Goldwyn directed. I was ecstatic he was able to speed things along, cuz the other directors tend to drag things along. And Closetgate, was the second best. It was great when Fitz and Olivia reunited in the Closet, but afterwards was stupid and not realistic , because his love for her was too strong and obsessive. But the ultimate scene for Olitz had to be the Hospital reunion and her apartment.

  • Natalie

    I found the writing in the last two episodes to be incredibly sloppy. Olivia Pope is supposed to be so smart, yet she doesn’t destroy the Cytron card? The one piece of evidence that could land her in federal prison for the rest of her life? What was she saving it for? This is just Stupidity 101. NOONE would have kept that card. So unrealistic. I’m done with this show.

  • Grace

    I’m done with Scandal! Liv left Fitz THREE times. THREE! (While Communications Director, at the end of season 2, and of course, during last night’s finale). She left him because her Gladiators needed her? Lame excuse. I’m so frustrated with this show. And Fitz kneeling to Mellie. Ugh! That was awful!

  • Rlg

    Hey people! It’s just a TV show, not real life. Dont’ take it so serious!!

  • mrst

    I definitely will back for a 3rd season. Who wants normal, boring and predictable? No one. That is why we watch television.

  • all toms shoes

    If some one desires to be updated with latest technologies afterward he must be go to see this site and be up to date daily.

  • Harmonie

    One thing confuses me…her dad would rather have her killed (the assassin woman that Jake killed to save her) but then leaks Olivia’s name as the presidents mistress…i guess we’ll have to watch next season to figure it out!

  • belinda

    @Harmonie: @Harmonie:

    Her dad didn’t want to kill her he wanted Jake to bring her to him and when he refused he sent the woman. She wasn’t there to kill him. Jake is not a hero.

  • belinda

    *She wasn’t there to kill Olivia