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Angie Miller: 'You Set Me Free' Studio Version - Listen Now!

Angie Miller: 'You Set Me Free' Studio Version - Listen Now!

American Idol contestant Angie Miller‘s first single “You Set Me Free” has officially been released!

The studio version of the 19-year-old singer’s original song was released on iTunes following the season finale of the hit competition show on Thursday (May 16).

During the finale, Angie hit the stage for a performance alongside two of her personal idols – Jessie J and Adam Lambert. In case you missed it, watch the performance in full right now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Angie Miller’s new single “You Set Me Free”?

Angie Miller: ‘You Set Me Free’ Studio Version – Listen Now!
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  • Alex


  • loveangie


  • freya

    nice song but I feel the disconnect with it. Not like Candice own rendition of the Cure’s Love song that song made me cry.

  • K

    I love the song, but was really hoping that it would be a simple version that mirrored the way that she sang it on the show. They (producers, record companies, etc.) always have to overthink it and make things overly complicated.

  • Alex

    @freya: candice stinks. Boring as hell.

  • Natalie J.

    I love it!! This is truly a great, heartfelt song. I just wish I could connect to it a little bit better the way I did when she performed it on the show, but it was still incredible. I’m Team Angie all the way! (Though Candice was great too.)

  • AngieMillerFAN

    I don’t care who was technically crowned the winner of American Idol, because once I heard Angie sing she was already the American Idol winner to me. Her voice sings to my soul. She sings with such passion, emotion, heart and soul. Angie may be on 19 years old, but she sings like a woman twice her age. A woman who has lived, lost and has never been defeated. When Angie was singing onstage with Jessie J (on American Idol Finale Night) you could tell that she was in her element. She was safe and right at home up there infront of the crowd/audience. She did an amazing job. As I watched from my living room chair I could NOT take my eyes off of Angie. She definitely has something special. I wish her a lifetime of success and all the love and happiness her heart and hands can hold. Such a beautiful young lady both inside and out. A talented class act. I will purchase her debut album the second it becomes available. I expect to hear great things about her and from her in the upcoming year(s). I hope that she always remembers who she is and where she comes from once fame comes her way. I also hope that she stays true to herself. There are so many artists out there now that are in for the money. I personally think that Angie is in it for the true love of music. She just loves to perform and to share her gift with the rest of us. When it comes to Angie’s future success……the sky’s the limit!!! God Bless. <3

  • Kate

    she sucks, i’m glade Candice won

  • ybie

    Wow! Fantastic! Great song.. I love it so much. Nice Job Angie.

  • Orrin

    Was concerned all season that the studio release of this song wouldn’t live up to the shortened version she sang on the show that blew the judges away and launched a run to the Top 3. Silly me. What captivated me all season in her best performances, and kept me watching an otherwise lackluster show this year – the rich tone of her voice, the emotion and sincerity – it’s all there and more. Other singers have great voices but leave me cold. Angie’s best performances hit me in the heart. LOVE the full version of this. I WILL be buying her album the day it comes out.

  • Tada Charles

    Angie Miller is able to inspire many many people through this song and that is what music is supposed to be. AWESOME TALENT!!!!! LET’S ALL SUPPORT ANGIE and make her #1 in iTunes!!!

  • Katie

    I thought Angie should have been the American Idol. I think she will have a much better career than the others. She has an unique beautiful voice she will go so far.

  • lisa

    hope you do this when candice and kree release their singles

  • j. joaquin

    Thank you Angie, thank you so much for this song.

  • JT

    everything about her is cheesy and mediocre

  • ida

    i like it simple too

  • HL Peary

    It’s a powerful song and her voice is crystal…wish the producers could have restrained the overblown orchestra…piano was just enough. She has a great career ahead if she dumps these American Idol showboater folks and remembers “less is more”…can’t wait to see her star rise.

  • Karnak


    Come on, no need to troll for Candace here, the three of them are all worthy. Angie is far from “sucking”, and she will have a fine career.

  • zheena

    angie’s the best!!! so disappointed she didn’t make it to the finals..and yes the audition piece was much better..but she’s still great..hope she makes more songs..

  • sukramone

    Amazing Piece of Art. Angie Miller got a outstanding voice and some good songwriting skills. Go Angie!

  • Idol Fan

    This is an amazing song. I’m happy for Candace, I felt all along that it would be a shoot out between Candace and Angie in the Finale. For the life of me I don’t get how Kree edged her out. I know that Angie is going to be the Daughtry of this season. She will go on to out sell everyone else of this season. She by has has the most overall talent, this song is a token of many good things to come.

  • Star-Lance

    She should be in Theater / Plays she seems to lean toward that when she plays\sings and not Mainstream pop / r&b

  • http://hardybar don farrar

    Angie is by far the best singer on AI this year. She sings absolutely in tune on every note and does it effortlessly throughout her prodigious range. The velvet quality of her vocal tone is beyond anything else in recent memory. I predict she will be the next Carrie Underwood as far a record sales go and also in TV appearances. She will get Grammies Galore! She is a true phenomenon! And gorgeous besides!


  • Leonora

    Over produced. They should have kept it more simple. Will not buy this version.

  • Adele

    Carrie Underwood can only do country.

  • sillyme

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, every year on Idol there’s “someone” who loses who everyone claims should have won and will have a great career, blah, blah, blah, and then nothing. I predict the same for Angie. Yeah, she will probably make a CD (they ALL do), but I predict she will be forgotten by next year. I think the judges over-praised her and her songwriting ability. This song is nothing special.

    I think the only one who may have a decent career is Kree because country divas still do well. For Candice, we’ll probably wind up with something similar to what Jennifer Hudson did. They’ll pair her with Neyo and a few of the other regulars, and we’ll wind up with something less than memorable.

  • jim

    @Leonora: @Leonora:
    Agree 100% – way overproduced – was looking forward to buying a full version but definitely not this one.

  • MikeB

    She is the one who will be a star–has the whole package–good looking–great voice–plays piano. With a good management team she can do very very well.

  • byrdj

    Angie is amazing! She is a great singer and shows just as much passion as carrie underwood does. This girl will be a star and I will buy anything that she sings!

  • beth

    Angie brought me back to IDOL this year….I had given up as the storm surrounding the judges seemed to be overshadowing the contestants. When I happened to hear her do this song I was hooked! While technically she may not have the voice that others do, I enjoy her sound much more! I feel that with the right support surrounding here she will be very successful and I will be enjoying and sharing her music for years to come!!

  • tj

    Love her voice but the producers scare me on this recording–way over-produced! Could have been just a bit more restrained for this particular song.

  • tj

    Also, this is why it’s good she didn’t win AI because they would have rushed out something like this just to get something out in 6 weeks. Better to take her time and get it right. After hearing this recording, I just don]t trust the producers of the song.

  • Norma

    awesome song,Angie :) Can’t wait for your song to hit the radio :)

  • http://idonthaveone stacy

    hey Angie, i just wanted to say that i loved your voice and that you did AWESOME !!! you r were my favorite singer on american idol !!! i just hope you continue on singing because you are really good at.. maybe someday i can meet you …….. keep up the good work !!!! (:

  • Warren

    Song’s OK, she has a nice voice and can really sing, but the song just doesn’t seem like she means it.

  • Warren

    Much better on AI, seemed like she was into it. To bad they couldn’t get it like that for the single. I’d buy that version.

  • jr

    lol.. she was third and no single for kree? I bet this will see sell more than candice sngle.

  • Matthew

    I think it is very good and I like the full sound, not over produced this is what you need, and I think it compliments Angie”s voice.

    Way to go.

  • Christine

    I agree Angie was the real star of Idol and will be a huge star BEYOND Idol. She was always on top the whole show but stupidly the judges tried hard to diss Kree so that Candace and not Kree would go against Angie and instead they screwed everything up with Kree’s sympathy votes and Candice’s standing ovation’ Angie was just assumed to be in the finale and in the biggest upset in Idol history she wasn’t. Consequently the finale was boring and ANGIE IS SO AMAZING AND LET’S REMEMBER ONE DIRECTION CAME IN THIRD ON X FACTOR BUT WHOSE LAUGHING TO THE BANK NOW..SAME WITH ANGIE MILLER ONLY ANGIE WILL BE HUGER STILL!!

  • Hort

    Angie has beauty brains and talent plus she is super outgoing. All required to make it to the top. Candice will struggle.

  • WOW

    WOW she is a star! this song gives me chills!!!!

  • Alex

    Im a brazilian fan of angie miller. She is amazing!!!!! when i listened she singing this song on American Idol, imediately I headed over hills for her!!!! very very very very amazingly perfect. Congratulations angie. You will have a fantastic career. Sorry for any spelling mistake. You are the number one of the world

  • jilly

    Angie should’ve won! I stopped watching after she was let go. YOU’LL BE HUGE ANGIE!

  • Tania from Ohio

    Love Angie! She should have won!

  • Mike

    Wow! Angie’s single is great! She will be the STAR of this season! Shoulda won, but who cares?

  • trhokan


    totally agree and you look at carrie underwood a world mega star that keeps her roots deep.

  • Pam Rosinski

    A star is born….The best of luck to you in all you do..I’m sure you’ll being doing all you have dreamed of and more. You are a beautiful girl..Keep Dreaming Big..YOU ARE THE BEST..

  • Bekye Far

    Angie’s voice is spectacular…. but….. “You Set Me Free” needs to be more free, less monotonous and more melodic…..She is beautiful, gifted but green….Hopefully that will change. There seem to be few real song crafters today and these these young artists are apparently influenced by
    the same singing style (too much vibrato and too many riffs). Harry Connick Jr. was trying to convey that to all the singers……If it is a well crafted song, just sing the melody and let your voice speak for itself. Don’t over embroider – A lilly does not need to be gold plated….It just needs to be a lilly.

  • Andrew

    She should have won!

    I read a tweet that there are not letting this chart? Why release it if they wont it chart. It could be a big hit

  • Tim

    Very disappointing. The drive and energy is totally missing from this version.