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Chris Pine Confirms Single Status, Talks Ideal Woman

Chris Pine Confirms Single Status, Talks Ideal Woman

Chris Pine signs autographs for his fans outside a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (May 16) in Hollywood.

The 32-year-old actor recently made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he confirmed he is single and chatted about what he is looking for in a woman.

“I think anything that any normal man would be looking for: intelligence, beauty and a sense of humor. . . You have to be able to carry a conversation after the initial attraction kind of dies down,” he said.

Check out the video from Chris‘ appearance below.

15+ pictures inside of Chris Pine greeting his fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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  • moon

    He is soooooo GORGEOUS!!!!

  • bgfh

    hes dreamy

  • mari

    intelligent???! bwahaha….yea Oliva wh*reMunn, Audrina ceiling eyes patridge, dum-dum piek, beau not too bright garrett, yea…they are all the very definition of intelligence….this guy must think we’re dumb as sheep.

  • Jo

    I seriously doubt an intelligent woman would know what to do with a weepy misfit like him!!

  • Lif

    @mari: maybe that explains why he is no longer with them.

    I like Chris Pine; I think he seems genuine and he doesn’t seem to take the game too seriously. Which might explain the so-called inconsistencies he has been accused of.

  • Bullsh8t

    Genuine?? Chris pine is so phony and calculating these days, I almost think he is punking us, kind of like a James Franco performance art thing.

  • to Mari

    he didn’t say ‘kind’ so you might stand a chance if your ‘good looking’ as in beautiful.

  • to Mari

    and you might want to work on a sense of humor….yours is sh-tty

  • cali

    Considering that most of us have never met Olivia Munn, Beau Garrett, or the others, it seems a bit odd to decide they aren’t intelligent.

    Munn and Garrett, in particular seemed like intelligent and funny women. Munn is a fame climber, but you can tell she is fairly bright. He was with Beau Garrett a long time. I always wondered if he regrets that breakup.

  • Jo’anna

    If CP’s so called “girlfriends” are intelligent, they hid it pretty well. and it’s ridiculous to ask if we met them. they all have a public persona that we go by and that has been dumb. they are all Z-list famewh**s at the time they dated CP. and it’s beyond absurd for CP to now say he’s looking for an intelligent girl…..he talks such utter nonsense it’s cringeworthy. Oh and the sensitive guy who cries so much sure swears like a trooper. LOL

  • @to Mari

    Getting personal much??

  • bullsh8t

    @cali, well most of them have twitter or you can watch interviews with them so what is so odd about it. if they are intelligent, they certainly go out of their way to seem the opposite. i agree that munn is the exception, after all, she got a career out of their brief relationship so i’d say that was pretty damn smart on her part. especially when she lacks in talent ( i recently saw her in magic mike and holy smoke, she sucks).
    chris is smart enough to know he cant admit the real truth. he just thinks we’re all that dumb.

  • reeven

    Those gorgeous eyes!!!

  • dwald

    Let’s be honest here this is Hollywood and he’s lived there his entire life I don’t think he meets many Mensa applicants and remember he was 27 when he dated beau after that he dated Audrina and Oliva which seem liked rebounds to me he never dated them longer then a couple months I don’t think he was super interested in keeping them around since they were probably dumb and shifty. so basically beau and Dom are the only girls he really had a long relationship with Beau seems smart enough not a brain trust but not a flat out idiot either and Dom even tho I hate her everything is sunshine and puppies routine I don’t think she’s stupid by any means. I think in our eyes we see them as stupid because we don’t know them and their in Hollywood and they live off their looks and body and most of us use are brains to survive. I think he should try to find more accomplished women who try to really use his brain the way he does but again he’s a 30 year old single man in Hollywood its always springtime

  • bridgie

    Yeah, I love this cliche comment that actors always give. Why don’t they just say what they really want (and usually get) “a nice pussy and a non-existent brain, with a bit of bitch added in and a whiney, needy, voice.”

  • Bullsh8t

    @dwald: If that is what he means by intelligent then I’m afraid he needs to get reacquainted with the meaning. what he really likes: model types who are not too bright, not too famous, hot body but face is irrelevant (buttafaces ok), and preferably lives out of state or travels alot so she doesn’t cramp his style. So for him to front like he is this sensitive weepy guy looking for an intelligent woman.,is just so massively eye-rolly, that like I said earlier, I almost think he is deliberately pulling our chain.

  • DocP

    He’s adorable, how can you slam a guy who likes “UP” ? “I love you Master- Squirrel”

  • the games we play….

    Or he is gay. then all of it makes sense doesn’t it? I mean who cares about a beard as long as she’s female and hangs on his arm?

  • dwald

    @Bullsh8t: your quite sensitive about the subject if you don’t like him so much for the girls he chooses stop giving a shit and fan girl someone else that you actually like. so maybe he is a shallow guy who is after model types and lies to Ellen saying he wants a intelligent girl are you surprised by the fact that someone has lied in Hollywood OMG He must be the first person do that. We get that hes not tricking you with sensitive guy act but hes pretty, talented and seems sweet enough were you expecting a something more from Hollywood

  • bullsh8t

    @dwald: you dont get to tell me who i pay attention to. i pay attention to whomever, that is not for you to decide. glad you admit he is a shallow lying type, even his fans cant seem to defend him without copping to that. and yes everyone in hollywood lies, its the nature of the game. doesnt mean we have to swallow it blindly. i come here to bullsh*t with other people and hear their thoughts. seems there quite a few of us who dont buy his little weepy act.

  • bullsh8t

    @the games we play‚Ķ.: you know,… starting to think there may be something to that after all…

  • yeahsure

    After seeing some of the women he has dated, I don’t think book smarts plays that big of a part. Try again Pine.

  • Cuckoopuff

    He has great intellectual chemistry with quinto. Wouldn’t mind seeing them together. Doubt he got much intellectual “engaging” from the women he’s been linked to. I think his new management team is behind this new sensitive image. Wonder how long he will play their game.

  • Cyn

    Pine’s personal life aside, I thought he did a good job in Darkness. Anyone else?



  • cali

    I htought he was great in the new movie.

    I think he is really talented. He hasn’t always made great movie choices (Just my Luck, This Means War), but he always rises above the material.

    I don’t know about him personally. But just as he likely projects an image the public, so might the women he has dated. Unfortunately, The entertainment business doesn’t care too much about intelligent women. Yes there are exceptions, but not the rule.

    The only one out of the group mentioned that has become famous for not being very bright is Audrina, and I really don’t think it was ever confirmed that they dated. At the most, it was likely a hook up or a couple of hook ups, but nothing serious. Munn seems pretty bright, she can be quite funny and she seems sharp enough to have constructed a career out of very little obvious talent or even beauty.

    I have never seen Beau interviewed, and only saw her acting once, on an episode of House. She did a fine job. I have no idea if Dom is smart or not. I have never seen her interviewed. I never thought she was much to look at, at least in the face, but I have no idea about her education or intelligence.

    I just think it is wrong to just assume these women aren’t smart, just because they are models, etc. And they may be nice people ( maybe not Munn, who though funny, seems like a user). Maybe for where he is in life right now, he is fine with these relationships. Notice he did not marry any of them or have kids.

    And he would definitely not be the first man ( or woman) who casually dates based more on looks, but then when ready, chooses someone different when they finally commit

  • the games we play….

    @ Cali #25
    The ideas you express have already been discussed at #10 and #12.
    Why do you keep repeating yourself?

  • Buss

    Don’t buy that he is single for a second. It is easier to sell a movie with a hot guy as the star who is ‘available’.

  • shrugs

    Agree. but who knows? who cares? as long as he keeps his private life private which btw he seems to have a “real problem” doing.LOL

  • Jo’anna

    Saw STID yesterday. I think most know that I dislike Pine. Watched him with an extremely critical eye and I have to say his acting was excellent. I think he’ll make a very good future Kirk. The entire cast was good. Cumberbatch was gorgeous to look at and his acting was good too. Wish McCoy had more screen time. Quinto made a great Spock. I liked the film and even though they kinda used TWOK I think it was done well.

  • Teepi

    It’s good to see Chris taking the time to sign autographs for the fans. He’s looks happier & more content these past few months, maybe his new single status has taken some pressure off him. I think Chris is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, I love his sense of humour & intelligence – not always his choice of lady friends! He seems to have lost weight, his face looks gaunt in these photos, I hope he’s taking care of himself. I’ve seen lots of pics of him smoking. Hope it gives it up, he’s too young for cigarette induced wrinkles. At 32 he’s young to be showing grey hair, somehow it looks ok on him – funny how grey hair is ageing on women but not on men? Beautiful guy, never get tired of drooling over him.

  • Jennii

    Cancer and heart disease are more concerning effects of smoking than wrinkles, don’t you think?