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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: CW Upfronts Party!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: CW Upfronts Party!

Ian Somerhalder and his ex-girlfriend and Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev hit up the CW Upfronts party held at FINALE on Thursday (May 16) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress were joined at the event by their fellow network stars including Hart of Dixie‘s Jaime King, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, and Susanna Thompson, The Carrie DiariesAnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler, Beauty and the Beast‘s Kristin Kreuk, Reign‘s Adelaide Kane and The Tomorrow People‘s Robbie Amell, CW president Mark Pedowitz, and more.

In case you missed it, check out the CW’s new Fall schedule.

FYI: Nina is wearing an Azzaro dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. AnnaSophia is wearing a Rebecca Taylor dress and Brian Atwood shoes. Katie is wearing a Bailey44 top.

10+ pictures inside of the CW stars at the Upfront party…

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 04
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 05
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 06
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 07
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 08
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 09
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 10
ian somerhalder nina dobrev cw upfronts party 11

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  • natalie

    Why does Nina look so weird, like her facee?? Is it the makeup or something, idk . She looks better without makeup for sure .

  • Cara

    @natalie: I noticed that as well. She used to be definitely cuter.

  • Ohh La La

    Nina is so much prettier when she isn’t so skinny.

  • sarah

    someone’s receding hairline (cue fangirls coming to ian’s rescue)…who wears hats to an indoor party? the only other guy wearing it is already full on bald…lol people are so silly to think he actually has hair when on his show he wears a full on wig, he’s in hats 95% of the time, and theres never a picture where you can actually see where his hairline starts/begins.

  • Sasha

    A man who pulls a style called NewYorker?
    you don’t like him…ok but don’t make assumptions out of nothing

  • Tess

    @sarah U have a point! He had a horrible combover at the upfronts which makes me think his hair is thinning.

  • Li

    God Willa Holland is sooooo pretty.

  • amy

    they must have special lights on the vampire diaries because Ian looks like he’s going on 35 in these pic’s

  • Sasha

    after so many flights, cons, switching timezones and suffering from allergie
    well i bet u gonna look a little of
    why don’t you judge that Nina has 40 years old lady wrinkles near mouth at the age of 24?

  • Maria

    So i guess that we have the Ian and nonNian war..and now we have the Ian’s fans Nina’s fans war.
    @ Amy we talked about something in a previous article. I thought we left at the same page – that we can admire who we like without feeling the need to talk bad about the other. So why your comment wasn’t how pretty Nina was but was all about Ian and his age and nothing for the acctress you like? I guess now that all the things you wrote about agreeing with me and all the angel talk about respect has gone in the air?

  • Maria

    @Sasha: Sasha lets send all these people to follow Ian’s sulledule and see then how pretty they will be.

  • sarah

    @sasha: “exhibit A..” classic first fangirl. his style is not new yorker, his style is whatever it takes to hide what ever is left on his head.
    can you please explain why his hair, both of these pictured @ public events, look like this:

    can you explain to me anyones hair, at a press event, would look like that? even at a casual event, you are that afraid of showing your receding hairline so you make it to look like a birds nest?

    why is he in pig tails? oh i know, he must be wearing a wig because if he filmed in his normal hair, it would probably be the end of his career.

  • Cronin

    Ian looks so cheesy like someone from the jersey shore, seriously!

  • Mel

    @sarah: I can’t believe how rude you are! Ian is such a beautiful Person in and outside, if you don’t like him do us all a favor and don’t comment on his articles! Thanks!

  • sarah

    @mel/fangirl guys are crazy…i am not attacking his character, family, relationship, etc.
    it is merely an observation…i swear, he could hit a baby and y’all would be like, oh, that baby deserved it

  • Maria

    OMG Sarah? How nasty can you be? How can you live with so much hate? Ok you got it you don’t like him – step away from the article. The rest of us do hair or not! We would like him even if he was bauld becuse he has actually something to say. Looks pass sooner or later it’s your mind and ideas that stay.

  • Maria

    and yes i am fangirl number 3 and proud of it!

  • sarah

    @fangirl 3: i’m gonna take a wild guess and say you only support ian because hes “good looking” in your opinion. I’m pretty sure you didn’t know who he was before tvd, because he didnt have the army of fan girls he has now.
    I’m also pretty sure that his army will die once the show ends, in a year or two, and he won’t be “beautiful inside and out” anymore.

  • Maria

    @sarah: I am 30 so i follow his for about 7 years…anyway i get you don;t like him but why can;t other do? will it make any difference to you if we accept that you are right?

  • Maria

    @sarah: everyone has his own taste and ideas. why we muct force ones to an others? I like him cause for me he has something to say. You don’t, good for you. The only reason i spoke to you is that at least have some respect for the ones that like him. We must we bring negativity everywhere? I am not asking much i think.

  • Mel

    @sarah: I”m a Fan of Ian and proud of it, thats why i’m here! Why are you here? His hair looks perfectly fine to me btw. Ian loves hats thats why he’s wearing them! Simply as that! Leave him alone for Gods sake!

  • Tvd Fan

    @sarah, you are a ugly Person!

    Anyway I love ians Outfit, the new jacket <3 He's a great and talented guy with a great future ahead!

  • chelsey

    @Maria: Good Lord, shut up! I actually feel bad for Ian having someone like you as a fan or whatever you are. I think the word I’m looking for is Stalker. That’s some scary sh it.

  • Maria

    @chelsey: what did i do now?

  • Grey

    i fully inted to be rude right now
    How much nina’s crew paying yoy to bring ian down?like seriously?
    Yoy writing this bulshit about him being no one before TVD. Nina was no one even during TVD untill fans decided she is his gf only then they start to talk about her and press start to take her puc taken, untill 2012 she didn’t had any solo events beside those whic was bought by CW and even now JJ put her name with the ian’s name in article bc herself she gets 9 comments max

  • barni7

    beautiful Nina

  • sarah

    @grey/fangirl #4: do you hear yourself? nobody is talking about dobrev, and nobody cares. Everyone knows shes a nobody before tvd, people can admit that. How many movies will she do (real movies, not movies like “time framed” is that even a movie or web series or commercial?) when shes 35? I can’t even name one successful movie Ian had done that has a cinema release, not some internet release on youtube. Hence why, a 35 yr old man who has no film credibility to his name, is on a cw show (the lowest performing show in all the big networks (abc, nbc, etc.).

    It’s like you can’t make a comment about ian or his hair w/o it must be someone from dobrev’s camp, not true, or his fan girls will come out with their heads shaved to support his hairline.

  • sarah

    I had a feeling that “maria” and “sasah” are crazy fangirls and all i had to do was looking at previous ian postings and see that they both are all over it 24/7.

    once a cray cray, always a cray cray. I’ll stop posting now because i know they will probably post a picture of hair particles they plucked from his head maybe one time while he stopped to say hi to them after they camped out all night to meet him at a tvd event.

  • Tatia

    @sarah ” I’ll stop posting now because i know they will probably post a picture of hair particles they plucked from his head maybe one time while he stopped to say hi to them after they camped out all night to meet him at a tvd event”

    LOL!! So FUNNY. His hair is thinning- it’s just an opinion. The ‘Ian fan club’ should calm down.

  • bubbaness

    She looked far better before she cut her hair. The bangs make her look wide in the face. Her figure is lovely, though.

    Who cares about his hair? Seems like a decent enough guy.

  • Sammy

    I have so much respect for Ian, he’s like the sweetest celebrity ever! Ahh he is dreamy <3

    @sarah: do you actually hear YOURSELF? I pity you, seriously!

  • Pretty Ka

    Nina looks sad :( … I bet she’s having a hard time with this whole breakup. I think they ended it a while back, but maybe it’s the scrutiny of us all that’s got her looking all worn… :(

  • Pretty Ka

    And BTW… stop arguing people!!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion… We don’t have to get all passionate about mundane things!

  • Kelli


    Sarah, so what if Ian has a receding hairline? So does 80% of the male population eventually. Even let me guess, your hero Paul Wesley one day. So ugly, bitter, spiteful and jealous you are. You really look shallow.

    It will never change the fact that Ian is an inspiring, intelligent, successful man who I admire. That’s why I look his articles up, yours is purely to hate thinking you are smart. lol. You do it everytime. I also pity you. The resentment is eating you, seriously get out, get some fresh air and maybe a life.

  • kelly martineau

    Austin looks like a nerd with those red glasses on.Harley see Austin with glasses on. Austin is gross looking guy. What does v see in him?

  • kelisa

    Ian looks gorgeous and handsome as usual for me.That’s it.
    I feel pity for haters.They just waste time so let them (or her?)go.

  • Amy

    GOD!! That Sarah girl really needs to shut up. she’s probably a hardcore Paul/Stefan fan. hahaha What a loser talking shit. She’s a hater and we should all ingore her!

  • Justine

    I think they both look great as always!

  • jenyy

    @sarah: I know right? I started to notice it last year during TVD comic con panel. His hair was so disheveled more than usual and at some point it was parted sideways you clearly see he’s receding hairline he noticed it and sort of fix his hair. Google his pics 2012 comic con you’ll see what I’m talkng about or watch their panel on youtube. I’ve seen pictures of his brother who’s already gone bald so genes wise not looking good for Ian.

  • jessica

    I think Nina looks prettier without the side bangs.

  • Conny

    @jenyy: Are you serious? You obviously don’t like him so why do you even care? You guys are so immature.

    @Kelli: Well said! Thank you :)

  • Conny

    @jessica: I think Nina doesn’t look good right now. Her face looks so different, not in a good way. :/ She used to be cuter!

    And you can tell Ian is exhaused but he still looks incredible handsome! Whatever is going on between nian, I hope they can fix it.

  • kim

    I love Nina’s new bangs. It makes her look older and more mature. She looks beautiful and it doesn’t matter that Ian’s losing his hair. His face is hot so that’s honestly all that matters

  • http://@Acadiagrad FPP

    Hmmm ….!! Perhaps we all can take a lesson from Ian’s recent “QUOTE”
    “There are no beautiful surfaces Without a terrible depth.”BTW, he POSTED this TWICE ?? …Now here is another other line to that quote : ” You said you loved me. And I wondered what that could mean.” This is actually a poem written by Nietzche

    So here is what it means, first it has applicable uses, the first is this — we are getting more and more carried away with ‘skin deep beauty’ the surface/depth is about dualities. To say that one thing is beautiful implies that something else is not. The poet is asking ” His Beloved whether he is accepted completely, or only his surface parts. And so – The division between surface and depth is what makes one terrible and the other beautiful. But -Together, the whole is neither…Basically, the whole is “ALWAYS” Greater then the Sum of its Parts…

    The thing is, once the Beauti fades, one had better hope that they have some substance within them….Ian may not be a Huge Movie Star, regardless, he has enough Celebrity status, to bring about awareness to all in the world, hence his ISF…Having said that – his good looks aside doesn’t really matter, as he will always be a ” MAN of SUBSTANCE” …..
    Now lets all express our differences of opinion without all the Insults :)

  • love

    Pretty Ka:
    I agree with you. Nina looks sad .
    Probably she is the aggrieved party .

  • megan

    Nina looks so beautiful!!! I love her bangs!

  • Donna

    The things some people will nit-pick at is laughable. Ian is a gorgeous man with hair, without hair, if he wore a Ronald McDonald He has always worn hats even back in his modeling days and I doubt that were any receding hair worries in his early 20′s. Don’t hate because he’s beautiful, talented, intelligent, and has millions of fans all over the world that love him. Do something with your on life. Spewing so much negativity toward someone you don’t even know is pathetic. It only makes you look bad

  • RoseWood

    @natalie: it is the side fringe ive noticed that when someone gets a side fringe it can totally change the look of the shape of there face and so on its not the makeup or anything like that just the hairstyle

  • nataly22
  • Ian Fan

    @Donna: Amen! Ian is the Best! <3