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Ian Somerhalder Steps Out on 'Vampire Diaries' Finale Day

Ian Somerhalder Steps Out on 'Vampire Diaries' Finale Day

Ian Somerhalder looks mighty fine in a white t-shirt while shopping on Thursday afternoon (May 16) in New York City.

The 34-year-old Vampire Diaries actor stopped at Ricky’s convenience store to pick up some essentials while trying to replace his lost luggage items.

“Running around NY like a maniac replacing my clothes, luggage &toiletries-This strike in Brussels has really done a number on me…” Ian tweeted.

The finale for TVD aired that evening and [SPOILER ALERT] Nina Dobrev‘s character Elena chose Ian‘s character Damon over Paul Wesley‘s Stefan even after the sire bond was broken.

Read a FULL recap over at Just Jared Jr.

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  • pup

    Perfection. . .

  • Maria

    Well…Helloooo you!! :D

  • Amanda

    He just got more attractive.

  • Samantha

    I’m sorry what happened with his luggage in brussels. Strikes are always a pain in the Ass! Love Ian, he is beautiful in and outside!

  • Maria

    He is so unlucky with his luggage this summer. The first ones the aeroport lost them and the seconds are held by a strike. Seriously? I would have leased hell on earth if i lost my luggage..But then i am a woman and i like my clothes…

  • River

    Ian is HOT and so Sexy …. I cannot believe the bad luck he is having with his luggage this summer. First the airline loses his luggage on the way to Barcelona. He packs up another bag and heads to Brussels only to have a strike take place and his second bag is being held hostage. I mean really!!! Brussels give him back his luggage!

  • Sandi

    Ian,hot as ever. So sorry he has not been able to get his luggage back from Brussels.

  • Fairy

    Ian is very attractive and so nice <3 btw I heard the Strike is over, so i hope he'll get his stuff back soon! It still sucks tho :( especially for Ian cuz he has to travel so much right now, isn't he suppose to be in Paris tomorrow? Poor Guy, he really deserves a Break!

  • Sam

    He is so sexy, I wish him all the best in Life because he deserves it :) Great Guy

  • Sam

    @Maria: IKR?! I would go all ripahhh on them! lol

  • Maria

    I agree! He is sexy smart! I really love his interviews when he talks about energy and enviroment. He is much more than a pretty face and…i could go on fovever talking about him..As for the luggage….grrr i don’t even want to think about it…I would go all Ripaah + klaus+silas + bad boy Damon +++ and still you haven’t seen anything!!

  • verox87

    beautiful person inside and outside!
    Love him so, so much!

  • Sasha

    Can i just say how i like that he is not a snob! The guy could have send an assistant to do shopping for him or order thing to be delivered to hotel but he is so down to earth. It is so nice to see his mundane actions as if he is just a guy but not a celeb

  • Vera

    Ian Ian…why so gorgeous??

  • Watts

    Who dresses him? Is that his boyfriend we finally get to see?

  • Maria

    μην κρίνεις εξ ιδίων τα αλλότρια….

  • Ian Fan

    @Sasha: So true! He is such a beautiful, warm-hearted Person! :)

  • tinamarie

    There was never a sire bond. I love Ian so much. I think he’s fabulous.

  • Isabella

    If you look closely – he is still wearing the identical necklace that he and NIna has – so what does that tell you???

  • Sasha

    If you would look at the pics of his family from previous events you will know that his sister wears same one, and Nina wore that one just once. ian is know to share his things aka hats, bracelets,sunglasses e.t.c whole cast joked about multiply times
    stop seeing things that don’t exists. let the guy be and enjoy his life the way HE wants not fans wants
    Let him do his things he is grateful more than enough doing cons and other stuff for fans
    pls ppl stop projecting your wishes on his life show some respect for once

  • soemi

    fine? his fans a few hour before these pic said he was depressed because he was drinking a coffee alone.. haha! this is say that sometimes people should not write if it is just to say nonsense.

  • Sasha

    no one said that he is depressed it was said to point the fact that he spend his time alone in a cafe while Nina hanged out with gf whom she called to NYC from TO. It was about them showing to fans that they do live separate lives
    no one talking about depression
    He is a grown up mature man stop describing him as a lovesick teen

  • soemi

    @Sasha: tell who claims to be his fan, not me :)

  • Vera

    Seriously? His sister has the same necklase. Ian has worn it. So what? They did date, it is casual that she would ware his things. Means nothing more, nothing less. Where did you get that he was depressed? He was at a coffee shop – he underlines that he was alone (for you to understand and not to make conclusions) and he posted a photo that he’e best friend Butch had taken when he was 17. If he was thinking something it was that times. If you don’t see his usual smilly face it’s because his has traveled the globe to please his fans. The same ones that give him a hard time during this whatever break-up thing with their winning. His life isn’t ruled by Nina. He is a grown up man not a lovesick teenager you want him to be and if you had really listened to him you would know that there are things such as his foundation that matter to him more than your presious little fairytale. Let the man be. In fact let both of them be. BOTH of them are grown up people. Stop projecting your wants and needs to them. You are judging the status of a relationship from necklaces? Seriously? He likes it he wears it. Grow up.

  • Vera

    Hello again! I really feel like a broken record. These people that call themselves fans won’t just accept that Ian and Nina are not their best friends. And they look everywhere for proofs (or what they think as proofs) that they are together. And then there is the whole other fandom that knows that Nian’s bed isn’t their business who is called a hater when they tell the whole Nian fandom to mind their own and not making assumptions. Really how old are they?

  • Sasha

    i think that we gonna work as a broken record for a long time
    the necklaces the hats, being near each other…they already think that when they’ll play DE next season they will get back together IF they are on break right now
    I have no words just sorry for BOTH Ian and Nina bc that is not fans that is a brunch of not very healthy people who watched Nian life same as TVD like it is tv show, though fans weer on Plec place
    Ian in his interview for much music said that he brings his cats on work aka on set and cast members paly with them and take pics
    fans crying a river they thought that Nina’s pics with Moke proves that they live together and now Ian himself said it was on the set so the room they assumed is Nian living room is a lounge on TVD st
    I would feel sorry for them if they behaved differently but now i just pray that they will leave actors alone

  • starsh

    Looks to me like someone got dumped…

  • Maria

    @starsh: looks someone is tired from all the cons and the constant travelling.

  • Maria

    @Sasha: You and me both pray that…

  • Vera

    @Sasha: I had a legthy answer that JJ just won’t post (moderation etc etc).
    These to people deserve loving fans. Not fans that don’t know their limits. Twisting words, asking basically everyone what happened. Now counting cats, and being all over the moon that Ian bought hair products because he bought them for Nina. Their mandra is that 3 years. Oh common people with more years break up all the time. Shit happens. Leave them alone. The ones that don’t count cats are lokking for reasons. Its hasen;t occured to them that their constant questioning winning may be the reason? How much pressure 2 younf people can take?
    Of course they are people out there that know there is a fine line everywhere. Have a lot of respect for them.

  • Vera

    typos again! -sorry everyone!!

  • Vera

    @Sasha: Oh and the funny thing is that we have to make perfectly clear every time that we are Ian’s fans and havent got a problem with Nina. Someone ate the FF posted parts of our comments and called as haters (of course he told that we were right to our conclusion but that does not take the fact that we were called names) Funny is that they say that they have detective skills but it hadn’t occured to them to check first were we stand before jumping into conclusions. So i will make it easy for them. We love Ian, followed him for years so we have seen a lot (Sasha a lot of years, me for 7) have’t got a problem with Nina, don’t care if they are together or not – it’s their life. We are judging part of the fandom here. Thank you.

  • Sasha

    well if they see a hairbrush for Nina let them be, i actually am surprised that she didn’t bring her products with her as well as dress for Atl for her man IF fans claim they live together
    what would made me worried if i were Nian fan that Nina is not a girl to color her a hair at home so then fro who Ian did bought the products? LOL
    Nian fans when not crossing boundaries are kinda amusing

  • Vera

    @Sasha: personally i see titanium black like the one he uses for his Damon soo i wouldn’t be suprised if it were for him. At least some of them…But i will agree Ian lost his suitcase, fans claim that they live together in Atlanta and LA, so why didn’t she bring stuff for him and he had to go all around New York to get stuff?

  • Sasha

    Don’t ask me. If i would see my bf after a 10 days separation or longer before another one i wouldn’t hang out with gf and would bring him clothes but i don’t need a fairytale my fairy tale will go to school this year.
    I admit i have problems with Nian fandome and with their judgment bc they are running all over the web and they are loud and a lot of ppl just can’t express what they think bc they are silenced by them
    So it looks bc of them like Ians only value is to be Nina’s bf(( and that is sad bc that man is so much more
    I post on JJ bc here i am not alone who can shut Nian fans up
    i hope the best for Ian and as i said before here i am so in awe in so WOW that he is not snob and it is ok for him just to go shopping in ordinary shop

  • Vera

    @Sasha: I like the way you think! (as i have stated before!) Yes indeed after 10 days he would be my first an only choice! My friends would understand that i have to see my man!
    I wish the best to you and your fairytale!! :D

  • love

    Ian bought things for girlfriend (Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium?)

    he looks careless but attractive

  • Ash

    Aww poor Stefan! I will watch it tonight.

  • Sophie

    I guess they finally decided they couldn’t keep the showmance up any more. Neither of them seem gutted about the ” breakup”!

  • Justine

    He looks gorgeous as usual, but a bit tired. He needs to slow down, he works too much.

  • MS

    @Vera @Sasha sooo agree with you! i won’t write anything else because you said exactly what i was thinking…. those so called fans need to grow up and realize there’re boundaries and privacy, and not make Ian and Nina’s lives into a teen movie

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