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Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull: 'Live It Up' Music Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull: 'Live It Up' Music Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lopez shows off her flat tummy for this newly released music video for her single “Live It Up.”

The 43-year-old entertainer’s boyfriend Casper Smart was the choreographer for the music video, which also featured Pitbull, who lends his rapping skills to the track.

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“It’s #LIVEITUP video premiere day! You won’t want to miss @etonlinealert tonight!!” Jennifer tweeted on the same day.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an OYE swimsuit, along with two outfits from The Blonds in the video.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s new music for “Live It Up”?

Jennifer Lopez – ‘Live It Up’ Music Video
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  • Taly

    GOOD !!! This Song Is Really BAD And Horrible

  • the donkey

    watch it with no sounds. they all look like monkeys

  • NYC

    JLo – give it up girl.
    Trying so hard here. Sad.

  • Gina

    amen ” NYC” , amen, shes trying way too hard

  • hyuna

    on the floor – dance again – live it up
    is there any difference?

  • Ava

    Are we sure JLow isn’t European , damn that was Euro- cheeze And all her music with pitbull sounds the same, cheeze with extra side of 43 trying to be 25 again, her “little bear” sure isn’t help with the tacky , tacky crap she’s puting out , since he’s her partner and collaborator and not just a back up dancer anymore.


    old bitch

  • Rye28

    She needs to change the title to “Give it Up” cause she needs to call it quits now with these Pittbull songs. Tired!

  • uranusiscalling

    PITBULL has the worst music ever!!!!! i’d rather hear an album full of explosive diarrhea sounds

  • bonbon

    highly doubtful her abs look like that

  • Red

    she and Madonna will be showin off their crotches till theyre 80.. in Madonna┬┤s case that will be next year!

  • khlo

    THIS IS AWFUL jlo give up girl, this is lame. Do some good music you are not 17 years old to do this kinda of shit.

  • Verity

    I counted about 3 different products getting plugs all within the first 45 seconds. This video mad no sense to me; She dances on the runway and her glam squad aka a$$ kissers applaud her and she runs to them. Also, the choreography is horrible, she needs to stop hiring the boy toy.

  • Leens

    Stupid song, ugly lipstick.

  • Gp

    so trashy so ghetto – she should stop doing duets with this stupid guy
    and also she should stop this major commercials in her videos!

  • Fletcher

    This doesn’t even look like a music video. It’s more of a really long ad with all that product placement!

  • RoseWood

    @uranusiscalling: lmao so so true

  • http://google Cynthia

    Bad…not good…..didn’t like it….enough said!

  • krane

    @Red: Hahaha!!!! Your comment is so accurate and hilarious all at the same time!!


    Not good not bad indeed……….

  • siennagold

    Hate it. I wouldn’t dance to it.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    HERE 2 POST YOUR SH !T!!! JEN ROCKS IT!!! LOVE THIS VIDEO, IT’S HER BEST 1 SINCE LON’ TIME<33333 JENNIFER'S AMAZING, AWESOME, TALANTED, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. EVERYTHIN SHE TOUCHES TURNS 2 GOLD!!! I LOVE HER 4 THAT (ABILITY)!! BTW, some criticism: these phrases "mr wordwide, red 1&dale", soo f ucking TIRED of em:((( Also there was a blond-hair guy on the beach, with bandana on his head, who reminded me CBrown..
    P.S. I will definetely dance to it)) And Jared, the quality (of the vid) might be better! It's f uckin VERY AWFUL!!!!
    This pic of her LOVE IT 4EVER!!!

  • She Stinks!

    So many distractions in this video to hid the fact that she cannot sing or dance. She looks desperate and pathetic as usual. JHO as a model? What a joke. She looks like a big fat hideous chicken. Would this song be of any interest if Pitbull was not in it? I doubt it.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Of course, this song, or she exactly, would not be of any interest if there was no pitbull in it. lol! And, of course, JLo wasn’t of any interest when there was no ‘a’ pitbull on the lol. lol. JLo exist’d lon’ be4 some pitbull even appear’d in showbizz! Some1 sounds as if unawarin it..

  • Jenna

    She is awesome. Wow what a body, what a face…just WOW

  • lupe

    It really is true what they say “you are who you hang out with”.This video is filled with Casper’s gay friends and his lame choreography. If she has an ounce of brains she would dump him before he ruins her career and starts doing reality shows

  • Pathetic

    Skin bleached, nose jobs, blond weave, several body tucks, Lipo and countless of other procedures to help this aging, saggy butt, flabby thighs, short stumpy, lip synching no talented hag who continues to make the same horrible noise she calls music over and over again.

  • wtf

    She can’t sing to save her life but she does have a kickass body period. Not for her age and not for giving birth to twins. Applause on that part.

  • wtf


  • She Stinks!


    True dat!

  • Honeywest

    Wow! What a face, what a body, it’s all beautiful. But the choreography and collaboration was lousy, it needs a little more spice to it. That’s all Casper choreography, it stinks! She needs to stop hiring her boy toy, it’s not working. He’s a tacky ass choreographer, it needs work, seriously! Since he’s not her back up dancer anymore and is her partner instead. Hire someone else. But J.Lo is awesome and gorgeous. She needs to dump Casper as a choreographer, he is lame as hell. He has a pea brain for ideas! Pathetic tattooed street thug freeloader, paid gigolo. If Jennifer has any brains left she would change the whole scene and do this way better than what it is. Spice it up alittle bit, add some fire to the collaboration and jump to the extreme of excitement! That means better hired help!

  • Sarah

    @honeywest. As you say JLO is awesome and gorgeous, what a body, etc., which shows her looks are ALL you can compiiment her on. What about she can sing, or she wrote that amazing song or she sung that ballad live and sounded so good. JLO’s only appeal is that she performs like a glorified stripper trying to appeal to the young crowd. Wearing long wigs, showcasing her abs and in outfits that accentuate her b*tt in a video when she turns around. Las Vegas is filled with beautiful showgirls that can put on a better and more sophisticated show than JLO tries to do. She looks cheap, they look classy and they dont’ call themselves singers.

  • hexxuss

    I think it’s funny how there’s a nod to that green number that caused such a scandal before lol. The rest of it is just *eh* – amusing though…. somehow I don’t think she meant it to be a comedy tho.

  • noyb

    @Pathetic: whoa, what’s with the hate??? she’s not even blonde! Never heard of skin bleaching, nose jobs or all that. she’s a trained dancer, so her body makes sense. besides, People don’t sag at 40. her music does suck tho!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mane

    Good !!!


    She looks so amazing, like a 20 year old, what a goddess! GO JENNY!

  • ME


  • AnaElena

    It’s not lame. It’s not trashy. I am surprised anybody nowadays would still use the word trashy. As if there were any cache people out there. I don’t buy the trashy thing. The choreography is good. Jlo is wonderful here… and everywhere. It’s not 43 with 17 music. No. It’s Casper. The Casper choreography is not for Jenny. Jenny needs to do her own choreography. She needs to hire a true professional. Casper’s movements are not for her. Jenny you stay with Casper do whatever you want with Casper. But if you want to keep your mega extreme professionalism running, hire an independent choreographer who’s not in love with you and who brings out YOU. And yes, Jenny is so exotic, so beautiful. Such a good dancer, singer, excellent actress. I will always buy her cds.

  • HoneyWest

    Well I like the video with her in it, she’s a supermodel and looks damn good too! You may disagree with me on this but yeah it is over rated. She could do better on the song and the choreography was horrible and it stunk, her tattooed boy toy did this. She should hire a professional next time ‘cuz it was lousy! The song sounds the same as “Dance Again” to me, just sayin’.

  • Britney