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Nicole Kidman: Johnnie Walker Yacht Party at Cannes!

Nicole Kidman: Johnnie Walker Yacht Party at Cannes!

Nicole Kidman is classy chic while attending the Johnnie Walker Yacht Party during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 17) in Cannes, France.

The day before, the 45-year-old Australian actress was all dressed up while attending the IFP, Calvin Klein Collection, and Euphoria Calvin Klein Celebration of Women in Film at the festival.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

“I got to know Grace very, very well, researched her and fell in love with her,” Nicole recently shared at the festival about her new film Grace of Monaco.

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  • Gemma

    Lovely. Hope she’s having a great time. She and Keith will get to see some great movies once he gets in from LA.

  • kary


  • Louise

    Nicole looks very, very lovely. But, she should consider not wearing the extremely high stiletto’s. In pictures she makes the men around her look like midgets and the ladies double midgets. She is toooooo tall to wear 4-5″ heels.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Louise: So only men are allowed to be tall, but for women, it’s such a bad thing? Ridiculous comment!

  • toby

    It’s not her fault that these men are short.

  • ??

    Where is KEITH when you need him and why isn’t he CARRYING NICOLE’S PURSE!!!!

  • Cate

    @Louise: What a silly comment. If Nicole wants to wear high heels then more power to her. It’s not her job to stroke men’s egos just because they are shorter than her.

  • More NK PR BS

    “I got to know Grace very, very (not so) well, researched her (not according to her children) and fell in love with her (oh please),” Nicole recently shared.

  • x

    @Cate. The only ego Nicole Mary Kidman strokes is her own.

  • Bad Granny

    Granny on the Johnnie Walker yacht, having a smoke and knocking back a whiskey shot.

  • ..

    @and any attention is good attention, to her

  • http://yahoo JoBeth
  • x

    nicely said @JoBeth

  • Oh dear

    The weather in Cannes is inclement. Keith can hold her purse as well as an umbrella. That is what paid escorts do and nobody does it better than Keith.

  • Sarah

    She looks terrible after too much botox.
    She looks older than she really is, even with plastic surgery. Disgusting!
    This movie about Grace Kelly will be a bomb, she looks nothing like Grace with this horrendous plastic face, and is too old to play a character who had 33 at the time.

  • Another box office bomb

    DisGrace of Monaco trailer has been unveiled at Cannes to lukewarm reception. Apparently Nicole is not quite convincing in the role …

  • http://none lalaine

    Nicole looks so natural and beautiful , take note she is 45 years old going to 46 , still in her old age , she is not elder or not senior yet , still same haters of her no other job than waisting time here in JJ to make a fantacy story to Nicole , and don’t forget Keith Urban is the loving husband of Nicole and the father of their two children , same jealous people it doesn’t matter what you gonna say negatively to Nicole and Keith no affect to them and to their fans all over the world. They don’t waist time to read browse and read your comments , unlike Tom Cruise reacted to the magazines negative comments that he neglected his child Suri and put them to court for 50 million dollars . So critics you afraid to used your real names here , still hiding from the public to continue obsessing ( – ) comments to Nicole . So
    far ,Nicole Kidman excessively progressing in her life.
    She is working hard still the anti’s don’t like her and Katie Holmes rarely has a movie ;lots of time to spend with Suri still the critics don’t like her either , as they don’t have a series of jobs , they have negative comments how she look and how she dressed up , the same also with Angelina Jolie . Those people have different characters and have their own lives , the Paparazzi are chasing them to take photos and Posted it to the internet . Thay also hated brad Pitt they said he is not taking a bath and not changing his clothes , how do they know about their comments , they they live together with these people? More likely their comments are made up .

  • ^^^^^

    What a surprise … non! Kidman’s face was heavily botoxed and filled whilst filming that role. Lack of facial emotion is a killer.

  • cath

    OMG she looks gorgeous you people, love the outfit.

    She’s a goddess, we’re all bunch of peasants next to her.

  • http://none marie

    @Oh dear:

    You are jealous of Nicole Kidman as she is very Successful in her life , and she has a very nice and loving husband , not a paid Escort , Keith doesn’t need money from Nicole as he has his own income they support each other, that’s what their marriage covenant are , and Nicole don’t need a Botox as she is a beautiful woman , after her pubertal period her image and body changes so naturally , she is so pretty until her old age . She has a nice skin she always protecting it from Ultraviolate rays like Asian woman , From Japan , China , Hongkong , Taiwan , Korea etc. covering themselves with umbrella or wearing a hat and used protecting cream to protect their face and Skin from sun light that’s why they look so young even in their old age , like Nicole Kidman, she is taking vitamins , minerals , eating balance diet , exercising , protectin g herself to sun rays and don’t
    worry too much.
    While you hater and jealous people worry so much in your life , intruding other people’s life.

  • Oh dear

    News flash @cath. The woman is a freak show but go ahead, compare yourself to a peasant, with a pea brain to match.

  • http://none Yasmin

    @Bad Granny:

    Did you see Nicole Kidman smoking here? and in her real Life?
    She is not a Granny , you must be the one who is a Granny and want to transfered it to Nicole . as no pay in here to make your fantacy comments. .

  • .

    I don’t care for your all inclusive condescending peasant appraisal @cath and Kidman is certainly not a goddess.

  • Karen

    Wonder who GRANNY FREEZ was saling her soul out to in that Yacht w/o her HUSBAND. U gotta SUCK to get the JOB! Old age is a b*tch when ur competing with 20 somethings. hahahaha. I LOVE HW.

  • Karen


  • curious

    Desperate to be rehired for AI 2014, Keith now has Tim McGraw on the campaign trail. How long before the PR friendly Nashville Priest ways in … after a hefty donation to the local catholic church coffers.

  • How low can Keith go??

    Stay tuned!!

  • duh

    Poor skeptic troll…

    Posts that a Grace of Monaco trailer was screened when there was no trailer. It was a sizzle reel.

    Posts that Grace of Monaco is already a flop and lukewarm reception when there is now tangible Oscar buzz for Nicole and Tim Roth.

    Posts that a woman can’t attend a party without her husband because she’s a bitter mysoginist who also hates herself.

  • duh

    Skeptic troll, your delusions of grandeur with Nicole smoking and sucking down booze is merely what you see every night in the reflection of your old broke down computer screen.

  • http://Comcast joni

    the hater of Nicole is here at Jared again where she can use as many names as she wants, are you being paid by the Scientologistsi or do you think you have a chance with Keit Urban? Who ever you are it is none of your business whether she uses Botox or not or whether she mentions her two older children or if Keith carries her purse or not or whose taking care of her younger children. get it, none of your business !!!!

  • http://Comcast joni

    Again why do you care if Nicole smokes or drinks, none of your business. I do not think she does but it is her body, none of your business. Keith loves her and Nicole loves Keith, they are happy.

  • Bahaha

    Funny how the skeptic trolls comment about booze when they’re all alcoholics. If they’d get their ugly mugs out of the bottle once in a while, they’d realize it’s 2013 and Keith isn’t paving the way to them anymore now than he was in 2005. Life to skeptics: yours is wasting away.

  • Laurie

    Nicole is the most gorgeous actress in Hollywood. Ever.

  • Barb

    Oh so funny the scabs are worried about Nicole’s height.

    Since we all have seem them and their fat rolls, jelly bellies,stringy hair and the god awful clothes they wear in public, it is a wonder they have the gall to talk about anyone!

    Ya know other sites run them off and do not allow them to post the same old old old crap , but not JJ , who must be in dire straights to put up with those idiots running off all the people. until the site finally just has to shut down.

    They try to get new sites going, only to get sick of talking to themselves , and here they are. Front and center making fools of themselves once again.

    Welcome to the last resort left to them..

  • Another box office bomb

    Poor delusional duh …
    . Squabbling over a minor technicality ie. a 4 minute ‘trailer’ versus a 4 minute ‘sizzle reel’.
    . Believes the Weinstein PR hype there is Oscar buzz for Disgrace of Monaco, when the critics are already wary.
    . Possesses a lack of reasoning skills that places her firmly into the category of the mentally challenged.

  • Bad Granny

    @Yasmin. Granny is a smoker. Granny has smoked for many years. Why does Granny smoke? To keep her weight down? To calm her nerves before she launches into another lie? who really knows … but the fact is Granny smokes.

  • http://none Yasmin

    @Bad Granny:
    You are wrong , Nicole is not a smoker in her real life , it’s a movie maker /film not real / not actual . You need to learn and study Filmography and movie making as you are ignorant about acting and drama stories .

  • http://none Yasmin

    @Bad Granny:
    And stop adressing her as Granny , Isabella and Connor have no children yet , Nicole’s nephew and nieces still very young and her two biological children still a toddler and pre school age . She will be there someday when she reach her elderly age ( 65 and above ) . YOu must be a granny and compare your elder age to Nicole.

  • Zen


    Yasmin, this silly PERSON have no interest in Nicole. They just use that excuse.


    and they pour over the internet to find knowledge of him and his family hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. .This has been going on for over 8 years.

    It makes no difference to the Urbans who just go about their wonderful life with their beautiful children.

  • http://none Yasmin


    You are right Zen , they are jealous of Nicole Kidman

  • http://none marie

    @Bad Granny:
    Nicole is attending a party it doesn’t mean she is going to be drunk , she is not smoking in her true life , you saw her smoked in her movie , its not real .
    My dad after producting his productions in the farm as he is making more profit , he buy drinks ( Johny Walkers , Tanduay Rhum etc. ) to the helpers and they mixed it with sprite or 7 up and ice cubes with chips and foods for free , the helpers are very happy ,they don’t need to be drunk a couple of shots are okey , not making them tipsy. We have liquor drinks also in our family party everybody drinks in a minimum amount as lot’s of foods go with it , no body get drunk , is a sort of discipline to one’s self .

  • http://none marie


    Disgusting and horrendous ? you are a liar making your own fantastic story , Nicole so gorgeous and very refine person . I like and love her she is very simple person in her real life . Bonus !!!! her two cute and lovely daughters are not spoiled .

  • http://none marie

    @Oh dear:

    OH dear!!!!!!! , Nicole is not a Freak !!!!! if you doesn’t like her don’t search her in the internet , stop!!!!!!! you are waisting your time . You are are the one who is Freak!!!!!! you hide your real name , bah hah! hah! hah !

  • http://none marie


    You are naive person , Nicole is not a granny and she is having her normal growth and development she achieves the higher Maslow’s hierarchy of needs such as “Self Actualization , fulfillment of life potentials occurred in Adult life of a person. Even Christopher Plummer, Betty White in their over adult age still acting and the actress of Amour who won the Academy award is on her 80′s , and lots of elderly actresses and actors still working . Christopher Plummer won an Oscar award for the first time on his 80′s so what’s wrong with that? Nicole has lots of achievements on her younger age , she can dance bullet , she can sing and act . Has 4 children , she looked after Isabella and Connor during their younger age , she wake up in the middle of the night to feed them and changed their diapers same with Sunday and Faith in between her work as a working mother. She is not only one a working mother , lots of mothers in the world , North America, Europe , Asia etc.

  • http://none marie


    Curious !!!!! so prominent you like gossip , Keith Urban has his owned Bond Music , and he is touring for concert , it doesn’t matter he will be hired or not on 2014 AI . His music continues spreading all over the world . None is your business if they donating money to catholic Church in Nashville , anyway , Nicole has a Charities ,she donates money overseas , Keith is helping her fund raising by doing concerts. So obvious you spend time for gossiping .

  • http://none maylyn


    You’re exaggerating!!!!!! Nicole ‘s silent facial expressions ( facial muscles are moving ) She has various characters in her diffefrent movies . ” Before I go to Sleep is a story about a person who has amnesia , and Nicole also can act in action ” motion Picture film ” aside from drama , sad , happy etc. movies .

  • http://none maylyn

    coward !!!!!! you are hiding your true name , Nicole is not heavily botoxed , you are making fantasy story about her. Wake up!!!!!!!

  • http://none maylyn


    Who is all Alcoholic? you did not even seen Nicole’s photo in this party drinking alcoholic drinks ! you skeptic adding more stories than the original story you read here . Keith Urban’s passed already a legend , he get over it and he is a good loving , caring husband and a super most loving , caring Father to their two daughters , you are jealous of Nicole as she has lots of positive achievements in her life , continue going on at the present time. I’m also attending wine ,liqour cheese , family , friends , work , communities parties with liqour all the time , no need to drink too much , one to shots is enough , and mixed it with pop or ice not drunk alcoholic so good specially with nuts , chips , barbecue chicken and cheese .

  • Bad Bahaha

    Nicely said @maylyn

  • Skeptics are liars