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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Thanks Cheryl Cole for Support

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Thanks Cheryl Cole for Support

Kim Kardashian flaunts her growing baby bump in a form-fitting white dress while grabbing lunch at Stanley’s with her mom Kris Jenner on Thursday (May 16) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star wrote a message to Cheryl Cole that afternoon after the singer sent her a message of support.

“Dear @kimkardashian. Hi Gorgeous lady! Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out.. I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take! I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy #enjoyyourblessing,” Cheryl wrote on WhoSay.

“@CherylCole your message really touched me! Thank you so much for the support & positivity! Its so important for women to feel confident & at peace during this amazing time! Your sweet tweet really made me smile! Xoxo,” Kim replied.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian out for lunch with her mom…

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pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 01
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 02
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 03
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 04
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 05
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 06
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 07
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 08
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 09
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 10
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 11
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 12
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 13
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 14
pregnant kim kardashian thanks cheryl cole for support 15

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  • Yvette

    Kim is beautiful

  • Yvette

    Kim is beautiful

  • Ava

    Why doesn’t this fat a$$ stay home, she gets full hair and make up , puts on her 2 pairs of spanx , a tight dress and her pig feet into shoes too tight, they look like their cutting off her circulation to eat with lunch her mom… This girl is such a famewhore she can’t live without getting her picture taken with her fake calling the paps before every outing for more then a day.

  • Tom

    Her legs look like tree trunks and her feet like sausages stuffed in casing She is so gross looking, a don’t what’s bigger her stomach or her behind, it looks like she going to birth this ugly kid of Kanye’s from her A-hole.

  • Jessica

    Honestly, why must she torture both herself and the rest of the world by continuously parading around in front of the paparazzi? Have you seen her poor feet?
    I think being pregnant is a wonderful thing…but many women around the world go through pregnancy too and they do it in classy and subtle ways. You would think Kim is the only woman to go through pregnancy!
    Seriously Kim! Sit down, put your feet up, wear comfortable clothes, relax!
    Stop being so desperate for fame!!! Stop tweeting pictures of yourself. Stop! I beg of you! Give human kind a break from your attention seeking. Take a rest!!!! I;m begging you!!!!

  • Lulu

    Ok her feet are seriously gross, they look like pigs feet and her lips look like a ducks, Kim the animal parts lady. Kim take it easy on lip injections , and please where flats, shit not one thinks your sexy except you and especially not your gay fish sticks baby daddy.

  • sdf

    oh give me a break! Kim is not the first woman in the world to be pregnant!!

  • Anne

    God, it must be so exhausting being this chick, get full hair and make up , stuff swollen body & feet into too tight clothes and high heel, just to go out for a hour, get paped then back home. And look at her stupid mother smiling like she’s proud her daughter got knocked by a guy who probably has mental issues and who wouldn’t even be around after the baby’s born.

  • d.

    @Ava: Kim isn’t fat but she sure is swollen. She needs to kick back a bit, she’s 7 months pregnant, almost there.

  • BAG

    People are commenting on how she dresses, not on her being fat!! I think she is doing it on purpose, then making it seem like people are picking on her size. If she dressed better no one would care.

    It pisses me off that other celebs can’t see this. First Helena Christensen now Cheryl Cole. Give me a break!!

  • LaLa Lotte

    I wonder what she looks like 5 minutes after her daily photo ops.

  • sally

    She should bring it down a couple of notches. Its too much, she tries too hard. It was so nice ro get a glimspe of megan fox pregnant, jist beautiful in everything she wore, sweats, or dresses, heels or sneakers, she looked stunning. People can see fhe fakeness in others like kim, it IS exhausting to see her. She said it herself, she cant stand when people poke fun at her looks, but she doesnt understand that its cause she tries so hard. If you compare her to any normal person, lets say megan fox, or rosie huntington, etc., when going to the gym, kim looks like she got her gym outfit altered and ironed for the gym. Lmao. Just looks goofy. All the qhile megan, rosie, vanessa hudgens, everyone else goes to the gym, sweats, hair tossed, wrinkled sweat shirts and still looks amazing, breathtaking. Kim always looks harsh. Tone it down. People will love you so much more if youd just be normal.

  • eve

    Honestly, she should a dress even tighter than this… That poor baby inside must be so squashed… She is totally ridiculous, tasteless, vulgar. Looks like she is going to explode.

  • Spot

    Guess Kim didn’t hear Kanye’s anti Paparazzi rant he hates them and seems confused as to why they keep following him. Here’s a hint your dating famewhore who without the paps wouldn’t have a career. Kanye is clearly and idiot and so is Kim who seems unable to grasp the concept of being pregnant. All women’s feet swell during pregnancy but some are smart enough to wear sensible shoes and dress in things that aren’t so tight they need to wear spanx. It looks awful and I think Kim is looking for some sympathy but it’s her own fault no one is making her go out all dressed up and get papped.

  • Looselipz

    She’s so vain that she simply just denies she’s huge and continues to dress like she’s 105 pounds.
    Funny, but she looks the best when she wears a large T shirt and preggo jeans. Finish the look with an oversized cardigan and flats.
    Why is this so beneath her?

    And why is she having a baby with this creep with the big mouth who reportedly is gay.

  • http://justjared Diana

    Someone’s trying to make the right friends…

  • RoseWood

    if your going to post this then why not post photos of her looking more attractive, her feet look ridiculous i dont know how shes even walking in shoes that tight ive never seen anyone walk in shoes that are 5 sizes to tight for them, and also white is very unflattering on her pregnant figure next time you post an anti bullying post use better photos so not everyone wants to pick on her.

  • RoseWood

    @sally: ok i have to say im no Kim k fan and certainly no Megan fox fan both are way to fake looking, but comparing kim to someone like megan fox who is naturally tiny and going on to say how kim could look good if she tryed to dress like megan makes no sense, kims body is way larger naturally then megan fox will ever be so even if kim wore the clothes megan wore it just wouldnt look the same.if your going to compare kim to someone compare her to someone her size.

  • Verity

    Her feet are begging to be put out of their misery. Why oh why does she feel the need to dress like she can barely breathe.

  • Rebecca

    @d.: Sorry but she is fat. She has certainly gained way to much weight during this pregancy. That is not baby weight that is fat.

  • laly

    How cute and desperate of Cole, she really wants to succed in america…

  • Diedre

    I’m sorry, but if Kim K doesn’t want to receive ‘harsh criticism’ then perhaps she should stay home. She gallivants around like she thinks she’s the POTUS’ wife.
    Stay home, put your poor, swollen feet up, take a break from the Spanx and skin tight clothing, and just BE for once.
    It’s going to be really hard for her once her 15 minutes are F I N A L L Y up.

  • million

    She looks like an average muslim woman. All the money she paid for surgery and her beauty is almost the same lol

  • Jesse

    She has a bad case of edema…feet are really swollen. That said, I think it’s a vanity thing obviously. She should be going up in shoe size or better yet wear a pair of flats. She also should go up a couple of dress sizes or better yet ditch her couture outfits for maternity wear. She is one of those woman in which everything changes with pregnancy….gaining weight in strange places,,,face is distorted….swollen all over. But of course her vanity will not allow her to tone it down and stay in for awhile. Her final month is going to be rough.

  • miapocca


    Yes, thank you…..

    You cant fluant your crap for the world to see and only expect to hear good stuff when you look awful on your way to being an unwed single mother….just like teenage girls you criticized…

    this year lots of celebs are getting just desserts….hmmmm

  • gwin

    Vain, Inconsiderate and Rude, i.e. women who post about another woman’s outfits and weight while she is pregnant. If you continue to bash her the way you do, the message you are sending our younger generation is GREATER and far more damaging than anything Kim K can ever teach them.

  • china

    She’s famous because of a sex tape and dumb reality show and there are actually people and kids that look up to her. Oh America and this insane celebrity culture. What is this world coming to???

  • Janice

    Her toes look like stuffed sausages. Pregnancy is not kind to her. She still has like 2 1/2 more months to go, so I can’t imagine what she’s going to look like at the end of her pregnancy.

  • wide load

    Her cankles do not look good in those clear heels.

  • Courtney

    @Janice you are wrong it was reported at Hollywood life a few weeks ago that Kim lied about her due date and is actually due in early June not late July as was originally reported. swollen face feet and hands are normal during pregnancy and some of the water retention remains after the baby is born. I’m reminded of a photo of Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward taken shortly after their youngest daughter was born she was still retaining water so much so that her wedding ring was stuck on her finger later having to be cut-off and replaced

  • troll

    What a fashion disaster. Lady, give your poor, swollen feet a break.

  • comeon

    If people didn’t like her they wouldn’t be trolling the internet on stories about her. You tell her to stay home. Who the f*ck gave you the right to tell someone to stay at home. You BULLIES need to stop hurting people like cowards from behind your screens. She still works and has contractual obligations. You wouldn’t understand that I’m sure. I bet not one of you has run into her whereas her choice of clothing has offended you. Like I said you stalk her and have nerve to comment whereas you have the choice of not clicking. So don’t try the crap that she should stay home so you won’t criticize her. Why don’t you stop stalking her.

  • troll

    @comeon: We don’t have to troll the Internet and we don’t have to stalk her…that’s the problem. She’s papped so frequently that she’s on every f*cking gossip/blog site there is. She and her baby daddy problems and weight gain are on the cover of every tabloid. And don’t forget the “E” Channel’s 24/7 Kardashian spin. You can’t escape seeing her. She and her family created this mess and now they have to deal with the backlash. The problem is that the Kardashian’s are so greedy, money grubbing and media hungry that the will do whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight. She’s so over exposed it’s ridiculous. People are tired so seeing her lard ass everywhere.

  • Anne

    @ comeon.. O please go and tell your sob story somewhere else. Kim Kardashian is a patheic creature who only feels validated if she getting her picture taken and now you pretend like she some private citizen minding her own busniess and it isn’t her and mom who call the paps to tell them were they are going.

    ………………….. And it’s go that this stupid , silly , vain creature is getting critized and mocked, so other pregrante women know to put their health & comfort before their vanity. And this women is famous for having sex on tape, she shouldn’t even be known to the public besides be anything more then a national joke and embarrassment.

  • Edward

    Look at her breasts the look like they could feed half of Afirica , what grosser her body or her famewhoreish.. It’s really a tossup .

  • Sam

    and grandma in her tight leather pants…yuk

  • Missy

    When Kim’s 5 minutes of fame is up – everyone in the world will rejoice.
    What has she done for the world? Absolutely nothing. She is not a role model. She got pregnant. So what? Millions of women get pregnant every day. Do you see them parading around like they are the Queen of England?
    I commend her for working during her pregnancy but so do millions of other women. Some of them work harder than her and probably do so without millions of dollars in their bank accounts.
    Maybe if she actually did something to help the world instead of just being a fame whore. Seriously, what is our world coming to?
    If I saw her, I would say it to her face. But I work hard everyday at my 9-5 job and I want to look up entertainment news but I’m constantly bombarded by paparazzi pics of Kim. So happy when she disappears like Paris Hilton

  • kwestian

    Kim is beautiful, pays her own bills, overcame adversity, paved her way to success and a TROOPER! KEEP YA HEAD UP, KIM …many more love you than hate you! Bravo Kanye for hiring the best security to be with her when he’s away working.. ! #JESUSWALKSWITHYOU both

  • mrst

    @kwwestian…well said. God bless Kimye!

  • Nicolette

    Support from one famewhore to another. How surprising.

    Kim, just pull out your fake bump and be done with the whole pregnancy charade. It’s annoying as hell.

  • Athena

    her feet are telling her no

  • lara

    it’s a girl for sure

  • Brandon

    @Jessica: Well said!!