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Bar Refaeli: Face of 'Especially Escada Elixir' Fragance!

Bar Refaeli: Face of 'Especially Escada Elixir' Fragance!

Bar Refaeli sports fierce pants while doing some shopping on Friday (May 17) in Milan, Italy.

On the same day, the 27-year-old Israeli model posted a pic and wrote on Instagram, “Israeli nights with my @valemicchetti.” Check out the pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

It was recently announced that Bar is the new face for Escada‘s new Especially Escada Elixir fragrance, which is a new intense interpretation of the fragrance Especially Escada, which launched in 2011. Check out some of the campaign pics below!

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli doing some retail therapy in Milan…

Just Jared on Facebook
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 01
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 02
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 03
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 04
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 05
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 06
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 07
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 08
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 09
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 10
bar refaeli face of especially escada elixir fragrance 11

Photos: Wenn, Instagram
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  • http://Barisirrelevant overNout

    she lost it completely – not even that pretty anymore. she looks old, heavy but not in a good way, just over, there 100000000 prettier models, she is TOTALLY irrelevant

  • http://ShegotOLDquick emilystahipe

    Bar was hot like 10 years ago. Or Leo had her on a leash. She lost it, looks plain and boring. She looks old kinda sad to see I remember her being so hot in Sports Illustrated now she looks like my friends mom

  • tutoroj

    i think she is pretty still but not for a model. i saw her once in israel last summer she was laughing and seemed happy she should stay there cause she looks real average here in america. she also aged alot lately she looks much older and i think she needs to get married or something cause she is not built for modeling anymore

  • ???

    to the firs 3 comments, you have no idea how much you guys are right, not to mention that a lot of people here in Israel agree with you and actually have a lot more to add to that.

    she has been spending a lot of time in Israel lately, which is very weird, and she’s actually looking for work here, she claims it’s because she can spend more time with her family and friends and stay at her own place but that’s a lie, she doesn’t get jobs outside Israel like she used to so she has no choice. I think this is the first gig she got for this year, what has she been doing since the all super bowl fiasco ?

    I always see pictures of other models from one job to another and she always has pictures from her twitter, that of course her mother pays all the sites to publish so she would stay “relevant”.

    it’s really sad that the only reason she became famous was leo.

  • facts

    wow without Leo her career TANKED! I always thought she was average. I mean she didnt have a career before Leo so not having one after Leo, shouldnt come as a surprise. Besides she cant model for s*it. All her editorials look exactly alike, versatility and ability to look different is one of the most important factors for a model to have, not just looks! LOL. but then again I think all that matters for Maxim/Playboy models like Bar is looks, so she should be fine in that d list area of modeling.

  • LOL

    Has been.
    Its hilarious how her PR was boasting about Bar being Maxim’s No 1 in 2012, and she’s dropped out of the list entirley this year.
    Not even No 99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never before has that happened Mgean Fox, Olivia Wilde, Rosie Whitley were No 1 in past years and are still on the list.

  • Playboy Model

    Those pants are hideous. Her dress sense is just awful.

  • Odd

    its so obvious these close up pap pics are staged by tzipi. who cares to write about the d list model but jj??

  • PoorSoul

    @Odd: yeah both Bar and tzipi follow JJ on twitter. that explains it all….

  • Thanks JARED!

  • Sandra

    Beatiful ESCADA ad pics. She’s stunning.
    I also love her casual comfy looks and her sunglasses.

  • Italian girl

    Bellissima. The most beautiful model.

  • Nope

    @Italian girl: lmao shes hardly a model… Kate Upton is an SI girl too and her career is making Bars look even more pathetic.

  • @13

    Absolutely. Upton is a double SI cover girl with 3 Vogue covers to her name, Bar has NEVER made a Vogue cover. So much for a ‘top model’
    I love that she’s pimping Dior and Chanel bags in these staged pics but the brands have NEVER asked her to rep/work for them in any capacity. Pathetic.

  • ……..

    @LOL: are you serious about maxim ?? WOW i thought it was weird she wasn’t in this year list at all, but after reading what you wrote i’m really shocked, there were rumors her mom bought the no’ 1 place because it was open for everyone to vote, now i know there is no dout she did !

  • @14

    FYI, she has rep’d Chanel before.
    Next time, take the time and energy to get your infos right before writing stuff you ignore.

  • LOL

    Yep. Here’s the list. Too funny

  • IKR

    @14- Wonder why don’t they ask her to walk for them in the runway? wear their clothes to whatever D list event she’s been invited to? buy her a Vogue/W cover? Escada seem to use Stacey Kiebler – another professional famous girlfriend – as their face rep in Western Europe. They could have asked Bar to the MET gala, the most prestigious coutre event, bought her a table, oh wait she got that one editorial 6 years ago – along with 6 other models – when she was still Leo’s toy and considered ‘the next big thing’. Never mind.

  • Oh please

    Wow…. Kate Upton???? LOL, LOL! What a reference of class, elegance and intelligence. VOGUE has become pathetic and hopeless, for sure.

  • from ali

    no morals , takes pic’s naked , and all day long looking for fame
    nothing to offer, german tv show was a flop
    i heard you avoid the army in your country ,
    you’ll b 30 and alone
    you are a joke, going to parties and fashion shows and awards every day but only as a sit filler !!!!
    A JOKE

  • ?

    are you blind ?!?!
    she has no style sense even for comfy everyday clothes, she looks terrible all the time.

  • Katchitup/Fashion Dream, etc… or whatever your other pseudonums are,
    Go back to praise your dumb bunch of models on Bellazon and stop losing your energy and time on bashing Bar. You’re pathetic.

  • Playboy Model

    @Oh please:
    vogue covers queens first ladies and movie stars. ‘pathetic and hopeless’ to some but even with that they still don’t want Bar and now neither does Maxim. Well there’s always playboy

  • @22

    you imagine only one person here. whatever makes you feel better. you’re the pathetic one pic spammer

  • as if

    the truth hurts.
    bar is pathetic enough, she still believes she’s a super model !

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @LOL: Maxim’s Hot 100 is a joke. Miley Cyrus is no.1 (WTF???) and even “Manti Te’o's Fake Girlfriend” is on the list.

  • Amazing to realize how idiot and pathetic the BZ fans can be. There get so into DiCaprio’s gfs while he’s dating them, and the instant he dates the next one, they bash the latter.
    Bar, Blake, Erin…. they move on and then feel the need to spit on them when he breaks up with them.
    It goes to show the degree of maturity these fans are. LOL!

  • @26

    Its always been a joke. Amanda Knox and Steve Colbert were on the list last year. Its just funny how Bar’s pr made such a big deal least year after she bought the No 1 spot to stay in the limelight only to disappear from the list completely this year. Proving even those that can be bought consider her irrelevant.

  • LOL

    Kinda like the idiot Barf BZ fan who regularly insults / pic spams Leo’s other more successful / relevant girlfriends out of spite and bitterness?. Pathetic and immature indeed. LMAO

  • funny

    you know what’s realy funny, in israel when they showed maxim list and people saw she wasn’t in, her familiy started putting down the magazine, calling it pointless, etc … not understanding that what they are writing means the same about their little bar winning last year ! LOL without stoping.

  • Gorgeous

    Pretty woman

  • For people who are supposed to “dislike” her, it’s amazing to see how they keep up with her…. LOL!

  • Odd

    or maybe people who follow fashion/gossip and know whats fanfiction and what’s BS like the kardashians. although one wonders why her fan(s) follow/ insult / pic spam other models or girlfriends. why bother? LMAO

  • @30

    that diss was everywhere no need to ‘keep up’ to know about it.

  • Sarah

    She has gone back wearing Jennifer Meyer’s heart necklace…

  • realitycheck

    @: get a grip. Barf’s fans spend more time hating on Leo and his other girlfriends then they actually do spend on idolizing their fave playboy/catalog “supermodel”. Ive never once read Erin fans etc even mention Bar, lol. Everyone knows Bars fans are crazy.

  • adrianamiranda

    LOL Bar fans having audacity bashing Vogue? lmao. Yes because Maxim is the pinnacle of modeling right? Delusional!!! Princess Diana,Michelle Obama,Kate Moss and many others say yes to Vogue covers why would tv commercial Bar stoop so low right? LMAO.

  • @36

    Don’t remeber those facts let the pic spammer remain in delusion that she is not pathetic loser stan. And Erin too keeps wearing her Jen Meyer ‘E’ necklace. Maybe they are both sending bat signals to Leo. Too bad he’s chasing Jennifer Lawrence. LOL


    You’re just confirming what some have posted here. Claiming that Leo is after Jennifer Lawrence when “ONE” particular BZ crazy Bar basher is now having Jennifer Lawrence’s avatar!!!!!

    LOL, LOL!!!

    Too funny!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Lawrence? C’mon, I don’t think Leo is this desperate to chase after a stuffed meat ball.
    I also noticed about the JM heart necklace.

  • Odd

    surprise now the maxim d list catalogue girl fans are attacking academy award winner and dior rep jennifer lawrence as a ‘stuffed meatball’. at least Jen is at the top of her game and is not a jowl faced has been who sleeps with men for money/career and shamed by the girlfriends of barcelona players. but of course every model/actress attached to leo since he dumped the go daddy girl is automatically insulted by the bar brigaide. 2 years on they are still clingy, hopeless and bitter. pathetic indeed

  • @39

    Aww poor thing. I’m not from BZ or any forum JJ and Perez for me! Though you seem obsessed with them. Do they owe you money?
    The Jlaws rumors have been everywhere
    as well as the Daily Mail and Huff Post. But that’s right keep telling yourself all the comments and remarks here with people sightings from Israel and US are all from ONE person. After all Vogue is a ‘pathetic and hopeless’ magazine right? Delusional to the core

  • Yeah right

    Jennifer “miss Piggy” Lawrence who smokes pot is sure at the top of her game.

  • LOL

    You can only laugh. After telling imaginary pseudonyms or ‘idiotic pathetic’ fans to stop bashing Bar as a sign of ‘immaturity’. She then proceeds to bash the new girl linked to Leo. Same as always. Pathetic fool

  • Odd
  • @43

    Lawrence – Vogue Cover Girl, Ask Men’s No 1, Maxim No 5, Dior face, Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG awards. Does not have to pay blogs to write on her unlike has-been jowl face big back Chelsea Handler look like. Actually gets written about in print publications because she’s A list and not just on paid blogs. Top of her game baby. I understand why your jealousy and rage will mean you have to start pic spamming her now. Good luck

  • fishy

    @Odd: Bars fans are the worst group of all his exes, still clinging onto Leo! omg theyre obsessed. Also I find it funny she tweets insinuations of bad relationships, while his other exes have said nothing but good things about him. bitter betties.

  • :))


    honey we don’t have a choice here in Israel !

    her psycho mom pays the sites so every single day we see her
    all the time, front page, stupid, pointless etc. articles about NOTHING. so whether we want to or not (and we don’t) we know what she’s doing (more like not doing anything except twitting all the time instead of actually working !).

  • ?


    so what if it was everywhere, I was referring to the comments from people in Israel, not the all world, I only read the comments from home.

  • Jake

    She seems depressed to me. There’s a dead-eyed quality to her. I like supermodels a lot but her – she just seems deeply bored with life. It’s like a vibe that comes off of her.