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Kanye West: 'SNL' Performance of 'New Slaves' - Watch Now!

Kanye West: 'SNL' Performance of 'New Slaves' - Watch Now!

Kanye West hits the stage for a performance of his hot new single “New Slaves” during an appearance on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (May 18) in New York City.

The 35-year-old rapper debuted the new song the night before by projecting a video on 66 buildings across the world. If you missed it, make sure to watch the video!

During the show, which was the season finale and hosted by Ben Affleck, Kanye also performed a song of his called “Black Skinhead”.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Kanye West’s performances on Saturday Night Live?

Kanye West – “New Slaves”

Click inside to watch Kanye West‘s performance of “Black Skinhead”…

Kanye West – “Black Skinhead”
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  • Karen Jennings

    @Reason: I was expecting something great. It sucked so bad I did not listen to the last song. He is not great. He is a mouth breather.

  • MEH

    Kanye didn’t up any rap game! Sounds like he’s been listening to Saul Williams…Who, may I add, is a very talented musician.

  • MEH

    He’s not upping anything…Saul Williams has been doing this for years.

  • Your idiocy amazes me.

    @Reason: He’s never been relevant? Oh, I guess that’s why he has 21 GRAMMY awards, right? How can people be so stupid to say something like this? And then the people taking his lyrics literally is just astounding – this is Rap, where metaphors can be found in almost every line (depending on who you listen to, anyway, but we’re not talking about people like Lil Wayne or French Montana right now). Learn to read between the lines people, and quit letting your thoughts of him as a human being cloud your judgement on how good his music is. Sure, he can be a douchebag, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make good music.

    People are such morons.

  • skwcw

    Oh wow another “Im a victim” from a rich guy wow original.

  • Bohoo

    @Your idiocy amazes me.:

    being good at something and being a good person to be respected are two different things..the guy is an arse and since I dont listen to this genre of music …yes I am black……………………I wouldnt know ifhe was a genius or not.

    Besides awards go to those with do you explain taylor swift and all the beyonce awards …lol

  • linkon


    kanye has worked with saul williams before, i dont see your point

  • NewNew!

    @Greg: I <3 you greg!

  • Lawrence

    Only idiots would pay this narcissist any attention.

  • TheMirrorMan

    @Larry Poke:

    Mother Teresa was an evil Albanian dwarf who wanted her dying “guests” to suffer as much as possible. 90% of the donations that went her way went directly into the Vatican coffers, only a small amount went to provide for the dying masses that furthered her fame.

    Agnes (her real name) took millions from the Haitian Duvaliers, money that was stolen from the Haitian people.

    She can rot in hell for all I care.

  • honeybaby

    i like kanye, i do not know him personally so i cannot say nothing negative about who he is as a person but these two songs he came out with are pretty epic and is going to go over a lot of folks heads. Those who dont understand whats really going on in america will not understand this and will dislike. Research first people!

  • amanda

    honestly I get it if people don’t like his music, but to say he isn’t talented or relevant is just plain wrong and makes you sound ignorant…..people can hate, but hate in a way that makes sense….he doesn’t seem like the greatest person in the world, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talented

  • Jenniebaby

    @mrst: You’re just as nuts as Kanye! This isn’t close to being “rock” like and it’s not rap.

  • Jenniebaby

    @MB: Haha, okay, think what you want, but, he stumbled, fumbled, tripped and nearly fell on his face! You continue to delude yourself into thinking he was “censoring”. Wake the f*** up, please.

  • Jenniebaby

    @Character: I’m so tired of you black racists!

  • Jenniebaby

    @Zac: Right, except he and his brand are in itself a corporation and a product of Capitalism. So, I guess that either makes him a talent-less hypocrite or exceptionally stupid, you choose.


    How he got some haters in a comment section full of cacs?


    It’s cacs on cacs on cacs


    @i hate kane west:
    Its Kanye, but some of his plaques, they still say Kayne

  • rina

    Kanye is a visionary, i enjoyed this performance.

  • Stop the hate

    Why are people hating on Kanye, obviously he is relevant, if people like @jenniebaby watched his performance, and keep on saying negative comments, if you do not like him then let it go and listen to something you do like. How would you feel if the people who did not like you (and do not pretend that everyone likes you), spent their day harassing you or posting negative comments about you and your ideas. Everyone is allowed to be themselves, and express themselves in their own way; and to insult them is wrong. The song “new slaves” sounds good and different, and Kanye is the only artist who can do this, because unlike most rappers, he puts music that he wants to put out that will make people talk ( just like eminem, jay electronica, common, lupe fiasco, taib kweli, and kendrick lamar). His new album will be like his other albums, Great! Also what is worse a rapper who puts out music that is different and makes people argue or appreciate, or a singer who puts out the same music about a boy she likes or liked every single time.

  • The Only Smart One

    What the hell, whatever Kanye was doing last night was ridiculous. Whio are these idiots preaching all about how great this fool is. He is a racist that believes there is only one color, Black. He say N*****, and you fools praise him, a white man says it and we are condemend till the end of earth. Quit buying any of this thugs crap that he calls music. It’s not and will never be inovating or anything else these idiots are saying. It’s nothing anyone should have to suffer through ever again. He should be banned from any television or and media outlets available to mankind. He must have really hurt himself when he walked into that sign, and he is still mad about it. And he blames all white people fior that too. Please protect us from fools like him.

  • ArbeitMachtFries

    @Larry Poke:
    …been going on since Billy the Kid & Al Capone; Are you new to the planet?

  • J sNOW

    Was that performance a joke? Honestly???

    Third worst EVER on SNL after a talentless Ashlee Simpson, and a talentless and hyped Lana Del Flop.

    I guess if I had a baby growing inside a public punch line I would be pissed as well.

    Rap is Rap it is not music. he was the rap guest not the musical guest.

  • Kelton Oates

    People just dont understand art. Some of you probably don’t even know the difference between hip hop or rap or the fact that there is a difference. Alot of people are stuck in these comment boxes. Stop making hate comments and make something better if its so easy to create music.uit your job and start an Anti-Kanye protest if your that focused on him “Evaporating from the earth” like that even makes sense.

  • Uno

    Mr. West brings out raw emotion & heart behind this performance. Both ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Black Skinhead’ are edgy, provoking, and powerful. Kanye has continued to make music unique and different than anyone else. You don’t have to like the guy to appreciate his artistry behind the words. This next album is sure not to disappoint with songs like this. Respect Kanye!

  • e.j.

    There is nothing groundbreaking or really deepfully insightful here, rather pedestrian. And I terribly wish he would have grasped deeper, that and not further woman are just unintelligent pleasure things. When you think about the fact he and his girlfriend have brands peddling them to the same population he claims are enslaved just invalidates his message to me.

  • What?1

    Kanye West a thug!? Ya-Okay. That’s what white people call him when they get uncomfortable, or have nothing else to say. Kanye not a thug nor a gangsta, or Ever sold drugs. works with a bunch of amazing people in the industry, amazing grammy award musician. Speaks his mind, and doesn’t stay inline. What would you prefer. Him be fake and stay in line. The world would be much better if Zombies, and lemmings like yall disappear. The most easily manipulated people. My mama was raised in the Era when water was served to fairest skin. It happened. We have to shut up about it? because it makes you feel uncomfortable what your for-fathers did? Get the F out.

  • What? AMAZINGG!!!!!!!


    You idiot. It was the sensor that he he was purposely mumbling over. Why feel bad for him? Your life compared to his is a universe away. “My mama live in the era when water was served to the fairest” Makes perfect sense to me!!!!!

  • Trestkhov

    @Larry Poke: “Thug”? Do you realize how racist you sound? Apart from being black what has Kanye done for you to brand him a thug?