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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Cannes Premiere

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Cannes Premiere

Nicole Kidman stuns as she arrives at the premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival held at Palais des Festivals on Sunday (May 19) in Cannes, France.

The 45-year-old Australian actress was joined by her hubby Keith Urban, as the couple shared a few kisses on the red carpet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The same day, Nicole and Keith enjoyed a lunch date at the Cannes Palais Agora restaurant.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a L’wren dress, Manolo shoes, Fred Leighton jewels, and a Roger Vivier clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban out and about in Cannes…

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Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman

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364 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Cannes Premiere”

  1. 1
    KRP Says:

    nicole looks absolutely stunning, she is just beautiful

  2. 2
    x Says:

    All Hail … Princess DisGrace of Botoxia and her paid consort, Lord Lionel of LaLaLand.

  3. 3
    Canne Do Says:

    Wow. Nicole looks gorgeous. I’m so glad that she’s with Keith. They are a good looking couple.

  4. 4
    Lia Says:

    Nicole and Keith are a beautiful loving couple.

  5. 5
    curious Says:

    I wasn’t aware lesbian power couple, Ellen and Portia, were in Cannes!

  6. 6
    Lalaine Says:


    Did you have an evidence Keith Urban is a paid escort???? You are in your Fantasy world , ha ! ha ! ha! , Nicole and Keith are inseparable specially when there off schedule comes together , accept the truth, you insanely obsessed with your negative thoughts that’s what a delusional mind do all the time , making same old stories all the time , you’ve been following Nicole and Keith ever since , you need to back off , look back in your own shadow , the reality Keith and Nicole destined to be together till end of time , they are planning to renew their marriage vows the usual ceremony of a successful marriage couple . Last Sunday ( the mothers day ) more 20 pairs of married couple renewed their marriage vows in Catholic Cathedral Church they do the service in groups and most of them are happily married some married for over 65 , 55, 45, 40 , 35 , 30 , 25 , 20 and the lowest 3 years of marriage , its a lovely and very solemn ceremony . Nicole and Keith survive in their marriage , you are a liar to say Keith is paid escort , if Nicole & Keith is like Tom Cruise you will be filed a lawsuit accusing Keith as what you’ve said about him . So obvious you are a very coward person hiding as X name , So if you have proof Keith Urban is a paid escort of Nicole show it to the public specially to the media , news papers , paid magazines , CNN and in Entertainment Tonight lets see , as E.T . always featuring Nicole Kidman , waiting to see your evidence ASAP. So coward !!!!!!! you want a bit?

  7. 7
    Oh dear Says:

    “Mom(?) may I go out for lunch with you and Dad(?)”. “No Sunday, you need to stay behind with the nanny” ….

  8. 8
    Lalaine Says:

    They are a gorgeous and happy couple , I love them mostly Keith is with Nicole now after his A. I. job , he will be touring again this summer and onward .

  9. 9
    kudos Says:

    That’s so nice to see a grandmother and grandson out for an occasion. She hasn’t seen Sunday in days and needs to be without her already. I wonder if Sunday knows what it means to have a family dinner at home? By the way, where’s Faith?

  10. 10
    Meg Says:

    Nicole looks lovely but Keith looks quite feminine in a tuxedo. More over-the-top red carpet PDA. Such a weird couple.

  11. 11
    Mollyme Says:

    Gorgeous couple. Sunday spent the last few days with keith and Faith was with Nicole. This couple is so in love and always holding hands.

  12. 12
    1urbanfan27 Says:


  13. 13
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Mollyme: You are wrong about that…

  14. 14
    ?? Says:

    Where’s Faith? That is the million dollar question.

  15. 15
    Kane Says:

    Keith and Nicole look wonderful.
    Sociopaths have no consciences. That pretty well describes the remaining skeptics. For eight years they’ve lied, distorted, insinuated, vilified, and spread untrue stories in an attempt to “punish” Nicole and Keith for falling in love and getting married. What they’ve managed to do is reveal themselves as really obsessed and nasty people. I hate to imagine what their private lives and relationships are like.

  16. 16
    belgium woman Says:

    @??: with a nanny ? i hope you didn’t think their daughter could do a Cannes red carpet

  17. 17
    Lizzie Says:

    I think Keith and NIcole look wonderful. In all of the photo-ops in Cannes, she’s looked nice, but posed. However, here she looks relaxed and happy, as does the handsome Keith. I particularly liked the snaps when they were going to the movie.This is how Nicole actually looks younger, when she just has her hair pulled back and very little make-up. Speaking of the movie, I imagine that Keith liked “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

  18. 18
    Oh dear Says:

    Remember how Nicole and Tom required a sex coach for “EWS” and still weren’t convincing. Time to re-hire the same coach for these two.

  19. 19
    duh Says:

    @1urbanfan27: No she’s not. Photos tell the truth.

  20. 20
    The Ashamed Parents Says:

    BLIND: This couple is an A list couple. It is tough to describe them without giving them away, but they are A list and they have kid(s). I will say that the female in the couple is an A list movie actress who would not touch television. She might not even watch television. Probably too good for it. The couple, with our actress being the main instigator in this has decided that they do not want t show off their child to the public. I am not saying they only have one child, but I am not saying they have more. I will say though this becomes very obvious when you know the answer. The couple chooses to not show off this child because it is a special needs child and the couple have chosen to let the child spend the majority of time with nannies and other people and is generally ignored by the parents. As I said, it is primarily because of the mother, although the father is complicit. He does not want the relationship to end so goes along with whatever his wife says …

  21. 21
    duh Says:

    @??: That’s on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know. But photos tell the truth. Skeptics don’t.

  22. 22
    Mollyme Says:

    Yes, Nicole always looks so happy and relaxed when Keith is around. She said he’ll be watching some films with her.

  23. 23
    Tiger Nueng Says:

    Stunning as always.

  24. 24
    CDAN Blinds Are Frauds Says:

    From the CDAN website

    Crazy Days and Nights is a gossip site. The site publishes rumors, conjecture, and fiction. In addition to accurately reported information, certain situations, characters and events portrayed in the Blog are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the Blog’s proprietor does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site’s content. Links to content on and quotation of material from other sites are not the responsibility of Crazy Days and Nights.

    Skeptics are gullible nitwits.

  25. 25
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Skeptics going bonkers over the latest round of gorgeous photos.


  26. 26
    Mollyme Says:

    This is my favorite look of hers so far at Cannes. This and the black dress with her hair in a sideways ponytail. Keith looks handsome. Keith took Sunday and Faith to some of the Idol tapings. Keith said they both liked going and they both like to sing and dance.

  27. 27
    .. Says:

    duh is dumb

  28. 28
    Macy Says:

    @The Ashamed Parents:
    There are plenty of pictures of Faith around. She’s a real cutie with lots of curly hair. Nicole not only watches television, she’s appeared on television and has something new in the works for HBO. It’s obvious your Blind Item doesn’t belong here. Good try.

  29. 29
    Crazy Keith and Nicole (CKAN) Says:

    Crazy Keith and Nicole is a gossip site. Kidman’s PR hacks publish rumors, conjecture, and fiction. In addition to inaccurately reported information, certain situations, characters and events portrayed in CKAN are either products of KUNK’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

  30. 30
    Jada Says:

    @The Ashamed Parents:

    Why do you believe this story if you can’t acknowledge the Urbans are A-listers? Eight years of double talk has accomplished nothing. If you had a brain cell left you’d give up the ghost and move on.

    Jared, you left out my favorite photo, the one with Nicole stretching out her arms to Keith. It’s on Tumblr if anybody else wants to see it. Such a beautiful couple with two angel daughters!

  31. 31
    ?? Says:

    Nice try @Macy. Time will tell.

  32. 32
    duh Says:

    @Crazy Keith and Nicole (CKAN): Skeptics fail again. But at least you are consistent, acting out like a 5 year old. Some things never change.

  33. 33
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    How is your blatant ‘Get SACKED Keith Rehired On American Idol’ campaigning coming along SM? Here’s a tip – don’t waste your time! Bahahahaha

  34. 34
    duh Says:

    @??: Time is,not on the skeptics side. They tried to convince us there was something wrong with Sunday. Now they try to convince us there’s somethi.g wrong with Faith. If Nic and Keith have another it will be round 3 of the same cr@@p. Time does nothing but prove the skeptics are liars.

  35. 35
    Mollyme Says:

    There are photos from just 3 weeks ago of Keith and Nicole taking Sunday and Faith to a birthday party. The haters claimed the kids didn’t turn up in photos until Nicole got back to the states. Now the haters are trying to say Nicole wants Faith to be hidden away. You haters can’t even keep your lies straight.

  36. 36
    Skeptics are stupid liars Says:

    @Skeptics Rule: Why do you talk to yourself and people that aren’t here? Why change the topic every post?

    Answer: You can’t handle the pressure of the truth!

  37. 37
    kudos Says:

    @CDAN Blinds Are Frauds: Besides in airports, since you know everything about this family, then you can tell us all where Faith is all the time. Many people do not know that Faith even exists.

  38. 38
    curious Says:

    Faith looked subdued in the birthday party photos with dark circles under her eyes. Medicated? Something is off.

  39. 39
    Jada Says:

    You are sick. You want new photos of Faith so you can call her parents famewh0res. For all your cr·p about how celebrities deserve to be criticized you have never had a problem with attacking babies or young kids. Your behavior and comments are revolting.

  40. 40
    Lalaine Says:

    @The Ashamed Parents:
    You must be the Ashamed parents in your real life , are you together with Nicole and Keith with their two biological children ???? as you
    know much about them , than Nicole and Keith, you skeptic is a stereo type
    person obsessed with your negative thoughts easily get into rumors and gossips. Your id and super ego dominating your mind , that’s what the incapacitated cognitive do all the time .
    In addition , you skeptic don’t prosper in your life , no work to accomplish on the day except typing your pessimism about Nicole and Keith ‘s life.

    On the other hand , Like Nicole , Madonna also receives negative feed backs from the critics , while the critics going down she is Prospering in her life , helping unfortunate children in Africa by donating money for foods ,clothing, medicines , shelters and
    education .

    That’s what Nicole and Keith they are prospering in life add to their success they are helping the needy , they are not obsessed with money but reached the highest potentials in their life.When they got married they did not want to receive gifts from their guests where as they asked them to donate money to Charitable organizations. Sunday and Faith showered with love and care from their parents. This is the modern century , most working mother and father has baby sitter during their absence it doesn’t mean they neglect their child, or children and lots of working parents anywhere it’s not unusual to see and know they are working most of the time. Both Sunday and Faith are seldom photographed , Nicole and Keith are protecting the privacy of their two little children , not like Suri Cruise ,she is photographed several times a week .
    Even Dannielynn Birkhead , her father is a photographer but she is seldom photographed .
    Nicole Kidman’s parents when she was a child were both a working parents but she and her sister were showered with love and care .
    Your comments are unrealistic you will not won in the competition as most of it are based on presumptions .

  41. 41
    Oh dear Says:

    Nicole stretching her arms out to Keith in a “come to mommy” gesture. Curious how you never see her so animated with her own children(?).

  42. 42
    Lalaine Says:


    There is a mailing address of Keith Urban in her biography in the internet , you can send him mail and ask if Faith is medicated and show to public his reply , don’t assume all the time . If you are dreaming all your comments and all negatives you need help , as its already a night mare !!!!!!! you must seek emergency medical treatment as soon as you can .

  43. 43
    Em Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but do you see other middle aged couples acting like these two on the red carpet? Are they pretending to be newly engaged Grace and Rainier? It is just beyond bizarre and people here and at the Daily Mail are calling them on it.

  44. 44
    Joni Says:

    Article about Nicole and Keith so I automatically expect Miss Jealousy writing all of these lies about Nicole, Keith and their girls. All of the questions you ask about Botox, who is with the girls, what is fake, it is all none of your business. Why do you care ???????????? I know it is disappointing for you but Keith and Nicole are so in love and they are beautiful inside and out. Their girls are adorable also.

  45. 45
    Lalaine Says:

    @Oh dear:

    you understand the word animated ??????? think before you write and express your thoughts , you are in the fantasy world .

  46. 46
    Joni Says:

    Em and your other names, none of your business how they act in person. Personally I think it’s beautiful. Love isn’t judged by age. Remember, none of your business!!!!.

  47. 47
    Lalaine Says:

    @Crazy Keith and Nicole (CKAN):

    You are fiction and fantasy , Nicole , Keith and their children are real .
    Don’t visit their website and don’t watch them in the internet , why you are here????? to spread your lies.

  48. 48
    .. Says:

    video of KUNK delivering Meals on Wheels when she said she was pregnant with Sunday, anyone?

  49. 49
    ?? Says:

    Great photo over at cynicspointsofview. Close up of Kidman with her prematurely lined, 45 year old reddened claw next to her face. The contrast is truly amazing. Can one Botox their palms? I wonder! You can always tell a lady by her hands.

  50. 50
    Oh dear Says:

    Exactly what back room shenanigans were performed by Kidman to entice Weinstein to distribute DisGrace of Monaco. Maybe she offered him Keith. At this stage nothing would surprise me.

  51. 51
    Jada Says:

    @Em: Your troll comments are no different than the troll comments on Daily Mail. Cowards who don’t use their real name or location talking sh!t about people they don’t know.

    Your asinine comments do nothing. They won’t change fan’s,minds and they won’t get rid of Nicole or the girls. Keith doesn’t want you, never wanted you, and wouldn’t be with you if he never met his wife.

  52. 52
    Yenna Says:


    Its a great!!! photo of two wonderful couple , skeptics are insanely obsessed to change their alyases all the time .

  53. 53
    duh Says:

    And it begins…Skeptic who pretended not to be a skeptic and not know a skeptic finally pimps her board.

    Desperation is a b!tch, isn’t it skeptic!

  54. 54
    ?? Says:

    Your investigative skills are abysmal @duh. Wrong again!!!!!!

  55. 55
    Myla Says:

    @Oh dear:

    You don’t need to watch Grace kelly of Monaco , it hasn’t opened to the Public yet ’till December . Accept the truth Nicole Kidman is a very talented actress , that’s the reason she has various movies every year.
    While you are getting weary and bored with your life , you make fun of being Skeptical to Nicole Kidman , what a disgrace in your life!!!!!! hiding your true identity to sabotage others people’s life.

  56. 56
    The Reality About Money Says:

    @Lalaine: They are not obsessed with money? Check out how much Keith’s backpack cost that he was wearing at LAX the other day. It costs more than the average mortgage payment. How many vintage cars does he own? Why did Nic’s entourage arrive at the wedding in Rolls Royces? They are obsessed with money.

  57. 57
    The Reality About His Music Says:
    “However, when it came to listening to this song, and reading a fan’s comment, stating that this was ‘more country’, I pretty much lost faith in the state of country music today.” “Apart from that token banjo that keeps popping up in everything laundry-list, the R&B beat, tinge of nasally autotune and technological edits that only serve to annoy simply sound like pop music to me. While the melody is sweet, it is bland; at best, this is cheery elevator or store music.”

  58. 58
    Roberta Says:

    Apperently she can’t wear heals after all…

  59. 59
    Lizzie Says:

    I remember five or six year’s ago, CMT had a message board. There was a certain lady who was in love with Keith. It was heartbreaking to read her messages. She always wished him a happy day; and I remember one day she wrote down the verse to an old standard, either Gershwin or Cole Porter. I was in tears reading it and have never forgotten. I answered her message, saying we all experience heart- break, but you go on with life and sooner or later you’re left with a little scar which makes you stronger. That person is on this board and it’s so sad that her feelings toward Keith have turned into hatred. She’s an intelligent woman; that was apparent in her writing. I wish that people o could just realize what they’re doing to two innocent little girls, growing up in a crazy world; and whether it’s nannies or Mom and Dad who raise them, they deserve a little kindness.

  60. 60
    marie Says:


    So what ????? its none of your business , anyway its an honest job, lot of actors and actresses have their own business aside from acting and modeling , some has a landskaping , bakery , store , restaurant , hotel owners , farms, ranches , merchandize businesses and managing their own businesses after filming. I knew somebody she is a registered nurse and the husband is a captain pilot of the Airplane , while the husband is working away , during her pregnancy , even she is pregnant she is working as she is having school bus business and she is driving it personally while she is pregnant. They have a nice expensive house in Nevada .
    She don’t sit and become lazy , wait for her husband to feed her , they have a lovely children and they are both a working parents .

  61. 61
    @The Reality about Money Says:

    You even check the price of Keith’s backpacks? You really need help. Sick.

  62. 62
    Keith is So G A Y Says:

    Shoe lifts
    Body wax
    Spray tan
    Straight iron

  63. 63
    Dee Says:

    So true @Roberta. Now that the petite purse carrier is back on the scene, it’s time to ditch those 4 inch heels.

  64. 64
    marie Says:


    You King , Queen, Princes of Fantasy obsessed mind , no other job than waisting your time here in internet , Nicole is not using Botox anymore , you still obsessed about it , you are not brave enough to show your real name , continuing hiding it , scared you must be catched with your own trouble appearance .

  65. 65
    Lalaine Says:


    you are stuttering now , it shows you ‘re not in your good mind ! Nobody believes you .

  66. 66
    Roberta Says:

    @dee, the only reason I said that was because when Tom and Nicole broke up, she was on Letterman and said that now she could wear heals. hahahah… but she can’t. She is taller than Keith, even without heals.

  67. 67
    Lalaine Says:

    @The Reality About Money:

    They are spending money they earned through their hard worked , they don’t ask alms and spend it for their personal used, that’s the rewards of very industrious and hard working persons , a good life , abundant of blessings and graces in their life.
    Anyway , Paris Hilton spending hundreds of thousands to her dog , while Nicole is donating money to her charities.

  68. 68
    x Says:

    KUNK are totally obsessed with money. Keith wants back on Idol so he can basically be paid millions for doing nothing. Kidman will hump anything on film for a quick buck. They actually make a great pair. Despite the PR smiles, both of them are sad individuals, totally consumed with money, false adulation and themselves.

  69. 69
    Lalaine Says:


    Height has nothing to do with true love , I’m attending church service and saw several marriage couple, the wife is taller than the husband wearing high heels shoes , nobody mind it.

  70. 70
    justme Says:

    @1urbanfan27: @1urbanfan27:

    No she’s not. There are photos of Keith and Sunday in the airport flying to France to meet Nicole & Faith.

  71. 71
    Roberta Says:


    I never said that it has anything to do with true love, size doesn’t matter. I just pointed that out ’cause when Tom and Nicole broke up, she said on Letterman “now I can wear heels”. So I think that’s funny that she went on to marry a guy shorter than Tom Cruise. Keith is 5’8 and Tom is 5’9.

  72. 72
    x Says:

    (Lalaine/Yenna/Yasmin/Myla/Marie) Please have mercy and desist. Your comments are so BORING.

  73. 73
    Lalaine Says:


    How did you know ? they are sad after their marriage ? did you live with them in their house ? People who worked hard and earned high income not obsessed with money , Nicole and Keith Urban are happily married couple , if Keith will be rehired or not in American Idol, is none of your business , your own business to try and worked hard to earned high income so you can travel anywhere and can buy nice tailored clothes and buy good quality car and post it to internet so Nicole Kidman’s fans can see you personally .

  74. 74
    marie Says:

    @@The Reality about Money:

    Really , this person who even checked Keith Urban’s backpack is so paranoid , very obvious needs medical help.

  75. 75
    ?? Says:

    @Lizzie. If the blind item turns out to be true, nothing will save KUNK.

  76. 76
    Yasmin Says:


    I have only one name ,I’m not those other people you mentioned , you are exaggerating , you are the one need to exit here , You are sick and you are more boring than any one else.

  77. 77
    Lainie Says:


    It’s not funny and its none of your business , they love each other and its not unusual if Nicole is taller than Keith . It’s not a sin or crime to wear high heels .

  78. 78
    Lainie Says:

    @The Reality About His Music:

    If you don’t love or like country music , nobody force you to listen it , as lots of people love country music , there is a radio Station and T.V. station of country music , I listen Keith Urban’s music on that station even in the stores they are on .

  79. 79
    duh Says:

    @The Reality About Money: You skeotics are consumed by money. You want their money without their work ethic. You use their fame and wealth to trash them. We’re not stupid. You’re swimming in jealousy. The very fact that you call them eurotrash, rich b!tch, and ice queen when they donate tons of their earnings to national charities, support Nashville, don’t live a ridiculous lifestyle despite their income, and don’t spoil their kids to death, makes you look like a pettty fool.

  80. 80
    Lizzie Says:


    We all remember Nicole saying those words on Letterman; not news. BTW, your height statistics are off a bit – Tom’s 5′ 7″ and Keith’s just short of 5′ 10″. Keith was with Niki Taylor for a couple of years before he met Nicole, and Niki is taller than Nicole. So, it’s safe to say that neither Keith nor Nicole has ever been bothered by something as superficial as who’s taller than whom by a couple of inches. You probably saw Nicole’s picture with the other judges at Cannes. She was a head taller than all of them. Nicole’s tall and proud of it.

  81. 81
    Lainie Says:

    @The Reality About Money:

    Nicole and Keith are hard working even in their younger age.
    They deserves of what they have its the fruits of their hard work , you are so jealous as Nicole aside from her fame , she is a UNIFEM good Ambassador helping women victims of violence .

    One of the hard working Billionaire in North America has a nice expensive house , owner of Automobile Co. has successful career holder children , donates more than hundred thousands million dollars to build a new hospital . So people not obsessed with money but very successful in life , money is a tool to pay bills , buy shelter , foods , clothes , car , educate children and can have holidays in other countries . Those lazy people waisting time in the internet are very jealous , one of them is you.

  82. 82
    Dee Says:

    Just short of 5’10″ ….. Dream on Lizzie!! Petite Keith is just 5’9″ and that’s being generous. If Keith is so unconcerned with his/her height, why the built up heels on the red carpet?

  83. 83
    x Says:

    (Lalaine/Yenna/Yasmin/Myla/Marie) Old Chinese saying “Less is More”. How about you practise it and shorten your responses to one sentence.

  84. 84
    Lainie Says:


    I was in the church today , I saw men wearing high heeled shoes , its good for body structure specially for back pain , flat shoes in not good for the spine and back , its Chiropractor advise even men to wear shoes with heels .

  85. 85
    Alice Johnson Says:

    So happy to see Keith and Sunday have now joined Nicole and Faith. Of course I knew as soon as he was clear he would go as fast as he could to be with the woman he so obviously adores!! Just as she adores him and it is beautiful to see. Those who wish them to be unhappy and to see ‘unhappiness’ where there is none have now wasted almost 9 years on their rants while Nicole and Keith have married and created a life and a family and are more in love than ever. It is beautiful!!

  86. 86
    Yasmin Says:


    Being an American Idol judge is something a kind of job , not true doing nothing , “another made up story to put down Keith ” I suggest you watch USANA library in the internet , the number one best sales man from UTAH , he is a hard working man , have a nice house , nice cars, donating money to Charities and can travel anywhere , he is doing more than one jobs , form Carpet installer to selling USANA products , he is a millionaire and working hard . So is money an obsession? when people can have a good life and helping poor people ? employing other people to earn a living?

  87. 87
    curious Says:

    Sunday and Faith are with KUNK? Positive about that Alice?

  88. 88
    Yasmin Says:

    Everybody are free to write a comments provided not bullying and abusive to Nicole and Keith also with their two little children .

  89. 89
    Liza Says:

    Nice photo of two in love and happily married couple , love to see Sunday and Faith too .

  90. 90
    Yasi Says:

    So beautiful couple , I’m fond of them , looking forward for Keith coming concert .

  91. 91
    Lalaine Says:


    You complained now , you are out of words are you done with your fantasy?

  92. 92
    x Says:

    That’s better (Lalaine/Liza/Yenna/Yasmin/Yasi/Myla/Marie). Now, If you would please combine all your pseudonyms into one name/one post, it will be perfect.

  93. 93
    Liza Says:


    Is not only Keith and Nicole are Millionaire lots of people , they are not obsessed with money , they are earning a high income and make a donations to charities, Bill gates , Jim Pattison and lots of people who has money also give donations to third world countries , to victims of Katrina and other natural calamities.
    So I can say and believed Nicole and Keith are a blessed couple, both of them are working hard.

  94. 94
    Liza Says:

    @Keith is So G A Y:

    Another new alyas of a Skeptic , you are jealous , Keith has a very nice , loving and caring wife with two adorable pretty children , real gay find and live with a man like Elton John .

  95. 95
    Liza Says:


    Did you see Keith Urban carrying Nicole first in the red carpet?
    And its none of your business if she carry Nicole ‘s Kidman bag , he want to help his wife while Nicole is carrying Faith , Keith is only holding hands of Sunday and he want to show his love and care to his wife. It’s not unusual for a husband to carry first or bag, its so common in any culture , customs and beliefs .

  96. 96
    What a Sham Says:

    He told the Mail: “I’m here to (carry Nic’s purse) keep Nic company and watch movies (while nannies look after Sunday and Faith) in the back with her”. She added: “I’ve been waiting for my (paid for escort) man to walk me up all those steps”.

  97. 97
    Roberta Says:


    Jesus, calm down… I did not say they are not in love, I think they are, I just thought it was funny. She made fun of Tom and ended up marrying someone shorter than him. That’s all. IMO it is funny.

  98. 98
    Roberta Says:


    I think your height stats are off… I’ve seen Tom personally and I can say he is 5’9, while imdb claims Keith is 5’10, which is totally innacurate, he stands at 5’8… and I didn’t say that what she said on letterman was news, I just think it is funny that she marryed someone shorter than Tom.

  99. 99
    Liza Says:


    You are making stories , I’m not using pseudo names , I’m not those names you mentioned , you are the one who uses pseudo name.

  100. 100
    Macy Says:

    Google Tom and Keith. Tom is a couple of inches shorter than Keith. Did you measure Tom when you met him? Lol.

  101. 101
    Liza Says:

    @What a Sham:

    You are a sham , not Nicole and Keith , another new pseudo name of a Skeptic , talk and write straight , you are a big liar , wake up , from your fantasy.

  102. 102
    Lainie Says:

    Nicole is not having fun of msarrying Tom Cruise , they were in love , they divorce after 10 years of marriage when Tom Cruise met and attracted to Penelope Cruise , while Nicole get over her love to tom and feel in love again to keith Urban , it’s not funny Keith is shorter than Tom Cruise , who cares , not your business Keith ‘s Urban’s height.

  103. 103
    Not buying it Says:

    You , are , a , big , fat , LIAR @Lalaine/Liza/Yenna/Yasmin/Yasi/Myla/Marie

  104. 104
    Oh dear Says:

    Looks like Granny has dressed herself for lunch and naturally, it is a fashion fail of epic proportions.

  105. 105
    duh Says:

    @Roberta: @Roberta: Tom Cruise is about the same height as Kenny Chesney. Keith is taller. No skeptic has been around Cruise. That’s a fat lie. Funny, now that Keith is with Nicole the skeptics pretending to like her red carpet choices sing a different tune. The skeptics are truly unstable.

  106. 106
    ?? Says:

    Hey @duh. You are always spying over at cynicspointsofview. No doubt you have seen the photos of KUNK kissing. It really is enough to send shivers down your spine and I don’t mean in a good way.

  107. 107
    Not buying it Says:

    I have seen the photos and It made my skin crawl. So unconvincing and vulgar.

  108. 108
    92night Says:

    Ya know, you dimwitted skeptics can write all the blind vices you want. It won’t make them come true no matter how hard you try to convince all the other dimwits who read blind vices. They didn’t break up in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and they’re not going to break up in 2013 either. So go back to your bottle and your twinkies.

  109. 109
    92night Says:

    Oh and yes, Sunday and Faith are with Keith and Nicole. If you were on the right board with the right people you’d have your precious pictures. We’d share but it’s too much fun watching you freaks gasp for a clue.

  110. 110
    CC Says:

    Lucky Nicole. beauty , brains, and a loving husband with a beautiful family.

    `I am sure this is a wonderful time in their lives!

    Wish that happiness for all.

  111. 111
    truth Says:

    Hope the height of Tom Cruise and his lifts are never mentioned again, because Keith wears higher ones.

  112. 112
    Oh dear Says:

    There goes @duh/92night again, talking cr@p about imaginary pictures that do not exist.

  113. 113
    Y Says:

    Well ain’t that the @truth. Judging by the peculiar angle of Keith’s foot, the shoe lifts have got to be between 2 – 3 inches high.

  114. 114
    92night in the asylum Says:

    How sweet @92night. You think Faith has been with Nicole in Cannes. Maybe they are having a mother and daughter bonding session. But that’s odd, isn’t Nicole too busy famewhoring from dawn to dusk, or do the photos lie?

  115. 115
    LMAO Says:

    Phony red carpet PDA has totally backfired. No one is buying it. Time to get the girls on a plane to Cannes for a phony ‘happy family’ photo op. Maybe that will work.

  116. 116
    TC Says:

    THE BIZARRE SATGED PASSIONLESS KISS? If Granny is trying to demonstrate to potential directors/casting agents at Cannes she has sexual chemistry with a male, it is a serious FAIL. I would suggest to Granny that Keith is a liability on the red carpet. Too feminine, Too short and Too unsophisticated.

  117. 117
    TC Says:


  118. 118
    Heath Says:

    I think her dress has lots of lips on it so she decided to kiss Keith.

  119. 119
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    Are you for real, Liza-Yenna-Myla-Marie-Yasmin-Lalaine-Lainie-Yasi?

    First of all, one only has to look at the punctuation of all of the posts by your many selves to see all of YOU mentioned here are the SAME PERSON!! You know , the gap before commas and full-stops . And the repeated use of the misspelled word “waisted” … as well as the same grammatical ‘voice’.

    Secondly, you endlessly accuse others of using alyas (sic) and ‘pseudo’ names and thus being ‘liars’, yet here you are, doing exactly that??

    Get a grip!!!


    Liza @ 05/20/2013 at 12:27 am #101
    You are a sham , …another new pseudo name of a Skeptic , … you are a big liar ,

    Liza @ 05/19/2013 at 11:09 pm #94
    Another new alyas of a Skeptic ,

    Yenna @ 05/19/2013 at 8:06 pm #52
    … couple , skeptics are insanely obsessed to change their alyases all the time .

    Myla @ 05/19/2013 at 8:15 pm #55
    hiding your true identity to sabotage others people’s life.

    kelly of Monaco , it hasn’t opened to the Public yet ’till December .
    talented actress ,

    marie @ 05/19/2013 at 8:50 pm #64
    you are not brave enough to show your real name , continuing hiding it , scared you must be catched with your own trouble appearance .

    Yasmin @ 05/19/2013 at 9:40 pm #76
    I have only one name ,I’m not those other people you mentioned , you are exaggerating , You are sick
    Being an American Idol judge is something a kind of job ,

    Liza @ 05/20/2013 at 12:20 am #99
    You are making stories , I’m not using pseudo names , I’m not those names you mentioned , you are the one who uses pseudo name.

    Lalaine @ 05/19/2013 at 5:18 pm #6
    you are a liar
    So obvious you are a very coward person hiding as X name ,

    making same old stories all the time , you’ve been following Nicole and Keith ever since , you need to back off , look back in your own shadow , the reality Keith and Nicole destined to be together till end of time ,

    Lalaine @ 05/19/2013 at 9:20 pm #73
    did you live with them in their house ?
    post it to internet so Nicole Kidman’s fans can see you personally .

    Lalaine @ 05/19/2013 at 7:16 pm #40
    your mind , that’s what the incapacitated cognitive do all the time .
    you will not won in the competition as most of it are based on presumptions .
    think before you write and express your thoughts , you are in the fantasy world .
    why you are here????? to spread your lies.

    Lainie @ 05/19/2013 at 9:46 pm #77
    It’s not funny and its none of your business ,
    It’s not a sin or crime to wear high heels .

    nobody force you to listen it , … Keith Urban’s music even in the stores they are on .
    waisting time in the internet are very jealous ,

    Yasi @ 05/19/2013 at 10:51 pm #90
    So beautiful couple , I’m fond of them , looking forward for Keith coming concert .

  120. 120
    kudos Says:

    That was a kiss? It looks like she was sucking the life out of Keith again.

  121. 121
    Jamie Says:

    Such a gorgeous couple. Love seeing them happy together.

  122. 122
    Mollyme Says:

    The nutcases are having a meltdown. Ha ha! Seeing Keith and Nicole still together and clearly happy are to much for them to handle. You Loons will continue to be miserable because Nicole and Keith are the real deal. They don’t have a fake marriage like Tom and Katie had.

  123. 123
    kudos Says:

    @Mollyme: And you think Tom and Nic’s marriage was real? Anyone who would get into a fake marriage and adopt kids shouldn’t be trusted.

  124. 124
    Me3 Says:

    I love the dress. The hair is too structured. Keith’s pants, while in style, make him look like a little boy in his dad’s clothes. The narrow ankle look is not flattering on him. The forced adoration is obnoxious and overdone. Makes you wonder who he is trying to convince. Seems to me Keith has changed. A lot. Where is the down to earth guy he used to be? The interview with Roberts showed an unlikeble change. Is it all about money now? His new song is awful.

  125. 125
    HelpMeRhonda Says:

    I saw that interview. When he said NK was a great mother I thought to myself “how can you be a great mother when a nanny spends more time with the kids than you do?”. Is he all about sex and money? To go on tour without a new CD? Making good music has taken a backseat to making money. If he were a struggling new artist, that would be forgivable. He wants another year on Idol? Easy money. He has officially sold out.

  126. 126
    Me3 Says:

    I agree. It has been years since he made a great CD. I don’t think you can blame his marriage even though that is when the tide turned. You can still make good music while married. It is like he doesn’t care anymore. Touring before the CD is out is proof of that. Choosing The Voice and Idol over making music is more proof. His passion isn’t music anymore and it shows. If the new CD is similar to the new song, only his old time obsessed fans will buy it. The one’s that think he can do no wrong.

  127. 127
    Kayla Says:

    Keith has sadly —– JUMPED THE SHARK. I don’t think he ever liked writing songs. Much preferred performing. I guess he stopped trying.

  128. 128
    Mollyme Says:

    Tom and Katie were fake. The marriage didn’t even last 5 years. Katie chose to sneak out of it because it didn’t mean anything to her. Nicole was married 10 years and took it seriously unlike Tom who wanted a stepford wife like Katie pretended to be. You haters are showing how obsessed you are with Keith Urban and hating Nicole because he chose her and not you. Lol. Your meltdowns are funny.

  129. 129
    Kayla Says:

    I’m not a hater of either. I just miss Keith making good music.

  130. 130
    Melissa Says:

    That is pretty selfish. He is happy now. Be happy for him. He doesn’t owe the world more music.

  131. 131
    Kayla Says:

    I never said he owed anyone. It’s just sad because he has such amazing talent. If he is happier now, that’s great. But I won’t pretend to like the cheap music he puts out now. It is atrocious. Little Bit of Everything is laughable. We can all judge and song choice is everything.

  132. 132
    Yenna Says:


    X , you are the one need practice to improve your spelling but don’t use Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban , you can not even spell correctly the word “practice “

  133. 133
    Redden3 Says:

    Hair disaster for both! He looks tiny. Maybe she should let him kiss her behind in the photos. She has done a number on him. lol

  134. 134
    Mollyme Says:

    His song “For You” was one of Keith’s best and got him a Golden Globe nomination this year. “Without you” was another great recent song for Keith. If you didn’t like those songs then you don’t know what a great song is or you just like complaining. The new song is a fun summer song. If you can get past your jealousy of his private life, you would be able to enjoy his music again.

  135. 135
    kudos Says:

    @Mollyme: Tom also got a stepford wife in Kidman – a young unknown actress who would do anything to be a celebrity.

  136. 136
    Mollyme Says:

    Kudos, Nicole married Tom for love and never left the marriage. She wouldn’t be a stepford wife and that’s why they’re divorced now.

  137. 137
    kudos Says:

    @Mollyme: Great music gets music awards – just ask Church, Bryan and Aldean. Just because you are a fan of Urban’s shouldn’t mean you accept anything less in your music expectations. Keith doesn’t know you exist, so it is okay to say his recent crap is garbage compared to the blue album, Golden Road and Be Here.

  138. 138
    Mollyme Says:

    Kudos, Keith doesn’t know you exist and that’s the problem you have. Luke Bryan’s music is some of the worst. Church is all hype. Can’t stand his music. Aldean barely wins anything.

  139. 139
    Lainie Says:

    @@the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack:

    Ha Ha Ha you again another alyas of a Skeptic a jealous Don Quixote hiding in different user names . Accusing with out evidence is an allegation , you are a liar and insinuating with your bad fantasy , of course everybody knows you are all paranoid what a waste of time you spend in the internet , people experienced clerical error typing in the computer is very common. You are so judgemental , naming Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban followers based on your negative imagination . I may suggests be out of here you can’t tolerate the facts Nicole and Keith has plenty of fans and they are happily and successfully married , have gain fame and fortune by working hard .
    From X , Oh dear , Roberta , ??, ^^^^^, ..@ , curious ,
    Kudos ,1Urbanfan27, Crazy Keith and Nicole ( CKAN ), What a Sham , The Reality About Money, The Reality About His Music, Keith is a Gay , Dee , LMAO , TC , Heath , @the Asian Sweatshop PR – Hack , Help Me Rhonda , Me3 , Redden3, Not buying it , so obvious one person in several pseudo names .With out you Nicole and Keith Urban are very solid and prospering as usual you are ignorant , majority of mothers and parents are working . Unlike Afghanistan , Pakistani and Radicals Muslim women are not working only waiting for their husband to feed them .
    Take note Skeptic , your stories here are stale . You hacked lies all the time. That’s the work of a lazy and paranoid person like you .

  140. 140
    Marissa Says:

    @@the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack:

    So funny ! another new user name of a Skeptic. He! he! he! you need help! you are very sick . You need immediate MEDICAL attention . May I help you to call an emergency ambulance.

  141. 141
    Joni Says:

    My God this person with all of these names gets sicker with every article written about Nicole and Keith. Can you imagine reading every article written about some celebrity you don’t care about. I can just picture this dowdy jealous hater writing these hateful things. Soooo Jealous it is making you sicker every article written about them. Love this talented , hard working couple. Also, love that they are so in love.

  142. 142
    Kayla Says:

    “For You” – No. Not one of his best. Nice sentiment, but not a great song. Awards mean nothing and often times are given for reasons other than a quality piece of work.

    “Without You” – Not bad!
    “Put You in a Song” – Enormous crap
    “You Gonna Fly” – teen crap
    “All For You” – not bad
    “Long Hot Summer” – teen crap
    “Georgia Woods” – music saves the lyrics
    “Right on Back to You” – NICE – well done.
    “Shut out the Lights” – not bad.

    All in all – a pretty crappy CD. He’s done much better. I’m not jealous of Nicole. I don’t crave fame. I don’t crave KU. I just liked his old music. He is much too old to be singing songs aimed at the teen crowd. But then, he is all about selling out and he’ll do anything these days to make as much money as he can. IMO, he’s making himself look foolish.

  143. 143
    Lilian Says:

    @@the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack:

    Can’t believed these! This is the signs and symptoms of an Obsessive compulsive personality disorder , give too much details even with period, comma, apostrophe , exclamation mark and other punctuation marks.
    I agree with Marissa , you need medical help ASAP.

  144. 144
    Joni Says:

    By the way, it is none of your business where Keith and Nicoles children are, please don’t lose any sleep over it, I am sure they are well taken care of. Their life is none of your business and if it upsets you so much, why read about them, don’t understand how sick minds work.?????

  145. 145
    Jen Says:


    Yeah, I remember her. She was a member of his fan club too. They outed her recently. She was a bit of a wacko as are all these skeptics. They keep trying to prove that the marriage is a sham and will be ending any day. I used to get pissed when I read their postings. Now I just laugh.

  146. 146
    Mollyme Says:

    Kayla, you should move on to some other country singer who’s music you do like then. Blake Shelton? Chew tobacco, Chew tobacco…spit! That’s some lyrics to his new song. Maybe you’ll like that better…

  147. 147
    Kayla Says:

    Kiss a Girl?
    Sweet Thing?

    If he were an 18 year old starting out, maybe.

    Aside from the share of teen crap, Defying Gravity was better than Getting Closer but not as good as his earlier work. He’s going downhill. I had high hopes for this new CD since he’s had so much time to work on it. Then the new song came out. My hopes were crushed. Worst song ever.

  148. 148
    marie Says:


    Wow! amazing a new name of a Skeptic . You go out from here if you don’t like Nicole and Keith Urban why you are following them ? Music , acting and singing is an art & designs. People are enjoying them as part of a leisure time. Keith Urban is progressing with out you . Nicole always a very supportive wife same as Keith a very supportive husband.

  149. 149
    Kayla Says:

    You can adore them all you want. The REAL fans that actually liked Keith’s songs for their quality and not out of some sick obsession are free to feel disappointment for his selling out. No need to attack people for not sharing your obsession. Liking and defending KU just because he married your goddess is sick. Obsessing over NK is in itself sick. She’s an actress. Nothing more.

  150. 150
    Ann Says:

    Nicole looks wonderful

  151. 151
    marie Says:


    To kiss and be sweet to the person you love is a life time not just for 18 y.o. You see you lack of experienced , if you visited retirement homes you find so many husbands and wives so sweet even in their late adult . They are holding hands , hugging and kissing with each other .
    If regards to Keith Urban’s music , still he is selling CD’s. How many of them are country music singers? Keith is famous than any other none recognized CMS . Don’t buy his CD if you are not satisfy , other people will buy it and love to listen to it including myself and my friends .

  152. 152
    Marla Says:


    You are obsessed with your negative feeling. Keith Urban and Nicole kidman’s fans are not sick or obsessed , they love to watch these couple and support them. The critics using different names all the time is the one who are sick . The person who followed and give particular attention with any piece of things is an obsessive that’s what the critics are acting all the time. So go to Psychologist and Psychiatrist for treatment , you need to be treated and go back to your normal life.

  153. 153
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @duh: That’s what you think…But you are wrong…And you’ve been wrong for 5 years…

  154. 154
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Lizzie: If you are talking about me…I still love Keith…And I have no problem saying so…

  155. 155
    oh please Says:

    Put up or shut up 27. You know nothing and love to paint Keith as miserable as you are. It got old real fast on the cmt board and it’s still old. Thank God there wasn’t more of you to get the board closed like what happened with Kenny Chesney and those crazies.

    Sunday was with Keith and flew with him to Cannes to be with Mommy and her little sister. If you are so blind to the airport photos you can hear her playing in the car while Keith filmed his most recent YouTube video.

  156. 156
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Roberta: I have been very close to Keith…He’s 5’9″…Tom is shorter…I was a few feet away from him at Daytona…

  157. 157
    oh please Says:

    @1urbanfan27: with good security in between!

  158. 158
    CC Says:


    This is NOT the original 27! You are all being had by the same old old haters , by using her name to get the reaction they crave.

    Quit replying. Best way to get them thrown off here too…

    No one read this crap and you feed them!

  159. 159
    marie Says:

    @Not buying it:
    I’m not a big fat liar . I’m a tall slender person . and I am not those person you accused me of . You are the big fat liar.
    You are hiding in this pseudo name as you are coward. Your face must be looked like 90 y.o . because of anger and jealousy .
    You can’t accept the reality Nicole Kidman is a very successful person , since she become an actress she receives various awards and nominations of her acting career and her humanitarian works.
    She and her husband support each other. How many actresses and singers in America Europe and Australia? Nicole has been voted as number one earning actress in U.S.A . . It’s not a lie or a made up story . Even Keith Urban came to America before she met Nicole Kidman and compete with American country music singers , he won the award and his music CD selling in the music stores.
    Sunday Rose and Faith are doing great. No matter happened to them , they have investments and properties , they don’t sit and read the skeptic negative comments , they keep working to earn their living at the same time paying tax , and donating money to charities.

  160. 160
    CC Says:


    Even those old haters threw 27 overboard! LOL

    This person wring here is a very disturbed hater who isn’t worth your time replying!

    It feed her !

    Enjoy the pictures, make a small comment, move on and forget this rubbish.

    She loves this rot.

  161. 161
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    I really have to laugh at the remarks about whose crazier…The skeptics or the so called fans…One says yes…The other says no…One says it is…The other says it isn’t…Who is crazier? The truth is…Both sides are wrong on most counts…You just have to figure out which ones… :)

  162. 162
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Alice Johnson: And you are still wrong Alice Ann Johnson…Not on all counts…But on some…

  163. 163
    oh please Says:

    27 you are a skeptic. The problem is the rest of them try to pass off as Keith haters as well as Nicole haters while their actions tell the real story. You all still buy the music or at least downlosd it illegally. You still tune in for the award shows. Funniest of all you still buy concert tickets. Nobody is fooled.

  164. 164


  165. 165



  166. 166
    oh please Says:

    So-called fans? Sorry but we don’t need to an invent relationships with celebrities, post deceiving comments, and send each other stories about how Keith wanted to be with us but he had to go back to his wife, who would like us if we ever met. It’s amazing the versions of reality the skeptics live in.

  167. 167


  168. 168
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Kayla: Keith didn’t write the new song…It was wriitten by Brad and Brett Warren…And Kevin Rudolf. The Warren Brothers have had a hand in writing many country hits…Martina’s “Wrong Baby Wrong”…Tim’s “Felt Good On My Lips”…Toby’s “Red Solo Cup” and Dierk’s #1 hit…”Feel That Fire”…Keith said that he FELT and LOVED the lyrics…I personally love the song…And I have all my own reasons for that…As it should be, with a song…Keith once said…”There is no good or bad music…There’s just music you like…And music you don’t like”…Try giving his new music a chance…He believes in songs that have a message but also are comercially viable…If you want to sell music, it has to appeal to people who buy it…Keith also said that his is at the corner of art and commerce…You can write all you want…Sing all you want…But if the buying public isn’t exposed to it…They will buy something else…I hope it’s a hit for him…

  169. 169
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @oh please: With nothing or no one in between….

  170. 170
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @CC: I AM the original…Since 2002…

  171. 171
    ann Says:

    I just looked thru the Cannes pictures.

    Must Be that EVERY PERSON there in all those pictures is wonderful, talented, best looking person alive, best dressed in all pictures, sweet, kind, has a right to be there, and on and on and on

    EXCEPT KU AND NICOLE. ??????????

  172. 172
    1urbanfan27 Says:


    Is this the music?

    “Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world…
    Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before…
    Let your soul take you where you long to be…
    Only then can you belong to me…

    Floating, folding, sweet intoxication…
    Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation…
    Let the dream begin let your darker side give in…
    to the power of the music that I write…
    The power of the music of the night…

    You alone can make my song take flight…
    Help me make the music of the night…”

    It’s one of my favorite pieces of music in the world…It’s from “Phantom Of The Opera”…Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lyrics by Charles Hart…

  173. 173
    oh please Says:

    Nail on head ann.

  174. 174
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @oh please: I KNOW ALL about that…

  175. 175
    Marie Says:

    I see, short message it means more for Chinese saying ? No wonder your statements here like a communist , you have a communists belief and culture , this is America the Constitution is so deffer from Communists Chinese , women here in U.S.A . are equal to men in terms of career, having family , public service and socialization .
    You practice and abused your freedom of speech here in America . Not so good .

  176. 176
    Yasmin Says:


    The X is a symbol of Communism , its controlling the person’s life does not want an individual to be free and prosper in life , only the leader want to progress and do all the command to his people .

  177. 177
    Yasi Says:


    I understand now why lots of Chinese refugees coming to North America to have a good life and free from Communism , but when they live here they become abusive and harasser , one of them is you X.

  178. 178
    Sara Says:

    Go back to your cave 1urbanfan27… You are pathetic

  179. 179
    X KU Fan Says:

    I was a fan club member for years and finally had to walk away from the bullying. If you stated you didn’t like something he did or voiced that you didn’t like a song, you were attacked and apparently there was something wrong with you because you shouldn’t think that way about him. Sorry, but I cannot relate to Taylor Swiftish music any longer. Those of you posting how great his new music is are proving my point again. If you haven’t noticed, he hasn’t been recognized for his music lately. He didn’t write the latest, but he picked it because he loved it. As he is singing the song, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie in this new song that he loves. His name is known in country music, but nominations have become non-existent. Shelton did The Voice and got an instant boost in his career because he maintained his music career. Urban did not only one but two reality shows and it is getting him nowhere. He is too busy being a celebrity and pro purse holder to even know when his new CD is coming out. I saw some very disturbing personalities in the fan club and was astonished that grown adults were enabling them. Such a relief I can say this all and don’t have to pay for it.

  180. 180
    Not buying it Says:

    Why is it @ann, that EVERY PERSON is able to pose normally on the Cannes red carpet and move on and then along comes KUNK with a theatrically rehearsed, nauseatingly vulgar display.

  181. 181
    Oh dear Says:

    The problem with Keith is he has been re-programed by Big Red to believe he is 25 again. They both look in the mirror after yet another husband and wife ‘two for one’ Botox session, see unlined faces and behave like 25 year olds. He puts on his tight jeans/t shirts and she strips and humps anything on film to prolong the sexy and desirable actress persona, despite the fact she has no sexual chemistry with her leading men or Keith. You will here the screams from their home base in LA when they both turn 46 this year.

  182. 182
    Marla Says:

    Constant Keith Urban fun
    I watching him ever since and his wife , he has concerts and touring in Australia and USA and he is so busy recently as he become one of the judge of American Idol, the jealous people again keep repeating he is busy carrying first which is a typical culture and custom of a married couple , some others even they just girl friend and boy friend , the men carrying girl friend’s bag or first . What an ignorant comment .

  183. 183
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Sara: I’m NOT going anywhere… :)

  184. 184
    duh Says:

    Let’s see…

    The skeptics want us to believe the following.

    27 had a ”date” with Keith at the Daytona event.

    Keith was never photographed alone in LA despite numerous photos of him going to the recording studio, getting coffee, riding his new bike alone.

    Sunday, not yet in kindergarten, is now an employee of Nicole paid to keep an eye on Keith.

    Sunday and Keith weren’t photographed at the airport despite photos at the airport can easily be found.

    The ”new” posters at the skeptic cesspool who have shown up just in time for Keith’s red carpet photos are just a coincidence. The skeptic who has been sent to clear out JJ threads by lying that 27 isn’t really 27 just as new couple photos appear is a coincidence.

    Skeptics who called themselves fans have a right to say anything they want on an artists fanclub message board no matter how out of line.

  185. 185
    Buying it all the time Says:

    What a lovely and happy married couple,so gorgeous and amazing in Cannes red carpet . The skeptic is feeling nauseated as they can’t hold in their mind the made up story and the fantasy they are having all the time. Its a series of obsessions of negative thoughts , always being paranoid .

  186. 186
    ..... Says:

    Lights, Camera, Action: Kidman is ready for the staged kiss and stares at Keith intently, whilst squeezing his hand. Keith is too busy smiling at the crowd and is slow to respond to Kidman’s hand squeezing cue. Nicole crushes Keith’s hand, Keith winces in pain and immediately obliges with a passionless kiss.

  187. 187
    Sara Says:


    Exactly :) You ARE going nowhere. How’s the working for you? lol

  188. 188
    A LIST Says:

    Another new name of paranoid skeptic saw Nicole and Keith holding hands made a fantasy story , these are excessively happened all the time , putting down the two very much in love and successfully happy married couple. This …..@ has no loving husband or wife or he /she married a tyrant and communist partner or no partner / husband or wife at all , did not experienced the love ,care , caress of a love one .

  189. 189
    duh Says:

    @Not buying it: If it’s so vulgar why do you keep looking? They get time on the red carpet because red carpet photos of them are in demand. Sweet A-list actress and fasion stunner married to country superstar with a gorgeous face and fun personality. What’s not to love?

    Don’t watch any video of Nicole at the Cannes opening. It’s so vulgar how photogs keep screaming her name.

    Did you really think Keith was secretly plotting not to show up in Cannes, dump her via interview, and jump into your bed? I guess so!

  190. 190
    Did you measure it Says:


    Did you go and measure it personally ? You just assuming it . What a bad fantasy . Same skeptic following this couple eversince.

  191. 191
    Nice pleasing personality Says:

    Nicole and Keith Urban looked very good and gorgeous in the Cannes Film red carpet .

  192. 192
    Same old story Skeptic Says:


    Keep repeating this old made up story all the time you can’t win the public with your obsession and pessimistic mind.
    Nicole and Keith getting more stronger and very happy couple. The paparazzi chasing them whenever they can have a chance and shouting the name of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban .

  193. 193
    Happy husband and wife Says:

    I love to see Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban happy together they really destined to each other. Can’t wait to see again their two adorable and cute children as they seldom photographed .

  194. 194
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Sara: I mean I’m NOT leaving Keith…

  195. 195
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @duh: Lets see duh…AKA Michele maybe?

    I don’t know anything about “date” stories…Nor do I care…Keith knows the truth…I was at Daytona…I have pictures of Keith outside of Starbucks in gray with a blue cmo shirt…Keith going to a recording studio…More than once…Keith and poor little Sunny in the airport with Keith in his shades and not looking at the camera…One of the paps said that Keith was headed to Paris and they were repectful of Sunny, by not using flashes…Published by the infamous FAME/FLYNET…I also have pictures of him on his new bike…Black and white, with a splash of red…As is his Dainese leathers that he’s wearing…The bike a Triumph Daytona 675R…

    I AM really 27…

  196. 196
    Skeptic lack of trust Says:

    The skeptic always lack of trust every time they saw Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban .
    According to Eric Erikson Stages of Growth and development the person who did not received love , care , cuddle and attention during infancy from mother or father developed a sense of Mistrust when they get older. Its hard for them to socialized and always becoming a radicals of the society. When they met failures and hardships they can’t tolerate it , giving up and can’t look up the light side of life , no hope for them to become successful in the future and always looking back to failures. While those people who developed Trust during infancy period as the mother , father and care provider always cuddle ,love , care and provide the demand of their needs like changing wet diapers , keep them warm, dry and clean, feed them when they are hungry , provide them comfort ,shelter& security. When they get older and experienced failures & hardships they seek help and get over it always look in the positive way of life . They keep trying hard don’t give up continue working until they become successful.

  197. 197
    Kayla Says:

    Drinking and smoking. In his dreams maybe.

    He doesn’t need a garage full of cars. HAHA. He just wants it.

    I don’t need a whole lot of anything
    I just want a little bit of everything

    He may like to think he is this way, but he isn’t. He is all about $$$$$$$$$$ and lots of it.

    Get my groove on? Who says that? Horrible song choice.

  198. 198
    Miracles Says:

    Such a fun dress but the hair is all wrong. A younger, more relaxed style would have worked much better. Hate the hair.

  199. 199
    duh Says:

    @1urbanfan27: Clueless.

  200. 200
    Kkkkk Says:

    Maybe the song is Keith wishing he had a different life. This song isnt Keith today, but maybe 15 years ago. Interesting choice.

  201. 201
    Lovely couple Says:

    Like Nicole’s dress and hairstyle , she is so content with her husband beside her . Hope they can relaxed and enjoy their time after a busy work schedule.

  202. 202
    Not buying it Says:

    C-list Famewhore and the Country Has-been is a more accurate description @duh. The photogs shout out because they know images of KUNK’s bizarre frozen faces are in demand because journalists and gossip sites everywhere love to analyze and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  203. 203
    Bob Says:

    chew tabackee, chew tabackee, chew tabackee ….SPIT !

  204. 204
    Kayla Says:

    Sorry. Keith should be above redneck garbage.

  205. 205
    Bob Says:

    @Not buying it:


  206. 206
    duh Says:

    Y@Not buying it: You would belive that because all you read is trash. Photos are bought and published for legitimate outlets, not just places where you can post lies under many different names. In other words, your full-time obsession.

  207. 207
    Jealous Skeptic Says:

    Keith passed is a history now , he is healed from it , Nicole and their family make him a very strong man . He can buy more than one car as he can afford & worked hard for it .
    You keep following him you are wasting your time .
    I travel in several country due to my work in WHO ( World Health Organization ) we have lots of people who voluntarily come with us to testify to the public they are healed from drug addiction , alcoholism and from drug abused . They become a better person have work and family, become successful in their life despite of failures they encounter .
    So Skeptic be aware not only Keith Urban go that process in life , so many people. And like him lots of people buy more than one vehicles.What’s your problem? Keith is not asking money nor persuading you to like him. Get out from this site . Don’t make him to amuse your boring day and life.
    You are a liar and loser .

  208. 208
    x Says:

    Sacked AI judge, also known as Lord Lionel of LaLaLand, is sadly beyond redemption.

  209. 209
    Bob Says:


    Huh… have said some pretty red neck crap here for all to read.

    Keith is just having fun singing a song with a fun summer tone.

    Don’t listen. Thats pretty easy to solve?

  210. 210
    Bob Says:


    aweeeeeeeeee………… X you are so original with your posts. LMAO

    Do you type with 1 finger also?

  211. 211
    Insane different User name Says:

    Here again the liars and obsessive compulsive skeptic so ignorant about the life of Celebrities , accept the truth Nicole Kidman is an A list so talented actress in Hollywood and in International.

    You skeptic are air hunger , no body pay attention to you in your real boring life.

    Go out and run to distract your obsession of negativism and keep changing pseudo names.

  212. 212
    Bob Says:


    awe …X you post such original posts.

    Do you type with one finger also, like you think?

  213. 213
    Not buying it Says:

    Well, you got something right @Bob. Don’t listen … because very few are listening to Keith’s latest plagiarized pop tune offering.

  214. 214
    Bob Says:

    @Not buying it:

    And ofcourse you know that ? There is that hate showing thru again. Wow.

    How did that happen to you ?

  215. 215
    Miura Says:


    You know I have to tell you when you are a toddler you keep saying no even its yes still no comes out from your mouth , that’s why when you grow up to now you always stating negative and with your idle life you converted your frustration to Keith Urban as he went public of his failure in the passed. You can’t accept he is a nice person , a very loving . caring husband and responsible parent to their children . He is not a garbage , he is a real person.

  216. 216
    x Says:

    Best to keep it simple for people like you @Bob who struggle with comprehension.

  217. 217
    Bob Says:

    @Not buying it:

    by the way, How did you hear Keith’s new song? Humm

    or happen to find these pictures here for that matter?

  218. 218
    Skeptic need help ASAP Says:

    You skeptic are real sick and need to go to EMERGENCY.
    There are lots of photos of these family off celebrations and works. They are photographed doing their regular activities and in their off celebs life. Their two children are so real , so cute and so adorable.
    Live them alone , don’t watch them. Don’t make them as your amusement and leisure time . Its a waste of time .

  219. 219
    Not buying it Says:

    @Bob. I heard Keith lip-syncing his plagiarized song on the ratings disaster American Idol finale.

  220. 220
    Bob Says:


    by simple do you mean saying the same thing over and over for days and day?

    Kind of like, I’m simple and you are so above me , and sort of like, a cut above everyone else here ?

    I believe there is a name for that , ……

    You are so busy posting here that finger must be sore by now.

  221. 221
    .. Says:

    @Kayla #149 Exactly! Nicely said, thumbs up

  222. 222
    Bob Says:

    @Not buying it:

    OMG you watched Idol all season to see Keith. lol I thought so.

  223. 223
    Skeptic need help ASAP Says:


    You don’t have a work the whole day , except wasting time , you imbecile
    coward , ignorant pseudo name.
    You keep following Nicole and Keith , they are very successful while you are unuseful to your family ,society and government kind of person.

  224. 224
    Bob is a Fool Says:

    “Do you type with one finger also, like you think?” … yep, there is a name for it @Bob, it is called condescending and you do it well.

  225. 225
    Bob Says:

    Well its been nice talking with you, but I guess it is probably time you all get busy and feed and care for your children. Computer time ran a bit long the last few days.
    Catch up on your chores around the house, and Not buying it, work on venting that hate somehow? It can’t be good for you to carry that around.

    My work day is over. Going home and enjoy my family too. They are a blessing.

  226. 226
    Marie Says:


    Ah same , communist is in here , keep tail gating Keith Urban , HA! HA! HA! millions of American Idol watching and like Keith Urban , he is singing intermission from time to time. The viewers love him so much .
    They are shouting his name all the time.

  227. 227
    Buying it all the time Says:

    @Not buying it:

    Correction ! it is not Keith Urban, its Mariah Carey who been gossiped in American Idol Finale Lip singing .

  228. 228
    Kayla Says:

    @Bob: @Bob:

    Far from redneck. Just want some quality music and yes, I’m free to not listen. Forgive me for expecting and wanting more from Mr. Urban. Nice moniker and sex change btw.

    While musical taste is subjective, good quality songs stand out and pass the test of time. This one will not.

  229. 229
    Buying it all the time Says:

    @Bob is a Fool:

    Skeptic is a fool and has a manic obsessive compulsive personality disorder , they ‘re thinking all the time the negative side of life rather than the positive side another person. So selfish that can accept the good things happened to that person always thinking the down ward of the person they obsessed to put down .

  230. 230
    Bob is a Fool Says:

    Can’t say it has been a pleasure @Bob. More repetitive, mindless dribble from a KUNK worshipper is so very boring.

  231. 231
    Majority Rules Says:

    It looks like many aren’t in love with the Urbans like the one obsessed fan on here. Someone refers to Keith as a “puny runt” when comparing him to Tom. Haha!

  232. 232
    maggie Says:

    O My Gosh…. do you mean to tell me that the redhead romance writer that was obsessed with Keith is on this board???

  233. 233
    Just one Skeptic in many names Says:

    @Majority Rules:
    It seems what happening in here Skeptic uses different usernames ! to lie & to show Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have many skeptic in public eye but you can’t fool the millions of these couple fans who don’t waste time to read the made up story of pretend majority skeptic.

    This one person who obsessed to follow them all the time here in this site creating new pseudo names is a fantasy lover who gratifies self by putting down these couple instead of looking after his/her own family .

  234. 234
    Keith Urban fan Says:

    It’s a jealous person who obsessed with Keith Urban , hate Nicole Kidman. Keep repeating Nicole’s passed life with Tom Cruise.
    The passed is passed will not coming back again. Time is gold that’s why Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live in their full life , happily married and graced with two cute adorable Sunday and Faith.

  235. 235
    Oh dear Says:

    Poor pathetic old ORB. Playing along with Kidman’s PR BS has reduced him to a worldwide laughing stock around the net.

  236. 236
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @duh: Talk about CLUELESS!!!

  237. 237
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Just one Skeptic in many names: Couple Fans…Aye there’s the rub…I’m NOT a couple fan…Keith is ALL that matters to me…

  238. 238
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Jealous Skeptic: Are you from Indonesia by any chance?

  239. 239
    Oh dear Sick Says:

    Poor Oh dear , nobody laughing Keith Urban in the internet , you’re so sick you need medical attention!

  240. 240
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Miura: It’s past…Not passed…

  241. 241
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Kkkkk: It was the PERFECT choice…

  242. 242
    These couple so in love Says:

    NK & KU are so in love to each other, after the finale of American Idol, Keith Urban right away boarded the plane to be with his wife . I love and happy to see them together. Can’t wait to see photos of the renewal of their wedding vows. Hopefully Isabella and Connor will be there again .

  243. 243
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @These couple so in love: That’s NOT true!!! According to him on video…He was in the studio in LA on Friday after the Idol finale…

  244. 244
    Let the Good Times Roll ... Says:

    Fun times @Majority Rules. KUNK is getting what it deserves. More gems from Dlisted comments section: “Hottest lesbian couple in Cannes / She repulses me. He is just a weirdo on tippy toes / He looks like he’s making out with a mannequin in a department store. I’ll be glad when they are over so there are no more of these ‘look how in love we are’ photo ops / Doooooooomed. You can smell it / UGH. What.The.Actual.Fcuk. is up with her holding her finger up to her mouth, shushing the paps? Is she attempting to seem seductive and coy? / Why the damage control? Is there a rumor that he was caught with a dude?”

  245. 245
    Sara Says:

    I think we know why there were no pictures published today. The adorable couple just couldn’t get enough of each other on the red carpet last night. They have probably been up in their suite all day together… Was it Raining on Monday in Cannes? . :) That’s Amore!

  246. 246

    Skeptic accept the facts that NK AND KU are famous celebrities , even you don’t like them you keep following and watching them so funny !
    Eventually they are a lovely couple and nice persons.
    Not only Keith Urban has alcoholic and drugs problem history , even Bush junior before he became a politician he is an alcoholic, but get over it , Obama is a change smoker he also stop smoking when he run for President , Brad Pitt also taking drugs , he said he also stop using it George Clooney is taking cocaine /crack he said he stop it .

    The resolution if you don’t like these people don’t follow and don’t watch them .Period!

  247. 247
    duh Says:

    See, I was right. All the clueless skeptics read is trash.

    Dlisted has been so effective in doing absolutely nothing to help the skeptic mental patients.


  248. 248
    Jamie Says:

    @Sara: Yes, they have hot reunions. Just saw the kissing video and the rest of the red carpet pictures. You go, Keith and Nicole! Love them.

  249. 249
    Kudos Lies Says:


    Nicole Kidman before met Tom Cruise already a celebrity , she study and leaned Ballet when she is so young , study drama course in Australia before she become an actress . She attained her fame with out Tom Cruise , bonus she is a born American Citizen and have dual Citizenship , she does not need the help of Tom Cruise to come to America it happened they were in love and get married , but here comes
    Penelope Cruise , Nicole Kidman first husband attracted to this new coming woman divorced his loving and hard working wife. At the end Nicole found her new love and successfully happily married. Everybody has right for second chance and all the good opportunities in life.
    Skeptic mind so dumb .

  250. 250
    duh Says:


    Get a grip! They left LA as soon as whatever Keith needed to do was done. You denied the airport photos. What is your problem? You must stare at the computer yelling ”that’s not true” all day. Get some meds and therapy . The sooner you accept reality the better.

  251. 251
    Not convinced Says:

    Maybe Keith should invest in a T-shirt tuxedo for red carpet appearances because as soon as he covers up his tattoos, his lack of masculinity is sorely highlighted.

  252. 252
    Let the Good Times Roll lies Says:

    Ah aha! here you come again new pseudo name , the Majority don’t Rule it’s all lies and made up story .
    You are only one who obsessed following and watching Keith Urban despite you don’t like him and Nicole Kidman! What a made up story you have every details of Keith Urban posture and costume , every action he has and his wife you misinterpret it as you are a prejudice. No one ask you to watch this website all you need to do get off from here ,and mind your own business.

  253. 253
    Very convinced Says:

    What ever Keith Urban wears he is so masculine , same obsessive person keep following him and give particular details to whole personality of KU .

  254. 254
    @@ Says:

    No @Sara, that’s not amore, that is sick.

  255. 255
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Sara: THAT is YOUR STOR (A) Y…I KNOW why there were no pics today… :(

  256. 256
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Let the Good Times Roll lies: You are a prejudice??? Is that as in Laissez le bon temps rouler… :) I would say by the broken English…You remind me of someone on twitter…An NK fan…

  257. 257
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @duh: I didn’t deny airport photos…I know all about the airport photos…And why they happened…And why he said he was headed for Paris…FYI…His chat video clearly states that he had just left the studio on Friday…The Idol Finale was Thursday night…And you have NO concept of the REAL reality of this…NONE at all…

  258. 258
    Let the Good Times Roll lies Says:

    @Let the Good Times Roll …:

    It comes from your mouth Kieth Urban repulses you , you need help , KU don’t do anything to harm you he doesn’t even read your message here , but you are annoyed and hate him with out valid reason ! That’s compulsiveness and mania . See a Psychiatrist right away.

  259. 259
    Let the Good Times Roll lies Says:


    What’s wrong with ” You are a prejudice ? ” I’m referring it to Let the Good Times Roll as she / he is a liar .You are the same person all the time using different username obsessed of Keith Urban you even give attention to everything , you are very sick ! get medical treatment!

  260. 260
    Jo Says:

    Will you stupid people get a life .

    The more you write the crazier you get.

    This jerk posting here have NO WHERE TO GO TO POST HER CRAP> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>She have all been thrown off every site she try to take over .

    Shut the heck up and IGNORE this crazy person. She will leave when SHE no longer has a audience.




  261. 261
    @ @ is a liar Says:


    You are having your fantasy , another new pseudo name of a crazy Skeptic , so paranoid of what NK and KU doing in their private life.
    Get a life , seek Psychiatric help !
    You are alleging falsely these two happily married couple as you are so jealous. Mind your own life and your own business.

  262. 262
    x Says:

    Open Letter: To the manic Chinese woman with many stupid names who cannot write, spell or punctuate the English language. Your comments are not funny. Your comments are often off topic. Your comments are boring. Nobody reads your comments. Please go away.

  263. 263
    lalaine Says:

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are an entertainers , and happily married couple but this crazy skeptic so jealous and angry with them.
    Skeptic you have to get away from this site of JJ , the best place for you to expressed your obsession is to go out and have a good exercise in the gym or do a sporting activities all your jealousy and anger will be released not here and point out it to NK & KU .

  264. 264
    .. Says:

    Jo or is it CC? So bitter and twisted because the JJ moderating button is no longer. LOL

  265. 265
    duh Says:

    @1urbanfan27: @1urbanfan27: LMAO! Everyone knows why there are no photos today – no red carpet event today. Jared decided not to post candids of Nicole that other sites have posted of Nicole at screenings for jury members. And the casual ones with Keith were lumped into a red carpet story. So please, save yourself the trouble of trying to insinuate there’s no photos because Nicole didn’t pay off someone or Keith is off disrespecting his girls.

  266. 266
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    I saw a picture on a French news site of the so called “Jury”…And her playing to the camera as always…And the back of sweet Keith…

  267. 267
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Let the Good Times Roll lies: It’s You are predjudiced…And what does Let the good times roll, have to do with lies…There are lots of lies to go around…

  268. 268
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Let the Good Times Roll lies: I am 1urbanfan27…That’s ALL I use here…Period. You however, cannot say that with a straight face…

  269. 269
    X is not a sport Says:

    Who is the Chinese woman you are insinuating ? You are the one need to get out here . You are so obsessed with your bad fantasy & you are so intricate person who read every comments here and becoming so angry as NK & KU has lots of fans . You know I tell you, you are sick as you are so easily affected with your fellow readers here .

  270. 270
    .. Says:

    The casual photos you speak of @duh … what a considerate young man taking his Granny out to lunch!

  271. 271
    1urbanfan27 so obsessive Says:


    Why you reacted so easily @ Let the Good Times Roll lies ? You are so obsessed and a Stoker of NK & KU ? You are not the fan of Keith Urban , you are a very sick person who need to see a Psychiatrist.

  272. 272
    :) Says:

    KUNK have successfully generated the best negative press they have had in a long time. Say bye bye to your judging gig Keith.

  273. 273
    Lauro Says:

    So funny , Nicole and Keith Urban are enjoying their life while the Skeptic getting more obsessive with their negative comments watching and following these couple ever since. Sunday Rose and Faith are well cared even with the absence of their parents. Not new to everybody if these both parents are working . There are lots of parents in North America who are full time worker and live their children to the care of their nannies and caregivers while on the job site .
    It doesn’t mean that NK & KU neglected their two little kids.
    So skeptic go out and have fun , don’t make hilarious of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. There are several sporting events that you can release your obsession .
    NK & KU have every right for their privacy, don’t insinuate and made up lied story in their private life.

  274. 274
    :) new skeptic user name Says:

    NKKU are telling the truth about their experiences in life , they accepted it and move on , its a part of growing up to have failures it doesn’t mean they don’t have opportunities for success. They achieved lots of blessings and most of all they found each other and have their happy family.

  275. 275
    92night Says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen all the sickies —- another delusional one appears. @1urbanfan27: put down the bottle and get some help.
    The rest of you haters are simply morons who search for pictures and chat videos to create a timeline so you can pretend to know what he does. If you don’t see pictures, you say he wasn’t there. If you do see pictures, you say they were staged. The only thing you’ve ever proven over the last 8 years is that you’re completely laughable, envious, empty, soul-less idiots.

  276. 276
    Gestapo Granny Says:

    Unfortunate photo floating around the net of a very animated Granny giving a Heil Hitler salute to the crowd.

  277. 277
    92night Says:

    @Dumba$$ Gestapo Granny : Yeah I’m SURE that’s EXACTLY what she’s doing. Not.

  278. 278
    ..@ obessed of bullying NK Says:


    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are at the same age . Don’t call her as a granny she has a name , you are so jealous of her ever since
    and keep following her . You are so obsessed of bullying her , you have to stop visiting this site , how come JJ allowed you here.

  279. 279
    SS Granny Says:

    Uneducated, high school drop-out Kidman is most likely ignorantly unaware of the Third Reich salute and its evil symbolism … or maybe not!

  280. 280
    Sieg Heil Granny Says:

    Granny needs to be very careful about flipping the Heil Hitler salute on French soil.

  281. 281
    Byan Says:

    @Gestapo Granny:

    Me and my wife are fans of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman , you are absolutely jealous person , she is not a granny , not animated photo going around in the internet and she is not doing a salute of Heil Hitler.
    You are making up your own story . Nicole looks so lovely in her photos , I like it as she has various styles not the same photos all the time .

  282. 282
    Byan Says:

    @SS Granny:
    Nobody complaining about Nicole Kidman’s salute except you. She keep coming in French soil with out having trouble , the problem with you, you are the one who creates your own trouble , being disturbed of what you see in the photos of NK & KU posted by JJ. .

    You have to stop following them and get a life of your own, and mind your business , Nicole Kidman is not a drop off high school , she study drama as she want to work as an actress and help his Dad as his mom was sick with cancer.

  283. 283
    Undisciplined Granny Says:

    Time for Granny’s publicist to sit Granny down and advise her to behave.

  284. 284
    curious Says:

    So let me get this straight. While KUNK are watching movies/lunching/partying and generally famewhoring, where are the two little girls and who is looking after them?

  285. 285
    Selfish Granny Says:

    “Mom(?) can we go with you and play at the Cannes beach like normal children?” “No Sunday. You know the drill. Airports and bogus birthday parties only”

  286. 286
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:


    aaaah ha! Bob is the fake Asian maniac! You slipped up, Bob: in your posts #214 and #220, you forgot to drop the spacey punctuation !

    Furthermore, there is little doubt that Bob, (and the fake Asian), is none other than the now clearly insanely desperate SKEWER MISTRESS!!
    Ba . ha . ha !

    BUSTED .

  287. 287
    Dumba$$ Gestapo Granny Says:

    Thank you @92night. An appropriate name I would never have thought of myself!!

  288. 288
    .. Says:

    Sewer Mistress is one sick puppy.

  289. 289
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @1urbanfan27 so obsessive: NO…”Stoker” is the movie made in Nashville that flopped…And the name you mean is completely untrue…In fact, it’s the other way around…I am the stalked…And I’m more than a fan of Keith…

  290. 290
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @92night: And you are a stalker…More than likely with a sleeping husband, who doesn’t know what you do while he’s in dreamland…

  291. 291
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    And now as this story becomes a snorefest…I will find more interesting things on the internet…Fade to black…….

  292. 292
    Self-Centered Granny Says:

    “Mom(?) can you take us out to get an ice cream like normal children?” “Quiet Sunday. You know the drill. Airports and bogus birthday parties only”

  293. 293
    Bye Bye Keith Says:

    21 May 2013: As first reported by, the big-wigs behind “Idol” have decided to clear the slate and not bring back anyone from this year’s panel. “Everyone is getting fired,” a source connected to the show told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Although Mariah [Carey] insists she quit, she was always in trouble for not being critical enough and being too boring…Keith [Urban] is just a bore and with Randy is was like, whatever. Time for new energy.”

  294. 294
    Realityland Says:


    You are stalked by Keith? Ya ok.

    Anyone truly involved with Keith would not have to live their fantasy life on message boards. But ok.. We know what we are dealing with now.

  295. 295
    Sara Says:


    Precisely! The more 1urbanfan27 posts, the crazier she shows the world she is!

  296. 296
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Sara: Crazy little handful of stalkers…I don’t care what you think…And you KNOW who the stalkers are and so do I…And so does Keith…

  297. 297
    Self Centered - Granny lies Says:

    @Self-Centered Granny:
    You are the real granny not Nicole and she is not self – centered . You are having fantasy and type it in here . How do you know Nicole is not buying ice cream for Sunday Rose? Are you with them all the time specially when they are buying groceries? Their former Apartment they sold in New Your has garage up behind their the building for their privacy.
    They are not photographed when they are in Nashville .
    What a made up story . Sunday and Faith has everything in a simple way . These two kids are not spoiled .
    Mind your own business.

  298. 298
    You are a liar & jealous Says:

    @Undisciplined Granny:

    You are so sick person , a real Granny who is not discipline and want to apply it to Nicole . She is a very discipline person , generous to the needy and receives awards from her Charities .

    Anyway , she will becoming a Granny as Isabella and Connor are grown up now . But wait until she has grand child/ children before you calling her a Granny.

    Lastly , mind your own business , don’t interfere Nicole’s life by telling to tell her Publicist to sit her down and tell her to behave, as she did not do anything wrong . You are the one who is a very disturb person can’t accept the fact Nicole is a Famous Talented Actress .

  299. 299
    Keith will tour / have concert Says:

    @Bye Bye Keith:

    Keith Urban will survived if all the judges panel of 2013 American Idol will not be coming back .
    He has a waiting & coming tour / concert in U.S.A .His CD’s continue buying in the Music Store. He and Nicole are financially Stable. He has Millions of dollars ,has properties and businesses while the regular low income earners struggling to earn a living it takes ages for them to reach a million amount of salary .

  300. 300
    Curious jealous & liar Says:


    None of your business where Sunday and Faith & correction , you understand a word whoring?
    Nicole Kidman’s movie with sex scenes is not real its a Filmography .
    She is a very talented actress , you are so jealous and has dumb mind .
    Obsessed to follow Nicole and no other job to make your time busy other than having fantasy and lied all the time.
    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  301. 301
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Says:

    Bah ha !ha ! Skeptic is so sick .
    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are so lovely couple have a pretty cute and so adorable two daughters .

    While the Skeptic are keep using different names to expressed her/his jealousy and hatred to this couple , they will not waste time to read your lies and crapped here . They are happily married have fame & fortune they gain through their hard works . On the other hand, this jealous & angry person who keep following them need Psychiatric help as he /she is struggling in life due to laziness and obsession .

  302. 302
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    @Self Centered – Granny lies:

    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  303. 303
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    @You are a liar & jealous:

    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  304. 304
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    @Keith will tour / have concert:

    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  305. 305
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    @Curious jealous & liar:

    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  306. 306
    @the AsianSweatshopPR-Hack Says:

    @Ha! Ha! Ha!:

    Get away from here and go out , work in your garden and plants vegetables , clean your house , scrub your face so you can be very presentable to the public instead of keep watching this site and minding Nicole ‘s life.

  307. 307
    92night Says:

    The hater trolls have already admitted to not being fans yet they follow Keith and Nicole’s every move. They look at every Keith tweet and chat and watched American Idol faithfully and think the length of his sleeve on any particular day has some hidden message. They pretend both careers are dying yet both careers keep going on and on. Keith’s been “paving the way” for 8 years now but they’re still married and devoted to each other. They said he did it for money and fame but he’s got both now so one would wonder why he’s still married to someone so not-A list anyway when he CLEARLY has old Urban27 stalkin…I mean waiting in the wings. I guess that “contract” went from 6 months to 1 year to 2 years to 5 years to 8 years to……fill in the next date, freaks. It gives us something to look forward to when you’re still wrong.

  308. 308
    kudos Says:

    @92night: I didn’t watch a second of American Idol after hearing about all the drama in filming last summer. You are wrong.

  309. 309
    duh Says:

    Q: How many times did the skeptics watch Hemingway & Gellhorn

    A: Every time it aired!

    Skeptics watched Keith on AI. They figured out how to watch him on The Voice in Australia. They watch the award shows, YouTube videos, go to concerts, everything.

    They watch every Nicole Kidman movie, award show, TV appearance, read every interview. They are consumed.

    So no skeptic, you are lying when you say you didn’t watch.

  310. 310
    duh Says:

    92night I was quoted three years from the troll on when the imaginary contract will expire. Usually it’s one month. They can’t get their made up stories straight!

  311. 311
    bahahahaha Says:

    @Duh. Looks like your 24/7 (comment on every AI/Urban planted PR story) campaign to have SACKED judge Keith Urban rehired has officially FAILED!!!!!

  312. 312
    kudos Says:

    @duh: How do you know what anyone watches? Maybe you are just as much obsessed with “skeptics” as you are with the Urbans?

  313. 313
    duh is dumb Says:

    Nicely said @kudos :)

  314. 314
    Hannah Daffron Says:

    @bahahahaha: Actually, Keith Urban hasn’t been sacked. None of the judges have yet. I work for ICount and the general consensus from Idol watchers (according to a survey issued today) is that the problems and decline in viewers this year has to do with the lack of diversity with the contestants. Most polled didn’t like the final 5 being all women. Another main point was that there were no rockers and no indie artists featured. Most commented that the songs featured seemed dated. As far as judges go, Keith Urban was the most liked judged. They felt he was sincere in his comments, classy, respected and funny. Surprisingly, Mariah was least liked only because she seemed insincere and lacking in constructive criticism. Randy Jackson, who normally is the most liked, took a dive in popularity, many comments saying he didn’t seem to care anymore. Comments about Nicki ranged from those who really liked her honesty to those who felt she was overpowering and disrespectful. The majority agreed that although the judging panel was disconnected, the main problems were with the lack of males and the overproduction and dated music themes, not the judges themselves. So far, none of the judges have been sacked although it’s been rumored Jennifer Lopez wants back in , Mariah and Keith were only in for one season anyway and Nicki would come back if asked. They are also thinking of returning to only 3 judges (they tried 4 because it worked for The Voice) and may get a record producer or someone behind the scenes of the music business to add to the judging panel instead of a celebrity. Also considered is a theme of original music. Most polled want the old themes gone.
    I don’t understand the hate for Keith Urban. He seems like a very nice gentleman.

  315. 315
    Self-Absorbed Granny Says:

    “Mom(?) can you take us out to look at all the pretty boats docked in the harbor?” “Quiet Sunday, you know the drill. Airports and bogus birthday party outings only!”

  316. 316
    curious Says:

    @Hannah Dafron. Your copy and pasted opinion is a little obvious. Keith Urban played live during the AI season … a much-hyped dismal performance which resulted in American Idol’s lowest ratings in history? How do you factor that into your popularity poll?

  317. 317
    duh Says:

    @Hannah Daffron: Hnanah, thanks for the facts. They refelct exactly what I was seeing on social media regarding the show and the individial judges. It’s sad but true – Mariah is in her own world. I was a fan of hers from day one until the butterfly album. Now she thinks if she sings a few notes on a song while most of it’s rapping then it’s up to the standards of all her old material. Her laziness is why her singles tank. She obviously lives the diva life, in her own bubble. She wouldn’t stand for JLo’s AI performance and then afterwards when asked about her said she didn’t know her. Not surprised at all her song was dropped from The Paperboy soundtrack. She had a chance to show the public a giving side to up and coming artists as Keith did but she blew it. Until she comes out with some stellar material she’s going to be running on fumes. Keith and Minaj won a lot of people over.

    What Keith wanted out of the show he got. The ratings will only change when the format is changed. That is not the fault of any of the judges. They have to work within the parameters of what the producers decide. Blaming the chemistry of the judges is passing the buck. The producers picked the judges. It’s their problem if they don’t like the chemistry because they put the group together.

    If Keith comes back the good news is he can work with anybody in any genre who is willing to give back. That’s the kind of guy he is. Randy is better off without Mariah. He doesn’t need her drama anymore.

  318. 318
    nor did I Says:

    @duh #309 I didn’t watch any of those either

  319. 319
    curious Says:

    “What Keith wanted out of the show he got.” May I suggest @duh, being SACKED and with his new plagiarized single tanking on iTunes, what Keith got out of the show is humiliating FAILURE.

  320. 320
    Lalaine Says:

    No matter the skeptic are saying they are all lies , Nicole and Keith keep doing good and moving on in their happy life.

  321. 321
    Oh dear Says:

    Yep, Keith will be forever after known as the sacked judge who contributed to the worst ratings in American Idol history. What a glorious honor!

  322. 322
    Ma. Luisa Says:

    These couple’s stalker are liars , nobody accusing Keith Urban as a sacked judge during the show of American Idol , just the skeptic who keep following him and his wife and watching their every show.

  323. 323
    wrong again Says:

    @duh #309. Nope, wouldn’t watch if you paid me.

  324. 324
    duh Says:

    @curious: Imagining things again are we skeptic? No the single has not tanked, was not plagiarized, and no judge was sacked. You and your 10O personas that ”didn’t watch Idol” need extensive therapy.

    Since the Warren brothers co-wrote the latest single have the skeptics extended their stalkings to Dairy Queens again hoping Keith, Brad and Brett are all there? Maybe you can serve the guys with your bogus plagiarism lawsuit!


  325. 325
    Oh dear Says:

    No @duh. Maybe T.Swift should serve Urban with the plagiarizing lawsuit because that is where 45 year old delusional Urban is trying to position himself … performing immature pop tunes for teenagers, EXACTLY like Swifty.

  326. 326
    noh8 Says:

    You haters are showing your ignorance again. ICount isn’t a popularity poll. It might help to do some research before you commit to stupidity.
    Oh wait. Too late.

  327. 327
    duh Says:

    @Oh dear: No moron. You don’t understand what plaigirism is. Using a current popular production technique is not plaigirism. If that were the case every song that used a guitar solo at the bridge, hand clapping, overdubs, autotune effects, and any other element would be in violation. You are an idiot.

    I said it before, go get Don Henley to sue Brad Paisley for referencing Boys of Summer lyrics, just like Keith did. Can Keith sue Brad to because he did it first?


  328. 328
    curious Says:

    “As far as judges go, Keith Urban was the most liked judge.” So say the monkeys from monkeyVILE who have worked overtime to falsely manipulate Urban’s popularity on the iCount POPULARITY poll.

  329. 329
    Oh dear Says:

    Poor @duh. Lone PR crusader for KUNK Inc. What a depressing life.

  330. 330
    duh Says:

    You are dumb as rocks and proud of it. Hope you are happy with your sad life and your continual efforts that guarantee Just Jared will post lovely photos of the Urban family.

  331. 331
    Skeptic wasting time Says:

    The Skeptic are wasting time obsessed to criticize Nicole and Keith Urban. These couple are progressing .
    There are people who most need attention and help. The victims of Tornado in Oklahoma . Hope Nicole and Keith will donate money to the family & victims of the tornado through the Red cross .

    Skeptic instead wasting your time here or following Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban ,spend your time helping people who are victims of the deadly tornado in Oklahoma .

  332. 332
    Oh dear Says:

    Obviously, all the negative publicity is bad for your nerves @duh. Time for an extended break. They say Brentwood Hospital, Jackson, MS offers nice accommodation for people like you. You really should take advantage.

  333. 333
    noh8 Says:

    @curious: Like I said, too late for you to hide your stupidity. ICount isn’t a popularity poll and it’s not opened to every Joe Blow to join. Meaning your comment about Monkeyville working overtime doesn’t mesh. You might want to try googling something other than Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman once in a while.
    @Oh dear: I don’t think Duh or anyone else wants you for a roommate, honey. And by the sound of your delusions, that hospital isn’t doing you much good. Obviously all the pictures of this lovely loving couple is bad for your nerves and made up stories.

  334. 334
    Nicomi Says:

    Nice to see Naomi Watts is in Cannes too.

  335. 335
    Nicomi Reunion Says:

    What a surprising coincidence.

  336. 336
    Nicomi 4 Ever Says:

    I wonder what Keith does whilst Naomi is there “to keep Nic company and watch movies in the back with her.”

  337. 337
    Me Says:

    @Nicomi 4 Ever: I don’t know, what does your husband do “whilst” you and your best friend watch movies together?

  338. 338
    Skeptics are really stupid Says:

    Naomi is busy trying to get distributors for her Diana movie. It has none.

    Don’t worry, Keith and Nicole are having a good time without her at the screenings.

    But since both actresses’ children are with them there’s bound to be playdates for the kids.

    It’s cute that the mental patient was too shy to directly ask for visitors to her facility. Sorry.skeptic, but everyone declines. That place is not doing you any good.

  339. 339
    kudos Says:

    @Skeptics are really stupid: Who is the balding, old woman with Keith? Did he visit an assisted living complex?

  340. 340
    Skeptics are really stupid Says:

    How sad. Brentwood Hospital is not only lacking in good therapists but good optometrists as well.

  341. 341
    YS Says:

    @Skeptics are really stupid:

    oi vey, she looks dreadful in that picture

  342. 342
    kudos Says:

    @Skeptics are really stupid: You are the one that needs the Coke bottle glasses. She IS going bald – period.

  343. 343
    Skeptics are really stupid Says:

    Brentwood doctors take note: the truth brings out the skeptic patient’s multiple personalities and their fits of delusion.

  344. 344
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Yes we all know Nicole Kidman has been “balding” for 8 years.

    Stupid skeptics, still crazy after all these years!

  345. 345
    No kids in Cannes Says:

    #338 “But since both actresses’ children are with them there’s bound to be playdates for the kids.” No twit pic sightings of KUNK and the kids yet. Isn’t that odd, Cannes is not a big place but still no evidence the girls are actually there at all.

  346. 346
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @No kids in Cannes: LMAO!

  347. 347
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    Spot on observation #344. No doubt former Scientologist and now Catholic Kidman thanks The Lord daily for her huge assortment of hair extensions, hair pieces and lace front wigs.

  348. 348
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Brentwood doctors take note: Skeptic patient’s eyes in the back of her head and unnamed friends who live everywhere Nicole and Keith reside or travel to are no longer working. She displays confusion and a lack of online skills as to where to find the proper photos. Secretly regrets not reforming and joining the right fan sites. Mixes up Kidman’s real life with film roles. Can’t understand the differences between when stars hit the red carpet or film a movie versus an average day in casual clothes. Relies more and more on repsonding to posts she herself wrote minutes ago and incorrectly interpreting posts made by the sane. Also mixes up fact with fiction – Nicole Kidman was never a Scientologist as per her own words and Scientology records.

  349. 349
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    If there was photographic evidence, you would be falling over yourself to provide the link and wrong again, Nicole was very much a practising Scientologist in the early years of her contract marriage to the GMD (Gay Midget Dwarf).

  350. 350
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Skeptics Rule: Do you really think anyone would deliver those photos to you on a silver platter when last time you said a photo of Faith sitting on Nicole’s lap wasn’t real? Google is your friend. Maybe you can get extended computer time at Brentwood to find them! Skeptics are so freakin stupid. Nicole was not a Scientologist. Taking some classes does not make you one. Read Sci propaganda. Even they have admitted that to try to bring more people in.

  351. 351
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The fact that you call Tom Cruise gossip site names shows your intelligence level – below zero. You’d be much more at home over on DListed. I heard they need new sheep who enjoy being scammed on a daily basis.

  352. 352
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    LMAO – it was a whole lot more involved than just some classes. Kidman undertook years of auditing. She was a practising Scientologist, married to a practising Scientologist and raising the children as practising Scientologists. You can’t rewrite history and neither can Kidman. Tom Cruise is short and gay and that is why he is called The Gay Midget Dwarf!!!!

  353. 353
    x Says:

    Kidman only started distancing herself from Scientology toward the end of the gay/lesbian bearding marriage contract.

  354. 354
    Skeptics are really stupid Says:

    You’re an idiot and rewriting history. Kidman was never a Scientologist. She didn’t officially join and they didn’t want her.

    Tom is short and gay according to you …today. A few days ago you said Keith was shorter than him and gay which isn’t true. Try looking up what the average height of a male is. It isn’t 6’2″

    You scr3w3d the pooch. No photos for you!

    Enjoy your permanent stay in the Brentwood Mental Ward! Bahahahaha!

  355. 355
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    “No photos for you” because there are NO photos. Kidman was a practising Scientologist who was seen regularly with Cruise at the Scientology Centre in LA.

  356. 356
    Me3 Says:

    That twit pic. She looks much older when not at an event. Her makeup and hair people do an amazing job.

  357. 357
    rt56 Says:

    @Skeptics Rule: Liar.

  358. 358
    Skeptics Rule Says:

    @rt56: nut job.

  359. 359
    rt56 Says:

    @Skeptics Rule: Liar.

  360. 360
    Joni Says:

    Whoever this crazy person is that follows everything ever written about Nicole Kidman I think you should get up behind your computer and get some exercise, at least don’t be missing any of your Scientology classes.The more beautiful Nicole looks the more distasteful you get. Maybe you need a little Botox to see if it makes you beautiful like Nicole. HaHa

  361. 361
    I'manUrbangirl2 Says:


    Nicole and Keith are all class … What an ugly person you are …

  362. 362
    I'manUrbangirl2 Says:

    @belgium woman:

    How about with their Nanna or Grandmother ??? Not a very bright spark are you, after all ??? Just a shame most people on here aren’t fooled by your sinicism and sarcasim … Get over yourself !!!

  363. 363
    I'manUrbangirl2 Says:

    What a beautiful, considerate, and passionate Australian couple … Proud as punch and lov’in each other to bits … Mr and Mrs Urban look top notch … His women knows how to dress for her body and her man and her man looks fantastic in a suit or a t’shirt … That’s the way you do it in The Land Down Under !!! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi … Happy Anniversay on June 25 to them and my husband and I …

  364. 364
    Don'tThrowRottenTomatoes Says:

    I am going to make only one post, very late to this party.

    I am not a registered skeptic, so do not jump on that bandwagon. I have been a fan of Keith’s for years, no so much Nicole’s. I also live in Middle Tennessee, so my view of all of this is not tainted…I know’ the business’ well. A lot of it is all about smoke and mirrors. You see what they want you to see (good or bad)…and you do not see what they don’t (unless some sneaky photogs one-up them). They pay well for their secrets to be kept, but in this world of cellphones, Twitter, Facebook, and gossip blogs…the world is a very small place, with not many places to hide. (Just ask Jason Aldean!)

    Now…eventhough we saw photos of Keith leaving LA with Sunday, we never saw or heard that either of the children were in Cannes…not one shred of evidence. Sunday and Faith (along with their nannies) could have been anywhere…most likely Nashville. Keith landing in Cannes was not ‘documented’ by the paps because they were not ‘informed’ as to his ETA…and maybe, just maybe, Sunday was not with him when he landed, because that is just the way they wanted it. So, no proof either way that the children were even in Cannes. Now, I will say that there is really no proof that they weren’t…but I’d say they were not there, because they were not paraded around. Only Nicole was ‘paraded’…because this was her ‘event’. By the way, Grace of Monaco she isn’t.

    Why did Keith fly over for only a couple of days? He had the time to stay the remaining day or two, but did not. Some say because he had studio time booked. Some haven’t said at all why he only made an appearance, or even questioned it. He is still working on the album, but why go at all? Oh, just to be photographed attending…and attending to Nicole….that’s why. The word ‘purseholder’ comes to mind readily.

    As to the PDA on the red carpet, I was embarrassed by their behavior. Eventhough they had been apart for a week or so, it all looked so put-on and acted out…as if there was a script. Ding, Ding, Ding! Sound familiar? They got what they were looking for….attention. That is all that has been splashed all over the place when “Canne” has been searched on the internet worldwide. They are not two teenagers in heat…they are grown adults, with supposedly 2 children….4 if you count the Cruse kids. There was no need to act that way.

    Had they missed each other? We were supposed to think so by their actions. Are they in love? We were supposed to think so by their actions. Is all fine and dandy in the Kidman-Urban household? We are supposed to think so by their actions. And that is exactly what we are supposed to think….. Whether any of this may or may not be true is just speculation. BUT, I was taught from an early age that if it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, and oinks like a pig…it is most likely a pig. They keep us guessing because that is what they want us to do.

    Remember, without folks looking at them (for whatever reason…music, acting, charity, celebrityism), they’d be lost! They feed on the attention.

    From my perspective, I think all of this type of stuff is over-rated anyway. The rich and famous all getting together at a film festival that really does not mean a hill of beans to the rest of the world, with all the glitz and glamour, and all the press and pomp is ludicrous. I am the same way about awards shows…a bunch of narcissistic people, dressed up to the nines, flaunting their wealth and so-called fame is about as far from most everyone’s everyday life as can be.

    So, you can rant and rave…and wonder about my identity all you want. I just wanted to come here and make a statement. I am not all about this stuff…don’t care at all…I just sit back and watch the circus most of the time.

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