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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Hold Hands at Cannes!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Hold Hands at Cannes!

Rachel Bilson and her beau Hayden Christensen hold hands as they stroll around town on Sunday (May 19) in Cannes, France.

The 31-year-old Hart of Dixie star and her 32-year-old boyfriend shopped the afternoon away together!

“It’s hard for me to wear high-waisted shorts or jeans because I’m short,” Rachel recently shared to Glamour UK (via the Telegraph) about her style. “I love a nude shoe with a skirt or dress, because it elongates your legs. Anything that makes me look taller.”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen holding hands at Cannes…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen hold hands at cannes 13

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  • Sweetness

    they’re both cute and have been together for I gotta give them props. Only what career do they have aside from just being seen? Does either of them act or are they just former actors who are seen on vacation alot?

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @Sweetness: I think she has a TV show? It just got renewed.

  • anna

    @BloodbuzzOhio: agree

  • anna

    Love this couple!!

  • rainae

    dois lindosos

  • sarah


    Thanks JJ

  • sarah

    d listers

  • Marcy

    Nice to see the happy pics posted (for once), when there have been numerous smiling pics & pda for ages that weren’t. Rachel’s TV show was just renewed. Hayden hasn’t been doing much, movie-wise, but that’s about to change! It would be nice if JJ posted the actual reason for Hayden being in Cannes:

    He’s unveiling a new production company with his brother and 3 other partners at a party tonight!

  • raquel

    que guapos!! Pareja perfecta

  • raquel

    @Marcy: Thanks Marcy

  • OH FFS!

    Stop with the exclamation points on every post, JJ. Save them for something truly earthshattering.

  • mere

    He is so hot!!!! Good luck in the new Project


  • yesyes

    JJ more pics please, they look really great!

  • carnell

    by these pictures I pregnant daily

  • reyes

    still together? good news

  • veronique

    I love them. Her sense of style is unique

  • hothot

    yummy Hayden, you are the most sexy men alive

  • just me

    She should have went to her upfront party instead. That’s why she didn’t gp to her upfront party. All she does is run behind hayden to see what he going to get. Josh need to fired her for that. All you think that’s cute and it’s not. So selfish are her to do that to her Co workers. Like they are nothing to her. Rachel still a nobody still. A broken up will come just wait. She made him touch her hand Jared and you know this. Rachel planned the whole thing. Both don’t look too happy to be. Rachel had no business being there at all. And she know she didn’t. Just for publicity for her. To say they are still talking. Hayden need to have told her to go home to take care are her own business. She didn’t even go home for mother’s day. Running around with hayden Everywhere. Jared you know hayden didn’t want to hold her hand. He only did it for the cameras and it was for show. They should cancel her show and let her follow hayden so he can be with him all the. Rachel do not want Hart of Dixie show at all. Following hayden all around. Hayden should have made her go home to spend time with her mom. And she is not having a baby at all.just a opportunitist. She follow hayden everywhere he go now. And that is sad that she do. She can’t do nothing by herself anymore. He still her ex Jared still no matter what you want people to believe. And a media whore still. Hayden act like he can’t make her stay away from him and break up and ties with her. They don’t need to be together that much. Rachel know she should break up with him but she don’t know how to. All Rachel do is to continue to sell them. People still don’t care. So she had to sell this but not her show she is in. You need to stop talking about how cute they is. Talk about how she didn’t go and promote her show. Haven’t hayden had enough are her using him. She suppose to let hayden have his space there and did her upfront show. She don’t even want to be alone with her friends and family anymore. All she do run behind hayden. You all need to be a shame for praising her and hayden like that. She think she’s better than her Co workers and her show. 7. All Rachel do is sell hayden and her to the highest bidder and to these tabloids sites like just Jared and other. Hayden should know better than to let. Rachel keep using him like that. She is the only one doing it for. herself. She don’t have nothing so continue to use hayden and he let her. do it. They only together because are Rachel doing. He need to stop Rachel from doing that to him. She so jealous that he is going to meet someone better. Natalie is there too. That’s why she came with him. She is not fooling anybody. They should break up like other people. Maybe she would spend more time with her show instead are running around with hayden. They have been there before why keep doing it?hayden should be with another woman not Rachel. Rachel is mean and selfish not a good person at all. Jared why you change the beau from the last time they was together. She still Hayden booty call nothing more. Hayden need to stop making her look good. She still want something from him like always. That’s why she went to vacation with him and spent all that time with him. Cause she wanted him to take her to France with him. She never do her own thing with friends and family anymore. She hate that Jill settled down and she did not. She already went to Cannes once before. She being greedy like her show don’t matter. Hayden still can’t get her in a movie. Rachel still want him to get her into things. Why. can’t she just leave it alone. She can’t even stand to let hayden take care. business alone. Jared he was there to take care business and she follow. him there. Instead are doing her show for promotion and that was. wrong. And you all praising her for that. She do not care about hart of. Dixie are the people who is in it. All she care about is running behind hayden hayden

  • sarah

    MORE pics of them from Cannes party:

  • Ceara

    @just me: Wow. No one is going to read your novel of a post. Freaking nut job.

  • amaranth

    All those CW shows that always got 0 ratings (since airing) were all renewed. Said station dont even cancel shows that got 0.3 in ratings (92010). These kind/type of (tanking) shows wont even finished its 1st season if it came from like FOX, NBC, ABC or CBS. So this sort or “renewal” news have nothing to brag about more so its nothing to even talk about. Literally speaking w/ over 300 million viewwers in USA alone, CW ratings were merely NON-existent.

  • unreechy

    Nice to see that HC(sic) still got an ‘active residuals’; all coming from being a part of a Star Wars Franchise. That he could still even afford to launch his long-time-obsolete acting career overseas for the NTH time around, while at the same time, keeps on persuading for the NTH time around again to his mostly-middle-aged-female-dominated fans that his career still have a chance, even a bit to reincarnate. Isnt it that he even went to China last year announcing of his new film?! And so whatever happened to that?! Still working on the gossip papers… just like what have happened to all his press-releases supposed to be upcoming movies… yah right like as always & forever LOOOL

  • Kate

    Wow, Hayden and Rachel look SO sweet! Hayden…PLEASE make another movie, I miss seeing you on the big screen. We have a local fan club that goes to see your films almost every night it’s at our theater…all 63 of us!! Love you Hayden and Rachel, God bless you both!

  • Missle

    @just me:

    Wow. If you’re going to talk crazy at least learn some basic grammar so the rest of us can read it without breaking our brains.

  • natalierejectedhayden

    @Missle: ya I agree!!

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