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Brad Pitt to 'Esquire': 'I Haven't Known Life to Be Any Happier'

Brad Pitt to 'Esquire': 'I Haven't Known Life to Be Any Happier'

Brad Pitt rocks a pair of shades on the cover of Esquire magazine‘s June/July issue, on newsstands May 31.

Here is what the 49-year-old actor had to share with the mag in his first magazine profile to be released since news broke of his partner Angelina Jolie‘s double mastectomy:

On his family making him happy: “I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven’t known life to be any happier. I’m making things. I just haven’t known life to be any happier.”

On changing the direction of his life: “I’d get so far and then want to do something else. I mean, I’m two credits short of graduating college. Two credits. All I had to do was write a paper. What kind of guy is that? That guy scares me – the guy who always leaves a little on his plate. For a long time I thought I did too much damage – drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter. A guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f–king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?”

On missing his kids when they’re not around: “I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house… there’s constant chatter in our house, whether it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I love it. I love it. I hate it when they’re gone. I hate it. Maybe it’s nice to be in a hotel room for a day – ‘Oh, nice, I can finally read a paper.’ But then, by the next day, I miss that cacophony, all that life.”

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# 1
Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 7:36 pm

He is so hot. Love this man.

# 2

Brad Pitt could easily be a male model. He is handsome & sexy with a face and body to make people drool (male & female). He is also a man with a compassionate & loving spirit. Love the JP family!

# 3
BloodbuzzOhio @ 05/20/2013 at 7:44 pm

Kurt Cobain, anyone?

# 4

What is it about men. So what he was doing before didn’t make him feel like a man? He has to change everything so he can feel good about himself and what he is doing. Give me a break. You give someone everything, and they’ll walk away because it hurts their ego that it was too easy. As if he had it so bad before.

# 5

The first picture in all white should have been the cover. He looks so great.

# 7

This man pushes himself to be the best. His parents must be very proud of all he has accomplished. He and Angie are such good people. I wish we had more people like them on this planet.

# 8
were the morons @ 05/20/2013 at 7:52 pm

“But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?”

LOVE that quote.

# 9
were the morons @ 05/20/2013 at 7:54 pm

““I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house… there’s constant chatter in our house, whether it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I love it”

AHHMAZING! Love brad and angie!

this guy is so OVERRATED. never understood the fuss over him and George Clooney. they’re obviously not unattractive men, but definitely NOT all that. Brad isn’t aging well and his bank account is more attractive than he is.

Laugh but find out from that there is a new thread and can’t help it make me get in trouble u….
He look hot. Can you clone him angie one for everyone lol
Love him and best when he’s not in depression talk
Like the interview and the self analysis what he said about his life-family . Beauty

were the morons @ 05/20/2013 at 7:55 pm

But damn, I could feel the pain he was suffering 10 years ago, in those quotes, with AHEM…fuggiston.

Brad looks so hot in the photoshoot.

William Bradley Pitt!!! He is a renaissance man. God bless the Jolie -Pitts!!!

Brad is hot. But he would be smoking hot if he cut his hair.

from other thread @ 05/20/2013 at 7:57 pm

tweet @ 05/20/2013 at 7:45 pm

Brad Pitt photoshoot on Esquire website

Esquire Magazine ‏@Esquiremag now

For our latest cover story, our photographer @MaxVadukul gave Brad Pitt a camera and let him shoot:

so hot love he pic of him smiling

Um, Jared? Can’t you keep birthdays straight? Pitt is 49 and turns 50 in December.

prayers for the people of oklahoma

smokin’ hot; the all white photo is, well, the pose……..s*x personified…….boy does this boy love kids………he and ticky were doomed from day one……sooo different people who wanted entirely different things out of life…….

omg omg um, ok I just want to tackle that wrong?

Yes Brad!

Apparently Brad hates his life ten years ago.

yeah tackle him and take a fistful of that white shirt and not let go. hmm

So hot. Knox looks just like Brad.

@BW: who’d a thought? lol

Love him on the cover – so cool, hot and sexy.

He’s such a good human being, both him and Angelina, perfect together.

I’ll bet there’s so much fun in the Jolie-Pitt household. I am so looking forward to seeing WWZ and to see him and hopefully Angelina at the premiere.

Love ya Brad!

I just saw an interview with him with Oprah on her show. This was when he just got married to Jen. You can tell he was stoned. I guess in those days, people don’t speculate if a big star like is using drugs but you can just tell he was high.

Black and white to hide his face.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 8:17 pm

You know that media and the jen hens will take his ten years quote out of context for sure. But I’m glad Brad is telling the truth. Poor Brad He sure did suffered 10 years ago.

vickifromtexas @ 05/20/2013 at 8:18 pm

he is so gorgeous. the fact that he loves his family so much and he continues to be the best he can be makes him even more attractive.

Black&White or color, he can’t hide the cheese. I think he might be cheesier than Tom cruise.

vickifromtexas @ 05/20/2013 at 8:19 pm

praying for the people of oklahoma.

@Media Wh@re MANiston: you know I think the media will barely talk about this interview. This cover photo has been out since last week. LolololoL

he also can’t hide his ratty weave. Look at that thing looks knotted an raggedy in the back. I am embarressed for his hair stylist.

love theJP's @ 05/20/2013 at 8:26 pm

Take me for a ride Braaaaaad

Banging eh Brad? That’s a little too personal…..
Haha just kidding. Sorry, that wasn’t even funny.

8 yrs is about 10 years ago ,,why yes, yes it is.

@were the morons: LMFAO true. i guess being stoned out of his mind was the only way to numb maniston’s presence around him.

Finally got to see the pictures. He looks wonderful. sexy for any age. The man just has presence. And you can’t make it happen. He just has it. Brad is talking like anyone You look at your past as a way to the future. And as he said he has never known life to be happier. I don’t get the problem. Ask anyone who is happy in their life and they will tell you the same. Nothing negative in his comments. He loves his life today. That is not a crime to say or admit.

MEDIA WH@RE JOLIE @ 05/20/2013 at 8:56 pm


Mr Sexy!
Lucky, Lucky Angie!

MEDIA WH@RE JOLIE @ 05/20/2013 at 8:57 pm


Passing Through @ 05/20/2013 at 8:59 pm

Oooohh…Brad let “Tristan, Sr.” out to play…gonna be a whole lotta wet panties buying this issue…and not, I don’t mean Tampon peeing on herself…

Stopped abusing drugs in 03 met Angie late 03 or early 04 is that,right? Always wanted large family ex wife wanted one child

bizzy bee @ 05/20/2013 at 9:17 pm

What a cool dude Brad is. He’s such a great father and loving partner to Angie. What more could you want in a man? I have a strong feeling Knox will look like Brad’s cover when he grows up.

African Girl @ 05/20/2013 at 9:21 pm

Okay, I think I can finally and safely conclude that Knox is all BP!!.
Genetics is amazing!!!!!!!!
Lol!! @ 05/20/2013 at 9:23 pm

old dirty confused hippy

21st-May-2013 12:43 am (UTC)
alright grandad

21st-May-2013 12:59 am (UTC)

21st-May-2013 01:04 am (UTC)

21st-May-2013 01:06 am (UTC)

21st-May-2013 01:06 am (UTC)

Thankfully Brad found his life a decade ago with Angie and their kids. I cannot even imagine how horrible it was to be in the black hole of suck that was his marriage. He finally has life he can be proud of instead of that drug induced PR haze with the old fat chick from the sitcom.

21st-May-2013 12:43 am (UTC)
hate his hair

21st-May-2013 12:44 am (UTC)

21st-May-2013 12:44 am (UTC)
Has he aged like really bad or is it just his hair

21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)

Okay in addition to being a terrible pic, you can’t even tell that it’s him on the cover. I wonder why Esquire chose that one.

21st-May-2013 12:50 am (UTC)
ia his face looks totes shapeless

21st-May-2013 12:53 am (UTC)
ikr im squinting and staring, is that really him??

21st-May-2013 01:03 am (UTC)
he looks like angelina to me in that pic

21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)
wow that’s a horrible picture…

21st-May-2013 12:49 am (UTC)
the other pics are better but still… that hair is gross

21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)
God this man is way past his expiry date,

the himbo who always left a little on his plate hooked up with the morbid attention ho who didn’t touch a thing on hers.

alethaweapon 21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)
oh. my. god.

The first and last pictures are fkng hilarious.

I love Brad but who is this imposter and what has he done with Fight Club Pitt???

Edited at 2013-05-21 12:48 am (UTC)

21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)
lol these pics are ridiculous

21st-May-2013 12:46 am (UTC)
He looks like a monkey who needs a haircut to me.

21st-May-2013 12:47 am (UTC)
looking rough


That über guber tries so hard but fails to look cool he is officially the old dad that desperately wants to be hip. He is an embarrassment to his agents and publicists.

they look so cute together

were the morons @ 05/20/2013 at 9:36 pm

Brad is looking fabulous! The 0.1 percent population of the roaches’ opinions are irrelevant! Brad, keep doing your thang hottie!

He Looks so stupid here!!!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 9:40 pm

He looks so hot here. Love him in jeans. The man sure looks fine in jeans.

poor baby relax nobody here cares

vickifromtexas @ 05/20/2013 at 9:49 pm

lurker @ 05/20/2013 at 9:47 pm

poor baby relax nobody here cares

so true !

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 9:49 pm


I know. This troll act like we give a shiz about his/her and other’s opinion.

so we have to deal with another tammy alter ego on the rampage,yawn

My head hurts from all her silly ramblings,if brad is old,ugly,not important then why do you have to prove it here,these hags are just dumb

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 9:53 pm


Exactly. I know sometimes some of the fans love to tell these moron trolls off but why waste time. They repeat the same shiz on every thread.

Total fantasy like only the JPs can produce…

How many times have we heard this made-up script for interviews?

The only part I believe is the “giggling or screaming or crying or banging” in the nuthouse ruled by Jolie.

As for Brad being HOT, I guess he is — IF you think that old, dirty, smelly stoners are hot, that is.


Sexy gorgeous Brad!!!!, personality people, that´s all a man needs and Brad has a looooot : D

Let the dogs bark, Brad as stepped on their tails

Esquire website has a slide show of Brad’s photoshoot.

vickifromtexas @ 05/20/2013 at 9:56 pm

lurker @ 05/20/2013 at 9:51 pm

My head hurts from all her silly ramblings,if brad is old,ugly,not important then why do you have to prove it here,these hags are just dumb
the more they read how happy brad is with his life now, the more upset they get.

Never get the trolls need to post negative comment about Brad or Angie. do they think it matters to us or that it will change our minds. We like Brad. WE think he is hot and we enjoy seeing him. Don’t give a rat’s ass& if others agree or not. But thanks for showing us how obsessed you are about him.. and how obsessed other are. It is either he shouldn’t wear a hat, or his beard or his hair. No other male celeb gets that except Brad.. so thanks
He looks great to and FO to those that don’t like it..

Brad Pitt is forever the sexiest man alive.

On missing his kids when HE is not around:
” As Father of The Year, I’m away or on the road most of the time by choice”

The slide show says Brad’s life is larger than yours.

Brad is so sexy.

Just Sayin @ 05/20/2013 at 10:07 pm

Brad is a free spirit, wild and sexy man, no wonder he found Maniston was so boring. And he can pull off any hairstyle.

I must say that I always enjoy Brad’s interviews — He is really good at making things up. And I love that photo of Brad with that powerful machine throbbing between his legs because it’s so true to life, if you know what I mean.

Damn the man looks so good. His swagger is even captured in still photographs!! How on earth is that possible?! Brad and Angie certainly know how to rock a cover shot. They just command your attention and draw you in without even trying. Their covers never look like anyone else’s. They are the genuine article.

‘I Haven’t Known Life to Be Any Happier’, melting. I so envy Angelina.

I love this blog! Pitt doles out the same crap over and over and you all treat it like this is brand new information. He has given this same interview hundreds of times!!!!And even after he slides into David Spade meets Greg Allman territory you all still claim he is hot. LOL. Love is blind and there’s a sucker born every minute really applies here.

Passing Through @ 05/20/2013 at 10:19 pm

# 10 IMO @ 05/20/2013 at 7:54 pm
Brad’s overrated…but the troll took precious time out of its oh-so-busy life…to come to Jreds, find a Brad thread, click on it, read the blurb, look at the pictures, find the comment box, type up a comment, and share with us that it thinks Brad is overrated. Something doth proest too much…

Passing Through @ 05/20/2013 at 10:25 pm

LMAO at the troll going to other websites and posting nasty comments and then bringing the link over here to tell us that “someone” wrote nasty comments at another site…another site that boldly steals Jared’s pictures repeatedly and has been doing it for at least 6 years. Oh yeah…like I REALLY GAFF what these idiots thinks….

@Passing Through:

so true.. and they only comment about him. nobody else Just him.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 10:47 pm

If Brad repeats the same shiz, why do these idiot read/comment the same shiz. Go figure.

@Bambi bimbo stfu. What between PITT’S legs for Angie eyes only.

vickifromtexas @ 05/20/2013 at 10:54 pm

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 10:47 pm

If Brad repeats the same shiz, why do these idiot read/comment the same shiz. Go figure.
they are drawn to and obsessed with all things jolie-pitt.

If he’s happy, he’s happy,… Its his life and It really won’t matter to anybody else. Lucky him to be in that phase. If only everybody else can find that.

Some Bunny @ 05/20/2013 at 11:01 pm

Brad looks like a rock star! He is still sexy and as always not even trying. What is important to him now is being fulfilled with something deeper that gives him a passion for living, like his family and the love of his life, Angelina Jolie. Love the interview & new pictures.
Can’t wait for WWZ!

Many blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans!

Brad’s such a strong man, he had to be to pull himself out of a failed marriage full of nothing but boozing, dug use, and stagnation. Many men would run from what he describes in the interview with all the chaos and screaming kids, but instead he embraces it.

I’m so glad he got out of that situation and found the right path, and he didn’t even need rehab to do it. It’s a serious thing, just look at River Phoenix or Heath Ledger.


Nice comment.. well said.

I think his words are what is bothering them the most. and the words of friends that are actually close to the couple. Brad is loving his life with Angie. And yes he is lucky to have that. Some people would give anything for that. And it is not about money. Money can’t stay the bad things in life. But he just sounds like a man that knows what he has and appreciates the journey he took to get it all.

good for him. good for them.. good for their family. @Doloo:

the whole Bambie stuff is so OVER and dumb. Need some new material. But that would demand some intellect or creativity. And we know the HAGS don’t have any of that.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/20/2013 at 11:28 pm


The problem with the trolls is that they don’t want to read anything about the JP being happy. It’s ok for MANiston to be happy but not Brad. They want Brad to admit that he regret leaving MANiston. Like that ever going to happen. Maybe in MANiston’s universe. Brad wasted 7 years of his life on the that fugly leathery prune. I’m so happy he is finally happy and has a meaningful life with Angie.

@Busted. The troll is crazy , her words as old and run down as she is.

I love him in the close up shot, I love him on the bike and I love him in white. Damn, he’s one sexy man. He’s so ruggedly handsome. Brad is like fine wine, he gets better as he ages.

groundcontrol @ 05/21/2013 at 12:03 am

People need to stop acting like Brad was some wacked out drug abuser. The man always lived up to his responsibilities – he never showed up unable to work – his business prospered – there are no crimes attributed to him or other bad behavior – the man liked some weed and some booze. Big deal. He was never a drug addict or an alky.
He does really look good in the Esquire pics. But he is only 49 – I don’t expect him to look decrepit.
The trolls are here to affect your posting experience. That is beyond juvenile and bizarre.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:10 am

OT, but clearly the gigolo doesn’t brush his teeth: look at your own discretion:

Before the fuggiston hens bash Brad, they need to keep track of manny and her paid escort.

sweet,and delicious!!!!! thank you,brad.for loving ur anjie.bless you both and ur children…..

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 12:40 am

Brad you Never disappoint. Not only are you beautiful to look at on the outside Angelina herself testifies to the Loving Spirit you are and how beautiful you truly are on the inside.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 12:45 am

Hi my darling Phool,
Read this on the previous page and loved it. Thank you so much for posting it.

Understanding Angelina’s `Jewish Gene’
Sun, 05/19/2013
Rochelle Shoretz
Angelina is touching so many people with her Op Ed and all for the better.
God bless our beautiful Lady and her gorgeous husband. They have come together in Love and are blessed by Love and are a blessing to so many.

where is the real cover?, this is a fake

horrible, horrific, until steve wonder sees how ugly that is

then, is wwz going to have more success that ir3?

I believe that brangelina will never marry;(

Why is Brad so beautiful. sigh.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:06 am

Brad Pitt is the epitome of male hotness. I can’t stop fawning over him.
Oh William Bradley Pitt, you always make my eyes sparkle.

Remember my words darlings, on Wednesday in cannes goslin presents Only God Forgives cost: 5$ box office: more than double that wwz


Just Sayin @ 05/20/2013 at 10:07 pm

Brad is a free spirit, wild and sexy man, no wonder he found Maniston was so boring. And he can pull off any hairstyle.
Brad Pitt in real life = Tyler Durden + Tristan.

Oh so the Brand’s PR machine is full steam trying to guarantee the drug addict’s vanity piece some level of success. We’ve already seen how he’s given three interviews on St. Angie’s alleged health scare, and now here’s one more in which he’s depicted as a devoted family man. Just google “Pitt Jolie mastectomy” and every article about Pitty mentions that his latest shtshow is “Waterworld Z” which will be coming out soon in theaters near you.

Oh but I digress, well played to whoever wrote this vulgar, tacky and manipulative piece of garbage even had the audacity to bring up one of his architect paid lackeys (why of course, he has no friends) who “casually” remembers a scene of one of the kids “casually” mentioning how much in lurrrve they are. Not even the people who worked during the presidential campaign were so skillful to pull out manipulative crap out of their asses like this. ROTFLMAOooooo.

Yes yes we know the movie is about a “heroic” father who is trying to stop the virus from spreading but is also trying to keep his family safe and get back to them. Oh ya this ought to resonate well with audiences who are reading this manipulative crap interviews that present him as the ever-present devoted father of 6.

And why is the drug addict still trying to attach to Jen by sporting her hair style? Ah but of course, he couldn’t promote a movie without paying tribute to the person who made him a superstar.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 1:37 am

# 101 were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:10 am
Them’s Depp teefs…ie, he’s a smoker. SO is she. That’s why her’s are grayish. She used to bother to get them whitened. I guess she can’t spare 30 minutes away from monitoring Squiggy. She should do like preservationists do with endangered animal species – put a tag on his big toe and let him loose in NYC so she can monitor his movements. Oh…wait a sec…I guess that’s what her hired ratzi are for….

But I must admit, Brad is so hot! He is much better than the giggolo anyway.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:45 am

@ Passing Through:
EWWWWWWWWWW, that shiit looks like dookie between his teeth.
& I’ve noticed her teeth are grayer too. I remember before they would be grey and sometimes be white, now they remain grey. Imagine what them breaths smell like…wait, I don’t think we want to. Poor Brad, he had to smell ticky’s rancid breath for 7 years. Bleh.

SIGH, if only I could have brad.

love their love their love- so deep and enduring! On a lighter note, always fun when Brad repeats the truth about the misery of his deadend life before he met his sweet Angie- trolls go crazy- they can’t handle the truth!!

Well played loon, but sadly the only gigolo I know worked as Thom Racina’s poolboy for two years, then dated a 16 year old starlet when he was 26, also convinced the hot chick from Married With Children to get her to take him to his first award show, and then he managed to ensnare yet another starlet who casually happened to be one of the richest Hollywood darlings and trapped him in a promise for the future. And let’s not even talk about the fourth woman he ended up giving an engagement ring to and eventually married. We all know that without her he’d have no producing company at all. She was after all the most powerful celebrity at some point in the last decade, light years away from where he was.

So, all in all, if that doesn’t scream of a blood-sucking gigolo to people with common sense, I don’t know what does. But of course, you loons are off the hook! :D

When ticky had Brad, she gave hope to fat, ugly girls like myself we could find our prince charming. Now that ticky lost Brad, girls like myself lost all hope. I could lose weight, but that takes a lot of dedication- which is something I don’t have. I just wish I had Angie’s beauty, but I can only keep wishing for so long.


I have an STD, that’s why I’m so upset with pitty ;(
My pee burns at night, ouch.
I need to be more careful next time when sleeping around.
ahh ;(

Oh lol stalker, you’re being very funny tonight. Oh I know it’s you of course darling.

Did Pothead give hope to all the heroin users who came out of a mental institution when he had an affair with the biggest one of them all? :)

See, I have multiple personality disorder. I keep thinking I’m mad at Angie and Brad then I’m mad at myself. Ahh, I don’t know what to do.

I need psych meds!!

The ring @ 05/21/2013 at 1:59 am

Ewww… I hope Bambi is safe though. So… if Ho is mad, does that mean that she won’t attend the red carpet events for his Waterworld Z premiere? Lord knows druggie needs the press coverage!

I was just kidding, I do not have a stalker. Nobody wants to stalk a poor, on welfare, fat troll like myself.

I guess I’ll go cry watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith now, with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

The gigolo has a 0.5 inch wee wee. poor ticky.

I HATE gigolos

#121, #123

Come on stalker you can do better than that… how come you won’t come out and play with your own aliases? I thought you said you never changed them. You JP trolls know how I write! It’s pointless to duplicate my screen name when everybody knows I’m the biggest loon slayer in here! JJ wouldn’t be the same without me! :D

Looks like tampon troll is losing its fcuking mind. hehehe

I am so glad Brad came to his senses 10 years ago, otherwise, he would have still lived in that meaningless empty life. Now look at his beautiful big family, that’s his biggest achievement.

I usually don’t dignify the fallacies and exaggerations of the Brand’s paid internet shills, but Pothead just last year went ahead and publicly boasted about being a “drug addict” -his words, not mine-. He said that he could basically find any type of drug in any major city he went to, in one night. Prior to that he claimed to spend years getting stoned sitting on a couch (to get sympathy for being a terrible husband, maybe?), and even before that, Juliette Lewis admitted that they spent much of their relationship getting high. And let’s not get your panties in a bunch while I remind you what Tarantino said about being in Pitty’s house, after some of the kids were asleep, and he gave him a sly of a brick of hashish which was smoked with Coke can, because Pitty is classy like that, not to mention an exemplary father, right!

Now, as to why he’s not investigated by the DEA or other authorities, I guess we have to thank his PR firm with avid paid watchdogs like those who post here, always eager to look out for their clients, checking out every forum or comments section of every gossip blog, going over every post, screaming “DEFAMASHUNNUH” at every dissenting one and even stalking the detractors.

Oh, I think I’m Buffy the Vampire slayer one minute, the next minute I’m a JP lover. I’m losing my mind everyone. I need a mental institution.

I usually don’t dignify the fallacies and exaggerations of the Brand’s paid internet shills, but Pothead just last year went ahead and publicly boasted about being a “drug addict” -his words, not mine-. He said that he could basically find any type of drug in any major city he went to, in one night. Prior to that he claimed to spend years getting stoned sitting on a couch (to get sympathy for being a terrible husband, maybe?), and even before that, Juliette Lewis admitted that they spent much of their relationship getting high. And let’s not get your panties in a bunch while I remind you what Tarantino said about being in Pitty’s house, after some of the kids were asleep, and he gave him a sly of a brick of hashish which was smoked with Coke can, because Pitty is classy like that, not to mention an exemplary father, right!

Now, as to why he’s not investigated by the DEA or other authorities, I guess we have to thank his PR firm with avid paid watchdogs like those who post here, always eager to look out for their clients, checking out every forum or comments section of every gossip blog, going over every post, screaming “DEFAMASHUNNUH” at every dissenting one and even stalking the detractors.

ahh, I’m losing it again. I don’t know when to stop.
HELP ME JP fans.

I can’t wait to buy Esquire and read the entire interview and drool over Brad’s gorgeous pics. Love Brad’s makeup artist saying” Brad is ready to soar when he met Angelina”.

I am a child molester. I just want to molest Zahara, since she’s black like me too.

Here I go again being the 6 different personalities I have. I guess I molest children tonight.

I use different monikers on the JP threads- the ring, carri, Faniston, Jen fan, JL, bambi, Justilly.

The man is hot

Weed jokes aside, Pitty is looking like Willie Nelson without the braid. Problem is that Willie is at least 70. :D

love them @ 05/21/2013 at 3:34 am

Love Brad, he is beautiful

I always wonder why he married the fug Maniston. Now we know he was drug damage.

I can only laugh @ 05/21/2013 at 3:46 am

I can only laugh at the trolls hating on Mr Pitt.

That’s a good looking man.

Really hope World War Z will be deserving of a place on his filmography.
Marc Forster does not inspire confidence.
But we can only hope!

Love this photoshoot.

Oh dear lord. These are the freaking sexiest photos of any male star I’ve seen in a looong time! I love them! And our Brad!

Ooh,Brad you are so sexy and very happy with your family, you and Angelina are the best together.
You had made the best decision to Divorced the X.
Today you are The father of 6 children with The love of your life,partner,the other half,
God bless you and your family.

Good Morning everyone first and foremost every one in “Oklahoma” you are in my prayers, my heart goes out to those who unfortunately lost their homes & loved ones, in this tornado. I know words are easy when I say I can’t fathom what they had to endure, where really what they needs is actions, which are required. I wish I could help in their hour of need; it makes me as a viewer very helpless. We can only pray for the speedy recovery of Oklahoma, and no further loss of life God bless you all.
Shout out to all the lovely ladies out there may god keep you all out of harms way hello to my dear Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Josephina, were the morons, BP, nonplace, Busted, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, QQQQ, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, JPS, MIR, JP Fan, Vickifromtexas, Tweet, Well, Who, Women Spanish, fyi, Media Wh@re MANiston, Lylian, Cliniqua, AWHODAT!, juju, Go Figure!, Sunny and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day, take care take care God Bless.

I see Brad’s words of love for “his family” has tipped some one over the very deep end AGAIN lol. So predictable coming from the hag army why can’t they just move on, and be happy happy happy for Ticky and Squiggy and leave Brad & Angie ALONE, I know silly question i pray God save us from Tickys Looooooons lol

naturegirl @ 05/21/2013 at 5:23 am

How come i always come late to the party?

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Man……….

WOW!! He is just as beautiful as he was 10 years ago WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

Good morning Phool , thank you for the shout out my dear.
Hi to all JP fans around the world.
The paid poster are C r a z y the whole night huh ?
No one can bring Angelina&Brad down,just asking The X and TheHalfMan,hahahahahahahahaha
The X ended up with a Z list (No job)
After battle with The Fake Pity Party(8+years)…..Ouch

Now this is a great person. What you see buried is that fluff lifestyle represented by Jennifer Anniston was chaf in the breeze. I never understood the fascination about that shallow woman. Brad and Angelina are just great. Together they are like a full bodied wine. Kudos to them both! I just love them together.

I love Brad looking mean & moody in the Esquire Cover, but also wished they used the 4rth photo with his hands crossed looking gorgeous, but hey beggars can’t be choosers can they? so I better go and get this magazine pronto, as already got the Times, people magazine Nah I gave it a miss due to their shady past and it wasn’t if Angie gave any interview to them so they arent geting a dime from me.
Thanks Brad for giving me more reasons to Drool over, you one mighty fine specimen of a man lol.

whoever the person is keep giving tampon a taste of its own medicine. since it likes to steal JP fan names anyway. notice how frustrated it got last night. keep it up

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 7:50 am

NEWS/ Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy: Dr. Oz “So Proud” of Actress for Confronting Health Risk and Taking Action
Add Dr. Oz to the long list of Angelina Jolie admirers.
Health guru and talk show host Mehmet Oz stopped by E! News today to chat with Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy and of course they talked about the medical decision of the moment—Jolie’s decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy.
A decision that Oz thinks quite a lot of.
LOOK: Angelina Jolie covers Time magazine
“What Angelina did was take the information, which is scary at it’s first glance, right? I mean, there’s somebody telling you there’s an 85 percent chance or more that you’re gonna die of a problem,” he said. “And then what are you gonna do about it? And that’s the fundamental question we need to ask ourselves.”
Dr. Oz noted that people all come to a point where they have to face a condition that could kill them, but “most of us shy away from the confrontation.”
He added, “What I’m so proud about with Angelina Jolie’s decision to go public is, she acted as a mom,” he explained. “For her, it was fundamentally about the reality that she felt left when her mother died at a young age…You begin to realize it’s your obligation to take these fears, embrace them and try to get through them.”
And that’s exactly what Jolie did.

Good God, long hair suits him

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 8:03 am

Angelina Jolie’s courageous act will save women’s lives

She has also shone a light on a Supreme Court battle over whether a company has the right to patent a human gene.

By By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times
May 21, 2013

Four days after her April 27 breast reconstruction, the third and final surgery aimed at sparing her an early death from breast cancer, Angelina Jolie was in good spirits at home.

Upon paying a house call, her surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk of the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, found two walls of the actress’ home covered with “freshly assembled story boards” for her next directorial project.

“All the while she spoke,” the doctor later wrote on her blog, “six drains dangled from her chest, three on each side, fastened to an elastic belt around her waist.” Despite that, Funk wrote, Jolie’s energy was “bountiful.”

Decoding Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy and BRCA genes

Preventive mastectomy simply a matter of life and death

Hoag Is At Forefront of Screening, Diagnosing & Treating Breast Issues
Good for Jolie, the mother of six young children. Though there is no such thing as 100% prevention, she has dramatically reduced her chance of getting breast cancer. Later, she has hinted, she may have surgery to remove her ovaries.

Given her family medical history, it’s understandable. She watched her mother struggle with breast cancer, then die of ovarian cancer at 56. Her maternal grandmother also had ovarian cancer.

With her star power and ability to stoke an insatiable public interest, Jolie, 37, has the potential to help save lives by raising awareness. With the stroke of a pen, she makes genetic testing seem less fearsome and helps destigmatize mastectomy.

“On a personal note,” she wrote in a New York Times essay revealing her surgeries last week, “I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.”

Pink Lotus Breast Center co-founder and Executive Chairman Andy Funk, whose wife is Jolie’s surgeon, said in an email Monday that Pink Lotus and Jolie are collaborating on a public relations campaign. Her essay was the opening salvo.

Funk said he could not yet answer questions about whether Jolie has a financial relationship of any sort with the center, which she singled out in her New York Times piece. But he hinted that something is afoot.

Perhaps Jolie will follow the footsteps of singer Sheryl Crow, who had breast cancer surgery in 2006, then helped launch the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center at Pink Lotus. The center features “the latest advancements in digital screening and diagnostic imaging technologies.”

Maybe Jolie will start a fund for low-income or uninsured women who do not have access to the expensive BRCA testing, which can cost $3,000. Or maybe she will bring her campaign against breast cancer to the developing world. In Africa, late breast cancer detection leads to a disproportionate number of deaths, particularly among young women.

As Jolie wrote in the New York Times, “Breast cancer alone kills some 458,000 people each year … mainly in low- and middle-income countries. It has got to be a priority to ensure that more women can get access to gene testing and lifesaving preventive treatment, whatever their means and background, wherever they live.”

Or maybe she is trying to subtly influence the U.S. Supreme Court, which is expected to rule later this year on a case challenging a Utah company’s patent of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

The company, Myriad Genetics, developed the “BRCAnalysis” test that determines whether women have the dangerous gene mutation. No other company may develop such a test as long as Myriad owns the patent on the genes.

No wonder the test costs so much.

According to the Public Patent Foundation , which, along with the ACLU, is challenging the Myriad patents, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has granted “thousands of patents on human genes — in fact, about 20% of our genes are patented.”

That means, according to the foundation, that a patent holder such as Myriad can prevent anyone else from studying, testing “or even looking at” a gene. “As a result, scientific research and genetic testing has been delayed, limited or even shut down due to concern about gene patents.”

Myriad rebuts that argument on its website. The company says that about 95% of all “appropriate patients” in the U.S. have access to this kind of testing through private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Myriad’s own financial assistance program, which has provided free testing to 5,000 patients in the last three years.

Still, the control rests with Myriad.

When the case was argued last month before the U.S. Supreme Court, justices seemed leery of allowing a company to patent a “product of nature” i.e. a gene.

Justice Elena Kagan wondered whether patenting a gene wasn’t akin to trying to patent some other part of the human body, say, the liver.

But justices are also well aware that venture capitalists considering funding new genetic research may be unwilling to invest if they have no guarantee of exclusivity.

The court is expected to decide the landmark case in June.

In the meantime, as evidenced by comments on the Pink Lotus Breast Center blog, Jolie’s stock is way up among women who are engaged in various fights against breast cancer. To many she has become a hero.

Not coincidentally, on the day Jolie’s essay ran, the stock of Myriad Genetics jumped as well. Not that it matters, but she’s probably a hero there too.

Muse For World War Z Soundtrack ? Rock trio post cryptic teaser clip online…
12:32, Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Muse have teased fans by uploading a video suggesting they will feature on the soundtrack for Brad Pitt’s new blockbuster World War Z.
The Supremacy rockers have posted a 7-second clip on their official YouTube channel where the S in their name changes to the same red Z used in the movie’s promo posters.

Apocalyptic horror World War Z stars Brad Pitt as a United Nations worker who searches the globe trying to stop a zombie outbreak that is bringing down the world.

It adds fuel to the rumours that the band will play a one-off show in London on the night of the world premiere in the capital on the 2nd June.

Muse play the first show of their The 2nd Law world stadium tour at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena tonight

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Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 8:05 am

Good morning to the Early Crew.
Have a wonderful day!
Busted I hope you have a great day at work my friend.
I am off to work.
I LOVE Brad Pitt. His hair is gorgeous and Knox is the spitting image of his beautiful daddy.

‘World War Z’ TRAILER: Brad Pitt Zombie Blockbuster Coming This Summer [WATCH]
By Gabriela Barkho , FashionnStyle Reporter
The “World War Z” trailer has fans excited.

The new zombie movie, “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt, is coming this summer and here are the trailer and preview of the new film with a June 21 release date, in time to be a huge blockbuster. “World War Z”, due to open the Moscow Film Festive this June according to The Hollywood Reporter, is an action zombie film based on the book of the same name, which features Pitt playing a U.N. employee in the middle of a zombie attack.
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The movie’s fans have already began discussing its plot and spoiler on the official “World War Z” Facebook page. There is also a viral marketing campaign that was kicked off to create buzz for the anticipated blockbuster, with the Twitter hashtag #HowWillYouSurvive for fans to use.
Earlier this year, US Magazine reported that Pitt had signed on to do the action movie, in which he apparently saves the world, for his three young sons.”Four years ago I knew nothing about zombies but now I consider myself an expert,” Pitt said. “This whole thing started because I just wanted to do a film my boys could see before they turned 18, one they liked anyway and they loved zombies. So we settled on Max Brooks’ book called World War Z.”
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Genetic testing for breast cancer more accessible in Israel than U.S.
Angelina Jolie’s recent bombshell caused a spike in breast cancer exams in Israel, which is relatively generous in its health basket policy.
By Ronny Linder-Ganz | May.21, 2013 | 12:54 PM
The echoes of the bombshell Angelina Jolie dropped last week, when she told of her double mastectomy, have reached clinics in Israel. Her story has not only raised public awareness of the BRCA1 mutation, which increases the risk of developing breast cancer by roughly 80 percent, but also the wish by Israeli women to be tested for the mutation.“When I went to a breast surgeon this morning, the first thing he said to me was ‘Let me guess — you came to ask for genetic testing,’” said A. from Ramat Gan. “I told him I hadn’t and asked why he was asking. He said, ‘That’s what everybody wants now. Since the report, women are coming every day asking for, demanding genetic testing.’”
Jolie wrote in her piece that the cost of the test, $4000, puts it out of reach for most American women (since President Obama’s health-care reform went into effect last February, the test is in the American health-services basket, but only for high-risk women). The test Jolie refers to is apparently not for identifying a specific gene, but rather a broader test of complete genetic sequencing, which makes it so costly..
Most carriers in Israel are Ashkenazi women In Israel, accessibility to testing for the genetic mutations that cause breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2) for women at risk is high. Dr. Etti Samama, head of the Medical Technology Policy Division at the Health Ministry, says that like many other genetic tests, this test is among the services and technologies provided free of charge to women who meet the criteria. The vast majority of carriers in Israel are Ashkenazi women, of whom 2.5 percent carry one of the three mutations responsible for breast cancer, in comparison with 0.3 percent of the general population of women in Israel.
Q. Who is eligible for genetic testing in Israel?
Those eligible are anyone a geneticist recommends for testing. According to Samama, “Genetic tests are in the health-services basket. The question of which ones are included for a specific person and which are not is subject to genetic counseling. If the geneticist recommends the test for a specific woman, then for her the test is included in the health basket.”
Q. Is the genetic testing also included in the health basket?
Yes, on referral from the patient’s general practitioner.
Q. In what sorts of instances can the geneticist refer the patient for the test?
Geneticists have a great deal of latitude when it comes to recommending the test. They will recommend for any woman with a family history of breast cancer, such as women with a first- or second-degree relative who contracted the disease or carries the gene, or women who were young when they developed the disease.
Q. If a woman is simply anxious but has no family history of breast cancer, can she receive the test?
Yes, if she is in the high-risk age and population group (Ashkenazi women), there’s a good chance she will be found eligible for the test. According to the Health Ministry, women who are not Ashkenazi are not in the risk group. According to Samama, about 50,000 women in Israel carry the gene, but only 5,000 have been diagnosed.
There’s a whole generation of Ashkenazi women aged 40 to 50 who, because of the Holocaust, which cut off their family tree, have no idea that the gene is in their family, and they will be the first generation to develop the disease.
Q. If I’m turned down for testing because I don’t fit one of the criteria, how can I still be tested?
You can do the test privately. According to the Health Ministry price list, it costs about NIS 510 (that’s the maximum price; the actual cost may be lower).
Q. Let’s say my test results are positive, Heaven forbid, and I carry the gene. What happens next?
Women who decide to have a mastectomy, as Angelina Jolie did, are eligible for the operation, together with reconstructive surgery, as part of the health-services basket. Women deciding together with their physicians on close monitoring are eligible for annual MRI testing in place of a mammography. The MRI test is worth NIS 4,000, but through the HMO it costs about NIS 100. Women in that situation are eligible from age 25 or five years below the age of the relative who developed the disease, whichever is earliest. In addition, they will also receive a mammography and be examined by a physician.
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“World War Z” Will Get Month-Early Screening on Tuesday
Exclusive: Marc Forster’s “World War Z,” stars Brad Pitt, doesn’t open until June 21st. But on Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles there will be a couple of early tastemaker screenings. They’re designed to “test the water” with friends and celebrity fans of Forster and Pitt. These are hot hot tickets. The whole “WWZ” debacle is chronicled very nicely in the current Vanity Fair.
In Cannes, news of the screenings are making people look for Star Trek type tele-porters so we can beam back to the States for two hours. If anyone knows where they are located on the Cote d’Azur, please let me know.
At the same time I can tell you exclusively that Forster is not waiting around for his next assignment. He’s forming a production entity with Keanu Reeves and producer Cassian Elwes to make a bunch of movies. They should announce it imminently. Forster must get back to more film making– he directed Finding Neverland and Monster’s Ball. So bring on the zombies!

@Passing Through:
Them’s Depp teefs…ie, he’s a smoker. SO is she. That’s why her’s are grayish.
@were the morons:
I’ve noticed her teeth are grayer too. I remember before they would be grey and sometimes be white, now they remain grey.
Well, I thought I was imagining the greyer teeth, after all, can’t the dentists polish em and whiten them anymore or is some of the grey-yellow colour kinda incorporated into the enamel so that no amount of polishing and whitening actually works anymore?

Angelina Jolie Shares Her Preventive Surgery Decision
By Elizabeth Willoughby on May 21, 2013
Last week the New York Times published a shocking op-ed penned by actor and activist Angelina Jolie, titled “My Medical Choice”.
In it, Jolie announced that in April she had a double mastectomy even though she did not have breast cancer. The operation was preventative.
Jolie lost her mother at age 56 from the disease, and Jolie herself carries the BRCA1 gene, a mutation of the BRCA gene, which she says increases a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer by 65 percent. Jolie’s doctors estimated her risk at 87 percent, and at 50 percent for ovarian cancer, which is also affected by the mutated gene.
In the piece, Jolie described the procedures she underwent, including the “nipple delay” pre-treatment to increase the survival chances of the nipples, followed by the mastectomy and later the reconstructive surgery.“I wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy,” wrote Jolie. “But it is one I am very happy that I made. My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87 percent to under 5 percent. I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”
Feeling empowered for taking action and feeling no less feminine because of the surgery, Jolie wrote, “For any woman reading this, I hope it helps you to know you have options. I want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life, and to make your own informed choices.”
Read more:
Follow us: @looktothestars on Twitter | looktothestarsorg on Facebook

Brad looking so yummy.

He looks amazing especially the shot on the motorbike. phew.

Mariane Pearl: Al-Qa’ida killed my husband, not my hope
21st May
The murder of her husband by al-Qa’ida shocked the world. But the bereavement inspired her work for peace and justice, she tells Simon Usborne-Daniel Pearl had been held captive in Pakistan for more than a month when Mariane, his wife, learned he was dead.
For weeks a small army of diplomats, police and journalists had gathered at the couple’s house in Karachi, determined to find him alive. Pearl refused to believe it was over, demanding proof from the officials delivering the news. “There is a video,” they told her. She suggested it could have been faked, as she recounts in her memoir, A Mighty Heart. “They had a knife,” a US diplomat replied, “And they used in such a way there is no doubt.”
Danny, as Mariane knew him, had been beheaded on film by al-Qa’ida. A reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he was in Pakistan investigating links between the terrorist network and Richard Reid, the British “shoe bomber”. His grisly killing sent fresh shockwaves across the world six months after 9/11. For Mariane, then a journalist for French radio, it was enough at first to make life seem unsustainable. But she had no choice – she was six months pregnant with the couple’s first child.
“Not long after I started writing my book I had an email that said there were 103 babies who were not going to know their fathers because of 9/11,” Pearl says from her home in Barcelona, 11 years after the murder of her husband, who was 39. “The reaction in the US was that women wanted to shelter their kids from the world, they thought there was no hope. I disagreed because the question is not whether there is hope, but where to find it. It was true to Danny and it’s true to me.”
Pearl’s search has inspired her work since. After she published her book, which was later turned into a film starring Angelina Jolie, she devoted her professional life to giving a platform to women fighting their own injustices. She travelled the world interviewing women for columns in Glamour magazine, later collected in her second book, In Search of Hope. Subjects included a former child sex slave in Cambodia who went on to rescue girls from forced prostitution, and the Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female head of state.
Now 45, she is managing editor of Chime for Change, a new global movement raising funds and awareness for women’s rights and empowerment. Its backers include Gordon and Sarah Brown, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Beyoncé Knowles, who will lead a fundraising concert at Twickenham Stadium in West London on 1 June. All Proceeds from ticket sales will be invested in projects all over the world.
Pearl will fly to London for the gig with her son, Adam, who turns 11 next week. She says she told him early on what had happened to his father. “I think the worst thing to do is hide it or censor it because then it becomes more a source of anxiety. It’s something we need to deal with on an ongoing basis. It’s constantly there, that’s the hardest part.”
Her mission as Chime’s editor is to allow women to inspire change from the bottom up. Running what she calls a journalism “laboratory”, she gathers stories from contacts, organisations and news agency based all over the world. She chose to focus on women because she is “convinced they offer more hope for the future”. She also despairs at persisting gender inequality, and the failure of male-dominated media and governments to talk properly about issues affecting women.
“We generally look at women in a very patronising way, they are either heroes or victims. It’s a way of belittling them in some way because this is an issue about power. Letting women express themselves or have more say is about giving up some of that power, and that’s why the struggle is hard.”Her solution: let go and listen – and not just to one voice. Pearl finds hope in Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who defied the Taliban to fight for equal rights and access to education. She was elevated to the pages of the New York Times and beyond, and then shot in the head, narrowly surviving a Taliban hit. Hero status was sealed after her recovery in England when she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
“But she doesn’t need that,” Pearl says of Malala’s status, not seeking to reduce her achievements. “Even Malala herself has started saying, OK, there’s a bunch of me out there. So are we going to manufacture a new Ghandi or Mandela, or do we need a number of great individuals who have such a strong sense of justice in their communities that, together, they are unstoppable?”
Women like Mercy Kumwenda, a 23-year-old health care worker from Malawi. When she came out in February, she made the front pages in a country that regards homosexuality as akin to Satanism. She faced death threats and was disowned by her father, but would not be silenced. “Through phone calls and Facebook messages I have managed to get to know of 45 lesbians in Lilongwe alone,” she told Pearl in Malawi’s capital. “I had to come out because it is clear that so many of us will be forced to enter into marriage or never find love… I hope others will be able to do the same.”
Pearl believes we have reached a critical phase in feminism that will go over the heads of governments, however unsympathetic. “Change is not going to come from some world leader who starts to realise something’s wrong,” she explains. “Real change comes from inside. Politics will follow because, like big movements in history such as apartheid, we’ve reached the point where nothing can stop us, not even the Taliban.”
She uses her experience on both sides of the media’s glare to protect her subjects from overexposure. In the meantime, her own search for justice grinds on. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks, confessed to Daniel Pearl’s beheading in 2003, and is now imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is still waiting to appeal a death sentence handed to him in Pakistan for his role. A third man, Qari Abdul Hayee, was arrested in March this year. “Things take a lot of time but ultimately, hopefully, we’ll get to the point where it’s over,” she says.
Pearl, who was born in France to Dutch and Cuban parents, moved to Spain from Oxford over a year ago (“I liked Oxford but the weather just killed me”). She lives with Adam and Martin, a Dutch-Argentine businessman and her partner of five years. She’s now deciding who among the performers at the Chime concert it will be most exciting for Adam to meet, as a birthday surprise. “I have no objectivity but my son is phenomenal,” she says. “And he is a lot like his father, it’s quite amazing how Danny passed on so much.”
In earlier interviews, not long after Danny’s death, Pearl talked about work as a form of revenge. Now, normal life is enough. “I’ve suffered moments of deep solitude, I’m human,” she says. “But my determination and understanding of what I should do about what happened has never wavered because if I collapse now, they win. Of course life would be different with Danny, but Adam is Adam, and I’m me. We are ourselves and the victory lies there.”
To find out more about Chime for Change, founded by Gucci, visit
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‘I haven’t known life to be any happier’: Brad Pitt on his family and brave Angelina
21 MAY 2013
The last few months can’t have been easy for Brad Pitt; last week, his fiancée Angelina Jolie bravely revealed that she had undergone a preventative double mastectomy, enduring three long months of medical procedures . But despite the recent tough times, the actor says he is the happiest he has ever been.

“I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven’t known life to be any happier,” Brad told Esquire magazine in his first print interview since Angelina’s surgery . “I’m making things. I just haven’t known life to be any happier.”
Of course, Brad’s children play a big part of that joy, and he spoke lovingly about Maddox, 11, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, six and four-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

“I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big,” he said. “I wanted there to be chaos in the house… there’s constant chatter in our house, whether its giggling or screaming or crying or banging.

“I love it. I love it. I love it. I hate it when they’re gone. I hate it. Maybe its nice to be in a hotel room for a day — ‘Oh nice, I can finally read a paper.’ But then, by the next day, I miss that cacophony, all that life.”

The Hollywood star hailed his parter as “heroic” after she published a moving article in the New York Times revealing her mastectomy decision. Speaking to USA Today this week, he added, “I’m quite emotional about it, of course. She could have stayed absolutely private and I don’t think anyone would have been any the wiser with such good results.

“But it was really important to her to share the story and that other would understand it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact it can be an empowering thing, and something that makes you and us stronger.

“We set up own own little post-op recovery that became pretty fun,” he said. “You make an adventure out of it.”

He was also full of admiration for her commitment to keeping her engagements — some of them abroad — all the while having treatment. As well as the Congo, Angelina visited London for the G8 Summit and New York to honour Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai.

“This was during Stage 2 (when the double mastectomy was performed),” Brad added. “Literally it was just weeks after she’d had truly major surgery.”

In her article, titled My Medical Choice, Angelina praised the World War Z star for being by her side “for every minute” of her procedures.

“I am so fortunate to have a partner, Brad Pitt, who is so loving and supportive,” she wrote. “So to anyone who has a wife or a girlfriend who is going through this, know that you are a very important part of that transition.

“Brad was at the Pink Lotus Breast Center where I was treated, for every minute of the surgeries . We managed to find moments to laugh together.

“We knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer. And it has.”
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thank you,phool for all the news,info and links.

good rainy morning (at least in Montreal).all JPs on board!!!!! brad,u lookin’ fxkable man,

When it comes to drugs u don’t have to be wacked out to get trap and can’t get out…. What I don’t understand about u motherf@ so call fans why can u here what the person said about their own life. U all try to play down their words like it never happen. BRAD PITT & ANGE JOLIE said they ware DRUGS USERS just accept the facts loonies azz .

Blast from the past:

Up Close With Angelina Jolie Part Two: Humanitarianism And Family Values
Posted Jan. 2, 2012, 12:55 am
Beverly Cohn / Editor-At-Large

In Part One of this interview, which appeared in last week’s edition of The Mirror, Angelina Jolie, whose body of work as an actor includes the “Lara Croft” series, “Salt,” “Changeling,” “The Good Shepherd,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and “A Mighty Heart,” discussed her first directorial effort in “The Land of Blood and Honey,” which she also wrote and produced. In Part Two of the interview, Jolie talks in depth about her humanitarian awakening and how it impacts her family.
The following has been edited for continuity and print purposes.
Was there one life-changing moment that put you on your humanitarian path?
Jolie: The life-changing moment for me was the first time I went to a war zone for two weeks 11 years ago. I wasn’t a Good Will Ambassador or anything, but I just asked to go and was allowed to. I had spent time in Sierra Leone, a brutal conflict where they cut off arms of little kids. I could not for the life of me understand how this was happening. It was like someone smacked me in the face for all the times I worried about my own problems. The atrocities that took place are unfathomable such as where people literally cut hands off of their sisters to force them to beg or men are forced to rape their mothers in front of people. It’s beyond anything we can imagine. I went to Tanzania and saw the first mass refugee camp that held 500,000 people. When I saw that sea of humanity, displaced, with the lack of human rights and not knowing what their future is, it was so daunting that I was in complete shock and when I got to the airport, I talked to my mother on the phone and broke down. It was then that I decided to live a better life and never, ever forget what I had just seen.
You’re the most famous woman in the world. How do you balance your celebrity status with your family life?
Jolie: Well, I would never sacrifice any time with my family. If Brad (Pitt) and I can’t manage our schedules, we’ll always sacrifice work. The kids and I stayed with him while he was doing “Moneyball” in L.A. and I did the prep for this film mostly here and would only travel for two days and then I would come back. I kept doing that because I couldn’t leave my family for a long time. So I had a very scattered prep and only had three days in Hungary before I started shooting because I had to stay with my family. Brad’s film went over schedule but he joined us a week later. So we just do everything we can to try to stay together and during the filming my family was there. Brad took the kids to school and after school, they would come to the set and play in the fake snow. I didn’t let them anywhere near the camera because this is an inappropriate film for them to be near.
You’re a well-traveled family. How open are you with your children about the problems of the world?
Jolie: Very open and straightforward. My children have been to post-conflict situations and have been to refugee camps. They have also, for example, gone to the house we have in Cambodia. It’s not really a house, but a room on stilts, surrounded by 100 Cambodian people who work with us to secure the area. It’s a project in the middle of the jungle. We found 48 land mines on our property. Our neighbors are land mine victims. My kids play with the local kids and they swim in the pond and it’s part of what they know – part of their lives. When I go on U.N. missions, I always sit down with them and explain where I’m going and they often know about that particular area – especially from watching the news, so they’re pretty well informed. I tell them I’m going to meet with other kids like them to make sure everyone is okay. Sometimes they give me little things to bring as gifts.
How was your childhood different from the childhood you are creating for your children?
Jolie: I’m trying to make them more global. My mother, for as open as she was, we just didn’t travel much, but she always taught me to be a good person and was interested in a lot of things. She took me to my first Amnesty International dinner when I was nine. She was part Native American and always talked to me about issues, but didn’t live outside of America. We weren’t as at home in the world. With my family, I’m trying to raise them to have respect for all people and to make friends around the world and to feel at home around the world. It’s what’s forming them. Of course, I make sure they do their math and their science, but the world perspective is the most important thing. One special family moment comes to mind. We had just finished work in New York and Brad and I were piled in the car with all the kids. We were listening to Christmas songs and were laughing and playing games. I looked at Brad and said ‘this is one of those moments, the moments we live for.’ I’m so fortunate and love my family so much. They’re such a funny, interesting group of people.
Is there one film that stands out for you from your body of work?
Jolie: I loved doing “A Mighty Heart,” the Daniel Pearl story. I loved Mariane Pearl’s message. I think her message of tolerance and forgiveness is very important. I don’t know if I could be as gracious personally. I’ve come to know her family and her son so that film was very important to me. I loved Michael’s (Winterbottom) directing.
Where do you see yourself in the next five to 10 years?
Jolie: I think I’ll be working less or maybe working from home. My kids will be needing me a lot when they hit their teens (laughs). When I think of what I was like when I was a teenager, I think I need to be braced to be spending a lot of time with all six of them and making sure that I can be there when they go through everything.
Thank you for a most gracious interview.

Good morning J-P fans.
Still no break through for where Tornados will land, looking at what use to be homes, it is devastating from a distance, words can’t describe being in it.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 8:51 am

# 113 were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:45 am
When Brad was with Ticky he was a HEAVY smoker. He used to say that he was a “professional smoker”. Probaby a 2-3 pack a day habit PLUS all dat ganja, mon. We all know why. He needed the constant nicotine fix and ganja buzz as an excuse for either forgetting who Ticky was and pissing her off by constantly asking, “Now…who are you, again? My wife? I have a wife? When’d I et a wife…” or “Are you sure? Cuz…your face…that doesn’t look like a face that goes with mine in pictures. Are you really serous? Pinky swear?” He was in therapy during this time and I’m sure that’s one of his issues – “Doc…I got this chick in my house who won’t leave. She keeps saying she’s my ‘wife’ but her…I can never remember it…” And the shirnk says, “Now, Brad…we’ve discussed this before…due to years of da ganja, mon, you can no longer retain the faces and names of people you meet in long term memory. This woman IS your wife. I’m sorry her face – and personality – don’t mesh with your idea of who you SHOULD be married to, but if you really can’t stand the woman, then dump her and fine a more suitable mate – one who’s face and name you’ll happily remember.” And…viola! Off with Ticky’s head! And yet the hens still don’t get it. Un poquito sigh…

When it comes to drugs u don’t have to be wacked out to get trap and can’t get out…. What I don’t understand about u motherf@ so call fans why can u here what the person said about their own life. U all try to play down their words like it never happen. JUSTIN THEORUX said he was DRUGS USERS just accept the facts TROLLS azz

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 8:57 am

I see Tampon sepnt the night talking to herself…again. I am happy to see, however, that she’s confessed her sick secret pedo shame. Hopefully the FBI will get in touch with Jared and get her IP info so they can remove another pedo from the streets. I’m sure all the kids in America will safer with her off the streets.



Bambi the LADY likes the shot with the camera in hands. It look like he coming if you know what I mean. Mumumumumumu oh my. I’m happy!!!!!!

Bambi the LADY likes the shot with the camera in hands. HE IS SO HOT. Mumumumumumu oh my. I’m happy!!!!!!

Now now don’t act or shock PASSING THROUGH talk about fans WET PANTIES.

Angelina Jolie’s Disclosure
Published: May 17, 2013
Angelina Jolie’s revelation on The Times’s Op-Ed page that she had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer greatly raises public awareness of the genetic testing she used, as well as concerns about insurance coverage for this kind of testing. Ms. Jolie had a family history of cancer and tested positive for genetic flaws in the BRCA1 gene, which indicates an elevated risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Her doctor estimated that she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer.
Very few women fall into such a high-risk category. But for those who do, the test may be lifesaving. Conducted by Myriad Genetics, the testing costs about $3,000, and surgery and breast reconstruction costs many thousands more for women choosing preventive mastectomies.
The health care reform law requires private insurers to cover genetic counseling and, if appropriate, BRCA testing, without a co-payment, in recently issued policies. Medicare and Medicaid coverage for BRCA tests for high-risk women may differ from state to state. Generally, neither private nor public insurance will cover the tests for women whose family history does not suggest increased risk, and that makes good sense. Test results can be unclear and may lead to unneeded surgery or treatments that have the potential for serious harm.
Even women who think their risk is high should take a cautious approach, said the United States Preventive Services Task Force, a group of independent experts who provide advice to the federal government on health screening measures. They should talk with their doctors to see if genetic counseling is needed, assess the pros and cons of BRCA testing, and consider options for treatment, which might include surgery, drugs that could reduce risk of breast cancer, and close monitoring with mammograms and M.R.I. scans. Women will need to check their policies to see what coverage is provided for preventive mastectomies and other preventive measures.

Now now don’t act or shock ME..I love WET PANTIES.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 9:15 am

# 153 Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 8:03 am A
By By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times
May 21, 2013

Four days after her April 27 breast reconstruction, the third and final surgery aimed at sparing her an early death from breast cancer, Angelina Jolie was in good spirits at home.

Upon paying a house call, her surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk
I have no idea who this Robin Abcarian person is, but I’m sick to my back teeth of people who can’read for comprehension. The story boards incident happened after the SECOND SURGERY NOT THE THIRD. The doctor specifically noted that she had 6 drainage tubes sticking out of her chest. You do not need drainage when you’re putting something IN…unless you’re Tampon and an adult diaper – just taking it out. These re professioanl journalists who can’t read worth shite so why do we expect the trolls to go outside their abilities? It’s an epidemic, I tell ya!

I am unable to get a woman, this is why i;m jealous of Brad and Angie. I wish I can get a good looking woman like her. Sigh

I’m a fat, old man who spent most of his years incarcerated. I am now free on parole.

Wow,joedogTheHalfMan on duty, b/c No one cares or wants BongJen,hehehehehe

Only Mr.Gigolo wants BongJen,eeheeheeheeheeh

Ticky and the giggolo are smoking the ganga together. puff puff pass.

OMG,Why TheHalfMan CANNOT set up BongJen to any A-D list hunks huh ?
Rachel Green crying for 8 + years for a new set up A-D list hunks and got Mr. Gigolo McGreedy…… Ouch …..Ouch

Not sure if this has been posted. I was curious about BRCA testing and Obamacare. Look what came out on March 6 2013.
BRCA Testing Granted Preventive Care Designation Under the Affordable Care Act
GlobeNewswire – Wednesday, March 6, 2013
SALT LAKE CITY, March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN) announced today that three federal agencies including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury have issued a set of FAQs clarifying BRCA testing as a preventive service under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Importantly, this clarification will allow for BRCA testing to be completed with no patient cost sharing for all non-grandfathered private insurance plans when an asymptomatic woman has a qualifying family history.
“We view this clarification as a recognition of the critical value of BRACAnalysis(R) as a preventive service in women’s health,” said Pete Meldrum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Myriad Genetics Inc. “This designation goes a long way in ensuring that high-risk women can now have access to the life-saving preventive information provided by BRACAnalysis(R) without the financial burden of out-of-pocket expenses.”
On September 17, 2010, a provision of the Affordable Care Act became effective that required non-grandfathered, private, insurance plans to cover items or services with no patient cost sharing that had a rating of “A” or “B” by the United States Preventive Services Task Force. Screening for deleterious mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes was incorporated in the guidelines with a rating of “B” but due to some ambiguous language it was unclear to health plans whether the recommendations included only genetic counseling or the actual test itself. This ambiguity has now been clarified to grant BRCA testing as well as genetic counseling a preventive care designation under the Affordable Care Act.
In 2012, only 48 percent of Americans receiving their health insurance coverage through their employers were enrolled in grandfathered insurance plans; down from 56 percent in 2011, according to Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey. According to the same survey, 19% of health plans in 2012 were high deductible plans, which was up from only 8% in 2009. These plans can lead patients to delay important preventive care given the high out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services until deductibles are met. Going forward, women who are members of non-grandfathered insurance plans, who are determined to be high risk by their healthcare providers, will have no out-of-pocket costs including copays, deductibles, and coinsurance when ordering BRACAnalysis(R) and BART(TM) as a preventive service. This clarification will take effect immediately and Myriad looks forward to working with private insurance plans to implement the changes to ensure broader access to patients.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 9:44 am

# 153 Love the JoliePitts @ 05/21/2013 at 8:03 am
Pink Lotus Breast Center co-founder and Executive Chairman Andy Funk, whose wife is Jolie’s surgeon, said in an email Monday that Pink Lotus and Jolie are collaborating on a public relations campaign. Her essay was the opening salvo.

Funk said he could not yet answer questions about whether Jolie has a financial relationship of any sort with the center, which she singled out in her New York Times piece. But he hinted that something is afoot.

Perhaps Jolie will follow the footsteps of singer Sheryl Crow, who had breast cancer surgery in 2006, then helped launch the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center at Pink Lotus. The center features “the latest advancements in digital screening and diagnostic imaging technologies.”
Just how fvcking amazing is The Jolie? This is something she can put Shiloh & Vivienne’s names on because sadly they’re very likely to carry the faulty BRCA1 gene, too. Although…now hens will be whining that Angie’s stealing the “breast cancer” charity from Ticky…who did nothing but direct a 17-minute short to put on her resume and has now moved on to mental illness…which, considering her long history with shrinks, she ought to be a freaking expert in…

blessings @ 05/21/2013 at 9:45 am

So it’s good to know that Brad is happy now, and he loves his big family.

Good Morning Love The JoliePitts
Apologies for not replying back sooner I am just in a habit of posting first and “only then” I go back and read & reply back to comments so like I said I might appear to be ignoring while I’m posting, but rest assured I’m not lol. Now that we’ve managed to get that out of the way, how are you my dear?, by the way I was laughing at your post where you misspell my name, you didn’t need to apologies, you can call me any thing from Fool, to photo to what ever comes next in the alphabet lol .
Thank you for your daily input of posts & links, the more the merrier I say. Also nice to see you are using your freedom wisely (you know what I mean shh before Jared hears) you get an extra Gold Star for that. Reading bits of Brads Esquire Magazine Interview on line can’t wait to go and get my issue for me to salivate over AS IF I needed any excuse when it comes to Brad & Angie.
Love, can a guy talking about HIS family get any sexier than he already is? Lol, I loved every bit of it, you can just feel from reading it how free, content and independent he his in his life there’s no shackles of doom looming over like his past. I can see the impact it already has had on the Trolls, Oh happy day’s lmao. I love the Mean & Moody photo, he just doesn’t care about any thing apart from his family does he, he rocks up gets his photo taken and Rocks back out, to his home back to the beautiful chaos that is his family.
Loves my dear, you can see already from one interview thousandth Rumour mills will go over drive the ships will sink in the land of Troll magazines cant you? Lol. They will scream Oh he has no friends like Angie , yeah right as if they are going to share every trade secret with a magazine, its not like he ‘s going to tell them who they are is he ?, oh he dabbled with drugs, so what! Who hasn’t I say, let me say so what again. I love the part where he just dismisses his previous life all together lmao “Brad you’re the man” I bet that’s kick in the Tickys teeth because we know she already ordered her first copy of Esquire via Fed-EX and when she does her maths of 10 year she will get the message lol depending if all those blond chemicals haven’t fried her already 2 brain cells. Oh poor Squiggy is already getting it in the neck from her as the breaks were put on her NY pi.mping, so her B.itch is going to get it both barrels, well I guess this very moment Ticky is whining & moaning; so time to redial for the resident therapist to pay a visit to the household of Ticky lol.

Something about reconstructed breasts:
No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction

By almost any measure, Roseann Valletti’s reconstructive breast surgery was a success. Although it was a protracted process, involving some pain and a nightmarish nipple replacement, she is pleased with how she looks.
But she is uncomfortable. All the time. “It feels like I’m wrapped up in duct tape,” said Mrs. Valletti, 54, of the persistent tightness in her chest that many women describe after breast reconstruction.
“They look terrific, to the eye,” added Mrs. Valletti, a teacher who lives in Valley Stream, N.Y., and who learned she had early-stage cancer in both breasts five years ago. “But it’s never going to feel like it’s not pulling or it’s not tight. It took me a while to accept that. This is the new normal.”
Last week the actress Angelina Jolie announced in The New York Times that she had had a double mastectomy in February after testing positive for a genetic mutation that put her at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. She also had reconstructive surgery.
Her disclosure was lauded by some advocates as a bold move that will inspire women to be proactive, learn about their family histories and risks, and consider genetic testing.
At the same time, some breast surgeons are discomfited that some might infer from the article that reconstructive surgery is a quick and easy procedure, and worry that Ms. Jolie inadvertently may have understated the risks and potential complications.

Surgical techniques that spare the nipple are increasingly being used for prophylactic mastectomies. (See entire graphic.)
For most patients, like Mrs. Valletti, breast reconstruction requires an extended series of operations and follow-up visits that can yield variable results. Some women experience so many complications that they just have the implants removed.
“We do not yet have the ability to wave a wand over you and take out breast tissue and put in an implant — we’re not at “Star Trek” medicine,” said Dr. Deanna J. Attai, a breast surgeon in Burbank, Calif., who is on the board of the American Society of Breast Surgeons.
Ms. Jolie said that she completed her reconstructive surgeries in nine weeks, but for many patients the process takes closer to nine months. “Three months is probably a little unusual,” said Dr. Gregory R. D. Evans, in Orange, Calif., president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “I usually tell my patients it will take about a year.”
And it is major surgery. Even with the best plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction carries the risks of infection, bleeding, anesthesia complications, scarring and persistent pain in the back and shoulder. Implants can rupture or leak, and may need to be replaced. If tissue is transplanted to the breast from other parts of the body, there will be additional incisions that need to heal. If muscle is removed, long-term weakness may result.
A syndrome called upper quarter dysfunction — its symptoms include pain, restricted immobility and impaired sensation and strength — has been reported in over half of breast cancer survivors and may be more frequent in those who undergo breast reconstruction, according to a 2012 study in the journal Cancer.
“People have to understand it’s not a breeze,” said Geri Barish, president of 1 in 9: The Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition and a three-time survivor of breast cancer. “I don’t want people to think this is the cure-all, that this is it, hurry up, run out and get the test and have your ovaries and breasts removed.”
An array of new techniques, each with its own risks and potential benefits, makes for bewildering options for women. The first choice in breast reconstruction is whether to have implants or to make the new breast from muscle or fat and skin taken from elsewhere in the body, often from the abdomen — so-called autologous tissue transfer.
More plastic surgeons are familiar with implants, and the procedure is less expensive than tissue transfer. Of the 91,655 women who had reconstruction last year in the United States, a vast majority opted for implants, with 64,114 choosing silicone and 7,898 choosing saline, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Just over 19,000 women chose autologous tissue transfer.
click on link for more info.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 9:55 am

# 154 Phool @ 05/21/2013 at 8:03 am
Muse For World War Z Soundtrack ? Rock trio post cryptic teaser clip online
UGH! Not Muse. Please…no Muse! They’ve got 1 good song. Someone I thought was my friend gave me Muse’s The Second Law to listen to. Now I’m questioning where she was yanking my chain or just didn’t want to be friends anymore and couldn’t find a more subtle way to tell me. Seriously…that shite is histrionic. It’s as close to a bad Freddie Mercury\Queen Bohemian Rhapsody knock-off as I ever want to get…

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 10:05 am

# 159 lylian @ 05/21/2013 at 8:20 am
Lylian -
Polishing, no. Whitening, yes. She needs one of those professional whitening with the icky gel shite that they use laser to heat the gel and basically “bleach and bake” the enamel. In my neck of the woods that’s a $1,000, upper and lower. It’s probably double that in LO but if she’s concerned about the cost, then she should make Squiggy apply at the nearest Mickey D’s. They’ve ALWAYS got a “HIRING” sign in the window. It’s only take him a few months of doube-shifts to afford it, but work is good for the soul. He ought to try it sometime…

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 10:11 am

@ Passing Through
Poor fuggiston and her escort- smokers teeth, smokers breath, and not a cure for either in sight. Maybe she should bring her escort alone with her to the dentist. That way, they would never have to be alone and worry that Heidi Bivens will find squiggs and take him back to his senses…

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 10:12 am

# 162 Phool @ 05/21/2013 at 8:33 am OT
Now 45, she is managing editor of Chime for Change, a new global movement raising funds and awareness for women’s rights and empowerment. Its backers include Gordon and Sarah Brown, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Beyoncé Knowles, who will lead a fundraising concert at Twickenham Stadium in West London on 1 June. All Proceeds from ticket sales will be invested in projects all over the world.
Hmmmmmm….June 1…the day before the London WWZ premiere. Wonder if Angie and Brad’ll go to the concert. Or if Brad will take Mad and Pax with him so they can hang out with Adam.
Can you just imagine – Bey meets Angie. I think I can hear Lamey’s o r g asm ic shrieking already…

I so admar Ms.Angelina for her curage to undergoe breast removal..I myself have some rather large pendulus floppy whoppers that gets in the way when I do just bout everything and i too am a lookin to rid myself of these fattyfleshy annoyances, I too have a partner named Daryll with long stringy hair like Mr,Brad who sticks by me thru thick an thin, he’s in a wheel chair an has one arm so he never gits far goin in a circle don’tcha know. Yous all keep up the good work JP fans and keep supportin the cutting off of bad stuff an such.

OMG….the sexiest man alive…..always!

Phool @ 05/21/2013 at 8:03 am
I only like one song by them: Super massive Black Hole.
I remember thinking, “D.amn, I didn’t know they knew Ticky.
“Supermassive Black Hole”
Oh baby dont you know I suffer?
Oh baby can you hear me moan?
You caught me under false pretenses
How long before you let me go?
You set my soul alight
You set my soul alight
(You set my soul alight)
Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the super massive
(You set my soul alight)
Glaciers melting in the dead of night
And the superstars sucked into the ‘super massive’
I thought I was a fool for no one
Oh baby I’m a fool for you
You’re the queen of the superficial
And how long before you tell the truth

#Bizzy bee@05/20/13 at 11:19pm
#groundcontrol@05/21/13 at 12:03am
Good Morning Bizzy & ground control how are you both? sorry to be addressing you both in one post it was as both of you rightly so brought up parts of Brads Interview called out people, especially on what people are latching on to, so wanted to add my two cents if you don’t mind. Honestly it p.isses me off big time when media makes out more than “what actually is said” and twists words. In regards to Brad talking about drug damage he’s talking metaphorically why can’t they get that into their thick heads? Brads saying look what a dull and wasteful uninspired life, with no ambitions, I had led 10 odd years ago compared to what he’s leading now.
And what’s wrong with that he’s telling people look at me in my mind I was a waster but I got up and made sure I made difference with my life instead of frittering it away on fickle things. PS Talking about not remembering names Oh Brad I’m lucky if I remember on a good day and I’m single at least you have 6 kids to keep you occupied that’s taxing on the brain lol
No one can say he was a drug addict if people taking weed are called drug addicts then might as well commit everyone to rehab lol honestly its not like he was into hard core A-class drugs for gods sake, so no one can say he was then, nor can they say he’s one now.
So metaphorically speaking he’s speaking about Life itself, he’s saying Of course there’s no comparison is there? If I kept on being useless and unproductive where would I be today? That what he questioning Himself. So is it any wonder he looks around him and see’s, He’s gone from a barren unfulfilled life of a coach potato, to a life full of meaning and causes, a life full of most cherished things he’d dreamed which have become reality because he chose to become proactive in living. So it all came to him he became a father, he’s blessed with a women that has given him all these treasures without him asking for it, he didn’t even need to move heaven and earth for, she just brought it too him. Of course anyone in his shoes would feel privileged to be given a second chance and making hey of it and that’s what he doing rightly so.
I know people will latch on to it taking soft drugs , but lets be clear what is reality and what is not, when some one is talking about drugs doesn’t necessarily make them addicts. Some do it for wanting the experience fun & bored, some more for their personal satiability if that goes out of hand then yes of course that person needs help, Just look around most Hollywood has been in & out of rehabs from the likes of late Heath ledger, River phoenix, to current crop of Robert Downey junior to Charlie sheen the list is endless, at least Brad has been wise to stick to his weed in his younger years had not followed suit as these predecessors.
So looking at the famous faces above, some same age as Brad, some older all have been to Rehabs but Brad hasn’t that’s the difference he’s never been into drug or alcohol rehabs nor has he ever appeared coherent in public, nor in private, if that was the case, believe me every one would have known by now he’s firkin Brad Pitt.
Last but not least, you know what annoys me most is people latching on to one trigger word and then they become trigger happy with it, with out reading the full context of the article or the question that someone is giving answers to. Is it too much to ask people to read the firkin article before making judgment, read it in its full context, and every one will see what he’s “actually talking about” before trolling on one word. Same thing happened with Angies Op-Ed some morons who thing they were doctors & professors got stuck with the same trigger words i.e. the $3000 figures, instead of assessing the whole article in its full context Some of these morons were even educated for Frick sake. Like I said people choose to see what “they see” not “hear what is being said”, and that’s the difference, is it too much to ask to use common sense ok I know another stupid question. Thanks for bearing with me on my rant to society lol.

#Rose@05/20/13 at 04:41pm
Good Morning Rose were my eyes deceiving me or was that really you who were posting out of your vocation? If so good girl this should be your utmost priority for get about the vocation lol joking. Hope you are well and are enjoying your leisure time the time is nearing to the end it’s always annoys one how quickly time passes especially when you are on holiday. So I hop eth weathers been nice & sunny and you managed to take lots off photos. Any way take care hope you have a safe journey back home God Bless.

#Lily@05/20/13 at 03:54pm (Reply to post from previous thread)
Good Morning Lily Lol in regards to the Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Cannes over the top PDA at Cannes, ITA not even on par with The Real King & Queen that is Brad & Angie, have & had on all that Cannes Red Carpet appearances. They just ooze sexual chemistry with Glamour & Class, people can imitate them, but no one can even come near what Both Brad & Angie has. Lily I did see the video of Nicole practically manhandling Keith for a Kiss, looked a bit OTT as a viewer, seeing some one with a frozen face trying to make it look natural in stretching those pumped lips for a kiss. If I had that reaction can’t fathom what people there must have felt maybe gagged lol.
Sorry Nicole fans, to me she just has the warmth of a Step ford Wife, hang on let me get a shield in front of me before you throw stones at me lol.PS I heard the real reason the Grace Kelly Bio, wasn’t shown in Cannes as attended was pushed back due to re-shoots & basically not good enough to be viewed but Harvey’s working hard to get the Oscar buzz even when its not needed.

Lord have mercy, who would have thought the burning questions on everyone’s mind would still be the paternity of January Jones child… NOT

I never got NK as Grace Kelly……….there was a sexuality about Grace that belied her ice queen image of perfect, unappraochable beauty….it’s actually difficult to imagine who could do her justice……NK is a good actor but she’s not ‘All American Prom Queen-debutante enough imo. More a January Jones in her best Mad Men makeup. It’s funny, not many female leads come to mind when thinking about whom would be better than NK. Kate Upton…with the hair and boobs toned down…facially and colouring….not too many great looking blondes out there right now..anyone have better luck with this?

We're the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:32 pm

Probably a lie, but a nice article nonetheless:
Brad Pitt broke down in tears as he read a letter to Angelina Jolie in which he revealed his love and admiration for her.

The ‘Moneyball’ actor stayed by his fiancée’s bedside when she underwent the first stage of a double mastectomy procedure to prevent her from developing breast cancer, and he poured all his feelings into a heartfelt note.

When Angelina – who was identified to carry the BRCA1 gene mutation which causes cancer – was too drowsy from anaesthetic to read the letter, Brad read it out to her.

A source told the new UK issue of Grazia magazine: “While she was sleeping, he stayed up all night writing her a letter. One of his biggest points was that he regretted not making an honest woman of her yet. He said the experience made him want to marry her as soon as possible.

“The letter was five pages long. Brad also spoke a lot of how much he admired her as a strong woman, for her humanitarian work, and spoke at length about how she would always look after him when he needed her. He promised to do the same for her.”

The couple – who raise six children together, Maddox, 11, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, six, and four-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – are now preparing to marry on their South of France estate in July and want the day to be a celebration of their love and their future together.

Angelina, 37, and Brad, 49, have also chose tiger lily flowers to honour the actress’ late mother Marcheline Bertrand – who died from ovarian cancer in 2007 aged 56.

The source added: “Brad, Angelina and the children are flying to the French Riviera soon to put the final touches to what is now being slated as an early July wedding.

“They’ve got Robert Procop-designed rings, and have a three-tiered chocolate cake on order and flowers including tiger lilies, which were Angie’s mother’s favourite.

“It’s going to be a day full of love, laughter and focused on the future.”

# Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 9:55 am
Lol at least you know one song I only know about them and he’s Kate Hudson’s boyfriend with dodgy teeth but that’s as far as it goes haven’t heard them so cant make an assessment i know Brads into another Brit Band I cant remember their name at the moment I thought he might have used their music. Freddi Mercury now that’s what I call the ledged of Rock God, they should have used some Queen to pump it up a bit.

PS I think your frend was defanatly yanking your chain lol your words not mine.

@We’re the morons:
I agree it’s a lie. but what really gets to me is the puke inducing soppiness of the writing, like a really really badly written Signet romance. While she was sleeping he wrote the letter than read it out to her?
I’m JP fan but no f-ing way is Brad going to do anything sooooo common!
Egads, none of the rags knew that Angelina was getting a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery over the last 3 months but they now know that Brad wrote a 5 (not less than 5, not more than 5, but exactly 5) page letter to Angelina and read it out to her?
And they are getting married in July? Like the rags didn’t know what was happening in LA right under their noses but they know Brad and Angelina are getting married in July in Miraval?
Honestly, nevermind who writes this shite – the real question is, who buys grazia to read this shite!

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:53 pm

Good point! The international rags always seem think they’re knowledgeable on the JP family. As we all know, they didn’t know didly squat about Angies double mastectomy, until it came out last week. Now they know about wedding? HA. Stupidity at best.
These rags get more pathetic by the hour.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 12:54 pm

…more talk of weddings and fiestas…tsk, tsk, tsk…mita!, it didn’t work for the last films…talk about the movie, the characters, and the story, and making the movie…noone wants to hear this old siht again all about self and personal siht…damn…

ANGE look old and WORNOUT . It’s because bill bob had his way with him/ her . He call her button hard as rock.

JK, Angie looks smokin’ hot. Ohhlala

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 12:55 pm

Hola lylian with the small (l)…nice seeing you here…

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 12:56 pm

Sorry I said that you lylian, that was vulgar and disgusting. I will never say that again.

#We’re the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:32 pm
Lol I guess all the while Brad was writing this supposed 5 page letter, Grazia Magazine’s insider was standing besides him doing rest of the guess work like any other insider does. The UK magazines take a figment of their imagination to another level, no wonder they still haven’t been able to figure out how to land on the moon YET.

The Real Deal @ 05/21/2013 at 12:58 pm


Charlize Theron could imo.

Firsr leo dicaprio now brad! what’s wrong with esquire?! they’re really hotter, better and younger than what they are on the cover of this mag! brad looked quite better and younger in the pix of some days ago which he walked down the street! in some of his pix and leo’s like the mag put some wrinkles more in thier face!!! just saying!

Daily Mail is making Maniston hags upset again by put the headline : Brad Pitt reveals he was ‘wasting’ his life away while married to Jennifer Aniston”

@chunky pipe:

Then don’t follow it, duh. Ain’t exactly rocket science.

Anyone can promote their movies ad nauseum….but there are different rules for the JP’s. Watch Aniston flog her latest dud for the next three months…..but that’s okay and she is flogging some ridiculour indie that no one gives a shite about.

Why do people come here to basically cut and paste their decade long redundant posts….nothing new, nothing interesting……nothing..nothing.

Trolls excel at nothingness. And they do go out of their way to exhibit it…almost as though they were leading productive lives and admiring productive people…….

First leo dicaprio now brad! what’s wrong with esquire?! they’re really hotter, better and younger than what they are on the cover of this mag! brad looked quite better and younger in the pix of some days ago where he walked down the street! in some of his pix and leo’s like the mag put some wrinkles more in their face!!! I don’t like it! just saying!

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:05 pm

I’m chunky, 400 ibs and a lesbian. Wheres my pussayyy ?

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:06 pm

…ahah!, a fan wishes to be me…I’m flattered…haha…knock-it off!

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:07 pm

@huh: We knew the trolls would be so upset. They claim fug is so happy with her paid escort, yet they are still bitter about Brad. One would think they wouldn’t care about what Brad says if she’s so happy, lol. They all know ticky got the worse end of the stick.

The Real Deal @ 05/21/2013 at 12:58 pm


Charlize Theron could imo.
Nicole K is the best to play Grace Kelly, she physically looks like Grace Kelly and she is a great actress. Charlize theron is a great actress too, but she doesn’t look like Grace.

# Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 10:12 am
Can you just imagine – Bey meets Angie. I think I can hear Lamey’s o r g asm ic shrieking already…
Thanks PT for making me puke all over my key board that’s one image I need to erase pronto, knowing wonky eyed lamey she will pull another conspiracy theory angle out of it if Brad & Angie DO go there becuse the hag is big into conspiricies lol.. by the way PT forget about lamey’s lame orgasms, I can most defiantly hear Bey giving a big screech in pleasure if she see’s Brad & Angie thats gauranteed, might even throw in Jay as well doing the same lol.

“No matter how hard he’s working, if one of those kids runs by the window he’ll get out of his chair and give them a kiss,” swoon.
Brad is the best father in the world.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:12 pm

hola dawne the canadian canuck,

…it’s just a suggestion…I don’t care if you’re promoting a film then can’t talk about it or its characters…me, me, me, me…noone wants to see the film…

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:14 pm

But yet, Jen can talk about her gigolo all day long, and I wouldn’t care. Do gigolo’s dance? Because I hope gigolo dances for me. Too bad the gigolo isn’t as famous as Brad. Sigh

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:15 pm

JUST KIDDING- I want to see WWZ! Why do I keep contradicting myself?

I love to read Brad/Angie’s interviews to get a glimpse of their lives.

#167 Passing POOP @ 05/21/2013 at 8:51 am

Poor Poopy trapped in a bubble of delusion. It must be the stench emanating from those week-old burritos.

So basically in this interview he admitted the following:

1) he’s mentally unbalanced.

2) he’s a drug addict and has abused drugs.

3) he shacked up with psycho Ho only after because he’s those two things, and he wouldn’t be with her otherwise.

4) he loves chaos: banging, screaming, crying. All of these situations have negative connotations.

5) He has no friends.

ROTFLMAOOO did he shoot himself in the foot or not?? I would expect CPS to be knocking on his door any day soon now.

Best part of it is loons, all that came straight out of your idols’ drooling mouf. No contradictions or slandering. He’s really a fktt up person, ain’t he?

And do you JP trolls have the nerve to deny that Jen dodged a bullet when she divorced his cheatin’ stinky ass? :D

#Jaye @ 05/21/2013 at 11:27 am
I only like one song by them: Super massive Black Hole.
I remember thinking, “D.amn, I didn’t know they knew Ticky.
“Supermassive Black Hole”

LMAO good one Jaye it seems like she was “their inspiration” for this song looking at the words damn “You caught me under false pretences” ..”You’re the queen of the superficial” its like as if Brad is singing out lmao, wow what can I say it’s like as if Kate told her man all about Ticky .. Jaye that’s a great post.

@The Real Deal:

brilliant…….yes, Charlize……perfect……..she has the blonde chiseled beauty………and younger than NK without the botox face…….wonder if she was approached and turned it down?

So basically in this interview he admitted the following:

1) he’s happy.

2) he’s no longer a drug addict
3) he found his true lovee.

4) he loves chaos with his kids

5) He has select friends.


Brad is too hot.

I am so bitter at the face that my Brad found happiness, and I’ve found an incurable STD. OUCHHHHHHH

This is of course the part that Jared chose to omit, because his editorial view doesn’t focus on the less “glamorous” aspects, even when they happen to be the ugly truth.

Brad Pitt he feared he caused himself “drug damage”

Brad Pitt has admitted he feared he caused himself “drug damage” – but insists of his current life: “I haven’t known life to be any happier.”

The Hollywood superstar admits that his tendency to abandon things “scares me” and even admitted: “For a long time I thought I did too much damage – drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter. I spent years f***ing off.”

But he told Esquire magazine that around 10 years ago he made “a conscious change. “It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities,” he said. “Now I finish. It’s very important to see things through.” He talked lovingly of the chaos of his large household of six kids, which he affectionately calls “one big mess”. “There’s a constant chatter in the house, whether it it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I hate it when they’re gone. I miss that cacophony, all that life.”

He added: “I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family – and I haven’t known my life to be any happier. I just haven’t known life to be any happier.” But he also admits he is so bad at remembering names and faces it is “why I stay home” – and is so bad he fears he has a condition, prosopagnosia. “I piss people off. I get this thing, like, ‘You’re being egotistical, you’re being conceited’. But it’s a mystery to me, man. I’m going to get it tested,” he said.

Brad has won, and Jen has lost. My fellow hens, we have lost again.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:22 pm

…no, I don’t want to see funky-town…hahahahahahahahaha…

I love you BRAD. I wish we could of done drugs together. I love crystal meth.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:24 pm

@Ⱦamsin: I love him too! So sexy yummmmmmmmm

hey you, stop stealing my name, you are upsetting me :(

It is so cute Brad and Angie make out at home all the time. True love.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:25 pm

i am so fat, that chick from presious told me to lose some

UGH, let me go take my multiple personality disorder pills. Later, I must take my ointment for the chlamydia I have on my …

if derp is herp, is herp derp derp?

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:26 pm

@Ⱦamsin: I have that tooo! It burnssssssssssss


hoola hoopsssssssssssssssssss are gooooooooooooood

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:28 pm

…the name-stealer is a re-tard…hahahahahahahahaha

I knew Brad’s interview would drive Maniston hens over the edge. hehehe.

Me thinks Brad fired another shot over the bow of his ex. I didn’t leave for Angie, I was takin’ a hike out of that deadend life I was living. She was happy with it, he became disillusioned……she didn’t get it…….he had to go.

He was outa that marriage one way or t’other…….it was simply serendipitous timing…..meeting Angie created a polarized view of his life and his dissatisfaction with it……and here she was already a mother and a huge humanitarian and so much younger than he. Meeting Angie just drove home everything he knew to be true.

Family, giving, self-actualizing creatively……… was all there. Everything he had been missing. I think he is so sick of Angie taking the heat for this……in every big interview he reminds people of what an unfulfilling life he had been living. It was about that, not ‘another’ woman…….it was obvious destiny that they met……….who could possibly argue that………..he LOVES his life.

Tapeworm; Ticky is still stoned in every public appearance……diff is, Brad isn’t. He moved on, she hasn’t. And who the eff cares who did what drugs when? LIke ALL of HW isn’t? How naive are you?

Diff is Angie and Brad are HONEST…….the rest aren’t until you catch them on their way to rehab. Get over it. It means shite all in the scheme of important things…………nobody cares…..quit boring us…..Angie tried them all and is suprised she didn’t do personal harm to herself……then she grew up………..same with Brad…….makes them more credible to me as it were anyway……..LOL at you trolls, Brad tells the world and you think you have something to malign him with……he doesn’t see it as malignment………Anyone with half a brain would realize he was drugging ……WITH HIS WIFE AT THE TIME……….HELLO.

cuckoo cuckoo
tweet tweet little birdy

my fav colour is green,,i like green i do

i gusta yoga

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:30 pm

I’m a retardddddd tooooooooo

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:31 pm

So tammy and the fat chunk are literally losing it, over someone they supposedly hate. Troll meltdown in effect.

# Dawne @ 05/21/2013 at 12:08 pm
Hi Dawne the problem I had was sites like Daily Fails constant comparison of Grace Kelly & Nicole Kidman being shoved down every ones throats, despite the fact this women doesn’t in any way or form look like her, I know its the Harvey Weinstein propaganda of drumming up business even before a project starts. when her name first was mentioned i though oh no and to be honest seeing her still think oh no , personally speaking they should have used an unknown actress for this part, but of course they want to make money, hang on even NK cant guarantee box office success. Problem with Nicole is like you said she isn’t a bad actress but not good either,for some reason for me she comes across a cold fish to me there is no warmth in her performance.
Dawne please don’t get me going on January Jones” I still cant figure out what the fuss is about her ? may it be about her acting & in looks, I cant see it ?or may be I have a blind spot when it comes to these Lame a$$ blonds who knows lol.
In regards to “not too many great looking blondes out there right now. anyone have better luck with this?” I would say they should have got Cate Blanchet they could have used CGI like they did in CCOBB because aren’t they covering Grace in her younger years, I know Nicole’s solution is being botoxed to the hilt but I would have preferred some one with some expression other that frozen ice berg.

Brad Pitt is perfection.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:37 pm

…apparently, I’m not allowed to comment on this guy’s comments…
…jared, I’m being bullied…

I found this and I thought it deserved to be reposted////

Lainey calls it out – LOL @ 05/20/2013 at 10:08 pm

Second Hand Pitt Porn

Brad Pitt covers the June/July issue of Esquire. The profile was written by Tom Junod. In light of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy announcement last week, Esquire has posted additional thoughts from Junod to its website on the Brange relationship given what we all know now. Apparently his interviews with Pitt took place during the 3 months Jolie was undergoing her procedures.

Junod previously profiled Jolie in 2007. Have you ever read the article? It’s…extremely flattering. I mean, he basically calls her Jesus. And I guess he was widely criticised for it. Here’s Brad’s response when he mentions it during their discussion:

“But you were right. You were right, you were right. Angie is….the best person…..”

For his piece on Pitt, Juno had access to those inside the Jolie-Pitt circle. Like, the real circle. If we learned anything last week, there is indeed a real circle and that sh-t is kept tight. Frank Pollaro, Pitt’s furniture design partner, has been allowed inside. These were the observations Pollaro chose to share:

“But (Pollaro) wanted to say something else, so he called Brad, and asked if he was at liberty to speak about Brad’s relationship with Angelina. He was, and so when he called back, he told me what he’d seen at Brad’s house — “once I walked in and Angie was standing there and Zahara walked up and said, ‘Daddy, you’re not going to start making out with Mommy again, are you?’ And it’s like that. This is a guy who has tried not to do any sexy scenes with other women since he’s met Angelinia. He’s crazy about her, and she’s the same way about him. No matter how hard he’s working, if one of those kids runs by the window he’ll get out of his chair and give them a kiss. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Angie without one of those children in her arms.”

It’s Pitt Porn! And since it’s so rare these days, I’ll take it however I can get it, even if it’s second hand. Click here to read Junod’s thoughts on “The Real Life of Brangelina”.

As for when we’ll see the Pitt Porn, live, again…

Maybe Russia?

It was announced this week that World War Z will open the Moscow Film Festival on June 20. And they are OBSESSED with the Jolie over there.

But Ho doesn’t attend Pothead’s premieres! Won’t they be disappointed? :’(

The name changing Troll has is in meltdown mode today, not that that’s different from any other day, but it seems especially agitated today.

#229, #231, #233, #235, #237, #240, #241

Poor JP trolls, it seems that even failed the Trolling 101 course. That reeks of desperation!

Booohooo what am I going to do now? Should take the Rose route and waa-waa-whine to the mods that some evil troll has stolen my moniker? LOLOLOL.

My stalking JP troll has gone batsh+t crazy, if that’s even possible. More than ever I it’s obvious that everything I say carries some weight on these threads.

Please do go on loontard, you amuse me to no end. God bless the prostitute! :)

Oh my word this man is mouth watering. Love him and Angelina.

I love the way we are allowed to grow as we get older that’s our life journey, who Brad was ten years ago is not who he has become. A rolling stone gathers no moss, Brad grew up great for him,no matter who he would be with. LOVE THE JOLIE-PITT’S, GOD BLESS THE JOLIE- PITT’S. KEEP ON KEEPING ON AND GROW.

I notice that Brad and Angie both avoided on screen sex scenes with co-stars since they got together. But in both’s previous relationships,they were some very graphic sex scenes for both.

Maniston hags, go scream at ocean.

Zahara cringes at his steamy kisses with Angelina
By Amelia Proud
PUBLISHED: 18:00, 21 May 2013 | UPDATED: 18:31, 21 May 2013

Read more:

me wants cookie


were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 1:49 pm

Ticky still does sex, prostitute and nudity scenes, and she supposedly loves the gigolo. Me thinks Ticky and her gigolo are not really in love.

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 1:52 pm

i should be banned too jared, for too many changes of screen name


Yes, Brad is perfection — He is a perfect asshole.

@Phool: Hi sister Phool, yes, it’s me. Just get in from Orlando, Florida. Now I’m in IL. Will try to find some time tonight to give you and the gang with a shout out. I see we have a major trolls melt down. Ha, ha, ha. Brad and Angie are giving major heartaches with the trolls, love it!!. I bought my People Magazine and saw two ladies at the airport with their People’s magazine. Power to the Jolie Pitt’s..


That SH!t you wrote . What the he ll do you know what drug pothead did? HL was not know to take hard DRUG . Stupid azz too too hard up speaking for two drug user . People are repeated his words he was a heavy DRUGE get a life and STOP speaking for them . PR want to be.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 2:08 pm

Midget was having a great time without MANiston. They will announce their break up very soon.

Catherine @ 05/21/2013 at 2:08 pm

Brad really loves Angelina and his children.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 2:17 pm

The hens are really upset over Brad’s magazine article. The truth hurts, and it’s hurting the trolls bad. Now trolls, be happy ticky and her REAL lover Ellen will be together tomorrow.

Phool @ 05/21/2013 at 11:52 am #196
Trolls love to harp on the drug thing with Pitt and Jolie, it’s the worse thing they can think of and keep repeating it. Most of Hollywood and a good portion of the general public have done drugs, some hardcore. While they are willing to give RDJ a pass for his very public drug history and meltdown, including his incarceration, the Trolls vilify Pitt and Jolie. I don’t get mad, I think they’re hilarious. They would have made might fine court Jesters back in the day.
I wouldn’t doubt that some of these same Trolls have succumb to weed or other drugs, the difference is they’re still languishing in a drug induced coma, almost brain dead and they enjoy it. If they aren’t on drugs, it’s a d.amn pity that they are this messed up and sober.
Pitt and Jolie has done more in one day to help others than the trolls will do in many lifetimes over. They’re not about helping others, h.ell, they can’t even help themselves. Pitt and Jolie don’t care what other people think, if they did they wouldn’t be so honest in interviews. They have long since reached a point in life where they are comfortable with their history and who they are. Pitt, especially has reached a point where he can open up his life, particularly the things that were happening during his marriage. You think he gives a d.amn what a troll thinks; someone who spends 24/7 on the net just to make negative remarks about him and his family. He’d think such a person was bat s.hit crazy and a waste of space. He’d be right on both counts.
The fans know this couple because they have not hidden their lives or made excuses. Jolie in particular said that she wouldn’t change anything. Her history is what has made her the woman she is today and I’m sure it is the same with Pitt. I don’t think anyone of us denies what we know is the truth about them, their lives are an open book. It doesn’t matter that Trolls spout the same things over and over, that they waddle from site to site trying to drum up business for their hate. This is all they have. What dismal wasted sods.

just Sayin @ 05/21/2013 at 2:19 pm

Angie said in an interview before that Brad is more man than any man she’s ever met. So true.

On the carpet brad don’t like the flat bu TT hanging on him . He remember her azz all over billboy he wanted none of that SH!t in public .

Queen Jolie @ 05/21/2013 at 2:22 pm

Omg, This interview will drive the trolls crazy.The way I understand it, he is trying to say that his life has no meaning before he met Angie and that he has never been happier which means his life before Angie was not happy and who he was with during that time, there is only one conclusion.Brad will be in trouble again and someone somewhere might be angry and want a retraction.I think this statement hurts so much for the hens.i thought they said that they are breaking up because they haven’t seen together.From previous threads the trolls are predicting of split.What happened.They are wrong again.Well they are always wrong for the past eight years.

Brad is a god. Love him so much.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 2:25 pm

WOW, the ff freaks made a thread about Brad’s magazine cover. Them hens are crazy. For someone they supposedly hate, they sure love to tlk about him a lot. They make Brad more famous each day

Brad is like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age.

Oh man…Brad is smmmmmmoking here…Lawd!!!

jen the hag @ 05/21/2013 at 2:31 pm

Joe @ 05/21/2013 at 2:20 pm

still harping on Angelina and Brad Pitt past life.. why can’t you hag MOVE ON… puleaseee!! oh btw loonifers you’ve been posting on and on that Brad and Angelina are both irrilevant then why the heck are you doing here in their thread you FOOLS!! and it only takes one OP-ED from Angie and the world listen !! no wonder you braindead are still bitter after 8 years because your barren hag idol is the one that is irrelevant.. and her career on the NY dumpster..bwahahhahah !!

and btw what cave did you came from Brad had been kissing and hugging Angelina and touching her butt in evey red carpet they attended you can google it .. its all in there… that’s why Lainey called it “Pitt Porn” braindead ..bwhahahah!!

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 2:31 pm

…hahahahaha…pitt fans are always trying to clarify pitt’s interviews…if he had a good publicist, these part-time fans/wannabe publicists wouldn’t have to play one on blogs…he is being misled by them…for shame…

chunky pipe @ 05/21/2013 at 2:38 pm

…I don’t believe English is her first language…hahahahahahahaha

jen the hag @ 05/21/2013 at 2:39 pm

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 2:25 pm

They are obsess with Brad .. like the two fat hags posting here non – s top .. they just bitter because Brad dumped their Fugly idol bwahahhah!!

Brad Pitt is hot, the fact he is such a great family man makes him hottest ever.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 2:43 pm

@jen the hag: ITA. Shiit is too funny! They think Brad will be irrelevant if they talk mess about him and his family. Little do the know Brad will ALWAYS be relevant, and their idol is dwindling away. Brad OWNS ticky hens.

ROFLMAO oh noooooo, is Brad gonna have to apologize again because Huvane is ringing Bryan Lourdes phone off the hook ranting that he hurt traniston’s feelings again? Muahahaha. GET OVER IT BUTTERFACE followers!! Brad is ALLOWED to talk about HIS LIFE and how MISERABLE it was BEFORE Angelina…that doesn’t mean Maniston is a boring dumb narcissist cow (though she IS) and it doesn’t mean Fishyth is a self absorbed twaht (though she IS) or add any and all other lame ishes Brad may have been with. Get lives, and quit stalking Brad…people wouldn’t forever be making Maniston out to be a sad sack if she wasn’t hiding out at the newstand waiting to read Brad and Angie’s interviews! Dang.

Moron azzho!e you just said he get more famous when people talk about him. Are you stupid??

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 2:53 pm

@Joe: You’re the idiot!!!! Why do you think Kim K remains relevant? BECAUSE the public cares about what she does, her every move!!!! Same for Brad.

ROSE DEAR. What happen to the wedding of your daughter ANGE . did her other children attended ? you went on vacation just in time sis or the eggs will be on u old face hahahahahaha

broken heart @ 05/21/2013 at 3:02 pm

hair cut, please!

jen the hag @ 05/21/2013 at 3:04 pm

Queen Jolie @ 05/21/2013 at 2:22 pm

HAGiston had been spreading the LIES that TICKY dumped Brad when in reality ..BRAD was feed up with TICKY’s whinning and insecurities that Brad has to undergo 2 years of theraphy after marrying her. Brad must have wake up from his nightmare one day and take a good look at TICKY … and must be thinking damn why did i married this JAY LENO look alike…. and made sure he’s away shooting for months while married to her.. now when he have a first look at Angie when making their movies… he forgot TICKY and made sure that his kids will have Anglina as their mother and all is in the right place.. Brad with Angelina.. and TICKY with tom, d.i.c.k and harry and whoever that she can buy bwahahhahh!!

Brad was really bored as hell during the marriage to Maniston.

Full article at link.

Attention to women’s diseases should reach beyond Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s medical condition is rare and few women could benefit from the genetic testing she received, but her New York Times op-ed has ignited a national conversation about barriers to care for breast cancer. In America today, white women are most likely to receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Asian women are least likely to screen for it, and black women are most likely to die from it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to women’s health in America.

Millions more women suffer in silence from diseases less visible than breast cancer. Endometriosis is one of many life-altering diseases that have not benefitted from widespread multi-million dollar campaigns and are absent from women’s health movements. The lack of attention to “invisible illnesses” results in poor quality of care, worsened outcomes, and minimal social support. If we want a world where all women, including women of color, are empowered to make their own healthcare decisions as Jolie did, we must challenge the social, economic and cultural barriers to care—for all diseases.

We are two South Asian American women living with advanced endometriosis, an excruciating disorder where cells similar to the uterine lining exist in other parts of a woman’s body. Endometriosis can lead to organ dysfunction and anatomic distortion, debilitating chronic pain, pregnancy complications, and infertility. Although it afflicts 8.5 million women and girls in North America, comparatively little research and development has been devoted to its awareness and treatment. Our personal experiences expose factors leading to its neglect.

It took us both years to be diagnosed, and the first barrier to care was overcoming cultural shame. Our society causes young women to feel ashamed of their bodies and their bodies’ dysfunctions around menstrual cycles. In many South Asian American households, girls rarely discuss menstruation or sexuality with their mothers, and grow up with stories about infertile women in India who were abandoned or even burned alive by their in-laws.

As young women, we were forced to ”to cover” for missing school, work or family functions due to stabbing, knife-like pain during and outside of our periods. Endometriosis costs women 10.8 hours of lost work productivity/week. As adults, when we became activists working with marginalized communities with survival histories of mass shootings and genocide, it became even more difficult to prioritize our own suffering as worthy of attention.

Surprisingly, medical doctors did not take our suffering seriously either. Endometriosis can only be diagnosed surgically, and physicians’ lack of awareness delays treatment. We each saw numerous doctors and provided detailed accounts of our symptoms, but they dismissed our pain as “all in our head” while the disease continued to destroy our insides. Like so many women, we were offered birth control pills as our sole defense–without being told of their limited, temporary relief. On average, women with endometriosis endure eight to 11 years with the condition, and see an average of five doctors before receiving a surgically confirmed diagnosis.

We finally both underwent surgery, one of us many times, with some of the surgeries lasting up to six hours and requiring the expertise of gynecologic, colorectal, and urological surgeons. Unlike diseases in the public eye, endometriosis lacks a well-organized continuum of care, such as advanced imaging, in-person support groups at hospitals, or case managers to help us and our families cope with its impacts. We also did not benefit from time tested management plans, since rigorous long-term follow-up data on even the most highly regarded surgical approaches are non-existent. And short of more surgery, no definitive means exist to detect whether endometriosis persists after treatment.

To be sure, all women with endometriosis suffer from poor care, regardless of race/ethnicity, or class, but lower income women and women of color face the most pronounced economic barriers to health. Many health plans will not cover pre-existing conditions or deep excision surgery, which is considered gold standard treatment of endometriosis, but only practiced by a handful of surgeons.

In a popular culture that often frames women’s bodies as either sex symbols or babymakers, Jolie claims the independent worth of her own body–and inspires us to do the same. As many brave women have learned before us, we can all be heroes of our own stories.

You don’t know what the he ll you’re saying . what did you say to JEN the OLDHAGS AKA Filtejolie ? I through I though I said you were stupid . Looking for a job j/p fans PR job that is ?? CALL TOLL FREE 1855 461 2239 you will be hired on the spot seeing how hard you old no life hags change BRAD and his WHOR JOLIE WORDS CALL NOW.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 3:20 pm

Joe is losing his mind over the wonderful JP news. Ahhh, this is amazing!
The JP’s will always be successful. Trolls should get used to it by now, if they haven’t already.

Basic JP troll is basic.

JP Fan / Were the morons / Wonderbust = all the same 12-year old stalker

Angie, i love you... kiss @ 05/21/2013 at 3:24 pm

Great interview. Brad was again saying to all world that he was living a boring and unhappy life with her Ex-ugly-sad-boring-wife, smoking to much dope, drinking and sniffing coke with her Dirty-Ex and living without dreams. Plus he was thinking in a lot of kids and the D-Ex was thinking in dogs!!!!

” I spent years f–king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?” ” BP

When he was training to play Aquiles in “Troy” he was already starting that “conscious change”. It was the time that start to come out talks that their marriage was falling apart. After “Troy” the breakup was imminent.

Brad have said many times that He was living a boring and pathetic life. He have try not to blame her marriage or her Ex-wife but it´s evident the words he choose to talk referring this part of her life.

i´m glad Brad have said this. It´s time the Jealous-Haters realized that Jen is a sad past and nobody break her marriage.

Brad is crazy in love with Angie, the most incredible beautiful woman in this planet. kiss


I can see Diane Kruger as Grace Kelly. She would be perfect.


Nah he was just a mentally unstable, self absorbed stoner with delusions of grandeur who doesn’t know anything about partnership or loyalty. Jen was too busy raking up millions to support his lavish lifestyle (of course, she made more money than he did, by his own admission), but he needed to be the center of attention at all times, and to have a hor at his knees giving BJs on the MAMS trailer. When Jen found out about it, she dumped and divorced his cheating ass.

And judging by his own admissions and his trouble with drugs, love for chaos and lack of friends, Jen really dodged a bullet! That’s why she continues to work in the industry, looking healthy and happy, whereas Pothead hit rock bottom and has to peddle wine and japanese jeans to have some sort of income. :D

Boring mumbling hippie pretends he’s done with drugs.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 3:34 pm

@Ⱦamsin: Yea that did happen, IN YOUR IMAGINATION! yahahahahahahahahaha.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 3:36 pm

Yea Ticky had more money than Pitt, even though he was a movie star before she got on her failed sitcom, Ferris Bueller. Lol the trolls are on one today.

Living with Maniston would drive any man to drugs or alcohol Theroux is drinking again since hooking up with her . I hope he doesnt get back on coke

Brad giving the queen props because he fears world war z is a bomb. He knows angie is the queen it all was made clear when Kts premieres didn’t get much attention because angie was a no show. He better hope she feels like attended wwz. Ps she won’t.

How cruel to say he was brain damaged when he was married. That’s one of the meanest things a celebrity has said about an ex. Or not said. Bwhahahaha no but really, that’s fked up.

Shame on you Brad..when are you going to grow up.check your diminishing stardom..keep trying hurt other people to bolster your own ego,,guess all the rumors about your new movie are true..really low man

Can Jen hens not being so sensitive? LOL.

Angie, i love you... kiss @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48 pm

The magazine also quotes Jean Black, Brad’s make up artist since 1990, who says Angelina was able to ‘unleash’ the star’s full potential.
Black told the magazine: ‘I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie.

‘This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jen are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.
‘But in Angie he saw a very adventurous person who was grabbing onto life and taking it to it’s nth degree. It was intriguing as I felt Brad had that in him and wanted to unleash it.’
It’s not the first time Brad has described life before Angelina as a drug-fueled haze.

ha ha ha ha …… i love this interview….. thanks Brad and friends…..

Brad is the luckiest guy in this world for have Angie by his side…love is all that maters…kiss


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JustinsBrowLift @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48 pm

Hey y’all did you hear Justine Theroux has had a brow lift?? Check it. What a pansy. Man is really trying to make him over. First the white crisp shirt and skinny tie ala John Smith in MAMS, then the swoopty do to hide the big bald spot, then the fake n bake tan, now she’s taking him to her plastic surgeon! I guess she figured since she couldn’t land a real movie star, she’d try and create a nobody that looks like one out of the unemployed play-doh that is Justin Theroux. Sorry he still looks like a serial killer.

If Pitty was a movie star how come he’s never had a hit movie on his own and the studios had made him share TOP BILLING with many other actors, unlike Downey, Depp, Smith or Cruise? XD

And how come international superstar Pitty didn’t even crack the top 100 of Forbes’ Most Powerful on the same year Jen topped it? LOL.

Poor Pitty, he will always be regarded as a parasitic social climber, his fame being permanently linked to the pretty starlets and successful women who were always above his league in the 90s and to whom he latched on to. The other half of his fame comes from eye candy roles such as Legends of The Fall or Troy, which he can’t ever revisit because he totally lost his looks when he became a tree hugging hipster stoner hobo! Bwahahaha.

Ew I new this gonna happen. The thread when I left was good and now thrt attach the ususl disgusting drama dragged in to it. U trolle get the fck out here and take your old drama out here ahhhhh

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 3:54 pm

# 201 We’re the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 12:32 pm
What a crock of bullshite. There were ZERO LEAKS FOR 3 SOLID MONTHS…but Grazia wants us to believe that employees of the Pink Lotus Breast Center blabbed AFTER Angie’s announcement? Puh-leeze. These are obviously people who value their jobs. They know if any kind of story about Angie’s stay were to “leak” out now they’d be looking for another job because the Center would no longer be able to trust them. Angie and Brad wouldn’t have to lift a finger because the PLBC isn’t going to risk this person viiolating HIPAA regulation the NEXT time someone famous comes in. Why do these mags even bother with this kind of troll crack stories? They make no sense whatsoever.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 3:57 pm

# 203 lylian @ 05/21/2013 at 12:49 pm
Signet romance novels? LMFAO! Oh shite! I remember those! They used to Barbara Courtland’s books, too. You’d need a good bottle of Miraval rose to washe down all that cheese.

Ahhhhh why is that also cook now chunky and tramp and their names are alway nervous when it is brad. laughable. Why not they get nervous with other Hollywood men like this. I personally. Almost all the time skip nowdays.bores

Carry baby do you really think you can own a thread in a gossip blog of all places? This isn’t like a private loon-owned forum sweetheart. Enjoy liberty of speech!

brad own friend is admitting that he needed Angie for him to soar? That’s what I don’t like about him[among other things] he is the type to need someone to inspire him to be a certain way. Angie is that way just because that’s who she is. brad biggest fear is that the real him is a boring Midwestern guy that is not interesting.

Hey mrgracious @ 05/21/2013 at 4:03 pm

Get a life.

More on this pretentious a hole? We all know why he has a problem remembering people’s names… He is solely responsible for killing so many brain cells!

Brad on his bike is the hottest man in the world.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 4:06 pm

LOL, the sick mr. gracious is back under a different moniker. You hens are trying to compensate the anger of ticky being with the balding midget, by being mad at Brad for stating the truth. Get over it hens, the JP’s are here to stay. They”re not going anywhere

brad fans are still clutching onto the hope that he was only a pot smoker? Shame on him if he is claiming pot caused his brain damage. Pot is a medicine that helps in many ways. brad said drugs which I took as cocaine and he seems the type who would want to try everything else too. So stop blaming weed.

Pls drop and don’t given for their usual bait tobmake this all about drama .can we just continue be happy for the needed libration and beautiful love story and family.

@Joe: #267

Bless your heart, numb nuts! You don’t own the vocabulary skills to even pretend to be me… Bawahahaha!

I think I know why brad fans are now trashing justin theroux. It is because I just saw pix of him at LAX looking hot. lol yes he is better, funner to look at than old bleached out pitt. Justin theroux is also extremely interesting. A lot like Angie.

Angie, i love you… kiss @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48
Jean Black was right there every day on set Mr. And Mrs. Smith with Brad and Angie. Love seeing the behind the scenes vids and witnessing they fell in love.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 4:12 pm

@Welp: LMAO, you mean the infantile gigolo who’s pants falls off him and flashes his shiiit-infested crack

Cleanse this pls

Angie, i love you… kiss @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48
Jean Black was there on set Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad and Angie. I love seeing the vids of behind scenes that they fell in love with each other. Brad and Angie are perfect match,they inspire each other to be better and they both deeply care about social justice.

oh man, tasmin/creotrice/whamo/joe/welp/yib/chunky pipe and his alters have lost it. Too funny.

@were the morons: #320

Seriously, loon? I could give a rats rear what Aniston does… One more time precious… Just because one loathes the JP’s, does NOT automatically make them an Aniston fan. Why is this an automatic thing for you loons? Is it that difficult to realize that not everyone in this world worships the ground these two walk on? Get over it, and realize that it IS a fact…

Wow you’re a pig. What type of woman talks like that? A pig.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 4:20 pm

@Welp: and WOW, you’re a pig for being on a thread of someone you supposedly hate. You are just showing your admiration for Brad by being here.

Brad is a fearless man, I always felt he wasn’t himself during the deadend year. With Angie, his fearlessness is back, like he said before, I am free than ever. He is doing things he wants, living his life he wants and he loves his family.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 4:20 pm

@Joe: Lol ticky hens denying their ticky hens..typical.


Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 4:22 pm

# 213 huh @ 05/21/2013 at 1:03 pm
Daily Mail is making Maniston hags upset again by put the headline : Brad Pitt reveals he was ‘wasting’ his life away while married to Jennifer Aniston”

I read this story earlier -
Black told the magazine: ‘I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie.

“This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jen are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.

‘But in Angie he saw a very adventurous person who was grabbing onto life and taking it to it’s nth degree. It was intriguing as I felt Brad had that in him and wanted to unleash it.’

It’s not the first time Brad has described life before Angelina as a drug-fueled haze.

In 2011, he told Parade magazine he spent the 1990s ‘sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out’. He said he felt ‘pathetic’ and that he ‘wasn’t living an interesting life.’ He added: ‘I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.’
oH SHITE. Jean Black done gone and did it now! I thought I heard a tornado roaring throuh town…but it turns out it was just Ticky trying to get out from under the bus Jean Black threw her under. Sure, Jean Black said, Ticky’s a nice, staid, boring chick with non life ambitions or interest…but Brad neither wanted or needed that anymore. Here comes the Greyhound Ticky Special roaring through Beverly Hills with stops in Bel Air & NYC.
What’s really funny is that she said the same thing about Brad and Ticky that Angie said in Vogue in Jan 2007 – that Brad and Ticky were “VERY GOOD FRIENDS”. Feel the love of a lifetime supernoa, right? LOL! Oh shoot…I forgot. Brad WASN’T Ticky’s “love of a lifetime. He was just “A LOVE”. It’s fine for her to throw him under the bus but not for him to do the sameto her? Whew…Huvsy’ got at long 3 weeks response-pimping ahead of him. It’ll be interesting to see if Kevin Huvane demands an apology this time. And next week the tabs will right up as Brad trying to ruin Ticky’s engagement and wedding by “lashing out” at her boring ass. Good times ahead, folks. Ticky’s definitely not going to be able to stay underground now. Next move – Ticky’s. She’ll be seen leaving a furture store or a restaurant tomorrow…

Tjat is what I am sad about fckn cas and the pr people. Why don’t listen. Wjy they let it to go the same route for this troll magazines to use in the costing way yet again.stupid plunk

What is their head is mafe off ahhhh

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 4:31 pm

LMSF ever time the OLDHAGS gets slap in the face with facts they old line comes out here it goes THE TROLLS ARE LOSEING THEIR SH!T

Why are the troll fake PR want to be crying? Because they are whining BABY . JOLIE azz is flat like her face . She’s getting old fast then brad gointo run into BAMBI WAITING ARMS with meat on them hahahah

Love The Shoes @ 05/21/2013 at 4:33 pm

He’s a genetic freak! An anomaly It’s the only reasonable answer I can come up with that makes sense. He is a 49 1/4 year old man with hair that grows to his dictates instead of thinning like most men AND women his age. His body is that of a god with weight that goes and comes only with permission. He IS Benjamin Button. Oh, and that thread shot is the exact image of one taken of Knox. Anyone know which one I’m talking about? Please make a side by side pleeeeesssseee? :)

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 4:34 pm

Moron he/ she means the DIRTY PIG with the same old same old black jeans .

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 4:36 pm

# 247 Dawne @ 05/21/2013 at 1:29 pm
As I like to point out to the hens – Brad is just verifying what we’ve been saying all along – Ticky could suck the life out of Mother Theresa…when she was alive, of course. It’s no secret that Courteney & Ticky were big cokeheads, too. I’m sure Brad had more than a few snorts of that, too. What’s really funny about Brad’s “epiphany” about his deadend life, marriage & partner is that a few years later Courteney had the very same epiphany. She was spending her life being a mother to everybody in her circle and it got old and played out. Now David and Ticky have to tie their own shoes and wipe their own asses…and buy their own drugs. Oops…sorry, DA quit again and went to rehab. Ticky? Well, se all know De Nile runs right through her little black heart.

@Cassi: agreed he is but this must prevented. This must forced to use a means of libration not for them to use a means to drag drama and work up the disease all over again as it is not dine enough.
why not we see the headine about brad said domosic life is blissful. Or life with. Angie is blissful or brad said he is happy as he neverbeen. Anything like this…I only see two like that the rest drama dragging garbage.why? The titles should have been about them two love and life Nowwwwww not yet again drama dragging disease ew ah

Love The Shoes @ 05/21/2013 at 4:43 pm

@CM: He never said he had it bad before so stop with the conjecturing. Sometimes you have no idea about what you didn’t have and what DOES make you feel alive and motivated to give it all you got UNTIL you actually attain it and that’s obviously what he means.

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 4:45 pm

Ever time he open his MOUTH he put his FOOT deep in it. Any persons living a full life will not have so much time on their hands to do FREE PR
JOBS 24/7


Joe, a 5 year old would have less trouble understanding the theory of relativity over a loon trying to wrap its one-track lemming mind around the fact that detractors of the Brand are not fans of Aniston. That said, it’s their default deflection: should Ho or Stupitt ever get called out on their shenanigans, loons will bring up Aniston as a deflective subject.

Poor Ho and Stupitt, nothing they ever do is good enough for their fans, and is always to be compared against the exwife who divorced his cheating ass 8 years ago!

We don’t need Brad tell us how boring Maniston was, Everyone can see she is boring. How many guys has dumped her boring ass? Only the gigolo will stay with the sugar mama.

it´s incredible funny to read the Jealous-Haters fuming hate about the Jolie-Pitt love story.

the sad-jealous-haters need to chill out. Brad and friends are talking the real thing in Brad life.

The time Brad lived with Jen was a “big-mistake-lose-boring-time” and They can´t fake that reality.

Brad was living a LIE with Jen. It´s the Reality.

Brad and friends are telling the things they lived too. Nobody want´s to make fun or joke or tell negative things about Jen. But it´s the truth.

Enough with all pity and lies about Sad-Ex-Jen wife. They are not a happy couple. they live in the same house but not together.

Brad don´t have to be careful or think too much about the words he choose when he talk about that time 10 years ago.

Brad have lived and felt all the things he have said. It´s the truth.

I´m happy with Brad and friends words cause it is time the world to see what was the real thing and the real felling when Brad was with Jen and what real happen when Brad meet Angie and fall in love with her.

The time for little lies and “everything was love and happiness” as gone. It´s time for clear and real words. without old sorry lies.

Go brad …. go Angie…. thanks friends. … kiss

(Poor Ho and Stupitt, nothing they ever do is good enough for their fans, and is always to be compared against the exwife who divorced his cheating ass 8 years ago! )

And let me add… why can’t loons ever seem to be comfortable with Pothead’s decision to cheat on his wife? So he committed adultery by having an affair, and Heroina became his mistress and concubine. Why deny it though? They’re both unrepentant about it and have openly admitted it, so why are fans of this couple unable to fully support their amoral decisions? Hadn’t it been so, said fans would not exist and the Brand would not have made it to the A list and filthy rich by capitalizing on their unholy union!

The Real Deal @ 05/21/2013 at 5:00 pm

And no person with a full life would be spamming a thread about someone they pretend to dislike… : /

Justin looks like Ted Bundy but balding,much shorter and uglier. Plus, he gives off latent homosexual vibes. Don’t tell me he’s got a best pal that’s a pervy photog making young models blow him, and yet decides to be in a 14 yr monogamous live in situation, one he very easily walks away from when old friend Aniston comes flashing her Friends moulah and instant tabloid fame?? What’s that tell you? All of that tells me he was using Heidi as cover, to pretend he was a committed individual…with a GIRLFRIEND. But the fact that he walked away so easily from her, and yet never tried to hit up Terry Richardson’s desperate models? Come on. Aniston once again, like with John ‘Perez tongueing’ Mayer, has gotten hold of a guy that seems to only want to breathe her stank because Brad Pitt was in the vicinity once. (we know what John Mayer did in his offtime make home vids about…..BRAD PITT)

@were the morons: I’m here to laugh at you and brad. He is such a cheeseball. Lmao at his photos. Ever since that despicably cheesy chanel Ad came out more and more people are starting to see things my way. He is not to be take seriously as an actor.

But I have to say his brain damaged quote is fking hilarious if not slightly mean. It gave me a serious case of ctfuitis.

CLINIQUA @ 05/21/2013 at 5:03 pm
Brad’s exes’ men have a thing for Brad, don’t forget Chris Martin’s obsession with Brad.

and new one Ben Afleck.

@CLINIQUA: justin has not one problem with his female side. He has played gay characters on stage and on film. Say what you want about looks because we all have our own thoughts on whats attractive but one thing you can’t deny is this.Justin is so much more interesting than brad. That’s a fact. He’s an interesting fella who has stayed the same guy from point a to point B. brad on the other hand is trying so hard to run away from his natural Midwestern bore he has had so many different ideas of who he is that it’s not even funny anymore. it’s pretty weird. Justin like angelina knows exactly who he is and hasn’t swayed from that.

And he’s comfortable with it. brad is so uncomfortable with being who he is -a boring Midwestern guy. brad, you are not interesting, you don’t like wearing all black, you don’t like travleing to jungles, you don’t want to learn how to fly airplanes and helicopters, you don’t want everyday to be an adventure. thats Angelina. Give it a rest. Once he gets real and realizes that it is ok if you’re not interesting and goth like, the Midwest isn’t all bad. Bwhahahaha

Damn it get the fck out here there is vv jm and 20 other guys yhat was there fck off here . And u here dony fail for there bait and want u talk.

Really? WelpTheHalfMandog
Are you the one that Set Up a Gigolo to be # 2 husband huh ?

LOL at the trolls. Brad and Angie really have them by the balls. It’s really a can’t live with them but can’t live without them kind of thing.

These magazine editors are really not smart, they always choose not the hottest pic for the cover. They should have put pic #4 on the cover, so hot. Same with Angies’ VF cover. Anyway how gorgeous Brad is, he is almost 50. Unreal.

omg, forgot ol dorky Chris, forever sniffing Brad’s jock. Thx! lol

Oh and tio the idiot squawking about Brad’s Chanel ads? HUGE success…you forgot that part?
CHANEL finds success with ambiguous Brad Pitt ads | January | 2013…/january/chanel-finds-success-with-amb…‎
Dec 19, 2012 – But JAN MOIR says Mr Pitt’s bafflingly pretentious Chanel campaign gets right … a financial success for Gabrielle Chanel, a perfumers dream formula ..
The Chanel Brad Pitt ad was considered a huge success. THAT BRAD PITT CHANEL AD? THE ONE THAT … by hurricanevanessa on January 31, 2013. It was a huge success! For Chanel, it is as if the …
Brand Communication: Why Brad Pitt’s Chanel No 5 Ad Is A Success

The trolls should give Kudos to Brad. He endured 6 years of Aniston and it’s only recently that he has started to open up about how boring and uninspiring it was being with his ex. None of the other men that she has been with clearly had the stomach or the will to hold out as long as Brad did. Furthermore like Brad all of them have come out and said what a boring individual she is.


Oh Clooniqua give it up hun and stick to your fanfic. Your gaydar is way off, especially when you worship a man whose first decision once he moved to Hollywood was to shack up with an old queen who let him stay rent-free for two years, so long as he walked his dog and cleaned his pool among other things, if you know what I mean. :)

Oh but let’s not delve into that messy subject, as Pitty won’t discuss his past (what does he have to hide though?). Point is, without this seeminglys selfless benefactor, your godawful stoner idol would be donning that El Pollo Loco chicken suit still to this day! Hahahaha.

When will Jhor getting married with Mr.Gigolo ?
Last year in Aug, Jhor told the whole world that she will stay with her Gigolo at her house $ 50 millions.
That’s why Gigolo left HB for Jhor right ?

valis202 @ 05/21/2013 at 5:24 pm
Brad is a saint compare to other men dumped Ticky.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 5:31 pm


You hear that Cliniqua. Tampon asked you to give it up while the idiot couldn’t give it up. LMAO!!!

Let’s hope Maniston’s PR won’t demand an apology from Brad, you know poor American Fake sweethearts can’t be humiliated again even though Brad didn’t even mention her stupid name.

Bwhahaha at usweekly saying if brad had never met angie and had kids he might have become nothing at all. NOTHING. At.all.

These days, Brad Pitt is just as famous — if not more so — for being a doting dad/partner as he is for being an actor. But had he continued down the path he was on 10 years ago, he might never have become the man he is now. In fact, he might have become nothing at all.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 5:42 pm


I don’t think her PR team will. Only when it really offense MANiston. Remeber the SNL vid. It got taken off at every sites as soon as it went up. I only saw it here on JJ and it wasn’t even on her thread. People, US Weakly and other sites didn’t post the vid and you know how fast Peep and Weakly post those stuff about the JP. Remember Brad’s Chanel ad parody. Brad & Angie don’t have PR team that’s why the vid wasn’t remove right away at those sites.

well @ 05/21/2013 at 5:33 pm

Let’s hope Maniston’s PR won’t demand an apology from Brad, you know poor American Fake sweethearts can’t be humiliated again even though Brad didn’t even mention her stupid name.
Poor ticky……her poor little heart can not handle it. lmao.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/21/2013 at 5:44 pm


Hey guys. Last summer I exposed a fellow FFer.who went by the name of “THISMADSCIENTIST”. This poster used to talk so much shitt about Brad and Jolie And their looks. Anyways I found out who she was Chisom, Nigerian(Igbo,) and I posted her instagram here and the coward LEFT. she may still be posting but no longer as “thismadscientist”. Bleet was FUGLY as expected. Anyways there is another major hen who is always talking S*** about how the JP’s look and on twitter, Her twittre name is ChaeYeonNTrain . It certanily was NOT hard to find this person(fugly as expected) because it is always on youtube trashig Brad and Jolie. She is registered here with the moniker “guest” m’lady and has over 2,000 posts. HER NAME IS MARY OSEI AMPONSAH. IF YOU google the name her facebook page comes up as the first hit. OMG Bleet is UGLY as sin. Like her fellow FFer that was exposed and fleD Chisom, MARY OSEI AMPONSAH is African. From Ghana so lol at you all saying Jolie’s fans are black. Anyways for all lurkers out there take a look at Jens fugly hen MARY who is always talking about the looks of Brad and Angie(FYI I am NOT referring to MaryT).

Its been a great week thus far. Did you all catch ANgelina on the cover of Time magazine and all major newspapers across the world

P.S. MARY AMPONSAH please don’t EVER talk aBout Jolie’s look because you are one of the ugliest women i have EVER seen.

Hahahahah! Oh he’s in touch with his fem side alright. lmao Bish please, he’s a poseur and everyone in the known universe has called Aniston’s no name unemployed nobody little ‘pet’ out on it — those guys are a dime a dozen in nyc – it’s why he can look like a reject from Guys in Dolls the Greenich Village version one week, and get an orange spray tan,botox, a brow lift (apparently..hahaha) and shellack his 600 dollar hair cut (that suga mama paid for) to his bald noggin the next week and fly out of LAX the Rob Pattinson scruff and baseball cap in place (‘new look’ everyone!!) the next…this dude has more changes than Rihanna’s weave closet.
NOTHING about this guy is authentic. He’s an obvious fraud. .
A real NYC authentic character (that he strives to portray…) doesn’t care if his azz is bald, short with tiny hands – he certainly won’t be covering it up for his narcissistic tranny looking neurotic gf that’s embarrassed by it…
…the best part is that this fcker goes dumpster diving despite his little moderate trust fund, taking shite away from ACTUAL poor people that need it – filling his apt with what he THINKS is eclectic weirdness bizarro world, and wanting the writer doing his ‘piece’ to see ( if only in pictures), his otherWAY COOLER junked up weirded out garbage crap old apt: “Look, I’m so edgy…look at my human teeth and babies with syphiliss portraits!!” Hahaha.
..and by the way gals, when he’s not deciding where the fermented rat **** collection should go in his apartment, he’s sitting stageside with his stylist gf watching supermodels strut by in their 10K outfits, and 1000 dollar mahnolos (wishing he could wear a pair in the open..ahaha)…
….back when he had some semblance of a career, he was doing TV, D-grade rip offs off Mr and Mrs Smith movies with Alyssa Milano (who quickly distanced herself from his embarrassing azz when the rags tried to say they had a thing a long time ago – Alyssa said, ‘HELLLZZZNO!!’..hahaha) – that aside, looking at pics, it’s evident that he’d sometimes go to his gf Heidi the movie stylist’s premieres to be ‘seen’…DESPERADOOOOOOOOOO….sooooo effing. SAD.
…yeah ish, that is soooooo “interesting.” YOU have set the bar terribly low on what qualifies as interesting. But then you do it with what pertains to pretty, so I’m not surprised.
Sorry…I’ll take the world reknowned, triple Oscar nominee, actor/producer movie star ICON who everyone respects and adores, including Robert Redford who gets asked about BRAD now, not the reverse..
…you can have Aniston’s latest latent bf who wants to at least achieve Nick Lachey’s level of fame before he hits 50 in a few years. Right now, he’s right around Paul Sculfor. Enjoy the ride Justin!! Spend that money dog!!
Bye bish.

Are loons kidding me? does damage control for Pitty’s biggest failure of 2012? Bwahahahaha….

Isn’t that the equivalent of certain loon featuring a link from and then trying to pass it off as a trusted source?

And oh this is funny- Rosey poo comes back from vacation and Vapid Valis mysteriously reappears. Welcome back btch!

Matt Damon on Extra called Angie awesome and most sexy woman on planet Earth and will give other women the courage to take control of their health

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/21/2013 at 5:53 pm

this is the facebook page of the person
on twitter that goes by the name of

this bittch is always on twitter and ff talking about the looks of Jolie and Brad. bittch is ugly

We're the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 5:57 pm

@FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH: lnaoooo these ff freaks aren’t slick at all. Getting exposed and ****, using the same Effin names on multiple websites. Chae yeon sounds Asian so I’m surprised its African. Lol

I love the Jolie-Pitts

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/21/2013 at 6:01 pm

@We’re the morons:

its an African that likes Asian music. yet they say all JP fans are black. Did you see the bitchh’s facebook about her name and aniston or pitt and see how many times the crazy bitchh has talked **** about how Pitt or Jolie looks.

people like her give Africans a bad name,why will anyone from the beautiful continent of africa support fat tick in anyway

We're the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 6:02 pm

@FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH: I told y’all ticky hens are nothing but fat greasy slobs. Tickys fan base is nothing but a bunch of fat broads who can’t get a man!! Sucks to suck losers yhahahaahaha!

@Welp: What? Justin is a sellout to his own words. He was all about not falling into the traps of Hollywood. Yet it was Justin according to People mag who called them to say that he had asked Aniston’s to marry him. It is Justin posing for pap pictures in Mexico. If is Justin with the fake tans. It is Justin who has not work for a couple of years. The old Justin is probably disgusted with this new guy. What when you are almost 40 and have not accomplished anything you hoped for in your twenties, I can understand falling for Aniston’s boring life.

@kiKi: I have always like Matt Damon. It’s a shame Angelina could not find a man that is together. It’s a shame that she is trapped with a useless egotistical blowhard. Does brad have anything real to talk about ? All he seems to talk about his himself and in a way that makes you think he wants PITTY and sympathy. Is he crazy?

You have to laugh at bitter spooky tick fans…first Vince Vaughn was hotter than the Brad Pitt then John Mayer was the ****, now everyone is supposedly jealous because skinny jeaned Pinocchio man is hotter when seen at an airport recently. Same old, same old. Not one word from them, anymore, about the oh so hot Vince Vaughn, silence about, he’s so fit, John Mayer. I guess if Pinocchio decides he’s had enough and gives up the job then we’ll hear crickets again. Brad Pitt is the **** and always will be for Spooky tick’s followers, or should that be follower? TV girl once hit the big time but didn’t appreciate it and so the tick’s fans MUST make Brad Pitt pay for not staying with boring ass girl…but it’s all hot air and doesn’t affect him one iota because Mr Pitt has everything he ever dreamed of and as ignorance has enlightenment as it’s opposite Mr Pitt time with ticky only served to show him how good he has it now with Ms Jolie and family.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 6:09 pm


Did you see the face page she has about Angie on her “likes” the ***** is crazy. She is nasty with her comments. that’s scary.

Why does brad interviews always come with a wiff of self pity? Does brad feel like he deserves a pat on the back for being a drug addicted drifter in a boring life. Boohooo that must have been a hard life.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/21/2013 at 6:12 pm

I love how those stalkers on FF have JP news first.

Matt Damon on Angelina Jolie’s Brave Decision

May 21, 2013 Celebrity Highlights

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Matt Damon at the Cannes Film Festival, where he’s promoting the HBO biopic “Behind the Candelabra,” and he shared his thoughts on the health of good friend Angelina Jolie.

Matt Damon on Angelina Jolie’s Brave Decision

Getty Images
Damon said he has not recently spoken to friends Angelina or Brad Pitt, but he commends Jolie’s decision to have a preventative double mastectomy.

“She’s awesome,” Damon said. “There are a lot of women who are struggling with medical decisions, and when they hear that the undeniably most sexy woman on planet Earth, as far as we know, is willing to take control of her health and be public about it, I think it gives other people courage to do that, too.”

Watch more of our interview with Matt!

@what: the same could be said for the Angie of today. Old angie would laugh at a self pitying fool like bleached brad now she is in love with it and has kids with it , too. Shame.

@what #383
From the horse’s mouth, Pinocchio’s quote:

“If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I’d probably hang myself. It’s a TV show – selling cars, cereal, soda pop. TV is like that. The shows are incidental to the commercials. I always laugh when TV shows pat themselves on the back for being cutting-edge.”

“I watched the movie Cast Away (2000). It’s a perfectly fine movie. But you can never fully believe that movie. How can we believe this man is being cast away? We know it’s Tom Hanks and we know the color of his couch in his house in L.A. because we saw a picture of it in People magazine. His celebrity has corrupted his art form.” Credit IMDB

Wasn’t ticky on a show for about 45 years?

Awww, I love Matty. I love him so much more than his bestie. Though, after I saw the besties saying Brad Pitt is his ideal man, he definitely earned more than a few brownie points.

@Welp: It is not self pity to say he was in a terrible position in his life 10 years ago. But that he did something about it and now his life is AMAZING with a handful of friends and a great family.
Go back and watch that 20/20 ABC interview Brad did after Aniston whining VF interview. He had indeed achieve everything he wanted and more.

Well, like I said who you find attractive is a personal choice but it seems as if more and more people are agreeing with my personal taste. People who find brad ~hot~ are fading quickly.

I wonder who are the handful close friends Brad talked about. I have a feeling they are not Porgie and Damon, I think Fincher and Eric Roth are.

We're the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 6:37 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: it’s on her fb page about Angie?

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 6:40 pm

The loons are up in arms over they bosses amited to doing Drugs . Brad’s
Not too bad. But ANGE our GIRL I’m very worry she one day start hard-wing again. Why haven’t the PR JOB SEEKERS CALL THE TOLLFREE #

Aww…Matt Damon – even he knows that Angelina is the sexiest woman on the planet – too bad Mrs. Damon, all that work as the “little waitress who could” and you don’t rate.

Excellet find jaliah – well done. Poor, unemployed, broken down sell out that is Squiggy. He’s now the appendage to the w hore who was in a “cutting-edge” show 20 years ago.

I hope he spends well her money made selling cars, cereal, soda pop cause TV money is like that.

@Welp: ITA with you. Glad, Brad met & fall in love with Angie.God bless them.

@valis202: #362

No precious, right the opposite… They have all of you by the balls and the short hairs! Whatever they feed you, you lap it up like obedient dogs!


So how was your vacation, Rosie? LMAO!!

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 6:43 pm

NEW # 1800-330-JOLIE wants a B-UTT – WAPPER -CALL- NOW.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 6:54 pm

@We’re the morons:

Yes. On her fb page in one of her likes tab. She is nuts.

Brad is being honest in is comments. Just talking about his life. I’m sure with what Angie and he were facing at the time of the interview he would be reflective. He never said his ex name nor did he mention anyone else. Fact is if you look at Brad’s work and activities during that time the man had not worked in years before he did Troy/Mr and Mrs. Smith. 2+ years of just doing nothing. and if he was doing drugs.. he was not doing them alone, and he was not with someone that cared. Because if it was a problem you would think the person he was sharing a life with would have insisted he stop and get himself together.

why is it that no one ever asks what it was fine with his ex that he was on a couch smoking whatever. What woman that cares about someone or want the best for them or themselves finds this behavior just fine and dandy. The reason is if you are doing the same thing why the hell* would you care.

Brad is turning 50 this year. I’m sure he is doing a lot of reflecting on the past and the future. Nothing wrong with that and nothing ugly or anything. just a man at a time in his life that he thinks.. MAN I HAVE IT ALL.. how did that happen?

good for him.

call the doc you a mental poor trolls

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 7:00 pm

This is the other ticky hen who forever talks shiiit about the JP’s, who goes by “Mrs. gracious” and “welp” on Just jared.

@PR JOBS NOW CALL: why would angie need more help. brad has admitted that he used so much drugs that he believed he’s brain damaged (ctfu). On the flip side ange is as quick as a wip and far more articulate than brad. That should tell you a thing or two about who should stay off the pipe or who is in danger of returning to the pipe. I do think it was harder than weed. I have never heard about weed doing that type of damage, weed is a helper and a healer. He is giving potheads a bad name.

@WELP is MrGracious: o really now? LoL newsflash to self… You are a white male with glasses with a bizarre love for jennifer aniston? Hahaha! I didn’t know that.

Brad wasn’t willing to marry Ticky, he was under the pressure from his parents and Ticky. No wonder Brad went to therapy right after marrying Aniston.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 7:06 pm

# 308 Angie, i love you… kiss @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48 pm
Basically what Jean Black was saying was…all Ticky wanted to do is sit in her kitchen snorting coke, tokin’ weed…and pettin’ her dogs. Then 10 years later The Urinator told the world nothing had changed in Tickytown. That’s why Squigs is going to gas stations and buying 6 packs of beer and riding off on his ownl…

My thoughts & prayers are with the people of Oklahoma tornado victims.

To our friends who lives in Oklahoma be safe & God bless.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 7:07 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: Wow, she is nuts!! How does someone hate a person they don’t even know!!! They try to keep their loyal to ticky, but ticky doesn’t even a rats azz about none of her fans. This fat African broad is delusional and sick. Angie owns the hens and they know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They continue to say “Angie is a *****,” or “Angie is a home wrecker.” UHM, that sounds a lot like jealousy. Angie is beautiful while the fat ugly hens are barren and booless.

Oh and I hate jolie. Yep that’s me. Idiot.

Waving to lovely fans of Brad & Angie all over the world. Most specialy to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Kimmy,Shar,Lyric,JoAnn,Tutuna,Casmir,& to all on board tonight.God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 7:09 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: EWWWWWWWWWWWW, that is sick. I hate the trolls with a passion. Bleh.

I will make some donations to Red Cross for Oklahoma victims . That’s so sad specially so many children are the victims.My heart goes out to all of them.God bless them.

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/21/2013 at 7:11 pm

I have not seen any real fans use JEN A. Name it’s always the OLDHAGS talking about her. We fans don’t gave a FF .. About the BLOB… What we do care about is the FLAT FACE- FLAT AZZ JOLIE .. SHE can fool some of you idiots but everybody is not buying into her sainthood that’s is why we come to JJ site .

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 7:13 pm

# 309 JustinsBrowLift @ 05/21/2013 at 3:48 pm
At first I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about because I didn’t realize the “after” picture was the one on the left not the right. He filled in more of that Batman hairline than I realized. I got mesmerized by the bat swoop on the right and could barely drag my eyes down to his eye brows…and that’s a long way in the “before” pix.
Anyfraud – you’re right. It looks like Squigs got a browlift AND botox.Before his eyes were little slits. Now you can actually see he has eyes. LOL! They don’t work very good though. Wonder if now that his eyes have quite literally been opened if he realizes how fug Ticky really is? All he could see before was the “All you can eat buffet – $6.99″ sign she wears on her crotch.

Brad has grown as a man. What’s wrong with that? We all deserve to be the best we can be & he certainly has proven that he cares about more than just himself.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 7:17 pm

@WELP is MrGracious:

I don’t hate MANiston because I don’t know her. I dislike her and love to make fun of her. That’s it. I’m not obsess like some of these name changing trolls who are obsess with Brad & Angie. It’s funny these trolls call us loonies. We are loonies because we love B&A and we are fans. These trolls are not even fans and they are here on every freaking threads and post every single day. I guess we can call them obsess loonies.

just for curiosity i have read the comments about this interview in the DM, the CB and in the People mag and i noted that the jealous-haters have come out in big numbers.

They criticized Brad interview like it was the first time Brad have said this things or that Brad was selfish, inarticulate and was trying to promote herself but in the same time was trashing the sad-poor-ex-wife.

What the jealous-haters don´t get is that Brad have said that he is a bad interview, he have said many times that he is “inarticulate”, he have said he is a crap interview, he sometimes don´t know how to express correctly, he have said that he sometimes don´t find the correct words for what he means.

the jealous-haters are saying that Brad don´t need to say that “he is happy now in is life” 3x times. Because he sounds like he wants to impose that happiness and cause he is trashing the sad-ugly-Jen.

I have said in other post, Brad have always a problem when he talk about is life because he will offend the poor-stupid-Jen and all the jealous-haters that don´t accept the naked truth.

Brad is not a very good speaker like Angie. He knows. That´s one reason because Angie is a good movie Director and UN Special Envoy and Brad is a good movie Producer and likes furniture and Arquiteture. —- they are different, that´s the reason they are perfect for each other.

But Brad is speaking with deep love for his family because he is a very good and genuine person. He knows he is not a good interview and he is not good with words but he knows what he wants and where is feelings are.

He talk about happiness because he is real happy now with Angie and is kids.

He talk about 10 years ago because he was searching and was unhappy and he choose to change.

He talks with his heart and he must be praised for that.

I´m glad and happy to read the inarticulate Brad expressing what he is felling and is friends telling the world what he already have said in this interview and in others about the real Brad´s life (even 10 years ago) but because Brad isn´t good with words it was represent as “missing a sensitive chip”.

WTF…. Brad don´t need to fell sorry for the words he choose. Enough with that stupid notion that Brad can´t talk the truth about is life 10 years ago.

Brad and Angie are in love for life. they know that life can be short so they will not loose any time. kiss

@TG: the problem is he hasn’t grown as a man as much as he’s grown into an Angie double. If he had grown he would find who he really is and be real about it instead of needing Ange to help him soar like his best friend makeup lady says he did. Angie has always been the same Angie with or without brad, as usweekly says … brad quite possibly would’ve been nothing .at.all had he never found Angie. Without brad Angie would be exactly who she is now but with less kids and maybe a better partner.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 7:23 pm

@cesar: LOVE this, Ceasar!

Brad should not have to apologize for the way he interviews. F uc k the dumped housewives who still worship at the Church of the First and Ugly Wife.

That fat lazy tick should be thrilled that she is referenced because she can add that to the pity party parade that she will throw to “promote” her straight to cable crapfest coming out.

Her PR girl is probably orgasmic that she was even referenced in passing so they have their “in” to coattail on Brad once again.

I wish he would have said how happy he was 1000 times in that interview.

Funny that the fat hag tick can proclaim she is “so happy” with every trick that bangs her and drops her like the trash she is, yet Brad can’t say the same about the mother of his children, the woman he has been with for almost a decade and his children without people jumping all over him.

Just Sayin @ 05/21/2013 at 7:31 pm

I love Brad’s openness and honest. Who cares hurt Maniston feeling? How many years does Brad have to wait to talk about his life openly? The shiit is ridiculous. You go Brad.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 7:33 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: Don’t forget how they dedicate many threads about the JP’s. Now if that’s not creepy and stalkish, idk what is…

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/21/2013 at 7:35 pm

mrgracious is a male on twitter obsessed with Jennifer aniston, maybe he is tammy

Bea @ 05/21/2013 at 7:28 pm
Besides WWZ, Brad has 3 more movies out this years, Manisotn hens are going to hear a lot from Brad about how happy he is.

Article over at Yahoo on the Esquire tease about Brad not having a lot of close friends………read the first page of comments…..really smart posters……..they all ‘got it.’

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 7:40 pm

The ff freaks claim they hate angelina so much, yet they always post her information on their nasty website. Remember how those vile freaks posted Angie’s SSN on there too? They are fat, ugly bisshes who are worthless in the eyes of everyone. They are like cockroaches when trying to find food. Old greasy azz hags.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 7:52 pm

# 380 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 6:01 pm
Are you just now seeing that? If you keep looking you’ll also fing a photo of Ticky fixing Squiggy’s bowtie…just like Angie fixed Brad’s at the GG’s in 2011. Ticky’s stalking is always of the “one for you, one for me” variety. Cannes 2009 Angie wore a dress with a thigh high slit…7 months later Ticky wears on to the GGs. They’re in NYC going to Lee’s Art Store and Angie wore a black trenchcoat with knee-high black leather boots. A few days later Ticky does Letterman and shows up in a black trenchcoat and knee-high black leather boots. The trick even went so far as to borrow the same pair of earrings Angie wore at the Beyond Borders premiere in 2003. The camera caught Angie putting on lip gloss at the GGs. A few months later Ticky makes sure she got snapped putting on lip gloss. On and on and on and on it goes. It’s straight up hilarious…and all Alex Forrest like a mofo.

Roger Goodell is a Racist Bigot White Supremacist NFL Commissioner and the other 32 team owners are Racist Bigots for supporting, enabling, and profiting off the Hate Crime Culture that is promoted by the use of the Washington “Redskins” team nickname.

End the ethnic Bullying and Hate Crime culture perpetuated by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners by writing to your Senator or Congressman to strip the NFL from its tax exempt status and anti-trust status. As Taxpaying citizens of the United States, we demand that our government no longer support and provide benefits to organizations that promote Hate Crime, Bigotry, and Ethnic Genocide.

another fan @ 05/21/2013 at 7:54 pm

Brad has a family of six young children, a career, a partner, an extended family and a few close friends. How can he find time for a lot of friends. Having a few close friends is something a lot of people envy.

As for his life ten years ago, the man has a right to talk about his lifestyle and his mindset back then. I wondered how long it would take the media to bring his ex into all the publicity Angie and Brad are getting.

The media is so predictable when it comes to Brad’s ex. Set Brad free.

Why must Brad’s comments about himself and his mindset and lifestyle always end up with a pity party for the ex.

Why can’t the media let Brad and Angie live their lives and talk about their lives without the media always tying it back to the ex. Then why not tie Steven Speilberg’s life and comments back to his first wife. Why not tie Tom Hanks life and comments back to his first wife. I could go on and on, because what happened to Brad and his ex is nothing new, nothing unique in and out of the entertainment industy. Set him free!

lmao anjie got flat face……1 of the most gorgeous face in the planet of earth ya moroniston….John Mayers toilet bowl.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 7:56 pm

@WELP is MrGracious:

I have never been to this forum. I didn’t understand what you guys were talking about when you mention FF. Now I know. Wow!!! They are nuts and obsess with the JP. That’s so scary.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 7:57 pm


LMAO!! Always love your comments.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:00 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: Indeed. Any article-whether a tabloid or not, they post on that forum and make fun of it. The when a JP fan calls them out, they want to act like saints, knowing good and well they say the most vile things about the JP’s. Ticky should be proud of her fans- they fight dirty just like she did for 9 years!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 8:01 pm

@Passing Through:

I did. You know me. I’m always late with the MANiston news. I didn’t know what FF means. I always so a picture of MANiston fixing midget’s bow tie but didn’t post it. The ho was copying Angie. Can these 2 losers be any original.

MDM…likewise!!!! hehehehe the truth really hurts.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 8:01 pm

# 390 jaliah @ 05/21/2013 at 6:18 pm
LOL! Shame on your for digging up Squiggy’s ass talking from years ago. Don’t you know a man can change, dammit? All he needs is the…say…a sugar mama who’s footing all the bills because she was on some crappy tv-shor for a decade…and just happens to be friends with the wife of a man you kinda, sorta dissed 10 years ago but not really because you were only using his name – and the movie he was in – as a ‘let’s just suppose…” example. Obviously you took Squigs way too seriously. He was only funnin’…cuz…you know…he’s “funnier than Brad Pitt”…and doubly bruh-zill-ee-ant because he actually graduated collge while Brad dropped out 2 credits short…and so what if it was a small liberal arts college where the hardest course-work was getting out of bed and making it to the classroom sober. Im sure you recongize your mistake now and want to amend your earlier post. Squiggy forgives you for your confusion.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:02 pm

Also, the maniston hens all fawn over whomever the man is dating. When manny and whatever gigolo she hooked up with broke up, then the vile trolls act like they never liked him/her. The shiit is cray.

correction MWM.crap im getting old like Maniston…but i’m no toilet bowl.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:04 pm

@Passing Through: LMAOOOO, right. If the gigolo is so smart, where was his admission to Harvard and yale? Oh, must of gotten lost in the mail somewhere YAHAHAHAHAHA.

He is the S e x u a l god like creature that is BRAD PITT!! I’m really digging this revamped grunge 90s look. oh, so hot hot hot – he and angleina are so perfect for eachother

I’m going to write this out quick-like, and see if I can convey this theory I’ve had for a while, though I tend to be long-winded, will try to be succinct. As it pertains to why this African woman would hate Angelina. Because that’s what it is -it’s hate for Jolie that drives her, not fandom for fuggiston. That’s what drives most of Maniston’s ‘so-called fans,’ which she would not have if not for Angie. Please do not get it twisted. So yes, to continue, she is no Jen Aniston fan, at least she was not one before she voraciously started reading/believing the tabloid narrative (beautiful humanitarian, mom to multi-cult brood steals Aniston’s man). Here’s THE TRUTH: Many women, like to believe they are good. But only because it lets them sit in judgement of other women. Yes, read that again. Consequently, when they see a woman who actually puts GOOD into practice, not theory: giving of her time, sweat, blood, tears and money – adopting children . They recoil, she makes their stated goodness SUSPECT. Afterall, if she’s good because of her actions (she does life changing world changing -good things), then if they are NOT – if they are inactive – they must not be as good as she is. Their reaction then is to make her NOT GOOD. Make what she does suspect, and demonize her. Afterall, if she is what THEY say she is, then her motives are called into question, and these hateful women can question her sincerity. They can cancel out all of her good deeds and good actions, from philanthrophy to parenthood.
On the other hand, if she IS this amazing, good, humanitarian who is making the world better, THEY are the evil ones. Not just because they do nothing or next to nothing philanthropically – but because they are unjustly attacking a good woman.
Of course they’ll never admit THAT. They’ll never own up to being hateful twahts.
The second this is the racial component. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some of Angie’s ugliest haters (initially) were people you THOUGHT might embrace her – I recall a few asian women gossips (from Min, to a few others) being especially nasty. I’d often wonder if Angelina embracing and loving and adoring her asian sons, makes some ‘oreo’ asian people who aspire to be ‘white,’ in all ways, lash out. Perhaps Angelina guilts them out – she’s running towards the culture that they are running away from. It’s the same kind of thing we sometimes see with those hair police black women – while they might not be embracing whiteness, they think they are the arbiters of all things black, and to see a white woman handling things and raising a strong daughter who happens to be black, embracing her hair and everything about her – again, might make a certain type of black woman who’s been overly concerned with hair appearance and superficial things, feel inadequate.
Sometimes, no matter what the background, it’s pure bitter envy.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 8:09 pm


LMAO!!! I know what you mean.

PT – Any man is a good man, handsome man, funny man, kind man, blah blah blah as long as MANiston is with him. I’ll bet these trolls wouldn’t sing the same tune if Midget dumps her @sssssss.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:11 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: That day should come any minute now. You know how manny works-one day they pap stroll; tomorrow, headlines appear how things didn’t work out. Manny holds on to the gigolos up until the very last second.


Ticky stalked to the point where she ‘met her man on a movie set……but her stalking does not include taking any flack for it like Angie…..and that was a fourteen year relationship…….But then again Heidi didn’t use her victimhood to further her career……..

Ticky only likes to stalk the good stuff………she couldn’t take the heat Angie took in a zillion years while going through two pregnancies, building a family of six children…..soaring in her career and beginning a new one…….to say nothing of the humanitarian schedule.

And Angie became an even bigger star without a publicist managing her tattered image.

Lesson here, Ticky. She’s ten times the woman you could ever dream of being with both hands tied behind her back.

Passing Through @ 05/21/2013 at 8:13 pm

# 433 another fan @ 05/21/2013 at 7:54 pm
Any comments Brad makes about himself while he was married to the Dead End are always going to be played as slights to Ticky by the media – and the J-P fans as well. The reason it’ll never be separated and interpreted to be about HIM and not Ticky is because he’s saying all but saying she didn’t want the same things he wanted. He’s saying it obliquely without mentioning her name but knwing that the inference will be drawn. He can’t say “this was about a decade ago” and not expect people to say…”Wait…he was married to the Sad Spook back then…” That’s just how it’s going to be forever and ever and ever, amen, because on the one side you’ve got Ticky’s too-sensitive hens and a malicious media, and then on the other side you have J-P fans going, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! That’s EXACTLY what we’ve been telling the hens for the last 8 years! Brad wanted out to save his own life!” LOL! It’s a no win sitch for anyone but the tabloids. The tabs get to milk the old sow for a few more weeks and Ticky gets to steam that Brad was purposefully trying to get to her and ruin her wedding. I get to laugh at both, so if nothing else I’m a happy camper…although…I suspect Ticky doesn’t care about my happiness…

How many times has Brads ex let her bff trash Angie. And Ticky herself has dissed Angie. So Brad speak your truth. Be happy and shout it from the rooftops if you want.

After all this years, it´s almost a kind of “social-sin” a “crime-against-fame” to tell the truth about your life “IF” that truth expose the row reality of a unhappy-marriage with a fake-sweetheart of TV sitcom.

Brad is telling the same thing that he said in the Pared interview. with other, more intense, words, but in the same tone and frequency.

The difference this time is the bigger expression of fillings and the happiness he want to show again and again.But the most dramatic and important difference is that this time is not only Brad that talk about his life.

This time Brad brings a few friends to say some words too.

This time the Jealous-Haters will have to figth and deal with friends of Brad but friends of Poor-sad-Jeniston.

This time Brad have said that he is Happy than never but the friends say the same thing and much more.

That´s the big and important piece of this interview. the jealous-haters have to deal with Brad´s words and with Brad´s friends words too.

And i love this important fact. Now i want to see Ugly-Jenmiston come out asking for a clarification and calling “uncool” and others stupidity’s to the Brad´s friends. it will be great to see. ha ha ha kiss

@Cassi: I can’t wait Cassi – I hope he says it in every interview.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:23 pm

LMAOOO, MARY OMPOSHA or whatever the hell its name was just deleted her fb account. she scared

@WELP is MrGracious:

roaches scurry when the light comes on. I wish those fools’ families/friends could see the vile they post. or their employees.. that would be great. But the internet makes it easy for people that pretend to be so “good” to unleash their demons. cowards.. all of them.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 8:38 pm

@busted: ITA. They act like were demons, but yet they’re the ones who post 2000 plus threads about the JP’s…Obsessed? I think so.
Look for yourself:

He is simply saying the obvious by now. He was with the wrong person and now he is with the right one. This has nothing to do with his ex-wife. This is about him. About who he is. He was pretty confused about that. He needed to find himself. He got numb by boredom and by the lack of challenges. He was leaving an insipid life.
He met Angie and recognized she was doing with her life something he ought to be doing with his. He saw in her all the qualities he deeply admire in a human being and he wanted to be worthy of her. So he found the strength to change and in doing so he found himself again. He realized what he really wanted out of life. He is with her a much better man because he is free to be who he really is. That is all.

Go Figure! @ 05/21/2013 at 8:39 pm

@cee: The congregation, the choir, and even the preacher says “Amen”!


He didn’t hate his life. He felt an emptiness in his life. Hate, what ever else is a passion and I am thinking passion is what he felt was missing in his life. His life is now full with worry, fear, hope, accomplishment, exaltation, pride, heat, excitement, love, laughter, tears, etc. In effect, he and Angie have built something they are proud of and probably have a little fear that it all could go away (it is my hope that they do anyway because a little fear is like being a little nervous atop a ladder; keeps one vigilant).

@Neil: Exactly!
And he met Angie who is absolutely passionate about everything she does. This lit a fire under him.

@WELP is MrGracious:

nope no desire to go to that site. No need. I won’t give them the acknowledgement they don’t deserve. I’m an Angie and Brad fan. so why visit a hate site. I don’t need that kind of sick in my head. I have better things to do with my online time. There is more positive than negative. And sad that sometimes we let the negative be louder then the good that is out there about this couple. For every negative comment the hags post I can post dozens of positive ones. So why not just let that be what I hear the most.

besides all that negative has done nothing to hurt Brad/Angie in all these years. NOTHING. and that is why the hate is there. They have not been broken by these fools. every.

Let’s see if Stephanie is smart and has the fat tick take the high road on this one. If s/he is, the sad spook will simply say that they have both found their passion now and let it go. I do suspect though that once again she will milk it like the cow is she is. Poor Squiggy, he is about to be another bit of road kill on the PoorMe Express.

Nothing wrong with taking as in a way he did. I mean what else he will talk about except things like this when it come to the magazines interviews like that.. It just that it brings some of yous and some of thems favorite topic and you go on and on and explaining the same thing over and over….Good thing is, it is less intense this time around that part is good. May be little by little it will go away all together and when he talk about his life in the future it will no longer cause the same emotion.

@BH: Amen tot hat. Besides, Brad didn’t mention any names, he just said a decade ago.And we all know a decade ago he was with whom?

@busted: Very nice comment.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family always.

WELP is MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 9:02 pm

@busted: You are right, busted. They continue to post hateful things because they know the JP’s are smarter than them. The positivity definitely outweighs the negative. The JP’s continue to strive with or without the trolls.

Have to go for now. will watch Dancing With The Stars.Be back later.

@another fan: Bravo to your beautiful comment. You are right. God bless all the fans of Brad and Angie. God bless the most beautiful family in Hollywood The Jolie Pitt’s.Okay, really have to go for now.


I thought it was really sad how they used one of the kids to paint this picture too. Pathetic. And he just HAS to bring up life with his ex right? because thats the only way to generate controversy and publicity for himself. What a loser.

I see where “Brad Pitt slamming marriage to Jennifer Aniston” is trending at #1 on Yahoo, seems Ticky and Huvane are at it again. Ticky must be desperate for attention, but hopefully this time someone will point out to Ticky and Stefanie that NO WHERE does Brad mention his deadend marriage in that Esquire blurb .Last time when the Parade article came out and Ticky made such a fuss, Brad was nice enough to clarify his statements, I hope he doesn’t do that this time, especially since he doesn’t mention her name or the marriage. When is Ticky going to learn she does NOT own Brad’s past. When Brad was doing an interview for Moneyball, he said it would be nice if he could say something nice about Angie, the Mother of his children, without “some people” (yeah Ticky, YOU) making it about themselves.

Can u all stop responding to attachment with old drama and can we talk them and them.
That said cute that matty said that about angie. It is true what she did helps a lot for woman in both awareness and help to soothe. and more funding and help for those who have especially strong history etc me thinks.

bh,that was so beautiful what you wrote,Brad and Angie were meant for each other.

#461 busted

Good post. Thank You!
All the negative has not hurt Angie & Brad. They just get stronger. Tearing people down never works for any length of time. Maybe in the beginning people fell for the act, but intelligent people don’t anymore. They see through what the tabloids write as garbage!

Give it up fan-trolliete moving on a man talk about his life most men actors done similar intervies in review way. Just because he has manny in the middle it doesn’t mean he is not allowed. Stop making past thing what they weren’t for him that way u wont get offended. His life he say it sd he knows it. That is same with everyone.

So glad that Brad “found himself again” and of course,found his great love….Angelina.

Not sd meant as. Time to sleep early tomm.

@yib: When is in the “past” when fat A$$ Ticky and her PR bulldog have already made it an issue, and as for you, you are a Troll, I’ve seen where you’re begging everyone not to talk smack about poor old Ticky.

Pls don’t make this about manny now about her every appearence let her be. Pls get rid of those predictable names don’t do it. Ok nt

not to worry most comments say they did not see it as a comment,he never even mentioned that pest,he has the right to say he was unhappy if he was not happy,poor sensitive trolls

carry's monday personality @ 05/21/2013 at 9:58 pm

ghana u say,,odd because i was curious to see what these tards look like, i would not have guessed ghana.

next someone pls expose yib lol,,that would be my dream

an opinion @ 05/21/2013 at 10:00 pm

Ticky has said that her life is so much better than it’s ever been before. Yet you don’t see this whining from Brad Pitt fans like you do jenhags. It’s because we actually believe that Brad is indeed happier than he has ever been.

Love The Shoes @ 05/21/2013 at 10:01 pm

Who the hell is “Ticky?!”

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/21/2013 at 10:07 pm

@an opinion:

Exactly. If MANiston said she was unhappy 10 years ago, it would be ok but not when Brad said it. He didn’t even mention her name or about the marriage but I guess the media knows that it will get hits and become news when they take anything Brad & Angie out of context.

@lurker: I certainly hope normal people are smarter than the hens, the hens know Brad wasn’t talking about jennypoo, but if it gets the old tart some publicity, they’ll go along with anything. I hope Brad really lays it on thick about his love for his beautiful Angie and their kids while he’s promoting WWZ, let the hen’s heads explode, it won’t be the first time.

We're the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 10:09 pm

Wow, ticky has a thread on here about a friends reunion on Ellen. Nobody is going to watch that shiit. If we wanted to watch friends, I’m sure we could watch it on Nickelodeon, not Ellen.

No publicist - read @ 05/21/2013 at 10:12 pm

Ticky was a name given to Jennifer Aniston by a news reporter (Globeandmail) because of her PR games & coat-tailing the Jolie-Pitts as in a tick since 2005

Actually, the Canadian reporter called her a fatten tick but the folks here shorten it to “ticky”.

….and so she suck the blood out of that divorce of a marriage that wasn’t

Oh well, so much for the fat tick taking the high road. I see her girl Stephanie is already pulling on her teats to milk this story as her being the victim again. Too bad, she had a chance here to prove that she wasn’t that dumped trash heap anymore. I hope the Hefty bag still fits.

This time it will not work for her,too bad for her people’s eyes are open

Oh my goodness LOL @ 05/21/2013 at 10:26 pm

@We’re the morons:

they should be embarrassed because that video is just so not funny. And it shows her doing the usual. That dumb flutter, raised eyebrows.. doe eyed bewildered and confused.. just so terrible. And Mathew looks so pathetic. Courteney’s face is tragic. And it just seem desperate and not creative. It was obviously planned after her last visit. But I never thought for a moment that Lisa, David or Matt would participate in this. That cast is not close. 3/3… Lisa is friendly with some, but never saw her and Aniston BFFs. and of course let’s drag out Courteney for the promotion. I guess they need each other. anyway it was just so UGH. Sorry I watched it.

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 10:37 pm

@Oh my goodness LOL: ITA. Ticky said in an interview years ago about how Lisa was a sweet person but had different personalities- Their not close lol. Lisa was the one with the Ivy league education, so shewas the more intelligent one of the bunch. It was so scripted, it was abysmal. After the show, ticky got her head stuck up the azz and thought she was too good for them- now look at her. OH, when Matt Perry said- “are you still with the writer guy?” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO, even he didn’t know who the hell the gigolo was.

I TA with the sentiments that Brad’s posts was NOT a slam at JHo, but rather a comment about himself, how he felt about himself.
But it makes me laugh that the public still see it as a slam on JHo and you know what makes it worse for JHo? Because anyone with a brain can see BRAD has is RIGHT!

Wonderbust @ 05/21/2013 at 10:40 pm

I didn’t waste my time watching that crappy Ellen promo..Has this been posted. Its from Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring,” which premiered in Cannes. They are talking about Angelina
If you don’t want to click the link its on indiewire

were the morons @ 05/21/2013 at 10:47 pm

@Wonderbust: Love it! Emma Watson knows Angie has the body, the gorgeous ring, and the hottest hubby in hollywood. The youngins are getting it. If only the old, fat trolls would get it…

Wonderbust @ 05/21/2013 at 11:07 pm

love this article
Angelina Jolie and a very different Hollywood activist generation
By Jeff Simon | News Arts Editor | @JeffSimonbuffnw
on May 20, 2013 – 5:08 PM, updated May 20, 2013 at 10:36 PM
They’re just different.

If anything confirmed for me how very different the current crop of activist and committed movie stars is from those of the past, it was last week’s rather stunning announcement by Angelina Jolie of her double mastectomy in an op-ed piece in the New York Times.

Not in People, or In Touch or with Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters, but in an op-ed piece in the Times.

As Jolie explained it, the decision – as momentous as it was for a star whose career has involved so much glamour and physical display – seemed simple enough.

Doctors had told her that because of genetic predisposition, she had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of ovarian cancer. Her genetic “defect,” she told the world, results in cancer 65 percent of the time.

“I hope that other women can benefit from my experience,” she wrote. “Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer and then take action.”

She turned her private decision, then, into part of America’s public education. I don’t know that I’ve admired such a public rendering of the most private medical matters since Betty Ford told the world she was going into rehab, thereby changing entirely how America would think about addiction.

There were too many women in the world – and their families – who needed to know that even an actress of such vaunted sensuality could choose her life with her children over show business exploitation.

It’s what the best of her generation seems to do – George Clooney, for sure, but also her husband, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. They put their films – and their very lives – in service to higher ideals and the world if they can.

They know that the minute they walk into a Los Angeles Von’s Market or a Trader Joe’s for an avocado or a liter of coconut water there will be a flurry of cellphone photos and text messages and social media pronunciamentos. Their fame is different from that of earlier Hollywood generations. (And so are its transmission systems.)

I once watched Marlon Brando being maneuvered through Los Angeles airport by a dense cloud of blond women (his personal assistant and her daughters, it turned out), and as much of a commotion as it stirred in LAX, back then it wasn’t instant fodder for an entire Internet world.

If it had been Clooney or Pitt now, it would be. If it took too long, alerted paparazzi – so much denser in population than they used to be – would be on the scene to catch the star waiting patiently, as Brando did, for his entourage to retrieve his luggage from the carousel.

Their whole star generation is aware of the spotlight that accompanies them out into the world, wherever they go. So they put it to use in ways that even the Paul Newman/Robert Redford/Warren Beatty/Jane Fonda generation never did. (More carefully and wisely, certainly, than Fonda; more effectively than Brando; far more publicly than Beatty.)

They have no fear of bringing their sociopolitical beliefs into their films – or it seems their very lives into their very reasons for fame.

It’s almost as if a whole cautionary top layer of diffidence has been removed and we now have a generation of performers determined to detoxify the absurdities of fame with which they’re all too familiar.

Yes, it’s true that Jolie was set to star in a $200 million live-action “Sleeping Beauty” tale called “Malificent” to be released in July 2014. But when it came time to write and direct her own first film, it was “In the Land of Blood and Honey” about Bosnia, made with a Bosnian cast.

We won’t even mention playing Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart” or her movie “Beyond Borders.” They’re a long way from “Wanted” and “Salt.” It’s as if she were telling the world, “OK, you care so much about my life with Brad, here is the reality of it. And here are some things we think about – a few more interesting realities – since you seem to care about nonsense.”

Clooney, of course, admits flat-out that he uses fame to call attention to world problems (in Darfur, say). When he makes films of his own, his family’s journalistic idealism is going to be poured into “Good Night and Good Luck.”

In “Promised Land,” Damon made a pretty good film about the business of “fracking.” In HBO’s upcoming “Behind the Candelabra” (see Saturday’s Buffalo News for a review), he plays Liberace’s live-in lover to Michael Douglas’ Liberace in a rare use of their high level of stardom by both actors. (In different ways, previous sets of straights playing homosexual lovers in movies – Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain” and Richard Burton and Rex Harrison in “Staircase”

Wonderbust @ 05/21/2013 at 11:07 pm

were at different stages of their careers.)

There is, of course, the ancient argument that actors – whose profession, after all, is pretending to be what they are decidedly not – should keep their lives and opinions about everything to themselves and leave thinking to others much better equipped to do it in public.

What if, after all, some of those actors are conspicuously smarter than so many others whom society entrusts to think out loud?

Is there any serious journalist who’s sorry Clooney made “Good Night and Good Luck”?

Is there anyone in any American family with some experience of cancer who doesn’t think Jolie did something useful and even heroic with the fame that had heretofore abused and mistreated her?

She made public what earlier generations of actresses would have kept as private as possible because – $200 million films or not – she jolly well knew her story would make it easier for others to save their own lives.

They seem to be a whole generation that knows exactly how ridiculous is the fame that a Kardashian society confers on them – until, that is, they use that fame to illuminate what the world seems to want hidden.

They know the secret of any spotlight – aiming it where it needs to go.


I saw a tv spot for WWZ tonight and it was awesome. It’s shorter but intense. One month to go and can’t wait.

Poor Pitty, he can’t get press coverage unless he reminds everyone of the women he used to be with, and since the whole world knows that his career peaked during the Aniston years, he had to once again dust off the same rehearsed speech about the time he spent married to her.

Once again, his last resort is to drag the ex wife’s name through the mud and bring up the Triangle to have some sort of publicity. Typical reaction from a jealous narcissist cheating douche- he can’t see the woman he cheated on looking happier and in a better place than where he is right now.

Is this the only way he has to promote a movie and get decent coverage though? It seems so, but perhaps he forgot the price he had to pay after that Moneybomb interview.

Again his remarks will backfire on him and will only hurt his promotional for Waterworld Z. Thank goodness for another bomb and for sticking your foot in your mouth Pitty. Loons will weep once again, get desperate, pulling their hairs out and wondering what went wrong, possibly blaming Huvane once his latest steaming turrdd makes a DOA entry at the box office, and no apology will be able to save it. XD

I love Brad Pitt that is why I am always on his thread.

an opinion @ 05/21/2013 at 10:00 pm

Ticky has said that her life is so much better than it’s ever been before. Yet you don’t see this whining from Brad Pitt fans like you do jenhags. It’s because we actually believe that Brad is indeed happier than he has ever been.
Exactly, We fans believe Brad is happier now than he was with Maniston, so Maniston said her life is better doesn’t bother us. But Maniston hens don’t believe she is in better position now, so they are so mad when Brad says he is so happy.

Poor manny, she can’t get press coverage so she does a promo for friends, in 2013. Her career peaked when friends went off in 2004 during the BP years.
Once again, she has to drag the JP’s in it because that’s the only way she can get coverage.

Brad is SOOO HOT

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:23 pm

Tammy, come to bed. Mom is calling you! Remember, you have school at 8.

Someone please get squigs a JOB. this gigolo has been unemployed for two years and his fiancée is only working in low budget movies with no name directors and writers

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:24 pm

STOP harassing the JP fans. How many times have I told you to stop being a bully. Tisk Tisk Tammy, mommy is going to give you a spanking.

How come no major studio wants to hire manny. How come Echo films is a bust. Why is manny promoting a film that doesn’t come out for another 3 months when all the major summer comedies open in June, July

This guy is so fing dumb. What about WWZ?!?!? I guess nothing good to say about it.

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:26 pm

@Ⱦamsin: LMAOOO I’m crying. Squigs should go apply at sea world, they hire ANYONE. Wait, they drug test, nvm. Squigs, have you been clean for 30 days?

Always_Hard @ 05/21/2013 at 11:26 pm

@were the morons: Always_turd like poo poo.

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:28 pm

@Ⱦamsin: She’s not promoting, she’s shacking up with Ellen. That’s ellen’s fvck buddy when Portia’s at work…

no fair. Angelina get to direct a movie based on a best selling book and written by Academy award winner the Coen brothers and is backed by a Universal studios. meanwhile manny’s next gig is a supporting actress to an Owen Wilson comedy.

an opinion @ 05/21/2013 at 11:28 pm

@JulieAnn: Brad talks about WWZ. You have to buy the mag to read the whole interview.

I can’t get enough of Brad Pitt. I am always on his threads every single day 24/7 because I do not have a life.

I’m happy that the manny hen was exposed. i googled her name and she is a crazy stalker like me

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:30 pm

I saw manny on ET acting as a stripper. I swear it was Robin Williams in a bra and lingerie. Shiit was bad.

the media is sick like me. Brad never once mentioned manny’s name.

I don’t recall it being a crime speaking about your past and growing from it. He doesn’t owe anyone anything and he knows his truth and from the comments I been reading a lot of people are saying he has the right to say what he wants without it being linked to his former wife and that the media is trying to stir things. So don’t know the sites your speaking of but trust BP will be just fine. By the way WWZ is tracking pretty damn good so don’t get it twisted.

Ⱦamsin's Sister @ 05/21/2013 at 11:31 pm

Why doesn’t manny go to an NA meeting and take her paid escort with her.

Maniston career is down to play stripper now. rotflmao.

Ⱦamsin AKA MrGracious @ 05/21/2013 at 11:34 pm

The manny is equivalent to a cockroach- comes out at night and runs when exposed.

Brad Pitt, the man used to say happiness is overrate,now is saying ‘I Haven’t Known Life to Be Any Happier’. A good woman like Angie makes a difference. Angie makes Brad happy. God bless Brangelina.

a stipper in a low budget rom com. Don’t actresses play these roles in the beginning of their career?

This guy sounds and looks like such a tool. He single handedly ruined the film adaptation of WWZ.


Don’t be a hypocrite JP troll. A happy person doesn’t feel the need to trash others or situations. Someone who is evolved and satisfied with his present situation can easily acknowledge that the sum of his life experiences got him to his present point and would be grateful of all that has gone before.

SS (Stupitt Stoner) is indeed sad and miserable because not only does he continue to turn to drugs and booze to ease the pain, but he’s always whining and crying about something. And when he’s not dissing the ex, he’ll be whining that he can’t do drugs or buy guns freely, or about how his big paycheck days are behind him.

an opinion @ 05/21/2013 at 11:41 pm

@seriously: What a great point!!!

But manny also does drugs with her bought gigolo. She does stripping for low-budget movies, and that is degrading.

Manny’s fans are hypocrites. i guess Manny was insulting Brad when she said last year in GQ
“Oh, my God, my thirties blew! Forties are great.”

@Ⱦamsin: She was with too many men in her thirties- each one dropped her like a hot potato.

seriously @ 05/21/2013 at 11:37 pm

Brad Pitt, the man used to say happiness is overrate,now is saying ‘I Haven’t Known Life to Be Any Happier’. A good woman like Angie makes a difference. Angie makes Brad happy. God bless Brangelina.
So true. On the other hand, Brad was so unhappy when he was married to Manstion, how did Maniston not even notice her husband wasn’t happy. What kind of dumb wife she was?

Have you all seen the pics of justin and his douchey friends in NYC. I am sure they are doing a lot more than drinking. lets not forget Sebastian Theroux has been arrested multiple times for drugs and he was just seen with Justin in Nyc

My name is Ⱦamsin and i am a Jolie-Pitt addict. I come here every day and talk about them. I stay up late just thinking about them.That is why I am always posting here


How is it tracking when it’s not even out yet? I’m guessing it’s happening in your head. And every major media outlet has reported on what a nightmare it was to get it made, I suppose you missed those reports as well, because you were daydreaming. And perhaps you haven’t read anything about the backlash from the book original fanbase who were livid after realizing how the only thing they movie kept is the title.

Good luck with that! Your idol certainly needs more like a miracle.

Wow you Pitt stans need some serious help.

He's a whore @ 05/21/2013 at 11:54 pm

I guess he’s still posses that he gave half his brick to Quentin.

Yup, he still got it. He and his gal are the hottest peeps on earth. Love ‘em so.

I think Aniston didn’t really know Brad and what he wanted in life. she had no clue even though she was his wife. When Angie and Brad are together, they truly know each other and understand each other, have the same views about family and the world. That’s why their love has lasted so long and they are still in love with each other, they appreciate each other , don’t take each other for granted, help and support each other. Their love is the definition of true love.

tammy on the meltdown

My name is Ⱦamsin and I am obsessed with the jolie-Pitts. i need HELP

until now he is using Jennifer’s name. he is not haapy 10 years ago?? how’s your life now? HAPPY? COMMON!!! REAL MEN DON’T TALK LIKE THAT….

Studios have data companies perform box office data tracking before the movie is even released. Just because a movie had a problematic production doesn’t mean it will fail. Looking at the demographics and what the audience wants to see is what drives Boxoffice and as I said WWZ is tracking well. Plus keep in mind its real target isn’t women…although that segment seems to be looking good as well for both women and young teenage girls. The adult males (young & old) look really good. Sorry!


am watching them trolls die a slow death

I like Angelina Jolie. She is one hot mama.

I am sooo angry with Ticky and her PR wh@re, I don’t normally take these things that seriously, but knowing first hand what Angie has gone through in the last few months, with Brad beside her every moment, has made me especially protective of them. I know they are physically and mentally exhausted, even though they are grateful and happy this surgery is behind them, it still leaves you shaken, and for that bish to take advantage of the small snippet from Brad’s Esquire interview to bring her failing career a very small respite, if even for a few days is deplorable. Aniston and Huvane KNOW that Brad was in no way referring to his short lived marriage to the dead-end, he was talking about himself, but oh no, they saw a chance to breathe life back into the longest pity party ever held for a marriage that was was doomed from day one. They literally have people that obviously haven’t even READ the Esquire blurb believing that Brad talked about Aniston in the piece, which doesn’t say much for the mentality of the Aniston hens, as if we didn’t already know they lack not only beauty like their idol, but are obviously as dumb as she is too. Hopefully this will die down when the full article comes out, but right now I’d like nothing more than to snatch that fame wh@re’s weave right off her head. You’ll have to forgive my ranting, I’m normally a level headed person, but as I said, I feel protective of the couple right now, reading all the articles about Angie’s surgery has brought all the feelings flooding back, and to think that ***** is taking advantage of them has just been the limit for me.
Two More TV Spots for World War Z

Following the TV spot earlier today, Paramount Pictures has released two more spots for World War Z which you can watch below!

Hitting theaters on June 21, the Marc Forster-directed action thriller stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox and David Morse.

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

@Lucy – do not fret as I said there are a lot of people commenting that the media is trying to make a todo out nothing. And its only the tabloid sites so it is what is. There was no mention of this person out of his mouth. If the media wants to twist something let them its only a reflection as to how they like to keep stuff stirred up. Even if the they read the entire peace they will still find something to point at so oh well. It just par for the course.


LOL thanks for bringing that up. If anything that is testament to what an empty vessel this sad little man is. He had already said “happiness was overrated” when he had his family, and all of a sudden his life has not been happier?! ROTFLMAO. Can this dingbat even keep track of what he says or does he need an assistant for that too?

It reminds me of how he said he had stopped doing drugs when he became a father but then Tarantino blew his cover when he told the story about his brick of hashish. What a lyin’ sack o’ shitt!

Even funnier is that, for all this talk about how unhappy he was during his marriage, he looked 1000 times better than what he does now. At least back then he took showers on a regular basis, seemed polite, had a clean cut, and didn’t wear grease-stained onesies, so perhaps he does need to get back to his drug days. LOL.

My name is Ⱦamsin and I am obsessed with Brad Pitt. I just cannot stop talking about him. please help me with my Brad addiction

I wish I looked as hot as Brad Pitt

I like posting under different names and talking to myself

I’m just upset because manny is stuck with a giggolo who is eating all of her money.

I am hoping the more I post about Brad the more he will notice me. I really make an impact on Brad’s life by posting on Just Jared all day. I said that Brad will never be hired after KTS but now he landed a starring role with Sony studios. I am always wrong.

I am also upset because their mansion cost $21million not including renovations and gigolo hasn’t worked in two years

I am an unhappy, stalker troll. Hear me ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Whose name is the mansion in, Manny’s or gigolos.

thats just me under a different name AGAIN

Lmfao he looks like such a douche in these pics. Trying way too hard.

HEYS guys how come no one came to see Wanderlust when it was an Apatow comedy that starred manny and her fiancee. How come none of the movies that I have been the main star in has grossed over $100mil WW i am not talking domestic just WW

seriously @ 05/21/2013 at 11:37 pm

Brad Pitt, the man used to say happiness is overrate,now is saying ‘I Haven’t Known Life to Be Any Happier’. A good woman like Angie makes a difference. Angie makes Brad happy. God bless Brangelina.
Ticky never was good enough for Brad. Angie knows how to make Brad happy. She let him be who he is.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover you trolls. Look at Tom Cruise he looked happy physically but had an unhappy marriage. Johnny Depp always looked unkempt but separated after many years. You can not judge people’s happiness by just looking at them physically. you are an I D I O T tamsit

Why does Angelina get to star in a big budget Disney movie and gets to direct an actual movie written by the Coen brothers meanwhile i am stuck in an Owen Wilson comedy. All the hot young actresses like Jlaw, Emma Stone, Mulligan, get all the juicy roles


9 years ago he actually said “Yeah, it’s time (to be a father). I’m finally at the place where I think I won’t mess up too much and Jen’s in agreement with this. ” So now he claims he was drugged out and effing off back then, but at the same time he was also making these kinds of statements. So there is a pattern for this piece of trash of never being consequent with what he says or does.

@Ⱦamsin: Stupid c@unt get some help

@Trolls: and courteney ***** and david arquette.

What has she done?


Box office data tracking without the movie being released? Please provide actual evidence, do not just try to pass your opinion for fact. And I know what the estimated opening weekend for Waterworld Z is, thank you very much.

My stalker aka “JP Fan / Wonderbust / Were the morons / FFer EXPOSED” and many more has really lost it over the last 24 hours. Poor little thing is desperate to give Pitty some positive PR. Hopefully this little lemming won’t have a stroke or anything like that, it’s clear she’s taking badly every time I expose their idols’ ugly truth.

What matters is he is happy now.

All this chatter about something flopping when tracking states otherwise. My suggestion is to wait for MTC & RS .

I’ve gotten exposed within the last 24 hours, now I’m a mad troll.

Passing Through @ 05/22/2013 at 1:51 am

Before I go to bed – any bets on how many tab covers Angie’ll be on tomorrow? I’m going with 3. I think notOK will stick with the Kartrashians (or possilby Ticky in her 86th month of pregnancy with twins) and one of the Bauer rags will go with Angie and the other will go with a Kartrashian. That leaves US, Star and 1 Bauer rag. I’ll go with OuttaTouch since it sells more than Lies & SHite.

Passing Through @ 05/22/2013 at 1:52 am

# 536 lurker @ 05/22/2013 at 12:01 am
Poor Tampon. Her alters are out of control tonight. I think she needs to give Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson Banks a call and ask her what she does to get Niki, Tommy, Jean, Princess, Tori and Victor to give her control of her body back. Then again…Viki’s never been very successful at keeping the alter’s permanently at bay. But, even a brief respite from Tampon’s crack cronies would be weelcoming.

Damn, what happened to CC face though. She needs to stop the botox.

Man, dude was sooo unhappy being married to Jennifer, aka Chelsea’s side kick. Glad he left before she stole his youth and soul. All I can say is he looks so happy and content with the angel sexy one and his children. PS love his dog seen with the kids.

Brad is HOT!

Courteney cocks @ 05/22/2013 at 2:07 am

@Ⱦamsin: STFU.

love theJP's @ 05/22/2013 at 2:09 am

In case there was any question about who the solid-est dude in Hollywood was, how about you save yourself the trouble and let the big, gorgeous cat come out of its bag all on its own — because boom, it’s Brad Pitt. No one else compares, comes close, or even otherwise indicates that there might be some kind of competition down the road in the next 20 years or so. None.

Brad takes the cover — and feature story — in the June/July issue of Esquire, and in the preview, Brad says that he’s a terrible — pardon — “crap” interview:

“I’m a crap interview.”

And that his life is so, so perfect — just as perfect as it appears to be from the outside:

“I’ve haven’t known life to be happier.”

And last, on his partner, his soon-to-be-wife, his BFF, Angelina Jolie:

“Angie is … the best person.”

There’s more to come, and for that, you should feel lucky. Brad Pitt (and his partner, the lovely Angelina Jolie) are both so, so enigmatic and magnetic, and above all, maybe, magical, deep down in the core of their very existences. It’s a gift to be able to read their interviews, and that’s not even an exaggeration.

Jen The HAG @ 05/22/2013 at 2:14 am

Well for sure Brad looked a lot better when he was with TICKY because TICKY is so fug Brad’s handsome feature is enhance 100 times when he’s standing next to the X and also Brad was only in his 30′ compared today he’s almost 50 .. of course there will be a LOT of difference.. look at TICKY she’s think she’s still in her 20′s so she dressed like a has been hooker bwahahhahah!! And we all know TICKY is all for appearances sake that’s why her former boyfriend Ted Donovan called her HIGH MAINTENANCE !!

Any man stands next to Maniston looks good because Maniston is ugly.

Brad look so handsome! I am so glad he left the ugly one and moved on to find a beautiful match to make gorgeous babies. Long live Jolie Pitt and God bless them!


Is WWZ a big flop for huvane and ticky? ) huvane, ticky and two evil trolls dominate the world… in cannes, only God forgives, I can’t wait

now appears a ring insulting the goddess ticky

Plenty of Hollywood stars probably have trouble remembering all the hundreds of reporters and fans and presidents they meet. Brad Pitt, however, thinks his poor memory might be an actual medical condition. He finds it nearly impossible to remember the faces of anyone he meets, he told Esquire.

For awhile, he tried being honest about his problem. “I took one year where I just said, This year, I’m just going to cop to it and say to people, ‘Okay, where did we meet?’ But it just got worse. People were more offended. Every now and then, someone will give me context, and I’ll say, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ But I piss more people off,” the star says.

Brad says he’s planning to get tested to find out if his forgetfulness is actually a mental condition called prosopagnosia, or face blindness. His guilt over not remembering people means he rarely goes out – you can’t forget someone you never meet. It’s sweet that he even feels bad about this. I’d consider it an honor to have Brad Pitt forget my face.

Pitt recently opened up about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. He is incredibly glad that the procedure went well. “it’s such a wonderful relief to come through this and not have a spectre hanging over our heads. To know that that’s not going to be something that’s going to affect us.”

jen sells more @ 05/22/2013 at 6:21 am

Angelina Jolie PEOPLE cover sales revealed!

Last week only People magazine got the Angelina Jolie’s bombshell news on its cover before they went to print. All the other celebrity weekly magazine’s closed on Monday night (except OK! that goes to print the Thursday before)

Only People, with its later printing deadline, got in the Angelina news that she broke with the New York Times on Tuesday. So how did she sell?

“Early numbers show the Angie cover of ‘People’ sold 925,000 newsstands, which is great for them as they average 850,000 copies a week,” one weekly editor tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “It was nothing to get excited about. Considering they were the only entertainment weekly to have her we all thought they would sell more than 1,000,000 issues,” adds another.


Read more at ONTD:

the queen?

She was on the cover of many more reputable magazines. Ididnt get tgat one myself. Still fine.

@jen sells more:

LOL troll – But Angie gets to write articles for the NYT and appears on the cover of Time Magazine. (See the difference in class and importance)

Good morning J-P fans.
People magazine was not worth buying, first it was not an interview with Angie, second the writing was terrible, third People is a tabloid, so why would Jolie fans, purchase it.
Everything was covered in the NYT OP-ED.
I’m still laughing at People’s coverage of their engagement, “family sources said” yeah right.
Lets see how they’ll will play, Brad saying he don’t have many friends.

@jen sells more:
sorry i don’t buy people tab
and angie sells more than your idol

Why would people rush buy People mag when they had already read Angie’s op-ed in the NYT?

@jen sells more: A lot of us JP fans refused to buy People as it wasn’t an actual interview with Angie. I just glanced at it when I was buying Time magazine and decided it wasn’t worth my hard-earned dollars. So glad that People is feeling the lack of JP fans’ support and they are “not excited” about the additional copies sold bec it didn’t number in the millions.

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/22/2013 at 7:11 am

Call now HELP WANTED. Why sat on your FAT – B UTT all day doing nothing you could earn money . Why Work for FREE?

Yup, everybody knew that the scoop was already out and that peeps had no exclusive/new content. Quite frankly, magazines & newspapers are lucky to sell a fraction of their former numbers. Much like tv ratings being so much lower than the years past, the internet is making an impact on these old business models.

Wonderbust @ 05/22/2013 at 7:23 am

so Angelina’s people cover sells ABOVE average, is the troll really this Slow. shouldn’t you be bragging if the sales were BELOW average like Reese Witherspons wedding cover and Jessica Simpson’s cover in which these women actually gave them an exclusive. i guess the troll is still bitter that Angelina is on the cover of Times and was on the cover of every major magazine.. naughtynicerob is a low rent blog..get back to me when the hollywood reporter or nypost talks about the sales like they did with the two ladies I mentioned..NEXT

Wonderbust @ 05/22/2013 at 7:29 am

can the troll please provide a legit source to the sales and not a low rent blog that no one has ever heard of. This reminds me of the time the hens said tick was getting $40mil for Aveeno and sited some obscure blog that i had never even heard of. Angelina making worldwide news is getting to the trolls,

Surprise, surprise……………Brad’s thread is down on the main page ……..replaced by Ticky…………rather obvious Stephanie has Jared on speed dial……..who the eff cares about a ‘friends’ reunion……..a bunch of middle aged wannabes whose only real claim to fame was a sitcom that ended nine years ago. White bread and low rent.

And bulletin, bulletin………Kartrashian’s pregnancy lips are out of control………like the rest of her body. Remember how elegant Angie looked while carrying ‘twins.’……..This heifer is like a balloon on steroids.

The whole topper is fameho’s except B. Cooper. Guess Jared can only deal with so much substance in a week.

PR JOBS NOW CALL @ 05/22/2013 at 8:09 am

What are you waiting for CALL NOW. Their the PR JOB.. And the FLAT AZZ CLEANING JOB.. TAKE your PICK #1855-945-CLEANJOLIEASS.

Obviously people magazine sales were good enough because they are on the cover again. Next time come with a better source.

Queen Jolie @ 05/22/2013 at 8:21 am

@jen sells more:

Sorry, but that is not an accurate numbers because they did not include the international sales .How can they include other parts of theworld like Europe when it just arrive here and I just bought my copy just today.It usually arrived here one week late.It is becoming more expensive 7.40 euros.The last time I bought (the engagement issue) it’s only 6.20. Angie’s cover of Time mag is not available here.Its available in all parts of the world except Europe.European cover is about Syria.I am trying to order at the Time mag site but said not yet available for order and to check
again.I am wondering why are you so interested about the sales of Angie’s cover, are you seem to be more updated about Angie than the fans.You are searching for news about her faster than fans.I only see news about JA when it is here at Jared.iI won’t waste my time finding news about her like you do about Angie.The power of Angie.

Angleina Jolie Gems, Warhol, Wine Lure Billionaires to Hong Kong
By Frederik Balfour – May 21, 2013

Hong Kong is taking center stage on the global conspicuous-consumption circuit this week as billionaires descend on the city to choose from Angelina Jolie’s diamonds, Andy Warhol’s paintings and bottles of Romanee-Conti.
In what promises to be a champagne-fuelled 10 days, the city will see billions of dollars of contemporary art, wine, jewelry and snuff bottles go on sale.
On May 24, Hong Kong-based Tiancheng International sells an antique diamond choker belonging to Angelina Jolie estimated at HK$4 million to HK$6 million in a charity auction to benefit Education Partnership for Children in Conflict.
Shortcut to:

lolz clean the John Mayers toilet bowlniston.FACT to the max and for real.the truth hurts.

Breast cancer susceptibility testing
by Justin Glaze Cat Walk Chatt May 22, 2013
Recently there have been many reports about Angelina Jolie having undergone a double mastectomy due to a familial history of breast cancer. The CDC’s most recent report in 2009 indicated that 211,731 women were diagnosed with breast cancer that year, while 40,676 women died of the disease. This subject hits home with many people, because it affects those we love dearly: our wives, mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters. This week lets take a look at genetic testing as it pertains to breast cancer.

The human genes discussed in the news recently are BRCA1 and BRCA2, which stand for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene 1 and 2. These two human genes are known as tumor suppressors, and they normally function by limiting the overgrowth of cells and ensure stability of DNA. When there is a mutation of these genes, increased growth of breast and ovarian cancer can occur. Men can also have mutations of these genes which increases the risk of pancreatic, testicular and prostate cancer. An important fact to note about these genetic tests is that they do not diagnose cancer, they only give your doctor an idea of the risk you have of developing cancer.

As with Angelina Jolie’s case, even if someone is found to have a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, their breast tissue can be found to have benign cells, which are harmless. In addition, not all women who have breast cancer received the disease because of one of these genetic mutations.

While having a BRCA1/2 mutation doesn’t absolutely mean you will develop breast cancer, studies show that nearly 60 percent of women with this mutation will. This is much higher than the 12 percent of the general population who are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations have been found at a higher rate in certain ethnicities including Jewish, Norwegian, Dutch and Icelandic women. There are also higher mutation rates in many women, regardless of ethnicity, when two or more close relatives have been diagnosed with breast cancer before. While increased BRCA1/2 occurrences are found in these ethnicities, it is currently not known if this truly translates into higher occurrences of breast cancer.

If you’d like to look into having this test performed, you should talk to your doctor about your concerns. Discussing familial patterns of cancer and other illnesses will help aid your doctor in looking into having preventive testing done. Check back next week, when we look at options available for those with positive results to BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing.
Read more: CatWalkChatt – Column by Justin Glaze Breast cancer susceptibility testing
Shortcut to:–Breast-cancer-susceptibility-testing-?instance=home_news_lead_story

There no comparison when it
Comes to BRAD PITT !!!!!!!!


Against patenting human genes goes to Supreme Court
Should a company’s be allowed to patent human genes? This is a question some experts are asking in light of actress Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy.
Ms Jolie had it done after a genetic test showed she had mutated genes that gave her an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer.
The company that helped her make the discovery is Myriad Genetics. It has patents on those genes. Competing companies say that’s unfair, and they’re taking their fight to the Supreme Court.”The problem with patenting the human gene is you are patenting a fundamental property of an individual,” said Dr. Roger Klein from the Association for Molecular Pathology.
The Supreme Court’s ruling will have broad implications at a time when companies are increasingly focused on personalized medicine. A decision is expected by late June.
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Turkish deputy sends Angelina Jolie Malatya apricots as a post-surgery gift
———————————————————————————————–ANKARA May/21/2013
Malatya deputy of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Ömer Faruk Öz, has sent apricots – a specialty of the Malatya region to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, along with his wishes that Jolie will get well soon after her mastectomy surgery.
The actress, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, recently underwent a double mastectomy to minimize the risk of breast cancer due to a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, that she inherited from her mother.
Öz announced on May 21 that he had sent apricots to Jolie because of apricots’ proven impact on lowering the risk of many health problems including cancer, liver failure and heart attacks.
“I have sent Malatya apricots to our consulate general in Los Angeles in order for them to be delivered to Angelina Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. alongside her artistic activities, wishing for her recovery. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind people of the importance of consuming vegetables and fruits for a healthy lifestyle,” Öz said.
Shortcut to:

Has science outgrown patents?
Is it right to patent human genes? Both sides in a US law case have sound legal and policy arguments in their favour. But maybe neither is wrong, writes David Galloway.:

A legal tussle in the US Supreme Court over who can own gene patents like the breast cancer gene has raised fundamental questions about what can be owned. While the combatants – the Association for Molecular Pathology and Myriad Genetics – hone their arguments, the rest of us should pause to consider how we got here and whether it’s time to change the law. Patents give inventors an incentive to make discoveries public by granting a limited monopoly over how their invention is used. On the whole, patents work well because they allow science to advance while protecting investors, and because they’re recognised worldwide.
So what happens in the US also matters in Australia. But the key question before the US Supreme Court in AMP vs Myriad is whether human genes are patentable. It points to a fundamental problem: how can anyone claim to have invented something that evolved over more than three and a half billion years?
The answer lies in an Australian High Court decision from 1959. The NRDC Case concerned a way of applying existing chemicals to kill weeds. No new chemicals were invented, and no new saleable products or methods of manufacture were created. In essence, the NRDC claimed to have done little more than apply thought to existing things to produce an economically useful result, yet the High Court upheld its patent applications.
Myriad’s claims are also based on having put something that already exists into a novel context. And it’s difficult to see how its argument is very different in principle from those that succeeded in NRDC. What has changed between 1959 and 2013 is the range of opportunities that technology allows us to exploit for an economically useful result? Molecular genetics did not exist in 1959, and the language of patent law itself recalls a time when Newton’s clockwork universe was the height of scientific thought. It’s even doubtful whether the Justices who decided NRDC could have envisioned molecular genetics in anything other than quasi-magical terms like extracting ‘life essences’.
So had the High Court known its judgement might pave the way for patenting the stuff by which life is perpetuated and assembled, it may have reached a different conclusion. Knowing now what the High Court did not, we have an opportunity to rethink patents and molecular genetics along more suitable lines. AMP’s challenge to Myriad’s patents over sequences of human DNA is based on the fact that the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which are useful for diagnosing breast cancer risk, occur naturally.The form and function of DNA isolated by Myriad is essentially the same in the laboratory as in nature so, AMP argues, there is nothing to patent.
Next to AMP’s analysis sits a body of public policy concerns that shouldn’t be ignored. Isn’t finding something fundamentally different to inventing something? If companies can own what they find just because they can manipulate it, aren’t we at risk of creating an army of rent seekers demanding money for allowing doctors to treat illnesses or permitting farmers to grow what they already grow?
Will patents become the enemy of invention? Deeply felt though these concerns are, there are two sides to this argument.
Myriad is not a rent seeker. No one can seriously doubt that it isolated the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes where others failed.
Nor can it be denied that doing so was expensive, or that its work will save the lives of many women.Surely, then, Myriad is entitled to be rewarded for its hard work and genuine innovation? The most interesting part of this dispute might be that both sides have sound legal and policy arguments in their favour. Maybe neither is wrong. This could be the case we had to have to realise that science has outgrown the patents system, and we need a new system for things that are found through ingenuity rather than invention.Assuming we aren’t about to enter a utopia where research is funded for its own sake, an answer might exist in the ancient foundations of property law itself.
The law does not regard property as a thing, but as a bundle of rights capable of being separated.It is this law that allows a landlord and tenant to have different rights over the same house. And that seems to allow for the creation of a new type of patent that protects everyone’s interests. The first level of division needed for a patent system suitable for molecular genetics is a clear separation of ownership of the found thing (which should rest nowhere) from ownership of a right to limited commercial exploitation of the found thing. This would reward the Myriad’s of the world, while allowing other researchers to make other use of the found thing.
It would also deter rent seekers because patents could exist over a specific new use for a found thing, never the thing itself.
The second and most important division needed is between patent ownership and the right to financial royalties. This would make abuse of patents punishable by suspension or removal of royalty entitlements for (amongst other things) unconscionable conduct, so providing investors with a strong incentive to act ethically.But best of all, it means no one could end up owning any part of you.
David Galloway is a lawyer working in the corporate sector..
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Good Morning ladies:

Especially shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Josephina, Busted, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, QQQQ, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, JPS, MIR, JP Fan, Vickifromtexas, Tweet, Well, Who, Women Spanish, fyi, Media Wh@re MANiston, Lylian, Cliniqua, AWHODAT!, juju, Go Figure!, Sunny and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day take care take care God Bless.

hello and good morning phool.vajstastic is off to work……i’ll post when i get there………

Sony’s Amy Pascal On Closing The Money
The Money Gap Between Men And Women In Hollywood It’s no secret in Hollywood that overall, men earn more money than women. Sure, there’s the rare star like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence who can demand top dollar.
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Forbes announces 100 Most Powerful Women of 2013
CBS News) Forbes is set to release its annual list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” on Wednesday morning. This year, Forbes selected eight heads of state, 24 CEOs, along with Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and actress-turned-philanthropist Angelina Jolie. The list boasts seven categories: technology, business, media, entertainment, non-profits, and billionaires & politics, and is representative of women from 26 countries.
Shortcut to:

How Brad Pitt Helped Angelina Jolie Heal After Surgeries
By Michelle Tauber05/22/2013 at 08:00 AM EDT

Talk about teamwork.
In the weeks surrounding Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgery, her fiancé, Brad Pitt, served as her No. 1 support.

At the bustling home they share with their six kids in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, “Brad did everything he could to keep things secret and protect Angie,” a family insider tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Using early morning appointments and rental cars to avoid discovery, “They really wanted Angie to be able to recover and rest before they shared the story,” says the insider.
Keep up with Brad Pitt in the pages of PEOPLE Magazine by subscribing now.

The actress’s medical ordeal only deepened the bond between Jolie, 37, and Pitt, 49, a couple for seven years. Those close to them say the pair’s teamwork is always on display, in public and private.

“They are very loving and inspiring to each other, exchanging ideas,” says Jeremy Kleiner, a longtime exec at Pitt’s Plan B production company and producer on his upcoming movie World War Z.

On-set, “He would light up when his family showed up. It’s just a very cool thing to see.”

For much more on this story, including Angelina’s next surgery and how Brad’s family has supported her, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE
Shortcut to:,,20702255,00.html

I’m not buying this People magazine either. How old is Shiloh? they can’t even get the years they’re together right. Just read it at the market and leave it.

Some Bunny @ 05/22/2013 at 9:12 am

Hello to the JP Fans,

If you are in the NYC area please ban the radio show 95.5 WPLJ and hosts, Scott and Todd. This morning they were discussing Brad’s Esquire cover and interview, and coming to Anistone defense, saying, “Hasn’t he hurt her enough?”, and also saying that they “heard” Brad Pitt smelled like a doritos, And how poor hagiston was left for our beloved Angelina. Well I seen pictures of VV beign intimate with his BreakUP co-star way before the divorce was final. So who is really the cheater, why not ask Heidi Bivens about her 12 year relationship with the halfman, before JA decided to break that relationship up.

As dumb as they sounded I couldn’t help but wonder if they had any idea that Angelina had saved Brad from the pitfall of unhappiness? how its been 8 years/ 6 children later and this Hag still gets sympathy for being dumped!!

I guess no one told them what a B!tch the Hagiston is, to give Brad Pitt on his 40th birthday,a fake pregnancy test in front of her friends, as a joke, knowing how much Brad wanted children. This is the same person who hobbled onto stage to win some hyped up award, a golden globe maybe? and didn’t give thanks to her then Husband, for his support waiting for his turn to have a family.

I plan to write to the show regarding these snide remarks that came on the radio this morning 5/22/13, Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill should be fired for Defamation of Brad Pitt’s Character!! And their advertisers should beware of the stations loyalty to Huvanston.

Please follow suit and complain as well.

Many many Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans!

Hi Phool, thank you for unearthing this article. It’s very interesting and as the writer David Galloway correctly points out, there are truly 2 sides to this argument.

Brad and Angie are on People magazine cover this week.

an opinion @ 05/22/2013 at 10:58 am

@fyi: People mag doing back to back covers with NO interview from either Brad or Angelina. I guess that all that needs to be said of how the cover is selling. But I agree with the other posters, I did not buy last weeks mag because it was just a repeat. Will buy Esquire mag and maybe this new People mag depending if there is anything new.

#Rose@05/21/13 at 02:00pm
Good Morning Rose, nice to hear from you I wasn’t quite sure of some posts that had your name high jacked, but one stood out I had feeling that was YOURS lol. Glad to hear you’ve been having a great time you visited lots of places so far, I see you bought People Magazine I read it at the store didn’t buy it if it was Angie giving the interview then I would have been all over it as it wasn’t I gave it a miss especially due to peeps dodgy dealing with Ticky.
I’m most definitely getting Esquire can wait to read the whole interview, yes the trolls have been burning like mad since they see Angelina Jolie is LOVED by the Whole World, yet the trolls keeps saying no one likes Angie lmao. Brad is getting the love too and that’s got to hurt so is it any wonder the Ticky trolls are on suicide watch. I saw a Troll stole my name and tried a convo between you and me talk about desperate times in Maniston Looney Land lol like I said they are on suicide watch. Rose you take care & have a nice day.

#Jaye@05/21/13 at 02:19pm
Good Morning Jaye how are you? In regards to what you were saying that, “They would have made might fine court Jesters back in the day,” Hey Jaye come on girl, I think your giving them a bit too much credit where NO credit is due, these clowns aren’t even funny on any day let alone on a good day, stupid YES, but funny that’s a resounding NO , even the court wouldn’t tolerate clowns in the words of Henry V “off with their heads “or was it Henry Vi damn I need to read history again either way you get the jest lol.
Any way these Tickys hags show more or less signs of mental illness drugs or no drugs the crack pots are out of control look at the way their posting frenzy is going since Angie’s news, and know Brads interview. Also Jaye didn’t you know that everyone’s getting a pass in Hollywood even Lindsey lohan, apart from Brad & Angie obviously , as far these Hag army is concerned all evil starts at Angies doorstep and bards only her sex slave ( ahh bliss what a picture ok ok I need to get my head out of the perving gutter)
Jaye I say good for Brad for being so open & so honest in his interviews, problem is with some doubters /haters out there they will dissect every miniscule word in the interview and make mountain out of a molehill that’s the way the cookie crumbles when it comes to Brad & Angie. It’s great to see he can freely express himself he’s comfortable in his skin, after all he’s with a women of substance that has shown in many ways savour what life has given you and take every advantage of it don’t fritter it away on pathetic things. With her he’s has been given to take life to another dimension all together especially since he’s been unleashed from the shackles of disparity.
Jaye have you noticed from so many actors’ interviews nobody’s interview gets scrutinized to death as theirs does, people take meaning out of a meaning, and you know what I mean lol. No one stands out, the thing about Brad & Angie is that they don’t have the need to
Hide behind someone else, and make comments/digs via a third party, just to look good themselves. When brad & Angie have something to say, THEY say it THEMSELVES. Yes they have balls to do that, unlike the “Media weakling hag”. Brad & Angie haven’t got money & time to fritter away on meaningless beings like an over imaginative PR working bulldog, trying to work 24/7 on resurrecting their image & careers, nor do they have friends doing their pimping/dirty work unlike a certain you know who. It’s refreshing to see Brad & Angie don’t care about being friends with the next best thing, they don’t need to photo bomb A-listers just to remain relevant via them, they don’t have to beg co-start to put in a good word to the press on your behalf, they don’t chase people as people CHASE THEM.

They are who they are, they have an identity of their own, Yes there are people out there that still dragging out via association connection to death, but it’s not doing that person any favours at all, just like we witnessed in the past few days in certain articles, that person was called out on their 8 year Pity Party. Yes the publicly aren’t that gullible some may not say out aloud, but doesn’t necessarily mean privately they don’t think otherwise.
Talking about “what dismal wasted sods” I didn realise Ellen was having a “Charity week for out of work actor”, as I see Ellen is giving a leg up to some non entities like Ticky & friends by flogging the one & only claim to fame sitcom and the ironic thing is even after 10 odd years you can see the same set of actors still CANT ACT..Hey Ellen do everyone a favour just move in with her and be don’t with it at least you won’t be called shadier than you already are. I see poor Courtney Cox had to bite the bullet and appear besides her daughters EX –Godmother.

I loved Matt Damon’s quote at Cannes about Angie “she’s awesome, “There are a lot of women struggling with medical decisions, and when they hear that the “undeniably most sexy women on plant Earth”, as far as we know is willing to take control of her health and be public about it, I think it gives other people courage to do that, too”
I bet Lots of heads popped on that quote lol oh poor Ticky no one ever mentions her as beautiful despite the fact she buys all her beauty awards in need to do a Cliniqua and say bbbhhhaaawwwaaaa. Lol.

Hens are upset that not many people are pulling Brad to pieces regarding this interview. Even The Daily Fail commenters (their fellow hens) are telling the Daily Fail writers to move on and stop lying that Brad was shading Ticky.
Here are some of the best rated coments over there especially the first one with 2239 green arrows.

* Actually no, he didn’t even mention her. You did that…that was you!

- No One, Nowhere, Côte d’Ivoire, 21/5/2013 17:25
Rating – 2239 green arrows

* Brad never blames anything on Jen! Stop twisting his words. He wasn’t happy. He never said it was because of Jennifer Aniston.

- sevencontinents, Boston, 21/5/2013 17:50
Rating – 1390 green arrows

* He isn’t allowed to speak about his life during that time?! Why? because it’s always an instant attack towards Jen. I think not, he’s saying his life now compared to back then, is very different… he loves his kids and the chaos that comes with it. He’s changed.

- oobubbleteaoo, Bay Area, United States, 21/5/2013 17:24
Rating – 978 green arrows

* He’s obviously happy right now. And you just have to bring up Jen every time he talks about his past don’t you??

- joyce, in the sky, United States, 21/5/2013 17:51
Rating – 910 green arrows

@Phool: Hi Phool, girl, I’ve been having a great time. Went to Disney world, I walked my butt off in the burning sun. Jesus, Florida is hot! , lol. I’m in IL until Sat morning. Girl, I had to rest up today. I fell asleep last night about 11 pm. Was too tired to stop by, but this morning I was so happy I was not on JJ last night. I see the trolls really are taking Brad and Angie’s love really hard. Phool. We have been trying to tell the hens that Brad and Angie are the real thing and they should stop hating and accept this reality. I feel the trolls pain, NOT. I laugh when I saw the same three delusional ones tearing out their hair. One was so destroyed he posted about ten comments one after another. Can you imagined the amount of Tylenol it was taking every hour on the hour, lol.

Phool, I did buy People and will buy this new one. I always buy People magazine with Brad and Angie on the cover. However, I will not buy, Star, Us or life and style or the other trash magazine out there. I have my standards, :-). I will get Esquire and Times when I get back home or if
I see them at the Airport on my way back home.

Phool, take care of your beautiful self, see you later.

Angelina Jolie and a very different Hollywood activist generation
By Jeff Simon |
They’re just different.If anything confirmed for me how very different the current crop of activist and committed movie stars is from those of the past, it was last week’s rather stunning announcement by Angelina Jolie of her double mastectomy in an op-ed piece in the New York Times.Not in People, or In Touch or with Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters, but in an op-ed piece in the Times.As Jolie explained it, the decision – as momentous as it was for a star whose career has involved so much glamour and physical display – seemed simple enough.Doctors had told her that because of genetic predisposition, she had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of ovarian cancer. Her genetic “defect,” she told the world, results in cancer 65 percent of the time.“I hope that other women can benefit from my experience,” she wrote. “Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer and then take action.”
She turned her private decision, then, into part of America’s public education. I don’t know that I’ve admired such a public rendering of the most private medical matters since Betty Ford told the world she was going into rehab, thereby changing entirely how America would think about addiction.There were too many women in the world – and their families – who needed to know that even an actress of such vaunted sensuality could choose her life with her children over show business exploitation.It’s what the best of her generation seems to do – George Clooney, for sure, but also her husband, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. They put their films – and their very lives – in service to higher ideals and the world if they can.
They know that the minute they walk into a Los Angeles Von’s Market or a Trader Joe’s for an avocado or a liter of coconut water there will be a flurry of cellphone photos and text messages and social media pronunciamentos. Their fame is different from that of earlier Hollywood generations. (And so are its transmission systems.)I once watched Marlon Brando being maneuvered through Los Angeles airport by a dense cloud of blond women (his personal assistant and her daughters, it turned out), and as much of a commotion as it stirred in LAX, back then it wasn’t instant fodder for an entire Internet world.If it had been Clooney or Pitt now, it would be. If it took too long, alerted paparazzi – so much denser in population than they used to be – would be on the scene to catch the star waiting patiently, as Brando did, for his entourage to retrieve his luggage from the carousel.
Their whole star generation is aware of the spotlight that accompanies them out into the world, wherever they go. So they put it to use in ways that even the Paul Newman/Robert Redford/Warren Beatty/Jane Fonda generation never did. (More carefully and wisely, certainly, than Fonda; more effectively than Brando; far more publicly than Beatty.)They have no fear of bringing their sociopolitical beliefs into their films – or it seems their very lives into their very reasons for fame. It’s almost as if a whole cautionary top layer of diffidence has been removed and we now have a generation of performers determined to detoxify the absurdities of fame with which they’re all too familiar.Yes, it’s true that Jolie is set to star in a $200 million live-action “Sleeping Beauty” tale called “Malificent” to be released in July 2014.
But when it came time to write and direct her own first film, it was “In the Land of Blood and Honey” about Bosnia, made with a Bosnian cast.We won’t even mention playing Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart” or her movie “Beyond Borders.” They’re a long way from “Wanted” and “Salt.” It’s as if she were telling the world, “OK, you care so much about my life with Brad, here is the reality of it. And here are some things we think about – a few more interesting realities – since you seem to care about nonsense.”Clooney, of course, admits flat-out that he uses fame to call attention to world problems (in Darfur, say). When he makes films of his own, his family’s journalistic idealism is going to be poured into “Good Night and Good Luck.”
What if, after all, some of those actors are conspicuously smarter than so many others whom society entrusts to think out loud?
Is there anyone in any American family with some experience of cancer who doesn’t think Jolie did something useful and even heroic with the fame that had heretofore abused and mistreated her?
She made public what earlier generations of actresses would have kept as private as possible because – $200 million films or not – she jolly well knew her story would make it easier for others to save their own lives.They seem to be a whole generation that knows exactly how ridiculous is the fame that a Kardashian society confers on them – until, that is, they use that fame to illuminate what the world seems to want hidden.They know the secret of any spotlight – aiming it where it needs to go.
Shortcut to:

Jolie’s announcement will save lives
By Bonnie Donihi May 22, 2013 11:04 a.m.

Women all around Central Florida are discussing this week’s announcement from Angelina Jolie revealing that she’s undergone a preventative mastectomy and will eventually have her ovaries removed. The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida (OCAF) applauds her openness and is ready to answer any questions about the link between the test that flagged her as high risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
On the Op-Ed page of The New York Times, Jolie revealed she had tested positive for a genetic mutation known as BRCA, which gives her a very high risk for developing both breast and ovarian cancer. Because of the test results, she opted for a double mastectomy and is expected to have her ovaries removed as well.
Her mother died of ovarian cancer at 56.“Angelina has opened up the discussion and we hope to continue the dialogue so people know about the BRCA mutation and its link to not only breast cancer but ovarian cancer. Her choice to discuss this publicly will save lives,” said Bonnie Donihi, OCAF’s executive director and three-time ovarian cancer survivor.
Shortcut to:

hi rose….u bought the Peoples rag….girl.ya’ll be seeing ticky’s face with her aveenoshit!!! hehehe…not my azzz…can’t afford a naturally fug face hangin’ in my house.

Esquire Excerpt @ 05/22/2013 at 12:06 pm
Published in the June/July 2013 issue

He’s forty-nine now and…..

vickifromtexas @ 05/22/2013 at 12:14 pm

after having seen the friends “reunion” you know john mayer is somewhere thinking “i told you guys x is living in the past”.

hello to all of the lovely fans.

#Rose @ 05/22/2013 at 11:25 am
Hi my dear sister what a lovely surprise to see your name pop up yay,
I Hope you had a nice floppy hat and sun cream while you were sizzling under the Floridian sun don’t forget its better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want any sunburn. I forgot to mention you must have some good trainers for all those long walks. Honestly that Disney World just breaks you, it hits you hard not only physically but pocket wise as well lol I know gullible people still fall for Walts charms.
Talking about Tickys Trolls I think trolls are taking something stronger than Tylenol, I think it’s called “Crack” no wonder it was trolling itself. Ok I will let you off on buying People magazine ,still cant belive you bought a Ticky mag ahh, considering you aren’t lowering your morals any further into buying 3rd rated magazines like Star, US & LIFE & STYLE, I’m glad to hear you have high standards Rose lol. You take care have a safe journey back home.

Simon Cowell Tweet @ 05/22/2013 at 12:21 pm

Simon Cowell ‏@SimonCowell 18 May
Angelina is a very special lady. And I believe she will save a lot of people’s lives by going public.
Brad Pitt, Happy
Another excerpt from the Brad Pitt cover story in the June/July issue

He’s forty-nine now and, though almost as famous for being a family man as he is for being an actor, he still does most of his talking about arrival or about moving on. Today it’s about arrival: He has just gotten back to L.A. after spending spring break at his home north of Santa Barbara and camping the night before with his partner, Angelina Jolie, along with their children and a few of their friends. He’s tired — “I woke up way too early and way too wet. But it was really fun. Six kids — six of ‘em. Including one of our young ones. Angie as well. It’s a great thing, a great thing. Then we drove nine kids three hours in an Econovan. The kind you take a crew in, with bench seats. No other vehicle is big enough. There’s no car we fit in as a family. Everything else holds seven, eight tops. An SUV only holds seven. And we had nine — our six and three friends. Eleven, including us. It’s no frills, man. I’d love to have it all tricked out, shag carpet on all four walls. But we live in a different world. We rent our vehicles. We don’t want things so identifiable because we don’t want to get followed. We spend a lot of time trying to evade the paparazzi. It’s a big annoyance. But everything in life’s a trade-off….”

Pitt has arrived back in town for work, and he is speaking from a low leather chair on the first floor of a building devoted to postproduction on the Paramount lot. He is wearing a long-sleeved black jersey, dad-sized jeans of such stiff and unbroken denim that their creases form a jagged outline, and black motorcycle boots. His hair, surfer-blond at the ends, is pulled into a short ponytail, and his whiskers, gray as an old dog’s muzzle, cover a face resolutely golden in color and grainy in texture. He’s wearing large sunglasses. When he takes them off, he reveals eyes that are blue and tired and wary, animated by alternating currents of curiosity and self-regard, and each bracketed by wrinkles that resemble a child’s drawing of the sun. He has a neck full of gold chains, tokens of his aesthetic alliance to the seventies. He is bigger than you might think, and his ears are smaller, almost decorative. He is slightly pigeon-toed, with a rolling production of a walk suitable to a man who wears spurs. He has imposingly white teeth and a habit of sticking out his lower jaw when contemplating a question that makes him look as though he’s imitating Brando in The Godfather. He has employed the same makeup artist for twenty-three years, Jean Black, and she applauds him for allowing his face to show its age, on- and off-camera, and indeed for using all the wear and tear as another kind of prop in his performances. “He’s not fighting it,” she says, and yet he is both rueful and amused that one of the things that attracted him to World War Z is that he didn’t have to work out for it — that he could play a hero without having to hang a six-pack.

In obeisance to the dictates of his family, he has not worked in a week. Upstairs, however, on the third floor, a half dozen or so people in the employ of his production company, Plan B, have been laboring to complete World War Z until they’ve turned pale as mine workers or, more to the point, zombies. World War Z (out June 21) is Brad Pitt’s “zombie movie,” of course — a movie that he took on to see if he could make a movie that his sons could enjoy, a forthrightly commercial venture he hoped would serve as the foundation of his first commercial franchise. Instead, it turned into a notoriously “troubled production,” fraught with reported cost overruns and creative differences. Pitt dismisses the notion that Z has been any more troubled than any other enormously troubled movie. He says that its notoriety came about “because of me — there’s a big bull’s-eye on my back.” What he does admit is that Z is a “big, big bet” for both Plan B and Paramount, “with a lot of money on the table,” and that he had a lot to learn about what it takes to make a big commercial movie. “You gotta be able to make it pop,” he says. “You have to keep paying off, keep paying off, and in order to do that you have to be able to set the trap and snap it at the right moment. There are guys who are just great at that, and I didn’t understand how technically sharp you have to be to pull off some of that stuff.”

Pitt selected Marc Forster to direct the movie because he thought Forster would know how to keep building character even when his character is living up to his summertime obligation to kick some undead ass. Pitt wound up spending a lot of time finding people who knew how to keep building tension while Forster was building character and, in Pitt’s words, “respected the rhythms” of action movies. He wound up being “more hands on” than he ever thought he would be, until World War Z was as much a Brad Pitt movie as it was a Marc Forster movie and belonged to him in a way no movie ever had. Though its $200 million budget came from disparate and anxious sources, he owned it — and that turns out to be how he likes making movies and everything else.

He says he left Missouri because of “an itch,” and he says that the itch he felt then still guides him now. But what kind of itch is it, exactly? He makes movies. He makes wines. He makes furniture. He redesigns houses and works with an architectural firm to design apartment buildings and hotels. He’s assembling whole neighborhoods in areas of abandonment and blight in three American cities and counting. He collects and races motorcycles. He has six kids. He’s engaged to one of the most beautiful and famous and demanding women in the world. Quietly and very slowly, as if trying to remember the words of a childhood prayer, he describes his life this way:

“I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven’t known life to be any happier. I’m making things. I just haven’t known life to be any happier.”

#vickifromtexas @ 05/22/2013 at 12:14 pm
after having seen the friends “reunion” you know john mayer is somewhere thinking “i told you guys x is living in the past”.
LOL So true Vicki but dont just leave it at only John Mayer thinking Ticky lives in the past , dont forget all her EX’s would be thinking the same as John and saying to their partners see what I told you lol…. how are you by the way ? have things picked up in your parts of Texsas yet?

Hi Anustin How’s my beautiful Vajtastic sister today ? thank the loard you didnt scumb into buying Peeps mag who wants to see Ticky giving them nightmares via Aveeno lol

#annon @ 05/22/2013 at 12:22 pm
Thanks annon …I just cant waite to get my hands on Esquire.

@anustin: Hi Anustin, how are you my dear? Anustin, you know I’m not perfect, lol. :-), I just turn her page when I see SS ads in the magazine. Anustin, one thing I can tell you I saw a picture of squigs in People Magazine and he had blue hair sprayed in the bald spot and I could see his beard was salt and pepper. I never noticed that he has grey in his beard before. I was wondering how the hens are not talking about how old and grey beard is looks. Brad looks a thousand times better than squigs and he is eight years older than squigs. No wonder Ticky’s fans are losing their minds about the love Brad has for his woman, Angie, and their children. Sucks to be a troll.

Miss Angie so much!

Looks like People Mag was able to extract itself from ticky’s ****** long enough to publish two back-to-back issues on Brange. Angie, of course, had the most recent issue on her medical decision and Brad gets his own cover story on his devotion to Angie. Wow, People really wants an inside scoop or something if they’re doing a two-week run on Angie and Brad. Sorry People, don’t think it’s going to happen. But thanks for another issue. I’ll be sure to pick it up as soon as it hits newsstands.

Wow I can type the word ass, but I can’t type the word rectvm? That makes no sense.

@jen sells more:
Thanks for the news that Angelina on their cover, at the last split second, sold hundreds of thousands more copies than People rag usually does…surprise, surprise. But let’s NOT get it twisted: the fans, the readership, the country and the world knew that Angelina had already broken her own breaking news headline. It was detailed, it was personal, and it was in her own words. Most everyone knows that People ragazine ain’t what it used to be – that they’re firmly a tabloid, that they Brange does not cooperate with them or give them any kind of info about their family – and that they had NOTHING additional to add to this story. Readers aren’t stupid, they knew People rag made an ambulance chasing move on Angelina, trying to steal her thunder after the fact. Why else would they go with that non-story headline about the ovarian surgery being ‘next,’ and try to infer they had been given some exclusive on Angelina’s surgery part 2? Anyone who can read and has a brain in their head KNOWS that if Angelina wanted to share times, dates and plans about her next preventive measure, she would have either done it in the NYT op-ed piece, or she’ll plan to write another piece herself or pass along to Pink Lotus. She wouldn’t drop a NYT op-ed on preventive breast cancer on a Monday, then say to herself, ‘Whoo chile, I’m tired after all that writing today – I’ll give People rag the next exclusive about my reproductive health tomorrow.’ Ish PLEASE. Again, the public isn’t stupid – they know a crass last minute ambulance chasing coattail riding move when they see it, heck – they orchestrate Ticky’s all the time now. Yet another thing JP fans are aware of. I wouldn’t buy their BULLshite on Angie if you paid me.

CLINIQUA @ 05/22/2013 at 1:23 pm
Also these #’s were as of Monday morning. In most states the mag is on the newsstand until Friday. That Rob guy with the snarky remark is a hen. He used to be a gossip for pop-something before they got swallowed by huffington_crap. Always writing nasty stories about AJ then in the next breath kissing Ticky’s ass to kingdom come.

the loser from popeater,is a hen

How did Ticky’s post-Oscars People cover do? Does anyone know?

@CLINIQUA: You’re so on point about People, like Angie is going to tell People, when she is getting more surgery.
@ QQQQ, If you ever watch Rob ******* in an interview, he is so syrupy, like he is licking balls.

jared fix your site am having hard time posring comments looks like am been blocked

MARY OSEI AMPONSAH EXPOSED @ 05/22/2013 at 2:08 pm

even though MARY OSEI AMPONSAH removed her Facebook acct, you can never hide from the internet. If you didnt get to see her pic

google image her name MARY OSEI AMPONSAH and she is the FIFTH picture with the red shirt and white cardigan. Once again google “mary osei amponsah” on images she is the FIFTH picture red shirt white cardifan ANy lurker who postson FF please blow her mug all over that site so they can see what the hen looks like

bombed i guess,even his marriage one did not do great or else hens will be here posting the sales number,angie added almost 200 000 more copies to people rag,fans like me didnot even buy am not a fan of people

If people didnot make so much money they will not put angie and brad on the cover this week again,am sure its more than a million copies

Oh you mean Rob Pooper Schuter?!! Oh he’s a longtime Huvane operative (bonafide certified hen), and was once busted by Jez (back when they did investigative pieces on PR flacks and didn’t get their palms greased) as being a lying scheming PR flack (he used to rep J-Simp back in the olden days when he worked in PR) – Rob Schuter according to them was caught red-handed during her split w/ her first husband as dropping lies to media outlets that impugned Lachey’s character. Being homosexual himself, I know Schuter and Huvane were in the same circles most likely. When he made the switch to gossip queen, I’m sure he continued to use his PR contacts and do them favors for access.
Some of his Angie hater gems – why you all recall, ‘Angelina Hates Thanksgiving, Forbids Kids and Brads to Celebrate,’ — his ‘job’ in the past has been to start an Angelina lie on his site, where it’s promptly regurgitated by Fox News, and then picked up by all the aggregators which subsequently don’t mention that it started with an ex PR flack scheister named Rob Schuter.

yep thats him,am sure his ass is lying once again,doing huvane a favor by the way ticky is pathetic she is unfunny,ellen show is a no go for me,even if brad goes to her show i will not be watching

Passing Through @ 05/22/2013 at 2:31 pm

# 583 jen sells more @ 05/22/2013 at 6:21 am
LOL. Three things jump out at me about this “article” -
1. Rob Shiiitter is an idiot and a proven liar. He’s not in Mr. IUC territory…YET…but he’s approaching it fast.
2. If Peeps only sold 925,000 copies then it’s because there’s CLEARLY NO INTERVIEW WITH ANGIE. It’s all their supposition and the usual “friend” and “close pal” and “family member” BS that all the tabs do. Besides, Peeps cobbled that story together in less than 17 hours.
3. The issue sold well enough for Peeps to go with back-to-back issues and NOT put the Oklahoma tornado as it’s main story. Ya don’t see Ticky getting bought-and-paid-for-by-Huvsy covers, do ya? Exactly. I noticed the troll didn’t bring over THAT link from SHitttter’s site, so although I hate him and don’t want to give him hits…here it is…PS – that photo is about 4 years old! Lame, lame, lame…
Ergo…sit and spin, trollette.

Officially convinced that this site has a direct link to the looney bin. I hope WWZ is not as bad as it seems.

Passing Through @ 05/22/2013 at 2:40 pm

BTW – I’m impressed that the other tabs resisted making Angie their cover story this week. That’s gotta be because it’s something that doesn’t make Angie look bad. She “brave” and “heroic”, so instead the Bauer rags are working the “another baby” sidebars. Like we didn’t know that would be next since Angie will also have her ovaries removed. Star didn’t put Angie on the cover in even a sidebar. That’s how little mileage there is in this story for the tabs. They can’t villainize Angie for this, so why bother?
Also – notOK kills me. Every celeb they feature on the cover is having twins. This week it’s Blake and Miranda. I’m still waiting for all 9 sets of Ticky’s twins to put in an appearnace. They must’ve all suffocated by now…

Another thing, I don’t get why any J-P fan would buy a people-tab issue, especially an issue that is vulturing off AJ. Angie did 3 major events while recovering and not once did they write a story about it. The only story they deemed fit was that hit piece about how she looked like she was going to a Lord of the Rings convention while honoring Malala at the Women of the World Summit.
Now they are rushing to tell us how she went to the Congo/Rowanda, Honored Malala and spoke at the G8 Summer regarding war rape while going thru her ordeal. Like she wasn’t awesome doing said events without knowing that she had a medical issue. Sc.rew them! Like I have stated before they will never make another penny off me (my last issue was the twins). The only issue I can understand fans buying is an issue with wedding pictures (although I hope they never get another exclusive from the J-Ps)
Ticky appearance on that s.ow Ellen’s show for no reason with her fake friends reunion and that story is up with a quickness. And I am sure by the end of the day they will have another with the lame skit with her father.

Wonderbust @ 05/22/2013 at 2:45 pm

@Passing Through:
as I said earlier the troll posts a link that her cover sold MORE than average, not even average or BELOW average. Before I posted that to the troll I didnt even see that People mag put them on the cover AGAIN. so why would people mag put them on the cover for the second week in a row if sales were not as expected…Next time bring a better source..notice how it has yet to return

were the morons @ 05/22/2013 at 2:54 pm

So these trollops are yipping and hollering because ticky does a few lame skits on Ellen? Wow, these trollops are easily amused I see. Damn, I see her elderly father has been brought in this hot mess as well. I guess Ellen couldn’t cop anymore guests before she went on Hiatus for the season-shame. Courteney Cox has fillers coming out of her ass, and Matthew Perry has gotten bigger than shamu- yikes! Anyway, the trolls are going to eat this up like ticky won some huge acting gig lmaoooo. I thought friends was over nine years ago.

Another hag onn twitter @ 05/22/2013 at 2:56 pm

Tell that hoe to shut up about Angie. Clearly the biitch is jealous of her! If someone can expose her, please do so!

Go Figure! @ 05/22/2013 at 2:58 pm

@lurker: I agree. I always thought Ellen used to be a neutral “Friend” not taking the side of anyone. But it looks now that she’s really all up in Ticky’s ass. This isn’t really a reunion. These are just the people from the show who happen to still talk to Ticky (IMO) and we all know Ticky can’t let Brad and Angie get all the favorable attention. What has changed her mind? For so long she was totally adamant that there would be no friends reunion. What happened? Maybe Justin will write and direct the reunion movie. That’ll really be great (Not!)

Passing Through @ 05/22/2013 at 3:00 pm

# 593 Wonderbust @ 05/22/2013 at 7:29 am
can the troll please provide a legit source to the sales and not a low rent blog that no one has ever heard of.
Wonderbust -
That was Rob Shuter’s blog. Or Rob Shittter as I like to call him. He’s a long-time gossip hack He used to be one of the main contributor’s of the old PopEater (or as I called it POOPeater) site. Then PoopEater was bought by HuffPo and incorporated into that site. He blogged there for a while and then started this pissy little site. Before all of that he worked for the NY Post’s Page Six gossip news and before that he was a UK tabloid hack. So he’s got a lot of practice at making up dumb ass “data” and “news”. When he was at PoopEater he spent a lot of time lying about Angie, repeating other tabs lies about Angie, etc. In ohter words – he was Mr. IUC-lite because hw as working for a mainstream site and had to be careful not to cross the line and get them sued by some celeb.

were the morons @ 05/22/2013 at 3:01 pm

Just Jared Jr. has a thread up when emma watson talks angelina jolie!