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Taylor Swift Sticks Tongue Out for Selena & Justin's Kiss

Taylor Swift Sticks Tongue Out for Selena & Justin's Kiss

Seems like Taylor Swift wasn’t too impressed with her BFF Selena Gomez giving her on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber a kiss backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 19) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old entertainer was seen sticking out her tongue when she glanced over at the pair kindly giving each other a kiss on the cheek. Watch the GIF below!

During the show that evening, all three of the young performers hit the stage to sing their recent songs.

Taylor Swift Sticks Out Tongue for Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber’s Kiss
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  • Yasmin


  • Emily

    Taylor have my respect now haha

  • Tullah

    Well, based on other things I’ve heard about TS she doesn’t seem all that sweet. I think it’s funny they caught this on camera. In a longer version of the video she stands around beforehand like she’s annoyed and fixes her hair with this really stuck up look on her face.

  • yesiam

    Hilarious, Swift, hilarious.

  • http://paotafur cindy

    hahaha..i know how u feel taylor!! i know..hhahaha!! =)

  • Deb

    Why do we have to keep hearing about Swift? She is so over rated!!!! and not funny.


    oh no jealous

  • dani

    hahah taylor hahahah goo girl hahaha

  • Not your friend

    Lol, it must stink around all hose ppl…they all hit the stage earlier

  • TellIt

    @Deb: Agreed. Sick of this chick.

  • the donkey

    hahah, cool

  • Jess

    I use to like Taylor. Now she is becoming more and more annoying. Just because she can’t hang on to a guy of her own, she has to make faces when her friends have guys.
    It’s OK for her to judge others but others cannot judge her? She whines all the time and she seems like the ultimate mean girl hiding behind a sweet persona.

  • Fefe

    @Jess: Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel about her and I thought I was the only one.

  • Dannny

    She is just jelaous ‘cos she havent boyfriend hahahahahahah bitch

  • Dayo

    Swift is such trash, but the gif is funny. Lol

  • PrettyDew

    My sentiments exactly TS!!!!! I didn’t like you before but now girl, you got my respect, JB is nasty and SG is soooooooo stupid.

  • Viv

    I don’t like Selena and Justin but if my friend did that behind my back, I’d be really insulted. Taylor is obviously not a good friend. How would she like it if Selena did that to everyone of her ex boyfriends and Taylor has a lot of ex boyfriends.

  • Louis

    haha! She’s secretly jealous that her best friend can keep a guy and she can’t. Hence the face.

  • Corts

    Some “friend” she is. More like judgmental b i t c h. I don’t really like my best friend’s boyfriend, but I don’t pull immature faces when they show affection.

  • whatever

    Taylor is definitely not jealous just over it. If you actually watch the full video, the girl with red hair (charity) actually tries to gently pull Selena away from Justin. They both clearly don’t want Selena back with Justin, not just Taylor.

  • Blair


  • 2theMax

    Why does this girl always act like she’s 13? That won’t keep fans around forever.

  • Amanda

    Yeah, people. She’s jealous of someone kissing Justin Bieber. (ew)

    Taylor has only ever been super supportive of Selena and Justin. Until he decided to be a dick to Selena and hurt her. Taylor’s being protective of her friend. Selena’s said so herself.

    Her reaction is hilarious and perfect.

  • howIseeIt

    Pretty disrespectful to her friend’s relationship. Even if she was joking. I’m sure if selena did this to Taylor, taylor would demand an apology! lol

  • Andino

    This gif shouldn’t make me dislike Swift more, but it does. It shows her true colours and they have never been very pretty. She’s sweet for her fans. Had Justin and Selena kissed onstage, Taylor would have just smiled and pretended like she thought it was cute. You know it’s true.

  • Candy

    Even if Taylor isn’t jealous, that is a pretty rude and immature thing to do. Shows her true colours.

  • Minmamamia


  • bleh

    why do females get hate while males get so
    much love?

    girls are catty with one another,while guys are like
    bros and look out for eachother

  • Meme

    I’m sorry, but Taylor Swift is a b i t c h. She always has been and always will be. This confirms it for me.

  • Bianca

    But isn’t Taylor the one being catting and giving out hate?????

  • Lacey

    She’s incredibly IMMATURE and PETTY for her age. Grow up, Taylor!

  • JT

    I liked Swift when she first came out as an artist, seemed really down to earth, humble. But she isn’t anymore. And I agree with Andino. If they weren’t backstage during the “kiss” Swift would have had a smile on her face and acted like she fully supported her friend. Backstage… not so much. Protective of Selena or not, this was rude of Taylor.

  • July

    she doesn’t make that face when she is putting her mouth in a c*ck, stupid b*tch!

  • Yogi

    I can now see why Taylor only has a few friends. Demi Lovato won’t even talk to her anymore and Miley tolerates her.

  • Elle

    Haha too funny! Go Taylor!

  • Amy

    Taylor is so rude and annoying

  • Yogi

    @bleh: it’s just in their nature. Guys usually support and girls get mean. I have yet to meet one girl who doesn’t say horrible things behind her best friend’s back.

  • sammy

    Maybe she thinks they look gross together? idk. I bet if JB was a few inches taller and a year older Taylor would be trying to hit that lol.

  • JMarbs

    Why does Taylor care that much? Kind of weird if you ask me. Plus, she should have friends her own age!

  • Danae

    I may not ship Selena and Justin together…but Taylor’s behaviour was immature and childish.

  • Trish

    Taylor is one of Selena’s best friends. I guess all those reports about Selena’s friends not approving of the relationship are true.

  • ashley

    If I was Selena, I would be glad to have Taylor tell me I shouldn’t be with the Biebs considering he cheats. That said, I don’t think he should’ve been booed when he won his award. Public etiquette should be different compared to your private behavior. Come on now, I would hope my friends would tell me if I was dating a douche, but not show that opinion during live TV.

  • aani

    selena and justin are MATURE about their break-up, which means they truely care about each other and want to be in each others lives, unlike swift of course with her stupid imature songs, if she really ever cared for any of her exes she wouldn’t write silly imature songs hurting ppl she supposedly care for. she sould take notes from these KIDS.
    these actions says alot about her. its EMBARRASSING really.

  • Keith

    Who is the red head lady following Taylor that sat with Selena and her?

  • pork pies

    hahah love Taylor she knows Selena is pathetic for being with that lil shittle

  • KimYu


  • lala

    by the way selena is grasping justins neck it looks like she has the control in the relationship. i think he tried to kiss her lips or something and then she was like “b*tch no” and gave a kiss on the cheek.

  • pressedlemon

    I hate gossip sites like these, they don’t even make an effort to have credibility… I mean how can they even be sure that Taylor was reacting to that Selena-JB (cheek) kiss?? It’s obvious that they’re just making an issue out of nothing because they have nothing else to post on their site. Sigh… Media, will do just about anything to get attention.

  • John Connor

    So funny!! Funniest thing Taylor has ever done. I can’t stop laughing! ROFL!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Poor Selena……LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  • siennagold

    LOL. That was funny! Would have done it myself!