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Taylor Swift Sticks Tongue Out for Selena & Justin's Kiss

Taylor Swift Sticks Tongue Out for Selena & Justin's Kiss

Seems like Taylor Swift wasn’t too impressed with her BFF Selena Gomez giving her on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber a kiss backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 19) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old entertainer was seen sticking out her tongue when she glanced over at the pair kindly giving each other a kiss on the cheek. Watch the GIF below!

During the show that evening, all three of the young performers hit the stage to sing their recent songs.

Taylor Swift Sticks Out Tongue for Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber’s Kiss
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Taylor have my respect now haha

# 3

Well, based on other things I’ve heard about TS she doesn’t seem all that sweet. I think it’s funny they caught this on camera. In a longer version of the video she stands around beforehand like she’s annoyed and fixes her hair with this really stuck up look on her face.

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Hilarious, Swift, hilarious.

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hahaha..i know how u feel taylor!! i know..hhahaha!! =)

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Why do we have to keep hearing about Swift? She is so over rated!!!! and not funny.

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oh no jealous

# 8

hahah taylor hahahah goo girl hahaha

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Not your friend @ 05/20/2013 at 2:28 am

Lol, it must stink around all hose ppl…they all hit the stage earlier

@Deb: Agreed. Sick of this chick.

the donkey @ 05/20/2013 at 2:30 am

hahah, cool

I use to like Taylor. Now she is becoming more and more annoying. Just because she can’t hang on to a guy of her own, she has to make faces when her friends have guys.
It’s OK for her to judge others but others cannot judge her? She whines all the time and she seems like the ultimate mean girl hiding behind a sweet persona.

@Jess: Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel about her and I thought I was the only one.

She is just jelaous ‘cos she havent boyfriend hahahahahahah *****

Swift is such trash, but the gif is funny. Lol

PrettyDew @ 05/20/2013 at 2:38 am

My sentiments exactly TS!!!!! I didn’t like you before but now girl, you got my respect, JB is nasty and SG is soooooooo stupid.

I don’t like Selena and Justin but if my friend did that behind my back, I’d be really insulted. Taylor is obviously not a good friend. How would she like it if Selena did that to everyone of her ex boyfriends and Taylor has a lot of ex boyfriends.

haha! She’s secretly jealous that her best friend can keep a guy and she can’t. Hence the face.

Some “friend” she is. More like judgmental b i t c h. I don’t really like my best friend’s boyfriend, but I don’t pull immature faces when they show affection.

Taylor is definitely not jealous just over it. If you actually watch the full video, the girl with red hair (charity) actually tries to gently pull Selena away from Justin. They both clearly don’t want Selena back with Justin, not just Taylor.

Why does this girl always act like she’s 13? That won’t keep fans around forever.

Yeah, people. She’s jealous of someone kissing Justin Bieber. (ew)

Taylor has only ever been super supportive of Selena and Justin. Until he decided to be a **** to Selena and hurt her. Taylor’s being protective of her friend. Selena’s said so herself.

Her reaction is hilarious and perfect.

howIseeIt @ 05/20/2013 at 2:46 am

Pretty disrespectful to her friend’s relationship. Even if she was joking. I’m sure if selena did this to Taylor, taylor would demand an apology! lol

This gif shouldn’t make me dislike Swift more, but it does. It shows her true colours and they have never been very pretty. She’s sweet for her fans. Had Justin and Selena kissed onstage, Taylor would have just smiled and pretended like she thought it was cute. You know it’s true.

Even if Taylor isn’t jealous, that is a pretty rude and immature thing to do. Shows her true colours.

why do females get hate while males get so
much love?

girls are catty with one another,while guys are like
bros and look out for eachother

I’m sorry, but Taylor Swift is a b i t c h. She always has been and always will be. This confirms it for me.

But isn’t Taylor the one being catting and giving out hate?????

She’s incredibly IMMATURE and PETTY for her age. Grow up, Taylor!

I liked Swift when she first came out as an artist, seemed really down to earth, humble. But she isn’t anymore. And I agree with Andino. If they weren’t backstage during the “kiss” Swift would have had a smile on her face and acted like she fully supported her friend. Backstage… not so much. Protective of Selena or not, this was rude of Taylor.

she doesn’t make that face when she is putting her mouth in a c*ck, stupid b*tch!

I can now see why Taylor only has a few friends. Demi Lovato won’t even talk to her anymore and Miley tolerates her.

Haha too funny! Go Taylor!

Taylor is so rude and annoying

@bleh: it’s just in their nature. Guys usually support and girls get mean. I have yet to meet one girl who doesn’t say horrible things behind her best friend’s back.

Maybe she thinks they look gross together? idk. I bet if JB was a few inches taller and a year older Taylor would be trying to hit that lol.

Why does Taylor care that much? Kind of weird if you ask me. Plus, she should have friends her own age!

I may not ship Selena and Justin together…but Taylor’s behaviour was immature and childish.

Taylor is one of Selena’s best friends. I guess all those reports about Selena’s friends not approving of the relationship are true.

If I was Selena, I would be glad to have Taylor tell me I shouldn’t be with the Biebs considering he cheats. That said, I don’t think he should’ve been booed when he won his award. Public etiquette should be different compared to your private behavior. Come on now, I would hope my friends would tell me if I was dating a douche, but not show that opinion during live TV.

selena and justin are MATURE about their break-up, which means they truely care about each other and want to be in each others lives, unlike swift of course with her stupid imature songs, if she really ever cared for any of her exes she wouldn’t write silly imature songs hurting ppl she supposedly care for. she sould take notes from these KIDS.
these actions says alot about her. its EMBARRASSING really.

Who is the red head lady following Taylor that sat with Selena and her?

pork pies @ 05/20/2013 at 4:00 am

hahah love Taylor she knows Selena is pathetic for being with that lil shittle


by the way selena is grasping justins neck it looks like she has the control in the relationship. i think he tried to kiss her lips or something and then she was like “b*tch no” and gave a kiss on the cheek.

pressedlemon @ 05/20/2013 at 4:19 am

I hate gossip sites like these, they don’t even make an effort to have credibility… I mean how can they even be sure that Taylor was reacting to that Selena-JB (cheek) kiss?? It’s obvious that they’re just making an issue out of nothing because they have nothing else to post on their site. Sigh… Media, will do just about anything to get attention.

John Connor @ 05/20/2013 at 4:19 am

So funny!! Funniest thing Taylor has ever done. I can’t stop laughing! ROFL!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Poor Selena……LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

siennagold @ 05/20/2013 at 4:25 am

LOL. That was funny! Would have done it myself!

The Biebs went for the lip lock and Selena gave him the cheek move…hilarious

i just noticed something…is it just me or did bieber go for the mouth and did selena avoid it and move for the cheek. just caught my attention.

Just my opinion, I’m a criminal justice major and I’m minoring in psychology. If you look at the gif closely Selena is talking to Justin, its baring a peck on the cheek and notice her hand is clenching/digging into him. No one seems to notice that, only Taylor’s face expression. Look at her lips it looks as if she’s saying something like “of course or force” something that sounds like those words. He then backs up and look at his lips, he might be saying “stop”. Rumor has it that she has a history of getting tipsy/sloppy and putting hands on him. Obviously I don’t know for sure. Also her red haired friend was pulling on her arm to keep it moving and Za was around, so their friends know that they are toxic to one another.

OMG NOW PEOPLE COME AND SAY ‘OH HOW TAYLOR IS A BAD FRIEND’ just grow up, you all wait for excuses to say bad things about Taylor. Isn’t it a normal thing to make a BLERGH face when a couple near you is kissing a lot or something? Just as a joke? Ugh, Taylor never stopped being a good friend, just stop bitching about every step she makes.

@Tullah: where do u watch the longer version?

@Joanna – Selena and Justin are just saying hi to each other. I certainly don’t make faces when my friends say hi to other people or give each other a peck on the cheek.
The thing is, I don’t mind Taylor. I just think what she did was kinda rude. If your friend did that, how would you feel? Also, the fact that Taylor made such a big deal about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler poking fun at her at the Golden Globes..and then here she is being all rude. Why is it when people make fun of her, she trashes them but when she does something similar – everyone is just making excuses to hate on her??????

hahaha this is too funny

Why is Taylor so anti men? I think its pretty mature to stay friendly with an ex boyfriend. For Taylor, she has to hate on them as much as possible. Write songs bashing them and make millions of dollars doing so.

for someone who is 23(only a year older than me), taylor seems a bit immature but that’s just my opinion

you hating taylor lol, I bet you are all 1d fans jealous that tay beat your dumb boysband.

People are reading too much into a 3 sec blip. If Selena’s friends are so against her ex bf there is obviously a reason. Taylor wasn”t the only one unimpressed with their short reunion. Charity Lynne, Selena’s new bff was trying to yank Selena away during the whole encounter. A good friend doesn’t stand by when they feel like your bf is bad news. They let you know it. And Selena & Taylor talks about their boy problems to each other all the time. Taylor is probably fed up with Justin treating her best friend ( who she considers a sister) like trash.

@Jenny: Taylor isn’t making fun of Selena. She disproves of her involvement with Justin obviously. They were smiling and laughing until Justin’s friend pulled Selena aside to chat with Justin. And Selena’s other friend isn’t lookng too friendly either trying to pull Selena away from Justin. Her friends knows more about their situation than outsiders to judge why they dislike their involvement.

@Andino: Oh please, she was asked about Justin during the recorded interview at the Awards in front of all the reporters and she told them to ask her about something else. She doesn’t care for Justin Bieber and his antics and is very protective over her friends.

chameleon @ 05/20/2013 at 7:24 am

Im fed up with them too. Playing they are a couple is getting creepier and creepier.

Haha thats awesome..

Taylor wants the best for Selena but everyone knows Justin ain’t it.

it was really fake kiss! and what ‘s up with Taylor ?!

Too much people without humor..

@Emily: I agree with you. And I doubt Taylor is jealous that Selena can hold on to a “guy” like JB.

On the other hand, I think the fact that Taylor won so many awards signifys the complete downfall of Western music. Hollywood marketing has destroyed all the arts.

Oh just something more to bring the haters out again. I agree with her tee shirt and you fools talking mess you just dont get it do you!! Taylors true fans of which there are many many are with her NO MATTER WHAT you ignorant jerks!!! And this is TOO FUNNY!! This is the funniest sh__ I have seen!!! Immature that is such a dumb comment if I have ever heard you are on a GOSSIP SITE!! Talk to the people who actually know her not YOU Catty Females who actually know nothing at all!! she is very intelligent and extremely smart dont kid yourself she knows exactly what she is doing period!! She just dont like Selena being with Justin cause its not gonna last and she doesnt want to see Selena Hurt!! How TOTALLY DUMB most of you are!!

gotta love taylor swift!!!! hahaha


bieber is EWWWWWWWW! with no talent. hopefully he will go away! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Someone is jealous.

When Miley was presenting Justin with Top Male Artist, neither Selena or Taylor stood to applause. Taylor hates Justin and Miley, while Selena hates Miley. Taylor knows her fan and media base is so strong that she can get away with no applause (like she did to Carrie Underwood in 2012) or sticking out her tongue. I use to like Taylor as a person, but she is too self-righteous now. It all started in 2011 with those 60 minute, Billboard Katie Couric, and Today Show w/ Jenna Bush interviews.

@Frank – even if you don’t approve of your friend’s ex boyfriend, don’t you think its pretty immature to stick your tongue out like that? And you know who is really DUMB? Taylor Swift!!!
Just because she has fans doesn’t mean she is not an immature girl who hates on guys. Selena is just being friendly and mature. She is the one being CATTY!! You saying sticking your tongue out when your friend is just saying hi to someone is not CATTY?

Taylor is just jealous that Selena can be friends with an ex. Taylor trashes all her exes.

Taylor threw some major shade Justin’s way. This is the prime example of the situation when your best friend hates your boyfriend and your boyfriend can’t stand your best friend so you are just caught in the middle. Can’t say I blame Taylor because you know when Selena and Justin were/are having problems..she’s the one listening while Selena cries for hours only to hook back up with Justin in a day.

Molly Hooper @ 05/20/2013 at 10:28 am

i love it but i would have gone for a more ‘throwing up in my mouth a little’ look. lol

I love how she walks when sticking out her tongue- either if she is really fat or her feat are seriously hurting; takes quiet a bit of the usual glamour and all perfect look she has what makes her more sympathic to me ;)


Taylor is just jealous.

Taylor is so obnoxious. Now I believe Kathy Lee Gifford, that Taylor crashed that Kennedy wedding.

Does anybody see that justin tried to give selena a kiss on the mouth.

does anybody see that justin tired to kiss selena on the lips, but she avoided it.

Can you imagine what Taylor says to Selena when Justin ISN’T around?

Ok. I dislike taylor so so much, but she probably made that face because she doesnt like justin for how he has treated selena. Read a lot of non-mainstream sites like Blindgossip or forums where people who know them personally post, Justin was a douche to selena. I’m not surprised though. Look at the last victorias secret fashion show, when he performed, the part where he was rapping along to the nicki minaj part, he stopped at the part where she said “selena”. That model he took a photo with and went to a movie with, is the same model who took a self portrait infront of his tour bus a few weeks later, the same time selena’s cousin supposedly saw them together, and tweeted discreetly about someone being an *****. So while I dislike taylor, if it were my friend who was being screwed by some guy, I’d make that face too.

It looks like she said “watch it” when he went for her lips. lol

This all seems very Just Jared Jr.-ish. “Taylor Swift sticks her tongue out as she observes an icky kiss between her BFF and evil ex-BF. Grow up, Taylor

For these reason all her boyfriends run away.

This girl is a *****.I hate Taylor

retrobanana @ 05/20/2013 at 12:35 pm

well at least selena sticks with one guy and doesnt serial date from one to the next…they are both young girls…i guess even in celebs have catty bffs

Hahaha! Even taylor swift get sick of these two. Love you now….!

@Rtr: Taylor’s a “real friend” ….? Didn’t she date Selena’s ex, Taylor Lautner? Regardless if someone says it’s okay, you NEVER date your bestfriends ex.

@Tullah: i think you are right. after eveything,especially this GIF, she looks like she thinks about herself as being better than the others and also love talking about others negatively. That’s just my opinion,and please respect that.

SunnyAutumn @ 05/20/2013 at 2:01 pm

She was just having fun. Really people.

dead justin @ 05/20/2013 at 2:04 pm

kkkkkkkkkkkkk my respect taylor

No doubt she’s just expressing her feelings toward JB’s uncut *****.

dead justin @ 05/20/2013 at 2:25 pm

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kill the justin

yeah!!! i’m team taylor on that one.

Is Taylor now going write a song about Selena & Justin’s break up, you know just to pass the time until her next one!

LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE! This is pathetic, worry about your own lives not some celebrities that you obviously find annoying. Just stop, your the immature ones for judging someone you know nothing about. Please just grow the hell up. She is allowed to look out for her best friend, just like anyone else would. Plus how many of you have made a face when your friend kisses their boyfriend/girlfriend that you don’t like? Probably all of you, stop acting like you are any different. She is protective of her best friend. Please tell me how that makes her the bad guy?

She’s just jealous !

Lmao love taylor’s face, thats how my friends act when i kissed my bf like every 5mins. Funny.

LOL. Immature? Girls, please stop bullshitting yourselves.

You ALL have that friend – or you’ve been that friend – who just cant seem to move on from a jerk, and no matter how much you try to talk her out of it, you find yourself witnessing moments like this. Your friend walks up to the douchebag and kisses him and you go “UGH not that guy again” and you make a face and just keep walking cause’ you know she’ll tell you all about it later.

I love Taylor for this – makes her seem more human. I can’t imagine being friends with someone who dates Justin Bieber; I’d make that face every single time he’s even brought up.

Also, he’s totally going for the tounge before she corrects him! He’s such an *******!

You can totally imagine the dirt that Taylor has on Bieber. I’d probably be reacting the same way.

pizzabutt @ 05/20/2013 at 4:33 pm

i feel like both taylor and the other red headed friend were trying to pull selena away from justin, like trying to stop her from doing something she’ll regret. maybe they just wanna stop her from going back to him.

RumbleSeat @ 05/20/2013 at 5:13 pm

Right, because the grown up way to let your friend know that you think she could do better is to make a tongue-face with tens of millions of people watching you.

It is ultimately none of her business what her friends do, and that is why you express your opinions in a mature and respectful manner… in PRIVATE, and then butt out!

Did your Goddess Taylor do any of that? Thought not.

RumbleSeat @ 05/20/2013 at 5:17 pm

That comment was meant for Frank.

RumbleSeat @ 05/20/2013 at 5:18 pm


Right, but the problem here is that you and your friends aren’t famous and you don’t have years of media training to where you are acutely aware that millions are watching you at all times.

Also, if you are overbearing and overstep your boundaries with your friend, however stupid, she will eventually turn on you, and I can’t say I would blame her since it is her life and her mistakes to make.

Lets not forget that nobody has any real idea why they broke up. You can blame it on Beiber all you want, it could very well have been nothing more than mutual contempt.

Pop sick le @ 05/20/2013 at 5:20 pm

@ Anna


Oh Swifty, the one time you don’t have your tongue down a new guys’ throat and you have the audacity to stick it out behind your friends back. Classy, just.

I used to like Taylor Swift,but now I adore her.

Think about this, when they broke up she cried on Taylor’s shoulders. Probably said really bad things about him, too. Now she (Taylor) has to watch this.


They are backstage, not really in public. If they were on stage presenting, then that would be public, esp with the millions watching. I’m just sayin cuz I said before her behavior is fine since they’re not in public with millions watching.

I don’t know how you concluded a person is overbearing because they stuck their tongue out. Just from general observation, I see people of all ages react like this when seeing PDA.

@RumbleSeat: You say it’s none of her business, but they are BEST FRIENDS. Which means that when Sel & Justin were having relationship problems and broke up, Taylor is the one she would go to, to vent/cry/spill dirt about Justin. So Sel brought her into THIER business by telling her about it. Taylor is being protective of her, like a real best friend should be after their bff gets hurt by their boyfriend. It’s also not that immature, like the person that commented before me said, there are people off all ages that react that way after seeing PDA. There are people that are just grossed out by PDA, not matter how old they are.

well she is her friends, right? -no t really sure- but is she is there is a reason for her reaction obviously

they look so cute together

She’s not acting like an immature its just she finds the two faking themselves that they’re really on good terms when they have on and off relationship. Its actually Justin and Selena who are acting like an immature : P

This is so funny reading all the haters.
If you look at the video Taylor is talking to someone else!!
If you look at SG and Biebs.. he tries to kiss her on the mouth and she grabs his neck and pulls him to the side and kisses his cheek!!!
She was trying to be nice and get away!!!

RumbleSeat @ 05/20/2013 at 10:57 pm

No, I said that if you are overbearing and overstep your boundaries you will strain the friendship or cause yourself to lose it. As in, say what you think if you perceive that your friend is being treated badly, but ultimately have the grace, maturity, and respect for your friend to understand that it’s her life and she gets to call the shots in it, not you.

Anything about Beiber’s behavior and Taylor’s knowledge of it is purely speculative.

As for whether or not they are in public, whether they are backstage or onstage, THERE IS A STAGE INVOLVED B/C THEY’RE AT AN AWARDS SHOW for crying out loud! They are completely surrounded by people!! You can’t seriously believe that people who get followed around while buying gum and a package of underwear are not constantly aware of being watched at all times. Of course they are. And then she refused to comment on Beiber’s Milestone win, which says what she thinks of him right there.

haha taylor has my respect! selena & justin are disgusting…they sell fake pathetic romance. eeew

I have to side with Taylor on this one. Bieber has a lot of issues including what I think is a drug problem. His dealer in the U.K. just spilled the beans on him completely. The guy seems very credible and has said he has also dealt drugs to RiRi and Zayne Malik as well as others. He also supposedly sets up celebs with call girls and strippers including you know who. That guy that Biebs is always with..I think he is Biebs wingman and probably scouts out chicks for him too. Pretty much everyone in Bieber’s camp is an enabler and a leech. Makes you wonder where Justin’s parents are. Yeah, he’s financially independent and probably has Mom and Dad on the payroll in some way but still they are his parents and should be willing to step in before it’s too late. No question this kid has cheated a Selena a number of times and yet she takes him back..whether it be to boost and promote her career or not. Those two have a weird, very dysfunctional relationship. He gets high and cheats but in his defense, she seems to play him like a violin and goes hot and cold. I think she does care about him but she has also thrown him under the bus many a time. Selena will give him the beat down in the press and then give him mixed messages. I think when she finds a high profile replacement she will dump him completely especially if he continues on. As much as I dislike Taylor and think she has her own issues with men, there is no doubt that she is just out for Selena’s best interest. She may annoy us sometimes…many a time..but she is also the girlfriend that will have your back and will drop everything is you need her. I will give her that.

I don’t think I’ve loved her more. That was such an amazing, impulsive reaction and she probably didn’t think she was being watched.

I’m loving all the comments from the Taylor Swift supporters. All other commenters, I can’t figure out why they even clicked on the story.

I’d agree with TS. Why would SG keep taking JB back?…
So, TS I agree with you on this one

SwiftJusticehehe @ 05/21/2013 at 5:58 am

It looks like Selena possibly isn’t back with Justin and is just politely saying hi. The kiss was kind of awkward like he wasn’t sure if she was going to kiss his cheek or not. Taylor looks over and is like ew gross don’t bother Selena he’s not worth your time. That’s how it looked to me but obviously I’m making this up and can be totally wrong. Bottom line I wouldn’t be offended, it’s kinda funny. They’ve probably had a lot of talks bashing Justin recently and of course its not easy to move on so Selena wants to say hi while Taylor, a third party to the relationship, won’t forget what he did.

I think its the fact that Taylor thinks she is above everyone else. It’s like no one is allowed to poke fun at her (even though she is a serial dater, trashes her exes, always acts like she is surprised when she wins awards) I think she is fair game. She is a public figure. She can’t expect everybody to just adore and love her.
The thing that really annoyed me was when she authorized someone else to trash Harry Stiles in Vanity Fair. Trying to air her own dirty laundry but doing it in a way that doesn’t look like it is actually coming from her. So not classy!

these 3 bozos should sail into neverland.

@angierocks totally agree. can they all just go away?

Selena obviously had her hand around his neck and was talking to him before he had went for a kiss. : D He likes her, she likes him and a question is how much will this friendship last between her and Taylor if she doesn’t do what Taylor says is good for her. Taylor who meets popular guys in order to be more popular herself and if not she will screw them up through her lyrics. That is so immature. Selena had one serious boyfriend and this one is going from one to another trying to boss around because she is a known singer. Selena is young and can make a career for herself the way she likes it. Justin has a lot of fans around the world. Who is the real looser here?

Can people just get that it’s spelled “loser” not looser. Looser indicates that something is more loose. Loser is someone that has lost or is prone to failure. I absolutely hat e when people mix up the two words.

Taylor you’re jealous! haha

Julia and Madison @ 05/26/2013 at 11:30 am

Lol!! I would have let him kiss me on the lips!!! But I love Taylor too!!! She is SO pretty!! I don’t know who’s side I’m on!!!! LOL!!!!

Heromen Teshome @ 07/22/2013 at 7:44 am

I love Taylor swift and Selena Gomez and well Justin I don’t like his music but he is okay and I’m glad that him and Selena are dating but now I don’t hate Taylor because I don’t think she meant to be mean because she smiled while doing it I think it was a joke and everyone showed pretend like nothin happened.

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