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Beyonce: 'Grown Woman' - Listen Now!

Beyonce: 'Grown Woman' - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Beyonce‘s new track “Grown Woman,” co-written by The-Dream and produced by Timbaland.

Last month, the 31-year-old singer’s track was edited and featured in her Pepsi “Mirrors” ad.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Beyonce has recently performed “Grown Woman” at her concerts.

It was reported that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child, but her husband Jay-Z has said that the baby rumors are not true.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s track “Grown Woman”?

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  • Fran

    Yes! finally :)


    Grown woman? I think she means ‘White woman’…

  • Laya

    About time. This track is FIRE.

  • KissThis

    I like it, pretty awesome. I miss her Irreplaceable days though when she did more melodic singing.

  • Yasmin

    This song is a real sh*t!!!

  • miss cute

    This is full of lie. I think she’s black woman, this magazine use photoshop and light too much! Don’t like….

  • babyboy

    I think she has a distorted image of herself.

  • kel

    Looks like Rita Ora.

  • mb

    she is trying to hard to be like rihanna

  • Kiley

    I agree with Kel. When I saw these pictures for her upcoming tour all I could think was Rita Ora. Her skin looks so pale and her hair is way too light. I’d love to see her with dark brown hair again.

  • LaLa Lotte

    She looks like a dumb blond – great job B!

  • Coco

    The song sucks, and this dumb fameho is pregnant , if you look at pictures that aren’t from her blog of her on tour, her face is fatter and her stomach, I don’t know how anyone buys her crap music , her talent and music so average and dull and for a fameho who’s husband was a crack dealer and who dances like some stripper, who the hell is Beyonce calling anyone low – life and I’d make sure to never to spend a dollar whatever crap Beyonce’s selling.

  • Tom

    Is Beyonce asking the low life’s to buy her unoriginal music . O look Beyonce came out with a new song, and look her sound and look his just a copy of what othe artists have done, all this stupid cow does is copy other people,

  • an opinion


  • Sweetness

    This songs does nothing for me. It sounds repetitive to some of her other beats she’s used in her songs. That doesn’t mean we won’t hear it played 1 million times, or it won’t sell to a million plus drone..but seriously will music critics EVER out of fear of being shunned by Beyonce’s or her PR team outright say some of her music is cr@ppy?

  • Pauline

    a lot of black girls turned blond , and so what she looks fantastic with blond hair with her skin tone this is so flattering !
    Come on you guys ! stop with your black / white shit , ok she is light skinned but she considers herself as black not white , Beyonce is black end of the story ! Anyway Her music is AWESOME – she’s a grown woman she can do whatever she wants !

  • AnoAno

    Haha, the “original” Beyonce legend in her own mind, looks like Rhianna or Rita Ora here, she would HATE that we know she is not the first to do this look LOL!!

    All the icon talk about Beyonce is her PR team, the more they blow on about her being iconic and uber-talented, the more they think the public will start believing she is, like brainawashing peopel. But the truth is Beyonce does not produce many hits (her last album tanked and no songs on this album is being played on my local radio). It’s all in the packaging. Personally I’m bored of Beyonce, all her songs sound the same, same warbling-over singing in all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Beyonce want so desperately to be a white woman now.

  • Sheila

    Thought this was Rhianna!!! It must irk Beyonce that Rhianna who is autotuned to the max, has more hits and number ones than Beyonce herself has had in her entire solo career LOL!! Despite Rhianna’s limited vocals, she has more sex appeal in her little finger than Beyonce does in her entire body. Beyonce insists on posing sexy and yet it falls flat, she has no sex appeal whatsover and is like a mannequin, no sex appeal to her at all.

  • Rachel

    @Coco: She didn’t call anyone low life. It was not her real account but a fake one. You believe anything online and Jay Z said she is NOT pregnant. Love the song!

  • Rachel

    @Sheila: Too bad Rihanna doesn’t have a sold out tour with those number 1 hits Lmao!

  • Love You Beyonce!!!

    @mb: Why would a talent like Beyonce try to be like a joke that rihanna is? You sound crazy.
    I love Grown Woman. Can’t wait to see the video soon

  • you


    don’t care if it irks Beyonce…..but Rihanna has the Queendom in her sexyback pocket!!!! Wish Rihanna and Madonna could do a song together… that would be fiyah.

  • Aran

    Name a song that is similar to this song. She hasn’t robbed it off any one else. Yes, it may not be a hit but Beyonce is past as she shown from her last album. She doesn’t care about making hits, she wants to make songs that will be appreciated in the long term (her whole ’4′ album). And she is not mediocre at singing; if she was then she wouldn’t be compared to the best singers ever.
    And Bey’s part french so shes naturally light anyway. And finally, since when is it wrong to colour your hair. who cares if she dyes it blond, a lot of other stars have done it at some point.

  • ashy

    Okay lets clam down the only reason why Rhianna has ‘sex appeal’ because she is always half naked if we are honest unlike beyonce who actually has dignity and i would like to see you try one of those sexy poses she ‘fails’

  • rovena

    I’m kind of sick of hearing the chorus of grown woman. Like okay we get it already your a grown woman. You already do whatever you want and don’t really care about what people think. Do you really have to restate that.

  • Marge

    Beyonce needs to act “Grown” , not sing about it!

  • BeeGaga

    @Aran: Yeah but she ain’t never been that damn light either she or the photographers are trying to make her into a white woman look at the damn pictures of her and jay z in cuba she was a nice dark caramel not damn near white hell look at the cover of Dangerously in Love and then look at this song’s cover or the 4 album’s cover she’s lightening herself for some reason.

  • StephZ

    I’m not having that!
    How dare you people say she’s acting like a white woman? What colour she chooses to dye her hair is her own DAMN business so mind your own.
    And the Rita Ora comparison, again how very DARE you?! Beyonce has been going blonde for years before Rita Ora even came into knowledge. Such a stupid remark that some how Beyonce is copying her.