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Jennifer Aniston: 'Friends' Reunion on 'Ellen'!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Friends' Reunion on 'Ellen'!

Jennifer Aniston reunites with Friends co-stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox for a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (May 22)!

The 44-year-old actress chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about what happened when she unexpectedly dropped by Matthew‘s house for some advice on co-hosting the show. Check out the funny video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Matthew co-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month.

Jennifer was last spotted doing some furniture shopping with her fiance Justin Theroux in the Big Apple.

Jennifer Aniston – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Jen rocks

  • Olivia

    That was lame, the only thing that made me laugh was Ellen I wan’t expecting her. And Courtney’s face? That’s sad she doesn’t need that she was so pretty


    I am Rachel .. No matter what … I am just Rachel.

  • Some Bunny

    JJ I am beginning to wonder about your site, why is JA the title header, when she is the worse actress of the group and far less better looking than Courtney Cox.

  • Bony Angie

    @Some Bunny:
    you will invite just Courtney
    in to your own show
    when (if) you will have one.

  • yep

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see.

  • Cece

    What is with all of her granny sweaters lately? She can do better. The length makes her look so short.

  • tinamarie

    @2 Friends trotted out for PR: The majority of people didn’t like friends? If you didn’t like it fine but it wasn’t on for ten years because the majority of people didn’t like it. It was a good well written show. One of the best sitcoms ever and that’s why people are still talking about it years after it’s been off the air.

  • Bony Angie

    10 years on the TV screen was enough
    to install Rachel in to your mind.
    In a 10 years you’ll start understand
    Jennifer Aniston is a great actress.

  • %&#)(*!

    Aniston’s voice is painful to listen to. Aniston’s acting is painful to watch. Why overact? She is always like that!

  • Lily

    You guys are so mean.

  • Sheila

    Wahhh someone else *cough cough* is getting lots of lately and so when JA gets no no attention, she dips into the “hair” and Friends”pool , add in a fiance sighting and voila, back in the news!! But alas, the comments are few, the interest is no longer there. Time to huddle down with the PR and figure out a new strategy to remain relevant.

  • yep

    Jen, on Brad…….don’t respond…….if asked no comment or wishing the best……he looks smaller and smaller on his talk!

  • Justme

    Boring and not funny. Not one part of this was funny. What’s with Courtney’s Michael Jackson-like nose now, yikes!! And Jennifer acts like Jennifer/Rachel all the time, she has no range whatsever and won the sitcom lottery with Friends where it is now obvious she basically played her hair-flicking, nose-scratching, mannish-voice self. Just like she does in every bad movie she has made.

  • Anonymous

    You know that expression “You can’t go home again”, that applies here. They are best to leave Friends alone and leave fans with good memories of a funny show, because this lousy skit proves that that well is dry.

  • JillyRo

    Jennnifer is co-hosting Ellen now????!!! Seems her career has stalled and she has peaked. Next she’ll be on Rachel Ray cooking tacos or on QVC for her hair products LOL!!!! There is nowhere else to go now but this type of stuff. Her hair looks good here though LOL so yeah for the hair stuff she peddles! Courteney Cox looks like a mask now (shame she was the prettiest of the gals on Friends) and Matthew looks older but still nice looking.

  • http://lola xaviere

    hello all

  • http://lola guido

    jen is always beautiful and faithful to his friends, a lot of heart for all the good deeds they do, it’s a great lady, a very good comedic actress, that’s why, they are offered, always roles,

  • Mamie

    Brad doesn’t even have any friends. I’m sure no wives or girlfriends wanted their men anywhere near Brad’s “partner” lol. He’ll probably make some friends now that his partner has lost all her girly parts. Nothing sexy for her to flaunt anymore.

  • Chinderela

    Every role she plays she is Rachel.. From knitting her eyebrows with concern over and over again.. same look same mannerism … From chicken cutlets to fake paste on nip.. Anything for attention …

  • Handler the Handjob

    Chinny and Handler are gross. Chin could put a muzzle on her if she wanted, its kind of creepy, like Hander is Aniston attack dog. Is that her idea of being a girl’s girl? What a loser!!

  • Bony Angie

    She “is” a Rachel everywhere,
    especially in Good Girl, in Picture Perfect, in Derailed, and Marley & Me…
    Don’t stop repeat it.

  • aha

    I think John Mayer said that this sour grape old hag Jen still living in the past. She can not let go the 90s. Lisa Kudrow (most funny person on the show) has a stable family.
    Old hag Jen and baby killer HOdler are bff therefore it said a lot of things.

  • Jimmy

    @Bony Angie:

    Love Jen. She looks very beautiful.

  • http://lola guido

    oh jen is the best, safe, clean, funny, she did not take his family to do the advertising, or use, of his mother to soften the population, and to make money on a dead woman I really like the idea, that’s why jen is clean, she never talks about his family, it is his private life.

  • Jimmy


    Love all of them.

  • Jimmy


    I’m with you. I love to see Jen very day.

  • Bladida

    @2 Friends trotted out for PR:

    Err I dont think you’re right in that either.

    Friends is still running in a lot of countries at this exact moment. Networks won’t still be playing it again and again if there werent any fans all over the world.

    You have the right to your own opinion, but please get your facts right. Just sayin.

  • Marla Z

    Dear Ms. Anniston..if you ever had any regrets or doubts aboutyour ex husband ,just read the recent article in Esquire..still a moron..child like ..never grow up whiner me me pity me..look at me so self absorbed..can’t you just breathe a sigh of relief..good for you..stay happy

  • jilly

    @Marla Z: I so agree with you. I feel like slapping him after he whines about 100 years ago. It’s all for justifying his adultery and drug use. What a loser!

  • jilly

    @Mamie: That couple have no friends what so ever. Two losers all alone in a crazy house with six kids screaming in their ears!

  • TheDudeAbides

    Mamma Mia!

  • Mel

    @Jilly: umm when you grow up and have a family you realise that you only need a handful of true friends. That is what the JPs have. Family is everything. Many people would have a wonderful family and no friends instead of having friends but no family…

    But what will you or Jennifer ever know about family? Jennifer disowned her mother for years, her half brother she never speaks to and her father she only uses for publicity. Jennifer might have friends but they are all show business friends who would all betray her in a second. She doesn’t have any normal friends ever, just her yoga instructor, hair dresser etc.

    Jennifer is losing more and more fans and one say very soon the real vain and mean Jennifer will be exposed and I bet Chelsea will be the one to betray her.

  • kjl

    Annie Voight is anorexic so she doesn’t get her period anymore so her ovaries don’t produce eggs so she doesn’t need mammary glands to feed a baby she’ll never have so does that make her a barren anorexic cow?

  • fatal

    after the way she ha dissed Schwimmer, Lisa and Joey they won’t do any reunion with her-and she will only do it if she thinks her strangle hold on riding brads coattails is fading-she is the reason I stopped watching Friends-and her hair was fake extensions for the 10 years before she had to chop it off and looked like Diane Keaton for 6 months-after the way she broke up courtney’s marriage with her constant interference and neediness why does Courtney have anything to with her?

  • Alicia

    I can’t stand Jennifer. To me she is always selling herself and all about her. I can’t stand her even more so for the hate she said about her mother. Why is she punishing her mother for not following her instructions. Beneath Jennifer’s botox is an unhappy woman full of evil. I won’t do anything associated with her.

  • broken heart

    Jen Aniston is gorgeous. Anybody who says otherwise must be crazy or just plain jealous.

  • Fools

    Go hide you old fat lards, no one cares about friends or whatever. Jennifer is the biggest idiot, keep making stupid remarks and facial expressions like a big log. They are wasting air time.

  • Pathetic Jennifer

    Network all going gaga over pathetic Jen. Lol. She sucks and can’t leave Brad and his family alone. Now we all know why they all leave her.

  • Just Say No!

    OMG! Jennifer is a d*bag! I hope she gets what she deserve in hell.

  • Jennifer a Homewrecker!

    Wow, Jennifer is poison. Poor Heidi.

  • Courtney!

    He chose Courtney over Jennifer. Or he was dating Courtney and Jennifer was caught out on a date with Courtney’s boyfriend. Jennifer is just desperate. Why would anyone want to watch her now?!!

  • Jennifer is hell!

    She is ugly and stupid. She will cheat and milk her way to get rich. There is no meaning in her life. What was mentioned about her is so true, she is not a good person. They need to rid of her soon.

  • Purple Belt

    Jennifer has the biggest face and ego. It’s all about her, get over yourself you moron! Friends sucks.

  • Oscar

    Jennifer is just ugly. Go hide yourself with your low IQ.

  • Meela

    This wasn’t funny at all. It shows that the real magic between these actors came from the writers of Friends.

    And holy cow is Courteney’s face messed up!

  • friends cast today
  • Maniston

    Friends are idiots and full of themselves. Not funny either!

  • Ban Friends

    I contacted the local tv network not to show Friends and they are not. Good!

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jennifer rocks