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Zac Efron Attached to Star in 'Narc'!

Zac Efron Attached to Star in 'Narc'!

Zac Efron is attached to star in the upcoming crime film Narc, which has been picked up by Fox!

The 25-year-old will play “a student, frat president, and lacrosse team captain who’s busted for drugs intended for a party, then secretly turns narc and helps the cops bust criminals while carrying on his BMOC campus life.”

In addition to adding Narc to his countless list of projects, Zac has signed on to star in the upcoming thriller flick Autobahn, alongside Amber Heard.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac working on Narc and Autobahn?

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  • Marc

    Lol, his face……More of Dave Franco PLEASE!

  • R U sure

    Love to see Zac in anything.

  • kami

    narc sounds like it would be good. not sure about autobahn. what can you do on an autobahn but drive drive drive at high speed?

  • Sharona

    Yet another movie to look forward to with Zac! He’s got quite an impressive list of film projects lined up on his agenda. He is well on his way to superstardom! Love it……love him!

  • IMO

    Sounds interesting, looking forward to it.Congrats!

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    what a hard worker guy. I love him

  • xx

    wow! he already signed for 7 movies this year!!

  • pika

    it sounds good. hes attached to soo many projects i hope hes not just taking any role that hes offered cuz im still not sure about autobahn. at least hes versatile, just waiting for an awesome action movie :)

  • Rachel

    Sounds like an interesting project! Go Zac!
    And I’m glad he’s venturing into the action genre though I’m still not sure about Autobahn.

  • Shauna

    No offense, but Zac has fallen into the deep Hollywood realm of type casting. I read the synopsis of “Narc”, and honestly that role isn’t really much of a stretch to the type of work he’s been doing lately. In interviews I’ve noticed him saying he wants to be taken seriously as an actor and to shed his “High School Musical” image. But how does he plan on doing that when he takes up the same roles? And honestly, without any disrespect, Zac is a very handsome guy, but your looks can only take you so far and being too good looking in the movie business can be curse because you won’t be given too many opportunities with challenging roles. I’m a guy myself, but I wouldn’t waste my money on a Zac Efron film because I know most of films fall under the “Chick Flick” category entirely, and that’s not really attracting at all. He wants to be taken seriously and have better roles but the work he does isn’t really appealing to anyone other than a female audience.

  • lala

    @Shauna: i kind of agree with you. but paperboy was a big stretch from the chickflicks and he received a great amount of praise from critics as well as at any price. on the other hand those are only two of the serious movies he’s done in his entire career that has brought him this amount of credit. like ive always said (or at least thought lol) everytime you look at comments on sites like the daily mail, its the same old young to middle aged women pretty much drooling over his body with the same comments like “yummy” and “oh if i was his age”. These comments are telling the celebrity’s team how the public respond to this person and how they view them.

    i want zac to look bad. like really bad. and im only referring to his appearance in a movie. i want to see him in a movie where we are completely taken away from his appearance and just focus on his acting skills because if that what it takes for him to be taken serious by not only the audience, but hollywood critics/stars, then he should do it.

    and also i think its great that we are getting this opinion from a guy’s perspective its mostly females :)

  • pika

    @Shauna: i mean leonardo dicaprio is zacs role model and he wants to follow in his footsteps. leo is pretty much type-casted as that guy who always stars in dramas that makes it seem as though he is pushing for an oscar. soooo perhaps zac is aware of what he is doing but not to the full extent of the damage that it is building up.

  • BO

    why should he look bad to get critics serious attention .he already is .the only mature roles he’s done so far are paperboy and aap and he’s done so well and earned loads of favourable critic reviews ,There’s no need to look bad .He’s already recognised for his talent not for looks .He only needs a mainstream movie like aap to launch his serious actor league in to wider audiences

  • lala

    @BO: i get what you are saying but i was not talking about critics. i was talking about the public. i already said that he had received a great amount of critical praise for his fantastic acting in paperboy as well as at any price and i also already said that these are his only mature roles so far yet people insist on viewing him as mere eye candy. you could disagree but that’s just my opinion i guess.

  • lala

    zacs main audience is females and in order to steer away from that and attract a range of audiences (such as guys), i just think that he should do something that attracts them. thats why an action/thriller movie would be very good for him since it proves his versatility.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    I’ll always see High School Musical when I see Zac, unlike Ryan Gosling who made the transition from “Notebook” so easily. Also, I realize he has fans who love him, as it should be. But Zac, like Tom Cruise, sometimes seems to be trying just a little too hard.

  • BO

    lala , yes .I think i can agree .But imo people are more aware of his career moves than we think they are .He’s consistently on the radar though he’s not seen 24/7 .

    So will I .He will always be HSM Zac in my mind , even if he’s 70yrs old and on a walking stick .As for the ‘transition’ , it’s always hard for pretty Disney boys needless to say .He’
    s the only one who’s done this so far

  • flyhigh

    “He takes up the same roles”? “I know most of films fall under the “Chick Flick” category entirely”??

    FYI, none of his future films is a chick flick. Are We Officially Dating is a rom com targeted at guys. How is he playing the same roles? Even Townies, despite featuring shirtless Zac, is said to be challenging his heartthrob image. And what about historical drama Parkland and recently announced thrillers Autobahn and Narc? How can anyone still complain he only does the same roles in chick flicks??

  • Rachel

    This doesn’t sound like a movie targeted just towards a specific audience. I think the synopsis sounds interesting, let’s see how it turns out.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Carlos

    Y’all should give him an opportunity, he’s an amazing actor, I’ve seen him in many movies, and he’s pretty talented.