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Alexander Skarsgard: Brit Marling Talks 'The East' Love Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard: Brit Marling Talks 'The East' Love Scenes

Alexander Skarsgard sports a light blue shirt while walking around the city on Wednesday afternoon (May 22) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor’s new movie The East comes out next week and his co-star Brit Marling recently talked with E! News about shooting love scenes together.

“She is this spy and she goes in this group made up of anarchists, and she is moved by the leader, who is played by Alexander, so we have some steamy love scenes,” she said. “If we want to do a sequel that’s just kissing Alexander, I would be totally fine by that!”

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  • Anne

    Is that Keith walking with him only can see arm!

  • Two Words

    Isn’t it always Keith or one of the Swedish posse lol.

    Way to present yourself as a serious actress Brit. Geesh! I’m starting to see why some people perceive her as an airheaded self promoter.

  • Keiko

    LOL, Keith the Leech got chopped out of the photo.

    Brit is so full of s*h*i*t. How desperate and transparent can a woman be who WROTE A NUDE SEX SCENE FOR HERSELF. Remember: SHE WROTE THIS MOVIE.

  • Anne

    LOL it looks like Keith is wearing the shirt Alex wore last night

  • Joan

    You know how some women are professional girlfriends? Well Kieth is Alex’s professional friend, haha. I read somewhere that he’s going to be in some comady movie though, so maybe if work picks up he won’t have as much time to be at his beck and call.

  • Disney Villainess

    Man, this Nordic beast has been looking extra fine all up and through the NYC this week.

  • GoPens

    They totally fooled around during filming and Brit’s hoping for repeat action.

    Oh girl your just another notch on his bedpost!

    She probably thought she’s impress him with her “intellect”

  • hmmmmmmm

    He really is lanky guy and NYC suits him. Hey Alex get a apt here. LOL

  • Warped

    What’s wrong with Alex bringing his friends along? He’s known Keith for quite a while and he probably trusts Keith and Bjorne to have his back better than a stranger. Multiple times we’ve seen Bjorne and Keith act as handlers to help Alex get in and out of different venues. Most stars bring someone they know with them to events so they have someone to hang with. Can’t figure out why this bothers people. Wouldn’t you bring a friend or family member with you if you were going to something like this?

  • AO

    The moning after look…still glowing…look at this satisfied face of this man! he looks so Shexayyy…Keith!!! I bet they have a beautiful bromance right there… I feel we need to be grateful of having so much news, pictures of him lately because he will go mode Ghost Patrol very soon. That Blue looks divine on him.

  • Drool


  • SkarsintheCity

    ROFL @ “morning after glow”

    Brit’s got it bad lol.

  • Music Fan

    Wait Holla holla holla hollerrrrr…Brit Marling wrote that movie?? How old is she? That’s what happens when you google a celeb and don’t pay attention to details…SMH#
    Well If I WAS HER (unfortunately I ain’t) I will go all Erotica meets Christian Grey meets my own fantasy ish…You have to go all the way with the creativity intellect on writing a sex scene with ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!!
    You have too…Come on people…She is clearly in need of a second ride with the Skars. I don’t blame her…Jesus Christ Mary Mother Of God Have Mercy on us poor mere mortals: this guys is tooooo fiiiiinnneeee…it’s wrong! #waiting to exhale#

  • mike3890

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  • Dingaling

    This movie looks awful. Not even the hotness of Alex can make me see this caca.

  • Macy

    I don’t know what it is,but he always looks so much better when he’s in NYC.

  • Abby is Abby

    He looks to have gained weight since the last time we saw him in that shirt.

    Extra lbs look good on him!

    As for Brit. I don’t know what she’s waiting for she should probably get around to writing her next screenplay starring herself and Alex.

  • SAKI

    i FIND HIS BROTHER Bill to be stunning. And the bald one Gustaf is hot too. He’s on VIKINGS! He looks crazy on there, but he is hot and tall too.

  • Abby is Abby

    Bill is very handsome and In my opinion will be the best looking of the brothers. Tall , dark hair, light eyes, and have you heard him speak? His voice is perfection.

    Alex is handsome to me but I’ve always though he has a dorky voice.

  • Abby is Abby

    Any thoughts on his hands?
    They look all red and scarred.

  • Souvenir?

    Don’t know about his hands, but I detect a red mark on his neck in the second pic that wasn’t there last photos.

    Souvenir from his Tuesday night fling?

  • yehyeah

    With Keith and Bjorne always around it probably means there is no room for a girlfriend. What will they do if/when he gets one. Doubt she will want them around all the time.
    It just seems like neither of them has their own life. They just mooch of Alex’s. His connections, his travel, his money, his holidays etc. Leo is like this but his posse all work. They may make some crap but they work.

  • 007

    Why does everyone think Bjorne and Kevin are moochers?

    As for them living together and a girlfriend, trust this if the right girl came along Alex would have no problem moving out or having the guys move out and the guys would understand it’s a bro thing.

  • yehyeah

    Wait what, Keith lives with Alex, is that what you mean??
    As for the mooching thing, it just that its how it comes across. What projects are they working on. Keith has one part in a movie now. When did he last work, if he is an actor? What does Bjorne do?

  • Fujo

    That’s it I am writing a movie just so I can be in it naked with Alex!!!!

  • Music Fan

    Even if it is a bite love mark; that chick didn’t do it properly…you need to do it very well to leave a noticeable mark on his fair skin in order to tell the world: biatch I was here in 2013 at 3 of the AM.#just saying# YOLO#lol
    @Abby is Abby:
    Actualy I will second your comment because I find Bill Skarsgard extremely intriguing…that voice in one of his interviews this year…I was like dude this family can’t give me a freaking break. I like Bill’s lips and eyes…Too bad he wasn’t born in the early 80′s…
    Concerning Brit Marling: I think she needs to savour the moment and go seclude herself for a while after taping all of that…Ur body will be extremely dependent after “THAT”!

  • Kimberstea

    I can’t even hate on Brit for gushing. I’m just saying; If I were in her shoes I’d do the same including writing a film just to cast Alex.

    I’ve given up trying to understand what it is Keith actually does. In my head he’s Alex’s secret ninja bodyguard and I don’t care if it’s true or not. I like the idea of a secret ninja bodyguard.

    As for his baby brother Bill. Dude is fine! Hair? check! Eyes ?check! Height? Check! Lips? Double check! Talented too. Hemlock Grove baby!

  • Warped


    Bjorne is married and has two children. He and his wife Lisa started a
    Clothing company called Ragdoll. KB, OM, And CW have all been seen wearing it around.

    Keith doesn’t live with Alex. They are friends and I think Keith is also on his payroll as a handler for events. He is also an actor and works behind the scenes too.

  • Rob Server


    That’s what I think too and I also read somewhere quite a long time ago that Keith (and Bjorne too) have both helped him a lot when he was no one in HW, showing places, helping networking etc. And he used to live in Bjorne’s pool house in his early yrs in tinseltown. It’s Alex way to give something back by taking them in to the premiers, events and business trips. I think it’s great of him to do that.

  • British Latin American

    I really do like the shape of Alex’s body.

  • Keiko

    @British Latin American:

    God, me too. His proportions are amazing. Perfect, really, especially given his height.