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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!

Alexander Skarsgard poses for a photograph while attending a screening for his latest flick The East held at The Nitehawk Cinema on Tuesday (May 21) in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

The 36-year-old Swedish actor was joined by his co-stars Brit Marling, Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson, and director Zal Batmanglij.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The day before, Alexander and his The East co-stars hit the red carpet at the New York premiere of the film, which hits theaters on Friday (May 31).

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112 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!”

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  1. 26
    Cadulech Says:

    And….why this freak you all??
    Alex is good person and great on his work that is what should matter and not if is rich or not.

  2. 27
    Alex has $$$$$ Says:

    While Alex isn’t a multimillionaire with a 100mil + fortune he certainly can live comfortably more then the average 9-5 worker on TB he Gets $300,000 per ep + his films he ain’t doing those for peanuts, CK endorsement and he is not doing that for peanuts $$$$$$$$$$$
    how else is Alex affording luxuries swanky restaurants, they cost $$$ trips to places only you and I can dream off , paying a PR, agent , manager etc million $$$ home, he can afford to take a month or two even longer off work to travel or relax with still a nice bank balance
    as for the average person I couldn’t afford to take a month of work without worrying about finance

    Tom ford suites, CK suites, few designer gear here and there VIP passes at coachella, (court side tickets lakers game don’t know if he paied for
    that or not) etc as for the other luxuries you cannot say he is always
    getting those things for free , Alex is in a better position then before let’s say 5years ago.
    So yes I would say he is well off with a nice bank balance and good for him.

  3. 28
    Alex has $$$$$ Says:

    Sorry I need to correct how much Alex makes per TB ep

    According to the “Who Earns What?” annual salary survey in TV Guide’s Aug. 13, 2012 issue, Anna, husband Stephen, and co-star A. Skars all make $200K per episode, making them some of the highest-paid stars surveyed from the cable network.

  4. 29
    Keiko Says:


    Then shut up about it. You mentioned it first.

  5. 30
    Keiko Says:


    Fool, do you even know what “upper middle class” means?? That’s a college professor, or a doctor, or a lawyer in the USA. That’s what that is. It is NOT an actor who makes millions of dollars a year (multiply $200,000 per episode just for TB alone) in movies and TV, plus endorsement deals. Enough with your lack of basic intelligence.

  6. 31
    Macy Says:

    How is it that you have proof of this. This is your speculation only. $200,000 for a season that typically has 12 episodes is over two million dollars, just for TB alone, per season. Let alone the millions he’s made from movies and ad campaigns. Alex is definitely not middle class. Having millions of dollars means you’re richer than that by most measures. A middle class person doesn’t buy a multi-million dollar home on a single income unless they have the money to back it up. Not in this economy. Your stance is a bit naive at best. Is he rich like a royal, no, but he’s certainly not upper middle class who probably make on average a little over $100,000 per year. He’s far above that pay grade.

  7. 32
    Cadulech Says:

    Oh wow! people really get freak if Alex is upper middle class (that is something he really is).
    People want to be on fantasy that he is so rich.
    A doctor,a lawyer and a college professor are middle class not UPPER MIDDLE CLASS
    You are the one who need to know more Keiko

  8. 33
    trolling trolls Says:

    @Alex has $$$$$:

    That’s great comes in handy for when he catches something from these ladies.

    Cadulech I don’t think you are very smart or you?

  9. 34
    gaja Says:

    rich or not maybe women do not want more than one night with him. mabay he is not good in bed ;)

  10. 35
    Macy Says:

    Alex spends like $300 on t-shirts. That’s not something middle class people do. Good grief! I think you have a skewed vision of what it means to be in the middle class range Cadulech, upper or not. You keep saying this like you know it’s a fact, yet the numbers don’t add up to prove your point. Any way you slice it, having millions means you’re not just a middle class indvidual. And yes, doctors would be upper middle class. They make severl hundred thousand a year. Do us all a favor and google what the average income is in the US, because THAT is considered MIDDLE CLASS!

  11. 36
    trolling trolls Says:

    lol, lol again

  12. 37
    Cadulech Says:

    @trolling trolls:
    I think the ones who need to start open your eyes is all of you.Serious,can’t believe you all got freak because he is not rich as if the whole world is going to end.
    Maybe you are right,i make compare with the income in Europe and never in USA.That is why he is upper middle class but for Americans he is rich.

  13. 38
    Macy Says:

    Here, I did it for you. A simple google search will tell you that you’re flat out wrong. Upper middle class people in the US have an average income of a bit over $100,000 per year.
    William Thompson and Joseph Hickey[citation needed] see common incomes for the upper class as those exceeding $500,000 with upper middle class incomes ranging from the high 5-figures to most commonly in excess of $100,000.

  14. 39
    Macy Says:

    If you don’t like the way people react, perhaps you should do some research prior to making completely absurd comments that aren’t based in fact.

  15. 40
    Cadulech Says:

    Look maybe in USA is rich but not other countries.Kill me all what you want and send me all links of houses in USA but as you say if you don’t like other people opinion also do search: Alex is upper class for all what i know and not rich.

  16. 41
    Macy Says:

    Well considering the top 1% of earners in Britain make about $225,000 US dollars, you estimates are still off. It’s not the massive gap you think it is. Why don’t you provide some proof then, if you want others to take your opinion with a bit more levity?
    A gross annual salary of £58,917 gets you into the top 5%.

    But the standard that has cropped up in newsprint over the years is “the top 1%”. It takes £118,027 to get into this bracket. And if you are earning £150,000 – the amount that triggers 50% income tax – you are in the top 0.6% of salaried people, according to the ASHE

  17. 42
    Jamie Says:

    People are going to talk about US income. The guy does live and work in the States after all. Hey he’s way richer than me, and I make decent money.

  18. 43
    Jamie Says:

    He looks awesome by the way but his co-stars dress is crazy!

  19. 44
    Interesting Says:

    What I find Intresting in all of those pics & with all these he flirted he leaves with blonde , brunette woman” he looked like he was way more into his phone than anything else.

  20. 45
    trolling trolls Says:


    Booty call hello! He is not going to marry her or something. He is rich. The end.

  21. 46
    SkarsintheCity Says:

    @Interesting not really perplexing if they were just going to do the nasty. It’s a one night stand you don’t have to be that into each other to do that.

    @AO gal yup I’m a girl. That’s exactly what it is a couch cover and the rest of them aren’t better they look sloppy. Somebody help them.

    @ The other discussion Alex is definitely upper-class by American standards. He doesn’t have a title or come from old money but he is even rich by European standards. He’s never really been poor a day in his life I believe he grew up comfortably as well.

  22. 47
    Single Skars Says:

    So do we have any news about last night this morning? Any new one nighters he seems to be on a roll. I am asking because there is an instagram picture with him and some girls and one of them went for the nipples.

  23. 48
    Music Fan Says:

    Oh Cadulech…your a hoot… a hoot I tell you!!! I come from an africain country where a house with a pool and a garage and two bedroom costs 2.5 million dollars… My country; Angola has Luanda the capital of the country; is considered as the most expensive city in the world for resident foreigners and yet the poorest at the same time. Trust me…we have billionaires here and I have to admit as a local it’s hard to get by but you do what u gotta do. Alex comes to Angola, he is considered as a rich person (more of new money kinda rich here) trust me. That dude is far from upper class…Always back up what you say dude…And you all gotta recognize that our boy made this kinda money outside his country, comfort zone and struggled to get by. I mean the entertainment industry is not an easy industry but yet this dude made his name abroad and is keeping it up#claps hands slowly#

  24. 49
    Cadulech Says:

    No sorry in European standards he is not rich,and a title and old money don’t make a person rich.
    There are many many people who have titles and are not in the concept of rich but as Alex (upper middle class).

  25. 50
    Music Fan Says:

    @Single Skars: Well I would be aiming the same area since it is the closest compare to his face..LOL!
    And that is some thick beautiful woman (the one with the black dress showing her legs)! I’d be lying if i said im suprised by this picture but it shows how he doesn’t care who he hangs out with (size, race, culture, weight) as long as they are fun and a ball to hang with that’s what matters. The media or people assumed he only surrounds himself with certain kind of people but I guess this man is a box full of delightful suprise…
    NB: this is the pic im refering to (the one with him and a guys and three girls):

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