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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!

Alexander Skarsgard poses for a photograph while attending a screening for his latest flick The East held at The Nitehawk Cinema on Tuesday (May 21) in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

The 36-year-old Swedish actor was joined by his co-stars Brit Marling, Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson, and director Zal Batmanglij.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The day before, Alexander and his The East co-stars hit the red carpet at the New York premiere of the film, which hits theaters on Friday (May 31).

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112 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Brooklyn Screening!”

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  1. 51
    Cadulech Says:

    And by titles i mean nobilty titles so you don’t get confused.

  2. 52
    Love story Says:

    A love story huh?!

    As for kissing Skarsgård, Marling added she had no complaints.lo

    “If we want to do a sequel that’s just kissing Alexander, I would be totally fine by that!” she said with a laugh, adding that the film is not only an espionage flick but “an intense love story” that allowed her to explore her emotional romantic side.

  3. 53
    Mira Says:

    God will this guy ever grow and move beyond random hookups and adolescent bromances? What’s his damage, mother, father, both? The guy says he wants kids, do you have any idea how obsessive a guy has to be about birth control if he’s having that much sex for 15 years? I think the prospect of anything real or adult that would require any responsibility terrifies him. Sad actually, overall he seems like a very happy, decent person. Complex personality that’s for sure.

  4. 54
    hmm Says:


    Maybe its Charlize sending him a SMS from LA


    Sorry couldnt resist….

  5. 55
    AO Says:

    @Music Fan:
    I know right…But I will kindly disagree with you… I am suprised he hangs out with woman or men who do not reflect the “Hollywood” look or physicality!! You see Leo Dicaprio and who he hangs out with you think “there he goes with the VS models”! Don’t get me wrong I think LD is a great actor but the media has pictures of him with models most of the time and very posh women so you immediately associate his surrounding with these kind of people. But to see a women with generous curves, and for that fact touching his nipple (lucky woman), I think is cool. His male friends are actually very low key and relaxed too…I guess im not suprised at all then…Cool guy.

  6. 56
    SkarsintheCity Says:

    @ Cadulech Would you care to clarify the European standards that you insist are so different.

    He is above upper middle class and he is rich.

    @MusicFan yes he has worked hard but he has never been poor. Always had mum & dad to fall back on. It’s a popular story to tell in HW I was so poor but look at me now it adds to the magic of celebrity.

    Also most people don’t care who they are with when they’ve been drinking. They also don’t care if their only goal for the night is to get laid.

    I would be impressed if he regularly volunteered at a soup kitchen for the homeless, a boys & girl club or an elder care facility. He’s pretty much like every other celeb parties in high class establishments and neighborhood bars.

    @Love story lol! Brit just putting it out there. Girl!

  7. 57
    SkarsintheCity Says:

    @ Mira

    I don’t think he wants any of that not really. I think it’s a nice thing to tell the fans and interviews.

    I mean if he came out and said look I intend to have as much meaningless sex as possible with as many women as I can and party until I’m old and gray wouldn’t really sell to his fanbase.

    Don’t think he’s a bad guy just maybe not as complex as many would like to believe.

  8. 58
    SkarsintheCity Says:

    Oh and for those worried about pregnancy scares there are ways to get it going without worrying about a baby.

  9. 59
    Two Words Says:

    Hugh Grant.

    Remember him?

    Everyone thought he was so wonderfully charming and down to earth.

    Then his little car scandal.

    Everyone wonders when he would grow up.

    Then a fling baby in his 50s .

    That’s Alex’s future.

  10. 60
    Single Skars Says:

    @Two Words:

    Then that is very sad. Hugh Grant is sad old man.

    @lovestory I think Brit totally have the hots for Alex, almost all of their photos together she all over him. I wonder if he got to hit already back while filming all that dinner and dancing.

  11. 61
    Two Words Says:

    @ SingleSkars
    I think it’s sad too but I can totally see Alex becoming that in the future.

    I also think he & Brit fooled around. Clearly she hasn’t moved on. I feel bad for her.

  12. 62
    gaja Says:

    most of his one night stands go with him for who he is .if he was not famous they do not even look at him . that woman wants one minute of fame and he seks. I say go for it AS

  13. 63
    Warped Says:

    The conversation about Alex being rich is too funny. He is Rich. He makes millions each year. Comparing him to those from old money is ridiculous. Wealthy and rich are different categories. He is most definitely not upper middle class. He’s worked for his money and has the right to do and spend it any way he wants.

  14. 64
    Rose coloured glass Says:

    Yeah I can totally see Alex having a kid from a one night stand and that’s all it takes if alex thinks he wont slip up, Alex would have the shock of his life if the women turns out preggers no more Wilde night partying
    and the women I would say some dizzy wannabe actress in her 20s I know it’s horrible but that’s how I see it

    I doubt very much Alex wants any serious relationship/marriage there is. No way he struggles to find a GF, but plays it coy like he struggles and does t want to be hurt because of past relationships bla bla bla

    I have now finally taken my Rose coloured glasses off

  15. 65
    Warped Says:

    The man is 37 years old. I think it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing, He’s not married, in a relationship or a monk. He’s allowed to have fun. How do we know he has sex with the girls anyway? It’s all just conjecture.

  16. 66
    trolling trolls Says:


    You just said he is not a monk, so it’s save to say he doesn’t brings her to his hotel to show her the wallpaper color. I am sure he does show her the wallpaper color but not by strolling around the room.

  17. 67
    Viking sex yum yum Says:

    I don’t even know which girl it is he liked the pics are two small :(and not a good view:( and going from the ny artical didn’t it say a witness seen he left the bar with the girl and walked back to his hotel few blocks away well that screams pure hard Viking s*x to me :) However I want pics walking back to his hotel with her if they managed to get him out side the bar with girls then they could have taken pics of him walking back to his hotel ?

  18. 68
    Macy Says:

    @Music Fan:
    I assume this was for Cadulech and not for me, since I provided actual evidence and it seems apparently impossible for the same to occur on that end. Either way, he is considered rich.

    Well, I’ve already included evidence to the British standards, but apparently if you aren’t royalty, then you’re only middle class in her mind. Alrighty then.

  19. 69
    Macy Says:

    I would say he’s both. It just depends on which word you’d like to use. I agree though, he can spend his considerable cash any way he chooses to. As long as he’s being safe and not hurting anyone, I don’t think it matters really. He’s single, rich and hot, he’s going ot hook up. Hell, even people who aren’t rich hook up when they’re single. That’s why so many online dating sites exist. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. I don’t get why people can’t see that.

  20. 70
    trolling trolls Says:

    @Viking sex yum yum:

    Does it matter at this point he saw he liked, he left with her and they did it. As everyone here keeps saying He is single and hot so he can take home whomever he can viking s*x whomever he wants. He is not with anyone so no one feelings is being hurt here.

  21. 71
    Keiko Says:


    And I don’t get why people can’t comprehend simple questions. Is it because of a pathological need to read into everything people write and say rather then just taking things at face value? Our culture at present is riddled with this pathological narrative-shifting. Do I think Alex hooks up? Yes, at least possibly if not likely. Do I think he drinks and parties A LOT? Without a doubt. But my question to all the commenters making assumptions about his activities with the women in the pictures after The East showing was WHERE IS YOUR PROOF that he went home/hotel with “the short one” at 3:15 and that he hooks up “on a regular basis”? And that’s still my question. In the end, it’s a rhetorical question. I “don’t get” why this is so hard to understand.

  22. 72
    Keiko Says:

    BTW, you goofballs DO realize Alex is not a Viking….right? And that Vikings haven’t existed for a thousand years.

  23. 73
    trolling trolls Says:


    Are you asking for a sex tape? How much proof do you want? Are your feelings hurt. It’s not like he is cheating on a GF or something so I don’t think they had to show every picture. You can get the idea of it. So it is safe to assume the viking sex happened.

  24. 74
    trolling trolls Says:


    haha that fun fact bothers you not that he had sex but he had viking sex. lol come on man.

  25. 75
    Keiko Says:

    @trolling trolls:

    Where’s your proof? I love how this questions makes some of you so angry and sends you off on tangents of made-up stories about the one asking the question.

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