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Jennifer Aniston Strips in 'We're The Millers' Red Band Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston Strips in 'We're The Millers' Red Band Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston strips down to her lingerie in the red band trailer for her new comedy We’re The Millers, in theaters August 9!

The 44-year-old actress stars alongside Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter in the new film about a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

Jennifer plays a stripper who poses as Jason‘s wife in the film, with Emma and Will playing the two kids.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the red band trailer for We’re The Millers?

“We’re The Millers” Red Band Trailer – Warning NSFW!

Click inside to watch the safe for work, green band trailer…

“We’re The Millers” – Green Band Trailer
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  • Julia123

    too bad her face looks very manly and fabio-ish.

  • Rosie

    This is why she will never be taken seriously, as an actress. This is all she’s good for.

  • Je

    She is the same age as Cate Blanchett and Cate would never do this low class stuff.

  • Asha

    Jenn is not funny and very unbelievable as a stripper.

  • Bree

    Her face is ROUGH. Nothing feminine about her face.

    And getting half naked is all she seems to do in her movies these days.

  • Ummm Big Whoop

    Its already been reported they used a body double for these scenes. JJ even has a picture of the chick when they were filming this bomb.

    Such a shame that this is what she thinks makes her a star at 44 by playing a wh@re.

  • kelly

    I agree with their promotional move – sell Aniston stripping because the rest of the movie is so stupid.

  • Looselipz


    Ignorant comment.

  • Carol

    This looks great. Fantastic cast. Looking forward to seeing it more than Hangover 3.

  • Oh The Lies…

    She will sell the lie like it was her body and it was a body double. So pathetic the only way she can get the few crazy folks that are left who’ll pay for her crap movies is to tell them she’ll be half naked.

    This is a role a 18-20+ year old newby in HW would play

  • Too Old

    Guess this is all she can do at this point acting wise, strip and hope no one is looking at that mannish face of hers.

  • sarah

    @Julia123: Yay for you. You got some attention. Now wipe the cookie crumbs from your chin and the keyboard of your computer and go outside. Fingers crossed you can fit through the door chubby and I really really hope a wall doesn’t have to be taken down for you to go outside. btw, Jen looks hotttt.

  • ╚żamsin

    Damn that bish is ugly. First off, your face looks hard.
    second: You should of went to a strip club and witnessed real strippers.
    third: why are you even playing a stripper old as you are…if I wanted to see a grandma strip, I would go to a convalescent home. Jen, your time is up!

  • claire

    It looks funny. I don’t know why everybody is always so mean with her. The double thing is nothing, Jason Sudekis had it too, it seems that it’s an action scene going on like running, or something like that, every actor has a double for that kind of scenes it’s not big deal..

  • http://justjared saira

    This pretty much screams that Jen has finally accepted the fact that her career is shit. No wonder she is hocking shampoos and lotions.

    Why is she so adamant about not doing tv again?That might be her only saving grace, because this is just pathetic.
    I don’t care how your body looks, no one will believe she is a stripper, just like no one will find Emma believable as a homeless kid. Why couldn’t Emma be the stripper? Because Jen needs a reason to get half-naked in a movie no matter how stupid it looks.
    Name one actress over the age of 35 that has ever played a stripper, since Demi Moore embarrassed herself in Striptease.

  • Jaye

    Ok Jared has We’re The miller’s trail up. I thought it wasn’t up or wasn’t working. Anyway, it’s easier looking at it here.

  • James

    44 and still smoking hot. I want to know her secret.

  • Karan

    Too many dislikes so I guess I have to balance things out. I will watch this,

  • Jack S.

    OMG Jen looks so hot! And the trailer is very very funny! This will be another 100 Million plus gross for Jennifer! Cannot wait!!!

  • Taloona

    She looks hard and rough. Maybe that’s why she gets dumped all the time.

  • Paige

    Did I just waste 2 mins and 53 secs of my life? She lookd like a dude and there is no way in the world anyone would believe she was a stripper. Gag me now.

  • Tira

    Access has Brad and Angelina on, my favorite couple. Brad dishing on mr Jen. Jen’s incapable of having anyone love her because she is a worm.

  • Seattle

    How can she be already 44 and without a family on her own?

  • BestofTimes

    Majorly not funny. WTF Jason Sudeikis, you can do better than this boo.

  • African Girl

    Double Facepalm!!!

  • Patricia Ortiz

    Why is this ugly woman in movies?!! Gewd she is bland and can’t hold attention. Why are we having an empty brain like her in anything?!!! ew, her chin can get some stares, urgh!

  • Aniston Desperate!

    So said Brad. Jennifer Aniston is desperate. Just look at her empty life and her maneuvering ways to throw Heidi out in order to get her short tight pants chain man. Remember when she went shopping for John Mayer in Europe after John dumped her hoping he will come back. She’s beyond desperate.

  • No Movies for Ya!

    Jennifer is a stupid unfunny old twat. Her friends are bunch of cracker heads like Chelsea, Reese and Demi. She has huge thick thighs so unlady like. Skip, skip.

  • stfu haters

    Gosh, haters gonna hate. But I think this movie is sooo hilarious. And for those rude comments against Jen?! Gosh. really?! I bet you’re all just a dumb little sh*ts who are just jealous of her. I mean, seriously?! Who could possibly hate her. She’s gorgeous and I gotta say she can really dance. Sexiest woman of all time, absolutely! I can’t wait! :D

  • And this is attractive?!!!

    She looks like a stud. No feminine features. Gross. Why is she so greasy, yuk!

  • Seattle

    Would have Brad loved Angelina way before being married to this one?

  • Boring Mr Jen!

    No thunder in her skills. Quite desperate, even with no clothes she does not look appealing. Big legs and short is not cute. She should keep her clothes on.

  • Anon

    Wow all those people go eww jennifer yuck yuck are a bunchof bitter insecure women. Cmon we all know you hate her cause you worship angelina. Why even bother to click, watch, and especially comment when you yourselves said to skip or cause jen is ugly and old. If she’s that bad, i can’t even imagine seeing you all people in real life. The world will explode from your ugliness, bitterness and unnecessary hatred lol. One thing’s for sure though sad ladies, she may be getting older but she lived a far more productive life than you ever will. Pathetic.

  • Queenie

    @And this is attractive?!!!: i bet you look at yourself at the mirror and give yourself the finger then curl up in bed and cry. lmao! Get over it weirdo.

  • F*ck off haters

    OMFG. She looks so HOT!! I’m so gonna watch this! And you haters should burn in hell. Got it?! If you don’t like her then why the hell did you read this article. If you don’t like the article, just STFU got it?! I bet you’re all just a jealous little B*tch or maybe ’cause you’re a B*tchelina!

  • karen

    @sarah: i don’t hate jen but that fabioish comment was funny

  • Mr. Ortiz

    @Patricia Ortiz: Why is a beautiful woman like you in the justjared comments section?!! Gewd you are so interesting and can absolutely hold attention. Why are we having a smart brain like yours in anything?!!! Wow, i bet your chin is beautiful. I just want to stare at it forever, urgh!

  • kami

    i have to say she has a great body and looks healthy.

  • Fanny

    @Aniston Desperate!: no one remembers it. You’re the only one who’s still mad about it.

  • Ugly Duckling

    I don’t think anyone is jealous of this one. Even with all the fake add ons she’s still below average. Btw, talk about empty heads, they sure dug deep to get a waste like her. No thank you.

  • Chinny

    Access setting it straight, she is pathetic!!!!!! LOL

  • Ash

    Looks funny and I will see it! Jean looks amazing and puts girls to,shame half her age.

  • Princess Opaku

    She looks like she has a PENIS, LOL

  • Jade

    She’s no beauty alright. She’s got man’s legs and has no tiny waistline. Short big legs and with verbal from a dead person makes this so trashy. Quit making crappy movies with crappy actors. No one wants to spend a dime on sht like this. Won’t even see it if free.

  • Lol Fabiiio!

    Who cares about her. Better market on the street and in the gym. Women in late 50′s look better than her and had children. She looks like a short stocky man.

  • Nahhh!

    Sexy my arsh! She is by far the worst actress and ugliest! Taking her clothes off does not make her appealing, she is too short and too bulky and will do anything so low now to be in films. They say she is desperate, I believe it.

  • Bony Angie

    “Who cares about her” -
    just people making comments :)


    Butt ugly and old. Zero appealing. Another one bite the dust.

  • Robin

    This positively reeks of desperation on her part. Poor Jen.

  • kriis21

    @saira: marisa tomei in the wrestler she was 43 0r 44