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Maroon 5: 'Love Somebody' Music Video - Watch Now!

Maroon 5: 'Love Somebody' Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out Adam Levine in this newly released music video for his band Maroon 5‘s single “Love Somebody,” from their latest album Overexposed.

The 33-year-old frontman was directed in the video by Rich Lee, who has worked on Jason Derulo‘s “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” Michael Buble‘s “Haven’t Met You Yet,” and Fergie‘s “Clumsy.”

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Maroon 5 recently performed the song on this week’s The Voice.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Maroon 5′s music video for “Love Somebody”?

Maroon 5 – ‘Love Somebody’ Music Video

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  • Alison

    @KT: The Mermaids will have to switch their allegiances now!

    I’m not sure I believe this rumor either. It wasn’t that long ago we had that Amanda Setton rumor. Wasn’t that another “in the new stage” relationship? I smell a PR move. But the fans are stupid enough to go running with this one too.

  • Jessica

    I’m surprised that the tabloids didn’t hook Adam up with Kate Upton. That would have been more entertaining.

  • KT

    They’re both following each other on twitter and Nina is also following his make up artist from the voice and his friend Gene so…I’m going to say it’s a definite possibility, but I’m hoping it isn’t true. It seems like she would use him for fame just like Behati did.

  • Adam DeCaprio

    She won’t be using him any more than he’ll be using her.

  • kelly

    Pretty girl but something odd about her head. His PR people shot down that other rumor so I guess if they don’t this one it could be true. Kind of hope it isn’t true because, goodness she is even younger than Behati. The man needs to date someone closer to his own age.

  • Melly

    @KT: I believe that Gene is dating a model. Maybe that’s a connection. Nina’s PR stunt with going to Prom with that boy didn’t really generate headlines, but attaching her name to Adam’s definitely will. And it has!

    I’ll bet they already hooked up some months back, but don’t think they’re a couple.

  • onlything

    The new girl is very pretty and fresh,and I think Adam is very attractive to girls at her age,so…

    But got that feeling that Adam is losing his chance to settle down, If I’m a woman with intelligence and substance, I won’t want to be with him.But it’s his life,totally respect that,always think Adam is a nice guy,and will be a good father.

  • Really?

    This is just PR. Adam was with K this weekend at Lake Norman in NC.

  • Juno

    I hope it is PR because a 34 year old man dating a 21 year old is borderline paedophillia. Imagine if they weren’t famous.

  • IgnoranceSucks

    @Juno: It’s not borderline pedophilia. If she were 18 I could see your argument but she’s 21, the legal age to drink, etc. Sure, they probably aren’t at the same maturity level–though Adam seems a little immature; but that doesn’t equate to being a pedophile. There are way worse age differences in Hollywood than this one.

  • So Over It

    Ever notice that every new chick Adam is linked to starts following Gene then after a few starts following Adam. Gene’s the dude’s wing man. It’s sad that Adam had to get his “sources” to dish about him and this new girl right after pictures came about with his ex with a new guy. Same sad move he did when he assumed Jared Leto was dating her when his team hurried with pictures of Behati.

  • ItsTheTruth

    @So Over It: I highly doubt Adam needs Gene to act as his wing man. You sound like an Anne fan. I thought you all were gone?

  • Melly

    @So Over It: If you’re “So Over It”, then why are you posting?

  • Alison

    So can we assume with regard to US Weekly that “multiple sources” means Nina and her publicist?

  • KT

    @Alison: Haha, probably! It’s hilarious that this is coming out right after Anne’s new relationship + Nina’s failed PR move with the prom date.

  • Rachel

    I think this is more to do with Anne than anyone. Get over it she moved on

  • A&J

    @Really?: Thanks for making my job easier! #keepsgettingbetter

  • Lisa

    @A&J: No one is buying your shit or @really shit because we all know Adam wasn’t anywhere near NC this weekend. He was in LA. Get over it .

  • Rachel

    What is your job @ A&J ?

  • I dunno

    I need photographic evidence of this whole Nina Agdal thing. Until then, I call BS.

  • Beardybeardstein

    Ummm this model also bearded for joe jonas. I am really getting worried

  • Ami Watson

    I doubt any of these people are Anne and/or Behati fans. I think it’s one person that always posts non-stop about being in the know all the time when it comes to Adam and his personal life. They are merely just using various screen names.

  • PottyMouth

    @Rachel: A&J only job appear to be stirring up s hit. #Loser

  • Adan’s PR

    Help he needs you after that major f uck up on the Voice tonight. Anti America statements don’t go down well. Try apologizing quickly and buying him a gag. ;-)

  • A&J

    Not showing up tonight? Not Cool. #newjobneeded

  • jane

    @A&J Do you mean K? Was Adam pissed? Does she work for him?

  • Patsy

    Maybe she needs to collect her paycheck from Neiman Marcus

  • Reason

    E just confirmed that Adam and Nina are dating

  • A&J

    Ummm rough day in the Levine household? GF issues? #latereasonsagain

  • ???

    like what do u mean aj?? ifeel like u know stuff we dont !

  • Question

    So she did turn up but was late? Levine household = living together – what would Nina and Patsy say? @ A&J

  • Reason

    Problems? Not after that blissful weekend away ?

  • Sarah

    Reason and A&J – same ?

  • TexasGirl

    Wow, they just keep getting younger! He gets older, they get younger. He’s gonna end up being that dirty old man in his 60s who marries a 22-year-old – LOL!
    So according to these sources, A and N started dating “in early spring”. Guess that finally blows up the stupid self-created K story. And why are some of you still hanging onto that BS story? #Itoldyoushewasaliar.

    By the way, isn’t it interesting that Bee still supposedly was “tight-lipped” about her relationship status? I mean, come on! #Delusional (I’m pretty sure that’s what Adam referred to with that “optimism and delusion are two very different things” tweet back in early spring.

  • Kay

    Does anyone else think it’s odd that Nina seems to be friends with Calvin Harris? I mean, I guess they’re all in the same circle but still. Awkward.

  • TexasGirl

    @Kay Ha- no joke! It’s a recycling program.

  • NotSmart

    @TexasGirl: We’ve warned you once maybe you need a refresher. Here it is: Your attack on K or Kim as you think you know her is off base. You don’t attack someone you don’t know. I highly doubt you know the whole story. If you do. She is a highly respected professional individual. I hope in your everyday life you don’t make those kind of false & slanderous statements. Because you’d be open to a liability lawsuit.

  • SecretNumberThree

    @TexasGirl: I’m f***ing sick of your mouth! YOU ARE THE BOTTOMFEEDER! To everyone else NOT everything is what you read!

  • TexasGirl

    @NotSmart So highly respected that she posted false and slanderous comments about Adam and his family and friends on discussion boards with strangers? Yeah that makes sense.
    And I’m not the one saying she’s a sl*t who f*cked him in a hotel bathroom. I don’t believe that story either, but why don’t you get mad at those people??

    Anyway, the Nina story obviously proves that those stories about SNL and touring with the band and meeting the pig and seeing the FedEx boxes etc. etc. were BS. I’m just squashing the lies. #Dealwithit.

  • Teri

    Why do you hate on Texas Girl so much? Isn’t she entitled to an opinion like everyone else? I think you protest to much about this “k” person.

  • TexasGirl

    @SecretNumberThree I love you too :-)

  • SecretNumberThree

    @a&j F*** you!

  • Alison

    E! News used to be really good. Now it’s just a tabloid like the rest.

  • Jenny

    Why are people using hashtags here? It’s not Twitter.

  • Teri

    @notsmart – why don’t you clear the air and tell everyone the whole story?

  • Teri

    Teri’s an interesting name. Looks familiar to me. Like I’ve seen it somewhere before. On a social media site.

  • Teri

    I’m sure you have seen it before it’s not uncommon.

  • Teri

    @Teri: But it’s not exactly common either.

  • Teri

    It’s pretty common – you are using it too ;-)

  • Alison

    @Kay: Nina needs the PR like every model does. I like Anne, but she’s kind of “famewh0ring” her relationship right now. Those recent pictures were staged. Just like many of Adam’s with whichever girl are.

    I hope that Anne is truly enjoying herself. I wonder what Behati will come up with next to keep her name visible with Adam’s.