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Nicole Kidman: Cannes Grand Jury Lunch with Steven Spielberg!

Nicole Kidman: Cannes Grand Jury Lunch with Steven Spielberg!

Nicole Kidman poses for a photo with Steven Spielberg and other members of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival‘s grand jury during a lunch held at Electrolux Agora Pavilion on Wednesday (May 22) in Cannes, France.

The 45-year-old actress was joined by fellow jury members Christoph Waltz, Ang Lee, Lynne Ramsay, Cristian Mungiu, Vidya Balan, Naomi Kawase, Daniel Auteuil, and festival director Thierry Fremaux.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Over the weekend, Nicole walked the red carpet with her hubby Keith Urban at the premiere of the film Inside Llewyn Davis.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Chloe outfit, Ferragamo shoes, and Cathy Waterman earrings.

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  • Marry Claire Gorling

    Nice and lovely photo of Nicole , I like her hair and clothes.
    She looked gorgeous with a simple hair style .

  • Gemma

    Beautiful! Keith and Nicole attended Ryan ZGosling’s latest film which did not get a good response. I wonder what they thought because I loved Drive. I would think the Urbans would have too. Keep the great photos coming Jared!

  • kudo

    Who is doing her hair styles while at Cannes? Sunday and Faith? Speechless when it comes to this clothing choice. There aren’t words good enough to describe how ugly it is.

  • Oh dear Lord

    Granny’s stylist has gone AWOL. Granny has been left to her own devices, dressed herself and looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • lovely

    Kudo , in your eyes only your comments about Nicole , for other people she is pretty and her clothes is looks good not ugly.

  • nora

    What a cute matching skirt and jacket! I always liked the texture of tweed. It’s like a signature Chanel suit without the dowdy trim! I hope Nicole and Christoph hit it off and plan to make a film together.

  • Fashion crisis for Granny

    Sweet Jesus. BIZARRE doesn’t quite cover it.

  • x

    Get a grip @nora. Why on earth would hugely talented Waltz team up with the Queen of Box Office Poison!

  • whatchamacallit

    Is this one weirdo leaving rapidfire comments? Guess she doesn’t know classy. Go Nicole and represent women in film proudly!

  • Hugo

    Steven is becoming the adorbale grandpa. Nicole is the epitome of grace and beauty. Christoph always has a bit of a mischevious look which I love. Nice group.

  • poornicole

    Antiquated is the word

  • sonoma

    So pretty.

  • Y

    THE HAIRSTYLE!!!!!! The color, the texture, the length, the hideous bottom curls. WHY?????

  • zzz

    @Y: She’s mad at her husband. He told her “granny!” so she dressed like this like saying “yes, this is the woman you have married”

  • sonoma

    @x: You have serious problems leaving all these horrible and unnecessary comments.Do you hate yourself? Is that why you have to attack everbody?

  • Serious Fashion Faux Pas

    Short Skirt – WRONG. Blouse Style and Color – WRONG. Black patent leather Heels – WRONG. HAIRSTYLE – I’m speechless.

  • sonoma

    @Serious Fashion Faux Pas: Yes you hate yourself. Sorry sad person leaving every negative comment.

  • SOS Granny

    Urgent Memo:
    To: Granny’s Stylist
    From: Granny
    I’m sorry for being a notoriously unpleasant B1tch. Please come back. I can’t do it myself. I need help!!!

  • Kane

    Everyone has eyes to see how lovely Nicole looks. The skeptics – blinded by hate – are not convincing anyone otherwise. Beautiful and classy, Nicole.

  • Angel

    Exquisite! Timeless! Flawless! Chic! Classy! Perfection! Regal! Stunning! Amazing! Beautiful! Regal!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Nicole looks elegant as always.

    Waltz is being considered by fans as a perfect Caleb to Nicole’s Camille in The Family Fang. After seeing Django Unchained I believe the dark comedy would be the pefect project for these two.

    Skeptic, God help you and your sick demented mind.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @..: Nope. Keith was at a screening with Nicole today.

  • ..

    Kidman looks almost demonic standing next to Spielberg. Where’s Keith? Back in LA already.

  • subnormal?

    For God’s sake!!! Shut up!!! Nicole is watching your words and KARMA will go back to you!!

  • Skeptics Rule

    Dream on #21. Waltz teaming up with the Botox junkie. Not happening. Never going to happen.

  • Craig S

    I don’t think this nutcase can read. Gemma above posted Nicole and her husband were at the Only God Forgives screening. That was today.This frantic poster is having a breakdown right before our eyes.

  • TC

    You are right @subnormal. Karma is a b!tch and I certainly wouldn’t want to be Kidman when it comes around.

  • Obssessed Fans are Stupid

    Let me guess, you will get up tomorrow morning and try this hairstyle on yourself before your long day of sitting at the computer and being the best Kidman/Urban fan you can be.

  • Skeptics Rule

    Haha #28. As we speak, the KUNK fansies are probably ordering this wig online. Sure to be plenty in stock because I can’t imagine it being a strong seller. Maybe they can raid the Salvos Stores as well for a matching outfit.

  • Sorella

    The clothes are nice for this type of event. But her hair..ugh..the entire Cannes’ run her hair has ruined some lovely outfits. The color, length, the comb in it , all sooo bad, she needs a new hairstylist!!

  • Y

    Words cannot describe the utter fuglyness of the Alice band comb. Maybe after the hairstylist left, the comb was a Kidman ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fantasy addition. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Em

    Although Nicole’s day time fashion choices have been hit and miss, her evening wear has been quite spectacular.

  • Looselipz

    I love the look. Very classy Chanel -esque.
    However, Nicole is a fraction of who she used to be physically. Long gone are her lovely red curly locks, her rounder curvier figure, her thin pretty lips and her face without the drastic injectables. I feel she’s mechanical, like a stepford wife….I’d love to see her more relaxed and feminine…

  • Oh dear

    The red curly hair is long gone – NEVER TO RETURN – unless she can hunt down a wig that resembles what she used to have. Besides, she is too old now for that long curly red hair to work. In fact, she would probably look insane.

  • Louise

    A total classy woman. She is so respectful. Lovely, lovely.

  • So very Fugly

    A top to toe hideously unfashionable miss-matching outfit.

  • Julia

    What a mess. Many French stylists to choose from who know how to put beautiful clothes together.

  • kat

    I’ve seen pictures of the KUNK haters and they have rolls and rolls of fat around their middles and wear matching butterfly t-shirts so I wouldn’t take anything those envious 50 year olds say seriously.
    You know who loves the way Nicole Kidman looks? Keith Urban.

  • Oh dear

    Wrong @kitty kat. Keith doesn’t sleep with Kidman but if he were to, you can bet waking up to a botoxed Granny stripped of her wig and makeup, would be a truly horrifying experience.

  • Want to look like a joke?
  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I must not have the style sense you all possess. I really like this outfit and the hair. To me, she looks relaxed and not overdone. By this time in the festival, I imagine everything is quieting down, even the style.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Any article written about Nicole and Keith, SICKO has some of her ugly remarks to make.. I wonder ,SICKO, do you do anything during the day besides look up articles about The Urbans and think of ugly things to say. I would love to see what you look like, I will bet you are a real beauty, ha ha. Maybe a psychiatrist and a little botox would help you.

  • Lia

    Time to lower your hemline Nicole.

  • :(

    Granny looks tired.

  • :)

    True @:( Incessant famewhoring can have that effect.

  • :/

    Granny could do with a blood transfusion.

  • we know you

    @Joni – The link provided by #40 will show you what the sickos look like. The pig driving is Sue, one of the 50 year olds will a hundred different usernames including ihateher and lynchher. She gave a tour driver a b-job once so she could get closer to Keith. I know, Ew.

    @oh dear – Oh yes he sleeps with his wife. He makes love with his wife. He has great sex with his wife. He adores his wife. That fact has obviously destroyed your tiny meaningless life. Sucks to be you.

  • You know nothing

    Keith would have to strap his appendage and wear a Naomi mask to have any chance with Nicole.

  • Frozoid

    @subnormal?: Karma? Huh? She’s just an “actress.” *cough.*. It’s not as if she’s cured cancer or saving underprivileged kids.

    That’s the beauty of film actors. The public has the right to say whatever it wishes about these bozos. Just because you don’t like the negative comments about Frozen Face doesn’t mean we can’t say them.

    Lighten up!!

  • Same bull$h!t from skeptics

    @Frozoid: No you don’t. But since you are going to anyway, we can call it like it really is. Braindead moronic pre and post menopausal women who threw away anything good they had left in their lives to look like bozos on the internet.

    It takes pure stupidity to trot out the first amendment as an excuse for behavior that belongs to 12 year olds who frequently see the inside of a juvenile detention hall. I hope you are happy with the nothing you have left because it’s all of your own making. Congratulations on being scum.