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Jessica Biel on Toilet Strike: 'I Still Haven't Gone to the Bathroom!'

Jessica Biel on Toilet Strike: 'I Still Haven't Gone to the Bathroom!'

Jessica Biel takes her pups for a walk on the lovely Spring day on Wednesday (May 22) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actress chatted on her iPhone headphones while strolling through the Soho district of the Big Apple.

“Hey @Water I STILL haven’t gone to the bathroom. What about you, @batemanjason ? #strikewithme,” Jess tweeted that day about Matt Damon‘s Toilet Strike, where people pledge not to use the bathroom until everyone in the world has access to clean water.

Jess recently returned from a trip to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival with her hubby Justin Timberlake to promote Inside Llewyn Davis.

Also pictured inside: Jess walking her pups in the same area the next day.

FYI: Jessica is wearing the AllSaints Lira Sweat T-shirt and Colby Tank Dress.

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  • JL

    this cant be for real. you cant just not go to the bathroom, you will make your self extremely ill! or is she going outside or something(ew). i dont get it…someone explain.

  • Elizabeth

    OK I get this is for a good cause but no going to the bathroom is stupid and very unhealthy!

  • Anon


    Honestly, I though it was a joke. I hope it isn’t real because yea, like you said, you can make yourself sick and it’s extremely unsanitary to do your business outdoors, unless it’s outdoors within your property I don’t care nor do I want to know

  • J

    Yeah, Jessica Biel & those other celebs saying they don’t go to the bathroom because of a strike? Puh-lease! I get the cause they’re going for, but even they don’t believe they don’t not go to the bathroom. Everyone goes & if they seriously haven’t used the bathroom since they started that campaign back in March, they’d all have ended up in the hospital or dead by now. Like they’re all taking craps in their yards or something. Ha. Yeah, right.

  • jane

    That can’t be good for their kidneys!

  • Jane

    Does she think the public is going to buy this? Nobody can hold their urine for more than a day…. Eventually, it will come out of your system. Obviously, for a great cause, but its pretty much impossible to hold your urine for that long.

  • Clark Griswold

    This cause doesn’t mean they’re literally “not going”, it means they’re not using bathrooms and toilets, as its about raising awareness for clean water. Which roughly translated, means yeah, they must be pissing and shitting in their back yards. That’s a paparazzi photo waiting to happen…

  • Aisaiko

    Is this a joke? If you’re not using an actual bathroom then what are you using? Does this mean you don’t bathe or shower either? Ugh…some people.

  • liz

    idiots. what are you gonna prove by giving yourself a urinary tract infection?

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Can’t believe people are taking this seriously. This is Matt Damon we’re talking about here.

  • Alis

    So stupid.
    Just like the ” We won’t bet married until all the gays are legalized to marry” type crap.
    I have gay pals, and they honestly think its stupid when people start to talk like this. Natalie Portman, Brangelina and many,many other celebrities pledge ‘not to get married until the gays’ do and they still went ahead and did it. Hypocritcal wesals.

  • Alis

    And its gonna take a LONG time for everyone in the world to have clean drinking water. Is Matt and these other dumbasses prepared to hold in their crap and pee or relieve themselves in their backyard for years to come?

  • Jessie

    Seriously, not go to the bathroom? No matter what your head says, your a.sshole is in charge. But way before that you’ll have to p.iss or are they thinking of dehydrating themselves? I get that it’s a joke, but it’s not funny.

  • Kalicho

    I understand this is for a good cause, but she sounds so effing stupid!! Nobody buys that you aren’t using your nice toilet that probably flushes and cleans itself, in your multi million dollar home.

  • adambrodyrocks

    some celebs can do anything to stay in the news, and i dont believe that they are actually doing this

  • JJ Yum

    Just abou thte most unrealistic thing I’ve ever heard. SO they all have urinary catheters?

  • mo


    Well, can not you see they do not wash their hair. lol

  • Maggie

    Ok guys you really need to chill! Of course she was joking. They are just trying to bring awareness about the water crisis and this is just a funny way to do it so relax and stop talking ish.

  • Lefty Farkleberry

    This childish behavior just pisses me off!

  • mo


    Stupid idea and not very effective. Because it affects credibility.

  • Sara

    That is really stupid. A sure way to get a UTI, which could lead to a kidney infection.