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Amanda Bynes: Mug Shot Revealed After Bong-Throwing Arrest

Amanda Bynes: Mug Shot Revealed After Bong-Throwing Arrest

Check out Amanda Bynes‘ booking mug shot, where she sports a super short haircut sans the bleach blonde wig she has been seen wearing.

The 27-year-old actress was arrested on Thursday evening (May 23) for criminal possession of marijuana, felony tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment after throwing a bong out the window. She appeared in court on Friday morning (May 24).

During her court appearance, Amanda told the judge that the bong was “just a vase,” according to TMZ. She was let go without bail, but the judge gave her a warning about not skipping out on her court appearance in July.

Bigger mug shot inside…

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amanda bynes mugshot revealed for drug arrest 01

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ha ha

    Wow how pathetic she has become, needs a good shrink!

  • 9988

    If you depressed, you should go home and lay down on the sofa and watch a movie. She should to that. She has money, i’m sure she has a nice home.

  • ontd

    Do they honestly think this trainwreck is going to show up for her court date in July? She will lucky to be alive in July at this rate. Her family needs to step up and do whatever it takes to get her into some type of treatment. It’s your moral responsibility.

  • rosie

    she looks like miley

  • ann

    she looks like Miley Cyrus weird…….and sad too say she looks better in the mugshot than when shes with make up :/

  • Melrose

    hahahaha LOSER

  • Toni

    This is just so sad :(

    I was hoping this whole thing was an act, or something like what joaquin phoenix did.

  • Jen

    @9988 You are confusing bad mood with depression.I wish it was as easy as you describe it. It doesn’t matter If you have a nice home,lots of money etc , because when you are depressed you are not able to see those things,,appreciate them,you don’t care about them.Those things can’t help you & they mean nothing to you.
    Most of us don’t understand that she’s sick & all we do is make fun of her so that leads her to bigger depression & shows how awful humans can be.
    The girl needs some support from her close people & the media to leave her alone for a while.
    Same thing,(maybe worse because he was a father of a child) happened with Robert Downey Jr.Nobody cares or remembers now how many times he was in jail because of drugs,nobody remembers his awful mug shots.Everyone loves him now.

    Don’t want to sound like a Amanda stan because i’m not,i don’t even remember or seen most of her works

  • L

    This is really sad. She does look like she has a mental illness.

  • Dawna

    gone down hill since her Tv show (what i like about you), so sAd!

  • lola-c

    there is clearly something wrong with her. nothing to laugh at and nothing to ridicule.

  • JM

    I hope she recieves the help she needs. She is lost, and she needs someone (parents) hopefully in her time of need.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    why wont someone help her? She is hurting!

  • Philly

    Prayers up.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    You know something is wrong with her when her mugshot is the best picture she taken in years.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    she has*

  • essie

    I don’t think she has a mental illness, I think she’s just bored! Seriously, at her age being retired, she doesn’t know what to do with her time and spends most of it on weed.

  • ian

    Its sad all that storys about her.. she really needs help :/

  • sally

    @essie: I agree with you. She has also lost her license, not allowed to drive, so im sure she feels like shes unable to go anywhere. Probably feels embarassed among her peers, and hiding out in her apt for most her time. If you really think about it, although lindsey has gotten In and oit of trouble much more than amanda has, and seems to still be ongoong, lindsey doesnt seems as bad as amanda. Lindsey at least leaves her house, tries to keep nusy woth work, or recreational stuff like going to the beach, etc. Amanda is on another level. :-(

  • EndOfTime

    This is sad, she need help

  • audrey

    She needs to come to cali, where its legal.

  • thomas

    disney ruins the lives of these children

  • see

    and she’s not even cute
    even uglier than miley cyrus, didn’t think that was possible
    was she always like this? but a little more subdued? so that is why her family does not intervene?
    she is so messed up it is sad
    and they say ”soft drugs” are not bad – ha ha ha ha ha

  • what a laugh

    @Jen, you are right about the depression and it is a sad thing nobody is caring enough about this girl to do something to help her.

    as far as Robert downey jr goes though, that is unfair. that guy was put into rehab and actually went to jail for more than a hot few days. he got beat up and all kinds of things happened to him which i have not seen happen to Lindsey or even amanda. after the first couple times rdj got into trouble he was in jail. he worked hard on himself and he deserves the kudos he is getting now. he straightened himself up, got a job, put up his own money to pay insurance on himself so he could prove he was worth the risk if he was hired—he worked at proving himself. in my book he deserves to get positive notice now. lindsey has gotten chance after chance and when she does work she is still a pain and is not reliable on a film set. it takes a lot to turn yourself around and rdj did it and i hope that continues since he is one of the finest actor that ever was.