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Anne V & NY Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey: New Couple Alert?

Anne V & NY Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey: New Couple Alert?

Anne V gets a kiss from her rumored new beau, New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, at the Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers game held at Madison Square Garden on Thursday (May 23) in New York City.

The 27-year-old model and 24-year-old baseball star reportedly met at another Rangers game.

“Go rangers #nyrbelieve @ Madison Square Garden” Anne tweeted that evening.

“A @NYRangers win! Riding the elevator out of the garden with the beautiful @AnneV. And now bedtime, to get ready for @Mets baseball” Matt tweeted on May 6.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Anne V and Matt Harvey as a new couple???

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: James Devaney; Photos: WireImage
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  • LOL

    Everyone’s going for the Gisele – Kate Upton playbook.
    Wanna be or stay relevant as a model? Get yourself a baseball/football player

  • Gucci

    She looks very cute here, without tons of makeup.

  • bliss

    they look cute :) anne is cute without make up

  • bliss


    before sheding anyone , you must know gisele never needed tom , she aready have leonardo lol ; plus if you dislike anne don’t come here

  • bliss


    shading *

  • Fan

    So happy for her!

  • *

    Mets su<k!

  • Read

    They look cute together!

  • Diliana von Bork

    @LOL: Are you kidding? I know who Tom Brady is because they are a couple. Do you really think he is that famous? He is famous in US, but Gisele is famous in US and the rest of the world.
    Anne V looks pretty in that pic. I din’t know Matt Harvey, he looks so ugly.

  • Cara

    she’s cute and they look happy. too bad she went through so many famous men already…hopefully this one won’t leave her!

  • bliss


    the only famous guy she dated was adam levine and he didn’t leave her ! she is the one who did so , get your fact together

  • Ava

    Sh!t hope he doesn’t get serious , this chick has been passed around more then common cold, one thing to bang her another to get serious.

  • Nicole

    Passed around? Seriously? She had one very public 2 year relationship that ended over a year ago. Since that time she hung out with one other guy, and anyone else she was linked to was only speculation or rumor. Anne doesn’t need a man to be relevant. If that were the case, she wouldn’t have dumped one of the most popular singers at the height of his career so that she could pursue her own career. Don’t get it twisted, honey. Anne doesn’t need a man. But, she is absolutely entitled to her happiness. So yeah.

  • GLM

    This girl is trying to stay relevant by sleeping around what’s new?
    This time she tries to not get dumped fast by picking an ugly Mets pitcher 3 years younger than her and immediately selling a 2 weeks old relationship to the friendly paparazzi.
    I guess she hopes a sports man can help her get that SI cover.
    Not happening.
    If Harvey’s smart he will bed her for a while more than move on.
    Like Calvin Harris or the many men this model has offered herself to.
    And she is not make up free here at all. She never is when she calls paps to snap her.

  • GLM

    In this picture Harvey looks past her even, bored while she checks for herself on the screen…
    Oh, it’s definitely going to last between them.
    Maybe it’s just set up for press anyway.

  • GLM

    Anne dies to get any man to give her press, it’s just that smart men nust bed her at first date then don’t let her use them.
    The only one you know about was dumb Levine only because she wrapped him up, but you are mistaken if you believe she dumped him.
    He let her go because she wanted to get a ring and he wasn’t that stupid to fall for it at least.
    Not that he truly cared enough to not sleep with others behind her back anyway, but she would have stayed if he’d agree to marry.
    Anne V only wants fame. Badly.
    She is a great fake and it seems you buy her well.
    You should see her at parties.
    I bet you would change your opinion about her very quickly.
    I hope Harvey won’t lose too much time with her.
    Just have fun with the oldie and then escape her wrath.

  • K R

    Ohhh GLM

    Changing names wont help in improving your writing style… or help in your stupidity.

    This is at a game, there are photographers around, not Paparazzi, in the first place. I trust you wouldnt know the difference.

    secondly, shes looking at the screen There are other pictures of all of them doing the same. Of course, again, with your limited IQ, i wouldnt expect you to comprehend that.

    As far as famous men goes, i disagree that Matt is famous.He is well known to baseball fans , not famous. Hes a baseball player, for gods sake. That game is followed only in the US, Japan,Cuba and handful of other countries. There is a bigger world apart from the USA, honey.
    I would call sporstmen like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or Rafael Nadal or Tiger Woods as famous, not Harvey.

  • m5forever

    Woah glm, dont get your panties in a twist darling. Is he famous? Sorry I am american and I had to google him when I saw this news. Same with Calvin . I had no idea who he was. The only one famous she dated was my boo Adam. I am still a bit sad they broke up.
    Whos to say if this will work out or not. Isnt that what they are doing, going on dates to see if they can continue? I mean isnt that what dating someone is about? So why try to put her under the bus for trying to date someone?

  • Nicole

    @GLM: Okay, Where do I ever begin here? First of all, Adam Levine isn’t the only ex of hers that I know about. But, he is the only one who psychotic women like yourself continue to bring up. Anne broke up with Adam and since then she has been vilified by Maroon 5 fans. The reasons of their breakup have only been speculated but at the heart of the matter, it’s nobody’s business except Anne and Adam’s. If Anne dates someone it’s not just to boost her career, cause let’s face it, she’s been on fire in the year that she’s been single. Just because she may have went on a few dates with Calvin and is now dating Matt doesn’t make her a fame seeker. It makes her a single woman in her 20s. That’s exactly what she should be doing. I don’t really think that having dates with 2 different men (at 2 different times) during the course of a year is a valid reason to bash her. And further, Anne having ambition in her career is also not a reason to bash her. Do you aim for mediocrity in your life? It truly saddens me as a woman, to know that other women, like yourself, criticize a woman who is focused on her career and trying to be the best at what she does. She deserves her success because she worked so damn hard for so many years. I am willing to bet, that you didn’t move to another country when you were 15, not knowing the language, and worked your ass off for 12 years to get to where you are now, did you? NO- you didn’t. Cause where you are now is in a room, typing mean-spirited things about someone you don’t even know. Grow up and get a life.

  • Thank You!

    @Nicole. Thank you for defending Anne. She handled the breakup with Adam (no matter the reason) with class and dignity despite all of the hate she received and still continues to receive. She has worked hard to get where she is today and deserves everything she has…because she earned it. Although I obviously don’t know her personally, she seems like a sweetheart. She seems very appreciative of everything she has and comes across as very genuine. I hope she finds a man, be it Matt or someone else, that treats her well and makes her happy.

  • LinBel

    Well really they had already decided to part ways before she came out first and make it public. So it was a mutual agreement that Adam Levine and Anne V parted ways.
    I say good for Adam she’s gone, what is this like the 3rd guy, singer, rocker, now NY Mets pitcher. She is too busy wanted to be seen with someone famous.