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Bradley Cooper & Michael Fassbender: Dinner in London!

Bradley Cooper & Michael Fassbender: Dinner in London!

Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender leave the Wolseley restaurant after having dinner together on Friday night (May 24) in London, England.

After leaving the restaurant, the guys got into a cab with Bradley sitting in the front seat and Michael sitting in the back with British athlete Louise Hazel as they all headed to the Bulgari Hotel.

Bradley and Michael both have something in common – they’ve played the leading man opposite Jennifer Lawrence! Bradley has starred in three films alongside the Oscar-wnning actress, including Silver Linings Playbook, while Michael starred alongside her in X-Men: First Class and will once again in the upcoming sequel.

15+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender leaving dinner…

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# 1

is it getting hot in here or is it just me?!?

# 2

Yeah he’s so ******** that girl, he only dates woc.

# 3

No, it was also getting hot in Bradley’s **** hole after he left with Michael to their secret apartment

# 4

He is so hot., wish I was getting in that cab with him:)

# 5

Where is Suki Stackhouse?

# 6

Dang ! Fassy is so Beautiful ! Swoon : )

# 7

wow, since SLP Bradley has been hanging with real playahs..all that is missing from the bunch is Leo.

# 8

They make a cute couple.
(Assbender could use a tan though)

# 9

I’m jealous of the mystery chick! Fassy come back to me

I wish Fassbender dated white woman, for once.

belgium woman @ 05/25/2013 at 2:30 am

i smell a movie project together

@ Chezza if he dates dark it’s only half black chicks , their all light skinned, haft white ani’t like he’s dating some dark skin sisters… And he has dated numerous times ” white chicks” so go for it.

Bradley can be doing the same thing as Leo DiCaprio ( probably more since he still has his looks) hanging out on on Yachts/ Cannes/ Ibiza with models/ call girls/ chicks that will f-ck a guy if he’s remotely famous or rich..and changing the chicks nightly while letting his douche flag fly…. But he doesn’t , and that makes me like him.

Well, I must be the minority who finds Fassbender looking totally washed out here… still love him!

@ Avery, FYI his ex girlfriend Nicole Beharie was dark skinned.

yeah, i would shagg Fassy.

Bradley is cute but Mcfassy is smoking hot man..he’s gorgeous

hot hot hot!!!!both of them!!!!


That woman’s name is Louise Hazel ! A famous british athlete.

@ lol, she is very pretty! And is it me or she looks a bit like Zoe Kravitz?

@Avery, You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Maybe look up Nicole Beharie.

Speaking of Nicole, why is she tagged in this post? It’s not about her.

Lolz….He dated Nicole Beharie whom he did the movie Shame for a few months and wasn’t faithfull, just screwed her because she was there, please ex- girlfriend, more like f-ck call.

What’s with Fassbender is hot, the guys barely attractive, has gross teeth, looks older then 40 and losing his hair.. You people need a mirror.

Louise Hazel is a mix between Zoe Kravitz and that Leasi Andrews crazy chick. She’s the same age as Nicole Beharie. He sticks to his usual type.

BCoop & FassB? @ 05/25/2013 at 10:16 am

Since when Fassbender and Cooper double date?? Where’s Suki? Looks like Cooper has the hots for Fassbender lately.

They have a lot in common. Both are pedobears/serial daters who are into famous exotic women. Same age, same level of fame. Did they meet through Jennifer Lawrence?

Fassbender is hot. Idk what you’re talking about.

your comment is confusing. what were you trying to say?

So much hotness in these pics.

Dates famous exotic women? Brad has only, briefly dates 1, THE rest have been white. Fassy, has not dates any famous exotic women. And they both date white women. Only black men, date exclusively out their race., white men in their prime do not need to do that. And I doubt a real white woman said ” I wish fassy would date white women ” White women have the pick of the crop

I am black woman, but i do ot like seeing black women, on here trying to use fassy to one up white women on some *** for tat. At the end of the day, it is not white women fault that men pick white or near white women more than us. It is not their fault that black men deem light or bright women as symbol of beauty.
Fassy and Bradley pick eurocentric black women. I know he dated a dark skin woman, but that fizzled out and he was back onto blonds and now this biracial girl, if anything, it seems they they can pick a woman, with some color…but not too much. THE SAME AS RICH BLACK MEN.

At the end of the day the hottest black, latin, asia, mixed and white men STILL PREFER WHITE OR LIGHTER WOMEN and we must blame men for that. Not women.

White men are to blame for enforcing the beauty standards and black men are too blame for swallowing it up.

As a black woman, I am stick of black american women blaming and attacking white women, yet praising white men and given them a free pass. It is not white women fault. Blame white men for putting light skin women like Zoe, halle, beyonce and rihanna as the symbol of black beauty. Blame white men for allowing singers and rappers to rap about latina yellow bone and casting them as leads. How is this white women fault? This is why people think black women are jealous of white women.

Black women were ranging angry that zoe was casted as nina simone, yet they take all their anger on white women? DUH! Hollywood is controlled by white men.


Says who? I saw him out with a blonde. That debunks your myth

@Chezza: @yeah:

I know you are a black women.. With the amount of hot white men dating white women. No way would a white woman need to say this.

When an american or Uk black man becomes rich. THEY NEVER EVER EVER date a dark skin black woman again. In Tiger woods and AROD cases, they would not even look at light skin woman either. This is painful stigma to live with. It is sad that the world knows, that the top men of your race do not want you due to something you cannot change.

However, this does not mean Fassy is like that, nor should black women be hoping for that. I am black and I date black and a few white men. The white men I have dated ALL dated white women, before and after. REAL MEN DATE IN THEIR RACE. Even though I have dated some white men, I still will date a black man too. I know fassy is the same. HE WILL NOT TURN DOWN SOM HOT WHITE WOMEN.


He did hang with Leo and he is dating a 20 year old model…he’s now hanging and playing with Michael Fassbender..these guys are not the poster boys for honey let’s get married and settle down. There are way too many starlets and models ready and willing to hook up with these guys on a minute notice.


Exactly. So I do not know why black women are on the web trying to use this as some ” one up pay back ” to white women. Both will more than likely marry white women anyway.

I hope Bradley isn’t going to getting into the ‘dating tons of models and partying’ lifestyle. I know he’s dabbled in that with Suki, but I can’t help but think that he really isn’t that guy.

Helen, you seem…unbalanced. And nobody’s believing you’re black, honey. Try again. Wait a minute. Are you that crazy person who goes around putting your “crazy” on display on any post that has to do with Fassbender and black women? HAHAHA. Oh my gosh, she’s baaAAAck.

Bradley Cooper is more into Latinas. He married Jennifer Esposito, had an on and off relationship with Zoe Saldana and flings with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz (if you count her as half-latina).

Juicy Lucy @ 05/25/2013 at 12:03 pm


FYI, Jennifer Esposito is an Italian-American according to IMDB.

Cooper never dated J-Lo or Diaz and Juicy Lucy is right Esposito is Italian American…

Avery, Helen & No is the same troll a mentally unstable Puerto Rican woman still angry that Ben dumped JLO.
Ben dates mostly white not Latinas. Ben’s first wife Jennifer Esposito is Italian. Zoe Saldana is not latina since latinas are white. JLO was after him as usual he wasn’t interested in dating a PuertoRican ghetto hooch with her bad reputation. Cameron Diaz is white…period. Her mother is German and her dad was Castilian Cuban and that is the same as saying white. Cameron was raised as American only with American culture.

think u mean Bradley

Dark skinned PuertoRicans are always so bitter and jealous!

@seg76: He didn’t date J-Lo but he did date Cameron Diaz for a short time before he was well known back in 2007.

um does it really matter the colour? I dont like Saldana not because of her skin colour but because she is arrogant and rude..who cares what colour they date as long as they find happiness?

Is that girl Fassbender’s gf? She’s very pretty.

Linda he denied dating Diaz on Howard Stern.

The woman is apparently Louise Hazel. She’s a British Olympian.

2 guys and a gal…….sharing a taxi……Coop looks happy

Oh thanks for the clarification she is stunning, looks a bit like Zoe K.

lol at Dan you know he is taken lol

Now Seg76 just observation hahahaha look that’s his natural happy face….. we can compare it to NYC and paris hahaha

Rumor says @ 05/25/2013 at 2:21 pm

I think Bradley would look happier if the girl in the backseat was Chris Tucker. LOL Wink wink.

Why do people think he is gay BC??

There is just too much hotness here between Bradley and Fassbender. The girl is hot too.


Zoe is Latin-American.


I don’t know about gay but he definitely is Bi.

I’m confuse why is Bradley out with micheal and Louise with no date himself. Are they going to the hotel to run a train on her? Especially since porn star name is from London. (Maybe their not together)

I’ve only seen micheal with one white women, it seem like he like ethnic women since he have Asian and black exes. Idk what Bradley dating preference is ill say white but he friends Robert de Niro and micheal so many he an equal opportunists.

@TRR: How do you know he is “definitely” bi? Did you get that from a blind item?

Tae Can friends not just go out for dinner?

TRR Bi? who says

Christina @ 05/25/2013 at 5:00 pm

@Tae: Suki is in Ireland filming a movie so that explains her not being there.

Christina @ 05/25/2013 at 5:01 pm

@DJ: Probably. The source of all the gay rumours about Bradley is a decade old blind item about him and Victor Garber. Just because Victor is gay, it doesn’t mean all his male friends are gay. That’s just ignorant.

man can’t believe skin type mentioned…a womans a woman it’s about attraction of that person nothing else

That is one lucky lady there.

Avery @ – Nicole Beharie is 100% black woman, not half black. I know it kills you, but he likes women of African descent. So what?

No blind items. Just some things that I saw/read that convinced me. I connected the dots. I know alot of his fans don’t want to believe it or hear it. That’s fine.

There are no blinds that call him Bi though. They all call him gay. I disagree with that. Too many stories of him sleeping with women.

Helen @ – You sound quite preoccupied with this white men dating black women thing. My sense is you are not a black woman but probably a white woman who wants to dismiss the appeal of black women by backhandedly claiming that most men don’t see black women as appealing. I don;t care what your statistics say – at the end of the day, there are many white men with black women. Most black people in America are mixed anyway so this idea that they only date light women is weird. Even a dark woman may not be 100% black due to genetics. The media does have an agenda but in real life throughout the world people are loving each other regardless of race. Fassbender likes black women from many good sources I know. So what? His choice.

Why are people so bothered that Fassy likes his women on the dark side? I love it.

@Kerry: She’s gorgeous.

She’s fit british athlete………go him

@Helen: No, I’m not, I’m portuguese, white woman, dark hair/eyes,. You almost never see black women in Portugal, the ones who lives here are very popular with men.

I doubt sw in dublin

Chezza and Helen are both American Puerto Rican who fantasizes about being white latino.
Zoe Saldana isn’t Latin American either Latin Americans are white.

@Jack: She was this week. Whether she still is as of this weekend, I don’t know. Love Rosie is filming there and people have tweeted about working with her and Sam Claflin a day or two ago.

I am Portuguese and we are European not Hispanic at all and certainly not like the poor Puertoricans in the United states.

@Ortiz: Isn’t Zoe Saldana Dominican? She can still be black and Dominican.

Wow people Brad said Zoe dominican…..go do your research it out there….

Laura mmmm dunno why said away for a while she only short flight to London n Paris.

Oh boy, when you saw the photo of Rosario & F last week you were thrilled I betcha! LOL!!!! Your scheming all over the blogs has been thwarted from dead mother! First Nina, then Naya dead mother has lifted the veil and is returning the favor Schizo Associative Disorder or no, this is not mere coincidence. Spinning in her grave so to speak! Getting the grandmother and her crazy grand daughter both let’s hope she doesn’t appear like Beloved skin for skin!

Jack almost mate lived in dominican born NJ

BC mate DS would e telling him steer clear of athletes cos he dont like them hahahaha

I agree Jack can’t see her staying in Dublin as doesn’t look as if they filming as one said this wknd…..

So mates out for dinner……………next ……….?….pda paris maybe

Zoe is black as my shoe I don’t care if she is Dominican that means nothing, besides wasn’t she born in America? Dominican Republic is a poverty stricken, former slave island anyway. I’m happy Ben dumped her for that pretty young white girl just like I’m happy that other Ben dumped that ghetto saggy butt JLO..both guys can do better.

@Rosales: Her heritage is still Dominican even if she was born in the US.

Dominican is a nationality and besides, Zoe is ugly.

dos santos @ 05/25/2013 at 6:41 pm

@Alves: Exactly! Portuguese are white and as European as the British, French, Irish and Italians. Please do not refer to us as hispanic/latino we are EUROPEANS ONLY.

Mkiujingu @ 05/25/2013 at 6:45 pm

Michael likes them ethnic/exotic looking, Leo likes them slim tall and blonde, Ryan likes them co-stars lol

Can you give more heartthrobs and their types? Bear with me, This is fun lol xD

One thing for sure Fassbender’s new girlfriend is a whole lot better looking than Zoe Saldana!

Y’all are ******. Zoe is Dominican and Puerto Rican which are descents of Africans. She black and never denied it and why y’all hating on her.

@rosales that just racist. Okay Bradley and Zoe broke up why porn star name color have to come up. She isn’t that pretty IMO but aye beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Every BC topic include porn star name and how he better of with her than Zoe because Zoe this or that. I swear sw publicist in on this site. Sw a bird that one thing Zoe isn’t.

Why is dating outside your race a big deal – it’s only important to bigots and ********. I think, no matter what one’s race is – what matters is whether they are a good, genuine person. Sometimes people date casually within their race, so get away from the notion that Fassbender (or Bradley) only “use” non-white women, then get serious about white women. Ridiculous.

Why is Zoe Saldana always on peoples minds on this site? lol
She killed your dog/s or something?

Very nice to see how americans, portugueses and europeans are racists and xenophobic!
“Don’t compare us with those poor latins/black people, because we are very pretty and rich”.
B!tch, please!

Every thread about Bradley Cooper here always have someone talking about Zoe and his new beard, arguing to know which one of them is better or worse. Both are ugly and famewho-res, there’s no difference!
Sooner or later Bradley will appear with another “girlfriend” and all this whining will start again…

It’s very unusual for most men not to have a type. The long termish girls are usually interchangeable. Comforting for the next in line eh.

He was so hot in Place Beyond the Pines! He NEEDS to keep the excitement and fun with Couples Products for Women and Men at AthenaToysDotcom

jckfmsincty @ 05/25/2013 at 11:26 pm

Maybe, Cooper is hoping that some of Fassbender’s talent will rub off on him.

My God, how this people can say from where I am? Sou portuguesa, uso o nome Chezza porque sou fã de Cheryl Cole, vivo em Lisboa desde que nasci. That’s why I make so many grammar mistakes in english, never been to North America, only Brazil in South, my mother is from there.

Portuguese are not hispanic, we have our own language, custumes, Spain is just our “brother country”, not even my mother’s family who are from Brazil are hispanic, we are lusophones.

And my real last name is Andrade.

Wow, they are both very good looking men. Louise Hazel is very pretty too, she looks very similar to Mchael Fassbender’s rumored ex-gf Zoe Kravitz.

people of puerto rico @ 05/26/2013 at 1:53 am

puerto ricans are either of these three ethnicities/races
1. spanish, from spain
2. black/ african
3. tejano indians/latinos

this does not include the heinz 57′s created from intermarrying of the above three. i’m just keeping it very basic here
please note that hispanics and latinos do not like being called the wrong ethnicity. same goes for the spanish. they are all different and very particular and proud of their own ethnicity and disliking the others.

people of puerto rico @ 05/26/2013 at 1:56 am

jennifer lopez falls in the tejano indian category of puerto ricans
spanish have a very distinct look and they are white

people of puerto rico @ 05/26/2013 at 1:58 am

the tejanos are in fact the natural natives of puerto rico

It’s like a dream I once had. Oh my…

Jeez! Every post about Cooper and Fassbender here becomes a racial battle full of ignorant people.
Seems like Klu-Klux-Klan passed here!

Agree Chris…..

Dont know what the fuss is anyway 2 friends and a lady out for dinner

who do you think is taller between these two ? MF seems taller, but I wouldn’t know for certain.. what do you guys think?

@angie: Bradley Cooper is taller. He is 6’1″ and Michael Fassbender is 6′.

Bradley looks good.

The Spanish people are white Europeans they are not PuertoRicans. They only held the Puerto Ricans in slavery for 350 years. And the tejano indians of Puerto Rico went extinct a long time ago.

I don’t know what’s worse in this comment section. The self-hating racists, the regular racists or the lack of ability to write proper English. I can barely understand a lot of the crap so many of you are writing. I’m not trying to be a grammar Nazi but man, at least word your sentences together properly! Quick to claim a race you think is the dominant one meanwhile you sound like an illiterate jackass!

Please get the help you need. Mr Fassbender does not have to validate your beauty. He is an actor; you pay to see his performance. By the way: you are not a black woman. If you are you a very stupid.

Thank you. I was actually embarrassed for some of these people.

@Nick He was with Nicole for nearly a year. Hardly a “f-ck call”.

Just because a black/woc is lighter skinned, does NOT mean she’s “half white”. Woc come in all shades.

@Chin Xo
Latina is not a race. Latinas can be white, black, mestizo, etc. Zoe Saldana is Afro-Latina. Jennifer Lopez is mestizo, with perhaps some possible African too.

A man is not going to date the same type of woman over and over again. There’s absolutely nothing eurocentric about Zoe Saldana or Nicole Beharie. Zoe Saldana is dark brown skinned, not light skinned. Over analyzing who a celebrity dates based on the color of the woman is absurd. And he dated Beharie the longest. He isn’t obligated to date another woman with Nicole’s complexion right after her. You’re making it deeper than it is. Black men do not date exclusively outside their race. The #1 interracial marriage is white men and asian women. You sound like a troll with some agenda to push. Yes Fassbender may well end up marrying a white woman; so what? You shouldn’t marry someone based on their color. Most people marry within their race, even if they’ve dated outside their race many times over the years…you’re not making some profound revelation. Most black men in Hollywood are married to black women.


He just dated Nicole Beharie his co star from the movie Shame and she’s AA not mix and dark brown.

He has a beautiful gold saint pendant on. I think he is Catholic.

Fassbender will get hitched to a dark and lovely. He’s addicted to the darker cherry.

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