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Halle Berry High Fives Nahla After Olivier Martinez Movie Date!

Halle Berry High Fives Nahla After Olivier Martinez Movie Date!

Halle Berry shows off her growing baby bump in a body-forming green dress while stopping by a FedEx Kinkos store on Friday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old pregnant actress was joined by her five-year-old daughter Nahla, who she was seen giving a high five while shopping in the store.

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The night before, Halle was joined by her fiance Olivier Martinez for a movie date at the ArcLight cinema and later stopping by a gas station to fill up the car.

FYI: Halle is wearing a Zadig & Voltaire sweater at the movies and an Isabella Oliver dress with Tkees flip-flops at the store. Olivier is wearing Levi‘s jeans.

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  • see

    They’re not married, they’re not going to get married.
    She is not going to france to give birth, at her age it is a high risk pregnancy. They wont last a year after the kid is born unless they hire a nanny who cares for the kid 100%.
    And then the psycho battles for custody will start again. She’ll have new fabricated reasons why Nahla is better of with her.
    There is nothing happy calm about her or her pretense of a happy family in all her PR photos, like these.
    And the drunk thug boyfriend actor she is having a kid with will be discarded after he finds out how to avoid her manipulation into doing her dirty work, as in beating up her daughters father, and whatever other games she likes to play with him. Drama psycho queen. Dangerous.

  • uhhh

    What happened to her

  • Sarena

    @see – Please start living your life you seemed to be breathing HB 24/7. Easy with obsession, she is living her life how she likes it and you can’t do anything about it.

  • Kate

    Aww Nahla is adorable!

  • http://iPad Lol

    @see: It is OK, we understand you can’t keep a man, that’s not Halle’s fault, ease up on the bitterness not good for your health.
    You have to get out more and read other things besides tabloids, you comments are down right stupid.
    France’s hospitals can go against any hospital in the World, she may be better off in a French hospital, because her maternity stay in the hospital would be longer, nothing to do with insurance.
    Gabe wanted a fight and he got one, he sure is enjoying his palimony, you don’t see him complaining.
    Just enjoy looking at the lovely Halle, don’t be jealous, of Halle’s man and daughter.

  • Verity

    @Lol: True. She gotta a fight and lost, everyone made up, everyone’s happy…….moving on. There is so much bitterness.

  • Shelbe

    You mean Gabriel got in a fight and lost big time, with much bleeding. Still this was the catalyst that settled things once and for all. Gabriel probably apologized for what ever he did and this was all she needed to hear to end this thing. She’s the best looking pregnant woman I have ever seen, how does she do it. Olivier looks surprised he is being stalked by paparazzi, bet he thought they would leave him alone and just bother Halle. Seems like this is the price that must be paid for entering her world.
    Still a fine looking man, his son will be gorgeous.

  • justme

    hey people she is looking like Kim in those tight dresses she is wearing.

  • huggybear

    what happen to her ass ?

  • Shelbe

    @See, you are a sick woman. You need help.

  • Robocop

    @justme: Are you delusional or maybe you just need glasses! Comparing Halle’s pregnancy to Kim’s is rather unfair. Halle looks normal, comfortable and healthy. Kim, well, it’s just the opposite!

  • See is so right

    @see: You are so right, some persons have problems to accept the truth.

  • just me

    @ Robocop you leave Kim alone she is normal, comfortable and healthy. and shorter so she will look diffent thank you good day.

  • Elaine

    @Sarena: Thanks Serena for your comment! Some people just need to get a life & mind there own business! Thanks for letting “SEE” mind her own business:)

  • Elaine

    @uhhh: Were is you Ass!!!!! If you got one!

  • Elaine

    @justme: Please don’t compare Halle to Kim! Kim is a big bone woman of course she’s going to be heavy while pregnant!

  • huggybear

    @ Elaine you needed to let people speak there minded and stop attacking them, are you Halle Mother or Sister let us know, or are getting a pay check from her,

  • realist

    Halle has a fabulous pregnancy body. Unlike those two beached whales Kim K and Jessica S.

  • huggybear

    @realist you are one sick human god bless you, you needed it

  • huggybear

    @ realist you are one sick human god bless you, because you are foolish speak a women with child that way.

  • Elaine

    @huggybear: Yes I’m her sister! Go find you some business!

  • huggybear

    @ Elaine you are both nut head go live with her and sleep with her so call man also.

  • Leediaz25

    Peace be upon you all. \\\\\\\\\\\just for a moment ,take a deep breath and return to your corners. Take another deep breath. PLEASE.
    Do you know about forgiveness?? Her life, her choices, her joy, her pain, her money, her man, her child and her drama. Now what about your life story??? That is also being recorded, just not so publicly. peace be upon you or cast the next stone. selah.

  • huggybear

    that also go for Kim leave the young women alone it her life, her man, her joy her life story, her body , people who live in glass house don’t throw stone.

  • Verity

    I have feeling the baby will be born in France that way she has a better chance of moving there with Nahla.

  • Shelbethe great

    @Verity, you maybe right. If she has the baby in France maybe she could stand a better chance of moving there. Let us pray.

  • just saying

    not happing, she would only be giving Olivier more power over her and knowing Halle she like to be in control.

  • MIX UP

    say what you want about Halle , but when it come to her children she is going to fight to have control over their life and no man she is with is going come before them no man, at the end of the day she birth to them I don’t think she going have a baby in France and than again who knows with that mad women time will till only GOD KNOWS.

  • Leediaz25

    @Shelbethe great. I see that you have found the Lord. And that after 2 whole days ….. without using ” the great “. You have resurrected the tittle “the Great” back. Do you know that for a really resurrection to occur, you need to have a third day and night. The devil has not left you yet. But…. Let’s pray …. Child you still need more Time for the devil to flee from ya. Now let us pray for you….. Be born again in the name of Jesus. Selah.

  • Billy

    Wow she looks crazy, that stupid hair sticking up like a birds nest, and that flat, a.s.s with all that old nasty cellulite, wow what a mess. That man is going to give her hell, now that he has tricked her into having a kid, now he can take all her change. That is going to be one ugly kid like both of them. He looks like and old washed up bum, hobo.

  • Leediaz25

    @ Billy…. Billyboy…..Oh Billyboy. Billyboy.
    Guess what? You Guessing??? Oh Billyboy.
    Thankfully NASA did not save your DNA.
    Here’s one for Darwin. Later to you.

  • MIX UP

    @ Billy someone who say it as it is and not wearing rose glasses thank you.