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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Dinner with Keith Richards!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Dinner with Keith Richards!

Johnny Depp and rumored girlfriend Amber Heard exit Ago Restaurant after dining out together on Wednesday (May 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 49-year-old actor and 27-year-old actress, who left in the same vehicle after dinner, were joined for their meal by legendary Rolling Stones musician Keith Richards!

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Late last month, Johnny and Amber were spotted holding hands at the Rolling Stones surprise concert before the band set out on their tour.

Next concert stop for the Stones on their 50 & Counting tour is in Toronto, Canada tomorrow night.

FYI: Amber is wearing the Tory Burch Gabriel skirt.

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  • Madison

    Didn’t Amber come out as a lesbian?

  • Jennifer

    She’s gorgeous!

  • ari

    She was until famous and rich dude came along.

  • Cretale

    Cheater and home wrecker!

  • Josephine


    Her coming out was at the GLAAD awards and she said during her speech that she had succesful relationships with both man and women and that she doesn’t want to label herself one way or the other. Which basically means she came out as bisexual but for some reason didn’t want to name it. She has never said she was lesbian.

  • Seriously

    Disgusting…but in the Hollywood world of rich and famous is completely normal to live your family for a younger broad…

  • Seriously


  • L

    Remember when tabs were saying there where an item, and no one believed it.

  • LOL

    I’m surprised Jared did not add the fact that her movie ‘Syrup’ is coming out soon.
    If that’s yet ANOTHER critical/box office flop on her resume 27 year old Amber’s done. She needs Johnny

  • Livin’the life

    I agree #9 she needs Johnny. Why else would she at her age be hanging out with some one like Keith Richards. Johnny Depp is over for me. He acts like he wants to be 21 again. He never grew up. His outfits and his fake accent and all his pretentious behavior is a huge turn off. He & Vanessa never married but they were like a husband and wife. He is a big phony as far as I’m concerned. On one hand he tries so hard to act all cool, like he doesn’t care about stuff, and on the other hand he has his own private island, a half dozen mansions in L.A., places in New York, London and Paris, a huge chateau in France.
    He pays a lot of $$$ to make sure he doesn’t get photographed stumbling and falling down drunk, but I still saw pictures of him in New York last year and he was on his butt. Not pretty. Guess he’s scared to get old.

  • Kelly

    Her acting is atrocious. I remember earlier in her career she would make comments about wanting to do more serious roles, beyond playing the hot girl. She sounded entitled, as if she deserved better role despite the fact that she has no talent. I guess she realizes now that she’s an awful actress and her looks are what keeps her employed. I remember she even wrote a letter to the director of The Rum Dairy to persuade him to giving her the part. Scarlett Johanson was originally cast. She thought being in a movie with Johnny Depp would make her an A-lister. Since The Rum Diary flopped and did nothing for her career, she figured the best thing she could do was date him. I doubt she has ever made the same income as other popular 20 -something actresses. She’s a bottom feeder. When Olivia Wilde is more successful than you somethings wrong. I don’t remember ever hearing about her pulling at least 1 million for a role. I’m not saying she’s poor, but no way could she even imagine living the life that Johnny can afford.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Livin’the life: Stop judge someone you don’t know anything about! All of what you write is BS! if you were a true fan of him you wouldn’t hate on him because of things in his private life that you have nothing to do with! and no he is not scared of ageing because he don’t care about it and he is ageing gracefully anyway because of his great genes

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @LOL: she needs johnny? she is still making garbage movies and flopps! he is not helping her career! and do you think just being with johnny depp would make your movie be a smash hit?

  • @11

    Well said. I don’t mind it its just funny I check out other actresses posts here haters always bring up Amber Heard as some beacon of class and beauty. A non famewhore. LMAO What BS!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Seriously: he didn’t leave his family! he and vanessa had so many problem and they gew apart and spilt up way before he started dating amber and THE KIDS ARE LIVING WITH HIM IN LA because he is a great father who wants to be with his kids all the time!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Cretale: how did he cheated when he started dating her when he spilt up with vanessa? should he be single to the rest of his life or what? he has moved on with his life and so is vanessa who is dating some YOUNGER french guy

  • Naty

    God bless them!!
    And protect them of all the unnecesary hate. They are living their lives without hurting any of us, not even Vanessa seems to care…but the buttHurt that don’t even know them, act like they are killing their puppies..
    Leave them alone!

  • Zoe

    Depp – TOTAL MIDLIFE CRISIS. Too bad he will realize too late the family he discarded. He needs to grow up already

  • Love The Shoes

    @Madison: She came out as bisexual “whatever that means.” I call it just being greedy.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Zoe: Would it hurt you to even attempt a bit of research? He didn’t dump anyone. He and Vanessa made a decision to split. From all the info out there, he and she are quite friendly as it was a amiable parting. So what if Amber is 27 and he’s 49. They’re both of legal age and consenting adults.

  • Didy

    Clap, clap,clap,clap! I agree with every single word you said. I don’t understand why people loves to hate! I remember well. When Johnny broke up with Winona and next year started dating Kate, they said “poor Winona” and they hated Kate like she was a witch. “She is crazy, she’s into drugs, she’s arrogant”, they said. Four years later, when Johnny broke with her, and one month later started dating Vanessa things changed and Kate became an angel! “Poor Kate”! And they started hating Vanessa: “She’s an ugly talentless singer unknown in the US, an opportunist who wants Johnny for fame”. Now, Vanessa became the saint! “Poor Vanessa!”. And they hate Amber! The same story over and over again! And you know what I think? All these people are jealous, they want Johnny. That’s why they hate every single girlfriend he is dating at the moment! They love his exes because they are no longer sleeping with him!

  • Didy

    @Livin’the life: So, you believe everything tabloid say, don’t you? Shame on you! He already denied that he has all those houses around the world. NOW he only has his island in the Caribbean and a few houses in LA. He never had houses in: Nashville, New York, England, Italy. He had a house/farm in the south of the France but it seems that it doesn’t belongs to him anymore.

  • Nah

    @Kelly: How pathetic to see a person judging other human beings! Amber is with Johnny because of the man he is, the person he is, not for money or fame. She said:

    “He’s an extraordinary man, not because he’s an icon, because he’s never afraid to be kind with people, with anyone on set. He’s a gold-hearted man that’s never afraid to shake hands to “normal” people, he doesn’t feel the pressure to show he’s a hero. HE’S A MAN TO FALL IN LOVE WITH”. (Amber Heard – 2011 - Interview Magazine).

    She just fell in love with him (as he did with her).

    And Johnny himself chose her for the role in The Rum Diary because of her talent! He said that she is a very special actress.

  • anna

    @Kelly: Do u know her? Do you have proof to back your claims? So judgmental… Plus, what you said about Olivia Wilde is stupid, she’s more successful than many people, even people more talented than her! Not that I think she’s a bad actress, looks and luck come into it..she’s definitely more successful than you!

  • Alex

    Some of Johnny’s fans need to grow up, they’re bashing his girlfriend (Amber Heard, yes, deal with it) for not other reason than being the person who is currently dating him, it’s just ridiculous! Just leave her alone! There’s no respect..

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Zoe: Mid life crisis your A$$. mid life crisis because he has moved on with his life and started to date a pretty girl? and how did he leave his family if he broke up with vanessa before when he started dating amber? and THE KIDS ARE WITH HIM IN LA so he didn’t leave his family idiot

  • Dorothy Gibson

    How dose anyone really know, if he rocks up here to tell what he”e doing then I may take notice,untill then who really cares it”s his life if he”s happy then good and if he gets hurt again then he will have to deal with it just like everyone else dose,but I do think he”s gone a little crazy in the head!!!!

  • Ale

    Amber is not only a beautiful classy girl, she’s a very sweet and lovely person and a great actress. I love all her movies and she can have any men and women she wants. To the haters who bash her only because their idol choose her: Eat your heart out!!

  • Angie

    Johnny is such a hot peice of meat *swoon*

  • Nah

    @Alex: I really don’t believe that these people who are saying a lot of bull shit on every site are Johnny’s fans. Maybe some of them are his “new fans” (I mean NEW), they are 12 years old or less! But most of these people are just haters, trolls. They hate for hate. I’m sure Johnny’s real fans know the wonderful person he is and respect his private life. They would not ever be saying offensive things about his girlfriend, even those who don’t sympathize with her. True fans often attend fan-sites and do not believe in gossip. They respect and support their idol’s decisions.
    I didn’t know much about Amber, but as Johnny’s fan, I wanted to learn more about her and found out that she is a great young woman! She’s really lovely and cultured. She’s mature for her age, I guess she found in Johnny a person who really matches her. I wish them the best, with my heart! God bless these two beautiful people (I mean BEAUTIFUL, inside and outside).

  • Silly

    @Nah: “She is really lovely and cultured and mature for her age?”
    Have you ever listened to any of her interviews? She is thinking highly of herself and for a person with hardly any success in her career she is blaming it on being too pretty to be given any good roles. Maybe she should at least take in consideration that her acting is simply rather poor.
    As for Johnny, she is his choice, so it’ll be. I’m sure he is as much in love with this latest ” love of his life ” version as he has been with the ones before her and as he possibly can be.

  • Nah

    Silly, you are so silly! Of course I’m saying what I say because I did watch and read her interviews! She is so honest about things, and she has interesting points of view, just like Johnny. They both are special people.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Silly: where did he say about his other girlfreinds that they were the love of his life? he didn’t say this about vanessa nor winona and what bothers you anyway? stupid troll

  • LOL

    the trash wh0r3 and the meth addicted! lame! he was a good actor but now lol and she HAHAHAHAHA

  • cute

    @Johnny Depp Fan: go away!! go to tumblr the placa for stupid people like you!!!

  • Didy

    @Silly: @Johnny Depp Fan: He said it about Winona ONLY.
    But the most important thing is to live the moment and now he is with Amber and I truly believe he loves her.

  • Kim

    She rained on that lesbians parade hard. Hahahahahahah

  • Didy

    @LOL: He IS a great actor, and this has nothing to do with his private life or with the fact that YOU don’t like his girlfriend!!!!!!

  • Matte

    I think the haters here aren’t his fans at all. Some of them are just the usual haters fans of “whoever” they think Johnny makes shadow with his career, etc.
    Others are her own fans. Yep, her lesbian fans are crazy over her relationship with Johnny
    And others are Vanessa’s fans. and she must be so proud, never in her life she has had so many fans like now!! I hope they go to buy her albums also and not only dedicated themselves to trash the father of her children around internet

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Matte: “I hope they go to buy her albums also and not only dedicated themselves to trash the father of her children around internet”
    i don’t think they even litsened to her songs because they seems like a cheap trolls who wants to hate on johnny for everything he does!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @LOL: STFU you cheap stupid troll, johnnh is not a good actor now because of some relationship in his personal life? woow! JOHNNY IS AN AMAZING ACTOR who have been nominated for the oscar three times and won the golden globe and the sag awards and guess what? he is working with two oscar winners directors on a projects that all the ppl keep their eyes on! not to mention his upcoming great lone ranger which will be a smash hit and criticly acclamied movie!

  • Didy

    @Matte: You’re right. There are here a few fans of Johnny’s exes, specially Winona and Vanessa.
    But I’m sure that true Johnny’s and Amber’s fans are the ones who are always supporting them and respecting their choices. I mean all TRUE fans, and no matter if they are straight people, bisexuals or gay/lesbians.
    Those Amber’s “lesbian fans” are not HER fans, but fans of her sexuality (better saying, they admire just one side of her sexuality, of course).
    Most people here are just jealous, I believe.

  • lizziebob

    They don’t look happy together..he looks pissed and she just has a blank face. It sort of looks like she got her way and he didn’t. He does not like public relationsips and she does. She was always out being photographed with her former GIRL FRIEND. If he wants a private relationship he should date a nobody. Don’t judge him yet though. Know one really knows.

  • Uuups

    Johnny speaks about himself as a southern gentleman.
    No, not here, dear Johnny.
    She has to walk alone into the restaurant. Coming out he pulls her back.
    When getting into the car, he is guarded by his bodyguards while she can be freely photographed by the papz.
    The picture inside the car: they look like two people who have nothing to say to each other.
    Of course, i know, they don’t want to give the papz a shot and the papz are annoying. But for two people being “head over heels” in love the bodylanguage is very strained.

  • KeepRocking

    i think that it’s not right to judge them by a some photos.God knows what the annoying paparazzis were shouting at them!!We should keep an eye on the lone ranger premiere in one month.They may make their first public appearance as a couple.That would definitely make the things more clear.

  • brenda

    @44..Agree 100% with you!! I think the same..and I don’t like her AND I DON’T LIKE ROLLING STONES PEOPLE AT ALL..GO AWAY KEITH ,LEAVE JOHNNY ALONE!! I don’t like to see Johnny with keith…I hate that guy because Johnny copy his look and he looks like a fool! Sorry ..I need to say it! But I know johnny doesn’t care a sh*t what we think…but I say it anyway!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Uuups: he don’t want them to get a romantic photo of them together he don’t want to sell his private real realtionship to those cheap paps

  • karen

    Johnny i love you but ¿why you changed so much?