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Kristen Stewart Steps Out Post-Robert Pattinson Split

Kristen Stewart Steps Out Post-Robert Pattinson Split

Kristen Stewart is spotted out and about with pals after her split from beau Robert Pattinson on Thursday (May 23) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress left a waxing salon before hopping in the passenger’s seat of her pal’s car and heading to grab groceries at Gelson’s in Los Angeles.

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Robert was seen entering an office building solo that same day.

While the split has yet to be confirmed by either party, sources claim that it is definitely official.

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Photos: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI
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  • hmmm

    OK so JJ’s site is being kid friendly..It’s already all over the web she’s back with the middle finger fact she’s flinging her middle finger non stop…

    She has a fan base that thinks that cool and bad_a$$..she looks like another young actress on the road to a mental breakdown..not professional but VerY Unclassy. All her friends will stay with her because she’s rich and famous so they are not going to encourage her to be cool.
    after seeing this Pattinson was right to give it a can’t be climbing the hollywood ladder with a girl who behaves like courtney love.

  • Aubrey

    Finally the PR relationship is over!

  • Rose

    What? No classy 40 different frames of flipping the bird shots?? She’s such a classless trash bag… SMH!!

  • Rose

    How does flipping. the. bird. get edited??

  • Aubrey

    I said this when they got back together last year: they were doing so they would keep the twilight franchise intact, for the fans to believe they were meant to be and would get through whatever, but they would break up again in less than 6 months after twilight was out. Guess whos right!

  • lili

    Really JJ, why don’t you show the rest of the pics where she is giving the middle finger to the papz? TRASH

  • Lauren

    Does she even know how to better herself? Rob made a wise decision getting away from this girl who doesn’t respect him or anyone else. She’s too unstable and a charitable case at this point.

  • L

    Lolol jj there’re 20+ pics of her flipping off the paps, like with both hands.

  • marcy

    Way to ignore all the pics of her throwing a tantrum like a spoiled little 4-year old who had her favorite teddy bear taken away.

  • L

    jj doesn’t want to damage the relationship with her PR, I guess.

  • ace11

    When you break up a family…she deserves to be followed

    and basically crushed by the public

  • Jessie

    @L: Yeah, the paps harrassing her during this rough time in her life. Who wouldnt flip them off under such circumstances. Marry me Kristen

  • JM

    Okay, so she made a mistake that gives you ALL the right to CONDEMN her for the rest of her life??
    Ask yourselves this ??? are you ALL so perfect???
    Leave the girl alone, she made ONE mistake and you all are crucifying her like we still live in the dark ages.
    I really feel sorry for you ALL that your sooooo consumed with another persons life that you stoop to these rants and raves over someone elses business. Its HER life NOT yours so move on.
    Just MOVE on!!! geesh you all need Therapy and to get outside.
    Have a wondeful day.
    And Remember. If your so void of mistakes and sin, then cast the first stone that you all so obviously are eager to do.

  • Lea


  • anna

    jajaja y las fotos donde Kristen muestra el “inmenso amor” por los paparaziii??? muy bella esta nina….la amoooo..!!!

  • Fanny

    @JM: yeah she made a mistake, we get that. No one’s perfect. She’s not perfect but she’s still unclassy.

  • Lojze

    Based on recent pics and activity, it doesn’t appear that She is living at her house and moved in with her GFs. maybe that explains Rob driving to the house because he knows she is not there and have an agreement. Any truth that the house is up for sale now?

  • hmmm


    Oh please get over the drama queen hysterics. To call it as we see it is called stating our opinions. No one has said throw her in jail. and no one has mentioned any words of harm. We just see that her actions of that of a spoilt rich brat. And no one feels sorry for her. Oh wow that paps take pics of her so she acts like a diseased monkey. In fact do we see taylor Swift middle fingering paps or Emma Stone. This girl and her posse want her to be out of control. al hanger ons do.
    Rob is 27 years old, he looks like a fool to be lead by the nose with this immature brat.

  • Roman

    why didn’t you post the rest of the pictures where she flips the paps off? LAME!

  • Lojze

    Also interesting that she seems to have discarded wearing backwards caps that she always wore with Rob. No rings, necklace. It’s the new Kristen….

  • dls

    You forgot to add the photos of her flipping off and flipping out. No wonder no producer wants to work with her.

  • snap crackle pop

    Exactly! They broke up 6 months later- practically to the day- after movie released. (I think an extra day added for legal cushion?!)

  • (the original) Xo

    Classy as always Kstew! lmao

  • WTMF

    @JM: She knowingly had an affair with a married & played a part in destroying a family. That’s not a mistake, that’s a choice. Big difference. While I may not be perfect, I’ve also never done what she’s done. She made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

  • SallyB

    Give the girl a break. Not a good idea to flip the finger, but it was directed at the paps. She is probably feeling raw after the break up. No doubt stalked by paps who say some really horrible hurtful stuff to get a reaction. She seems to be getting all the flak unlike her less than perfect ex.

  • pretty girl

    She looks beautiful pissed in those pictures!!Get ‘em Kristen!!That’s our girl,she don’t take sh*t sitting down!She looks more prettier than ever,maybe because the runaway boyfriend is off her back for good or for now.Kristen needs a tough guy who can handle her sh*t,a real man,a real manly man,she’ll find him someday(maybe Alex Skarsgad) can do the job.

  • peach

    got to laugh at all the comments on this post, as i you have never “flipped the bird” as they seem to say in america.this may sound harsh but to all the people calling her unclassy etc, one day you will make a huge mistake that gets you all the hate you seem to be directing at Kristen but only difference is you will get it from people you think are your friends

  • Kstew middle finger

    She gave the middle finger all over in that shot. Stay classy Kstew!

  • MelanieP

    It’s not even about class it’s about her messing up even more. She can’t handle the pressure. I think KStew is headed for some kind of breakdown after all the stuff with Twilight and Rob Pattinson. I used to think she was cool but now she’s just toxic.

  • pretty girl

    Well, Kristen when your as famous as you are,these old hags will always follow you,just do what you do,and do it proudly,we’ll always behind you 100%!These hags likes ‘em tough and bad ass like you otherwise they’ll be on Taylor,Emma and whoever BS actress that they pretending to like,they’re your closet Krisbian!lol!

  • @pretty girl

    BS actresses? Stain is unemployed so we can’t even call her that. When was the last time she worked? Good on Rob to take out the trash. Stain can go f*ck another director to get a future Razzie winning role.

  • Saber

    Crazy people commenting, you are insane, get a life. btw i like kristens work.

  • lalalalala

    @@pretty girl: she starts filming a new film in july so she aint unemployed.

  • Saddie

    @Lojze: She could still live there and have the girlfriends live with her. They seemed to be always there anyway. There’s also a probability that she wasn’t at home when Rob went to the house yesterday, since she seemed to be out and about with her entourage doing several things. Maybe, like you said, that’s why he went there.

  • lalalalala

    @MelanieP: since when does sticking your middle finger up at someone mean you are having a breakdown?

  • @lalalala

    Bwahahahaha. Yeah right. The only thing happening for Stain in July is the Rupsten anniversary.

  • Saddie

    @Lojze: Also interesting is the fact that she has started to flip off the papz again. She hasn’t done it since the cheating scandal. I guess operation “work on your public image” is off! [I joke around and stuff, but in her defense, god knows what the papaz are shouting at her]. But still, it’s interesting that she’s back to flipping off the papz. Ha!

  • pretty girl

    Lets all get real here,the reason you old hags stalking her every move is she is Kristen fu*kin’ Stewart,the person ya’ll obsessed about!Even if she don’t make a movie in July,she’ll still be the most talked about and most followed actress in the world,you old hags put her on that pedestal everyday by stalking her,so she don’t need to work anymore.

  • pretty girl

    Lets all get real here,the reason you old hags stalking her every move is she is Kristen fu*kin’ Stewart,the person ya’ll obsessed about!Even if she don’t make a movie in July,she’ll still be the most talked about and most followed actress in the world,you old hags put her on that pedestal everyday by stalking her,so she don’t need to work anymore.But she’s bored and been resting for a while so why not work?

  • @pretty girl

    We follow her for the same reason we follow Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, to watch the accident happen. I’m a Rob fan only. He’s moving up and on while she crashes and burns. Karma got her good. Stay in school Krisbian.

  • LJS

    Sure emotions are raw. The paps are jerks that hound her but what did Rob do? Sure no one is perfect but as far as I know nothing except breaking up with Kristen with exact reasons still unknown. No proof Rob was unfaithful. The dude was crazy for her. I don’t buy it was a slow decline. I believe it was something he became aware of on his birthday or the day before that was trust related. For him to leave her, it was big. As always, the trust will eventually be known.

  • TheDudeAbides

    I always get turned on when I see KS flipping the bird. The double bird is twice as hot.

  • morena

    Trash cans have two flipping handles too.

  • OTR

    She flipped the finger at the paps! Conveniently there’s no video to hear what the paps were saying. Even her friends faces look pissed off. And now that Kristen is no longer with Rob….why are all you haters still around trashing her? Thought you would’ve left with Rob in those trash bags of his?

    On other news, Kristen is set to star in Camp Xray! So excited.

  • OTR

    @@pretty girl: You seem like a great person. Rob would be honored to have you as a fan.

  • see

    faking a relationship is always so rewarding
    faking trouble within it is also very very rewarding
    and then faking getting back together brings big rewards
    these two are playing out a scripted soap for you fans
    nothing is real
    it is all for attention and monetary gain

  • http://FOLLOW@justjared SOOKIEK

    I Know she is not flipping at the fans? I wonder if it could be the papps those rude and sometimes offensive words they yell out! u think? I hope Kristen bring her earplugs next time. The next time they say nasty stuff and u know they do just blow them akiss ” right back attacha baby! ” Keep smiling Kristen oh yeah and maybe a flip or too!

  • Nightwish

    I love this girl. Her mistake was petty. Millions of people make it everywhere. Nothing major. Shes beautiful, talented, young, accomplished.. Yet the hypocrites come out like theyve never used the middle finger too now.. lmao


    i want to smell her

  • old times

    Pappz are pigs and just remember, what they did to Princess Diana, who had two children. And believe, they are worse and worse in their behavior and assaults on people privacy.
    We love you Kristen, be happy.