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Nicole Kidman Strolls Cannes After Attending amfAR Gala

Nicole Kidman Strolls Cannes After Attending amfAR Gala

Nicole Kidman leaves the Palais des Festivals following a jury lunch wearing a short white dress during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Friday afternoon (May 24) in Cannes, France.

The evening before, the 45-year-old actress hit the stage at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala held at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France.

Nicole and the other guests toasted the evening with Moet & Chandon champagne and the brand auctioned off a luxurious coffret of its legendary champagne Grand Vintage Collection 1893 during the gala, raising €50,000 to benefit lifesaving AIDS research.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Marchesa dress and Cathy Waterman earrings at the gala. She is wearing a Dior dress, a Celine coat, Manolo Blahnik shoes, L’Wren Scott sunglasses, Cathy Waterman earrings, and a black lizard daytime tote by Giorgio Armani at the lunch.

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  1. 51
    SM plays in her own gutter Says:

    For years SM has been preaching to the choir that the skeptics are liars, but in reality, SM is no better than the skeptics – even worse. For years SM has been sharing the same few elaborated false stories about the skeptics over and over again. She never heard these stories firsthand. If the skeptics lie, at least we have conversations about many topics concerning the Urbans that aren’t lies for example, box office and music flops, male waxing and highlights, overuse of facial procedures, a man that wears high heels, lack of hands-on parenting and a short-lived failed career attempt on AI. Over the years, SM has said nothing new about the lives of the skeptics. Why? Because the skeptics saw SM for what she was years ago – a parasite, and cut off all ties with her. That’s why she says skeptics have no friends, when actually, she has no friends. We’re all still together. She’s not. She no longer has anyone with “insider” information on the skeptics. So continue telling your same old lies day after day as it is becoming laughable now. Which also leads me to discuss the “scare tactics” used on the skeptics by SM. Our identities, addresses, email addresses, and so on and so on where going to be handed over to Keith’s management. This same information was going to be passed onto our children’s school officials and employers. Nothing has happened in how many years now, SM? You have no knowledge of what is going on in our lives to even attempt to destroy it because after all, you were too weak to talk the talk and walk the walk. Give up and face it, the skeptics aren’t going anywhere, there’s nothing you can do to scare anybody off because you know nothing and it is killing you inside each and every day.

  2. 52
    Cami Says:

    I am seriously frightened by some of your comments, but I guess this is the price of fame…although I can’t understand how (minor) plastic surgery could ever affect one’s parenting skills, or what is the point of saying that for one who knows nothing – as it should be – of an actress’ personal life. I am sure that being people full of envy and illogic hate makes YOU better parents, of course.
    As for pictures with Nicole yawning etc, I dare you look impeccable in every shots with paparazzi following you even to the toilet. For me class is intelligence, composure, appropriateness, taste. And for me she has that.

  3. 53
    SM plays in her own gutter Says:

    @Cami: The topics the skeptics discuss are the same topics the media and people are around the world are discussing about these two. Google those subject matters and their names, and I am sure you will find something on them.

  4. 54
    belle Says:

    Dresses need to be longer. Not a good look.
    Nic thinks she’s Grace Kelly.
    Where is her made up husband, with his streaky hair , fake tan , six inch heels.
    Those two are a joke!!
    Mommy and her little boy Keith.

  5. 55
    it just is what it is Says:


    The crux of the matter (ie unpopularity) is that Kidman has said several times that she ‘now has 2 little daughters’ at home, and that she would have to be ‘REALLY interested in a project’ to get ‘dragged out of her family nest in Nashville’. I am para-phrasing her. But it seems that it doesn’t take much to drag her out of the nest; advertising campaigns (Swisse, Jimmy Choo) and movies such as Grace, which really is just a vanity piece, really; nothing terribly important. (Kidman has also said awards ‘aren’t important’). For all of the public appearances, there is a mountain of work we don’t see (clothes fittings, doing make-up, prep, etc etc) … that all takes time; plus the many interviews (and events) which often take place in the evenings; so even those who argue that there is nothing wrong with mothers going to work; here we are talking about a person who works day and night … so I personally find what Kidman says versus what Kidman does are two very different things.

  6. 56
    kudos Says:

    @Cami: The discussions of pop culture frighten you, but some nut job on the internet threatening to destroy people’s personal lives is ok with you? You must be SM.

  7. 57
    LOL Says:

    Hellooooo Botox!

  8. 58
    Kane Says:

    @SM plays in her own gutter:

    There’s no way you skeptics can justify what you’ve been doing for eight years as typical gossip found on the Internet. It’s been eight years of vicious accusations and attacks, eight years of lies and false stories, eight years of ugly name calling, and eight years of wishing the worst for Nicole and now Keith…their careers, their marriage, their family. If you think all the negativity directed your way is the voice of one person, the Skewer Mistress, you are very much mistaken. MANY regard you with the utmost contempt.

  9. 59
    kudos Says:

    @Kane: Sorry sweetheart, go to any gossip site and read the comments about any given celebrity and there are “attacks” being made every minute. “Attack” is a strong word to use when it comes to people who you don’t know and they certainly don’t know you. Our “attacks” predicted the demise of Keith’s music. Our “attacks” didn’t destroy his muse. If you think that hasn’t changed, you are fooling yourself again only to protect someone who doesn’t care what you think just as long as your money keeps buying him all those cars in his garage and all that land. It is normal to speak your peace, but not normal to protect a celebrity like they are family, SM.

  10. 60
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    @Boring Sewer Mistress: There’s nothing alleged about it. We should ask alleged husband Tony what he thinks of this alleged b-job from his alleged wife Sue to this alleged driver Okie. Google Keith Urban and Thomas Okie and he’s not so alleged. Okie also isn’t on Team Urban anymore. Tony needs to ask Sue if Okie had his usual soda in his hand while she did it. What Keith Urban song she was humming while doing the deed. She should explain herself to her son and daughter on how giving a b-job to a roadie is classy and role model behavior.

    The skeptics are only worried about saving their own a$$es from the truth. The comment about destroying people’s lives says more than you know. It’s never just been about having fun online. The skeptics know it and we know it.

  11. 61
    SM plays in her own gutter Says:

    @Kane: I know if some insane person called a random school to tell the school officials that one of their student’s parents made negative comments on the internet about a celebrity, the school district would be notifying the authorities, tracing the phone call and bringing in the insane Keith Urban fan for questioning – not the parent/skeptic..

  12. 62
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    Negative comments? That’s the unerstatement of the year. Stalker photos in Keith’s yard before he lived in a more secure neighborhood is negative comments? Death threats are negative comments? Repeated accusations of pedophilia with no proof are just negative comments? Imaginary relationships with Keith are just negative comments?

    Of course you want it all to be ”in the past”. Look how sick it is!

  13. 63
    SM plays in her own gutter Says:

    @skeptics are full of $H!T: So you call a school district over THAT? If all this bad stuff that the skeptics did got turned over to Keith’s management, why have no actions been taken if what you say is Illegal? YOU don’t know $HIT!

  14. 64
    Mollyme Says:

    You haters/skeptic are like a broken record. Repeating the same lies over and over for the past 8 years! Keith’s career is going fine by the way. His new song is the most added song on country radio this week. So go have a meltdown about that.

  15. 65
    Joni Says:

    I think this hater is late for her Scientology classes.

  16. 66
    Joni Says:

    What is wrong with using Botox, I don’t think there are too many actresses that don’t use it and good for them. If we could look like these beautiful people who wouldn’t use it. Now let me hear from all of you puritans.

  17. 67
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    @SM plays in her own gutter: Sue it’s not pretty when you get angry. I would normally suggest you shut your trap but you couldn’t dig a hole deeper for yourself if you tried.

  18. 68
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    Sue hightails it outta here and within a few minutes a ”new poster” pops up at the last decrepid skeptic board. Good luck dummies!

  19. 69
    Is SM a closet d¥ke ? Says:

    mmmm, I wonder.

  20. 70
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    Were you wearing your Butterfly Brigade tshirt when you were with Okie??

  21. 71
    SM is a d¥ke Says:

    haha, I thought so. Your overly protective b!tchy obsession, it all makes perfect sense now.

  22. 72
    Karen Says:

    GRANNY FREEZ HAS BEEN BUSY AT CANNES. What she saling besides her over exposed cat? Every movie or show she’s made for so long now has bombed. Is this DISGRACE series going to be her savior?

  23. 73
    KarenYoung60 Says:

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  24. 74
    skeptics are full of $H!T Says:

    @SM is a d¥ke: You and your personalities aren’t staying on topic. Why is it now you don’t want to be the center of attention?


  25. 75
    Just Barb Says:

    @#51: Oh honey you are so wrong about so many things. All you skeptics are not still together because we’ve got former skeptics on our private board that hate your guts. Nobody likes to be lied to nor do normal people want to hang around scammers and users. That was evident when JB started blogging. Those names, addresses and email addresses were in fact passed on to Keith’s security and in some cases (those with alcohol problems and delusions about being in a relationship with Keith, those who stalk and those who issued death threats against Keith or Nicole in private, in messaging or on a public board) were passed on to the school district of the children. Whether or not you think anything was done isn’t relevant. The fact that your names are now in somebody’s file in regards to internet bullying, stalking and death threats is enough.
    SM may not have any more inside information on you few little haters but that doesn’t really matter. We know who you are and we don’t really care much about you personally. We feel bad for your children. We feel your husbands are probably better off without you. But in spite of what you hope, we don’t talk about you. You’re a small group of women who have lost your souls. We know you don’t believe much of what you post (we’ve got plenty of proof in pms) but spend your time bullying Keith and Nicole because you think it bothers us. But it doesn’t. We expect the worst from you because that’s who you are. Keith and Nicole are together and happy and successful still. Nothing you’ve ever said or made up or sent to Lainey or Ted has made one bit of difference. Nothing you say in the future will made any difference. You’re insignificant in their lives and in ours. We’re happy people. You are not.
    The important reality is not whether SM has no more inside information about you but the fact that you have no inside information about Keith and Nicole and that’s just killing you.
    Palladium sends her sympathy.

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