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Amanda Bynes: Cop Sexually Harassed Me During Arrest

Amanda Bynes: Cop Sexually Harassed Me During Arrest

Amanda Bynes has opened up more about her arrest on Thursday night (May 23) in New York City.

“Don’t believe the reports about me being arrested. It’s all lies. I was sexually harassed by one of the cops the night before last which is who then arrested me,” the 27-year-old actress shared on Twitter.

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Amanda added, “He lied and said I threw a bong out the window when I opened the window for fresh air. Hilarious. He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I then called the cops on him. He handcuffed me, which I resisted, quite unlike any of the reports stated.”

“Then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive. I kept asking for my lawyer but they wouldn’t let me. The cops were creepy. The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window. That’s why the judge let me go. Don’t believe any reports,” she said.

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42 Responses to “Amanda Bynes: Cop Sexually Harassed Me During Arrest”

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  1. 1
    j Says:

    What a crock…..get help girlie before you either end up in jail or 6 feet under

  2. 2
    Sayer Says:

    Oh dear, sweet baby Jesus, take the wheel.

  3. 3
    Oywiththepoodles Says:


  4. 4
    Lawrence Says:

    Could be true, then again it could be bs. Does it really matter?, nobody on this site is going to believe her anyway*lol*. Why Celebs are allowed to act so stupid and normal people get the book thrown at them amazes me.

  5. 5
    Rosie Says:

    The odds are totally stacked against her, but a cop molesting a young woman isn’t rare. It has happened before, so for all we know the situation could be plausible.

  6. 6
    Looselipz Says:

    All cops pat you down when checking for drugs…it’s common to hide them in ones private parts…but please, get this girl help…she’s wigged out…pun intended.

  7. 7
    Loju Says:

    Yup, insane. She has lost touch with reality.

  8. 8
    Sammy Says:

    I hate to say it but with her reputation, it’s hard to take these kinds of comments seriously….

  9. 9
    Me.Phillippe (Spanish) Says:

    Nobody knows what happened. The fact that the case of Amanda bynes does not mean her to lie. I like her a lot, and I hope that he gets out of that hole.

  10. 10
    cute Says:

    CRAZY!!! she is crazy! only stupid people can’t see this!

  11. 11
    ha ha Says:

    its worse than we thought, good god child, get help!!

  12. 12
    Mary M. Says:

    At first it was funny reading about her behavior but now it really is just sad watching this girl implode before us. She obviously needs some serious help.

    Personally i believe she is bipolar but whatever the problem is i sincerely hope she gets the help she needs before it’s too late.

    My heart goes out to her parents who must watch via the media their daughter self destruct before them and unable to get her to agree to get the treatment she very obviously needs.

  13. 13
    mattchew Says:

    Call me crazy, but I actually believe her!

  14. 14
    Read Says:

    What the hell is going on with her??

  15. 15
    Rosie Says:

    @Mary M.:

    Wrong diagnosis. If she’s mentally ill, she’s more likely being impacted by early signs of schizophrenia.

  16. 16
    Melody Says:

    well it looks like there is a “celebrity” crazier than Lindsay Lohan, must be a huge relief for her

  17. 17
    Lyn31 Says:

    This has Axis II Borderline Personality Disorder written all over it. Whatever it is she NEEDS HELP

  18. 18
    LaCroix Says:

    I love how people throw diagnosis around as if they actually know anything about psychiatry. Whether she is “crazy” or not. She isn’t hurting anyone, or even showing signs of it. It’s her family that needs to seek out help for her if she needs it. Have they? Nope. What does that tell you?

  19. 19
    Rebecca Says:

    The police officer was most likely patting her down. That is what happens when you are arrested.

  20. 20
    Murderhervag Says:

    He only slapped her ****** when she clearly wanted him to murder it!

  21. 21
    cmac Says:

    Someone needs to help this young woman now! Why doesn’t someone in Hollywood do something for these child actors who end up in so much trouble when they grow up? Don’t wait until it’s too late again.

  22. 22
    essie Says:

    Just wait, I thought she said she threw a vase out the window but now she was just opening it for fresh air?

  23. 23
    Joel Eric Says:

    Boy.. that is a relief. She felt something when he did it.

  24. 24
    improper police conduct Says:

    except he met her beforehand, he sexually harassed her, then a day or two later he arrests her and while working he touches her inappropriately. then to make her look bad he sends her to a mental ward because she had no drugs on her afterall. he used the mental health system to cover up his inappropriate unprofessional behavior. there should be an investigation because he has probably done this before.

  25. 25
    Oh Dear Says:

    Okay, Lohan I personally hate. She’s smart enought to know what is wrong but does it anyway, she doesnt care, (i have been affected by her personally back in 2011) But in Amandas case – this is just bizzare, wft, like this is getting kind of scary..

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