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Nicole Kidman & Ziyi Zhang: 'Venus in Fur' Premiere!

Nicole Kidman & Ziyi Zhang: 'Venus in Fur' Premiere!

Nicole Kidman is pure class while attending the Venus In Fur premiere during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival at Grand Theatre Lumiere on Saturday (May 25) in Cannes, France.

The 45-year-old Australian actress was joined on the red carpet by Ziyi Zhang and fellow Cannes jury member Steven Spielberg, who brought his wife Kate Capshaw.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Venus in Fur centers on “an actress who attempts to convince a director how she’s perfect for a role in his upcoming production.”

Earlier in the day, Nicole and Christoph Waltz were spotted taking a walk at the festival.

FYI: Ziyi is wearing an Elie Saab dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Omega watch, and Boucheron jewels. Nicole is wearing a Chanel dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Fred Leighton jewels.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Ziyi Zhang attending the premiere for Venus in Fur

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nicole kidman zhang ziyi venus in fur premiere 01
nicole kidman zhang ziyi venus in fur premiere 02
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  • skeptics are full of $H!T

    Both of them look stunning! Saab is one of my favorite designers.

  • gosh

    @skeptics are full of $H!T:

    You are a rude person.
    Where do you come from?
    Manners maketh man.

  • naturegirl

    I said it before and I’ll say it again Nicole Kidman is the queen of Cannes this year

  • siennagold

    I have to say Zhang Ziyi is very fashionable.

  • Deb


    and classy too!! JJ has his favourites.

  • Deb

    Sorry Kate, but you just don’t have the legs for that short a skirt. And it seems like you have done something to your face; you look different to how I remember you.

  • sluehog wuz here

    @gosh: Go eat some vegetables Sue. You need it.

  • Rosie

    Botox Queen!

  • jaliah

    I wonder if N Kidman knows that some poor kid lost their little cape as it seems to have attached itself to her dress.

  • Looselipz


    Actually, she has great legs, but she looks like she’s starving….at a certain age, a woman this thin looks older…she’s dressing like she’s 30.

  • Hermaphrodite Granny

    Granny has her oddly shaped silicone pectoral muscles on display.

  • Where is SACKED judge Keith?

    “I’m here to keep Nic company” … obviously not.

  • Forgetful Granny

    Don’t forget to Botox your neck and elbows Granny!

  • KHO’s uterus for rent

    NK can do no wrong.
    Remarkable work ethics.
    She works so hard to front the Cannes!
    Ziyi is not fashionable. Her dress is too bland and safe. Fang bing bing is way bolder and edgier.
    Too bad, Ziyi doesn’t age very well.

  • kudos

    Is it classy or is it for the sake of art to have her breast implants sticking out on the sides while the headlights are on?

  • skeptics are full of $H!T

    Sorry Sue, Keith is working on his album now. The one you said wouldn’t happen. Daily skeptic meltdown in 3….2….1….

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks good as always

  • Another KUNK flop

    That’s right, putting the finishing touches on his bubblegum pop album for his non-existent teenage fans.

  • KUNK Speak …

    “I’m here to keep Nic company” ACTUALLY MEANS “I’m here because I have been summoned briefly to perform like a circus monkey for the paps”

  • Silicone Granny

    Can you imagine the snickers reverberating throughout the crowd and press gallery when old Botox head decides to parade her silicone headlights. bahahahaha!!

  • Granny keeping it Classy

    Why do her botoxed n!pples point in opposite directions?

  • Em

    Ziyi Zhang looks classy. Nicole not so much.

  • Sue Raddatz

    I’m Sue Raddatz and I live in Minnesota. I got drunk and went after some members of Keith’s crew but they laughed at me so I gave Keith’s bus driver a b-job hoping he would help me get closer to Keith. I have a daughter and son who are both dumb as stumps because I was always on the internet. I used dozens of usernames and pretended to be friends with other skeptics so I could find out more about Keith. I spray tan and wax the moustache on my lip. I wear tight tshirts to show off my three rolls of fat on my stomach. I pretend not to like Keith now but I’m the first one to find a picture or listen to a new song and I watched American Idol faithfully. I envy Nicole because she’s tall, blond and beautiful, rich and classy and most of all because she got to marry Keith which means I blew his bus driver for nothing. My kids are grown now and I missed their teenage years because Keith was more important than them. Now I’m in my 50′s and my life is over so I’m going to go drink a bottle and then practice my b-jobbing skills on it.

  • My name is Stephanie

    And I left my husband and kids to stalk Keith. I told people I was having an affair with him even though he didn’t know me from Adam. I wrote about our affairs to strangers on the internet. They were skeptics so they embraced me cause they’re as crazy as I am. Here’s something I wrote on a board once:

    First of all, Keith looked tired but good. It was arranged that we meet at the venue and I gotta admit I didnt know what to expect at all. But then all of a sudden there he was holding out his arms and smileing at me. It is a moment that I will never forget. There were some tender moments and we hugged. He sounded congested and a bit hoarse and told me he was sick. And that he thought he had caught it on his flight in from Australia where he went to see his Wife. At the mention of his Wife, I asked him “How is that going? ” and laughed. He got this great big smile on his face and said- and I quote, ” It`s going ” And he laughed. I thought that was a funny thing to say and I said ( smart ass that I am) ” going where? ” He just laughed again. He looked good I gotta say. His eyes were clear and just as I had remembered them. He was sick but looking healthy- if that makes any sense?

    We talked about Why I left Nashville and how hard it was for me, He got philisophical on me several times. He said that he missed me, and other personal things that brought tears to my eyes. He kept his arm around me and held onto my hand the whole time. Personal observations while he was close: His thights were larger and very hard, his butt is bigger but not in a bad way. No manboobs anymore, trim tummy, he was Keith- but he looked like he had aged about 10 years in two years. I could tell that when he was close he was holding back. I think he had decided in his mind not to cheat on his Wife. I asked him about rehab and he told me that he almost died. ( there ya go ) He got really emotional and started to cry which just about killed me inside. He was all choked up and all stuffed up and all I could think was, this poor guy has been through the ringer. It was quite a moment let me tell ya. He explained that he wants to be happy- and that he didnt really know what that meant. That he had always longed for it but never knew how to acheive it. He did all but admit that he suffered some sort of mental breakdown. I asked what he meant by almost dieing and he looked down and didnt want to answer me. I didnt push him,Though something inside me knew. He said that his Wife stood by him and didnt leave him when he screwed up and that he really didnt think she would stick around. ( He never said Nic, Nicole, not once while we talked- he called her his Wife) He told me he would like me to meet His Wife sometime. And I started laughing at him. ” yeah, I dont think she would want to meet me Keith” And he laughed and said, ” Yeah she would – she would lkie you” Inside I cringed and was thinking all of the names that we have called her. Pez, Botoxia, Noko, ect… Anyways, I dont think so.

  • My name is Stephanie (part 2)

    He was very genuine and seemed to me was being very honest. He didnt seem to be acting at all. And I was being skeptical in my brain. I asked him if he was happy and he replied that ” He was working on it” and he didnt laugh. He looked at me dead on. We talked more about what happened in Nashvile between us and he said that ” Everything happens for a reason and that nothing is what it appears.” Funny because that is something that I say all the time- I have even said it on E. He told me that he never thought that this would be the path that he took in marrying who he did. And that he really missed me when I left – and why didnt I try harder to come back? I didnt know what to say. I told him that after I got back I found out WHO he was dating and knew that I could never compete with all of that. He looked sad and really serious and assured me that I could have. ( but I knew that I couldnt have) He said that things moved really fast with his Wife. ( not Nicole- his Wife) I thought, how strange to always call her his Wife. Isnt it? I told him some really personal things that I wont repeat here. I told him that I was glad that he didnt die. ( and I was getting all emotional on him)

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  • Snorefest SM

    Like everyone else, skimmed over the Stephanie story because it is soooooooo very boring.

  • CarieJ

    Yikes…I read it. Scary there are people out there in the world stalking celebrities.
    Personally, I like Nicole Kidman. I think she looks great. I especially like her hair in the back in the pictures.

  • Aynnie

    I also like Nicole’s hair in these pictures. Ziyi’s dress is lovely. This has been a fun week seeing all the fashion at Cannes. I’d love to see Nicole and Christoph working together.

  • MarieT

    I hope Waltz never works with Kidman because her lack of talent would only drag him down.

  • Absurdly Desperate

    “On that note, you were on Ellen joking that you were replacing Randy what did you mean by that?”
    “Not much, I’m already… it seemed like an absurd thing to say.”

  • Kate

    The whole AI fiasco has been very embarrassing for Keith.

  • h8it

    Who’s the try hard old flamenco dancer with the pasty skin?

  • kudos

    @Absurdly Desperate: Was he actually stupid enough to admit that in an interview? BAHAHAHA! How do you replace someone when you are already doing their job with them? Nope, he had to go on Ellen and famewhore his new release? Where were the interviews on country radio? Nope, he is a Hollywood celebrity now. Instead of having his full band there to perform the song like all artists do, Keith had to play bongos on a piece of wood. The band must be too busy doing their own gigs while Keith plays failed/fired judge on AI.

  • Keith is Absurdly Desperate

    Yes @kudos, he really is that stupid and with the increased exposure on shows like Ellen, his stupidity is further highlighted. As we know, very little of what comes out of the mouths of KUNK makes any sense. His new celebrity status doesn’t seem to have helped the sales of his new single “A little bit of everything” aka “A whole lot of cr@p.” Bahahahaha!

  • He He

    @Where is SACKED judge Keith?:

    There ya go again, Keith Keith Keith. Now tell us again you don’t have a problem.

    Pretty clear isn’t it folks !


  • @He He is not very bright

    It is called sarcasm.

  • donna

    I’m speechless over the “Stephanie” story…. I really have no words. As for the other comments, Keith was an asset to American Idol. Everyone who worked with him loved him from what I hear. If they don’t bring him back, it’s their loss. It’s well known that Keith isn’t the reason Idol ratings were down. It was that furry thing hanging on his arm.

  • Kate

    @#30 – I’m sure you’ve twisted that in your head to read ““Not much, I’m already….. (sacked) it seemed like an absurd thing to say.” but the FACT would read “Not much, I’m already…(leaving because my contract is up) it seemed like an absurd thing to say.” I’m surprised you think promoting something is a new concept in the entertainment world. You lack of reality is astounding.

  • Kate

    On another note, I just read the Stephanie story and I too am speechless but not surprised. So many have disturbed fans who thing the entertainer is speaking to them. I remember the guy who said he was married to Miley Cyrus. It’s scary.

  • He He

    @@He He is not very bright:

    No it is not! Its called “I can’t stop talking about Keith Urban”.

    But better yet its called I can’t stop telling lies abt. the Urbans.

    Heads up folks. Seeing with your own eys is believing. . The Achilles Heel of this crazy person.

  • SM’s not so secret Obsession

    **News Flash**
    Did you know Sewer Mistress is on the brink of COMING OUT!!!
    haha, are you really that surprised? You see, in SM’s heart she has always suspected where her true leanings lie, because for too many years she has been obsessively coveting everything Nicole Kidman. Now, we all know this is hardly the behavior of a normal heterosexual woman. After all, how many heterosexual women do you know who will, without question, ruthlessly defend and simultaneously idolize an oddly sexless, talentless female actress? Need more proof? One only needs to visit her very personal shrine to Nicole (skeweringtheskeptics) and you will truly appreciate the depth of her lustful admiration.
    “But SM was once married” you cry! Of course, it is not uncommon for a cunning l€sbian to seek out a drug addicted man, promptly enter into a sham marriage contract and, with the help of a surrogate, produce two PR children … all for the sake of their image.
    So join me as we applaud SM’s brave decision to finally ‘COME OUT’ of Nicole Kidman’s very crowded closet. All SM needs to do now, is convince her small posse of d¥ke sympathizers (duh, justbarb, joni, kate, kane etc.) to also be brave and come out LOUD and PROUD!!

  • He He

    @SM’s not so secret Obsession:

    How is your Achilles Heel doing nutso?

  • Frightened

    @He He scares me. Why does she always attack and threaten innocent people who just want to freely express their own opinion.

  • it’s a skeptic freakshow

    @Frightened You would think crackpots who have made death threats are innocent.