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Vanessa Hudgens: Bright Pink Wig for Electric Run 2013!

Vanessa Hudgens: Bright Pink Wig for Electric Run 2013!

Vanessa Hudgens sports a bright pink wig and spandex pants for her creative costume at the 2013 Electric Run Los Angeles held at the Home Depot Center on Friday night (May 24) in Carson, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress hosted the annual event, sponsored by Neff, with amazing lighting effects that are synchronized to music during which participants are encouraged to get their glow on by dressing up with neon attire and glow accessories.

“SOo EXCITED to get dressed up in neon for the LA @electricrun on Friday! Who’s running/dancing w/me? #electricrun,” Vanessa tweeted earlier in the week.

FYI: Vanessa wore Neff spandex pants and a polar bear hood by Spirithoods.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the 2013 Electric Run…

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vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 01
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 02
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 03
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 04
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 05
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 06
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 07
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 08
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 09
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 10
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 11
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 12
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 13
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 14
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 15
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 16
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 17
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 18
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 19
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 20
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 21
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 22
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 23
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 24
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 25
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 26
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 27
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 28
vanessa hudgens bright pink wig for electric run 2013 29

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224 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Bright Pink Wig for Electric Run 2013!”

  1. 1
    anney Says:

    she looks adorable! thank God she’s not wearing her instagram outfit! This one is pure PERFECTION!!

  2. 2
    Lindy Stevens Says:

    she is funny

  3. 3
    Christine Says:

    loving the outfit V, it’s really appropriate, she was with Stella, Jordyn, Austin and Shawn.

  4. 4
    linnie Says:

    Vanessa being flawless with her lill sister

  5. 5
    linnie Says:

    with Shawn

  6. 6
    linnie Says:

    Nessa, Austin and shawn

  7. 7
    Malu Says:

    I like it! Prob one of the few celebs who supports this causes all through the year and not only to do damage control or to promote movies

  8. 8
    marie Says:

    she looks amazing hahaha love her so much.

  9. 9
    sam Says:

    she looks like a cute little polar bear, so cuteeeeeeeee. BTW she is looking so skinny

  10. 10
    linnie Says:

    another one with Austin and shawn

  11. 11
    linnie Says:

    shawn, Stella, Ness and austin

  12. 12
    linnie Says:

    a pic

  13. 13
    linnie Says:

    V´s instagram

  14. 14
    hannah Says:

    she looks gorgeous. She can fully rock a spirit hood.
    She looks really good, where is the guy who used to call her fat?

  15. 15
    john Says:

    this thread is truly hilarious and so is she

  16. 16
    J Says:

    Why the hell does she dress like this ? she always wants to wear the loudest dress .

  17. 17
    Bia Says:

    woooaaahhhhh! that´s one crazy outfit! she looks so good. #cutie

  18. 18
    linnie Says:

    Thx @VanessaHudgens for supporting @smiletrain

  19. 19
    emma Says:

    @linnie what the hell are those links ? nothing what you say is in them .don’t you have a life other than spamming stupid links .

  20. 20
    Warren Says:

    Vanessa still looks kinda sexy even with that outfit.

  21. 21
    samatha Says:


    because that’s what she is supposed to be wearing? lol everyone is dressed just like her, and even crazier, it was such a fun ravee! lol

  22. 22
    TF Says:

    It will be good if she can find some project to work on.

  23. 23
    samatha Says:

    they are so cute ♥ Vanessa looks so tiny next to Stella.

  24. 24
    samatha Says:

    i really love her friendship with Shawn ♥ and her relationship with Austin is just… ♥♥♥♥

  25. 25
    BO Says:

    Ugh we go again .Hudge pumping army out and about

  26. 26
    linnie Says:

    with a fan

  27. 27
    ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!! Says:

    They can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking. This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces is so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  28. 28
    Raynnah Says:

    aweee she looks amazinggggggggggggggg

  29. 29
    BO Says:

    ugh .Don’t you ever get tired of this Mr.Asians can read minds ???? Whats your purpose of posting this same crap again and again ??? It’s not as if anyone would believe this crap

  30. 30
    Raynnah Says:

    hi evan! lol

  31. 31
    Cheyanne Says:

    It seems like Vanessa’s PR people are all over this post. All of the comments sound like they are coming from the same person.

  32. 32
    maria Says:

    I heard she signed 1 mil contract with Vivid entertainment. Anything is good as long as she gets some attention.

  33. 33
    linnie Says:

    a video

  34. 34
    Nightwish Says:

    She looks incredibly stupid and desperate for exposure. @maria: Source? So shes gonna do porn now? lol! Something with vanessa worth watching @Cheyanne: You are absolutely correct! A very desperate pr peep hangs out here!

  35. 35
    Nina Says:

    She looks like a 40 yr old woman (transvestite perhaps?) who just gave birth a week ago trying desperately to look hip with the “youngsters” by not only sporting a hilarious and humiliating get up but also doing hilarious and humiliating poses. Lol at the people in denial. She (or he) looks ridiculous.

  36. 36
    Nightwish Says:

    She looks f u cking RIDICULOUS. In all her fretting for attention which only you clowns offer her here, it seems the truth has sunk in, that shes washed up and reduced to her latest lunacy. Malu will follow her off a cliff if need be, to be sure lol

  37. 37
    Malu Says:

    Was the theme of this event “dress like a ho”

  38. 38
    Blahblahblah Says:

    @linnie: i bet your life includes thousands of posters of vanessa and hsm merchandise while consistently refreshing her IG, twitter and tumblr pages as well as ebay incase her wisdom tooth is up for sale. Dude you’re creepy as f.

  39. 39
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Nightwish complains about spammers but will be on this post for weeks leaving more comments then anyone. Go figure hes just a sad little man he changes his name and leaves most of the hate comments. This event is supposed to be fun. You do know what fun is right? And to support charity. But I guess that’s lost on some people.

  40. 40
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Don’t let these dumbasses get you down. I like the pics you post. You keep doing you. Don’t let these low life’s drag you down to their level.

  41. 41
    emma Says:

    “Vanessa Hudgens sticks to the theme of the night in a neon pink wig and spandex pants”

  42. 42
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Linnie is f u cking MALU, idiot. Malu is responsible for the entire page 1 one on all hudgens posts. Sick of her spamming crap already

  43. 43
    Nightwish Says:

    @Nina: Exactly LOL

  44. 44
    Blahblahblah Says:

    @Haters Suck!: don’t listen to her linnie lol she’s just using you so that she won’t bother searching for new pics of vanessa meanwhile you’re the one who’s doing the hard hard work! Isn’t it unfair? Lol keep all those pics in your hard drive.

  45. 45
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Gonna put this in the simplest terms so you can understand me. Even if what u say is true (not) I. Do. Not. Care. Why is that your business. You don’t like the music change the station dumbass.

  46. 46
    IMO Says:

    Looks like a blast and I loved the neon costume Vanessa picked totally appropriate and adorable.

  47. 47
    kate Says:

    RIP Vanessa Hudgens’ Style
    Such a shame. She’s such a gorgeous girl and doesn’t need all this “too much” look. She looks ridiculous here no matter what you say to justfy her look.
    I hope she gets casted in a new film soon because people know her now only for her clothes or her having hot bfs or being hot and not as an actress which is her job. If she wants to have a good career she needs to work on it.. She chose being in Hollywood and sadly that’s what it takes to make it in this bussiness: Focus and dedication.
    And before you go on that I’m a hater and stuff like that I say that because I like her….

  48. 48
    lala Says:

    its a bit much how shes dressing but i suppose its in the name of fun and running. a couple of days ago she was seen at a studio with a script so its not like she isnt working, she just doesn’t say anything so it seems like shes not doing anything.

  49. 49
    lala Says:

    @kate: i actually agree with you. some of the people on here dislike her just because but there are times where even fans are going to disagree with the choices made. i mean yes this is all going to a good cause (the run) but sometimes too many appearances can ruin your rep especially if they are quite pointless (the vodka party really?). BO and Nightwish strongly disagree but the reason that I support her is because I’ve always thought she had some good talent there whether or not its obvious.

  50. 50
    Kiss my nassty Says:

    how lame bc anyone can dress up in an outrageous outfit if they want to its all a choice , she is so desperate for attention how sad for her !

  51. 51
    e Says:

    I love how JJ completley skipped the puctures from a few days ago of Vanessa walking with a script in her hands. But she does look good here and she looks like she’s having fun and that really is all that matters.

  52. 52
    kate Says:

    @lala: I agree with you.. I know I sound harsh but Vanessa seems to have lost all the focus.. I mean it’s very nice having a bf and friends and being beautiful but she’s handling the whole thing wrong. First, the whole thing with the paparazzi.. Sorry but even people who are much more famous don’t have that many paparazzi pics. Then, the whole not being casted or filming anything for a whole year. It’s now that she needs to do a lot of movies so she can have a respectable name in the bussiness she chose to be in. Yeah, being invited in parties and all that is fun but if she won’t do her actual job she will fade completely eventually… And trying too hard with her “style” is not good it’s actually worse…. Overexposure is never good…

  53. 53
    BOHJI Says:

    She’s rocking the look. Absolutely with the theme, just love it, her makeup, the pink wig. I must say she is a good choice to host such an event.

  54. 54
    lala Says:

    @kate: exactly. plenty of other stars who are much more famous than her get papped ten times less so i have no idea why she is photographed so much. she says she wants to have a long lasting career but she is not really putting her words into practice. i honestly have got to the point where i dont want to see her hanging about or going to the gym at all because its too much overexposure. i just want to see her working. and as harsh as it may sound she hasnt worked in over a year, isnt that a long enough break? if she was mega famous it would be fine, but shes not and shes got a heck of a lot to learn.

  55. 55
    jaimy Says:

    when was she seen walking with a script? pls tell.

  56. 56
    Nightwish Says:

    @kate: Excellent assessment from a normal admirer of a celeb, as opposed to paid folks pumping a celeb at all costs. Peruse the entirety of JJ and you will never see fans of ANY celeb cackling over pics of someone with a f-ing script in their hand. That was probably staged by pudgy anyways.@BOHJI: You would praise a piece of crap painted pink, as long as it came out of vans ass.hole. Give it a rest

  57. 57
    john Says:

    well lala and kate ,it’s the fans like maria and bohji who justifies anything she does ,that spoil her thru twitter ,blogging etc

  58. 58
    lala Says: she was walking off some studio set with a script so clearly she is doing something we just see more of her doing…nothing.

  59. 59
    jaimy Says:

    thanks @lala. but i’m not sure it means anything.last year too she walked with a script but nothing happened

  60. 60
    Nightwish Says:

    @jaimy: It was yesterday. She was walking, you see, and holding a number of papers that seem bound together somehow by glue or staples. Perhaps it was what is known as a script, or maybe it was the manual to her new vacuum cleaner, or papers to sign from a landlord. Perhaps it involves a form of income for her, of the acting kind, preferrably. Given the tankola in her career, i suppose the most hardcore of her idiot fandom would seek out the most inconsequential celeb site for the most insignificant info about her chances at landing a role. oh gawd, LMFAO!

  61. 61
    lala Says:

    @jaimy: so true. in this case its better than nothing, staged or not she needs to bring some sort of career attention.

  62. 62
    e Says:

    I will never understand why some people have this idea that Vanessa is unlike everyone else, why her carer is in trouble whenever she takes some time off and put all of her focus on doing promo and spending time with her family and friends, besides she have been working, she did some theatre work and a smaller role in a big film, but when someone else does the same thing or even less no one says anything. Besides, at least I don’t need 10,000 pictures of her on a movie set or have 10,000 films that most likey won’t happen to know that she keeps her self busy at a pace that she feels comfortable in because at the end of the day it is HER carer and she knows what is best for her.

  63. 63
    jaimy Says:

    @lala , last year I think it was the Great Migrations script she was carrying .But it never happened .May be this is J 3 script if it’s gonna happen at all .Do you know anything about what @maria said ?

  64. 64
    jaimy Says:

    @e Please stop bringing Zac on to Vanessa’s posts .You know what’s gonna happen next .

  65. 65
    Nightwish Says:

    Fake f u cking names left and right. PR up the ass on these posts. Vanessa is desperate

  66. 66
    kate Says:

    @e: Well, the role she did was a cameo and she filmed one day for that. Also the theater work she did lasted one day (though I think that theater thing she did was a good opportunity). That’s 2 days! Ok she’s doing promos and stuff but this is part of her job. Her job is to act. I’m not going to make any comparisons with Zac because there’s no point. I would rather see photos of her on set everyday that going to the gym. Besides no one of you were complaining (and I along with you) when we got candids everyday from Spring Breakers. And she’s hasn’t made a name for herself yet so she needs to keep working. Plus, doing films doesn’t mean being away from your family and friends. She could film 2 movies in a year and still be able to be see her loved ones… As for knowing what’s best for her it depends on what she wants to do with it… If she wants to have a decent carrer that’s not a way to start.. Hell even more famous actors at her age who can afford to take a break, do not (not talking about Zac)…. She is a talented girl but that thinking of “Relax! Everything will be ok eventually” doesn’t work on Hollywood. And she chose to be in it… Knowingly…

  67. 67
    lala Says:

    @kate: you have it completely right. i dont think people have truly grasped how hollywood works. you can either work or fall there are hardly any inbetweens. it also carries the saying “work now play later” as many work towards getting their name very known and then AFTER take a break because they have earned it. and they have a chance to balance out family life rather than trying to cram it all in to a certain period of time then not seeing them for months on end.

  68. 68
    BO Says:

    oh puh lease , are you the one complaining of 10 000 pics from Townies ,Save your breath .Where were you when your darling hudge’s SB got pap shots every other minute of the day .Afterall , Townies is being filmed in the streets of none other than LA in broad day light.And if Zac gets 10 000 projects , at least 1000 make it to the finish .It’s soooo much better than not filming anything for 2 whole years .So get over it .

  69. 69
    kate Says:

    @Nightwish: Well I don’t think that people her is paid to love her or hate her… There are the same people here over and over (on both sides)… Because no one really pays attention to the comment section on jj really.. She not an A-list but she’s pretty famous… She was on the list for the most googled women of 2012…

  70. 70
    BO Says:

    So what if she doesn’t get to be with her family 24/7 .You can’t always be in your mommy’s lap sucking the thumb .If she went to college , she wouldn’t get to see her parents for months .Whether or not she likes it , she has to make the break away from her family during this youth .And it’s harsh , very harsh .But it’s inevitable

  71. 71
    tina Says:

    @jaimy don’t show your ignorance. Whoever @maria is, was insulting Vanessa by saying she signed with a porn company. An obvious lie. Where did e mention the ex? Bit touchy and showing where your loyalties lie aren’t you? I rather her not do a movie than to jump into everything coming her way and end up in a string of critical and box office flops. At this point with 2 more movies (bringing the total to 3 this year)coming out this year, she is doing fine. You really need to check out other actors. MOST of them attend events, some more than others.
    She looks great. She is HOSTING this event, why wouldn’t she want to stand out? It’s the NEON RUN hence the neon pink.

  72. 72
    Fanny Says:

    She get fewer and fewer acting roles because simply she can’t act. All she can play is herself. Harmony hired her in the first place cause she was lucky that he was looking for a girl with the exact same personality as her. only diff with her in real life vs her in SB is that SB one does crime lol. btw, i thought she looked like nicki minaj here.

  73. 73
    BO Says:

    kate , LOL you must be talking of this

  74. 74
    BO Says:

    actually Kate , the list is not really about the highest googled women , it’s actually about the women with the highest presence on the net

  75. 75
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: “I rather her not do a movie than to jump into everything coming her way and end up in a string of critical and box office flops. ”

    On the contrary, a lot of people will respect you more as an actor/ress if you continue to do the things you are passionate about which is of course acting, despite flops. One good example is christopher walken. The guy has appeared in numerous critical and box office success and failures but he is one of the most respectable and recognizable actors. Why? Cause he loves what he’s doing and he regards each of them as a learning experience.

  76. 76
    jaimy Says:

    @tina sorry .I didn’t know it was an insult .I didn’t know it was porn .@e was asking for trouble bringing her ex on to the thread .she didn’t mention it directly , but we are not dense .we know who she is talking about .i can see what freedom fans who are not regulars have here to express themselves .non .you are just mean and vulgar if someone says something that doesn’t compliment vanessa as you wish .all i will say is that , it’s fair the hate your getting here .it’s fans like you who gives a bad name to this thread .

  77. 77
    kate Says:

    @tina: These 2 movies that are coming up were both supposed to come out in 2012 if I’m not wrong… So, it’s not like they’re new movies.. filmed them 2 years ago.. Plus no one ever said to be in a bad film… There are many good films out there.. Also her career is not at a point when she can be extremely selective about the movies she’s doing.. She can do both heavy and light movies.. As for the outfit personally I was talking about the wig with that fur thing over it or and the fur on her legs.. These do not apply to the neon theme… If we take these out the outfit would be good.. Plus the make up is way too much.. She could wear much less make up and still be on point.. This too much make up doesn’t suite her because she’s simply beautiful without it…

  78. 78
    Fanny Says:

    @BO: lol and 95% of those results consists of her going to the gym lol

  79. 79
    BO Says:

    Fanny , lol

  80. 80
    kate Says:

    @lala: Exactly! But some people clearly don’t understand that. If she wanted to have a more normal and relaxed life then she shouldn’t have gone to disney or Hollywood in general… As for seeing her family and stuff this is stupid… I see my family once a month.. That doesn’t mean that I’m not close to them…

  81. 81
    kate Says:

    @BO: Well, that’s how the list was labeled.. Besides even in this case means she pretty famous.. Sadly for the wrong reasons though…

  82. 82
    BO Says:

    kate , the number of posts actually depend on the duration as well and if scandals are there .In this case , they give the reason as the scandals .You’re right .It’s all for wrong purpose.I don’t really think she’s relaxing per se .It may be that she may not be getting roles , roles of anyyy kind at least

  83. 83
    tina Says:

    Every role she plays is different. If you can’t see a difference between Gabriella and Candy sorry for you. Each role she plays has their personality NONE of which is entirely her. The biggest thing I see from people here is they don’t want her to have a life. They want her working 24/7 never taking a break. When she went from promoting one film to filming 4 all in one year, no one said, wow she is really working hard. Now that she is taking a break the same people are talking as if she hasnever worked. She last filmed in August ( less than a year ago) during which time she has promoted SB and participated in the One Hour Plays on Broadway. She goes to the gym, big deal. If that’s what she enjoys good for her. If you think supporting charities makes you a bad person, I feel sorry for you.

  84. 84
    kate Says:

    @BO: I don’t that’s the reason why she hasn’t been casted in any film nowadays or that she can’t get casted in films… But it doesn’t seem like she’s chasing for the opportunities she wants.. Like I said having a bf is cool and all of that but there’s also life away from the bf…

  85. 85
    BOHJI Says:

    @ John and Nightwish, what is so wrong about positive thinking and giving Vanessa support? I’d rather have a positive vibe as opposed to a negative one in which you are good at as is obvious. Anyway, she looks gorgeous and sassy here. I don’t have to resort to foul language unlike you to get your point across. Some people just can’t let go and accept the fact that Vanessa has stalwart fans so Boo to you. Ain’t gonna go away nor shy away for no one..

  86. 86
    kate Says:

    @tina: Sorry but when did she film 4 movies in a year?? She filmed Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground in 2011 and Spring Breakers in 2012. The SB promotion in 2012 in Venice and and Toronto lasted a week. And the 24 hour plays lasted 1 (!) day.. So she worked in 2012 for 3 months maximum.. But the thing is that she didn’t even got casted in any film for a year. I didn’t say supporting charities is a bad thing..Exactly the opposite… I commented on her outfit.. Plus none of these Hollywood actors are hardworking people… Hardworking people are those who do 2 or more jobs, without the ability to take vacation just to cover the basic expenses… Working on about 2 films a year doesn’t mean she’s working 24/7… She can have a life and work at the same time! What’s so hard to get?!?!

  87. 87
    BOHJI Says:

    @kate: Has it occurred to you that she has a game plan, besides aren’t you barking up the wrong tree with Vanessa’s arch enemies none other than Bo and Nightwish? It just makes one wonder whether Kate is the feminine self of Nightwish.

  88. 88
    tina Says:

    To the uneducated the article states “not the number of time on the internet but the number of times searched.” So trips to the gym have nothing to do with it. Try getting hooked on phonics. Reading is fundamental.
    So kate her hair is not neon pink? When your career in film exceeds hers then you can tell her how to control hers. Family may not be important to you but apparently it is to her(one of the thing I like about her). Yes FG got pushed ,many movies do. What other movie are you talking about? None of the others had a release date. So since you know so much about the “business” when can we expect your movie or who do you represent?

  89. 89
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Dont act like your precious pudgy poo is overworked. She cant get roles, so she dresses up like a rave clown to promote third rate events. She probably got paid 5 grand for it. Better than nothing. She is mid 20′s, that means Alba and other hispanics will take all the ‘ woman’ roles from her, and Hailee Steinfeld and others will take the ‘teen’ on up stuff. Hudgens has no depth to her acting, and hsm is getting far behind now. She’s pretty much done with big roles. TV, maybe, but tons of good actresses there too.

  90. 90
    kate Says:

    @BOHJI: I don’t have nothing to do with Bo or Nightwish.. You will see that in my responses to them.. And no I’m not taking sides… If you read my comments you’ll notice that I said that she’s beautiful and talented and that I hope to see her in more movies… I don’t think that’s what these 2 believe… You may find it hard to believe but there are supporters who are sort of dissapointed in her… As for having a game plan… If you search her name the only thing you’ll find about her is people saying that all she does is going to coachella with her boyfriend and her being hot… So, where’s the game plan???

  91. 91
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: She fired her agent. Bad sign. I will never support attentionwhores like the kardashians, snooki, or anyone who instagrams and tweets constantly because they want everyone to admire them. At that point, they are not in it for work, just vanity and attention. Look at Lala, she loves van but is concerned about all the third rate exposure she tries to bring upon herself.

  92. 92
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: you’re one of those people who just don’t get it. Some of the things you’ve been yapping are redundant and doesn’t make sense. Just stop and accept it will you? Lol

  93. 93
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: yeah reading is fundamental that’s why you’re the one who needs to read. Try reading the last paragraph of the introduction on that site. It’ll help.

  94. 94
    BOHJI Says:

    @kate: Fine, my apologies then. Frankly, I just love seeing her hosting events. I think she is good at it and I reckon she’ll make a good presenter as well. She does have a creative flair of her own. I know most of the other celebrities depend heavily on their stylists but I think Vanessa can hold her own and I’d really like for her to do her own clothing line. I get your disappointment but you have to have more trust. I believe in this girl. I see in her lots of potential just as I see in my own daughter who is doing very well btw,

  95. 95
    kate Says:

    @tina: Tina just accept that some people find this look horrible. Remember how good she looked in that Material Girl event?? I’m not hoping for a filming career so… I didn’t say that the film being pushed back is a bad thing I just said that they’re not new projects… My family means the world to me but I’m studying in a different city that’s why I see them once a month.. So, shut up about it.. You and no one else here has the right to tell me that my family doesn’t mean much to me… As for Gimme Shelter all of you here were saying a year ago that she had Gimme Shelter was coming out in 2012… Plus I don’t have nothing to do with the film industry… Do I have to be in the film industry in order to have an opinion on that???

  96. 96
    tina Says:

    Nutcase I’m not saying she is overworked, I’m saying she is doing what she wants. Jessica Alba is one of my favorites, what did she film last year besides MK, and Sin City? No one is saying she is “ruining her career” I just get tried of people sitting on their asses second guessing her life. Mainly because it’s HER life.

  97. 97
    BO Says:

    lol she’s pathetic .Can’t even read .It’s the amount of space she takes on net not the number of times searched .Yeah , try reading the last paragraph and the para under hudge as well .You don’t have to look too far .Just click the arrow twice .She’s 49th on the list

  98. 98
    BO Says:

    Kate is a fan , so is Lala .So in here actually , it;s the FANS FIGHTING FANS .lmao see old pumper army , this is what we’ve been trying to say to you too .Now your OWN people are saying it to you !!!!

  99. 99
    kate Says:

    @BOHJI: That’s why I expressed my concern because I think she can have a decent carreer… I want to see her new movies very much especially gimme shelter.. But I’m sorry but unless I see her casted in some kind of movie and prove me wrong the disappointment will still be there. She just needs to get moving..As for her style she has good but also bad moments… She can have her own sense of style and not be way too much… We’ve seen examples of her doing that.. .

  100. 100
    Muah Says:

    ew, she’s totally ugly, This look only can wear a *****.
    Like her. *cough*

  101. 101
    BO Says:

    of course , isn’t Sin City and MK itself is enough for Alba .Sin City itself is enough and in MK am sure she has a bigger role than hudge .The point is , Alba is an established actress .Hudge is not .Alba ca rest for 10 years and still come back as fresh as a daisy and industry will welcome her .But for hudge ….That’s why Zac’s working constantly , fail or success he’s working .So are other actors of his age

  102. 102
    tina Says:

    @Fanny first this blog is one obviously bias man’s opinion. That being said what part of “measured by Google search results” don’t you understand. He’s just pissed his girl didn’t make it. Not the whole internet but Google. That what he is complaining about. Google search in case you still don’t get it means the time people put her name in to search under google.

  103. 103
    BO Says:

    Duuh you’re dumb .”technically this isn’t a list of the “most Googled” women in the world. It’s actually a list of the women with the biggest presence on the internet as measured by Google search results” Can’t you see a big fat ” the biggest presence on the internet” prior to as measured by Google results .And are you blind you can’t see the numbers given in front of every name .It’s the number of articles , the amount of space taken .Not the number of searches ,And stop talking crap bout bias .Everytime when someone says something against hudge , cus he’s biased .So the ‘uneducated’ please , go to school again

  104. 104
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: yes google search means exactly that. But google search RESULTS is another thing. Results means the number of sites mentioning her. Not the number of times the search button is clicked for V’s name, mmkay? Please read the last paragraph of the intro on that site in case you haven’t read it yet. Then reread it again and again until the information finally sinks into your brain. If you can’t locate it, refer to BOHJI’s comment. Bias? Now I’m increasingly convinced you’re delusional.

  105. 105
    Fanny Says:

    I mean BO’s comment. Sahhrryyyy

  106. 106
    tina Says:

    @kate now I know you’re making stuff up. Show me where we “all”said GS was coming out 2012. It has never had a releast date. You are the one who said you see your family once a month and that’s good enough, maybe it’s not enough for her. When she was in NYC she flew her sister in to visit. To say you’d like to see her work more is one thing, but sit here and criticize every thing she does that’s a different thing entirely. That comment about her seeing her family was over the top,see how upset you got when I questioned your familial attachment? I agree you don’t have to like everything she wears but this outfit was appropriate for this event. Did you even look at what others were wearing? SHE WAS THE HOST of course she wanted something eye catching. You can have all the opinions you want just don’t state them as facts.

  107. 107
    BO Says:

    Of course you did say that it would come out last year .I am not sure as to though ”all”of you here said it , you have to ask it from Kate but throughout 2012 , whenever someone mentions she’s not working you were like ”she had J2 come out earlier this year and has two more coming later in the year -GM and FG ” .There you go

  108. 108
    nessa Says:

    Vanessa is so fun to be with…i love her.

  109. 109
    BO Says:

    the host has to dress an eye catching dress .LMAO So the Saturn Award host can dress like the Saturn with the rings around and would keep on rotating while presenting !!!

  110. 110
    tina Says:

    @Fanny if you can’t see his bias sorry for you. The list is the most Googled, which means the most searched. If you don’t believe me just put in most googled. You are the delusional one. Just get over it Most Googled means most times searched in Google. Plain and simple.

  111. 111
    maria Says:

    This story was posted at 12:44 A.M., and flooded with haters and dopplegangers. Are you people insane? To ridicule fans supporting her and think YOUR hate spam is better?? What outrageous crap. FYI, None of us think she’s perfect, we don’t always love her outfits, yes, we would love for her to do at least one project this year while 2others are coming out, and yes, we would love the paparazzi to leave her alone. Not a fan of Twitter or Instagram, but that is this generations’ obsession. There. Happy now?

    But that does NOT mean I think there is ANYthing wrong with down time, going to the gym, or other great ways to spend her free time. We don’t see her falling out of Bootsy’s, Beechers, or the Chateau. We see her with friends, family, and occasionally with Austin. What is SO wrong with that, you idiots?? Isn’t that what ALL normal people do??

  112. 112
    tina Says:

    Not than it matters what that he ll you say bozo ( stop talking to or about me, I’m done with you), two movies FG and MK.. get it?

  113. 113
    BO Says:

    You need to go back to school and learn english again ,and here is the list of ”most searched women of 2012” and hudge comes in at #34th

  114. 114
    nessa Says:

    some people here need to enjoy and have fun…Go V.

  115. 115
    BO Says:

    simply put , you’re dumb and don’t even know your own mothertongue so as not to be able to realize the difference between most searched and most space .

  116. 116
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: YOU STILL HAVEN’T READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH? WHY?! WHY WON’T YOU READ IT? The guy is obviously not bias. Why I said that? Cause even though he assumingly likes kate upton, she didn’t make the cut because he was basing the list on actual objective numbers, that is the google search RESULTS. You should thank the heavens, the love of your life made the cut at number 49. You don’t have to be sorry for me. I’m the one who should feel sorry for you. You have an IQ of a deer.

  117. 117
    maria Says:

    @tina: Those idiots will twist everything around to suit themselves. What a whiney bunch of haters. Do they go to Jolie’s threads and whine about all the regulars who support her? They are full of BS.

  118. 118
    maria Says:

    @tina: Oh, and no one will talk to Bozo on Efron’s threads, so she has no other outlet for her vulgar stupidity. I think it’s best if we follow suit.

  119. 119
    BO Says:

    Old one the stupid then STOP raving bout the link ”I POSTED” .lmao you’re a total joke .And I am not the slightest bit interested in talking to you or talking bout you .But you asked for it .

  120. 120
    tina Says:

    @Fanny I READ IT. He is giving his bias opinion on what most google means because his girl didn’t make it. Most Googled means most search thru Google, get over it. It a numerical count of the SEARCHES not the articles. This same list comes out every year. Why are you so concerned with this one? She makes it most years.

  121. 121
    maria Says:

    @tina: And the Night-time a$$ thinks sleeping with a married man and breaking up a family is a “petty” mistake that millions make. This is the mentality of these people. When is it EVER just “petty” to sleep with a married man, and your director, no less?? Talk about justifying anything that miserable wretch does.

  122. 122
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: did you read the part when he said TECHNICALLY it ISN’T (as in, it is NOT) most googled? In case you’ve skipped that part. I’m not actually concerned about the article. I’m concerned about how the article is interpreted by you. It amuses me so much how stupid you are. lol It’s like Karl Pilkington but in denial and delusional.

  123. 123
    BO Says:

    LOL just ignore her .She’s realized she messed it up .He clearly mentions in last paragraph that this is NOT most searched but takes up most space .Nothing can be simpler than that .She’s pathetic and she has the nerve to call herself an adult .She can’t even read and understand her own mothertongue properly even as much as a foreigner does

  124. 124
    BO Says:

    just caught Xo dissin Kstew on her thread .
    # 23 (the original) Xo @ 05/24/2013 at 1:33 pm

    Classy as always Kstew! lmao

  125. 125
    kate Says:

    @tina: Yeah… You were all talking about here that Vanessa had 3 movies coming out in 2012… I remember it clearly… Now as for the family thing I never doubted her dedication to her family…. I doubted what you people say that she doesn’t film movies lately because she wants to spend time with her family… Like she was never away from them for filming… There are specific things that I already mentioned that bother me… Just accept that there are people who like Vanessa but don’t agree with every little thing she does…

  126. 126
    kate Says:

    People on this comment section are very good at twisting words…

  127. 127
    tina Says:

    @kate: Three movies SB, MK, FG. Plain and simple. Fine I understand you not agreeing with everything she does, but to come under the guise of a fan and say she hasn’t done anything for years? Who is you people?

  128. 128
    BO Says:

    ‘come under the guise of a fan’ .Gosh .The extent to which you pathetic pumpers can go against your own people when you can’t keep them under your thumb is disgusting .Kate IS a fan .She’s been dropping here and there and commenting .You are the one who’s NOT a fan .You’re a pathetic pumper

  129. 129
    maria Says:

    I do not think it is a good thing to work continuously in Hollywood, for many reasons, and I also think transitioning from Disney girl to mainstream is difficult. She has to be choosy. Overexposure in the theatres is a career killer, as much as not working. Whether she has chosen to lay back the year she has 4 movies coming out, or that she hasn’t liked scripts she has read, or hasn’t gotten roles she auditioned for, is her business. At least she’s not melting down and partying her life away. She hosted this charity event, and looks pretty damn cute, even if she had to be in neon. Better than being arrested, finding solace in booze, sleeping with married men, shaving her head, or acting like a headcase. Again, she is doing NO wrong, and yup, I AM justifying that.

  130. 130
    maria Says:

    I believe kate is an Efron fan, and has always been overtly critical of Vanessa, under the guise of saying she is a fan. I don’t consider that being a fan. I don’t like everything she does, wears, or her movies, but I think she’s a great person, with her head on straight. She knows her priorities, enjoys and appreciates life, and spends her time well. I don’t see the point in whining about every little thing. But some immature, b*tchy people have to point out every misstep, as if they are so damn perfect. Get a life, geez. All this negative energy makes you miserable.

  131. 131
    tina Says:

    @Fanny Once more for the mentally deficent. Every year there is a list of the MOST SEARCH (not anything this guy has said) people on Google. It is based on numbers from Google of the people who put womens names in and searched for them. THIS GUY HASN’T GOT A DAMN THING TO DO WITH THE LIST. HE, LIKE YOU, IS GIVING HIS OPINION. It’s not the most searched on Youtube (which I am sure this girl would have won since she put video of herself dancing nearly nude there) It’s not the most searched on the internet. IT’S THE MOST SEARCHED ON GOOGLE.

  132. 132
    Nightwish Says:

    132 comments already. Hudgens PR going ballistic. Hudgens is the most searched on google, piling b.s. upon b.s., yet she cant get a job and outside justjared, nobody gives a rip about Hudgens. Cut the already, idiots.

  133. 133
    tina Says:

    @maria: I agree. Doing movies just to keep your name out there when they are both a critical and box office fail is just plain crazy, Directors look for critical acclaim, producers are looking at the bottom line. Why would they waste time and money on someone who can’t bring either? Would I like her name mentioned on upcoming movies? yes, of course, But to be listed then dumped because of “creative differences” or “schedule conflicts” means nothing. I prefer the way her people have been handling it . We knew what movies she was working on when she left to work on them. Who wants to be know as the actor who critics pan and who can’t break a million at the box office?

  134. 134
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Shut the up already. Vanessa Hudgens sucks. She will never be in a big project again.

  135. 135
    Nightwish Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens SUCKS.

  136. 136
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: Did I do something that makes you think I give a damn what a lying little hermit who is less than a man has to say? A man is good as his word. Once a liar always a liar. So if you say something is bad it has to be good.

  137. 137
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: No info on a gimme shelter release date. No info for on frozen ground release date. These films have been in post production for forever already. Truth is, they dont know what the hell to do with them. What’s going on, Hudgens PR? You guys know everything going on with vanessa. What’s the frickin holdup? LOL

  138. 138
    Malu Says:

    @BO: what are you still doing here? Then again I should remind you that efron apple of your eye, didn’t work through 2010 so no one said a thing, Vanessa hasn’t worked but has projects so stop the crap you like to throw and go away

  139. 139
    Malu Says:

    @Nightwish: and you are friggin sick, her projects were through re shoots just like efron paperboy went through, so stop it, and get a life. I rather wait for her to choose wisely than choose anything thrown her way like efron did, now it all revolves around narc, or frat boys, which ended not bein good, and look what another movie where he shows his body bring him, at any price was crap

  140. 140
    Mkiujingu Says:

    lol vanessa and her usual awkward cringey unflattering poses. I bet her agent, manager, etc are shaking their heads and covering their faces..

  141. 141
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You are One crazy sick mofo. Yeah over 100 comments but most of them Are yours just screaming at the moon for no reason you psychopath. Seriously get a life or help one of the two maybe both.

  142. 142
    Nightwish Says:

    @Malu: Yes MALU, who else to clarify any Hudgens related activity, being that you eat, sleep and breathe Hudgens. So what are they reshooting? How badly did they screw things up? Are they shooting scenes with an entirely different actress other than vanessa? LMAO

  143. 143
    fanny Says:

    “Directors look for critical acclaim,producers are looking at the bottom line. Why would they waste time and money on someone who can’t bring either?”

    Exactly tina. The producers will not waste their money and cast Hudge. She can’t bring niether of those to the film by herself.

  144. 144
    lala Says:

    can i just say how i believe the industry works in regards to child stars? has it ever occurred to anyone that there is always ONE star in every child show/movie? AMANDA show, wizards of waverly which was Selena’s show, Hannah Montana which was Miley’s show and High School Musical which was Zac’s trilogy. It is rare that there are cases where there are between 2 and 4 stars, but it is likely. Note the Mickey Mouse club managed to gain four big stars: Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera. There was the assumption at one point that High School Musical brought three stars as well: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. However, as Ashley has trailed off, it appears as though Vanessa is doing the same giving way for Zac to be the ultimate ex Disney star. But her team doesn’t want that and instead of keeping her career at a good pace (which i personally believe it started as) they have forced her into the media on numerous occasions with candid pictures we didnt get as much as we do now. As much as Nightwish disagrees, I have never thought Vanessa “sucks” as a actress but I never thought she was great at the beginning Im not going to lie. However, I think that she has definitely improved and tried her best in whatever role she is offered. Zac will probably go off to do bigger and better things in the industry that is why I never really focused on him although i am also a fan of his, because i knew that he would do well partly because of luck and because of his talents.

    Whether or not Vanessa gets as far as many of her fans hopes she does, at least we can say that we supported her through all this crap.

  145. 145
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: just one more for the mentally retarded (from an alleged mentally deficient lol), has it ever occurred to you how those people on that list are ranked? I’m not referring anymore solely to the article made by the guy who supposedly likes kate upton, but that each article about the “most googled person” contains numbers for every person under that list. Those numbers are the number of google search RESULTS. I’ve always said Google. But Results. Meaning, those numbers which determine how they rank are the number of sites containing/mentioning the woman in your 2007 HSM poster I assumed that you’ve kept above your dresser. Try Googling and you can see there’s that “(number) results found” everytime you did. They can’t possibly determine the number of times the search button is clicked exactly when you encode “vanessa hudgens”. What about if you’re trying to google “vanessa hudjens” or “vanessa hsm” or even “vanessa scandal”? They can’t objectively find the exact number to all of those especially when the source or the one responsible for the ranking is from an unknown magazine.

    And yes, I still haven’t got over it. LOL

  146. 146
    Fanny Says:

    @fanny: @tina, fanny and I are different by the way. But I do agree on fanny lowercase f.

  147. 147
    ALIEN Says:

    She was bangin when she was in sucker punch. Shouldve sticked to that look y’all. She’s all muscley and beefy. Wheres her curves??!!

  148. 148
    tina Says:

    @lala: To answer your question NO. Love the examples you give Amanda Bynes? Really? I have seen heartthrobs come and go. If he tries to do anything but be the romantic lead it’s a flop. (prove me wrong). The only thing about that is there are always good looking guys to step into that role. The actors with staying power are the ones who can do a variety of movies Every role she plays is different, for a reason. Her team is doing it right. Not saying he won’t do well, as long as he can take his shirt off in every movie. He ll Matthew Mcconaughey made a career of taking off his shirt, but he also can play action hero as well. When they need an action hero they call Alex Pettyfer, Joseph-Gordon Levitt , or Liam Hemsworth. (they can take their shirts off, too) Honestly I wish him well but I don’t think she has to fail just so he can have success or vice versa. They have nothing to do with each other.
    It’s apples and oranges. The only reason she gets such hate is she dared to have a life after the break up. She’s in a movie that makes 335 million, any girl could have played her part. She’s in an indie that make a surprising 25 milion, it wasn’t her movie. She can’t win for losing. Her next movie has not one, but two major stars. If it fails to do well it will be because of HER. If it succeeds it’s because of them. Get the picture?

  149. 149
    tina Says:

    @Fanny: You just don’t want to believe she made the top 50. It not the results IT’S THE NUMBER OF TIMES GOOGLED. DONE.

  150. 150
    britt Says:

    she is so freakin weird. and i believe that she was high in those vids that shawn uploaded on twitter. nice going, genius.
    all this girl does is gets free stuff for hosting events and going to events. she mind as well apply to be a victoria secret model since she can’t act or sing. she sucks so bad that she keeps getting rejected whenever she tries for roles. el oh el. that huge house of hers is going to be under foreclosure sooner or later.

  151. 151
    tina Says:

    @Fanny: hER GOOGLE RESULTS OVER 99 MILLION. HER GOOGLE LOOK UPS 45 MILLION. Read for understanding.

  152. 152
    Elena Says:

    GET REAL. this is the INTERNET. if you’re so damn senstive about someone saying something you think is sooo bad, you need to go to HER FANSITES instead. This is a GOSSIP SITE, not vanessafansdotorg. You NEED to realize that not everyone is going to like vanessa. get over it already.

  153. 153
    kate Says:

    @tina: It was before SB and MK were even announced that you told that she 3 movies coming out… But there’s no point discussing that…. As for being two critical let me get this straight… I don’t like seeing pap pics of her doing every little thing… I’m not the one to know if someone from her teams calls the paps or not… But this overexposure is never good… I never said she can’t go to the gym or whatever… Good for her for going but she better do something about this pap thing… Second yes I don’t like her not even being casted in any kind of film for a year… Who said she hasn’t done anything for years???…Definately not me… And third this “style” thing… I personaly don’t like this too much style… She’s a beautiful girl and doesn’t need all that stuff… Whenever I see her more “normal” (I can’t think of a better word at the moment) she looks so gorgeous and young.. All of these heavy makeup makes her look older and hides her beauty… Lastly when I said about her making more movies who said having a billion projects every year… But filming let’s say two movies a year is a good and rate for a young and upcoming actress.. Why do you all think that making movies means automatically not having time for any of the people you love… Anyways I’m not going to analyze this more… Whoever wants to understand he or she will… Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong by getting casted in a good movie soon…

  154. 154
    Haters Suck! Says:

    The haters think they got it all figured out don’t they. I’ve never seen so many people wish so much bad things happen to someone who’s never done anything to them. It’s sad man.

  155. 155
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. People like you think you know it all. You don’t know $hit about anything Vanessa does stop pretending like you do.

  156. 156
    lala Says:

    @kate: i cannot agree more. i think we are only a small section of the fans that will not always agree with the decisions vanessa makes simply because we want the best for her career and not to criticise. because of what i said even @tina doesnt believe im a fan simply because ive just stated my opinion. apparently its wrong.

  157. 157
    maria Says:

    I suspect she would like to be working as much as we’d like her to be. Getting work in Hollywood is not something she can control, so people should stop getting ticked at her for that. She isn’t white and that is an issue. She may have commitments we don’t know about and that may prevent her from taking roles. It could be any number of things. The once a week we generally see her out, doesn’t tell us what she is doing the other 6 days of the week. But whether she’s working or not, there’s no reason to not be supportive. Whining gets you no where nor does it help Vanessa.

  158. 158
    Uknown Says:

    Does nobody realise that Vanessa acts because she loves it NOT because of the fame or anything that comes along with it?! Vanessa herself said she doesn’t want to do something that she’s not 100% passionate about. It’s a good thing that Vanessa’s not booking role after role after role after role to the point that she’s physically & emotionally drained or to the point where she’s in the hospital for exhaustion. It’s not a crime for her to take some time off to spend time with her family & friends. She has the money. She can do whatever the f*ck she wants to. She never has to work another day in her life if she doesn’t want to. It’s not your career or life. It’s hers. Instead of sitting on your ass all day hating on her behind a computer screen why don’t you go out & make something of your life? She has NOTHING to prove to any of you. As long as she’s happy with her career & her life than that’s all that matters. Also, on Thursday Vanessa WAS on a movie set with a script in hand. Vanessa always keeps her work very private until the last possible moment. Just because you don’t hear movie news or anything months in advance doesn’t mean she’s not doing anything behind the scenes. For all we know she could have a few movies lined up but she’s holding off on announcing them until she’s getting ready to film them. That wouldn’t be the first time she’s done that. She did the same thing with Journey 2.

  159. 159
    tina Says:

    @kate: See that where you are wrong about everything “Good for her for going but she better do something about this pap thing…” Why the he ll do you think she should or could control grown men and women trying to make a living.
    ” Second yes I don’t like her not even being casted in any kind of film for a year”You keep saying she hasn’t been cast in two years that’s just a flat out lie. Two years ago was May 2011 she was cast for SB November 2011 and MK summer 2012.
    “Whenever I see her more “normal” (I can’t think of a better word at the moment) she looks so gorgeous and young ” What the he ll is normal. I’m sure you don’t want someone telling you what to wear why should you be allow to dictate to others?
    “But filming let’s say two movies a year is a good and rate for a young and upcoming actress” She did film 4 movies over 2 years that’s your 2 per year average.
    ” Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong by getting casted in a good movie soon…” She has nothing to prove to you.

  160. 160
    lala Says:

    its truly sad when fans have to prove to other fans how much of a fan they are. how can you tell who is more “loyal” and who isnt? i admire vanessas work, talent , beauty and personality . nobody knows her personally its just opinions i dont get why everyones getting so upset.

    i understand that many people here disagree with what i am saying but that is completely fine i mean its not like im not used to it.

    we all just have to agree to disagree (like i have said countless times before) and just continue to support vanessa. my opinion and everyone else’s doesn’t affect vanessa’s career its just a point of view which everyone is entitled to.

  161. 161
    tina Says:

    @lala: What opinion that Zac is going to be a star and Vanessa is not? You sound like a REAL FAN.

  162. 162
    lala Says:

    @tina: if you remember correctly i said that i am a fan of his as well but because of his position in hollywood he was in a way led by luck to be famous. however i have always seen a lot more beautiful potential in vanessa that is why, if you remember what i wrote, i never really follow what zac does because either way his connections and very well thought out team will allow him to get fame. i have said numerous times i prefer vanessa just because. she has vastly improved over a short period of time that is why i look forward to future projects, however how her team sometimes put her out there is not the look that is the best for her rep in my opinion.

    it is sad that i have to go to lengths to prove i am a genuine fan all because i dont follow the order of regular fans. i research vanessa’s work thoroughly and i am not just a fan that simply waits for news and praises her. i have found people who have seen private screenings of gimme shelter and have praised her heavily as well as frozen ground and that is why i was disappointed that it has been delayed so heavily that both were not entered for Cannes since the distributors were good (lionsgate) but the movies were not complete at the time

    but it doesnt matter anyway because clearly i am not a fan.

  163. 163
    Greg Says:

    Neff said.

  164. 164
    KarenYoung60 Says:

    up to I looked at the receipt ov $7508, I didn’t believe …that…my cousin woz like they say realy bringing home money part-time at there labtop.. there mums best friend has done this 4 less than twentey months and resantly paid for the dept on there mini mansion and bought a new Honda. we looked here, Bow6.comCHECK IT OUT

  165. 165
    kim Says:

    @Uknown: The fact that you actually think that’s a movie set she went to yesterday… smh. I guess you never seen what a movie set looks like before lol.

  166. 166
    tina Says:

    @lala: I’m sorry it wasn’t you who said:
    However, as Ashley has trailed off, it appears as though Vanessa is doing the same giving way for Zac to be the ultimate ex Disney star.
    After making the statement only one can be the star? That sounds like a real fan of Vanessa.
    Usually I agree with what you have to say but I think that’s a lot of horse pucky. I have no problem with someone saying they don’t like what she wearing but when they say stupid things like “she just wants to be seen” She was the hostess of this event, she had a mircophone and was on an elevated platform, she was going to be “seen”.
    Whoever UNKNOWN is said it correctly, she’s in it because she loves it. If the acting starts controlling her life to the point where she can’t do the other things she loves how long do you think she will love it?

  167. 167
    amber Says:

    I laugh at her obsessed fans who think she;s picky when it comes to roles while she audtioned for an extra/camo role in MK, and she is in beastly, suckerpunch, and bandslam which didn’t do good at all. she didn’t get any good reviews in SB, only james and selena did.

  168. 168
    tina Says:

    @kim: You do know they can make movie sets look like anything, don’t you?

  169. 169
    lala Says:

    “Ashley has trailed off, it appears as though Vanessa is doing the same giving way for Zac to be the ultimate ex Disney star.”

    is that a definite statement? “Appearing” to do something and it actually happening….i didnt realize it was the same thing. i never said she actually was trailing off, but in the media it can definitely appear so to the public if you think from their perspective. doesn’t that give zac even more credit if he “appears” to be the only hsm star to have successfully left disney?

    i dont know if you were talking about me but i dont recall saying that she does this in order to be seen. her outfit is a bit out there but like you said she was the host and that was part of the theme so there is no harm in it because it is in the name of fun and charity and sport.

    vanessa can do what she wants. i dont see how any of our opinions can change that it can only shape what kind of fans she has.

  170. 170
    kim Says:

    @tina: it’s clearly not a movie set. if it was, it would look like one. That “script” in her hand could be something else. she could be heading to a meeting, or going to do a photoshoot. IF it is really a script in her hand, she could be heading to audition for something. We’ll find out what the real reason is. FACT is: it’s def not a movie set, so stop misleadng her fans into getting excited about it. it’s not even nice to do that.

  171. 171
    lala Says:

    @kim: she had some sort of number sticker on her jeans which would mean that she probably went for an audition.

  172. 172
    kim Says:

    @lala: I didn’t noticed a number on her jeans. you’re right tho, she went for an audition then. I wonder what for… hope it’s a good movie role. I’ve been waiting forever for GS to come out and it’s the only one i’m excited to see of hers.

  173. 173
    lala Says:

    @tina: and might i add didnt you see my example of those from the mickey mouse club?? FOUR are now big stars which could be the case with a few of the hsm cast.

  174. 174
    tina Says:

    @kim: You know this because you were there, right? Set or studio, audition or photoshoot, matters not. Either way she’s working. Bottom line.

  175. 175
    lala Says:

    @kim: that was the first role that i truly believe she got to sink her teeth into which im really looking forward to seeing upon hearing reviews about it. the experience of being with the young girls was kind of a bonus to add to the intensity of it. all they need is a good distributor since they dont want to take it to festivals which really annoys me because its an indie film and it would need a really good distributor to fund it.

  176. 176
    kim Says:

    @tina: I know it because I know what movie sets look like.
    someone said that she has a number on her jeans in the pics that you claim is a movie set– that sounds like she went for an audition. Let’s hope she gets whatever the role is and that it’s a good one.

  177. 177
    lala Says:

    @tina im probably not going to reply to what else you are going to say to me because im tired and in my country its pretty late so im just gonna leave with what i said and hope that you can see that not all fans of any celeb are the same. criticizing/questioning does not make me less of a fan, because i honestly just want the best for vanessa. i may not agree with all her choices but im most likely going to support her as a fan anyway.

  178. 178
    Fanny Says:

    @tina: think for understanding: that was 2012 my mentally retarded delusional semi-borderline friend. This year is 2013. She went to hmm I dont know, 500 times to the gym plus her SB promos, reviews, etc and that homemade $$$$ video and song. Not to mention her justjared never ending fanatic fiasco plus her twitter/tumblr/IG updates and others blah.. which would unsurprisingly result to an expected increase in her google search results. That’s common sense. I can imagine you whining with veins bulging from your neck that i just can’t accept she’s on the list. Lol on the contrary, I don’t mind whether she even made the most Bing-ed celebrities. What I do mind is the mind you seem to possess. I have a feeling you lost it after you watched that homemade video.

  179. 179
    BOHJI Says:

    Frankly, Vanessa is living her life the way she wants to. If the paps are on her trail 24/7 and JJ chooses to post her gym pics countless times and still get the hits why blame her and criticise her for it. Yeah, right you say she calls the paps and her pr team are hard and work. Some people just want to believe the worse and most absurd scenario. She hides her face whenever she sees the paps and for one who calls the paps she should be smiling and entertaining them right?
    The pics on this threads show that she is on an office ail engagement and dressing the part. If you don’t like her you will criticise her anyhow even under the guise of being her fan. I think I’ve said enough.
    Nightwish is a trouble maker from the day he appeared on Vanessa’s threads, a devil in disguise. He has a pention for lying through his teeth and pitting a fan against the other. He contradicts himself all the time. He is a TROLL plain and simple. enough Said,

  180. 180
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’ll never convince a know it all that they don’t know it all. These haters believe without question they know every aspect of Vanessa’s life. Anything to the contrary in their tiny minds is impossible to comprehend. It’s what they say it is and nothing else.

  181. 181
    Joise Says:

    I looked up the writing of the paper thing on vanessa’s jeans from here hudgensworlddotcom/thumbnailsdotphp?album=472 ‘RED Studios ‘ in Hollywood/La, is a photoshoot place…

  182. 182
    tina Says:

    @Fanny: stupid just stupid

  183. 183
    tina Says:

    @Joise: I love people with the time and inclination to blow us a tag and research it’s origin.

  184. 184
    joise Says:

    @tina: you’re welcome… ? lmao.

  185. 185
    kelly martineau Says:

    She looks funny in those pitchures. But she was having a good time. V has to do side jobs. V can’t get a real acting jobs.

  186. 186
    tina Says:

    @joise: I meant it as a compliment and you are welcomed.

  187. 187
    tina Says:

    @Fanny: well shi t for brains, how is it that in 2010 she had 64million searches?

  188. 188
    tina Says:

    @joise: you know there are two different things listed under Red Studios one is a photograher and the other a movie studio. Which one ?

  189. 189
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Really? Then why the poor numbers at the box office for vanessas movies? Lots of vanessa fans but theyre broke? LMFAO

  190. 190
    Uknown Says:

    @kim: The fact that that is the only thing you took from what I said is pretty sad. I never said I knew for sure that was a movie set. I was going by what a bunch of sites that had those photos were saying. That wasn’t even the main point in my comment. I’m guessing you didn’t read the whole thing..

  191. 191
    Ashley M Says:

    She is so Pretty! She NEEDS to keep the excitement and fun with Couples Products for Women and Men at AthenaToysDotcom

  192. 192
    Haters Suck! Says:

    So it’s pretty much your mission in life to make sure no one like Vanessa ever. You truly are a sad sad little man.

  193. 193
    maria Says:

    Spring Breakers- 25.5 mill
    Sucker Punch- 89.8 mill
    Beastly- 28.8 mill
    Journey2- 335.2 mill
    total 479.3 mill

    In what world is $479 million considered poor money?? There is NOTHING wrong with her box office numbers. They are respectable for early movies in a young actress’s career.

  194. 194
    joise Says:

    @tina: the one that vanessa went to is the photograher one. you search it in google map, the address leads to a street that looks familiar to the vanessa papz photo’s.. she is doing a photoshoot for something, i assume it’s for one of her movies that are coming out soon.

  195. 195
    maria Says:

    These are pics of people who participated in this charity event. As you can see, Vanessa was pretty tame compared to some, and certainly fit in with the crowd. Looks like a fun event for a great cause!

  196. 196
    Cee Cee Says:

    @BO: I agree. Seriously every time Vanessa has a thread the amount of comments posted are insane. I often wonder if it’s not her PR team who are doing all the commenting…wouldn’t that surprised.

  197. 197
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: I just read the reviews for beastly at rotten tomatoes. LOL. No wonder hudgens cant find work.

  198. 198
    Nightwish Says:

    WTF is going on with ‘the frozen ground’? Was it released in 2012? Very spotty and conflicting info on that film. The trailer was released sept of last year. Only cage and Cusack were credited in the trailer. 28 mil budget on that one. I smell a tankola.

  199. 199
    maria Says:

    Some people are so arrogant. Do you expect Academy Award winning performances out of young actors when just starting out? Not to mention that script was horrible. She didn’t have squat to work with. I didn’t like that movie either. But to base someone’s entire career on an early film is just wrong. But that’s the arrogance and elitist jerk speaking. Absolutely no chance of improving with time and experience. Man, we’d all be unemployed if that’s what Mr. Nightwish thinks.

  200. 200
    maria Says:

    @Cee Cee: And most are from arrogant haters. I can show you plenty of threads under 100 comments. But when the idiots come, it’s over 100. Go look for yourself.

  201. 201
    tina Says:

    @joise: Wow you just continue to amaze me. I never would have thought to do that. I just wonder why she would need a pass for a photographer.

  202. 202
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: She has never, had a movie that made less than a million in box office. She has never announced a movie to suddenly be replaced. How many young actress can say the same. What can I say I loved the movie and everyone in the theater with me seem to like it, too. It made 28 million. Opened at number 3 in only 1952 theaters (that’s a average of 5,047 per theater) Loved the review by Mick LaSalle. You know what I liked one woman reviewing it said ” the test audience liked it , they laughed in the right places and signed when the romance went wrong. Since you have nothing better to do than read old reviews, did you read the ones on Bandslam?

  203. 203
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Honey Boo Boo is #17, Hudgens made number 49 LOL! Vanessa has a very small following of idiots who google her all f u cking day, so what do you expect? It’s PR bulls hit activity. YOu guys will do anything for Hudgens to appear popular. You know what reveals the truth? THE BOX OFFICE, IDIOTS

  204. 204
    Nightwish Says:

    Funny. Lana Del Rey was the most googled female in 2012 ( On Justjared, you rarely see over 15 comments in any of her posts. Hudgens is number 49 on the most females googled list, yet her comments here are consistently over 100. THANKS TEAM HUDGENS! You’ve just confirmed that you clowns are a bunch of PR pumpers who hang out here to try to seem more popular than she really is! LMAO

  205. 205
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @Nightwish: But to have box office results movies have to be actually released!! Sorry, but going to parties, the gym and hosting events does not count as acting work. Perhaps she should go back to Disney?

  206. 206
    Nightwish Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum: LOL! Hey now that you mention it, “the frozen ground” is out on torrent already. HOW THE HELL did that happen? That movie is so screwed up, its crazy. They released a trailer way back in september last year and still.. no movie? Someone f u cked up bad with that film. Dont know exactly whats up, but it aint good. Btw, Hudgens isnt even credited in the trailer, only Cage and Cusack

  207. 207
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You seriously need to get a life. As I said earlier you’d leave more comments then anyone else combined. Most of the comments are from you you idiot. Why don’t you go comfort your home wrecking idol now that her lying ass has been dumped. Wait you’re not a director nor do you have a marriage that she can destroy. She wouldn’t be interested in that.

  208. 208
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Merlin’s mum
    You just mad cause your life sucks. Shouldn’t you be spamming the teen choice award site constantly voting for your imaginary lovers.

  209. 209
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Yeah. Get a life. Most of my comments are just replies to team hudgens misinformation and lunacy anyways. You have the nerve to hold me responsible for the majority of comments here when that infamous honor goes to Malu aka Linnie and her fanatic linkwhoring? Pshhh.. Loser.

  210. 210
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Why don’t you go download “the frozen ground” via torrent, if you can figure out how, and beat off to vanessa’s stripper scene. Wait, your her relative, so that wouldnt be too cool. lol

  211. 211
    fanny Says:

    @Nightwish: Dude, did you watch FG then? How was Hudge?

  212. 212
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yeah you keep telling yourself that stuff. You’re here cause you ain’t got nowhere else to go more then likley cause no one wants you. All you got is your conspiracy theories and that’s pretty sad. Again get a life dumbass

  213. 213
    Nightwish Says:

    @fanny: I have about 15% of it downloaded but there are few seeds right now. Her stripper stuff is out on youtube already, i think. Funny – why is that scene around unless someone has access to the film? They blew it. Maybe cause the film sucks or something, so they leaked it already.

  214. 214
    vfan94 Says:

    I’m so annoyed that gimme shelter hasn’t been released yet, this movie could have been a hit in the box office years ago if the people who made it would actually release it ALREADY. I prefer to see it instead of her prostitute role and her sb role. come on, release gimme shelter already!!!!

  215. 215
    Bella Says:

    @Nightwish: You do realize that scene is out because it was in the trailer that came out a couple months ago right? LMFAO. You’re such a f*cking idiot. You obviously have NO life because you’re constantly on Vanessa’s posts trashing her as if you ACTUALLY know what her life is about. You post more comments than anybody but yet you complain about spammers. Hmm.. Obviously a site is going to say it has a movie that hasn’t come out yet so that you’ll DOWNLOAD it thinking you’ll get the movie when really you’ll just end up with a virus on your computer. It’s quite hilarious has easily it is to get you to believe anything. I’m sorry that your life is so miserable that you have to take your anger out on someone that you don’t even know because they’re much more successful than you’ll ever be. My advice for you is to get some therapy because you need help. You don’t like Vanessa so why waste your time on her post & what she does with her life? That just goes to show how pathetic you really are.

  216. 216
    maria Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum: Hate to burst your sheltered little Efron bubble, but Frozen Ground AND Gimme Shelter were recently completed, have their backing, and will be released this year. I heard August for Frozen Ground, and nothing definite on Gimme Shelter, but read that people who screened it said Vanessa’s performance is very good. I think GS will have a a very specific audience and it will be interesting to see how it will be released. Frozen Ground will have wider release, but Cusack and Cage carry that one. Why don’t you go worry somewhere else about loverboy’s forray into frat boy flicks?

  217. 217
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Off topic our two ball clubs been having a nice series in Boston the last few days. Nice to see francona in Fenway again but on the other side with us now?

  218. 218
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @maria: but she hasn’t filmed much in the last year has she? There is a difference between only doing 1 or 2 films a year because you are being selective and not getting any parts……. :)

  219. 219
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @merlins mum
    That’s any of your business or concern why? I trust Vanessa knows what’s best for her better then you do. Worry about your own idol, take care of your dog and stop being a b!tch.

  220. 220
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Since when has pointing out facts made me a *****? She needs to stop running around with her boyfriend and actually get some work.

  221. 221
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @merlins mum
    First you’ve always been a b!tch since the unfortunate second I met you. 2nd if she wants to be with her boyfriend she can. I don’t think she wants to end up like a bitter lonely old hag like you. 3rd isn’t it time u let your hatred for Vanessa go? I don’t even dislike your boy anymore. I really don’t. He’s just another faceless celeb to me that I see on this site. Where he is what he does I could give a rats ass. 4 th see reason #2 as to why you’re the last person on the planet Vanessa should listen too

  222. 222
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Damn it Maria. Can’t believe your team did that to us. Actually I can cause our closer sucks but still

  223. 223
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @Haters Suck!< I'm a b!tch ? woof woof!

  224. 224
    tina Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum: Bored whacko? Maybe you should go back to the institution.

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