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Angelina Jolie's Aunt Debbie Loses Battle with Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie's Aunt Debbie Loses Battle with Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie‘s Aunt Debbie has passed away after a battle with breast cancer, her Uncle Ron Martin tells E! News.

The news comes just weeks after the 37-year-old actress shared her brave decision to have a preventative double mastectomy to lower her risk for the disease. Debbie is the sister of Angie‘s late mother Marcheline Bertrand, who died of ovarian cancer in 2007.

Angelina has been in touch throughout the week and her brother Jamie has been with us, giving his support day by day,” Ron said. “They both loved Debbie very much and although Angie is not able to come right now she has sent her love and support which was very nice.”

“We have seen Angelina a number of times since Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer and Debbie and I were both very proud of her recent decision to have the double mastectomy and to do everything she can to keep her family from having to go through what we’ve been through,” he continued. “Angelina‘s father Jon Voight has also been tremendously supportive—he came down to see Debbie last Sunday and spent the whole day, talking with her and sharing his love and I know Debbie really enjoyed seeing him and talking with him.”

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# 1

First it is sad my condolences to the family.
Pls keep this thread free from brad and his exes case.

# 2

Prayers for the entire family during this difficult time. God bless Jolie-Pitts!

# 3

May Debbie’s soul rest in peace. Cancer has pretty much wiped out her mom’s family.
Good for Angie for not waiting for the fate that has afflicted her family.

# 4
Wonderbust @ 05/26/2013 at 7:07 pm
To my precious sister and mentor. We shared our first bed together and we shared our first haircut at five (thanks to your gum in that bed!) You are my secret admirer, my Flash Gordon and my comforter through all our family losses since 10 years old and on, and on. We shared double dates and deep secrets. We shared our pregnancy’s together and our children loving each other. You saved my life in 2004. We even shared becoming Grandmere’s together in 2006. My memories of us will help mend my bleeding heart. I will feel your wings on my shoulders as you whisper to me, “It’s so beautiful Here! One day our eyes will meet again and we will embrace, my little sister.”
Even death won’t get in the way of the love I hold so deeply in my heart for My Sister.
Debbie Martin – Escondido, California

# 5

RIP Debbie and prays for all those that loved her.

# 6

Wow…cancer is such an insidious disease. Condolences to Angie and her family.
In the last six years, cancer has claimed her mother, uncle and now aunt. I bet she is happy more than any thing with her decision to be pro active.
Sending the whole family condolences.

# 7

May she Rest In Peace

# 8

Such a horrible thing for her and her family.

Prayers to her and all the people here going through this too.

# 9

It’s a horrible disease and it causes pain to too many families and its inevitable victims. My condolences go to the family.

Richard P @ 05/26/2013 at 7:17 pm

My condolences go to the family.
R.I.P Debbie

From Paris with Love @ 05/26/2013 at 7:18 pm

May she rest in peace. This is so sad, cruel and terrifying. I don’t even want to think about it. In those circumstances I would have made the same decision as Angelina Jolie without a doubt. I hope genetic detection and preventative measures become more accessible for us normal folks.

groundcontrol @ 05/26/2013 at 7:18 pm

Very sad for this brave woman and her loving family. In my thoughts as I also think of my sister. Now people should leave them in peace.

That is just terrible–both sisters died from cancer. No wonder Angie did what she did. So sad.

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 7:20 pm

Aunt Debbie seemed like a very kind, beautiful and special woman. Prayers are with her and family.

From Paris with Love @ 05/26/2013 at 7:22 pm

@Wonderbust: Now they’re both gone. :’( Life is so tough.

@groundcontrol: You know Brad has got to be thanking his lucky stars that his wife and Mother of his children put her family before HW vanity. I feel so bad for her Aunt’s family, I hope the tabloids leave them alone to grieve in private.

Brangie Rules @ 05/26/2013 at 7:37 pm

Condolence Angie and your Aunt’s family!!! Now people will more and more understand, why you did what you did. God be with you and your family at this time of grief. <3

Condolences.Rest in peace Debbie.

My condolences Debbie Martin’s family and condolence to Angie and James. May she rest in peace.

Oh forgot to change it from new thread.
New thread accopyed me I am late so late for my things..

“We have seen Angelina a number of times since Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer and Debbie and I were both very proud of her recent decision to have the double mastectomy and to do everything she can to keep her family from having to go through what we’ve been through…”
In just that one sentence, Angie’s uncle, Ron Martin, said everything that needs to be said.

African Girl @ 05/26/2013 at 7:47 pm

Awwww!! So sad!
May her soul rest in peace.

Wonderbust @ 05/26/2013 at 7:48 pm

actually Ronald Martin, Debbie’s husband is the one who released all the information to E! Angelina has never said anything about her aunt so its funny how you haters immediately attack her. and LIES Angelina and james ware at the hospital when Marcheline died. Keep believing the fan fiction that FF sells you. RIP Debbie. Troll isn’t even worth addressing but had to issue that correction

@Wonderbust: I only saw one comment that Angie was in France, no pictures, so who knows.


You give humanity a bad name.

A letter from Angelina Jolie’s mother : 2003

A few years ago I came across a letter written by Angelina Jolie’s mother. It detailed her cancer diagnosis and her efforts to help others dealing with cancer. It was published in 2003 under the name Mary but was later disclosed to be Marcheline. It’s sweet and moving, especially given that she would pass away a few years later.


“Marchelines Letter

To My Dear Kindred Sister Warriors,

I am imagining something that is probably true. I think we have all had a similar private moment of experiencing the same epiphany. There really is a silver lining in being diagnosed with cancer. At some point on this arduous journey we all share the same knowing in our spirit that our illness has been a tremendously purifying experience. We have been blessed with more time to change and become better human beings.

We all know that it is also important to share our cancer experience with anyone who we sense needs our support. So when the time comes to talk (which usually happens to me quite frequently in the waiting room) I know I am being blessed with an opportunity to help someone in the same way a very kind woman and her husband helped me four and half years ago. It feels good for us to give hope and encouragement, especially if we can alleviate some of the fears of the unknown for a woman who is just beginning her cancer journey.

What exactly is my cancer story? Whenever I am asked this question, I always begin by saying The Rolling Stones and three wonderful doctors all contributed to saving my life. Why do I begin with The Rolling Stones? In April of 1999 I was invited to see my favorite rock and roll band, I sang along (because I knew almost all the lyrics by heart) and danced the night away surrounded by thousands of loyal lifelong fans. I had a wild and magical time even being invited to backstage before the show and hang out with the band. I have been a devoted fan since 1964.

So where am I going with all of this? A few days after the concert I developed a high fever, a sore throat and a cough. I felt it was a small price to pay for way too much partying and for experiencing one of the most amazing and memorable nights of my life. I saw a doctor who prescribed some over the counter flu medicine and sent home to rest.

I recovered form the flu and thankfully resumed working with only a small irritating problem. The coughing never completely went away. It lingered slightly for several more weeks and then very slowly it began to get worse and interrupt my sleep. It was around that time when I started feeling a serious lower back pain, and I also complained a lot of being unusually tired during the day. I attributed both of these symptoms to not getting enough rest at night, because I could only sleep in a sitting up position due to the coughing.

I made another medical appointment, but this time with my son’s doctor. His name is Dr. Arman Hekmati. I liked him immediately because he has the same beautiful warm brown eyes as my father. He diagnosed anemia and pneumonia, and hospitalized me that same day. I needed a blood transfusion to build up my strength and then two liters (of whatever comes with pneumonia) were tapped from my lungs.

While in the hospital I was examined much more thoroughly. After I revealed more details of my family’s medical history, I was given additional blood tests, and body scans. I had no pelvic pain, no bleeding, and no constipation. I did notice a little bloating in my tummy, but it didn’t hurt. I would describe that as feeling out of shape. The specific pain that I was constantly complaining about was in my lower back, and that pain was severely increasing in intensity. Actually, it was becoming unbearable.

Finally, Dr. Hekmati revealed to me something I had feared and dreaded hearing my whole life. One of the scans detected a mass on one of my ovaries. Cancer was highly suspected, and I should have surgery as soon as possible. The next morning I was introduced to the most remarkable physicians who not only saved my life but also transformed my life.

I remember that I was originally scheduled to meet with three oncologists, and I was extremely nervous about being given this big responsibility to choose my own surgeon. All night long I wondered and I worried about what I should look for to help me to make this very important decision. I met with Dr. Beth Karlan first, and I immediately knew that here was no need for me to meet with the other two doctors. For me, it was trust at first sight. Our spirits connected. It was that simple.

Dr. Hekmati smiled and gave me his blessing and his thumbs up. She had been his first choice and he was very pleased that I also recognized that certain something special about her. I had just the most important decision of my life based on a feeling.

In the moment we first met before he even spoke one word to me, Beth held my hand. She touched my frightened spirit, and she welcomed me into her carin

she welcomed me into her caring arms with her comforting smile. She made me feel safe. All fear instantly left my mind. All tension left my body. I knew that I was in the presence of a very powerful medicine woman. Our journey together began, and in God’s time, she calmed me, freed me from all physical pain and restored me to good health. She saved my life.

Beth Karlan is a deeply compassionate physician devoted to protecting the sanctity of human life. Her work is dedicated to using all of her power and great skills to save women from pain and suffering. She has a reverence for every hurting human being who comes to her with a prayer for a healing.

I needed her and she appeared. She is my angel, my healer, my protector, my mender of light. She guided me to live in light during a time of great darkness. What could have a terrifying experience became a personal transformation that healed my body and my spirit and gave me hope.

Oh yes, I clearly understand all the statistics about ovarian cancer, but it has been four and a half years and thankfully I am still here. I know that the heartfelt prayers of my loving family and friends, and the excellent monthly care I am receiving from Dr. Karlan, are the reasons I have been blessed with more precious time to live, to love and to share my life with others who need me.

Sometimes when I think about Beth, I am reminded of the realization Jimmy Stewart’s character George Bailey has in the film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I think about how many women’s lives would not have been saved if Beth was never born. Every day I bow my head in deep prayerful gratitude for the birth of this woman. I thank God and her loving parents for giving her life for helping her to recognize her calling and for encouraging her to fulfill her remarkable destiny. This is truly one of God’s greatest miracles, and her life continues to be a daily expression of his love for all women. I know I am still here because of God’s grace working through her powerful healing hands.

Quite often I find myself needing to hug her and to thank her again and again for blessing me with the gift of more precious time. She continues to remain tremendously humble. She almost always responds with something like how thankful she is for being given the opportunity to help me. Humility is a very big part of Beth’s nature.

There was one time in the hospital when I saw her having a serious conversation with an older man just outside the door to one of the rooms. I am quite sure that she did not notice me. She was speaking to who I thought must have been a husband, a father, a brother or a significant male friend of on her patients. I could clearly see a deep concern in her eyes. She was speaking softly and he was listening with his head bowed. It appeared to be very sad news and I wondered to what degree of sorrow were the words she needed to express. I can’t even imagine how many times she has had to do this—how very difficult it must be for her to tell a family that hey may not have very much more time with the woman they all so deeply love.

I remember very well the night when we were told that we had maybe only a few more hours with my mother. That night was thirty years ago, but I can easily recall the deep compassion I felt from her doctor as he carefully chose his words to express his thoughts to me and my father. It must never become easy for any truly caring doctor to know when it is time to say those words to a family.

Because Beth Karlan is such an extremely loving and caring human being, I know her heart hurts and in those moments. It must also be very sad for her when a new patient comes to her, but it is too late for any treatment. I wonder how many times she knew she could have saved a life if only the woman would have come to her sooner. I can only imagine her deep sadness in that situation.

This is why her work The Women’s Cancer Research Institute is so important to her. She has dedicated her life to educating women of all ages to be aware of early cancer symptoms, family history risks, tests for early detection, and procedures that could give more hope for prevention.

As Dr. Karlan proceeds with her lifelong commitment to making more advances in research, she also continues to pray that women will seek all the medical information that is now available to them, comprehend it with the help of their doctor, and then make intelligent decisions regarding their health. Everyone knows that when diagnosing cancer in the earliest stages, there is not only hope for a remission, but also hope for a cure.

Beth saved my life in 1999 and saved me again in 2002. I had a recurrence, another surgery and more chemotherapy. At the same time I was also shocked to learn I had breast cancer. After having a mammogram every year for nine years, I suddenly had a suspicious one.

Beth referred me to her husband, Dr. Scott Karlan, a brilliant breast surgeon. How amazing to be marriage partners both dedicated to saving wo

RIP Debbie Martin


You really are a moron. Where in that piece did it mention Angelina saying anything. Her aunt’s husband is the one talking about Angelina.
Angelina has never talked about any body in her extended family except her mother. She has never, EVER talked about her mom or dad’s family members.
When being so helpful strips you of the ability to comprehend written piece then you know you need help. In your quest to besmirch Angelina you end up making as a*s of your self.

I have flagged comment #18, I think slandering Angelina and her family at this time is despicable. Angelina has not given any information out about her aunt.
I hope others will flag it too,and the comment will be removed.

chocolate cookie @ 05/26/2013 at 7:51 pm

@Ⱦamsin: You’re an idiot. That is all. Carry on.

Beth referred me to her husband, Dr. Scott Karlan, a brilliant breast surgeon. How amazing to be marriage partners both dedicated to saving women’s lives. God is truly smiling on this amazing couple.

Scott is a warm and friendly kind hearted man with a wonderful sense of humor, and just like his wife did, he also calmed me down and gave me hope. Although the result of the biopsy was malignant I remember going through that experience not too afraid. It was a small tumor and Scott was optimistic because it was detected so early. I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. Today, in December of 2003 I am in remission with the breast cancer and the ovarian cancer. Every sunrise I experience is truly a gift.

In the silence of the night I pray to God to protect my two beautiful children, my precious grandson, the very caring man in my life and all my very kind friends. I also say a special prayer for thanksgiving and protection for Dr. Scott and Dr. Beth Karlan’s family, for Dr. Hekmati and his family and yes I also pray for the Rolling Stones and their families. After thirty five years of being a devoted fan I finally met my favorite rock and roll band, but I never imagined they would play an important part in saving my life. If not for catching pneumonia from my wild night at their concert I am quite certain my cancer would have been found at a more advanced stage. And my three wonderful doctors who truly became my saviors, were definitely sent to me by God. As it always is with Our Creator, His timing was perfect.

It has been four and half years since my first diagnosis of cancer. The same amount of time has passed since that very first moment when Beth Karlan’s spirit connected with mine. I have always felt that she and I came together for a deeper purpose than just caring for my personal health and wellness.

I am very happy and excited about our plans to produce our first benefit concert in early 2004. If everything unfolds as we pray it will, then the women of all ages who attend, will not only deeply enjoy and be positively affected by the show, but they will also leave with a sense of feeling more enlightened and empowered.

For as long as I live, I will do all that I can to support Dr. Beth Karlan’s work at the Women’s Cancer Research Institute. For the sake of all women, and for the sake of my children and all of my descendants, nothing else I with my life could ever by more important.

I imagine Beth and her Los Angeles colleagues will always share any new ideas and findings with other American doctors, and of course they would welcome a collaboration of medical scientists worldwide. There is a global understanding they are all in this together to the finish line. They are all one family of researches with the same goal to save women’s lives. I am quite optimistic that with everyone sharing there will continue to be many more amazing breakthroughs regarding early detection and prevention.

There is also every good reason to believe, that one glorious day somewhere deep within the brilliant minds of one or many teams of these research scientists, the ultimate cure we are all hoping for will be created. We must pray for all of these dedicated human beings. I can’t even imagine how difficult their work has been trying to solve this mystery. The amount of mental focus and discipline required must be overwhelming at times. We must continue to pray for their spirits to be guided. Everyone also knows that this kind of painstaking work is very costly. We need to know not only offer our moral encouragement but also our financial support. Be generous with a donation. There is not one family I know of who has not been somehow sadly affected by this disease.

Personally I have a very strong feeling that in my children’s lifetime, the moment will come at last, when the phenomenal discovery will be made. I pray that this miraculous cure will be found in the very near future and all of these dreadful cancers afflicting the sacred wombs of our women will be banished forever.

African Girl @ 05/26/2013 at 7:52 pm

Tasmin…STFU! Okay,
AJ did not make it about herself. Her Uncle made the statement about AJ not being there because they know idiots like you will make a big issue about her not being by her Aunt’s side.
You are so damn obsessed…YOU make everything about her. Seek help, psycho!!

I loved the posthumous message Debbie wrote for her sister. It appears they were wonderful people and very close siblings.

I hope they are reuniting as we speak. It would take a lot for Angie not to be there which means the filming on some level has begun or there is ‘another’ reason. It was very nice to hear that Jon spent time with his former sister-in-law. He has definitely learned that big lesson in life……it’s really all about family. It’s never too late to wake up and re-boot your priorities.


Please that bit@h is not a human being. Don’t associate it with those of us that are. There is a special place in hell for people like. Maybe with luck IT will journey there soon.

Wonderbust @ 05/26/2013 at 7:58 pm

Thank You Jared. the troll’s post was removed.

Glad to see mrgracious was deleted. Shame on that dirtbag for coming here.

The comment has thankfully been removed.Why that person is not permanently not banned from this board I will never understand.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Debbie Martin’s family. May her family take comfort to know she is now free from pain and with her beloved sister. Rest in peace.

RIP aunt Debbie.

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 8:06 pm

@gennline: because it keeps making new variations of its name.

One too many nots.They should be permanently banned.

@gennline: Morton’s book had pictures that someone close to the family had to give him and if he did not help with Morton’s he probably help the tabloid woman.
There is a higher power, and the Publishers did not recoup the advance they paid Morton, did he fall off the face of the earth or what.
I was shocked that most TV programs wanted nothing to do with him or his book, then he blamed Angie for that.
Angie is an open book, don’t going around knocking people, leave that to insecure people. @ 05/26/2013 at 8:16 pm

email var martin

I didn’t know about the publishers recouping their money, good for them.

Sorry misread your post about he publishers not getting their money back. I don’t know what happened to him,I read a little about him and he is quite an unsavoury person.

MY condolences to you & your family my Lady…

Love You Much !!!!

@Susan: he works for the enquirer now.

RIP Debbie Martin. May the good Lord bless and keep you.


I recall reading he was in a bad car accident in 2012 when he was on his honeymoon. I wondered too what happened to him. With all the Royal news he was no where to be seen. Not on any of the talk shows. I guess his inside track is no more. besides I don’t think any fan would buy is book. I mean Angie has already told it all.

naturegirl @ 05/26/2013 at 8:44 pm

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. :)…..

With Loving thoughts of you on this your sad day.

Although its difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort your tomorrow.

So very sad @ 05/26/2013 at 8:52 pm

So very sad.

She has and without dumping on any of her relatives.Even her Dad she said she loved, she just could not let his previous toxicty continue to affect her life. Reputable journalist though are starting to get their heads out the gutter and see that she is the real deal,as her fans have been saying for years.

@2Park5: @naturegirl:

beautiful words.. thanks for posting.

What sad news, her aunt died today and tomorrow is the birthday of Shiloh

Sad .

Angie’s great -grand mother, grandmother, Mother, Aunt , all died from the same disease. Uncle also died from cancer.

Now, I hope no one should ever question Angelina ‘s decision for having prophylactic mastectomy !

I’m so sorry for your loss Angelina and family. It seems like Angelina did the right thing at the right time.

vickifromtexas @ 05/26/2013 at 9:12 pm

very sad. God bless the family.

This is very sad. Rest in peace Debbie. My deepest condolences to Angelina and James and to Debbie’s husband and family.

Love you Angelina.

World War Z is trending on twitter.


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RIP Debbie. This further confirms Angie made right decision.

I’ve seen WWZ tv spots all weekend esp on E channel.

Wonderbust, on the last thread – thank you for that beautiful piece from Debbie Martin on the passing of her sister Marcheline. Thanks to poster #26 for the letter from ‘Mary,’ (Marcheline) and to some saying, ‘whoa, guess Angie did do the right thing,’ – Angie has known about her Aunt Debbie’s diagnosis for some time, this is one of the many things that went into her informed decision. Glad Voight went to see Debbie, she probably more than most, knew the pain he caused her little sister – I’m sure a lot of the visit, included his regrets (he also gave a memorial to Marcheline with her family as well, I remember reading) and memories of happier times – I’m glad her husband said she was happy he came. Wherever Marcheline is, I think she would have had a smile for him for that. My condolences to the Martins.

White Swan @ 05/26/2013 at 9:59 pm

Words however kind cant mend your heartache but those who care and share your loss wish you comfort and peace of mind.

@White Swan:
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Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us everyday unseen unheard but always near still loved still missed and very dear.

Marcheline letter about Cancer @ 05/26/2013 at 10:05 pm


Thank you for sharing that Marcheline Bertrand letter. It´s really inspiring but deep sad and emotive knowing the tragic end for her and now for her sister.

Debbie appear to be just like her sister Marcheline, a wonderful and friendly person that everybody love and care. Sadly she have the same destiny, because she carry a bad gene that have killed so many in her family and is now tormenting Angie too.

Angie was right in doing the intervention. She is doing everything to prevent the same fate.

I hope Angie could be with her kids and family for many, many years.

She is like her mother, a caring, lovely and beautiful soul that her family needs but our world needs Angie too.

Angie is a woman like no other. Our world needs an angel like her to lead, guided and teach us in the battles that she is fighting. kiss

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 10:06 pm

@NYC: That is a very nice comment you made. I’m crying tears. ;,(

BerryBerry @ 05/26/2013 at 10:07 pm

The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land.
The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains. For every joy that passes something beautiful remains.

love angie…sorry for her loss.

Rest in peace Mrs. Martin, may angels carry you on their wings. I hope you and your family on the other side were reunited in joy.

Well, I like many didn’t even know Angie had an aunt. It sounds like everyone is at peace though. It is my wish anyway.

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 10:24 pm

Angie speaking about her mom:

angelina made right choice

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 10:27 pm

It’s an old video…

I’m only speculating, but maybe her Aunts diagnosis was the final straw in getting tested for the breast/ovarian cancer gene. I would’ve made the same choices Angie made in a heartbeat and I don’t even have children to consider. Cancer is scary as hell and anything one can do to help their odds, go for it! God bless Angie and her family!

bless anjie,lord!

This is indeed sad,sending blessings to angie and her family,and debbie’s husband and sons

God speed you, Debbie, on your eternal rest. Marcheline is waiting for you.

were the morons @ 05/26/2013 at 11:01 pm

@star303: You know what, you fvking Biitch, I am so damn tired of you and your Jen hens coming up in here stirring trouble. If we want to show our condolences for the family, we can and will. Why in the fvck should you care what other people do. Don’t you have a life other than criticizing what other people do? apparently not. Leave it up to your trolling ass to always run at the mouth and park your ass where its not wanted. Why don’t you go enjoy memorial day weekend and STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ARE DOING.


Coen brother’s Inside Llewyn Davis wins Grand Prix prize in Cannes Film Festival.


Don’t you have a life of your own? Why do you feel the need to comment on something that you don’t understand – human compassion. People who have a heart feel for a situation like this no matter who the person involved is. If you can’t understand that, then you need to seek professional help and hope karma does not take a bite out of what I expect is a huge a ss.


really tell that to the people that cried over situations and stories they are not directly affected by. Your comment shows what a complete ******* you are. You don’t have to know someone to feel compassion for them and their families. We see people everyday crying and helping people they don’t know.

Well I hope I continue to sin on that account.

Seriously you are such a fool. not even funny. Dumb and ignorant.

please fans lets just ignore teh FF freaks on this thread,its hard but we have to ignore them before they mess this thread up,i cry all the time for pwoplw i barely know is called humanity and being human

happy birthday shiloh,time does fly

expensive_salmon @ 05/26/2013 at 11:42 pm

good people will support those that feel pain no matter who they are.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/26/2013 at 11:44 pm

Amazing how the haters cannot take a break from hating to show a little compassion. That is because hating is all they know. A tree is known by its fruit, and haters know what they are because all they do is hate.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — Less than two weeks after Angelina Jolie revealed she’d had a double mastectomy to avoid breast cancer, her aunt died from the disease Sunday.

Debbie Martin died at age 61 at a hospital in Escondido, Calif., near San Diego, her husband, Ron Martin, told The Associated Press.

Debbie Martin was the younger sister of Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, whose own death from ovarian cancer in 2007 inspired the surgery that Jolie described in a May 14 op-ed in the New York Times.

According to her husband, Debbie Martin had the same defective BRCA1 gene that Jolie does, but didn’t know it until after her 2004 cancer diagnosis.

“Had we known, we certainly would have done exactly what Angelina did,” Ron Martin said in a phone interview.

Debbie Martin’s death was first reported by E! News.

Ron Martin said after getting breast cancer, Debbie Martin had her ovaries removed preventively because she was also at very high genetic risk for ovarian cancer, which has killed several women in her family.

The 37-year-old Jolie said in her op-ed that her doctors estimated that she had a 50 percent risk of getting ovarian cancer but an 87 percent risk of breast cancer.

She had her breasts removed first, reducing her likelihood to a mere 5 percent.

She described the three-step surgical process in detail in the op-ed “because I hope that other women can benefit from my experience.”

The story, a surprise to most save those closest to Jolie, spurred a broad discussion of genetic testing and pre-emptive surgery.

A message left with representatives seeking comment from Jolie was not immediately returned.


hate roger but good article

Angelina Jolie’s Cancer Fears Rooted in Fact: Mother, Uncle and Now Aunt All Gone At Early Ages
05/26/13 11:43pmRoger Friedman0

News today that Angelina Jolie’s aunt, Debbie Martin, died at age 61. Usually the passing of a celebrity’s relative wouldn’t merit much discussion. But in light of Angelina’s recent reveal of a double mastectomy, her aunt’s death is the more poignant. Angelina’s mother died at age 56, in 2007. Her mother’s brother, Raleigh, died in 2009, of cancer. And now the last of the three siblings is dead of breast cancer.
In six years Angelina’s closest adult blood relatives have all passed away from cancer. Angelina’s mother’s side of her family is one generation after another of people not living into their 50s. It’s quite shocking and no doubt preys on her. I am impressed however that her Dutch-French family tree can be traced back pretty far into history.
It’s no wonder that she had the genetic testing and then took steps immediately to prevent the illness getting to her. We think of Angelina as having been around a long time. But she’s only 37, too young to lose so much of a family. It has to be devastating. What she’s done for her own kids, for herself, and her “husband” (as it were) is incredibly courageous– not the least because she’s considered a sex symbol. Condolences to her on the death of her aunt.

Roger Friedman
Roger Friedman began his Showbiz411 column in April 2009 after 10 years with Fox News. Friedman previously wrote the Intelligencer column at New York Magazine, He writes for Parade magazine and has written for Details, Vogue, the New York Times, Post, and Daily News and many other publications. He is the writer and co-producer of a film about R&B Music called “Only the Strong Survive,” which was released by Miramax in 2003 and was a selection of the Cannes, Sundance, and Telluride Film festivals.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/26/2013 at 11:50 pm

Thank you poster #26 for that very lovely letter written by Angelina’s mother. What a lovely and truly gracious lady she is.
That letter shows us Angelina is very much like her mother in so many wonderful ways. The apple did not fall far from the tree. Jon Voight has every right to be very proud of Angelina. She is truly an amazingly lovely lady and I understand why Brad cherishes her and says she is the Best Gift he could give his children.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/26/2013 at 11:55 pm

Brad Pitt “completes” me: Angelina Jolie
PTI – Mon, Jun 27, 2011

London, Jun 27 (PTI) Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has said that Brad Pitt”s love makes her feel “complete”.
The 36-year-old, who has been with Pitt since 2005 and raise six children, admits sharing a great understanding of their lives, reported Contactmusic.
“We feel like we”re sharing this great adventure together and we don”t question it. It”s like we”re partners and we understand the kind of life we want. Our relationship has always felt right and that”s what I was looking for.
“Brad loves me so much – it”s made my world feel complete,” said Jolie.
The ”Lara Croft” star admits having a family has changed her “forever” but she still feels “wonderful” to share experiences with Pitt.
“It”s peace of mind and security and just releasing all your doubts. Experiencing the adventure and beauty of your own family is something that changes you forever.
“You dedicate yourself to creating a good and happy world for your partner and your children.
“Brad and I have discovered how wonderful it is to take that journey together,” added Jolie.

i promise not to reply but you are turning racist,trademark of jen fans please stop the nonsense

can fans please join me to flag her comments

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 12:18 am

@lurker: I got you.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 12:22 am

star303 @ 05/26/2013 at 11:56 pm

A racist bigot like you have no place in HUMAN SOCIETY.. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL .. you should be lock-up in some ZOO somewhere or drop in pacific ocean.. that’s what you deserve EVIL B.I.T.CH

@star303: some people are more sensitive than others. The way you are acting is far worse than someone feeling emotional over someone they don’t personally know. you don’t personally know Carrie but your negative emotions are strong towards her.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 12:23 am

star303 @ 05/26/2013 at 11:56 pm

Showing compassion is one thing. But crying and Carrie on like its one of your family nember is a another. I just realise that all the Asian and black
Are on just jared. Are their any white fans?
and don’ worry if by chance Jennifer Aniston mother got in the news will condole with her too .. we’re not as INHUMAN as TICKY’S FANs !!

This is such sad news and so sad all she had to go through with her battle with cancer. RIP Debbie. Sympathies to the family. I completely understand why Angelina made her decision and I think she is a very smart and selfless woman. It is clear she was thinking of her family. God Bless.

Oh did she mean carry? I read Carrie and thought she was talking about Carrie. LoL still some people’s are more sensitive than others. My best friend can’t handle watching CNN when there’s natural disasters. I don’t make fun of her because I understand she’s just an emotional person.

I see FYI is trying to make this about pitt and passing through just stays out because all she cares about his …..fill in the blank. Losers.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 12:32 am

Sadly, I think star303 is tam shiit

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 12:33 am

Cinco @ 05/27/2013 at 12:29 am

yup.. must be the pretending to be JP fansTROLL who always post here the alter ego of the twiddle dee and twiddle dumb .. and they know who they are.. just watch and they will come out of the lurking and insult me or the other fans.. that’s how these animals post!!

My thoughts & prayers to Debbie & her family. RIP.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 12:34 am

@Rounder: Go ***********, you dirty ass cockroach.

Craigypants @ 05/27/2013 at 12:36 am

Cancer sucks!

I agree with one of the fans of Brad & Angie, that this should be a clean site in respect for Angie’s aunt ‘s passing.God bless Angie & her family.

@gigi: Now, we understand why Angie did what she did.It’s for her family & to educate other women.

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 12:49 am

# 50 Cinco @ 05/26/2013 at 8:24 pm
Morton doesn’t work for NE. He freelances. He’ll work for any rag that’ll pay his ridic fee. They hired him for an article in this week’s issue about Angie’s aunt Debbie and cancer on her mother’s dide of the family. I meant to mention it yesterday and forgot all about it.
Morton wasn’t really the funny part of the NE though. Their cover declared that Jane Pitt “Spoke to NE exclusively!” And in fact Jane Pitt IS quoted on the record…but only because the NE was probably bugging the crap out of her. What did Jane say? Nothing other than – mind your own fvcking business and leave us (the family) alone”, but much politer than that. Yes, that’s right, the NE’s boasting was a big failure. Jane didn’t tell them anything but techically they aren’t lying when they say she “spoke” to them. It’s shite like this that keeps them scraping the bottom of the tabloid pool.

@were the morons:
just ignore them my dear

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 12:50 am

@lurker: Now I am. That broad got me upset. Who in the fvck raised these heathens? UGH.

@were the morons:

Thank you. Very well said.

I want to send out my condolences to Jolie and the Martin family. I wish you peace and understanding. I am truly sorry for your loss.

@were the morons:
they are pathetic and hard to ignore but they are here to push are buttons get us upset

calling it a night stay blessesd all

In this time of sorrow for Angie & her aunt’s family, please other fans be sensitive & be kind to others.God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

@Natalie P: when you’re a star on the level that Angie is on you’re aunts death is reported on. Sucks for her haters to know this.

Anybody see matt Damon getting it on with Michael Douglas? That man is an amazing actor. give them oscars even though they don’t qualify for oscars give it to them anyway.

Goodnight Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Neer,Kimmy,Shar,Lyric,JoAnn and all lovely fans of Brad and Angie all over the world. God bless us all.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:09 am

@lurker: You’re right! Thanks & good night!

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 1:10 am

@Natalie P:

Warning to you… control your hate, disgust and jealousy over the level of love and support Angie receives in her life. There is this thing called Karma, and I just heard she is coming your way. Problem is, you did not call for her.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 1:13 am

Natalie P @ 05/27/2013 at 12:51 am

You care because you spend your precious time commenting people should not care.. did you get it !! Use your brain…bwahahah!! Oh and please get a life and let the JP fans care whoever they like to care about without some unhappy troll wanting to get attention !! Oh and it’s not ANGELINA’S FAULT that she’s FAMOUS AND LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD!! .. let see some ANUSTaloonies will be fuming mad about reading this bwahahahhahahh!!

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:15 am

@Josephina: Ticky fans will get their karma. And when it comes, we will be watching and laughing. God don’t like ugly…

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 1:16 am

From the previous thread -
# 737 Go Figure! @ 05/26/2013 at 6:50 pm
Uh…actually…she did say “just kidding”. She said it was a joke. There were other people present. Nice b-day present from you wife, right?

Lord bless this family. Extend your gentle hand, watch and comfort them.
Happy Birthday Shiloh.

May Debbie rest in peace. This is so sad.

My deepest condolences to her husband and children, to Angelina and the JP family, to Jamie and Jon.

Oh yea, it is nice to be reminded that all of us fans are actually rainbow family from around the world!
I would like to add that we come in all shapes and sizes. We are also LGBT and straight and some of us have families and some do not and some of us have children and some do not. WE ARE ALL FANS !
Here you go that was easy.

Definition of Justin "giggolo" @ 05/27/2013 at 1:28 am

1. A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from a woman.

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 1:46 am

Before I head off to bed – just a thought about how ironic life is sometimes. Angie’s aunt died on May 26. Now it’s May 27 – and it’s Shiloh’s 7th b-day. Remember when Terd said Shitzu said Angie’d be gone before Shiloh learned to walk? That Brad would never successfully “domesticate”the Jolie? Eight years later Brad and Angie have happily “domesticated” each other. Where’s Terd now? Exactly. WHerever Terd is I hope he’s stopped telling people that Angie’s on smack and that’s why she’s so skinny. He’s been proven wrong so many times now that it’s gone from comical to embarrassing.
Anywaya…Happy b-day to the birthday girl. Here’s one of my fave pix of Shiloh. It never fails to crack me up…

Prayers to the family.

who is the lady? is actress, known in the United States?

hypocrisy level 10

in the world 45678900000 persons die every day, but you do not cry for them because you do not know them. I am sorry not to be a hypocrite my dear loons

I cannot wait to see to pitty in london;)

It is such a sad news. RIP Debbie Martin.

GoopyGOOP! @ 05/27/2013 at 3:04 am

Debbie Martin was NOT quoted on-the-record in Andrew Morton’s work of fiction and she was NOT estranged from Marcheline when she passed. Nor was MB estranged from her brother Roland “Raleigh” Bertrand — who died of cancer in 2009.

Anyone who was po’ed at AJ about funerals etc. DID NOT know Marcheline or her final wishes. Her life partner for the last 11 years of her life was the poet and NA-AIM activist John Trudell. She and Day had broken up 18 years before she died!

I’m sure Bill Day feels a connection to the family from the years he was with Angie’s mom but AJ and Jamie owe him NOTHING

chiniffer anose stone @ 05/27/2013 at 3:13 am

@The ring:
wow why so angry hahahhaha!!! affected much!

Flag and report tampons post 144 it was removed earlier and it is reposting.


They have been duly flagged.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 4:08 am

Ⱦamsin @ 05/27/2013 at 3:50 am

Hello MR. ****… writing you’re never ending fanfiction again and lies.. where did you get your information from IAN the PIG or FEMALEFIRST or out of your hairy smelly a.s.s bwahahhahahh!!!

As PT said it’s ironic that the JPs have to go through the heartbreaking news of Angie’s aunt’s death while at the same time celebrating Shiloh’s birthday.

For all of the grief that they must be experiencing, I hope that she manages to have a really lovely 7th birthday today.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 4:12 am

Ⱦamsin @ 05/27/2013 at 4:10 am

ahh you’re still alive?? when are you gonna kick the bucket bwahahhahh!!

Anonymous said…
I attended grammer school with Marcia Bertrand. She lived on Wabash Avenue in Riverdale, IL, I lived a few blocks east and another couple blocks south in Dolton, IL – a five minute walk. These two subdivisions, Dolton and Riverdale were immediately south of the Chicago boundry. In short, Marcia lived in a house a couple of minutes from Chicago . We attended St. Marys Catholic Grammer School in Chicago and, as I recall, she attended all 8 years – First Grade thru 8th Grade and we graduated together. I knew her but not terribly well. In any given school year at St Marys, there were two classrooms – a 6th Grade A & B, a Seventh Grade A & B and so on, and, as ill-luck would have it, Marcia was usually in the A class and I in the B. In many ways, we were opposites in St Marys – she the smart one, I…not so smart; she the pretty one…I not so pretty; she the popular one…I – you guessed it.
The bowling alley her parents owned was on 138th Street in Riverdale, again, a five minute walk from St Marys. It was a small bowling alley – nothing to write home about and brag on and after school I believe she would go to the bowling alley. I would sometimes walk by her house on Wabash, hoping to see her outside, but never did. In 7th and 8th grade, I became a crossing guard for St Marys and the usual high point of my morning was seeing Marcia and helping her cross the street.
Our lives barely crossed in any intimate or memorable way. We both served as a backdrop to each other’s lives in those early years. But Marcia was unforgettable, truly beautiful in her very young teenage years, very sweet, graceful and quiet, and on occasion, would slip you a shy smile that I sometimes still think about. Much has been said here about how special Marcia was and I believe every word – it was evident back in her St. Mary’s days. Even in her tender years, there was a magic to her. Like the rest of the population, I read of her battle with cancer and her early passing and though my memories of her are few, they come to mind when I see a photo of Angeline.
Its been nearly 50 years since I last saw Marcia and don’t find it odd in the least that I still, on occasion think of her. I’m betting she had that effect on many people throughout her life. I hope she takes comfort in the knowledge that she is so well remembered.
Rockford, IL

MAY 20, 2013 AT 12:28 PM

It would appear that the Bertrand family has always contained pretty exceptional woman.

With the examples of their mother, grandmother, and great aunt, you can only begin to imagine how accomplished Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne are going to be in the future.

Jen The HAG @ 05/27/2013 at 4:36 am

Ⱦamsin @ 05/27/2013 at 4:07 am

Stupid troll we ARE A FAN whatever we feel about Angelina Jolie and her relatives is none of your DA.MN BUSINESS. Go on with your hatred .. at the end of the day Angelina Jolie is still at the top of her career, love and respected worldwide while YOU ARE NOTHING……just an insane internet warrior of the dumped albatross BWAHAHHAHAH!!! And we knows what’s making you mad.. your idol being rediculed and hated by everybody and so desperate to be noticed that she had to play stripper at the age of 44.. who would want to watch granny stripper in real life .. NO ONE bwahahhahah!!

Maniston is not going to marry justin until Brad and Angie gets married… the desperate Barren Old Cow is holding out

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

My condoleances go to the family. It is now very clear that Angelina made the right choice for herself and for her family, she has all my respect. Another cancer victim, this is terrible…
Oh, and for the FF old hags: you really a bunch of inhuman creatures, that’s all I have to say.


Why? What has Angelina Jolie ever done to you or anybody that you care about that you would wish that on her.

As a woman I dislike Angelina’s sneaky tactics and her personality she has a good side and a god-damn-b1tch side.

some celebrities communicate when their dog dies, and for what? And people get sad because a dog of another celebrity died and many die every day. Being celebrity is subject to it.
The only reason it is being reported the death of her aunt, is due to the revelation of Angelina, everyone thinks without knowing what this actress lived and lives with a history of cancer, her uncle died, was homenagiado in their family blog dedicated to family and nobody heard.


Give examples of this sneaky side?

She is one of the most genuine people working in Hollywood and its a sad that as a fellow woman Angie has been subjected to some of the most vicious, nasty and disgusting hatred that I think that any human being I can think of has.

It’s weird but I think that Angie acts as some kind of depository for the anger and bitterness for women and maybe some men of a certain.

They either have mummy or daddy issues, are social inadequates who people in their lives cross the road to avoid or they have been left by a partner. Rather than deal with those feelings in a constructive and therapeutic manner they aim it at Angie, somebody who they have never and who has done nothing personally harmful to them.

It would really interesting for somebody to do some kind of psychological experiment on some of the Angie hating low lives that we have had the displeasure to have met on this board just to get a general sense of what is going on with these freaks.

Good morning J-P fans.
Day of remembrance, for the lives lost at War.
Happy Birthday Shiloh, time sure flies, seven years, especially at this time you and your siblings antics must be joy to your parents.

Cannes 2013 will be remember for the many Ocean’s Eleven heists.

@Jen The HAG: with all that weight…eating Cheetos spitting lies on her old computer day in day out … Trampshiit the Ten Ton Tassy won’t last too long… Bwahahahaa….

My heartfelt condolences to Mr Martin’s family and to Angie and James. May God give them peace and courage at this difficult time.

My sincere condolences to Ms Debbie Martin’s Family, may she rest in peace.


Thank you for saying this about dogs or pets.. because that is so true. We see that all the time. This celeb lost there pet. And I recall the hags getting all misty when Jenny poo lost her dog. Saying how sad it was. How terrible because she had it for such a long time. but talking about human life and someone’s relative is TOO MUCH..

great reply

Again mu heartfelt condolences to Angelina, James and Debbie Martin’s family.

On a lighter note -

Happy, Happy 7th Birthday to Shiloh! You’re a gorgeous little girl just like mommy.

RIP Debbie
Pray for you, Debbie

Sad for your aunt, Angelina

Take care of your self and your health. Stay strong!

ขอคุณพระคุ้มครอง Jolie-Pitt family

#142 the moron b itch has the dirtiest mouth ever. You can state your point with out been a rude ass. Where you come the getto? You just started posting on JJ site and you think you know it all.

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 9:05 am


These Jenhens are dysfunctional people that have never gotten over being rejected in life. They are perpetual victims that take no responsibility for what happens in their lives. You are right, they are mainly women who are still angry of not getting the guy they’ve always wanted or women who just lack true growth or courage.

That is not to say none of them are married. They are not living to their full potential. Angie life, life choices, and lifestyle are a reminder of what they don’t have.

They can relate to Jennifer, an average-looking woman with average film success who is superficial, simple-minded, never really gets the guy….who is Rachel Greene.

For me they are just neurotic, self-absorbed, whiny women who don’t have the courage to go for what they truly want because they still do not know who they are.

Angie sure own you trolls, I don’t understand how anyone full of hate as much as you all do will prefer to pack their ass on her thread 24/7. I can’t see myself sitting on Anuston’s thread and posting day and night when I have better things to do with my life. You trolls have a choice but you choose to be here where you’re not wanted — you low lives must have nothing interesting going for you. I thought your idol getting married to a gigolo will be something for you losers to celebrate, at least, she finally found a man willing to take her for a ride, that should keep you ugly trolls busy to leave Brad and Angie alone to live their lives as they please.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 9:09 am

@1Love: as the troll calls me a biitch. Seems like your disrespecting in the wee hours of the morning. Yahahahahahha

Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt’s fans wherever you are. Big shout out to the early birds: hi Phool, where are you?, hi Susan, I join you in wishing a Happy memorial day to those who serves and hope we all have a great day.
hi Dawne, busted, Love the Jolie Pitts, JTH, QQQQ, PT, Jaye, Lylian, Go Figure, Valis 202, GROUNDCONTROL, FALP, Premalee, JPF, plez, Vickifromtexas, Tish, FYI 12, Yoco, A Lurker, AWHODAT, An Opinion, Jolie Pitt fan, Josephina, sunny, Shi Baby, Ne’er, omg, Awwww, Who, Brises, Andu, Bizzy Bee, juju, tweet, wonderbust, hmmm, Anustin, and to the fans lurking, have a great day.


Well how could I forget.


I remember turning 7. best birthday ever. Man can you all believe it has been 7 years. SMH.. time is moving too fast.

@Emily. Well said. That is ANGE to a T . It’s sad about her aunt but crying that I will not do. I don’t know her or ANGE . Have I cry from seeing sad things yes . I don’t know her personal story to be sad. Manny manny woman and men die from cancer is it a sad thing yes. will I be crying my eyes out no. For your INFO ANGEHOGS only GOD knows who’s going to get KARMA not GOSSIPERS on a blog site. Ok is what happing to ANGE karma COMMING back at her?? Don’t talk about what you don’t know.

@1Love: why are you getting so worked up over someone else’s reaction? Star303? You are coming off as petty and dare I say JEALOUS? Is it because your favourite isn’t getting the publicity or attention you want it to get? Did you wake up and see all the headlines about Angelina Jolie’s aunt and start raging ? Hahaha

@1Love: WARNING!! 1Love you might want to stay off this site today because everyone is going to be wishing Angelina Jolie’s daughter a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

#157 The same can be said about old ANGEHOGS jen thepig haha. All the lonely hogs for that matter. Thanks for stating that fact hen.

@gracie: Good morning Gracie, how are you today? hope you’re doing great. Gracie, Ticky’s hens are the worse , that’s the reason Ticky is losing her fan base. Do you remember a few years ago lots of people would leave comments on Ticky’s thread? Now, it’s the same handful of trolls leaving her silly comments about her body, hair, money, and exercise. The regular public could give a rats behind about Ticky.

What I have heard from people who are not fans of Ticky or Angie is they believe Ticky should have moved on a long time ago. They also believe that Brad and Angie are in love and Brad made the right choice to leave that boring life and get the family he longed for.

It’s a pity Tick’s Fans cannot understand Brad was not happy in his marriage and he left, and Ticky knows that marriage was a sham, it was all for PR and she wanted people to buy into her HW golden couple that never was. Ticky needs to marry squigs and live in their $20m house with her two dogs and be happy.

I love it when ANGEHOGS get some of what they give to other crying and winer become them haha them you become somebody eals . stat303 what that ? Take a slap to the face like The BIG GIRLS you all are.

@1Love: some of what they give? You act like “anghogs” (not a clever nickname but what can you expect from someone who has been up all night fretting over Jolie) beat you up and took your lunch movie. Relax, Tammy, and stop takin this site so serious. Btw Pr0xies are gonna mess up your computer.

Rose, welcome back … I hope you enjoyed your vacation. You were sorely missed,
This must be such a bittersweet day for Angie … her aunt died and yet it’s cute Shiloh’s 7th birthday. Wow, it was seven years ago when we were all congregated here at JustJared’s waiting for news of Shiloh’s birth in Namibia. And now she’s seven!!! How time flies!

#175 I’m SATTING at my desk in mass. Making fun at you al that all for now . Have work to do . Carry on with the crying .

Hay one love, why are you not on Ticky’s thread. Because you have left so many comments here this morning I went over to look what’s going on on Ticky’s thread today. 1love, guess what, only one person left a comment on JJ about 2am today. Yesterday there was 12 comments all day and 5 was from the same person and three from her fans, so, Ticky had 4 fans on her thread at JJ all day yesterday.go why don’t you go to your tickys thread and build up her fan base. I can understand why you are here, There is no one to converse with on Ticky’s thread, I feel your pain. Keep it up 1 love, pretty soon Ticky will only have three fans leaving comments on JJ board for her. Start living your life and stop fighting Ticky’s battle. Ticky knows her marriage was a sham from day one, time for her to take responsibility for her life and move on. I’m wondering how squigs feel to know the woman he’s supposed to marry will not move on from a marriage that was over almost a decade ago.

Before I go ANGE has the Asian and some of the blacks as her daughters they love her with all they heart even giving an eye for her . What about brad ? He left out because their are no white people here. Maybe 3 or 5 or so.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 10:19 am

Happy birthday, Shiloh. Today is going to be a great day for you! You are so beautiful ! Have a good birthday now!

Rose do us a favor go back on vacation . the surposealy troll did not miss your wineny and cray. cray.

I don’t want to argue with losies here. Rather, I want to affirm that the ability to feel EMPATHY is a very GOOD AND DECENT CAPACITY.
What is empathy? Well, according to a dictionary:
EMPATHY = the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings.
Tofeel empathy, a person actually needs the following:
(1) UNDERSTAND what another might be feeling
(2) IMAGINE what another might be feeling; and
(3) KNOW and RECOGNISE your own feelings as opposed to being NUMB to or IGNORANT OF your own feelings.
It is a good thing to be able to empathise. If not, I wouldn’t care what happens when children get gun down in Sandy Hook, or blown away in a tornado, or left orphaned after 9/11. I wouldn’t know how to admire people who deserve admiration, help people who may not be directly within my circle of responsibility or is known personally to me.
But because decent human beings have empathy, we send money and food to people in need, we are moved to act when we see little children suffering, mothers unable to feed their babies.
So when this empathy is extended to feeling sad for Angelina and her family for losing an aunt, a wife, a mother, a cousin, a friend, it is a VERY GOOD ABILITY.

@briseis: Hi briseis, how are you today? Hope you’re doing great. Briseis, I had a wonderful time, two of the best day were at Epcot, Walt Disney World and St Augustine, the oldest City in America. Sorry I cannot share my adventures with the fans, but I have learned the trolls will turn the best moments fans shares into something unpleasant and I want to keep my good times good, :-).

Briseis, can you believe Shi is seven years old? Time flies, I bet Brad and Angie cannot believe their second daughter is seven years old. I wish the family all the best on this very emotional day in more ways than one.

Ooops! It should read:

Happy 7th birthday to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. I’m sure a wonderful day is planned for her. Happy Memorial Day to the JPs as well and all the JP fans. Hope you get to enjoy this day with family and friends.

Morning to you too Rose. I’m doing great – thank you. I hope all is well with you and your family.

I think her fans were hoping she would end up with a man richer, more famous and better looking than Brad but unfortunately for them, she ends up with one she has to care for financially and no match to Brad. It kills them that Brad found true love and happiness with Angie. Look at it this way – How many men has she been with since Brad dumped her but these assh@les who come here don’t stalk the other men and their gfs only Brad and Angie — Envy is the key word here. They want what Brad and Angie have for Ticky. They have done everything to pull the JPs down but the JPs keep rising and getting more popular and global respect while their idol has become a national joke.

Happy b’day Shiloh. We can only imagine you & your siblings are going to have a blast today. I like that picture of her planking. Daddy is going to be on GMA on June 17th.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 10:53 am

@Yum-Yum: JUNE 17th! Cannot wait!

ButtonsnBows @ 05/27/2013 at 10:56 am

I’m rolling on the floor and crying for I can’t bare to see Angie sad anymore. I hope Brad cocoons Angie with all his love and tenderness.

Happy 7th birthday to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Have fun today with your family.

@Rose – Hi Rose what’s up any news from Phool?

Happy Birthday, Shiloh Nouvel.You are a very beautiful young lady

@gracie: Hi Gracie, how are you lady?, ITA with every thing you have said. Thanks for asking, the family is doing great. Gracie, we know the deal, when the sad spook was with Brad she disrespected him on several occasions, now she is missing being the status of the IT couple in HW. However, Brad was not happy living that lie so he double down on the drug use, and staying stoned on the couch, mind you, she was right there with him part taking in that life. I’m so excited that Brad is telling the truth about the life he was living. it’s his life and he can talk about it as much as he wants. Too bad Ticky’s fans wanted him to keep it as a secret to shield her. There is a saying, the truth will come out in the wash. Now Ticky has a man, she should get married and live her life and keep pretending she was once part of HW golden couple, NOT. It was all a facade, sucks to be a troll.

Hey sick fcuk, be careful what you wish for to strike one of the world’s greatest humanitarians…….you may just get karmic blow back when you least expect it……..the energy you put out in this universe can always reverb like an echo and bounce right back at ya…….we can only hope. There will come a day you will rue this sort of diabolical thinking……that will be when tragedy strikes you or yours. Be v e r y careful what you wish upon others. Just sayin’

It makes sense the JP’s are in France; Angie can rest up before her big undertaking with Unbroken and Brad before his big promotional run for WWZ and Shi’s birthday……..can only imagine how gorgeous that property is in the Spring…….what a wonderful spot for such an amazing group of people………..or as they say in France……tres beau famille.

Happy birthday shi, send love for you. OMG, 7 years ago full of happiness, full of jokes 7 years ago and laughter, 7 years ago until now JP is still happy together. Only trolls that have not changed for 7 years, is still evil-minded. There is a saying to troll and his idol, “it must be old, to be the adult choice”.

I bet Miss Shiloh will have the cook-out to end all to celebrate her birthday. I can see Brad flipping burgers for the kids, and Angie organizing everything. :)
On a more somber note, I hope the Martins don’t get followed by the papz and kookoos in the wake of this. It’s hard to believe a this kind of thing can be a jumping off point for media intrusion, but these are the times we live in. Sadly.
Also, to people asking the evil trolls what’s Angelina done, why are you like this…blah blah blah….what’s the point, you want to know why they are the way they are – why is anyone jealous of another? It’s because they know they are inadequate themselves: Aniston is less than ordinary, in countenance, spirit and accomplishments, and they are as well. Their own inadequacy drives them to lash out, and side with her. If they tear Angelina down through lies, tabloid or their own and crass insults – they feel better about themselves and the 48 yr old bag of hair (with receipt and tag still attached).
Some say I do the same thing. Not exactly. I tell everyone I know, back in the day when Brad first hooked up w/ Maniston (ha), I was rooting for her over Fishyth. I knew less than what I know now about Brad’s business, but I got the strong intuitive sense, it wasn’t ONLY a broken engagement – that Fishyth and Harvey Weinstein (and his minions) were trying to fck him over. So I rooted for her, even though I didn’t think she and Brad were a natural fit. They just seemed…off. But if she and her popular TV show, and associated pals, insulated him against Fishyth and Weinstein machinations I was all for it. He was a nice guy, and a magnetic amazing film star and they were throwing him under the bus to save the faux Princess. So believe it or not I was in Maniston’s corner. When Fishyth gave this newsbreaking print interview and (live) interview on the eve of Brad’s wedding – I was like ‘That BITTCH!’ I felt bad for Maniston knowing she’d always be in the shadow of THAT (ironically, courtesy of Huvane – no surprise, who’s been Fishyth’s PR flack since she was 19) – Manny continued to live the next few years of her life in therapy because she married a guy on the rebound, feeling not as good and not as pretty as Fishyth. Brad tried to reassure her the best he could, but I’m sure there were times when he’d let stuff slip, showing he was still PO’d and angry about that whole deal. Letting her know he still wasn’t OVER IT. When Maniston said ‘We healed each other,’ THAT is what she is talking about.
To the people that say I irrationally hate Maniston – no, I don’t. I have very good concrete reasons. The main one being she’s doing to Brad and Angie, what has been done to her. Where she and Huvane miss the boat, is assuming that Angelina gives a f., she doesn’t. Yes, she is better in every way, and she isn’t petty and small like them, or like Fishyth (helll that woman is still mouthing off about Winona Ryder and trying to air their dirty laundry, even AFTER stealing Wi’s Shakespeare in Love role).
Angelina is not a b*tch, or a witch like them. They know it, and their fans know it. That’s why they go crazy. Angelina shows it in her every action, that they will never match up. That’s why not even Angelina’s humanitarian work, or her parenting, or her family grieving, or her incredible proactive steps to insure she stays healthy are recognized by them.
Truth be told:they want her destruction. They want Brad to get his, in the worst possible way. I hate to say it – but I do believe it about Maniston and her ilk. Consequently, when they hear how Angelina is sidestepping cancer, or how she’s had another healthy happy pregnancy, or how she’s landed her own plane safely, or how she’s made it back safely from another war torn area, they’re disappointed. <- Yes, this is the evil, we as JP fans deal with online, the utter ugliness that Aniston and PR flack Huvane allow to take root, ferment and get even more foul. The way they do nothing to nip it in the bud, but do the opposite by hiring surrogate pitbulls like Chelsea Handjob to attack Angelina on Aniston's behalf. Do you know the very last time Chelsea Handjob attacked Angelina Jolie, she was going through major surgery, and pain.
Not that Angie was aware of it, or would have cared even if she knew – - believe me, she wouldn't have. But that's not the point. The point is I know it. Me. Therefore I personally will loathe Maniston and Co. and will never pass up an opportunity to talk about how awful I think she (they) are – because they are just. that. nasty. They are inadequate. They aren't fit to shine Angie's shoes. They aren't fit to shine Fishyth's shoes – and I used to dislike her more than Manny! (USED to). As long as this is Maniston's M.O., talking shite about her online and posting pics of her ugly face everywhere will be mine. People need to know,(read her Mom's book, lol) -what a vengeful narcissistic neurotic lame she is.

@Premalee: Good morning my dear Prem. How are you today lady, hope everything is great. Prem, can you believe Shi is seven? She is growing into such a beautiful little girl.

Prem, I’m missing Phool today. I’m guessing the moderation bug is keeping her away. Let’s hope we hear from her today. If not, Phool have a wonderful MEMORAL DAY and to all the Service Men and Women who have served and are serving our country to keep us safe
in all the different branches, We thank you ON THIS MEMORAL DAY,
please stay safe, God Bless.


aahhhhh… like this……Bynes and Riri. cmon rihana,bit.chlap the bynes.haha.

happy memorial day,to all the Americans.

hello phool,rose,susan,dawne.

Hello JustJared @ 05/27/2013 at 11:45 am

Can we JP fans have a new thread for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s birthday? This thread is for Angelina’s sad passing of her aunt and it seems the baiters/trolls are tarnishing this thread with inappropriate comments.

Out of respect for the family who’s loved one had passed on, please close this thread and create a new one. Let’s keep this thread insensitive free.

Thank You!

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 11:52 am

@CLINIQUA: I read her mothers book, and I feel bad for manny’s mom. Her mother did nothing wrong to her, but tried to help her in her career. Manny is a sick BIITCH

@anustin: Happy MEMORAL day to you. Have a great day.@Hello JustJared: I’m sorry to tell you, a thread about the Jolie Pitt children always bring out the worse in the trolls. Trolls are just evil people. This morning I and I’m sure a few other fans had to flag a thread wishing death to Angie. I was very happy Chris or Jared took it down right away. I did forget to say thanks to JJ for that.

Mrs. Chancellor @ 05/27/2013 at 11:59 am

Very sad news. Condolences to the Martin family…

Condolences to Debbie’s family and friends.  Maybe one day we will stop spending all this money on war and spend it on finding a cure for cancer- no more soldiers would have to die either.  Here is a nice, ACCURATE writeup of Brad’s words no crowbar of nasty old fat tick manny- I guess manny ran out of money (or troll boy spent it all) before she could slime her manny fingerprints on it.  Happy 7th Birthday to SNJP!!!!
I live for Angelina Jolie, kids: Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt says he was wasting his life on drugs before he met Angelina Jolie. The actor admits he now lives for his partner and their six children.

“For a long time I thought I did too much damage – drug damage. I was a bit of a drifter and wanted to see things. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany – a decision not to squander my opportunities,” quoted Pitt as saying.

“I have a handful of close friends and I have my family – and I haven’t known life to be any happier,” said Pitt.

The actor also said he loves the mayhem that comes with having a large family.“I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house. There’s constant chatter in our house, whether it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it,” he added.

here’s a thing…..per Maniston,her mom is like a CANCER,while anjie is trying to get out of the cancer….tsk,tsk.tsk.

My condolences to the family.

@anustin: Thank you.
Riri showed restrain for once, and said, this is what happens when you don’t through with intervention.
Amanda want Drake to murder her Vag, her claim about being sexually assaulted by the Police if not true will still stay in the Officer’s permanent record.
Some are saying she is doing this for attention, don’t know if she is ill or not.
Did you see that horrible pap from X17 trying to pull the cover from over her head, now that is going way over, how dare he touch her clothing.

#189 cry for the men and woman we lost in WAR . That’s whom I’m crying for this morning . I’m truly sorry for her aunt death . It means nothing to me I don’t know them. #193 CRAZY you you are no body to
Talk karma . Has karma come to ANGE for what she done in her pass ?no . Even you fool no nothing of her hittern pass . Don’t talk SH!T your ass don’t know about .

bermy girl @ 05/27/2013 at 1:10 pm

Happy Birthday Shiloh!!

The third arrival of six beautiful children.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:15 pm

@1Love: Yes, she’s had plenty of GOOD karma. Good karma comers to people who do good, not manipulate others into feeling sorry for them for 9 years.

What energy are you putting out into the world ? SATTING in judgement on one woman every single day. What has she done to you all . not a thing . If you want to call me jenhen do. I call you ANGEHOGS 50/50 don’t for once think what you say about JEN can be said about ANGE if as you say it’s karma . Back at you baba.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:28 pm

@1Love: but, you’re judging Angie and her Aunt who just passed. Practice what you preach, hen.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:31 pm

@1Love: Now go enjoy your Memorial Day troll, and leave us alone.

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 1:32 pm



Death, like birth, is a PART of life.

Hiya JPs Fans @ 05/27/2013 at 1:36 pm

Angie’s work is not done. She can do only so much to bring attention to cancer and us fans know she has done more than her share. The bitter hens and perverts didn’t even leave the awareness on the front page for a couple of days. It was pushed back and Angie had to take a barrage of insults and taunts from PR driven shills.

Us fans have a solemn job of bring back Angie’s story to the headlines. Lets fan out to various sites and calmly and coolly share out personal stories of how Angie helped us all the while throughly and completely deriding Manny, the fat assed tick.

She could be manipulating now who knows. You don’t get to talk karma it’s not your place. I’m crying for the HEROS we lost that give their life for ANGE to be the STAR she is. I will share my TEARS for them. Have you had your fry chicken yet?

So sorry for your loss, Ange…

Now we can better appreciate what a smart and decisive call you made… Hats off to you!!!

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 1:42 pm

LMAOOO, this troll just said “she could be manipulating now.” I guess ticky could be! Thanks for agreeing with us! Lmaooo

an opinion @ 05/27/2013 at 1:43 pm

@1Love: The more you post the more you show your real self. Start out pretending to be a random person posting on this thread. Then the Aniston fan comes out and always show themselves as racist ugly people.

1Love is tam sh!t/joe. Ignore and stop engaging with it. She’s a desperate loser just like her idol. Anyway, Condolence to Angelina Jolie Pitt and family.

Happy Birthday to Shiloh Jolie Pitt. She is 7.

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 2:02 pm


What you really mean to say is where are your Aryan Brothers and Sisters?

Probably busy mating with each other to make more of you. You truly are a dying breed.

After all,… who else would want you?

Most of us do not associate with pondscum.

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 2:06 pm

# 137 GoopyGOOP! @ 05/27/2013 at 3:04 am
Goopy -
I know about John Trudell. I didn’t bring him up because he had nothing to do with Morton. Are you sure about Marcheline wasn’t estranged from Debbie & Raleigh when she died? I got that info from a usually very reliable source. Debbie, IIRC, participated in that little “tribute” JV put together and I remember other fans here (and JJB) at the time were also saying that’s what they’d heard.
Also, whether Morton lifted Debbie’s quotes from somewhere else or made it look like she spoke to him is questionable, but I spent many hours in B&N reading that trash and then mockingly “reviewed” the book for people here and I remember quotes attributed to Debbie. Hey, it’s Andrew Morton and he could have made it all up but I didn’t hear about any lawsuits from anyone he claimed to be quoting. If nothing else you’d think they’d sue him for misquoting them or misrepresenting their quotes. The book flopped anyway. In the NE piece he wrote they said hed written a bio on Angie but his by-line listed him as being the author of “best selling biographies of Tom Cruise and Princess Diana”. I was kind of proud of NE because at least they didn’t lie and call Morton’s book on Angie “a best seller”. I doubt that sucker even sold 20,000 copies – including public libraries.

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 2:10 pm

# 176 briseis @ 05/27/2013 at 9:59 am
It’s sort of scary that it’s been 7 years…and we’re still here. The good news is that we’re fans. The trolls? They have no good excuse. I still don’t understand how much effort it takes to NOT go to the threads of someone you dislike…for 8 years…and counting…

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 2:16 pm

# 198 anustin @ 05/27/2013 at 11:33 am
Anustin -
I saw that RiRi\Bynes story on TMZ last night. I admire RiRi’s restraint because most people, including me, would have gone off that chick. The fist thing I’d have said is, “WHO ARE YOU? Literally…who the fvck are you? I’ve never even heard of you!” Because…I still don’t have any idea of who this Bynes chick is and I’ve been seeing stories about her going off her nut for about 2 months now. I guess she’s some Disney or Nickelodeon “star”? Whatever. Somebody needs to pimp slap the taste out her mouth and then put her in the room next to LiLo at Betty Ford.

If you want to cry for war heroes why in the hell are you on a celebrity site? Lying loser. You don’t cry for war heroes you’re just using
to bash Jolie like the lying loser you are. You should be ashamed of yourself for using war heroes.

Passing Through @ 05/27/2013 at 2:33 pm

# 204 well @ 05/27/2013 at 12:06 pm
I think one of the important things Brad said in those quotes – that’s not included here – is “I’m making things.” For years and years he had all these furniture and design ideas and he only noodled at them occasionally. Now his furniture designs are becoming a reality. He’s built MIR and is helping change the landscape of American homes by building green. He’s up to 4 cities on that project and said at the outset – why can’t it be nationally? He had the vision to see it being a BIG change and that’s well on the way to happening. He’s always had an interest in photography and now he’s had pictures of his Angie published – and that had never happened before Angie. Plus he’s got the wine making business and for someone who is an admitted perfectionist an keeps tinkering until it’s just right…people should have known that wine wasn’t going to suck. LOL. When he doesn’t know something he seeks out experts who do and through them his visions become reality. Plus – he’s got The Jolie and THEIR 6 kids. No wonder the man’s in love with his currently life and reflecting back on his past with a rueful shake of his head. He had all this potential bottled up for a long time too bad if it makes Ticky look bad when he says it was a conscious decision to change his life. Out with the shite that’s not working and in with shite that IS working. Somebody cue up Elton’s “Circle of Life” while the hens and trolls cry foul.

#223 PT- my guess would be that no lawsuits were filed because it would just call attention to the book (leading to more sales). With the exception of the NOW lawsuit, the JP strategy is to ignore/rise above. Whatever the case, it is very pleasing that it was such a huge failure for Mr Scummy. Happy Birthday to Shiloh and happy Memorial Day to all!

I like you to feel what it’s like to judge. Do unto to others as you have done to you . Take your big girls pill and dell baba. Idiot in our society we cry for the dead and laugh with the living. HERE this once more what good or bad for Jen an other celebs is good or bad for ANGE . Simply put you talk SH!t about Jen maybe not me somebody will TALK SH!T about ST.ange. That’s karma. I wil leave when I’m please. I leave when ihave tought you all a class in your behiver toward tumtin people . Bye now .

RIP Debbie Martin. Sincere condolences to the Martin family and Angie’s family.

Angelina Jolie got a painful reminder why she had a double mastectomy

Her aunt died yesterday from breast cancer.
Added by guardian on May 27, 2013.
Saved under Entertainment, Georgina Pijttersen

Angelina Jolie decided to undergo a double mastectomy in order to stay alive longer so she would be able to to see her kids grow up. Her Aunt would have wanted the same but she wasn’t aware that she had breast cancer. Her husband said: ‘‘Had we known, we certainly would have done exactly what Angelina did.’’ Debbie Martin, the younger sister of Angelina’s mother has passed away at age 61 in a hospital in Escondido, California. Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died from ovarian cancer in 2007 and this was the reason why Angelina got tested and ultimately chose to have the double mastectomy.

Before this operation there was an 87 percent possibility for Angelina to get breast cancer and now that threat level has decreased to 5 percent. She decided to get reconstructive surgery, however painful that decision might have been.

To this day many women around the world have been wondering about how she could make this decision and what possible thoughts/ worries and sorrow must have gone through her mind.

Such a beautiful woman with an enviable body, that she has worked so hard for and where babies materialised from.

How hard it must be for any woman to take this step and in particular a woman that is so much in the spotlight and whose job it is to look good and be an example for young girls. In addition the added stress of wondering if the paparazzi will find out and what they might make of it. Maybe they would have reported that she underwent breast surgery just for the enhancement effect!

Imagine going to the hospital and knowing that they will take away your boobs! Of course there is reconstructive surgery and if Angelina had decided to keep it a secret we probably wouldn’t even have seen the difference. However brave-a-lina decided to speak out about this issue and show other women that it can be done, even if you’re terrified and wonder why this “had to happen to you”. She all so showed us that : you still look every inch the woman you were before this operation.

Of course her biggest concern has always been and always will be her children. When she found out she had the BRCA1 gene she realised that with this gene there would be a huge possibility that she would get breast cancer very soon. (just like her mom had endured and died from.) This death sentence could be reversed for her or at least minimised if she underwent the double mastectomy.

It’s saddening that Debbie Martin couldn’t be saved. She did know what was going on a while back but it wasn’t during a point that something drastic like Angelina has done could be done for her as well. Her husband said the following about it: “Debbie [Martin] had the same defective BRCA1 gene that Jolie has, but didn’t know it until after her 2004 cancer diagnosis.”

At this point in time Angelina hasn’t released a statement concerning this tragedy.

By Georgina Pijttersen

#222 do you know what the press have call people like you ? GUESS now sat your fat ass down and eat your fried chicken and potato salads .

@Passing Through:

What is also very telling is that only one piece of the Pitt Pollaro collection was designed prior to 2009 (i.e. 2001) ! Makes you think about the quote “Behind every great man there’s a great woman”.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 2:50 pm

I sure will! Chicken and potato salad is so good! I think I will get some at Costco.

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 2:54 pm

With extra hot sauce. Yumm

A few of you on just jared are nice people the rest are nesty ANGEHOGS all by my self have taking on the asses and shut them up.

An open letter from the founder of Life’s Door, at the Institute of Radiotherapy, Tel Aviv Medical Center.

Angelina Jolie Photo: Reuters

Dear Ms. Jolie,

Shalom from a longtime fan who deeply admires your artistic work as well as your social convictions. I appreciate particularly your perspective on adoption, among the most important of mitzvot.

As an oncologist, I have the privilege of caring for people who suffer from cancer. In our clinic, just one week after your candid, public announcement about your prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, the daily discourse is changing for patients and medical staff alike.

My colleagues and I envision how we might have counseled you. Each of us has wondered: Would I have recommended the preventive procedure or merely described alternatives? In our waiting rooms, a senior nurse has observed an increase in numbers of men accompanying their partners as well as significantly more hand-holding among patients waiting for treatments.

Many of my patients come from a highly educated population in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Typically, they research their options well. During the past few days, however, patient queries sound less perfunctory and more focused. Tolerance for doctors who dodge questions seems to have vanished.

Women have long sought accurate quantification of the risks associated with treatment choices, decisions to forego therapy and other controversies. Suddenly requests have turned into demands for more precise answers. Yesterday, when I appeared surprised by a volley of questions coming from a previously shy breast cancer survivor, the patient assertively paraphrased an idiom about angels, “I want to be on the side of Angelina in this journey!” “So,” I told her, “do I.”

An insight came just today from a patient of approximately your age who said, “Angelina Jolie has been endowed with so many gifts. Now we see, she has also been chosen.”

My patient, whose mother-tongue is Hebrew, then helped me understand the nature of “choseness.”

The synthesis of physical beauty and honed acting skills is a rare combination. A defect in the BRCA1 gene is an unusual event. The confluence of so many rarities is seldom seen in one individual. When oncologists like me try to put a rare event into perspective for the layman, we often make an analogy with winning a lottery, and then reflexively offer our standard joke about cancer being the lottery no one wants to win.

Indeed, considerable fear and stigma still accompany a diagnosis of cancer. When one is chosen for something that is unwanted, the inclination is to ask “why me?” While many react with shame and reclusiveness, some paradoxically respond with curiosity and grace.

You have decided to accept what is ostensibly an undesirable role and to dare us to maturely embrace the attendant challenges.

Choseness is ultimately about responsibility.


Benjamin W. Corn, M.D.

Professor and chairman, Institute of Radiotherapy, Tel Aviv Medical Center,
Founder Life’s Door

Be strong Angie. May God bless you and your family.

Morton is a LIAR. Period @ 05/27/2013 at 3:02 pm

Talking about the disgusting liar Morton and all the garbage he write.

Marcheline was not estranged from Debbie or Roland. That rumor is complete false and offensive to Angie and her family.

Marcheline, by the words of Angie and many others, was a wonderful person, incapable of doing any bad action against anybody, especially her family, like her beloved sister and brother. she love them and she was with them until the end.

BTW, Morton have said that Marcheline have try to influence Angie to “catch” Mick Jagger when Angie work in the video clip of Rolling Stones, because she was a fan and was thinking that the best for Angie was to be involved with someone famous like Mick.

Now we read a Marche letter were she said that she went to a R.Stone concert in 1989, and have the privilege to meet the band, and Mick, for the first time. After that she was diagnosed with Cancer.

This is one concrete prove that Morton lie and invented everything in that book.

About the fact that nobody come out denying the words its because nobody wants to spend time in the court disproving a person that don´t have any credit and not believed and because it was in the USA. With all the liberty’s it´s difficult to process someone in the USA book industry.

But in Europe it´s different, because Morton knows he have lie in the majority of quotes, he opted to not printed, not published the book in Europe. We have more restrict laws about this issues.

— Big kiss to Angie family and all Fans.

I don’t eat from those places. Eat on baba that your right to eat gabbag.

Not my taste @ 05/27/2013 at 3:09 pm

@BH: his furniture designs are very tacky. The 70s have a strong influence over his taste.

When hearts listen, Angels sing…

Happy 7th Birthday to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

@Morton is a LIAR. Period:

I had forgotten he didn’t publish that crap book in Europe. Well goes to show that he knew it was lies and misinformation. I didn’t care one way or the other. I was never going to buy an unauthorized book about Angie or Brad.

funny thing.. wonder why no one is writing a book about Jenny poo. I mean she is the America’s Sweetheart.. according to her fans loved the world over. Perfect person. yet even Mr. Oink Oink didn’t write a book about the woman the piggets on his site say they love so much. Heck they could make it a best seller. Well not quite. it is how they got his head so big. he actually thought the hags could get him a best selling book. Too funny.

well we are about to start the cook out.. have to run.. Best to all the fans.. and ignore the name changing nut. Too obvious how all of a sudden a new name just pops up and that person is here and others just disappear. you got to love how dumb they are.


She is a weirdo BUT she is also so very sick & evil person who should be locked up! These trolls have no boundaries—THEY JUST HATE!

Happy 7th birthday lovely, beautiful, sunshine & HONEY Shiloh!

Happy Birthday Shiloh Jolie-Pitt! Brad & Angelina’s Daughter Turns 7

Posted on May 27, 2013 @ 11:36AM | By Radar Staff
Splash News/FameFlynet

Her too cute boyish looks have charmed her parents’ fans, and it’s hard to believe that one of the most photographed kids in the world is turning seven May 27.

Born in Swakopmund, Namibia, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s oldest biological child and the middle of their three girls.

PHOTOS: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Turns Seven

With Shiloh’s being the first of Angelina’s six kids having a birthday since her dramatic decision to undergo a double mastectomy, it will certainly be a blast of a celebration!

Happy birthday!

Today is a very happy day in the Jolie-Pitt Kingdom, the beautiful Princess Shiloh Novel is making 7 years.

Congratulations sweet Princess, Happy-birth day…. hope you can grow up with all the love, from your family and can Angie be with you and us for many many many years in good health….

Of course Angie and Brad are dealing with a difficult situation and emotions. Debbie is the last from her mother side to lose against Cancer. It must be a terrible emotion and a very hard period in Angie life.

I´m glad Brad, her brother and father and all his family are supporting her in this tragic moment. it´s really sad… but life goes on…. kiss

# 211

Ain’t you a hypocrite – you insignificant low-life. You’ve packed your ass here every day, judging Angie, her family and her fans and you have the nerve to lecture us. Just piss off and go preach your sh!t
somewhere else. You wanna talk about karma, just be careful cuz karma has a way of paying back those who fabricate lies about Angie and her family.

fyi12 @ 05/27/2013 at 3:00 pm
Excellent article. Thanks for sharing. As the doctor stated, no one wants to be in the position that Angelina is in, but having had it thrust upon her, she has chosen to share her experience and to help educate women everywhere, some whose lives are already being impacted by the disease.
Women need to be educated about paying attention to family history, examining themselves, getting regular testing and all of their options should they develop any type of cancer. A good place to begin is with mothers and fathers talking to their daughters and sons, particularly if there is a family history.
The old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, but early detection can and does save lives. Some women might not want the option that Angelina took, but that’s not really what this is all about. They still need to be vigilant, they still need to be educated, they still need to know that they have choices.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 3:36 pm

Happy, Happy birthday to our beautiful Shiloh JoiePitt.
What a little treasure you are to your mommy, daddy and brothers and sisters.
God bless you sweetheart and grant you the happiest, most beautiful life that you so richly deserve.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 3:39 pm

Happy Holiday to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans. I hope every one of you and your families are enjoying this day doing everything families do when they get together to have a great time.
A great big loving hello to my darling girls, Phool, Rose, Tish, Falp and all the fantastic posters on this site. I have been reading your posts and enjoying everyone of them and learning so much and appreciating so much your incredible insights. The JoliePItts have the BEST fans.
Thank you FYI12, Annon, Neer, and all the posters who bring so many interesting articles, videos and pictures to share with us fans.
God bless each and everyone of you and your loving families.


Well, her mother have write a book about Dirty-X (i don´t read) telling all the real things about the fake and disturbed mind that Jenanuston his.

It´s funny…. the jealous-haters like to talk about the bad relation Angie have with her father JV, it was deserved, he was a bad parent but it´s old news and it´s already resolved.

But Dirty-x do not talk with her mother, the person she born, give her love, education and give her everything after her father leave the home when she was a child. And now she have money and can do anything to help. she chose not do nothing.

It´s a prove that Dirty-x is a bad person, she have evil inside her.

Her mother was not invited to her weeding and she do not give her any help when she was in the Hospital very bad.

I don´t get the jealous-haters and Dirty-X lovers. why they are OK with this evil and stupid behavior with her mother?? She is truly a bad person.

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 3:46 pm


Fried Chicken and Potato Salad, eh? Wow…You have something against American Southern cuisine? Anyway, chicken anything is definitely NOt my favorite.

Me..fat? Hehehehe…That was funnier than the food thingy you brought up.

What are you having for dinner? SPAM, Velveeta, fries, hot dogs,… and what else? I am so sure you are into healthy nutritional meals.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt………….seven years old………she will be as iconic as her superstar parents; don’t know doing what as yet, but she will be something. Those genes, that love, the encouragement to artistically blossom naturally……..the global influence…..she will be a one of…….no doubt in my mind.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 3:48 pm

Brad and Angelina’s Rose wine has the touch of excellence on it.
I know nothing about “organic” wines but what I can say after sipping the delicious nectar from the Miraval vineyards…..oooohh la la. The Rose is simply perfection on he palate. (sp?) And what a wonderfully restful night I had after imbibing. Slept like a baby and woke up feeling very good.
I am ordering another case because friends and family want to have a bottle of their own. The bottle is uniquely adorable.
I am sooo glad, Passing Through, as you pointed out so succinctly, Brad is doing all the things he had in his heart all this time to do. He just needed Angelina by his side to give him the impetus, the inspiration and work with him. What a beautiful family they have created together. And what wonderful things they are doing together to help so many people.

Oregon Life @ 05/27/2013 at 3:54 pm

Angelina, you are especially in our thoughts and prayers. Big hugs to you and your family. Yes, cancer s^cks and hopefully we find cure soon.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 3:54 pm

I don’t know if this was posted earlier. Please forgive if it is a duplication. From Elle.
Angelina Jolie: Our Wonder Woman
May 14 3:30 PM by Cotton Codinha

Angelina Jolie is officially a real-life superhero. In an Op-ed titled “My Medical Choice” that appeared in this morning’s issue of The New York Times, Jolie, who is as famous for her comely form as she is for her acting prowess, bravely shared that she has spent the last three months undergoing a preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Jolie explained that she lost her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, to breast cancer at age 56 and, upon learning from doctors of her own elevated risk of both breast and ovarian cancers (at 87 percent and 50 percent, respectively), elected to undergo the major surgery for the sake of herself and her children.

The famous beauty has never been one to shy away from difficult topics and has spent most of the past decade as an advocate and champion of causes ranging from acting as a special envoy for the of UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres to drawing awareness to the genocide of the Bosnian war in her latest directorial effort—so it follows that she would share her experience for the sake of education.

Jolie wrote her piece as a call to action, a clarion for women to take control of their bodies and make choices regarding their medical future. “Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness,” she wrote. “But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer, and then take action.… For any woman reading this, I hope it helps you to know you have options.” Breast cancer kills nearly 458,000 people each year, and Jolie acknowledged that early detection procedures can prove prohibitively expensive (about $3,000 for the gene testing). But by sharing her experience, the Hollywood star became the woman in the waiting room, ready to hold your hand and help you wrap your brain around what your options are. Instead of hiding in shadowy medical language or benign platitudes, she touches on the mechanics of the procedure in layman’s terms (nipples, drain tubes, expanders, et al.) and describes the powerful, strange feeling of waking up with tubes inside of one’s body and knowing that this was the right choice. “The decision to have a mastectomy was not easy,” Jolie said, “but it is one I am very happy that I made…I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”


She’s having a Spam lasagna…….grease pan……..layer on spam, cover in loose Velveeta junks, next thin layers of wieners……more cheese…….layer of frozen fries……….more cheese and top with cream. Microwave for five minutes……..long enough to chug two King Cans of beer so you can actually stomach it.

You can find it on under Troll Trash…….subtext of Trailer Trash……….eat like a hater……… here.

Some Bunny @ 05/27/2013 at 3:58 pm

Am so sorry to hear of Angelina Jolie & James Haven’s loss. I am sure their mother’s sister was greeted by her guardian angels, one named Marcheline. Angelina & James will keep her memory alive the way they do their own mom. Of course both spirit lives on in the souls of Brad & Angelina’s beautiful children.

Little Shiloh is 7 years old today! I imagine she is having a wonderful birthday with her family despite the grief. My goodness time does fly the JP family growing up and each shining little lights of their own. Happy Birthday to Shiloh Marcheline!

With a name like grace you shout know better judge and you be judge. I’m doing unto ST. ANGE what her hogs do to others . You don’t like it to to bad . Happercrates is the name names of you OLDHAGS .

Not you taste not if yours run like barren old cow jen that cant keep a man with her cinnamon face leather skin and vapid brain who would want her for anything but her money. I mean she is always taking off her cloth and yet these guys ran she always takes off running
Brad run
Paul run
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Bradley ran
John run – OH year John ran twice
She doesn’t need a brain with justin she broke up a 14 year relationship to get him but she paid good money for him

miranda gladis @ 05/27/2013 at 4:05 pm

There are many of us on this planet who live with cancer and every day is a fight for us. However I believe that a healthy diet and a healthy mind set and plenty of rest to keep the mind stable, without overloading. on the what if’s and doing the things that we enjoy in life are pivotal to winning this fight, Brad loves you so very much and it shows in the way he looks at you, and you are a great mother and wife to him. Be Brave and stay strong.

Queen Jolie @ 05/27/2013 at 4:06 pm

Happy birthday to the beautiful SHILO JOLIE PITT.Im sure you will have a wonderful and happy one.

So, “Angie is not able to come right now…”

And just why not? Jolie knew that her aunt was on her deathbed.

I’ll tell you why not…
because Jolie is a totally selfish attention whore who cannot stand anyone else getting any sympathy, that’s why not

Re: 1 love @ 05/27/2013 at 4:07 pm

Lol BIITCH, you can’t make us stop talking! Who are you? You are nothing but a dumbass troll still in middle school. We are just laughing at your stupid ass thinking you can do something. All you are doing is making the hits for this thread go up! You sr contributing the the JP’s heheh.

Pasta with gravy and green salad. some juloto.

Gosh can u people able to keep one thread fr free from his exes and that disease of a case free. U r as dissgusting worest than them. You drad in shitt. Waste.
Remember when all fail u regrate this. He is as diseases as his ex. And angie people enjoy this disgusting game. She the same. All waste

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 4:09 pm

Thank you Angelina for sharing your story with all of us. Here are just a few comments from grateful readers. What a blessing you are to sooo many.
Gloria Hill · University of Southern Mississippi
Thank you Angelina. I admired u before but this takes it to another level. Thank u so much for being brave enough n not giving into vanity. Because u r beautiful…. Still.
Reply · 4 · · May 17 at 4:51pm

Sam Mattingly · Founder, CEO at SM Communications
I think what makes it courageous is that she has chosen to use her story to up the conversation. I too could not afford the surgery, but I appreciate the fact that we have started talking about this again. Part of that conversation is about the fact that people like you and I cannot afford this treatment and what can be done about this. It is also about making sure that women remain vigilant. We must always keep this dialogue in play or else, like so many other things, it is forgotten and more will die.

Yasmin Ghadimi · Los Angeles, California
Reply · 3 · · May 14 at 5:0

Lor Botin
You are an inspiration to every woman. I have always admired your kindness!
Reply · 2 · · May 16 at 8:57pm

CM Miller · Atlanta, Georgia
putting family 1st. Bravo!
Reply · 2 · · May 16 at 10:21am

Jordan Sharpe · Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
I love this, and absolutely love her generally, but particularly for the awareness she brings through all that she does, and particularly to something as personal as this. She is a total role model. (but, I think her mother died of ovarian cancer, not breast cancer).
Reply · 1 · · May 17 at 6:51am

Yolanda Chavez Cabello Zuanich · Works at Trabajo para que cada dia sea un buen dia, de Paz y tranquilidad
Very smart and practical. It really is the thing to do in her case!

Stephanie Adams
My Mom had a radical double mastectomy over 30 years ago (she is now 84), my sister elected to have a lumpectomy, 3 years later had a recurrance and it metastisized, she died at age 57. I had genetic testing and it showed no BRACA gene, I am grateful for that, but if I could have my sister back, I would advise, take them off…..and live.

Blogspot NO NAME
She’s AMAZING! And I admire her for being so humble. She & Brad have helped so much, God bless them.
Reply · · May 15 at 2:04am

And for those who think they do not qualify because of money issues:

Susan Jones · Top Commenter
I am not sure what I think. The test isn’t available to most women, and if you have the gene, then what? It isn’t considered medically necessary nor would the recon work be covered by most insurances. It is still a wealthy woman’s option, not mine. I opt for aggressive screening. Most of the women I know that have been recently diagnosed with various issues haven’t been tested in 5 years. Please check out Best Chance Network. It is a program for under insured/uninsured women for mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. Please check to see if it is available in your area.
Reply · 3 · · May 17 at 11:16am

Furthermore, Jolie has portrayed her fancy boob-job as a double mastectomy! Her boobs are probably better now than they ever were before.

Re: 1 love @ 05/27/2013 at 4:16 pm


At least they won’t be saggy like your idols cooch and tits.

Dawne is discribing her daily life hahaha. Did I make the moron loose her SH!T yea. Ha. Save your stinky breath rude ass . Bill bob left the boney one dide’n he girls? He was tired with her.

In the near future, Jolie going to have her twat makeover, and she’s going to try to sell it all as another ‘preventative’ surgery. It will prevent it hanging down to her knobby knees though.

@Passing Through: Yes, isn’t it? So many changes have happened in those 7 years to most of us, including Jared’s metamorphosis from a simple blogger to this megablog owner, but we have never wavered in our admiration of the JPs despite troll infestation and mockings.

They don’t know how to be a fan without saying that bittch of a woman.
The problem lies with not handling it right from day one that time past
It wont be back and u cannot make it ok now. All u got to do is do the best NOW. How come his brain can not thing this.
Angie too. He is stupid what is ur excuse why clinqa is still have to be here. A number. I prefer her better than any here but she is ad
Like passing through and manny shitts addicted to fight. Why npt someone that is postive here instead ahhhhhhh
May be I shouldnt post when I have a little…I dislike this yck all

I love jolie

Have you been in her cooch stupid? As for faces pancake face . Boney dry ass drumstick legs . Big enough mouth to suck an egg. Right?

She is addi.cted not ad

@1Love: ticky sausage legs looking like two fat hogs

@1Love: have you been in Angie’s boobs?

I love Angie secretly

Why busted here to iknow brad is not bright non of them cannot think but why this people who are addicted to fight? Why not postive people who no matter happen will let dead casees rest in peace discu and refuse to discuss let alone to re discuss.
When there is a step a head for freedom and peace they will easily fail to their addiction of fight and 10 step backward.ah

Ticky has a sagging cooch

You the big fool talk about ANGE tites I did not their stupid. If you have to hide to respond you not worth a respond. I feel sad for some of you. I’m off to see the fast and the fury you know the movie about cars. What are the ANGEHOGS doing for the evening DUH.

Why busted here to know brad is not bright non of them cannot think but why this people who are addicted to fight? Why not postive people who no matter happen will let dead casees rest in peace discu and refuse to discuss let alone to re discuss.
When there is a step a head for freedom and peace they will easily fail to their addiction of fight and 10 step backward. Is this worth it? Negative publicity that is gain by that case is no good. Better not to get no publicty. Better no have noting to talk about than that. It is proved it is better .

I hope they still look reall. She loves to meet her new guy at MarriageMeetDotCom for Marriage Seeking Men and Women.

Waste and disappointing I don’t get it why I with my will clome to change this instead of …..

I love Angie

@fyi12: What a beautiful letter from Dr. Corn. Most of the medical community are praising Angie for the way she explained her surgeries and being pro-active.
Angie’s op-ed piece was read World wide, from the many comment all over the Net.
Sherri Shepherd from The View needs a brain transplant, and I don’t even know if that would help, she is way pass dumb.
Barbra Walters is retiring in 2014, why wait, if she goes now, no one will miss her, why not talk about your daughter getting arrested again for drunk driving.

Who let these crazy troll dogs out.

@geez: woof woof

I wonder where JP family is. I am sure Shiloh is having an amazing birthday celebration. I can’t wait for London premiere.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 5:10 pm

Thank you for your well stated, powerful post! I could not agree more. I think this is another reason why Brad said, “I have a Bull’s eye on my back.”
He is not speaking only of himself but of his family, Angelina included. He said what keeps him up at night is worrying about the safety of his family. (Words to that effect).
I don’t think Brad is naive or stupid when it comes to how the X and her PR machine functions. He lived with the most vengeful woman seeing how she hated and treated her own mother. He has good reason to be wary and keep bodyguards around his family.
“Angelina is not a b*tch, or a witch like them. They know it, and their fans know it. That’s why they go crazy. Angelina shows it in her every action, that they will never match up. That’s why not even Angelina’s humanitarian work, or her parenting, or her family grieving, or her incredible proactive steps to insure she stays healthy are recognized by them.
Truth be told:they want her destruction. They want Brad to get his, in the worst possible way. I hate to say it – but I do believe it about Maniston and her ilk. Consequently, when they hear how Angelina is sidestepping cancer, or how she’s had another healthy happy pregnancy, or how she’s landed her own plane safely, or how she’s made it back safely from another war torn area, they’re disappointed.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 5:27 pm

What a beautiful article. Thank you FYi12. I Love this part.
“Yesterday, when I appeared surprised by a volley of questions coming from a previously shy breast cancer survivor, the patient assertively paraphrased an idiom about angels, “I want to be on the side of Angelina in this journey!” “So,” I told her, “do I.”
An insight came just today from a patient of approximately your age who said, “Angelina Jolie has been endowed with so many gifts. Now we see, she has also been chosen.”
My patient, whose mother-tongue is Hebrew, then helped me understand the nature of “choseness.”
The synthesis of physical beauty and honed acting skills is a rare combination. A defect in the BRCA1 gene is an unusual event. The confluence of so many rarities is seldom seen in one individual. When oncologists like me try to put a rare event into perspective for the layman, we often make an analogy with winning a lottery, and then reflexively offer our standard joke about cancer being the lottery no one wants to win.
Indeed, considerable fear and stigma still accompany a diagnosis of cancer. When one is chosen for something that is unwanted, the inclination is to ask “why me?” While many react with shame and reclusiveness, some paradoxically respond with curiosity and grace.
You have decided to accept what is ostensibly an undesirable role and to dare us to maturely embrace the attendant challenges.
Choseness is ultimately about responsibility.”
Benjamin W. Corn, M.D.
Professor and chairman, Institute of Radiotherapy, Tel Aviv Medical Center,
Founder Life’s Door

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 5:28 pm

Angelina. You are truly a Godsend.
God bless you and Brad and your beautiful family always.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 5:50 pm

I have the feeling Angelina is receiving many well wishes and condolence messages PRIVATELY from many in the Hollywood environment. They are people too with hearts and feelings.
Thankfully not everyone in the industry is hard hearted and uncaring as some have shown themselves to be openly and outwardly, eg. C Handler, Aniston, etc.
I was hoping Ellen would speak openly since Brad and Angelina have supported her “causes” for so many years. I guess time will tell.

Suffer u brought it and by ur action u r kepping it.with this method u always lose in all.remember this.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/27/2013 at 5:58 pm

Off to enjoy the Holiday. Thank you to all the Veterans who gave and give so much so that we can live freely in this amazing country of ours. God bless every one of you.
God bless our Leaders who make decisions for us. Thank you for giving them wisdom to choose wisely.
Phool, my darling. I wish you a wonderful holiday and must tell you how much I miss seeing your posts today. I hope you are not stuck in the dreaded Mod situation. We will talk soon my dear.
Rose. Welcome back. You were missed so much. I am glad you had a wonderful trip. You have your very pleasant memories and a very full life to live.
I have been working on my yard and planted some Plumerias. My girlfriend gave me a very rare piece. I put in some more gardenias, I finally have learned to grow them and a beautiful mirror plant. I love looking out at my yard from my back windows. It is beautiful. I have family over now and the kids are playing kick ball and running all over the grass and screaming and laughing and having so much fun. Complete chaos as Brad says but it is a nice sound hearing them having fun. The sun is shining brightly but I have some umbrellas out there over the tables for shade……and comfy chairs with cushions for the gang to sit in. It is a beautiful day.

Again. Happy Holidays to all the fans. And here is to the BEST birthday ever to our Beautiful Shiloh Nouvel JoliePitt and comfort and peace in the hearts of Brad and Angelina and all the family.
God bless our beautiful JoliePitt fans alway.

nah….anjie happened to pop children…..some can not afford to have it!

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 6:17 pm

@Love the JoliePitts: I’m enjoying your post!

“Today Show” with a report about the death of Angie aunt, Debbie Martin.

They show rare pics of young sisters and they talk with Mr. Martin and son.

Ron Martin husband of Debbie, praised Angie option.

post # 303

” The same old stupid idiot spiting the same old boring idiotic stupidity’s “

I for one cannot stand the hypocrisy of these POS loons who claim to be distraught over the death of somebody they don’t even know, just because she happened to be related to the vapid celebrity that they worship, even though it’s clear she wasn’t even close to her.

Oh I bet there are others in your neighborhoods who either have relatives or they themselves are dying of cancer, yet you’re not weeping for them. If you’re so empathetic, caring and sensitive towards this illness and its victims, then why won’t you go to a hospital and start weeping or caring for cancer patients over there?

Truth is, you only care about cancer now because your Hor goddess just started talking about it, but how many other people around you have passed away from this illness without you ever batting an eyelash for them? Had this had happened to a relative any celebrity you despise, would you be singing the same tune about “empathy”. Hypocrite tools.

Tampon, why don’t you go and ruminate on the beauty as represented here, let the sheer perfection of her bone structure calm you and put you at peace:
Oh, and by the by…I had to laugh my azz off at Maniston’s commercial, you know the brown spots one..(she’s one big age spot, hahaha) at the end, he’s trying to give a supremely confident broad smile at the very end, and hahahahaha, her noticed juvadermed gash of a mouth is so immobile her mouth goes crooked like a stroke victim’s, she’s a perfect person to advertise creams for brown spots and aging with that lopsided mouth. Hahaha

Hei Ten Ton Tessie shut the F@ck up and stop spitting on your old computer, no matter what you f@cken said, it doesn’t mean shiit, we love our beautiful Angie before… Now… And forever more now…..
Truth is that you live breath and OWN by the JPs…. Sucks to be FAT and UGLY as you are.
What is it to you weather we care about cancer or not…
Isn’t it AMAZING how THE WHOLE WORLD talk about Angie Aunty?
and yet your neighbour doesn’t even know that’s you’re even EXSIST…

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/27/2013 at 7:31 pm

Before haters jump on Brad about WWZ, they should look at this high budget films that bomb.

Ben Afflect’s Gigli cost 75 mil but made only 6 mil in the U.S.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/27/2013 at 7:39 pm


Seriously Cliniqua, why do you have to remind me of that ugly nose? It really hurt my eyes. In fact, her whole face hurt my eyes. The nose, the chin, the jawline, the tiny little eyes and the thin lips that she kept trying to pouted to look like Angie’s.




While he was married to the OLD BARREN COW

My laugh of the day: Carry ‘carrying on’ about the lack of intelligence of the JP fans. Shite, I thought that was the cat’s azz. Not that there was in intelligible sentence in the spew, if you grasped every fourth word or so you could discern the message……….what an effing hoot.

As for the vipers on board….ugliest souls I’ve ever come across. Anonymity is their white hood……..they are literally eaten alive by their hatred…….stand back for the implosion of toxicity as the summer heats up with JP’s everywhere and the Deadend’s movie tanking…….yet again.

BTW, Ellen’s a bought and paid for hen. Don’t expect a word of support for Angie. Hope Brad stops her from coat-tailing him next time he is in NO. Lost all respect for her………

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 05/27/2013 at 7:45 pm


That’s why I don’t respond to the moron. He/She/It will always (never fail) find something negative to post about the JPs. If the moron can’t stand the JP, I don’t get why the idiot is wasting it’s time on a JP thread. Maybe, is because the stupid troll loves the attention the JP fans give to this stupid leech who cling onto the JP threads.


My condolences to the Family….
Greetings to all fans around the world .. God bless the JPs and us all…
Long live our Queen and King of the World… and may our Angie and Brad continued shining like a Diamond forever more…..

Please flag and report tampons posts 303 this is the third time it is reposting it after Jared deleted it the other two times. Which means it had that post saved on its computer. Truly sick and insane human being.


the ring in proxy @ 05/27/2013 at 7:58 pm

Remember friends,the June 21 open the biggest flop of the year

WWZ ;)

poor cliniqua Twilight team is broken ,;(

were the morons @ 05/27/2013 at 8:00 pm

Ellen and Oprah will throw ticky under the bus for Brad on their shows.

@BP: she stopped after she started with Brad because almost all the talk shows trashed her. Brad still does some talk shows because he wasn’t trashed for cheating and he felt comfortable. That’s why I don’t understand him saying ” I have a bullseye on my back” when it comes to negativity. He never did until he saturated the media and promotes chanel, jeans, furniture and movie promotions two -three times year. He needs to give the public a break that’s why people started with negativity on him but he loves to pretend he’s some wounded martyr. He has himself to blame. Angelina is Teflon for putting up with the media AND Brad.

When angelina promotes maleficent or if she talks before that I can guarantee she won’t be “pitty me” like brad does in every single interview. “Oh I was drugged out and soooo unhappy sitting on a 20,000 $ couch smoking green bud all day. Please feel sorry for me” bullsht.

Wonderbust @ 05/27/2013 at 8:05 pm

Thank you fyi2 and grace2 for posting the letter all the way from Israel. Angelina’s Impact from her op-Ed was felt worldwide. i have never seen a celebrity write something that has had so much of an impact. This is why hens are losing their mind and also why ticky went on ellen to promote absolutely nothing.

I think even Angie had no idea of the extent of the global impact of her Op-Ed. This is really amazing ! I bet she is receiving personal letters from people all over the world.
I also think Brad must be really relieved after her surgeries. Any surgery represents a potential risk, not to mention the fact that they could have found cancerous cells … Fortunately they didn’t. No wonder he said in the Esquire interview “I haven’t known life to be any happier”

Josephina @ 05/27/2013 at 8:33 pm



l love it !!!!!!!!!!

vickifromtexas @ 05/27/2013 at 8:36 pm

you are giving us far too much thought. how we feel about our neighbor’s family etc.
you are just upset that angelina has fans.
you aren’t going to change anyone here.
i’m not really sure why you waste your time here.
a woman passed away, people care, deal with it or wallow in your own misery.

Angelina is incredible. The letter from Israel was so spot on…this is what everyone is talking about & connects patients, loved ones, doctors & medical staff. Thank you Angelina. Your heart is so big!

The same faulty pr who approved the faulty moves of brad that he almost always makes and the same one that angie made in eairly times by notresponding to crtical things I am not saying cuntias and the likes IS the one who let tramp to post in here. They have no problem to ban me last time sometime ago but they let the wacco here. They must find a way no matter how many proxy hecome up with. They have the fugs site to write non sense why he allowd here.
the other thing again is why these argumentative people kept in here? Why not they wihdraw? Why? What accomplished those all years by responding and arguing? U think jps have it they don’ is not working.
The other thing is brad the not bright should taste his manhoid level seriously may be testosterone is low.
I bet he is angry hearing this what it was dragged in to but watch once again he is not gonna answer like man saying
I didn’t talk about no woman no ex. Ididnt even talked about my girl or my fiance directly….I talked about brad then and now.iam approaching a new decade so the interview is about my reflection of my life. I also talked about other events . The tablilds media and blogs always dragged every thing to some year ago ex mess in the way to protect their narration about the certain period of my life. These people need to stop their entitlement over my life all togeher and should stop constantly interfering my say about my life as I know it.
These kind of firm, direct., forceful and TIMELY wods will start to librarte him but he is ***** chkn untimely person so he will keep his steam inside and gonna be depressing and angry being and vibe and more send this argumentstive and spiteful posters to furher do the talking for him. And keep the cycle of maniston costing existance in his life. Lost case

Brad & Angelina inspire! Brad & Angelina care about others! It was with gratitude I am your fan.

interesting that the comment from the troll was removed after the request to flag it down. Lets flag down all of its posts. We don;t need that piece of garbage infiltrating this thread which has got some really good posts.

An insight came just today from a patient of approximately your age who said, “Angelina Jolie has been endowed with so many gifts. Now we see, she has also been chosen.”
My patient, whose mother-tongue is Hebrew, then helped me understand the nature of “choseness.”
The synthesis of physical beauty and honed acting skills is a rare combination. A defect in the BRCA1 gene is an unusual event. The confluence of so many rarities is seldom seen in one individual.
Beautiful letter from the Oncologist in Tel Aviv. this concept of “Choseness” is very apt.

Huge JP Fan @ 05/27/2013 at 10:02 pm

Oh how I’ll miss little Aunt Debbie’s delicious snackie cakes, gobble gobble

@To bp:
@BP: she stopped after she started with Brad because almost all the talk shows trashed her. Brad still does some talk shows because he wasn’t trashed for cheating and he felt comfortable. That’s why I don’t understand him saying ” I have a bullseye on my back” when it comes to negativity. He never did until he saturated the media and promotes chanel, jeans, furniture and movie promotions two -three times year. He needs to give the public a break that’s why people started with negativity on him but he loves to pretend he’s some wounded martyr. He has himself to blame. Angelina is Teflon for putting up with the media AND Brad.

That is the problem I have with Brad. Angelina has been trashed since she got with him and have not played the victim but here Brad is talking about bullseye on him when he was busy being pally pally with the people that attack Angelina like Katie Couric. Maybe now he can see what Angelina has dealt with in such a classy way without once complaining about it.

Glad I checked assh.ole true he is not bashed at first but he did 2007 after not as much as angie but did.also if ur girl is bahsed so you too and vice versa there is no expetion. Only exception is if it is about ur old story or your behaviour now.that case is no freedom that is why he should have took resoonsiblity and should of said back off my girl etc because that was b/n him and manny…if he done that their wouldn’t be this because when they make it a stolen case and creat vendeta was only the media can run it. Even cheat can not cause this. A man cheat so what is the newest thing . That by itself cannot be dragged. Caa fcked up they wrer thinking they saved his ass no they didn’t by keep him slient then. What they did was
caused him a slow killer
Anyways got to sleep

happy birthday shiloh

Happy birthday sweet Shiloh!!  A bit OT, but this has been making rounds on twitter today.  When you think of all the unique, impactful projects the JPs have done, I’ll bet they are smart enough to see the world this way, too!

mia farrow @MiaFarrow1h
Steve Jobs offers advice in 46 life-changing seconds


Poor dipshit Clooniqua, all the solemn talk in this thread didn’t last very long, now did it? All of this grief about Jolie’s aunt passing has been tainted by banality and your sheer idiocy to discuss the Ex once again. I can imagine you and your loontard friends being at the wake, and hearing you do your “ticky talk” right there. Disgusting and classless. Oh I wouldn’t put it past you mentally ill lemmings to do that. Jared knows this too, that’s why he won’t please you with a thread about the kid’s birthday- you’d quickly turn it into another JA thread!

For 8 years, you miserable lowlives have been a disgrace and an embarrassment to your idols and there’s no way in hell that they’d ever choose to be associated with the likes of you psychos. I hope you take comfort in knowing that they hate your guts.

PS: And who ever told you I was a fan of JA? Deflect all you want and post away darling, I don’t mind. :)

Flag post 337, it was flagged before and removed which means this sick freak actually saves all of it’s post on its computer to repost if it’s remvoed.

Happy Birthday Shiloh!! @ 05/28/2013 at 12:35 am

I can’t believe Miss Shiloh is SEVEN- just amazing how time flies…here is a short video about lefties for the birthday girl, bc, like her Mama (& I THINK Vivi), Shiloh is a proud left-hander!

Jen The HAG @ 05/28/2013 at 1:31 am

Ⱦamsin @ 05/27/2013 at 11:56 pm

You miserable lowlife why don’t you go to FEMALEFIRST and also tell your fellow Dlisted posters to do the same thing what you are preaching here you T.U.R.D. you’ve been calling Angelina and Brad over at your ANUSton central all kinds of name but no JJ poster come over there to tell you hypocritical TICKY’s fans to stop talking crap about her !! It’s only the ANISTON fans who do that.. go from blog to blog to tell the posters to stop talking about their whinny idol but you dipsh.i.t can’t stop trashing Brad and Angelina… you whinny losers!!!

Jen The HAG @ 05/28/2013 at 1:36 am

Ⱦamsin @ 05/27/2013 at 11:56 pm

and you’re even ashamed to admit you’re TICKY’s fans and If you are not a fan WTF why are you defending the WHINNY insecure ugly TV Starlet and quarreling with the posters here?? .. if you’re not a fan then maybe you’re her publicist .or somebody TICKY paid to defend her whinny ass .. you deserve of each other a loser idol begets a loser fan!!

So annoying how this woman will do anything for attention, even going around saying how “omg so sad my aunt died.” Like other celebrities don’t go through family tragedies? She’s so pathetic.

GoopyGOOP! @ 05/28/2013 at 1:48 am


WTF are you smoking. Ang didn’t make any public comment about her Aunt’s death!

Jen The HAG @ 05/28/2013 at 2:47 am

GoopyGOOP! @ 05/28/2013 at 1:48 am @LOL:

Well it’s because they couldn’t accept the fact that Angelina is a MEGASUPERSTAR and that every thing connected to her is A BIG NEWS.

so annoying you (hen) will do anything for attention Loser
angie didn’t make any comment

wow this person is really mental post 345 is the fourth time the poster is reposting it which means it saves its posts on the computer. please flag post 345 since this is the fourth time the troll is posting it after Jared removed it the other three times

Wow I’m really obsessed with everything Tammy says.

And did i mention i also post as JP Fan, Were the morona, Wonderbust, FFers Exposed and others?

I really have no life outside this thread.

Sigh. See that the cray cray, degenerates and bitter hens that make up Aniston’s fanbase were out in force last night.

credit to Ava at brangelina forum
Opinion: Angelina Jolie Got It Right by Christopher Labos
Angelina Jolie made headlines around the world last week when she announced in an op-ed piece in the New York Times that she had had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy because she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation, which greatly increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are known as tumour-suppressor genes, meaning that they work to repair breaks in DNA that could lead to the formation of tumours. But mutations in these genes impair their proper functioning and allow tumours to develop and grow into clinical malignancies. These mutations are relatively rare in the general population, occurring in only about one of every 1,000 individuals. But certain ethnic groups are at higher risk. The usually cited example is Ashkenazi Jews, among whom the incidence of the mutation is about two per cent. But higher rates have also been found in populations in the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary and Iceland, and also among French Canadians. (If an Internet search is to be believed, Jolie’s maternal grandfather, though born in Illinois, was French Canadian and traced his origins back to Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade in Quebec.)

Only five to seven per cent of cases of breast cancer are due to a genetic cause such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. But the presence of the mutation increases the risk of breast cancer quite substantially. Compared to the general population, where the risk of developing breast cancer at some point during a lifetime is 12.5 per cent (or one in eight), those who carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation have a lifetime risk of between 50 and 85 per cent. (So even taking the highest risk estimate of 85 per cent, that still implies that 15 per cent, or one out of seven, with the mutation will not develop breast cancer. It’s important to point out that having the mutation does not necessarily mean that someone will absolutely develop breast cancer.)

What can be done if the mutation is discovered? In Jolie’s op-ed, she discusses her decision to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. I am usually very critical of celebrity-based-medicine (as opposed to evidence-based-medicine), but in this case I am happy to say that Jolie got it right. The results of seven studies conducted between 1999 and 2010 — published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Archives of Internal Medicine, among others — show fairly consistently that prophylactic mastectomy reduces the incidence of developing breast cancer by about 90 per cent. There are some caveats that need to be mentioned — namely that most of the studies were small (with only a few hundred participants), non-randomized and had limited follow-up (some only lasting a few years). Nevertheless, there seems to be general agreement that bilateral mastectomy does indeed reduce the risk of breast cancer. But it does not reduce the risk to zero, and that needs to be understood before medical decisions are made.

Before making any medical decision, one must always ask what the options are. In the case of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, there are unfortunately not many. There is some evidence for treatment with selective estrogen-receptor modulators like tamoxifen and raloxifene, though while tamoxifen, at least, seems to reduce the incidence of breast cancer when given prophylactically to women at high risk, it has not been shown to reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer if women develop it.

The other option is to engage in a cancer-surveillance program with regular (twice yearly) mammograms and MRIs. (The debate about mammograms vs. MRI vs. both is a discussion unto itself. Suffice it to say that some combination of the two is probably beneficial, especially in younger women whose dense breast tissue decreases the sensitivity and specificity of mammograms.) If breast cancer does develop in women with BRCA mutations, it can be treated with a combination of surgical excision, radiation and chemotherapy. In general, breast cancers due to BRCA are not treated differently than non-genetic breast cancers, and there is some disagreement among the experts about whether the prognosis is truly different in the two cases.

Is a woman in her late 30s — like Angelina Jolie — who gets a bilateral mastectomy more likely to be alive in 20 years than a woman who opts to have regular cancer screening tests and subsequently treats any breast cancer early and aggressively once it is discovered? That is a question I cannot answer, because there are no data on the subject. Until now we have been talking for the most part about breast-cancer incidence, not breast-cancer mortality.

Jolie’s story is not to be interpreted as a wholesale endorsement of prophylactic mastectomy, and to her credit she wrote that she did not intend it to be one. Not is it a call for mass screening for BRCA mutations, as some media pundits have been suggesting; such screening should be reserved for high-risk individuals such as those who have a family history of breast cancer, particularly if it occurred before age 50, was bilateral breast cancer, or was associated with ovarian cancer.

This is a complex topic and there are many other issues concerning BRCA mutations that I have not even touched on. There are issues of the cost of genetic testing, the ability to get health or life insurance if the mutation is identified, and management of the risk of ovarian cancer that is also linked to the gene mutation, among others. It is so complex a topic that it defies a simple concluding statement. Prophylactic bilateral mastectomy may be appropriate for some women with BRCA mutations, and not for others. It is a decision that requires much discussion and a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits.

Christopher Labos is a cardiologist practising in Montreal. He was the 2012 winner of the Quebec Cardiology Association’s Young Researcher Award.

Read more:

A two hours-long Japanese talkshow I usually watch everynight
Is starting soon. Of course I will watch it. Usually they discuss about politics and economy with experts but tonight is about Angie’s double mastectomy with medical experts.
In my country, this kind of protective surgery was not decided yet due to our society’s ethical code. But 12 hospitals decided to go with it after long consideration these years. I’m very curious what these experts’s opinions are on this issue.

As Time Magazine’s coverstory, it’s Angie Effect.
Until her reveration, mainstream media didn’t give their attention to this issue. Nor mass people.

Happy 7th shi little cutie

No point with these people they got they still leting this pig here.
Why not set up a place where other newes at and let us move there.
Instead of maniston talk why not io something useful. Anything.
Btangelina fourms is not one that count it is something that run by the pigs.
Besides what is needed is a blog with other newses but where jps fans can post under jp thread. Jj becomes jp fan place due to that. Fugs and nastys site is works as maniston protective place because it has Established in the middle of other many topics that hates on ridiculously jps.
I can’t stand their people their pr. You know past mistake is one thing but
still not making right moves or trying not to improve things is stupid.

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 7:11 am

Lol I guess the troll forgot that sqiigs family has a history of alcohol and drug abuse and jens mom is not exactly the beacon of health so let’s not talk about someone’s genes. As if Jen had a choice anyways, brad didn’t want to breed with her that’s why he got Angie pregnant as soon as he met Angelina. No one wants to breed with manny.

To-valis202 @ 05/28/2013 at 7:12 am

@Valis202…valis there’s no point in education haginstons hens they are bunch of morons end off…not only they are bunch of pethetic beings looking at haginstons non-productive overies for the rest of their lives but also they lost it big time when they saw haginston trying to be be a sexy stripper just look at her photo closly you will notice
she is sucking air big time look at the neck muscles they are sucked in …… no amount of sucking in air can keep that bloat away…just look at haginstons photo again especially the one in her underwear lmao. she is a moron .

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 7:14 am

did the trolls fail biology or not know how to use google. lets not get started on genes

Genetics and Stroke

An individuals genetic makeup is fixed from birth. It has long been known however that genetics may contribute up to 50% of an individuals risk of developing a stroke in future. If it were possible to test for genes that increase an individuals risk when they were very young however then other environmental risk factors such as diet and exercise could be monitored much more closely in at risk individuals as an ‘early warning mechanism’. Such lifestyle modification would greatly benefit such genetically susceptible individuals, allowing treatment of conditions such as atherosclerosis much more aggressively to avoid additional risk of future stroke.

To-HAGinston-Trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 7:16 am

To HAGinston Trolls
brad didnt want to contaminate his sperm with hagainston that was HIS CHOICE it was inevitable, she remain barren like her past & future.

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 7:20 am

don’t you love how the hens act as if ticky had a no Brad didnt want to breed with her and neither did Vince Vaugn hence why he is now expecting his second child. Who wants to have a baby with someone who has serious self esteem issues. Brad knew Angelina’s family history and still chose to get Angelina pregnant immediately.

To-HAGinston-Troll-Ellen @ 05/28/2013 at 7:24 am

shame on Ellen not even mentioning Angelina on her show even in discusion on Brest cancer but when it comes to Brads MIR she is jumping his bones for extra free publicity for herself…
and yet she is giving 100% attention to promotong haginston brand she already had HAGinston co-presenting & trying to revive the deadend sitcome friends WHY ? the old haginstons movie is not comming out till August? why does she need to pimp a movie for 3-4 months prior to relase date ? doesnt Ellen know the last time she did it still had a box office bomb has she forgot what happend to her Wonderbust with her drug addict fiance?

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 7:25 am

please report back on what you here sunny

Good morning J-P fans.
@ Phool, was looking for your early morning post, hope you had an enjoyable holiday and is not in moderation h ell.

Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt fans wherever you are. Big shout out to the early birds. Hi Phool, Susan, Dawne, Lylian, Anustin, love the Jolie Pitt’s, PT, QQQQ, Premalee, JTH, Go Figure!, FYI 1, Josephina, FALP, Jaye, Tish, ne’er, GROUNDCONTROL, Shi Baby, Wonderbust, Valis 202, busted, juju, guest, just lurking, A Lurker, Sunny, JP Fan, Who, plez, tweet, Bizzy Bee, briseis, Anon 2, Andu, hag, hmmm, Awwww, Daniela, An Opinion, and all the fans lurning, have a great day.

HAGinston-Trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 7:37 am

@ LOL ..Wonderbust NO guy living and breathing wants or wanted to make THAT THING pregnant… can you imagine the child would give Freddy Kruger run for his money in looks .and mind you if there was a women to piisss on yes there were /are plenty of men lined up who already did & are doing it right at this very moment ask her fiance or should we say ask John Mayer as well what he did first thing in the morning and last thing at night when he was with HAGinston?….. yes he piiiissed on Haginston becuase thats the only thing she is good for, they dont call her “special one who is entitled for golden showers” for nothing in hollywood lmao.

@Susan: Hi Susan, how are you this morning? I’m sure you had a wonderful day yesterday with your active and fun family. Take care and have a great day.

@Hi Phool, how are you my cyber sister? Hope you are doing great. miss you and hope you get a chance to post or bring over some of your great finds on the Jolie Pitt soon. Take care.

@Rose: I had a lazy day, hope you had a great day.
Pull all the stuff out of the closets, did not know I had so many coats, your idea about the Salvation Army is a good one, but honestly I don’t where to start. Will try to get it together this weekend, have a nice day will chat later.

@sunny: #351, Thanks for bringing over links with fabulous information about Angie’s prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. We will keeps this conversation going and I’m sure because Angie was so open about her choice this will give many women the confidence to seek out information on their health. Every woman is different, so we should talk to our Drs and get informed. Thank you.

HAGolie- trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 8:21 am

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Are ‘Very Good Friends,’ Says Actor’s Pal

Tabloids might want you to believe they are the world’s most contentious exes, but a friend of Brad Pitt says Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are actually good friends.

Jean Black, a makeup artist and pal of Pitt’s who has worked with the “World War Z” actor on most of his films since 1990, spoke with Us Weekly about the famous ex-couple and revealed there is no bad blood between them.

“I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie,” Black said of his meeting Jolie on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” back in 2004. “This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jennifer are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.”

“But in Angie,” Black continued, “he saw a very adventurous person who was grabbing on to life and taking it to its nth degree. It was intriguing because I felt Brad had that in him and wanted to unleash it.”

Aniston filed for divorce from Pitt in 2005 after seven years together and five years of marriage. Shortly thereafter, he began dating Jolie and she announced she was pregnant with their first biological child together, Shiloh, in 2006.

The 49-year-old actor has not been hush-hush when it comes to his years with Aniston or his love for Jolie. In the new issue of Esquire magazine, Pitt gushes about how he hasn’t “known life to be any happier” while reflecting on the days he was married to the “Friends” star.

“For a long time I thought I did too much damage -– drug damage,” he said. “I was a bit of a drifter. A guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f**king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany -– a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?”

Some perceived this as Pitt indirectly slamming Aniston — something he did more directly in a 2011 Parade interview when he said he got sick of his “pathetic” 90s self. Adding, “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

For her part, the soon-to-be-married Aniston has stayed above the scrutiny surrounding her ex-husband and doesn’t say much about the relationship. Last March, however, she did tell InStyle magazine that headlines about a feud between her, Pitt and Angelina is “a story that has nothing to do with reality.”

HAGolie- trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 8:23 am

Jennifer Aniston proves she’s still hot in hilarious new movie

Jennifer Aniston is still smoking hot at 44.

She proves it in new comedy flick We’re The Millers in which she plays a stripper involved in an elaborate plot to smuggle drugs across the border from Mexico.

Starring alongside Jason Sudeikis, Jen winds up dancing for her life when her character Rose lands in a sticky situation with some Mexican drug lords. As you do.

Showing off her insanely toned and taught physique, she strips down to her lacy lingerie… and it’s super hot!

In addition to Jen’s sexy striptease moments, the film looks full of LOL-worthy moments.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, it centres around pot dealer David (Sudeikis) who concocts a fake family (with Emma Roberts as his delinquent daughter) to help him complete his drug shipment.

Hilarity ensues in this NSFW trailer that involves drugs, nudity, an awkward group sex scene, guns and spiders! You’ve been warned.

Happy Birthday! @ 05/28/2013 at 8:51 am

Hapoy birthday to beautiful Shiloh Nouvel.Jolie Pitt! – hope you have a great time with your loving family!

Angelina Effect @ 05/28/2013 at 8:57 am

Gene Testing for Breast Cancer: The Angelina Jolie Effect
By Wendy Lewis,
( – Angelina Jolie recently came out with big news in a big way. The actress, mother of six and human rights advocate underwent a preventive mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer after testing positive for the breast cancer genes. She opened up about her experiences in a poignant New York Times Op-Ed piece.

Jolie’s mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, died from ovarian cancer in 2007, at the age of 56. Jolie tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, and her doctor said she had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer and a 50% risk of developing ovarian cancer in her lifetime. (Media reports suggest that she plans to have her ovaries removed as well.)

Jolie’s courageous choice is already encouraging many women to consider gene testing. The phenomenon has been dubbed “the Angelina Jolie effect.”

Not sure how I missed this the first time. In the NYT, there’s a great photo of Brad leading Angelina down the steps of in Cannes.
May 17, 2011, 10:15 am 1 Comment
Scenes From a Cannes Gala
CANNES, France— As expected, Terrence Malick skipped the gala premiere of his film “The Tree of Life” on Monday night, but he was in town, according to a publicist for Fox Searchlight, which is releasing the film. He attended a cast dinner after the premiere, she said, but was apparently too shy for any public festivities. “He’s like a big teddy bear,” she said. “You just want to protect him.”
There was enough to talk about and gawk at without the reclusive director. All day long, bloggers and cinephiles had been weighing in on the long-gestating film, Mr. Malick’s fifth feature, after seeing early screenings; it already had an 88 percent score (“fresh”) on as of yesterday evening. (Our own Manohla Dargis found it “beautiful, nonlinear, trippy, flawed.”)
And the premiere, held at the Grand Théâtre Lumière, the largest theater here, drew a cavalcade of stars like Rob Lowe; Jude Law, a jury member; Mia Wasikowska; Zoë Saldana; Mick Jagger; Gwen Stefani (in a plunging black sequined jumpsuit); and Gavin Rossdale (with a little ponytail). (The red carpet D.J. – a Cannes thing – played “Hollaback Girl” as they posed for photographers). By convention, the film’s stars – Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain – walked the red carpet together, posing for photos. But then Mr. Pitt let his castmates go into the theater, descended the grand staircase, and fetched Angelina Jolie. As the French announcer gushed, calling them the first couple of movie stardom, they worked the red carpet, greeting a few fans and administering a kind of royal wave at the top of the stairs.
Two parties at Cannes were intended to stand out: one, hosted by the festival’s president, honored Robert De Niro; the other was a beach party with music by Kanye West..
Inside the theater, even the black tie crowd was a bit starstruck. The film got a three-and-a-half minute standing ovation, though the applause was not thundering; afterward, festival employees, young women in black dresses and gold ribbon belts, formed a human shield along the aisles so the celebrities could leave unencumbered.
They were supposed to turn up at an afterparty on the beach. Judging by the crowd surging at the gates, word had gotten out. When a security guard let a French actress push past the waiting horde, there was vitriol. “There are a lot of people who are well-known here – just not in France,” an American woman hissed. “Isn’t this an American movie?”
Yes, but it was a French party, which means, we’ve come to realize, no food. Still, there was a startling view of the nearly full moon over the yachts of the Riviera, and, eventually, a hopping dance floor. Ms. Saldana came, as did Jane Fonda and Ryan Gosling, but none of the cast members made it. Mr. Gosling said the movie affected him viscerally. “I loooved it,” he said. It’s his third time in Cannes. “If you like weird conversations, like me, this is the place,” he said as he slipped out.

LOL! Ireland Baldwin looks like a feminine version of dad. At least we know Alex Baldwin did something right!

Please stop engaging with the troll. Its just tam sh!t changing names. Its a waste of time talking to a senseless desperate for attention loser just like Maniston.

Angelina Effect @ 05/28/2013 at 9:17 am

@Lylian looking at that Cannes photo of Brad and Angelina even thit shadows on the carpet are sexy ………..

OT.. By the way Thank god “Nicole Kidman show” has ended in Cannes I thought it never end. she tried to bring some Brad & Angelina magic to the carpet with all the copying what they did as a couple but it failed big time in my eyes she seemed soo fake & soo reharsed just remineded me like her acting.

LOL @ 05/28/2013 at 1:36 am

Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today. Link or you’re pulling stories out of your ass. Angie has not made any public comment about her aunt or any other comment since her Op-Ed revelation but trust you lowlives to blame Angie for all your miseries. She is not Ticky you know. She has class and she is not fame ho. You people are so stuck in the past and blinded with hate, you won’t recognise the truth if it hits you on your face. You will be exposed if you come here telling blatant lies.

Tickys mothers tell all book @ 05/28/2013 at 10:00 am

@Wonderbust: her mother suffers from migrains, low self-esteem, not talking to her own mother, her own mother (tickys grandma and mother had cancer), tickys aunt and uncle had cancer, tickys mothers sister had downsyndrome, tickys mom was raped by her own dad, tickys mom ran men away just like her daughter, tickys mom had two failed marriages, tickys dad used to tell her that she couldn’t hug him because children begin to develop feelings for their dad when their affectionate, a friend of tickys mother does from cancer… So you’re right, ticky’s family isn’t the healthiest mofos walking.

Tickys mothers tell all book @ 05/28/2013 at 10:09 am

But her mom did help her out when tickys dad left. Her mom did everything possible for that selfish BIITCH to have a career in acting. Ticky wouldn’t be where she was in acting if it wasn’t for her mother. Ticky still doesn’t talk much to her mother today. Ticky holds grudges against her mother. This is one reason why Brad didn’t want to reproduce with that hag. Tickys mother helped ticky graduate a fuccing performing arts school, lmao. Ticky was on the verge of not graduating, and her mother had to help ticky with her homework in order to pass. Ticky should owe her life to her mother. Her dad wasn’t even there really until the hag got a few acting jobs…

PR JOB CALL NOW @ 05/28/2013 at 10:36 am

TICKY. WHO THAT??????????????????????LET ME GUESS ANGE.

PR JOB CALL NOW @ 05/28/2013 at 10:57 am

Reading the thread don’t see trolls TALKING JEN . Fans with no brain . Talk JEN JEN . Everhing happening to ANGE I sin’t their enough to make her the TOPIC on her thread. JJ were the thumb button fans need tumping down. Hope the JP sssssssssssss holiday was good . Sorry for the lost of your aunt. HAPPY BDAY BRAD’S DAUGHTER (:-/) SMILE.

Definition of Justin "giggolo" @ 05/28/2013 at 10:57 am

@PR JOB CALL NOW: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TICKY’S DAUGHTER…WAIT, THAT BIITCH IS BARREN WHOOPS. The truth hurts you trolls so that you all feel the need to troll this thread at the ass crack of dawn. We will talk about ticky as long as she’s famewhoring and that fuccking aveeno ad streams across my TV. That biitch is advertising some shiit she should be using her damn self. That’s like Kirstie Alley advertising some slim-fast products knowing damn well she needs to be eating them her damn self.

PR JOB CALL NOW @ 05/28/2013 at 11:03 am

How your bill get pay ? I’m trying to offer you JOBS as PR rep. No takers. Ok you radder sat at home posting 24/7 on Jen be me guess. Jen making millions even if the movies are bad. She’s living a rich life . Driving fancys cars . Eating the best food. Sleeping on 1000 count sheets . And you all?????????

@PR JOB CALL NOW: you stink at trolling.

@Tickys mothers tell all book: I don’t think that part about her dad is true becasue there are photos of “ticky” kissing her dad on the lips at her joke of a star on the Hollywood walk of fame ceremony. “Ticky” fans didnt make a big deal about that kiss because they are hypocrites.

Definition of Justin "giggolo" @ 05/28/2013 at 11:17 am

@PR JOB CALL NOW: Obviously your ass ain’t doing **** or else why are you on here at the wee hours of the morning…

Definition of Justin "giggolo" @ 05/28/2013 at 11:18 am

@1love: Didn’t it say “until she got acting roles.” READ HEN.

yib @ 05/27/2013 at 8:43 pm
The same faulty pr who approved the faulty moves of brad that he almost always makes and the same one that angie made in eairly times by notresponding to crtical things I am not saying cuntias and the likes IS the one who let tramp to post in here. They have no problem to ban me last time sometime ago but they let the wacco here. They must find a way no matter how many proxy hecome up with. They have the fugs site to write non sense why he allowd here.
the other thing again is why these argumentative people kept in here? Why not they wihdraw? Why? What accomplished those all years by responding and arguing? U think jps have it they don’ is not working.
The other thing is brad the not bright should taste his manhoid level seriously may be testosterone is low.
I bet he is angry hearing this what it was dragged in to but watch once again he is not gonna answer like man saying
I didn’t talk about no woman no ex. Ididnt even talked about my girl or my fiance directly….I talked about brad then and now.iam approaching a new decade so the interview is about my reflection of my life. I also talked about other events . The tablilds media and blogs always dragged every thing to some year ago ex mess in the way to protect their narration about the certain period of my life. These people need to stop their entitlement over my life all togeher and should stop constantly interfering my say about my life as I know it.
These kind of firm, direct., forceful and TIMELY wods will start to librarte him but he is ***** chkn untimely person so he will keep his steam inside and gonna be depressing and angry being and vibe and more send this argumentstive and spiteful posters to furher do the talking for him. And keep the cycle of maniston costing existance in his life. Lost case
Yib, reading your post I find you make valid points. If you could speak good English you would slay these muthatruckas. I really believe that. I THINK I agree with what you’re trying to say.

@Definition of Justin “giggolo”:oh I’m not a hen. The original 1love is pr job call now.

lo lmao…John Mayers toiletbowlnistons fans bringin over her news…bwahahahaha..shows that her thread is a whack! as in deadshi.t. obviously,her fans are not effective… something for ur idol Mayers toiletbowlniston.hahaha

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 11:34 am

@Esquire: he will never see it that way. He’s selfish and only sees the negative that he jus started getting. His kids have been getting trashed for longer than he has. His interviews prove he’s that type of guy though. All he cares about is what made HIM happy or unhappy and what people are saying about him. it’s truly sick how he gets away with playing the poor me card when angie is losing relatives left and right and went as far as removing her breasts to live. brad doesn’t know true suffering or what it means to put other people before himself and that makes his quotes all the more puke inducing. I see the fans didn’t bother denying what was said in that post because they know it’s true.
It will never change Esquire. As long as brad feels slighted and as long as he feels the need to defend himself before defending his family it will never change. It’s unfortunate because angelina really loves the family they’ve created together.

proud of my girl, safe, and bless u ,ur family.

WWZ UK premiere

Free tickets to the World Premiere of World War Z!

Details @

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 11:40 am

Good morning to the Early Crew!

I have the day off and in honor of my sister Phool I post these articles in her absence.
Love you and miss you dearest Phool. Hope to see you posting today. Blessings!

An expert in the field of cancer genetic research gives his perspective of Angelina Jolie’s decision in a highly informative article.

Mark E. Robson, M.D.

Attending Physician, Clinic Director, Clinical Genetics Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

I must confess that I am very conflicted about adding to the river of words that have been written about Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a risk-reducing (preventive) mastectomy. She made a difficult choice, and has discussed that choice with power and grace, in the hope of helping other women. Both the choice and the disclosure took a lot of courage. Full stop. But the power of her celebrity, and the extensive media coverage of her decision, may wind up making things more difficult for some women with BRCA1 or 2 mutations.

I have been involved in research in this area for 17 years, since shortly after BRCA1 and BRCA2 were discovered, and I honestly have no idea what I would do if I were a woman faced with this decision. Imagine the situation. You go to talk to a health care provider because you have a family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Hopefully, you have genetic counseling (which not everyone gets, although they should), and learn about genetics for an hour or so. If it looks like there’s a meaningful chance that genetic testing could be informative, you then give a blood sample or spit in a tube. After a couple of weeks, you come back and are told that you carry a mutation. You don’t feel any different physically, and you do not, in fact, have any medical problem, but now you are told that you have “up to an 87% chance” of developing breast cancer before your reach your 70′s, as well as an substantial risk of developing ovarian cancer. There’s a fair amount of uncertainty regarding the exact risks, but they are clearly increased, and you are told that the most effective way of avoiding being diagnosed with breast cancer is to remove your breasts. But you do not know that you definitely will develop breast cancer if you don’t. So the decision to have that surgery is an act of faith justified by a belief in science, a powerful sacrifice to try to seize control of one’s destiny and avoid one particular fate.

In the case of BRCA mutations, this faith in science is not ill-founded. On the same day that the news about Ms. Jolie broke, I saw a young woman who was found to have a BRCA1 mutation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is now fighting recurrent disease. I also saw a woman who I have been following closely since her BRCA1 mutation was found, and who now has to receive chemotherapy for a cancer that we have just diagnosed. The best technology in the world and my best efforts could not keep that away from her. The diagnosis of a mutation is just words on paper, but the risks that those words foreshadow are very, very real.

But there are reasons why a decision to have surgery is not clear-cut. The exact risks are unclear, and probably vary depending on factors that have not yet been pinned down. And the diagnosis, if it occurs at all, is in the future, and surgery is painful, and hard to fit into a busy life. And screening, if done right, will most likely diagnose the cancer at a curable stage, even if it does mean surgery then, and possibly chemotherapy and radiation. Is it any wonder that many women with mutations are ambivalent about surgery? Not everyone summons the faith.

Which brings me back to Ms. Jolie. For all of her fame and wealth, she had to wrestle with the same uncertainties and ambiguities as any other woman with a BRCA1 or 2 mutation. She, too, had to decide whether she believed that the words and numbers on her test report committed her to a fate that could only be avoided if she surrendered to the surgeon’s knife. She did, indeed, make the leap, and her honesty and dignity in the aftermath of her surgery will provide comfort and encouragement to other women who follow the same path. But we should not lose sight of the fact that her choice reflects a deeply personal balancing of the risks and benefits of the different courses of action available to her. Other women, faced with the same basic facts, the same test report, may instead decide to pursue careful surveillance with breast MRIs and mammograms. These women are not being reckless. Although preventive salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes) has been shown to improve survival in mutation carriers, there are as yet no medical studies with survival as an endpoint that establish the superiority of breast surgery over surveillance.

These medical facts were not changed by Ms. Jolie’s choice. But the saturation coverage of her surgery may foster the impression that preventive mastectomy is the standard way to manage the risk from mutations in BRCA1 or 2, and women who already know that they are carriers but do not wish to undergo surgery may feel that they are flying in the face of established medical standards. The impression that preventive mastectomy is inevitable may also discourage women from undergoing testing if they fear that a positive result would “force” them to do something that they refuse to contemplate. I hope that we are able to continue to inform women in a balanced way about what we do and do not know with respect to the options available to them, helping them make the decision that is right for them, without imposing upon them our own beliefs and values in the absence of concrete medical evidence.

One final point. Some have suggested, either overtly or implicitly, that this was all somehow easier for Ms. Jolie because her fame and wealth gave her access to BRCA testing and surgery that is not available to women without the same means. Those people are being foolish and mean-spirited. First, fame and wealth don’t insulate you from fear and anxiety. Second, BRCA testing has been endorsed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and is covered by most insurance policies if a woman is an appropriate candidate for testing. Lack of access to BRCA testing is a reflection of disparate coverage for preventive services and the larger problem of inadequate health care coverage in our country, not the result of monopolistic practices by a diagnostics company. In my experience, preventive surgery is also considered medically indicated for mutation carriers who choose it, and covered by most insurers (albeit sometimes with significant co-pays).

So, when I reflect on Ms Jolie’s story, I don’t see a woman who was able to avoid her fate by virtue of her privileged position. I see a beautiful young woman who gracefully made an awful choice under conditions of extreme uncertainty. My clinic is full of women just like her, every one of them beautiful, struggling with the same decision.

crdt brangelinaforum

I remember we read the tweets of jp family and Guy Richie’s family playing paintball last year.


LOL @ this in Brad’s Esquire article :

“when Pitt came to London last year to film World War Z, he took his children to play paintball with Ritchie’s children and impressed Ritchie with “his small army of rather efficient killers.” Pitt is, in the estimation of Ritchie and indeed everyone who knows him, “a committed father.””

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 11:52 am

Good morning, Anustin. Have a blessed day, dear lady.
Our lady Angelina Jolie is the BEST and MTV thinks so.
MTV Shows ✔ @MTVShowBlog

Our kickass chick of the week? Angelina Jolie! As if there were an alternative in the matter…
11:50 AM – 17 May 2013

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 11:55 am

@tweet: the only reason I would want tickets is so I could flip pitt off. Give him the bird and tell him he’s a loser for letting angie and kids be dragged through the mud for soooo long. As soon as someone says you suck brad be starts crying. Fking sissy and lousy partner and parent.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 11:56 am


A woman’s choice

By Anne Taylor Fleming
May 16, 2013
We use that word so often: choice.
It has become the code word for abortion, alas, and thus a lightening rod for activists on both sides of that continuing battle. But this week Angelina Jolie redeemed the word and the idea behind it — that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, however tough that choice sometimes is.
The one she made — and announced in an stunning New York Times Op-Ed — to have a double prophylactic mastectomy was gutsy, and, as she herself wrote, “not easy” — though doctors told her that she was carrying a faulty gene that upped her chances of getting the disease that killed her mother to 87 percent.
These are the moments of truth for any woman. When you look at your life; assess the risks; what’s at stake; what matters to you (and those you love), and then step up and say, yes, I will take control here.
I will make this rough decision. I will let my breasts be removed that I might live to see my kids grow up. There was something both fierce and tender in Jolie’s words, always the best, most winning combination.
Whatever the odds, however sensible it might seem to anyone on the outside, having your breasts taken off when there is no sign of cancer is major. There had to be some serious soul-searching, some tears — and then out of it, strength.
Jolie had to know she would get some pushback. Indeed, there are doctors already questioning her going public, fearing she will influence other women to have radical mastectomies they might, in fact, not need. I know these doctors mean well. But there is something a tad patronizing in their stance, as if women cannot make their own decisions — obviously in consultation with the best medical personnel they can find.
Jolie was careful to be specific about the nature of her risk, the gene mutation she carries. There was nothing reckless in her piece. It was calm and direct, encouraging other women to make their own decisions. Given the relentlessness of the media, she also had to figure her decision would get out; too many moving parts—friends, nurses, tabloid “journalists.” She may have decided to get out in front of it in a responsible way.

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 11:57 am

@a lurker: what a fking joke. If that was ever presented in an angelina interview she would be eviscerated and the remains would be dragged across the globe on every site that talks celebs. He’s only a committed father when he has movies to promote.

The trolls are in pain. ignore them.

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 11:59 am

@a lurker: please do. You have nothing to say besides” I love them. They are so porrrfect. Ange is so lucky to have a partner that thinks his rep is more important than his children and family. Poor brad sat on his $20,000 couch smoking and using his mind away…. I feels so sad for him. Lets trash maniston for brad. Isn’t it wonderful how he gets credit for ange’s brave revalation? Go see wwz guys.” Thats it. I said all you were gonna say to the trolls for you.

a lurker @ 05/28/2013 at 11:50 am

“when Pitt came to London last year to film World War Z, he took his children to play paintball with Ritchie’s children and impressed Ritchie with “his small army of rather efficient killers.” Pitt is, in the estimation of Ritchie and indeed everyone who knows him, “a committed father.””
” his small army of rather efficient killers” I love Brad’s wicked humor.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:00 pm

Here is a woman taking charge. What a relief at a time when the stories we hear are full of the other, women being victimized in the armed services — thousands and thousands of them even, sometimes, in a sick turn, by the very men supposed to be in charge of investigating abuse in the military. Not to mention the vile brute in Cleveland, Ohio, who held those three young women prisoner for a decade, during which he repeatedly raped then, impregnating them and then beating and starving them until they miscarried. I have found myself sickened so many times in the last couple of weeks reading the paper or listening to the news — a sense of disgust and fury and sadness.
Stirring then to open the paper and see the brave, bold words from a Hollywood icon, somebody flipping the switch, a woman refusing to be a victim, refusing to live in fear with a sword of Damocles hanging over her head. She doesn’t know she would get the cancer. Nobody knows. But she wasn’t going to hold her breath and wait for the sword to drop.
I am struck by how hard that is — especially, still, for women.
Hard to say, this is what I am doing, this is who I am. Judge me or judge me not.
Of course, Jolie is no stranger to that kind of bravery and bravado. It has marked her life and career. She has appeared wacky at times: mouth-kissing her brother on stage when she won her 1998 Oscar for “Girl, Interrupted,” wearing around her neck a vile of blood that came from her then husband, the seemingly equally nutty Billy Bob Thornton. We could laugh, we could snort. After all, everything she did was public.

But there was always the other, altruistic side, her humanitarian work, notably with refugees as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. I should say sides because, of course, she has also been a big movie star, sometimes playing fearsome action heroes, like the butt-kicking Lara Croft.
Then came motherhood, the global adoptions — bait for late-night jokes — and Brad Pitt, who extricated himself from a marriage to be with her and with whom she had three more children. And then the directing career.
This is a woman who is willing to keep pushing, trying, loving, doing — not willing to be pigeonholed. She reminds us that women are complex and that this is a cause for celebration not derision.
As she will, she has taken the narrative back into a serious direction with one breathtaking article — reminding other women that they, too, have choices. Some medical ones, but others, too. That life is big and should be; that you can love kids you adopt as much as those you give birth to, that you can risk looking foolish and gorgeous all at the same time; that having your breasts off does not reduce your femininity, and that you had better look for a life partner who supports you in the choices you make as Pitt is clearly supporting hers. That you don’t have to live in fear.
It’s a great, vital message — larger maybe than Jolie herself even expected.
Anne Taylor Fleming, a longtime commentator for “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,” is now a columnist for Los Angeles Magazine. She is the author of two novels and one nonfiction book, “Motherhood Deferred: A Woman’s Journey.”

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 12:04 pm

@BW: and do we get a glimpse of the male nanny that acts as daddy?nooooo. That’s wicked.

To esquire @ 05/28/2013 at 12:06 pm

As a matter of fact I bet angelina will get headlines for having” a small army of efficient killers” even thou it was pitt’s interview. Just like she got headlines for making out with brad in front of zahara. But yeah, that bullseye is firmly planted on brad. NOT. lousy piece of ShT.

Looks like WWZ London world premiere is going to be huge. MUSE is going to perform after the premiere. Lucky you UK fans. I wish I could be there.

wish i was there it will be huge but am not sure angie will be there,am prepared for her not to be there but if she makes it that will be a huge surprise

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:09 pm


Age columnist Wendy Squires is a journalist, editor and author.
Twitter: @Wendy_Squires

Read the full post at The

Why Angelina Jolie is a role model for the celebrity age

May 18, 2013


Thankfully, amid the puerile inanity of excremental television, singing haircuts and reality harlots there was some redemption with the pairing of celebrity and news this week. It came in the form of Angelina Jolie’s considerate, candid and constructive article in The New York Times, and reproduced in these pages, on her decision to undergo an elective double mastectomy.
It was a message resonating in warmth, honesty and concern. It was a celebration of the love of her partner and children and a note of gratitude for her good fortune. It was another example of admirable behaviour from a woman who is not going to waste the impressive power of her ”celebrity” on shampoo commercials and fluffy chitchat. It was the action of an evolved, wise and centred woman balancing extraordinary privilege with benevolence.
Which is why I will take on anyone who tries to dismiss Jolie as another oxygen-thief actor full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Forget about her career and looks; this woman has a soul. (Many will argue with me that I am not a sister for championing Jolie; that she ”stole” another woman’s husband. Well, I don’t believe men can be stolen. They are not inanimate objects.)

Definition of Gigolo @ 05/28/2013 at 12:10 pm

Okay, so this sweating kid shows up, late for the interview. I needed a houseboy, Man Friday, secretary, someone to walk the dog and clean the pool–but he says to me, “I’m gonna be a movie star. I just got here from Springfield, Missouri. I need this job.” I was from Wisconsin, just up the river, so to speak. He was cute, energetic, and didn’t seem flakey. I hired him. His name was Brad Pitt.

He moved in for almost two years, and we had a good friendship. He worked hard, but the job was loose, giving him time to study acting and to audition, so it was a good partnership as well. He loved my dog, Herschel, walked him every night, missed his girl friend back in Missouri (she came to visit, I gave them my house in Palm Springs for the weekend, he cried when she left) (they broke up right after that), hated his complexion, wrote poetry (some I still have) and dreamed of becoming a movie star. I let him do a scene for me one afternoon, in the living room of the house in Los Feliz, and he was really good. I thought, this guy has more talent than I knew. I wanted to help him.

He was having trouble getting work because he needed a Screen Actor’s Guild card, and it was frustrating to him. He was tired of dressing up in a chicken suit (a job he’d actually held) and wanted to act to make money (and clean my pool). I was writing ANOTHER WORLD back then, flying to NY a lot, so I told the producers that I had this kid I thought was quite talented and that I wanted to give him a chance. I developed a one-day part for him, a basketball player that a bitter John Hudson meets when he returns to his high school after Viet Nam, a kid full of life that reminds him of himself. Brad was thrilled, we flew him to NY, his first time being treated like a star I guess, and he did a wonderful job. A few days later, I sat down with the producers to discuss giving him a long-tern contract. “”He’s not appealing,” ” this one idiot woman from P&G said. “No talent,” another piped in. The producer said, “Didn’t do much for me.” So I had to fly home and tell Brad it wouldn’t happen, which devastated him. But there was a blessing in it. Had these morons, in their infinite wisdom, not rejected him, he would have been a soap star and nothing more. He got his AFTRA card from being the show, which led to his SAG card, and the rest is history.

He was a good friend, supportive as I was going through some hell with personal relationships, as he was too. I remember the way he leaped into the air when he got the call that he got cast on Dallas and then leaped into my arms and knocked us both over, onto the dog, and we laughed and laughed. The thing is, I believed in him, and kinda feel I discovered him (pat myself on the back). I constantly encouraged him when he felt down, and reminded him that breaking into the business isn’t easy. I knew it was going to take more than talent and drive; he’d need a lucky break, a serendipitous moment. He got that playing The Cowboy in Thelma & Louise. He didn’t have the body then that he had when I saw him in Thelma & Louise. Boy did I feel amazed and proud when I saw him do that.

…No, I haven’t heard from him in years. He got famous, and famous people have layers of people protecting them, I guess, from old friends. I wrote SNOW ANGEL because of him, and with him in mind. He said he would love to one day play the part of a psycho like Ted Bundy, a great guy you’d never suspect of having such a dark side (he was always attracted to characters like that, thus Fight Club) and with that in mind, I created Matthew Hinson. Trouble was, by the time it was published, I couldn’t even get it to someone to get Brad to read it. He’d become The Movie Star.

…. It’s strange to me that in every interview he’s given and every silly biography of him that I’ve seen, he never mentions me or the 2 years he was with me. Some manager gets credit for putting him on ANOTHER WORLD. Odd. If someone knows the reason, let me know. Also curious: in the years he lived with me, he never once let anyone take his picture. All the family gatherings and pool parties and stuff that he was a major part of, he’d run the minute someone pulled out a camera. This from a guy who makes his living in front of cameras. Go figure.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:10 pm

Continued! Enjoy JP Fans!
Only a particularly diehard cynic would believe Jolie’s humanitarian efforts are a publicity stunt. Just look at what she has crammed into the past decade. It is impressive, inspiring and humbling. It’s a long list but worth taking in.
Angelina has been active with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in more than 30 countries – always covering her own costs and sharing the same rudimentary conditions as UNHCR field staff. She’s been an invited speaker at the World Economic Forum and has met with members of the United States Congress at least 20 times, lobbying for bills to aid refugees and vulnerable children in the Third World. She founded the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation to promote environmental conservation in Cambodia, and a daycare facility for children affected by HIV.
With Brad Pitt she created the Jolie-Pitt Foundation aiding humanitarian causes worldwide, and co-partnered the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, educating those affected by man-made or natural disasters. Then there’s her work with Kids in Need of Defense, a pro bono movement of law firms, corporate law departments, non-government organisations and volunteers committed to providing legal counsel to unaccompanied immigrant children.
Oh, and the Jolie Legal Fellows Program, which recruits lawyers to support child protection efforts in Haiti. Plus the innumerable direct-from-pocket donations to victims of Hurricane Katrina and numerous other international and urgent catastrophes, sums always in the millions.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:13 pm


Angelina has given three adopted children a loving home and education and is the biological mother of another three. She doesn’t wear a Third World country’s deficit on her back every time she steps out for an ice-cream, even though she can afford to. She rarely appears to wear make-up unless she’s at work being a movie star. I don’t know her diet tips, only that she is acutely aware she is lucky to be able to eat well.
Jolie’s decision to reduce her chance of getting breast cancer from 87 per cent risk to less than 5 per cent after being diagnosed as carrying a mutated BRCA1 gene is heroic. Her decision to go public about it will save countless women’s lives.
Angelina, to me, is more than a world-class beauty, she is a world-class citizen. Her caste is everyman, despite its surreal circumstance. She is a celebrity actually worthy of celebration. This woman deserves a term of her own and it ain’t celebrity. It’s also not saint – she’d be the first to admit that. Perhaps the word should be solid; Angelina Jolie is a solidbrity. She is a rare example of the grounded rising above the flighty in a self-absorbed society, and I can’t applaud, admire and thank her enough.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:26 pm

How satisfying it is to read commentary by highly intelligent people who see Angelina truely for the amazing, inspiring and lovely woman she is.
No wonder Brad could not resist her. As he said. He does not have enough words to describe this incredible wife he has. And he said how emotional he was trying to talk about her heroic act.
Brad. During his Esquire interview was apparently walking with Angelina thru the valley of a very serious and painful and life impacting decision. He was at her bedside after each surgery. It is understandable he could not speak about her during his Esquire interview. It was an extremely emotional and I am certain painful time she and he were sharing. Yet he had to do his job to promote WWZ. And part of that promoting includes interviews, no matter how difficult your situation may be at that time.

Muse to perform live on the internet for Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’ Premiere

Muse will perform live following the world premiere of World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, in London on June 2nd. The performance will be broadcast live on the internet at

World War Z is in theatres June 21, 2013.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:37 pm

Angelina Double Mastectomy: Natalie Portman’s Doctor Father Praises Actress, Explains BRCA Gene

by Alyssa Toomey and Marcus Mulick Many have spoken out in support of Angelina Jolie after the actress bravely revealed she underwent a preventive double mastectomy.
And Natalie Portman’s dad is no exception.
Dr. Avner Hershlag, chief of the Center for Human Reproduction at North Shore LIJ and father to the Black Swan actress, tells E! News he has the utmost respect for Brad Pitt’s other half and also shares his own medical insight as Jolie continues the preemptive cancer treatment.
“I feel a lot of adulation towards her announcement,” Hershlag tells E! News. “She is doing so much service for so many women. Imagine a woman who did not know she should be tested. She sees Angelina’s announcement, gets tested today and finds out in a few weeks that she’s positive for BRCA. The Angelina announcement could save her life.”
Which is exactly what the mother of six intended.
Although Jolie has taken positive steps to keep herself cancer free, there’s still the question of the disease potentially affecting her three biological children.
NEWS: How Brad and Angelina’s kids helped make mom’s recovery “fun”
“There is a 50 percent chance to pass the gene on to your children…It’s a statistical risk,” Portman’s father explains. “The genetics on kids is a big deal from an emotional point of view. When someone tests positive for the mutation it has an implication for the entire family.
If someone’s positive, their siblings should be tested. If they test negative, that means their children don’t risk having the mutation.”
If upon testing, you do discover the genetic mutation, Hershlag insists having kids is not out of the question.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:39 pm

“Women with the gene who are seeking to have children or want more children should go to fertility doctors and discuss doing IVF treatments,” he says.
“We can prevent women passing on the mutation to their children because we can identify the gene in the embryo…We can ensure only the embryos that test negative for the mutation are used for pregnancy.”
NEWS: Brad’s mom, Jane Pitt, praises Angie’s decision
Jolie also shared her plans to remove her ovaries in order to drastically reduce her risk of ovarian cancer, and Hershlag suggests having your eggs frozen if you’re concerned about doing the same.
“If women are afraid of removing their ovaries, have your eggs frozen. You don’t have to use them right away, if at all,” he said before clarifying.
“Everyone has the BRCA gene. But when someone is affected by it, it means they have a change in the gene, a mutation. There is a BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 mutation. Each of them comes along with an 80% breast cancer over your lifetime and over 30% chance of ovarian cancer.”
And just like that, thanks to Jolie’s efforts, we’re much more informed about our health.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 12:44 pm

Angelina Jolie & surgery awareness

By Richard Branson -
May 18, 2013

Just wanted to echo all of the well-wishes and messages of support to Angelina Jolie. People are often afraid to speak out about health issues, and her beautiful, honest words about her surgery should be an inspiration to many.
After discovering she has a gene that gave her an 87% chance of developing breast cancer, she underwent a double mastectomy. She decided to be proactive after watching her own mother’s fight against cancer.
Her story reminded me of a dear friend of mine who sadly died of breast cancer. Both of her siblings had died of breast cancer and she was very worried about suffering the same fate. We had heard about how having a double mastectomy could help her chances of survival, so her husband and I sat her down and talked her through it.
She weighed up her options and decided not to go ahead with the surgery. Sadly, she did develop breast cancer and passed away. She had young children, and the last thing she said to me was how she regretted not opting for surgery.
Breast cancer kills 458,000 people each year, and more awareness about treatments such as double mastectomy’s could decrease that number significantly. I believe the word mastectomy puts thousands of women off this life saving operation. Having a “boob job” done is completely acceptable. A mastectomy should be equally acceptable, and could be life-saving as well.
I have nothing but admiration for Angelina Jolie for her bravery and commitment to helping others as well as herself.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 12:52 pm

Good stuff, Love the JoliePitts.
I adore how intellectual people praise Angie, as they should.
Our girl continues to do great.
God bless the JoliePitts.

Oh, I think a troll just stole Anustin’s name.

@To esquire:
I think you have it wrong, it has been said many times on this site that Angie did nothing wrong so there is no need to defend her, haters will always go for what they think is someone’s weak area,and in Brad’s case that is Angie and the children.The internet and tabloids are not the real world so none of this will damage Angie,Brad and their children.All public figures have their detractors and learn to deal with it.
After News of the World,Brad said that hey will sue anyone that suggests their family is breaking up,hence Dr.Drew having to publicly retract his foolish pronouncements.I’m sure their lawyers have instructions re what to do about attacks on their family.
it is better that they spend their time living a full and productive life(best revenge)than worry about anonymous internet and tabloid people.
Brad was not going to discuss Angie in his Esquire article as Angie was in the middle of her surgeries and it wasn’t for public consumption until Angie was ready for it to be so.
Brad spent his last long term realtionship holding up his partner,Angie is a strong woman who does not need holding up in public, she is happy to talk her talk and walk her walk. If there is a problem they solve it together,that is what partnership is about.
The attacks on Angie and the children is because the haters have nothing else, and it affects the fans more than anyone else.
I’m sure Brad and JA do not hate each other,they got out of a non-productive relationship that was going no where,what is there to hate.
Angie is friends with her exes and I’m sure is happy for Brad to be if he wants to.
Brad is about to be 50yrs old so he is going to be reflecting and said as much when he was promoting KTS.
He did not trash or praise JA , he simply said that 10yrs ago,he was wasting his life and decided to change,reaching 40 will do that for you.You are possibly running out of time to make big life changes but on the plus side you feel grown up and you can say eff off to people who get in your way.So Brad took responsibility for his life and changed, the reward was Angie and his own family.
I’m sure there are many people in Hollywood and the wider public who would like to see Brad fail, after all this is someone labelled as nothing more than a pretty boy and dumb with it too.
Except that Brad is not dumb he is clever and talented and there is nothing more that people hate than good looking people that are also
clever.Angie is an honest woman, she says Brad is a good man AND I’m happy to believe her.
the next time Brad is interviewed he will probably speak about Angie, but he is not going to give you chapter and verse,thats Angie’s job.
I definitely have too much free time on my hands at present.LOL!

ANGE is a fake b Itcb . The same press that call her a who re. Now singer her Praises . And the dumb asses are falling over their crazy dull self with pride. BHAHAHAHA ANGE is what she is

@a lurker: ATTN that quote is from Ritchie,not Brad .I just read the interview at grocery store.It’s already at the stores here in Houston.You got these hateful trolls worked up for naught LMAO.Guy Ritchie made the army comment and committed father comment hence the quotes.LOL at the blinding hatred from some trolls.

Peter Travers from RollingStone’s review on WWZ:
” nerve-frying, addictively exciting, smart, shifty and scary as hell”

hello love,likewise.

like our girl,anjie blessed and so loved up!!!

waves phool,rose,dawne,susan.

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 1:10 pm

A Gigolo does not work. Yet get homes, cars and money. In your post the guy says Brad worked hard. Does not say he gave any homes, cars or money. Hollywood people hire cheap labor all the time to work/live in their home as nannies, dog walker, maids etc. A lot of these people have aspirations of being a star.
Squiggy name is on the new home that has 23 million in renovations. Do you really think Squiggy help on this and on the purchase of the home. How about the cars and motorcycles he is driving. Articles says Ticky purchased them for him. Frankly I don’t think Squiggy is a gigolo. He is in a relationship with a very needy woman who is willing to give the guy anything he wants so he will stay with her and not move back to NY. It is their business but it is not out of bounds to laugh at Squiggy dislike for those type of people in past interviews and that now he has become one of those people.

wow you stole a fans name you trolls are likestale bread nothing new

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 1:14 pm

*23 mill renovated home.

To gennline @ 05/28/2013 at 1:15 pm

@gennline: I don’t believe she’s done anything wrong other than make the biggest mistake of her life and beleived brad when he said they should be together and make babies. the only one that benifits from brange is the extremely selfish man. Don’t try to wash over the facts that brad cares more about his reputation than his family with jolie. I’m old school in the sense that a man should always defend the mother of his kids AND his kids no matter what. Brad proves time and time again ( from the beginnig of their relationship) in interviews that he thinks brad not angie or kids is the one that Has a “bullseye” he is so selfish he doesnt even realize angelina and kids are the ones hated because of him. he can not stand the slightest criricsim. he cries about his tortured life pre ange as if he is looking for sympathy. He is so fake and pretentious. He makes me sick tbh, but I follow his news because of Angie. I hope for one day when I can read ange news without being bombarded with the pitty for pitt and hate for ange because she’s made the shty choice in a partner.


The only way that will happen if he gets caught publicly cheating. I hope for that day Angie fans can live without that albatross called pitty.

crdt brangelinaforum

Marco Beltrami’s World War Z score arrives June 18th

Warner Bros. Records is set to release Oscar-nominated Marco Beltrami’s World War Z original score on June 18th, with the Brad Pitt film set to arrive June 21st.

Beltrami has composed the scores for such films as The Hurt Locker and 3:10 to Yuma (which earned him his Oscar nominations for Best Original Score), as well as Wes Craven’s Scream franchise and Guillermo Del Toro’s Mimic Hellboy, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

Beltrami has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the industry, such as James Mangold, Robert Rodriguez, Luc Besson, David Goyer, Bertrand Tavernier, Alex Proyas, Jonathan Mostow, Roland Joffe, Len Wiseman, Jodie Foster, David E. Kelly, and Tommy Lee Jones.

World War Z is directed by award-winning director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball) and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale. The story revolves around former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

Screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Drew Goddard & Damon Lindelof, and screen story by Matthew Michael Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski. Based on the novel by Max Brooks. Produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Ian Bryce.

The track-listing for the original score to World War Z is as follows:

1. Philadelphia
2. The Lane Family
3. Ninja Quiet
4. Searching For Clues
5. NJ Mart
6. Zombies In Coach
7. Hand Off!
8. No Teeth No Bite
9. The Salvation Gates
10. Wales
11. Like A River Around A Rock

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 1:20 pm

@To gennline: Does sqiggy defend ticky? No. When the media constantly shows Ticky as a needy, selfish famewhore, where is her defendant? Exactly. So why are you worried about Brad defending Angie. He defends Angie when he calls her the love of his life. He defends Angie when he states how happy he is. He defends Angie with 6 Beautiful kids he is able to love, with Angie. So Brad defends Angie all the time…

Definition of Smart Boy @ 05/28/2013 at 1:21 pm

@Definition of Gigolo:

“….Also curious: in the years he lived with me, he never once let anyone take his picture. All the family gatherings and pool parties and stuff that he was a major part of, he’d run the minute someone pulled out a camera. This from a guy who makes his living in front of cameras. Go figure.”"

ha, ha, ha, well you think Brad is stupid ???

In that letter, if ii´s real, you see the reason why Brad Pitt it´s a smart, clever and persistent man that knows what he wants for his life since he arrived in LA. It was not working in the rich house and let others taking pics of him. LOL

Did you really think he was stupid, ignorant or idiot to let you and your rich friends to take a photo of a boy that want to be a actor, cleaning your swimming poll and walking your dog???

If Brad work for this guy he was enough intelligent to understand the future and it was not clever to let others rich idiots to take pics of him doing small works when he was starting and in a fragile position.

If Brad was a idiot by the time he work for this guy, the pics that he could have take of him walking the dogs or cleaning the house will be selling for he best value. Giving this guy money that he don´t deserve.

He was thinking Brad was a stupid country boy…. know we see what Brad really is.

A great person, a fantastic actor, a lovely parent, a solid partner and lover for Angie (the most beautiful and extraordinaire women in ALL WORLD, the magnificent Queen Angelina Jolie-Pitt), a movie Producer, a humanitarian, a furniture designer, a photographer and biker mania, a plane pilot and a creative entrepreneur.

It´s a lot for a country boy let any rich idiot to take a picture of him without paying big-dollars…. He was and he his Brad Pitt…. Kiss

ANGE slept with manny manny men. She said I’m going taste all men . I like fur king hard.

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 1:22 pm

@Love the JoliePitts: Love this quote from the article about Angelina:
This is a woman who is willing to keep pushing, trying, loving, doing — not willing to be pigeonholed. She reminds us that women are complex and that this is a cause for celebration not derision.

when trolls are desperate they start stealing names,let the meltdown begin

414 and 417 are toiletbowlnistons fans…can not accept the reality that once ur a fug and pee’d always will be.ask Nancy Aniston.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 1:29 pm

I guess it’s pretty lonely at Fat fvcks first, since ticky isn’t famewhoring on any talk show!
LOL, it’s also going to be a hot, lonely summer for the trolls.
& a lonely 2014 for the trolls when Unbroken and Maleficient hit theatres, PAHAHAHAH,

Ticky hens will commit suicide from now until 2015 lmaoo

Jealous bitter trolls, go scream at ocean. hehehe

@were the morons:
I’m not bothered about Brad defending Angie,I’m saying that he does not need to as she has done nothing he wrong.I was replying to ‘esquire’ who seems to think that has to be defending Angie against anonymous internet and tabloid haters.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 1:33 pm

@gennline: I know, I was really replying to the idiot who replied to you under “To gennline.” Like you said, Brad doesn’t need to answer to the tabloids who are not paying or supporting him. Him and Angie are doing fine as they are.

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 1:33 pm

trolls are getting really really desperate. Stealing fans name. We all know who is responsible for this.

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:34 pm

“She hasn’t talked to or visited Nancy once since she was admitted. She should’ve been there for the shoulder surgery alone! And the stroke is really serious. Nancy is an old lady, and she’s very sick; it’s breaking her heart that Jen is ignoring her.”

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:34 pm

JENNIFER Aniston is cold-hearted!

According to a new report, the actress has banned her ailing mom, Nancy, 76, attending her wedding — because of her failure to keep her mouth shut about her daughter’s private life.

Aniston is engaged to actor Justin Theroux. She’s had a testy relationship with her mom ever since she she blabbed too much about Jennifer’s personal matters in a 1996 TV interview.

“Being at Jennifer’s wedding to Justin was one of Nancy’s greatest late-in-life dreams — but now that dream is shattered,” declared an insider.

“But when Nancy started asking a bunch of questions about the upcoming event, it set off an alarm in Jennifer’s head. She realized her mom was gossiping way too much about her wedding plans.

“Now she has banned Nancy from the nuptials — just like she banned her from her wedding to Brad Pitt back in 2000.

“After her star-studded $1 million wedding to Brad, Jen now wants a much less formal and less publi­cized ceremony. And she believes Nancy’s loose lips are a threat to her privacy.”

GROUNDBEEF @ 05/28/2013 at 1:35 pm

Yea. Yea . I’m calling JP BI TCHES back yard dirty old rats. ANGE eats SPAM for LUNCH. BREAKFAST . MUCH MORE FOR DINNER . If you know what I mean .


Oh boy. Stealing posters names and now we have the conspiracy theory nuts.

It’s just becoming too pathetic to put into words.

ANGE sleep with woman right ? I’m free.

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 1:40 pm

Trolls are always spinning their trashing of Brad and Angelina. Poor Ticky fans. They so hoped this couple wouldn’t last this long.
If Brad does not mention Angelina, he is trying to protect himself. If Brad does mention Angelina, he is using her for publicity. Blah blah blah. No way to win.
It’s not what happens in an interview that matters. It what happens in real life. Brad seems to be supporting Angelina in all her needs and wants.

@To gennline:
Well as he did not cheat on JA therefore he will not be cheating on Angie.
Women and children are always attacked by other women,thats why tabloids are aimed at women both on the internet and in supermarkets.
The only one that has to approve of Brad is Angie. You may be her fan but she is her own woman. She will always be attacked by somebody,she is too honest,too strong,too fearless and the haters don’t like that

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:43 pm

The actor, writer and director has been in a solid relationship with stylist Heidi Bivens when he started working with Aniston on “Wanderlust,” the film where they first became acquainted.

Even more, Star magazine writes in its latest print issue (story via here), when Justin and Jennifer were already dating, Heidi had no idea that she was no longer with Justin.

“On May 16, the fashion website refinery29 posted an interview with NY City based stylist Heidi Bivens, who had raved about the vacation she had taken last winter in Kauai, Hawaii, with her boyfriend, actor / writer / director Justin Theroux,” Star writes.

Two days after the story came out, Justin was out and about with Jennifer, while Heidi still believed she was Justin’s girlfriend, the tab claims.

In other words, when she became romantically involved with Theroux, Jennifer must have known that he was in a relationship – yet she agreed to have him cheat on his girlfriend with herself, despite being once at the receiving end and knowing what it feels like.

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:44 pm

After waiting two years for a proposal from her boyfriend Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston has finally reached her breaking point, according to a new report! Following a romantic dinner at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, on July 11, the 43-year-old stood her ground and allegedly demanded an ultimatum.

“Jen said, ‘I need a commitment, and I need it now,’” an insider tells Star. Only, instead of a dropping down to one knee and confessing his undying love, Justin reportedly shrugged his shoulders.

“That was the moment the writing was on the wall for Jen,” adds the insider. “It crystalized in her mind that Justin isn’t the one for her.”

Devastated by the turn of events, Jen allegedly told Justin that they should go their separate ways. “Justin pleaded for a second chance, but for her the love is gone.”

If Justin’s fear of commitment was the only factor, perhaps the two could’ve found a way to reconcile, but it seems marriage wasn’t the only issue at hand. “Looking back, Jen never fully trusted Justin,” says a friend of the actress. And perhaps for good reason.

Throughout his relationship with Jen, Justin always had insisted on remaining friendly with his ex-girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens. Lately, their friendship had allegedly become closer than ever. “Heidi and Justin have been talking for months, and Jennifer had no idea,” reveals an insider. “But she started getting suspicious.”

Mere days after their reported breakup, Jen’s suspicions were allegedly confirmed. “To give her closure, Jen even had someone following Justin in New York while she was away,” explains a friend. “He got together with Heidi within days of Jen leaving. It seems like Justin couldn’t wait to be rid of Jen so he could cut loose.”

HAGolie- trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 1:47 pm

Jennifer Aniston proves she’s still hot in hilarious new movie
Jennifer Aniston is still smoking hot at 44.
She proves it in new comedy flick We’re The Millers in which she plays a stripper involved in an elaborate plot to smuggle drugs across the border from Mexico.
Starring alongside Jason Sudeikis, Jen winds up dancing for her life when her character Rose lands in a sticky situation with some Mexican drug lords. As you do.
Showing off her insanely toned and taught physique, she strips down to her lacy lingerie… and it’s super hot!
In addition to Jen’s sexy striptease moments, the film looks full of LOL-worthy moments.
Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, it centres around pot dealer David (Sudeikis) who concocts a fake family (with Emma Roberts as his delinquent daughter) to help him complete his drug shipment.
Hilarity ensues in this NSFW trailer that involves drugs, nudity, an awkward group sex scene, guns and spiders! You’ve been warned.


HAGolie- trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 1:47 pm

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Are ‘Very Good Friends,’ Says Actor’s Pal
Tabloids might want you to believe they are the world’s most contentious exes, but a friend of Brad Pitt says Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are actually good friends.
Jean Black, a makeup artist and pal of Pitt’s who has worked with the “World War Z” actor on most of his films since 1990, spoke with Us Weekly about the famous ex-couple and revealed there is no bad blood between them.
“I think Brad was ready to soar when he met Angie,” Black said of his meeting Jolie on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” back in 2004. “This is not to say anything negative about Jennifer. I was part of that and I know that he and Jennifer are very good friends and he cared deeply for her.”
“But in Angie,” Black continued, “he saw a very adventurous person who was grabbing on to life and taking it to its nth degree. It was intriguing because I felt Brad had that in him and wanted to unleash it.”
Aniston filed for divorce from Pitt in 2005 after seven years together and five years of marriage. Shortly thereafter, he began dating Jolie and she announced she was pregnant with their first biological child together, Shiloh, in 2006.
The 49-year-old actor has not been hush-hush when it comes to his years with Aniston or his love for Jolie. In the new issue of Esquire magazine, Pitt gushes about how he hasn’t “known life to be any happier” while reflecting on the days he was married to the “Friends” star.
“For a long time I thought I did too much damage -– drug damage,” he said. “I was a bit of a drifter. A guy who felt he grew up in something of a vacuum and wanted to see things, wanted to be inspired. I followed that other thing. I spent years f**king off. But then I got burnt out and felt that I was wasting my opportunity. It was a conscious change. This was about a decade ago. It was an epiphany -– a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up. Because otherwise, what’s the point?”
Some perceived this as Pitt indirectly slamming Aniston — something he did more directly in a 2011 Parade interview when he said he got sick of his “pathetic” 90s self. Adding, “I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”
For her part, the soon-to-be-married Aniston has stayed above the scrutiny surrounding her ex-husband and doesn’t say much about the relationship. Last March, however, she did tell InStyle magazine that headlines about a feud between her, Pitt and Angelina is “a story that has nothing to do with reality.”

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:50 pm

We’re The Millers

“Jennifer Aniston has produced some stinkers in her time and We’re The Millers, about a pot dealer who creates a fake family so he can move a huge shipment of weed into the US from Mexico, isn’t looking promising.”

HAGolie- trolls @ 05/28/2013 at 1:50 pm

See Jennifer Aniston All Risqué in ‘We’re the Millers’ Trailer

Ooh la la! Jennifer Aniston is sexy and takin’ it off in the new trailer just released for “We’re the Millers,” and It. Is. Hot! The 44-year-old actress is barely recognizable, pairing various wigs with a number of skimpy ensembles that show off her toned tummy and killer legs. Clearly all that yoga is working because she seems more fit than ever.
In the comedy, due in theaters August 9th, the bombshell plays a stripper hired by a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis) to help him create a fake family — along a little help from their “kids,” Casey (Emma Roberts) and Kenny (Will Poulter) — to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the U.S.
Of course, this isn’t the first time the former “Friends” star has bared it all for a role. In “The Break Up” in 2006, she stripped down to absolutely nothing. And who could forget her memorable role as a dirty dentist in the 2011 comedy, “Horrible Bosses?”
Check out the video to see her in “We’re the Millers” and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.
More Celebrity Features on Yahoo!:

@HAGolie- trolls:

We JP fans think that Aniston is a shallow, vapid mediocrity who is obsessed with her body and whose movie career has become decidedly Z-list.

Hag thx for bringing over this article because it totally supports the opinion that we have of your mediocre princess.

Now we know for sure Ticky has no fans. The one fan Ticky has is now stealing Brad and Angelina’s fans names. poor trolls it sucks to be a Sad Spook fan, Ticky can’t get anyone to post on Ticky’s thread, Ticky cannot get a fan if you pay someone to be her fan. No one is on Ticky’s thread so the one loser fan Ticky has is now parked on Brad And Angelina’s thread posting nonsense all day. Keep talking nonsense fool, Brad and Angies fans could not care less that come comes off your greasy fingers. We know you’re suffering because you hitched your wagon to the biggest loser in HW. Carry on posting nonsense because I know your head will explode any minute, ha, ha, ha, ha, poor loser, life is a bit.h when you’re a Ticky’s fan. By the way, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, 1, 2, 3, Jen hens heads explodes!!!!

I came out of nowhere a few months ago but right away I knew who to kiss up to and who to attack, and I of course knew all the nicknames for Ticky.

And I swear I’m not Rose! I don’t know why the trolls say I am the same person when I’m just a casual fan.

Troll. Why don’t you bring us over an article which talks about Aniston discussing really important and substantive issues such as cancer, rape or the problem of refugees. Come on, show us something that does just portray your idol and a brainless bimbo.

…and bless the toiletbowlniston fans…..they really leave in a toilet!!! pee’d and poo’d by John Mayer…….

awww poor trolls they are really in a bad state of mind the name stealing is boring i blame jared for not regulating his site allowing one email log in

READ AND WEEP MANNY HENS @ 05/28/2013 at 1:57 pm

“Jennifer Aniston is “nursing a bruised ego after being branded ‘too old’” for the leading role in the upcoming rom-com You Are Here.

The “Friends” alum “was hot to star” in the flick, and was “angry” when producers chose Zooey Deschanel instead.

According to a insider for the mag, Aniston is incredibly upset that she was “passed over” for the role by the “younger, hipper” Deschanel.

“She’s disappointed… but she’s learning to roll with the punches” says the supposed “source.”

Troll what is this obsession with linking me with Rose.

Sorry but I’m not. I know that you are paranoid and delusional but some of us are just ordinary people with no agenda who just really likes Angie and Brad.

Sucking up to people. No sucking up. It’s just that I find that the JP posters are actually really witty, intelligent, articulate and insightful while i find the Aniston posters moronic, stupid and and have no insight what so ever into the JPs and who they are as individuals.

I have lurked at this sight for a while but one day just decided to post. As I said no drama, no hidden agendas, I’m just a regular person who likes Brad and Angie.

Simple as.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 2:00 pm

Hi We’re the Morons,
I love what Angelina has inspired just thru her Op ed piece.
She is not telling any woman to do what she did. She is simply saying what she learned and what options she had presented to her, the impact it would have on her and her family and the steps she took in light of what she now knows.
Yet her simple piece has opened a flood gate of discussion globally!
And so many people are expressing how grateful they are and how appreciative they are for the information she willingly shared. From well known doctors and celebrities world wide to the average mother, husband, brother, sister or daughter who may have experienced the same issues in their lives.
It is a world wide phenomenon and no one saw this tidal wave of response coming.
God bless this beautiful woman with such a great, big, loving and generous heart! The heart He placed in her to serve His Purpose.

To we're the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:00 pm

@were the morons: what does that have to do with Angelina? You brange and mansiton fans will never get that what happens in maniston a life has absolutely nothing to do with Angelina and vise versa. It jist shows that you are not an angelina fans When you constantly bring her up against maniston. As a jolie fan I seriously couldn’t care any less about what is going on with maniston.

To we're the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:01 pm

You are brad fans and that’s why you rage against maniston. Your maniston obsessions has little to do with angelina and very much to do with brad. It’s disgusting how just like angelina takes blame for every choice pitty makes we jolie fans take blame for everything pitty fans do and say.

@HAGolie- trolls: did you see how ugly she was in wigs? I think she will regret trying on different hairstyles that will really show her flaws….long face, big nose, close-set eyes, shrinking lips, big jaw and artificial cheekbones. Did I mention the sawed-off chin that is still conical ala Reese W? Her forty-five year old body that’s going to pot isn’t gonna keep the viewer’s attention from them.

You can’t sell a sexpot out of a washed out “actress” whose only claim to fame is she was once married to Brad Pitt. Huvane really has to work for his/her money on this one.

posters = fans

LOL. I find it ironic that I am being accused of being Rose by a troll who has stolen my moniker.

LOL. You really couldn’t make up this level of stupidity.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:04 pm

@To we’re the morons: uhm, I was stating that because you were inquiring about why Brad never defends Angie.

To we're the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:06 pm

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 1:22 pm
@Love the JoliePitts: Love this quote from the article about Angelina:
This is a woman who is willing to keep pushing, trying, loving, doing — not willing to be pigeonholed. She reminds us that women are complex and that this is a cause for celebration not derision.

Agree with this. It’s just a shame she is stuck with such a cowardly little self pitying piece SHT. You idiots think I say this because he doesn’t defend his family. Nay, it’s because he is crying about his hard tortured passed as if it is in the same level as losing a loved one or losing your breasts. He is a cowardly little self pitying piece of ShT that expects the pearls around him to make him happy. What happens when he looks at his kids and says you are no longer making me happy? That is what he expects from them as is many interviews show.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:09 pm

@Love the JoliePitts: Hello again,
I couldn’t agree more. I love how she was the one to reveal her story and not any other media outlet. So many women have expressed how Angie is a hero for sharing her own daunting experience- I know many women have probably been screened since Angie’s OP article.

I love Angie for always staying true to herself, regardless of how the media tries to bring her down. She is a strong woman who never pinned herself as a victim.

Angie is truly a godsend. The JP family will always remain blessed.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:12 pm

@To we’re the morons: Neither Angie or Brad cares what you think troll. You are simply wasting your time on this thread. Your atrocious spelling and grammar skills is just only making us JP fans laugh at you. I guess you figure you are putting us fans in our place- think again. By you changing monikers all morning only makes you look like a sad spook who needs to be in school. Now troll, don’t let the internet explorer’s X sign hit you on the way out.

To genniline @ 05/28/2013 at 2:14 pm

gennline @ 05/28/2013 at 1:42 pm
@To gennline:
Well as he did not cheat on JA therefore he will not be cheating on Angie.
Women and children are always attacked by other women,thats why tabloids are aimed at women both on the internet and in supermarkets.
The only one that has to approve of Brad is Angie. You may be her fan but she is her own woman. She will always be attacked by somebody,she is too honest,too strong,too fearless and the haters don’t like that

You are a bigger fool than I thought. A selfish self pitying coward like brad definitely cheats and then he blames the women in his life. That’s what he does. It’s written in pretty much every interview. “Oh I was so drugged up and unhappy about ten years ago. I needed to change my life because that woman didnt do her job and make me happy. ” hmmm

If like I hope he is caught cheating he will say” I was so unhappy with so many kids. I was doing too much and working too hard and I was sooooo unhappy.” And people will blame jolie for having too many kids. He’s a slug.

Any troll who believes Brad and his X wife are friends have a hole in it’s head. Trolls get a Life, stop living in the past. Shi is seven years old. Do the math, thats means Brad and Angie have been together for eight years, No need to wish for Brad to go back to Ticky, that will never happen in your lifetime. Trolls have some pride, Ticky has a man who left another woman for her, just like Brad left Ticky for Angie. You trolls are so pitiful, you talk crap about Brad, yet you go down on your knees every night and prey for him to go back to that dead end marriage. Put on your big girl panties and leave the man alone, stop disrespecting squigs, he must be tired of living in Brad’s shadow. Squigs must feel like the horses ass knowing he will never live up the great Brad Pitt
because his fiancee’s fans hate him because he’s a unemployed gigolo and will never live up the the great Brad Pitt accomplishments. Sucks to be a troll, btw, Ticky, Ticky, Ticky, lolololololol.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 2:16 pm

@were the morons:
So True!
Angelina sets the standard for what a REAL woman is. It is fascinating how she has not let the Hollywood fakery, fraud and frippery affect her. She is not distracted by what she feels compelled in her heart to do. She does not “place blame” on anyone or anything. She truly is amazing in that she sets her mind to learn all she can so she can know how to deal intelligently with each situation presented to her.
Hers is an amazing outlook on life and her heart seems to always be in the right place.

@To we’re the morons:

LOL. This is an Aniston. Come on. That level of hatred towards Brad can only indicate one of the fans of the mediocre princess.

I’m an Angie fan first and foremost. I only started liking Brad when he hooked up with her. I trust Angie’s judgement, wisdom and her choices. She has chosen Brad to be the father of her children IMO because she trusts him implicitly.

To genniline @ 05/28/2013 at 2:18 pm

@were the morons: they don’t care what you say either. Maniston also doesn’t care but that doesn’t stop you.

To genniline @ 05/28/2013 at 2:19 pm

@valis202: liar. There is no way you’re an angelina fan first. If you were you would at least be questioning some things after she’s been dragged for so many years but brad first fans don’t care because they are too busy trashing maniston for pity. I have posted other comments from other sites from jolie fans that feel even stronger than I do about the situation so suck it buster.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:21 pm

@To genniline: Apparently she does, that’s why she makes skits about the rumors people make about her, LOL

BTW Mary Osei, you might want to learn about trolling a little better…HEHE.

bwahahahha…that pot smuggling in MEXICO is for real…toiletbowlniston fave tunning azzzz and coch.

fans = JP trolls

I am aggressive and hateful and love to lie. I attack other celebrities and people who do not believe Brad and Angie are a gift from heaven. I fitted right in when I started posting here, that’s why all others JP trolls seemed to like me right away, as if they’d known me for a long time.

But once again, I swear I’m not Rose and I just started posting here.

To we're the millers @ 05/28/2013 at 2:26 pm

@were the morons: and apparently brad cares too as he is always defending himself and desperately trying to explain how unhappy he was and that’s why he needed a change aka jolie.
Sorry but you’ve already tried to accuse me of being a Kenyan from Nigeria name Mary osey. I am a white American you d-bag. But I couldn’t care less if you think I’m a Kenyan from Nigeria because I am not racist.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:29 pm

@valis202: Exactly! This troll is that African girl Mary or Chisolm.

I really love Brad’s Esquire interview and hot photoshoot. The author is a very good writer. He has also written a very nice one for Angie before.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:29 pm

@To we’re the millers: LOL he was just stating how happy he is, no defending.

You know what they say about there being a fine line between love and hate. I’m getting that with the Aniston troll who has been bitching about Brad.

This troll spews and abuses hatred towards him but so obviously still loves him and desperately wants him back with Aniston.

LOL I think that there is the making of some tragic Lifetime movie with these trolls, what with the conflicting amount of emotions present.

It also must be gut wrenching for them to see their princess currently shacked up with somebody whose even more of a mediocrity than she is. Unemployed director, screen writer and actor. In a way it’s not to surprising that Theroux isn’t creating anything.

Just as Brad lost his creative spirit when he was with her because she was such an uninspiring dead-weight I reckon that the same thing has probably happened to Theroux.

To we're the millers @ 05/28/2013 at 2:32 pm

@were the morons: nope. Try again. I believe the person you “exposed” is chanyo from twitter… I remember reading that ShT. the fact that you actually visit and post on Female First should be a red flag to these other idiots on this site. now who’s the fake fan? Real jolie fans can’t stand to step foot on that site because of how vicious those creeps are but pity fans enjoy that site because FF a maniston pity fansite

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 2:35 pm

@Definition of Smart Boy:
Hi Cesar!
Loved your post! Brad is a very smart and savvy man. And he proves it every day.
“It´s a lot for a country boy let any rich idiot to take a picture of him without paying big-dollars…. He was and he his Brad Pitt…. Kiss”

crdt brangelinaforum

The pandemic is just over 3 weeks away from hitting Australian shores, and today we have a brand new poster for World War Z to warn us. Featuring a worried-looking Brad Pitt, it can be seen to the right.

Along with this and following the recent World Premiere announcement, Paramount Pictures have announced a place of refuge from the infected in Sydney: The Star. On June 9th, the casino’s newly constructed Event Centre will play host to its first ever film premiere, built on the rooftop of the building with state-of-the-art technology being use to provide the best 3D viewing experience for all the guests.

Brad Pitt and Director Marc Forster will walk the red carpet on the day and fans will be able to catch a glimpse of the stars arriving at the Pirrama Road entrance to The Star from 4:00 pm.
World War Z comes out June 20th nation-wide

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:36 pm

@To we’re the millers: I didn’t expose anyone, another poster did HEHE.

Someone seems mad their identity was exposed, LOL.
YAWN, next LOL.

I guess you should be trolling back to FF now troll, or is there no ticky news.

I guess widdle ticky can suck her bottle now, WAHH, ticky cries.

Fake Rose, why don’t you post in your own name — coward. Desperate trolls always don’t disappoint, when they can’t take the heat, they stoop to their usual name stealing — losers!!

LOL. I’m really fascinated and slightly freaked now as to why this troll is obsessed with me being Rose.

I have a lunatic, who is stealing my moniker to accuse me of being somebody who I am not. Phew that makes me dizzy just think about the absurdity of it all.

And i’m also being told that I’m not an Angie fan by somebody who has been spamming this board and turning Angie into a hapless victim who is at the whim of a diabolical Brad Pitt. Again troll. Angie is nobody’s victim, patsy etc, etc, etc. She is a strong, independent, ballsy, gutsy unique individual who has always made the choices that have been right for her with her life and one of them is choosing Brad Pitt as her life partner and to be the father of her children.

If you are a true fan like you say you are troll then accept and respect her choices.

an opinion @ 05/28/2013 at 2:39 pm

This troll is going on and on about attacking Brad. Cut and pasting comments from other sites about disliking Brad. But nothing about supporting Angelina. Yet pretends to be a fan of Angelina. What fan would want Angelina to feel the heartache of a relationship ending. Just because you don’t like Brad’s interviews.
This troll is so big a Ticky fan. Her hatred of Brad for so call dissing Ticky pours out of every word she types.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:40 pm

Anyways, Angie just brings out the jealousy in fat, ugly women. Ticky and her fans are similar- insecure, ugly and overweight.

Angie, on the other hand, has unshakable confidence. What other actress does anyone know who insists on doing their OWN stunts in movies?

Angie works hard for the disadvantaged- UN Ambassador, anyone?

Can Maniston hens stop pretending to be Angie fans? We have seen it before. You fool no one.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:43 pm

That girl Mary or Chisolm, whatever its name decides to be for the day, is just under different monikers because its other monikers have been revealed.

my girl,anjie is so smart!!! long live,the joliepitt!

And again, congratulations loons for once again tarnishing your idols’ thread by deflecting from your outpouring of fake concern, respect and mourning stance for this woman’s passing and instead shittng all over your idols with your sickening, vitriolic, neverending off-topic tirade against a woman who has nothing to do with her. Some fans you are, I’m sure Angie thanks you from the bottom of her black heart. NOT! :)

I cannot wait for the big main WWZ premiere….Angelina will be unstoppable!! Pitt Pr n in the house!!!!!!

On another note, I look at Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Kim and Alec and feel for her – I’m sure she wants to follow in her Mom’s footsteps, but she’s 6 feet tall, and looks more like Alec’s bro Billy Baldwin than her Mom.I think she should give up modeling, stay in school, and study acting. Hopefully she has their talent.

african girl????nah ah…if that is the african girl from 8 years ago,then she is not a troll.

Mary Osei @ 05/28/2013 at 2:57 pm

I’m bitter because I have gained so much weight since my pageant days.

@CLINIQUA: Another name being stealer.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 2:58 pm

London Premiere on SUNDAY!


Loads of Brad pictures.. can’t wait

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:02 pm

@anustin: No this is a troll that was exposed last Tuesday by someone of a moniker under “FF exposed” or something like that.

I find the shifting narrative that the trolls have in regards to Brad and Angie really fascinating.

Previously the relationship was one of a vampish, domineering Jolie lording it over a weak and hapless Pitt. Now the narrative has come full circle and it’s a diabolical Pitt who is manipulating a weak and hapless Jolie.

I love the fact that the trolls just cannot get a handle on the relationship that these two individuals have. It’s just so funny when every narrative or troll fantasy about Brad or Angie is just constantly blown apart by reality e.g the most recent example being the trolls recent certainty that Brad and Angie had split and were living separate lives when actually they were going through a very serious personal circumstance that has in fact made them even stronger.

Even though I think that they are lunatics, I do have a chuckle at some of the more bizarre fantasies created by the trolls about Brad and Angie and I’m sure that they will continue to keep us JP fans entertained probably even past Vivienne becoming a grandmother.

@To genniline:
You are no Angelina fan.His Esquire interview does not blame anyone, not even JA.The interviewer mentions that he was married to JA at the time he was feeling unproductive but it does not blame J A for that.That is the media’s spin. It is a very good considered interview.He is not using AJ and the kids to sell his movie.It is just a man talking about his life.

@Love the JoliePitts: What a great surprise my dear Love to see you on at this time of the day. Love, thanks for your note to me. I have to tell you again, you’re one of the nicest person on this thread. You’re consistently a lady. I was going to save my comment for you tonight, but as you are here I’ll just go for it, :-), Love, I had a great vacation, we went all over Walt Disney’s World and Florida and have the best time. I’m so sorry I cannot share my vacation with a few of you, but everything the fans talk about the trolls turn it into something unpleasant. Therefore, I’ll just say we had a great time.

Love, The garden is coming along just beautifully, flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is green, the trees are full, everything is just so pretty. Love, I believe you’re flower garden is further along than my garden. I’ll look at it this way, we are both going to have beautiful flowers all summer. I am still in awe of how Nature works. God is good. Love take care of yourself, and have a great day. Love, great to talking to you today.

Where the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:18 pm

Jen is love by America . She America SWEET HEART. ANGE is like her Oscar dress BLACK at heart. Our ANGE girl likes woman. I’m free . It was Dawne who started stealing trolls name. I’m sorry she a teaft like her ST.

anustin @ 05/28/2013 at 2:49 pm
Shiata Weng, you right! The stupid Ticky instead of following what Angie and Brad are doing and saying followed stupid tabloids and stupid fake wedding instead the prop 8 being decided in June by the Supreme court. Stupid bioche with no brain cell left!

@Love the JoliePitts:

hello love-JP,
it´s ease to find me… didn´t is ? my love for Angie (hum … and Brad) denounce me quickly.

I read that you tasted the Rose wine and it was so good that you have ordered another box. I´m jealous but happy for you… enjoy any drop.

Great to read your posts, you are so kind and friendly to every fan that Angie would be proud.

well the best of JJ it´s the greats fans the Jolie-Pitts have all hover the world. They are the best and the Haters don´t win nothing coming here. it´s great. A big kiss…

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:24 pm

now my name is getting stolen…


were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:25 pm

When the troll’s feel defeated they resort in stealing the names of fans.


@valis202: Hi Valis, those trolls know you are not me. They just say Valis is Rose to upset you. Valis, they do the same thing to me all the time, I just ignore the trolls. Trolls get a thrill when they believe they have upset the fans. I learn you have to have a thick skin when posting as a Jolie Pitt fan, did you noticed today s troll stole my name? IMO, I believe 99% of those trolls posting vile comments on a Brad and Angie’s thread here at JJ are mentally I’ll people who have stop taking their meds. I know those people with a mental illness who are compliant with their meds can be very rational, and nice people, The problem are with the few who are
non compliant that cause havoc on this thread. The bottom line is, trolls are the ones in distress. I’m fine being a fan of Brad and Angie and there will never be a troll Alive who will ever changed my mind.

Where the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:34 pm

#495 . ITA . Jen more important to the BI TCHES .

@Where the morons: at least spell my moniker right…

I’m so glad Jared did not cater to the pedo loons of this site by making a post about the kid’s birthday. The comments would’ve been disgusting, but the “Poem to Shiloh” is always hysterical.

Hopefully when she grows up,she will use her parents fame and turn it into something positive, like becoming an LBGT rights champion.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:43 pm

@were the morons: Really troll?

Have fun with my moniker, we all know it’s you…

It is kind of OT video, but very informative.

Angelina Jolie’s Aunt’s Doctors Interviews At Palomar Medical Center

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 3:43 pm

Aww poor Stalker, got a taste of its own medicine. LOL at trying to claim ownership on a blog where registration does not exist. Was somebody using Wonderbust, JPFan or the rest? :’(

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 4:02 pm

Hi Rose,
What a treat it is for me to be on board the same time as you are.
Rose, the one lone troll on board stealing fans names and posting under so many names is having a vicious nervous breakdown.
Her hatred is running in all directions.
Her frustration level must be off the charts because she has not been able to destroy Angelina despite all the hateful posts and comments she has been leaving for the past 8 years on so many websites.
Angelina is more popular now than ever and is getting more positive feedback and free publicity than every before.
It is enough to push the hateful troll right over the edge.
So now the frustrated troll has turned her attacks against Brad while pretending to be a “fan” of Angelina. This troll does not realize how Transparent she really is. But when the troll is desperate it does even more stupid things.
I am so happy the fans are seeing thru this nutcase and calling it exactly what it is.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:36 pm


Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 4:41 pm

# 392 a lurker @ 05/28/2013 at 11:50 am
LOL @ this in Brad’s Esquire article :

“when Pitt came to London last year to film World War Z, he took his children to play paintball with Ritchie’s children and impressed Ritchie with “his small army of rather efficient killers.” Pitt is, in the estimation of Ritchie and indeed everyone who knows him, “a committed father.””
That was actually in 2011 not last year – unless they managed to go again under the radar.. IIRC there were some pix someone at the Paintball place took. It was Angie, Mad, Pax and Brad against Guy, his GF and his 2 sons. I remember saying that I bet Madge wasn’t thrilled to hear that Rocco and David were hanging out with Angie. And I was equally sure that Guy didn’t GAFF what Madge thought. LOL!

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:45 pm

First off I am not we are the morons or any other regular poster here. I am just a JP fan that lurks here and other sites. I exposed “thismadscientist” last year, her real name is Chisom. She is Nigerian and when I exposed her she disappered from FF because she was very ugly and was always talking about how Angie and Brad looked yet she herself was very unattractive. I exposed Mary Osei last week. It was quite easy. Everytyime I look at JP videos on instagram Mary Osei is commenting. Same with twitterr I search Brad and Angie and her account is there talking crap, she also always links FF to her twitter. I put two and two together and exposed her true identity, she even admitted it on FF. She is very ugly I will post the link to her hideous picture next. Also fyi “the ring” is the illiterate poster “jusitly” from FF. Tamssin posts on FF regularly too nbut I am sure you all already know that. The person who always posts info about Jen is Mary Osei. google Mary Osei Amponsah and aniston or look at her yourube account, she is nuts.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:50 pm

this is mary’s youtube account. see how many times this crazy biitch comments on JP videos..once again mary is the poster that posts the Jen info on this board as well

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:53 pm

This is Mary Osei Amponsah’s twitter account
I wonder what her empolyer thinks of her behavior

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:56 pm

here is another male guy who loves jennifer aniston and trashes Pitt and Jolie all over twitter. The man claims to have a wife and child, yea right

Also there is anouther jen fan on fuglyfemales named Lola who is Kenyan, I may expose her next but thus far she hasnt talked much crap about Brad or Angelina. Isn’t it interesting that jen fans claim all Angie fans are black yet the two peole I exposed and Lola are all African and butt ugly. Also just to clarify I do not think Africans are ugly but Chisom and Mary Ose are very ugly.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 5:00 pm

before I head off, tamssin is the one that has been spamming the board and stealing the names of fans on this site, I know this for a fact actually. As I said earlier tamssin also posts on Fuglyfemales so you already know the person is certified nuts like Mary Osei, Chisom, mrgracious and company. Have a fabulous day everyone.

FFer EXPOSED @ 05/28/2013 at 4:45 pm

Loon lies. That’s basic JP troll denial. Of course you’d claim to be a “longtime fan” that came out of “lurking”. Um right.

So let me get this straight, a “fan” who doesn’t find the conversations of their fellow fans remotely interesting to post on a regular basis, has instead invested an awful lot of time tracking people down who aren’t even fans of Pitty and St. Angie.

JP Troll FAIL.

Tickys mothers tell all book @ 05/28/2013 at 5:15 pm

@FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH: is tampon mr gracious?

Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 5:16 pm

# 433 Phool @ 05/28/2013 at 1:29 pm
I assume some troll stole Phool’s name because ths is the biggest load of BS I’ve seen in a while. It must’ve come off that ridic anti-doctors gazette that a troll posted the link to last week. Diet is never going to trump genetics and whoever wrote this crap is a nitwit of the first degree.

FFer EXPOSED @ 05/28/2013 at 5:00 pm #528

Actually Stalker, those are pretty bold statements. I’m pretty sure that you hate that I outed some of your aliases, but I kindly ask you, for the sake for your idols, to come up with the evidence that proves I’m the one using other people’s monikers. Since you know this for a fact, I’m pretty sure you’d love to do it.

Oh I only came to discover FF because of you demented JP trolls. I guess I should thank you for that. Still, I’m only a regular poster here, sorry to disappoint you. :)

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 5:20 pm

@Tickys mothers tell all book:
tamssin is not mrgracious. but tamssin does switch names and steals the names of fans here. tamssin is also is a regular poster on FF. In fact most of its info comes from FF like that thing it posted earlier saying Brad was a gigolo. all from FF.


LOL..seriously these idiots have no life.. funny they never had a problem when Aniston dissed Brad..oh wait that was because she was “hurt so bad”

I wondered why the fools were going crazy. Then I saw that WWZ premiers on Sunday. Now it makes sense. But at least Brad will get loads of hits because the hags will be searching all over the net for pictures and news. should be fun to watch the meltdown.

I’m looking for Lenny and Squiggy to make some announcement. May they move into that house and have a huge party on the weekend. She will do something. It always happens when Brad has something coming out. Not so much Angie. but Brad.. wait and see.. I’m going to mark this page.

@PT.. that comment about the kids was cute. I guess they are as baddass as their parents. I would expect nothing less.

FFer EXPOSED @ 05/28/2013 at 5:20 pm

As much as I’d love to take credit for everything that exposes the truth about your dirty, filthy idols, poor Stalker, I did nothing of the sort. I did not post it and I am not Mr Gracious.

I’ve been saying that Pitty owes everything to his original sugardaddy, Thom Racine, that much is true, but surely you don’t think that I’m the only one who can use google and get this information.

I’ll give you a hint, clueless lemming. I’ve read it before and it’s available at Racine’s blog. You’re going to have to try harder to pin me with something, darling.

Maniston is going to do somthing to coattail on Brad.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 5:35 pm

I guess you missed where I said you were not mrgracious. FF has a long long thread about racine and you are a regular poster on that site so it is not rcoket science that you got the info from there. In fact if you google “thom racie pitt” s the ony thing that comes up is FF and IUC, no surprise there. No other site has discussed Racien except FF and IUC. You are the also the only person here who brings up Thom racine. I swear it is so easy to expose these nutjobs.

FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 5:38 pm

typo i meant “thom racine pitt” the only sites that come up are FF and IUC and tamssin frequents FF and always brings up racine on this site. once again it is not rocket science to put two and two together. I’m off.

Tickys mothers tell all book @ 05/28/2013 at 5:45 pm

Also notice how once tampon stops using different monikers, he instantly pops up. Tampon has been exposed lol

Tickys mothers tell all book @ 05/28/2013 at 6:07 pm

Tampon has suddenly left just Jared! Good job @FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH: good job!!

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 6:19 pm

Don’t know how true this is so take w/grain of salt! E! is claiming an exclusive.

NEWS/ Angelina Jolie to Make First Post-Mastectomy Red Carpet Appearance at Brad Pitt’s World War Z London Premiere

Angelina Jolie has certainly stolen the media spotlight after revealing she underwent a preventative double mastectomy, but soon, she’ll be taking a backseat to partner Brad Pitt.
The mother of six is planning to make her first red carpet appearance since her big annoucement at the London premiere of her fiancé’s post-apocalyptic zombie flick, World War Z, on June 2, E! News has exclusively learned.
Jolie has kept a low profile since penning her op-ed piece in the New York Times, where she revealed she underwent a double mastectomy after learning she carried the “faulty” BRCA1 gene, which increased her chances of contracting breast cancer by roughly 87 percent.
PHOTOS: Angelina’s road to recovery
Jolie is also reportedly planning to have her ovaries removed as another preventive surgery, intended to drastically reduce her risk of ovarian cancer.
The Oscar-winning actress first opted for genetic testing because of her family’s widespread history of cancer. She lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2007, and her aunt lost her own battle with breast cancer over the weekend.
Meanwhile, Pitt’s been supporting his “heroic” partner as well as promoting his highly-anticipated horror film.
NEWS: Angelina Jolie covers Time magazine
He recently surprised fans at an early screen in New Jersey, where the audience went wild for both Pitt and his horror flick.
Can’t wait for Brangelina to hit the carpet together!
Talk about Hollywood royalty rubbing elbows with London’s finest.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 6:22 pm

According to E! Angie is supposed to make an appearance at the premiere on Sunday.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 6:23 pm

@Love the JoliePitts: I hope she goes! I would really be excited !
Brad and Angie are so adorable together!

Ah I’m gonna this one more time and then….
What is new about manny and why u obsessed? Why do u care? She can do what she wants and what work for her and what hlave been work for her.brad truly is obsessed with her. His bittches too.
Why don’t u forget her? May be u don’t care but he is not gonna get money from me with this method….I wait for free ******.

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 6:36 pm

eonline also said Beyonce was pregnant so we shall see. On the flipside they were the first to announce the Chanel deal, LV deal, and Brad going to the MTV movie awards so they could be right.

Hit my ass.yeah a blogs king not a movie that is wha let him this maniston obsesstion of him and this ho pus…ssy

I’m out here men don’t know why do this to be irritated in my will.

I hope E! news is true that Angie will be at Brad’s premiere.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 6:45 pm

@Wonderbust: I think Bey is pregnant though. Remember with Blue Ivy how she denied pregnancy, but eventually she said she was pregnant! In result, this could be true too!!!

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 6:50 pm

Hi, my Lady Rose.
Thank you for your always very kind words to me. The same certainly can be said of you my friend.
I am sooo happy to read a bit of your wonderful trip. And I understand completely why you cannot share all the lovely things you experienced. All their beauty are yours to keep forever in your heart. Your heart and your family’s hearts. And I thank God for your safe return after a joyous trip. Welcome home.
Sadly, as you can see, the troll is still infesting the site. But we won’t overly stress about that. We will forgive the troll’s insanity and she will disappear.
Rose I am made very sad by the passing of Angie’s aunt and yet also made happy that Debbie and Marcheline are back together again never to ever be parted. The family on this side of Heaven misses their presence deeply along with Marcheline’s and Debbie’s brother, and for that part I grieve with them. But it is comforting to know that those you love are never taken away from you forever and you will see them again for all eternity. That is my personal belief which I share with some trepidation because I do not wish to offend anyone else’s belief if they believe otherwise.
I think Brad and Angelina are very wise when they say “I do not know and will wait to find out” when it comes to spiritual beliefs.
Nevertheless, I do believe Brad and Angelina and all the children have three extra special Guardian Angels watching over them now from the other side. They will be a “Tag Team” :) Thinking of them in that way gives me great joy because as you said…”God is Good!”

And yes! Our gardens are so very pretty and will continue to blossom and bloom throughout the summer months into the fall. I love the out doors and all that it has to offer us. The Planet is truly beautiful in so many incredible and awesome ways.
It is only us humans who need to get in line with its beauty and allow that beauty to reflect thru us. Which I think we will all do one day.
God bless you sweetheart. It is so good to see the name Rose on board again. And don’t worry. We know your posts from any fake Rose any day.

Love the JoliePitts @ 05/28/2013 at 6:58 pm

@were the morons:
Me too!
We have been missing seeing our beautiful Angelina for too long now and we know Brad Loves having his Lady with him on the Red Carpet holding his hand or his arm or hugging him around the waistline. :)
Please let it be true.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 7:09 pm

@Love the JoliePitts: prayers are going up ! Please lord!

I hope it is, true, too. I would say E! has just as high (or low!) a success rate as any of these other outlets. When they are correct, it is mostly because they are repeating someone else’s story, like LV or Channel when they made their Angie/Brad announcements. Golly, I think we missed celebrating the April birthday off the JP twin girls that Angie gave birth to a few months before Vivi & Knox. Entertainment Tonight was so certain that these twins were born & then were VERY (irratinally) angry with the JPs when they denied it.

sorry- should be irrationally :-)

Amazing JPs @ 05/28/2013 at 7:38 pm

Catching up- great post fyi12! Angie has inspired so many all over the  world nearly her whole life, but never more than now.  I really liked this part:
In our waiting rooms, a senior nurse has observed an increase in numbers of men accompanying their partners as well as significantly more hand-holding among patients waiting for treatments..Angie is so brave and sweet to share her story.  Brad loves Angie so much, of course, he was by her side, but not all men are as enlightened and/or able to deal with their partners as being ill.  I’m glad men are following Brad’s excellent example.  BTW, Happy belated birthday to petite mademoiselle Shiloh!

fyi12  @ 05/27/2013 at 3:00 pm open letter from the founder of Life’s Door, at the Institute of Radiotherapy, Tel Aviv Medical Center.Angelina Jolie Photo: ReutersDear Ms. Jolie,Shalom from a longtime fan who deeply admires your artistic work as well as your social convictions. I appreciate particularly your perspective on adoption, among the most important of mitzvot..As an oncologist, I have the privilege of caring for people who suffer from cancer. In our clinic, just one week after your candid, public announcement about your prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, the daily discourse is changing for patients and medical staff alike..My colleagues and I envision how we might have counseled you. Each of us has wondered: Would I have recommended the preventive procedure or merely described alternatives? In our waiting rooms, a senior nurse has observed an increase in numbers of men accompanying their partners as well as significantly more hand-holding among patients waiting for treatments..Many of my patients come from a highly educated population in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Typically, they research their options well. During the past few days, however, patient queries sound less perfunctory and more focused. Tolerance for doctors who dodge questions seems to have vanished.Women have long sought accurate quantification of the risks associated with treatment choices, decisions to forego therapy and other controversies. Suddenly requests have turned into demands for more precise answers. Yesterday, when I appeared surprised by a volley of questions coming from a previously shy breast cancer survivor, the patient assertively paraphrased an idiom about angels, “I want to be on the side of Angelina in this journey!” “So,” I told her, “do I.”..An insight came just today from a patient of approximately your age who said, “Angelina Jolie has been endowed with so many gifts. Now we see, she has also been chosen.”My patient, whose mother-tongue is Hebrew, then helped me understand the nature of “choseness.”.The synthesis of physical beauty and honed acting skills is a rare combination. A defect in the BRCA1 gene is an unusual event. The confluence of so many rarities is seldom seen in one individual. When oncologists like me try to put a rare event into perspective for the layman, we often make an analogy with winning a lottery, and then reflexively offer our standard joke about cancer being the lottery no one wants to win..Indeed, considerable fear and stigma still accompany a diagnosis of cancer. When one is chosen for something that is unwanted, the inclination is to ask “why me?” While many react with shame and reclusiveness, some paradoxically respond with curiosity and grace..You have decided to accept what is ostensibly an undesirable role and to dare us to maturely embrace the attendant challenges. Choseness is ultimately about responsibility.
Sincerely,Benjamin W. Corn, M.D.Professor and chairman, Institute of Radiotherapy, Tel Aviv Medical Center,Founder Life’s Doorlll

@Amazing JPs:

love that article. especially the highlighted part. We see too many women that tell the story of their male partners/husbands leaving. I think Brad and Angie are a great role model. I hope we do get to see them soon. I bet they are just enjoying Family time before the promotion tour begins

please report back on what you hear sunny
They talk about the gene test for 2hours.
They compared general gene oriented disease with other disease.
There were 3 doctors. 2 work for different gene testing institutes as clinical doctors and one works for public medical service as a congressman of ruling party.
Thy were saying after Angie’s news they have been receiving overwhelming inquieries about gene test
In my country, double mastectomy for breast cancer patient is common but preventive one was not common because of ethical reason.
So this discussion was a kind of informing audience what was the gene testing.

One doctor who had studied this staff at US reported some US people had committed suicide or got deep depression after hearing the result of their gene tests as their response.
So anotherdoctor said it’s very important to make a careful supporting system for people who want to take gene test and for people who found they are in high risk of developping fatal disease.
They said gene study is still in the development process and needs more research.
I enjoyed this pure medical discussion.

If I see manistonn name here by angie or by brads from now on in this thread which is fan site and any of brads and angies go discuss maniston in the threads jared put count me out. I am tired of this fattal obsesstion of her while ignoring here the best u can do.
For brad by now he should know he is never gonna be allowed to discuss his life before angie so from now on he should only talk ONLY how this is the best relation ship angie is his babe…..only he made a mistake from the begining which we told him to change then But he didn’t. Now he cannot do nohing about except be a now person and talk. He should know this.
The old method doest work no maniston.

Only in the condition that no maniston. If the trolls brings her anything to bait must be reported to remove…not engaged with condition
Only I say this….
I am actually happy angie is going….myfirst thought was he should go with his costars you know the main cast or actors etc…like other stars do it so it wont be unessessairly hoppola and about their relation ship taking from he movie and she should just attend one perimire but I am now eger to see them together pls act one or don’t do it don’t try to upstage or look compete but be one . Sorry I say this because things the freaks gonna speculate every move brad especially take lesson and angie it is his day don’t takeover but a good supporting wife. Sorry others avoids it because perimers walking is not like award it is detailed so more give to speculation. So pls remember.

sunny @ 05/28/2013 at 9:34 pm #556
This is where I think some people are missing the point. There is no reason for all women to be tested for the mutated gene. Angelina had a very obvious reason, it was already in her family and family members had died. Hers is not the prevailing case among all women with cancers. Her decision as she said was hers alone, it’s not a template for everyone to follow. Many women get breast cancer without a history of the mutated gene in their family. It is knowledge that she is promoting that will help women make the right decisions for THEMSELVES whether it is preventative measures or actual treatment choices for those with cancer.
I can understand that women who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, any cancer for that matter, might be scared to test if they have the mutated gene, their history would be scary enough. If they want to have the testing done that’s their CHOICE, if they don’t want to have the testing done that’s their choice too. Everything is in the woman’s hands, if knowledge is available and she wants it.
I don’t think this test should be done routinely by the doctor and never should it be done without the patient’s knowledge and permission. No one wants to have this sprung on them when they didn’t want to know. It should be common practice to not only to treat the disease, but also to treat the whole person. Sound mental health as well as a good support system are necessary factors in healing and being able to make informed decisions.
I am pleased that Angelina’s helped women to open up the discussion with their physicians. Whether the woman with a history of these cancers in their family decide to be tested or not, if they develop cancer they will need to be treated. It is always better to have knowledge about ALL the choices available and the consequences of those choices before you make a decision.

If they didn’t plan it for her to go, then still fine u never know with all the stories….

Amazing JPs @ 05/28/2013 at 10:21 pm

Also, it is my understanding that people who have the BRCA mutation (s) are not just very susceptible to various cancers, but to strains that are VERY fast moving and difficult to treat. There were several stories from women that happened to in some of these articles detailing the BRCA condition. I hope they find a cure soon.

@sunny that is nice story but any man or woman whi doesn’t hold their partners hand in this kind of time is llikely a scum bag.and a scumb bag is a scum bag. I do believe most people stay hold hand support. Help os great and appulad but that is what one should do isn’t it. It goes both to men and women.

Fu stop her name here. U biitch 3rd ho

Jared remove the whole post.
Biitch u want to talk about angie and brad then say what u think angie influence him without the sight of maniston.

Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 10:54 pm

Just read the Esquire article. I’m surprised at how little Angie is referred to but I know why – because Brad wouldn’t talk about her – more specifically THEM. He learned a hard lesson from Ticky and Huvsy – Keep personal specifics to yourself cuz then your ex and the media can’t use it against you later. Not that he’s worried about splitting with Angie. He’s just not going to share their private life with the public. It’s too sacred to him.
Anyway…it’s a pretty good article but the endig is a little abrupt and doesn’t really connect tot he rest of the story. I did have to laugh though because Brad said he had a handful of close friends and just about all of quoted in the Peeps and Esquire articles – Keener, Jean Black, Fincher, Eric Roth, Frank Pollaro, Cynthia Pett…and in Peeps, DeDe G and Jeremy Kleiner.

I hope that they are right (for a change) & Angie goes, too.  Regardless, I am just SO HAPPY that WWZ is almost here!!  OT, but pretty cool:
The United States and China may be the world’s biggest economic engines, but on this gorgeous map of the world’s flight paths, Europe glows brighter than either one.

U basrard hippo cannot stop with your ticky talk. Rrentu?

OT in the Dailymail
A baby boy that flushed down the toilet deliberately by his parents and survived in China.
He suffered a fractured skull, and should make a full recovery, the mother is at the hospital.

@WWZ: only in one condtion this have chance firm in his now ,not depressing and maniston free brad and not desprate not grovleling but content brad do it. Paramount should restrain and force this in the time left. And force to remove this addits of his past talk here too until promotion is over . If they want success.

were the morons @ 05/28/2013 at 11:26 pm

I think yib has Tourette’s syndrome

I don’t get a dime if u succeded or you bomb with no recovery or u broke up….fck
I got out

Wonderbust @ 05/28/2013 at 11:33 pm

yib please STFU you are so annoying. I think you are worse than the trolls. I thought you said you were leaving last year. I get a headache just trying to decipher anything you post. If you are a fan, you never contribute jack you just post incoherent words.

just sayin @ 05/28/2013 at 11:36 pm

yib is a psycho.

Another Fan @ 05/28/2013 at 11:38 pm

Thanks Susan and Elaine at Brangelina Forum for sharing the Esquire article!

Continue……dumb bimbo hired ho hopefully this will librate me…

Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 11:42 pm

# 563 Susan @ 05/28/2013 at 10:36 pm
Of course the quotes were taken out of context when Esquire made them public. That’s what they do to generate hype and sell mags. It’s the same thing Vogue did with Angie’s quotes in Dec 2006 – and Tickey’s quotes in 2008. Gotta have soemthing to pique people’s interest to plunk down their hard-earned $6.
What was really funny to me is the Jean Black quote. When I first read it last week it was clear to me that although she said Brad and Ticky “are good friends” it was obvious that she was speaking of their relationship at the time when he was married to Ticky – they WERE friends. It’s the same thing Angie said in Vogue – when she talked to him in 2004 on M&MS set it was obvious to her that Brad and Ticky were “good friends”. Notice how nobody brings up “passionate spouses” or “passionately in love”? No, they were friends who made the mistake of getting married…just like Rachel and Ross had a baby…only I could never figure out why the baby didn’t have a huge schnozz like BOTH parents…you would think that would be a dominant gene…but that’s beside the point. Jean Black was saying AT THAT TIME they were good friends, bit it’s equally obvious that she didn’t think Ticky was what Brad needed to make the positive changes in his life he was seeking to make. There you have it – straignt from Brad’s friend – Ticky was a dead weight dead end. That’s why she’s still doing all the same caca now that she did when she first hooked Brad. That trick is downright tiresome.

Windbag zip it.
Ticky is a stripper in another bomb.
Ticky is paying a Gigolo to marry her
Ticky can’t complete a sentence.
Ticky is vapid.
Ticky hair is like straw.
Yip and your fifty names, this is not the vitriol that you write about Mrs Jolie-Pitt, I’m practicing her new name, did you fall off top bunk bed again, keep hitting your head, you’re off your rocker, so it does not matter.

I don’t blame u for taking me for gauranted I desrve it.
But keep ur alises to u and the fellow hos. Not me.
Be like alexandera from old times…she wasn’t ho she realise. It I wish I was too in 2007.

@Passing Through: I like what the Director of Jesse James said, that Brad is a stand up guy even if he disagrees with you. He likes their home, not that he visits often, probably it is like going to Fort Knox.

I read that gene-oriented breast cancer is about 5-10% of total breast cancer. In US, about 10 % of women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. So possibility of gene-oriented breast cancer can happen for
5-10 / 1000 people.
The doctor from last night’s TV show said he understood Angie’s choice because in some case of breast cancer, cancer can be already spread to other places when a breast cancer is discovered at its early stage. Even if it is very early stage of breast cancer, it can happen.

Jen The HAG @ 05/29/2013 at 2:11 am

Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 11:42 pm

ohh ohh you’re talking about the FUGLY TICKY.. Tamshit and YIB will be fuming mad again reading your post and then they will steal fans name and then post virus you know that’s how desperate and derange THE HAGS are whenever they read crap about their whinny idol. And lets not forget JOE MR. GAY correct the JP’s grammar will be checking all JP’s posters bwahahhahah!!!

groundcontrol @ 05/29/2013 at 2:17 am

PT email.

passing poo speaking of ticky as always, about the flop of wwz does not speak

my boss huvane has prepared a party for June 21, we are going to celebrate the flop of wwz

our jen and her body of model, the pill my darlings loons;)

I cannot wait ¡:

were the morons @ 05/29/2013 at 2:41 am

@The ring: oh look, it’s the broken English HAG from female first, justilly. Troll, I have raid, don’t make me spray now…

Scurry away cockroaches

Passing Through @ 05/28/2013 at 10:54 pm
Don’t forget Guy Ritchie.

@were the morons:

ainssssssssss my love, female first?
I do not speak English, but I am studying for when brangelina marry;)
wwz the flop of the year, released on June 21

@Amazing JPs:
Also, it is my understanding that people who have the BRCA mutation (s) are not just very susceptible to various cancers, but to strains that are VERY fast moving and difficult to treat.
As I understand it, BRCA genes are tumour suppressant. So, if they are mutated and don’t function, even slow moving cancers can become fast moving because the body isn’t doing what it should do – suppress the cancer.
As for all those people who talk about how eating right and living right can prevent cancer even for folks with a strong genetic predisposition, all i can say is this – my family, like a lot of newly middle class families, had quite a lot of protein – every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. we also drank milk and ate cheese. Believe me, protein was not an issue. My parents who grew up during the depression, and through WWII didn’t eat as much protein as me and my sibs. Mum and Dad were respectively 5’2.5″ and 5’6″. My sibs and I were respectively: 5’3″, 5.4″ and 5’7″.
Meanwhile my neighbours who are white caucasian, who ate a lot of protein too, grew to be over 6 feet tall – the shortest being 5’8″.
So despite ALL the dietary change, all that life style changes brought about by migration, all the benefits of modern medicine, ALL that contributed to 0.5″ to 1.5″ taller than our parents. As a percentage in inches, dietary and other changes altered our height by less than 0.2% from my parents height.

TO THE FAKE PHOOL (you know who you are I’m sure) YOUR ACTION WAS EVIL.
Yes, in my view, YOUR action to post that article was EVIL.
Because if you truly believed in what that person wrote about reducing cancer risks by life style and dietary changes etc. you would have proudly posted it in your name. You wouldn’t have stolen Phool’s name to do it. You stole PHOOL’s name to post that crappe, because YOU BELIEVED THAT ARTICLE’S INFORMATION WAS CRAPPPE. Yet, you deliberately posted that CRAPPPE under a credible JP fans name.
I can accept that someone believes life style /dietary changes can reduce an 87% chance of cancer to normal risks and posting that view because they genuinely believed in it. I see those people as misinformed.
You however, were not MISINFORMED. You wanted to spread information you didn’t believe in because you hoped it would sow discord, and, at best, didn’t care if what you knew was misinformation, could do harm. Who knows, perhaps you even hoped it would do harm. To take an action because:
1. you want to do harm,
2. you hope to do harm or
3. you do not give a ***** if what you know is UNTRUE will do harm, –
that action is plain EVIL.
Please note, I write that it’s your action which is evil. I leave to a higher power to judge whether YOU are in fact evil.

Hmmmm, may be the analogy i wanted to make about height and a BRCA mutant cancer risk is not clear. The analogy is simply, you can’t change genetics of height that much by dietary and life style changes in one generation. And I believe research shows you can’t change your genetic predisposition to certain illnesses very much by dietary and lifestyle changes either. Certainly it won’t change an 87% risk to 12% with dietary and life style changes.

lylian @ 05/29/2013 at 4:31 am
I agree. Paul McCartney’s late wife Linda was a strict vegetarian yet died of breast cancer at the age of 56. Jim Fixx was a famous American long distance runner, who died of a heart attack at 52. They said he had a genetic predispostion to heart disease plus had been overweight and a heavy smoker before he took up running at age 35.

Good morning J-P fans.
The Dailymail is claiming that Angie will be at the London permiere! I’m ambivalent about Angie going.
The Press is going to be more aggressive, trying to get an interview and she don’t need that, if she walks the red carpet, she’ll need four bodyguards.
It is a little crazy in England now, large crowds, don’t know, could get rowdy.

Angelina Jolie WILL make first post-mastectomy appearance at World War Z London premiere… where Muse are set to give an exclusive performanceTickets to the performance are now sold out

By Sarah Bull
PUBLISHED: 10:18, 29 May 2013 | UPDATED: 12:15, 29 May 2013

Read more:–Muse-set-exclusive-performance.html#ixzz2UgDzTbuC
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

there are some tweets saying brad and Angie are in Missouri but take with grain of salt

Brave Angelina Jolie to stand by Brad Pitt’s side at World War Z unveiling in London

UK HELLO Magazine-29 MAY 2013

Angelina Jolie will proudly be by Brad Pitt’s side when his new film World War Z is unveiled in London on 2 June. The Oscar-winning actress will make her first public appearance since revealing she had a double mastectomy to support her fiancé at the world premiere of his new movie in the British capital.

Earlier this month, Angelina revealed she had undergone the operation after discovering she carried the BRCA1 gene, which meant she had an 87 per cent chance of developing breast cancer.

“I decided to be proactive and to minimise the risk as much as I could,” she explained in a powerful article titled My Medical Choice published in The New York Times on 14th May.

Angelina, who lost her own mother Marcheline Bertrand to ovarian cancer in 2007 aged 56, said the decision was motivated by her own six children. The Hollywood beauty bravely endured months of medical procedures so that her family “don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer”.

Now preparing for more surgery to have her ovaries removed, Angelina suffered a huge blow at the weekend when her aunt passed away from breast cancer, just two weeks after she had revealed she had had the double mastectomy to avoid such a fate.

Debbie Marti, the sister of Marcheline, passed away at the Palomar Medical Centre in Escondido on Sunday at the age of 61. Her husband Ron Martin, said the sisters had both had the same mutated BRCA1 gene, which Angelina had inherited.

“Angelina has been in touch throughout the week and her brother Jamie has been with us, giving us his support day by day,” he told E! News.

“They both loved Debbie very much and although Angie is not able to come right now, she has sent her love and support, which was very nice.

Mr Martin also praised the star for electing to have a double mastectomy. “Had we known, we certainly would have done exactly what Angelina did,” he said.

Angelina’s decision to stand with Brad at the screening of World War Z is indicative of how strong the couple’s bond has become. Praising her “loving and supportive fiancé” in her article, she wrote, “…to anyone who has a wife or girlfriend going through this, know that you are a very important part of the transition.

“Brad was at the Pink Lotus Breast Center, where I was treated, for every minute of the surgeries. We managed to find moments to laugh together. We knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer. And it has.”

credit jPS

Caitlin Wallace ‏@SprinkleCupCait
My friend works at Sam’s Club back at school in MO and just helped Brad Pitt! AND HE DIDN’T REALIZE IT! I am sick with jealousy. 😵

Calvin Bremer ‏@calvinbremer
Of course I’m not working the day Brad Pitt comes in with his 12 children.

Rare Jolie-Pitt Miraval Rose Is Here at Whole Foods: We Try SomeBy Laine Doss Tue.,
May 28 2013 at 1:25 PM

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bought the Chateau Miraval estate in Provence, this was not just another celebrity branding attempt.

The power couple uses the chateau, which dates back to the 14th century, as their summer home and operates the vineyards on their estate. To make their wines, they teamed up with the Perrin family, one of the most famous winemakers in France.

In fact, unlike some other “celebrity” wines, you wouldn’t know Brangelina was involved unless you looked for it. The front of the clear, round bottle is blank except for a simple crest. Turn it around and you’ll see the “Jolie-Pitt & Perrin” names.

Even though Angie and Brad might want the wine to speak for itself, celebrity sells. The first 6,000 bottle production of the rose sold out in only five hours.

Now, a new shipment has reached south Florida and is available at Whole Foods Markets throughout the state. A spokesperson for the company said the shipment reached the stores on Friday, and each one has a supply.

We went to the WFM in Coral Gables yesterday and found an entire display of the rose wine. When we asked about it, one of the employees had no idea this was a “celebrity” product in high demand. We’re guessing it has something to do with the National Enquirer not being sold at Whole Foods’ checkout counters.

We bought two bottles (one to drink now, one to save for a rainy day). The wine, a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah grapes, is a beautiful salmon pink in the glass. There are distinct berry notes, with a touch of acidity. It’s a great wine to take on a beach picnic. Just keep it cold because when ours started to warm in the sun, the wine started getting heavy.

So, is the wine worth it? Yes. At $24.99 a bottle, the price point is good enough for the curious to try, and the bottle is so gorgeous, it makes for a wonderful gift at a pool party.

Besides, we figure if we drink enough Miraval, everyone in the room will look like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — and that’s a very, very good thing.

Follow Laine Doss on Twitter @LaineDoss and Facebook.

Follow Short Order on Facebook, on Twitter @Short_Order, and Instagram @ShortOrder.

Happy Wednesday! Saw this exchange on another site. I TOTALLY agree that Brad is unfairly characterized as not being bright. People are often put off when they don’t hear cliche-filled sound bites (which personally I don’t get). I, too, loved how Brad explained Moneyball- great book, great film. Can hardly wait for more WWZ interviews!!!

I don’t find him inarticulate at all. He merely has a unique turn of phrase (and by unique, I mean uniquely his). We’re too used to everyone speaking in cliches and adages, etc.; when someone mixes it up, we’re perplexed. “I’ve just never known life to be any happier” = “I’ve never been happier with my life than I am right now.” And so what? So he said the same thing, a bit differently than usual. I’ve found, being a writer, that many other writers speak this way in conversation. I think he likes to play with ideas, and thoughts, and words. Which is fine, and not difficult to understand if you aren’t expecting everything to be said a ”certain’ way’. This is all off topic, but, I’ve often noticed this conversation before, re: how he expresses himself.
Wow- I’m glad I saw this comment! I totally agree with you re: Brad’s speaking style. Brad’s speaking style has never bothered me- he’s just one of those people that you need to let finish their thought. Yes, we are a society of interrupters and, to your point, have been trained to listen for “expected” soundbites/platitudes. It’s similar to thinking that anybody with a foreign accent is “dumb”- you need to really listen or, better yet, learn to speak their language to understand what they are saying. I find his interviews, especially long form on video, to be way above average for star interviews. He clearly has a lot of interests and is interested in life and is quite thoughtful. For example, they way he explained why the book Moneyball was important to him was beautiful- about the way we value people as a society, etc. I loved the book and the movie. Also, look what he did in NOLA, a project that is still thriving. I thought his goal of bringing “dignified” housing to poor people a little pie in the sky, but he has made it happen all while proving that green building doesn’t have to be too cost prohibitive to pursue- MIR now has other projects in NJ, MO & IL. Ironically, many stars considered “smart” like Clooney, Damon, Affleck, RDJ, Gosling co-opt his thoughts re: the world, acting, philanthropy, family, fatherhood etc. and get praise for their every uttering. Double standard indeed.Report this comment as spam or abuseREPLY

Make It Right Announces Fort Peck Reservation Project

Written by Taylor Royle on May 29, 2013
We’re delighted to announce our newest project on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana! Read the details below and click here if you’d like to support our work.Make It Right and Native American Tribes Announce Sustainable Housing Project

May 28, 2013 – Today Make It Right announced that it will partner with the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes of Fort Peck, Montana to build sustainable homes on their reservation. Make It Right will build 20 Cradle to Cradle-inspired, LEED Platinum homes for tribe members in need of housing. Make It Right also committed to develop a sustainable master plan for the entire reservation, which covers thousands of acres and is home to more than 6,000 Native Americans.

“We are excited to begin work with the Fort Peck Reservation, a community that shares our vision and values,” said Tom Darden, Executive Director, Make It Right. “We are taking what we’ve learned about designing affordable, sustainable homes and buildings and sharing it with communities in need across the country, from Newark to Kansas City and now Fort Peck.”

Last year, tribe leaders invited Make It Right staff to visit the reservation and discuss their housing needs. Currently, more than 600 families are waiting for housing. Overcrowding is a chronic problem on the Fort Peck Reservation where multiple families commonly live together in two bedroom homes.

“As a sovereign nation, the Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation are strongest when we develop a future that reflects our distinct culture and proud history of land stewardship,” said Stoney Anketell, Fort Peck Tribal Councilman. “Our vision of the future is to have tribal communities that are healthy and sustainable. We could not be more pleased with our partnership with Make It Right, Integrated Solutions and the Tribes of Fort Peck.”

Make It Right’s work on the Fort Peck Reservation will begin in June 2013 with community-driven design meetings. Tribal leaders and future homeowners will meet with Make It Right’s architects and designers to discuss housing needs and vision for their new neighborhood. Design work will be completed in September and construction is scheduled to begin in March 2014.

The solar and geothermal powered homes will have 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms and be available to tribe members whose income levels are at or below 60% of the Area Median Income. A percentage of the homes will be dedicated to senior adult and disabled veteran housing. Homeownership will be structured through a Low Income Housing Tax Credit Rent-to-Own program with ownership transferring to the tenant after 15 years of renting.

those wer tweets from a troll b/c they dont want brad and anjie’s togetherness….kills them.

Angelina Jolie a role model and inspiration for mom
This Toronto mom already admired Angelina Jolie. But the actress’ recent announcement about her preventive mastectomy made her even more of a role model for little girl named in her honour.

By: Kristin Rushowy Education Reporter, Published on Fri May 24 2013
Julie Opoku has long admired Angelina Jolie.
“I think she’s a beautiful person, and a good actor,” explains the Toronto mom. “Since my teens, years before I had my daughter, I’ve been fascinated with Angelina Jolie.”

So much so, she named her first-born daughter after the Academy-Award winning actress and humanitarian.

The recent news that Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy “took a lot of courage,” and reminded Julie of the strong role model she chose.

“I mean an 87 per cent change of developing breast cancer is a big ‘maybe’ and for her to go to such extreme measures beforehand is something, and I asked myself today, ‘would I do that?’ To ensure time with my daughter and loved ones, I would do the same.”

Jeneva Joline John, who is now 9, was named after her paternal grandmother Geneva.

The triple Js are on purpose — with mom Julie and dad Jimmy John (who at one time was known as JJ).

“My mother-in-law passed away two years before our daughter was born, and we were going through names, trying to pick a name that starts with a J … I thought his mother’s name sounded nice, but it started with the G, so we changed it to a J.”

Jimmy was extremely close to his mom, and “every year on the anniversary of her passing, he lights a candle.”

Everyone in his family was touched by the gesture, and Julie’s relatives were as well.

“My mother loved it, she said it’s different, and my sister said that as well. You don’t hear of many Jeneva’s, and Geneva is a beautiful city as well.”

Jeneva was born at Women’s College Hospital in November 2003.

Family members “pronounce it right, but of course everybody spells it with a G,” says Julie. “Up until a few years ago, they sent birthday and Christmas cards with it spelled with a G.”

It was only last year that she corrected their mistake.

“They were doing it for years,” she adds. “I thought it was impolite to correct it.”

Angelina Jolie a role model and inspiration for mom

Brad Pitt Wants to Help Paint Nashua’s Main Street And Nashua Patch wants to help by giving you a way to spread the news.

When actor Brad Pitt visited New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward two years after Hurricane Katrina, he was moved to action by the lack of progress in that historic, working class community. In a bold move, Pitt committed to help rebuild in the hardest hit area of the city.
That was the beginning of what is now known as Make it Right, a philanthropic outreach founded by Pitt in 2007 with a mission of building healthy homes, buildings and communities for people in need. All Make It Right projects are LEED Platinum certified and Cradle to Cradle inspired – meeting the highest standards of green building.
Last week Benjamin Moore announced its biggest initiative ever to revitalize communities across North America through the launch of “Main Street Matters.”
Nashua is one of only two towns nominated in New Hampshire – it’s between us and Lebanon!
The effort will be undertaken with the help of multiple partner organizations around the country, including Make It Right.
The campaign asks consumers around the country to cast their vote online for which 20 Main Streets should be revitalized of the more than 100 North American cities nominated at
Benjamin Moore will not only provide the paint and supplies needed for façades, porches, railings, shutters and other exterior building trims, but its color experts will consult on the best choices to enhance the architectural style, regional influences and historic references in each community.
Professional painters, many of them members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, will be hired, putting another segment of local business to work along with the local Benjamin Moore retailer who will be mixing the paints that are used.
You can also post a photo and a brief story about Nashua’s Main Street on the Benjamin Moore Facebook page.
Benjamin Moore will post the final list of Main Streets and towns to be repainted online in July.

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‘Put some clothes on, it’s a family show!’ Jennifer Lopez’s raunchy BGT performance blasted as ‘inappropriate’ by viewers… as OFCOM confirms it has received complaints
By Hanna Flint and Louise Saunders
PUBLISHED: 01:08, 29 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:27, 29 May 2013

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Daddy’s girl! David Beckham cuddles up to daughter Harper on the KissCam during family outing
By Sarah Bull
PUBLISHED: 08:28, 29 May 2013 | UPDATED: 11:49, 29 May 2013

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Why do women over 40 like Aniston & J-LO want to show their asssess & coooches ? it just reeks of desperation …

At least Jennifer Lopez has proven talent behind her in her acting & her singing, but whats Manistons excuse,she is no shakes in acting department and from what I have heard in singing on Ellen its black hole pitt (excuse the pun) LMAO no wonder her Gori Girls is still a no go, singing prisoners yeah right, id rather lock her in prison and lose the key.

@lurker1..thats true at least J-LO HAS talent and actually earns every cent she makes but Aniston is just a waste of space talent wise it was embarasing seeing her striper photo she was sucking air in even her neck was looking weaired lmao.
Realy I think she should retire and get married to Justin what is she waiting for she anounced it to People Magazine in Febuary and then changed her mind due to work but I cant see any work for him or her thats preventing her in getting married.

The Apocalyptic Poster For Brad Pitt’s Zombie Movie Looks Like Friday Night At Opera Bar:

What is it about Sydney? It’s a beautiful city, so why do film studios seem so keen to show it being destroyed? First the Pacific Rim robots started beating on the Harbour Bridge, now World War Z creatures are laying waste to the Sydney Harbour foreshore.
It’s reminiscent of a regular Friday night at Opera Bar.

Interestingly, this print chops off the Gizmodo offices. On the far-right of the image you can see the “Toaster” building on fire, so one assumes that if the zombie apocalypse comes to Sydney, your editor will be locked up inside with a shotgun and a bottle of scotch.

There’s tweets that have shiloh and maddox in NYC with Mary Louise Parker. Angelina will be filming in Wilmington soon close enough to NYC.

Valentina Monte @ValentinaMonte


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New Angelina Jolie eBook becomes Amazon bestseller

By Michael Essany
May 29, 2013 – 9 hours ago in Entertai

A new unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie reached number one in its category on Amazon Tuesday, once again fueling debate about the dominant role of eBooks in today’s increasingly high-tech publishing ecosystem.
“The project has been in the works for over a year,” says author Bradley Santoro, whose latest unauthorized biography chronicles Jolie’s controversial life, career, and decisions.
Due to the immediacy of electronic publishing, the new work was able to include Jolie’s recent choice to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.
Angelina Jolie: From Crazy to Courageous, which was published last week, has reached No. 1 in the category of Angelina Jolie books on Amazon – a subcategory of the Rich and Famous category, of which the ebook is also in the top 100.
“Jolie inspired millions, but also managed to bring out the worst in her critics,” explains Santoro, who comprehensively researched Jolie’s past, interviewing sources close to the Academy Award winning actress and her equally accomplished actor fiance, Brad Pitt.
“There are so many misunderstandings about Angelina’s personality, personal transformation, her faith, her politics, her relationship with friends and family, and where she ultimately wants to be in life,” Santoro says. “This work sheds light on all of that and more in a fresh way that isn’t complicated by unfounded rumors and gossip.”
Subject matter aside, the overnight success of this new eBook underscores expectations from leading publishers and industry analysts who believe that eBook sales will accelerate even further in 2013.
Angelina Jolie: From Crazy to Courageous is available now for $4.95 exclusively on Amazon. Amazon Prime subscribers can download the eBook at no charge

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To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 10:38 am

@gennline: oh please, all he does is whine and looks for sympathy. I never said he outright blamed anyone but he sure is looking for sympathy for sitting in his butt and using drugs like its a fking disability. “Waaaaaa, I was so unhappy and sat on my butt on a $20,000 couch and used drugs all day. Please feel sorry for me.” Is it becasue angie has real pain in her narrative? She lost every family member on her mother side except for cousins. Sowwwy, pitty , i know youre always trying to appear as angies equual but your self medicating has nothing on what ange has been through. Cry me a riva!

To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 10:43 am

# 522 FFer EXPOSED MARY AMPONSAH @ 05/28/2013 at 4:48 pm
In case you all missed the beauty that is Mary Osei Amponsah
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Hahahahahahha ahahahahahahha bwhahahhahaha lmao that btch has a lot of nerve talking about appearances I love that you expose those creeps, but I know you’re were the millers. Don’t lie.


The title of this book is hideous but until I’ve read more about it I will reserve judgement especially as the author has acknowledged that there are many misunderstandings regarding Angie.

To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 10:45 am

We’re the millers just doesn’t want brange fans to know how long she stays on ff. Bwhahahaha exposed.

There were tweets of sighting of Brad and jp kids in Springfield, MO yesterday.

To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 10:48 am

@a lurker: and ? Are you planning on flying to Mo? Who cares.

Good morning to the beautiful Jolie Pitt fans. I’m giving a general shout out to all early birds and late birds, laughing. Because I’m late I will not give a individual shout out.

Ladies, yah, I finally found Esquire Magazine at Path-mark this morning. Beautiful and quality photos. Premalee please get your copy, I believe you’re like me, you like to buy and save Brad and Angie’s magazine for the covers. I remember reading Angie saying her mother always buy magazines for the pictures of her kids. I like to buy magazines, especially the ones where they gave an interview, not the weekly rags.

I love, love my Esquire, money well spent.

@B&A-News: Premenopausal itch.

To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 11:00 am

I want news on her movie like casting. If they are close to filming she must have a cast lined up. Unlike pitty she keeps that news hush hush until filming starts. Ugh

To genniline @ 05/29/2013 at 11:04 am

Headline today “Brad Pitt Defends Daughter in What Is Shaping Up as World War z II”
Bwhaha just kidding, here’s he real headline
“Tom Cruise Defends Daughter in What Is Shaping Up as Valkyrie II”

You will never see brad defending his kids. LolololololoL

Thanks for all the updates. Love that Brad’s MIR is expanding to different area.

@Phool, where are you my cyber sister? I’m missing you. I miss your daily finds and your wonderful comments, especially when you take on the Jen hens, lol. I see poor Ticky has lost all her fans because she is left with the lowest of the low who are calling themselves her fans. I’m sure Ticky must be so embarrass when she reads the filth they write on the Internet, from wishing death on Angie and her children to lying about Brad and Angie. Poor sad spook, how the tide has turned against her. Could not happened to a better person. When a 44 yo woman cant take ownership of her mistakes in a marriage she is living in denial. Oh well, it’s her life and she is the one living that lie. Much love to Brad and Angie and family, looking forward to seeing pictures soon.

an opinion @ 05/29/2013 at 11:13 am

@Lurker1: Jlo should go to Vegas just like Ticky should go back to sitcom tv. No one wants to see you all trying to pretend you are 25.
@valis202: One comment on Amazon said it is just a rehash of gossip and stories most people already know. But it does show the power of Angelina Jolie name.

Other-Topic @ 05/29/2013 at 11:16 am

@an opinion you are RIGHT its the power of ANGLEINA JOLIE that is selling this book it is re-hash of same old old stories from tabloids nothing new has been unearthed,but from what i have read & heard the writer here is VERY sympathetic and less shady then the Morgan guy.

@To genniline:

Umm. What exactly does Brad have to defend his kids about?

Why don’t you just be honest and admit to being an Angry Aniston fans over the fact that he left your shallow princess.

I just had a little look at Amazon re the book,of course one of the first words that came up was blood. I recently saw a documentary in the UK about letter writing in the 16th century and people regularly used their own blood to write with as ink(or what was used for ink) was not readily available. This included a lovely letter written between husband and wife when they were apart.
Its funny to think of people being so shocked by AJ ‘s connection to her own blood or the blood of a loved one. To me it just makes her more authentic.

were the morons @ 05/29/2013 at 11:19 am

I can’t wait for the WWZ premiere! This means more brad and Angie pictures!

Other-Topic @ 05/29/2013 at 11:19 am

By the way brangelina form have photos of Shiloh in red are they NEW?

PHOOL IS A TROLL why are you missing a TROLL?

were the morons @ 05/29/2013 at 11:26 am

Man it’s good to be a Jolie Pitt fan.

@were the morons

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Angelina Jolie Voted World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Fifty-eight percent of Vanity Fair readers thought Angelina Jolie was the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. She beat Gisele Bundchen, Halle Berry and 16 other women.