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Nicole Kidman & Ziyi Zhang: 'Zulu' Cannes Premiere

Nicole Kidman & Ziyi Zhang: 'Zulu' Cannes Premiere

Nicole Kidman looks stunning as she arrives on the red carpet at the premiere of Zulu during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival closing ceremonies held at the Palais des Festivals on Sunday (May 26) in Cannes, France.

The 45-year-old Australian actress was joined by Ziyi Zhang and fellow Cannes jury member Steven Spielberg.

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The day before, Nicole and Ziyi stepped out for the Venus In Fur premiere held at Grand Theatre Lumiere.

FYI: Nicole is wearing Harry Winston jewelry. Ziyi is wearing a Dior dress, Chanel jewels, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Ziyi Zhang

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • Mollyme

    Nicole look stunning!

  • janekay

    Nicole looks like a goddess!

  • Beth

    OMGosh I love Ziyi’s dress and Nicole’s hair! Both women look beautiful! I love Cannes week!

  • JeffH

    Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful women that has ever graced the silver screen.

  • ann

    Lovley ladies. Glam power to both beautiful gals.

  • duh

    Nicole looks stunning. Ziyi can work a patterned dress. Great end to Cannes. Lots of movies to look foward to. Congrats to Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Bernice Bejo, and Bruce Dern.

  • ann


    I agree . Who would think the patterned dress would look so nice if you had to choose.

    I appreciated seeing all the Cannes fashions. Such a treat from our own lives? Some fun and funky, some regal, and Nicole looked so wonderful in such a wide range of choices.

    I hope to see some of these new films also!

  • quinnie

    sooo Ziyi looks AMAZE- perfect hair, everything.
    love the dress, pretty much think she’s the only one who can pull that pattern off.

  • west

    umm why Ziyi so perfect whyyyy

  • moonlight

    Whoa, how many extensions were put in Nic’s hair or is it an attachment to her head?

  • kary

    Nicole looks perfect and OMG her hair is stunning… and the dress… gorgeous Nicole

  • But where is Keith?

    It really was a very short visit by Keith (I’m here to perform for the paps) Urban.

  • and Nicomi’s vote goes to …

    Landmark lesbian romance, Blue Is the Warmest Colour, wins the Palme d’Or.

  • SM’s not so secret Obsession

    **News Flash**
    Did you know Sewer Mistress is on the brink of COMING OUT!!!
    haha, are you really that surprised? You see, in SM’s heart she has always suspected where her true leanings lie, because for too many years she has been obsessively coveting everything Nicole Kidman. Now, we all know this is hardly the behavior of a normal heterosexual woman. After all, how many heterosexual women do you know who will, without question, ruthlessly defend and simultaneously idolize an oddly sexless, talentless female actress? Need more proof? One only needs to visit her very personal shrine to Nicole (skeweringtheskeptics) and you will truly appreciate the depth of her lustful admiration.
    “But SM was once married” you cry! Of course, it is not unusual for a cunning l€sbian to seek out a drug addicted man, promptly enter into a sham marriage contract and, with the help of a surrogate, produce two PR children … all for the sake of their image.
    So join me as we applaud SM’s brave decision to finally ‘COME OUT’ of Nicole Kidman’s very crowded closet. All SM needs to do now, is convince her small posse of d¥ke sympathizers (duh, justbarb, joni, kane etc.) to also be brave and come out LOUD and PROUD!!

  • trinity

    Ziyi looks stunning.

    But Nicole praisers need glasses.
    her face looks bad as usual.
    that’s not going to change as she’s just not aging well.
    sucks to be her.
    but her hair is god awful.
    looks like a giant beehive!

  • JJ

    Bahahahaha. Bet sewer mistress and her “special friends” can’t wait to see “Blue is the Warmest Colour.”

  • He He

    @But where is Keith?:

    Keith Urban again. OMG you are nuts . Every thread is the same BS.
    Folks watch the crazy posts . Every time this crazy nut has to bring Keith Urban up . Now we all can see what that means, no matter how many names are used. This stalker is dangerous!

  • He He

    And make no mistake this is one person on this thread writing trash.

    It is scary and getting seriously scary.

  • Ha Ha

    He He = Sewer Mistress

  • Ha Ha He He

    @He He has no interest in Keith. Just like sewer mistress, @He He’s obsessive interest and lustful admiration is strictly for Nicole only.

  • He He

    No normal person would write this slime on a entertainment message board where people are talking about normal fan things.

    You may or may not like someones dress or hair or whatever the case may be, but this is pure slime.

    Scary indeed!

  • He He

    You idiot I don’t even know what Sewer Mistress means!
    But if you mean your mouth, then I get it.

    Do you get a thrill from porn talk or something. ? You are on a entertainment site.

  • Macy

    Nicole has been the “absolute star” at Cannes. With her height, poise, and porcelain skin she has a unique beauty that sets her off from the rest. She looks gorgeous in this dress.
    It was so pleasant reading here until the crazies came back with their ridiculous comments. I guess I’ll be included on the lesbian list now. :)

  • bullitt cc


  • Let the Good Times Roll

    Way to go #14. You have obviously hit a raw nerve with SM, hence the entertaining meltdown. bahahahaha.

  • SM is OUT of the Closet

    The pieces of the puzzle come together to reveal the truth. Congratulations SM.

  • Frightened

    Sewer Mistress and her friends scare me. Why do they always attack and threaten innocent people who just want to freely express their own opinion.

  • The girls

    Thankfully they have been back with Keith in Nashville. She wanted them so badly, but I guess a week of red carpet events is more important.

  • x

    Ziyi Zhang looks exquisite.
    ps. Congratulations SM. It’s been a long time coming.

  • Sue is beyond help

    The hog with the fat rolls blowing a bottle is leaving the deranged comments because she hasn’t gotten any smaller, or smarter.

  • ..

    Love Ziyi Zhang’s dress. Well done sewer mistress, finally coming out! It must be a huge weight off your sagging shoulders.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    The Sicko is back of course. It is none of your business where Keith Urban is. Nicole Kidman stole the show at the Cannes this year. Nicole is what you call A REAL MOVIE STAR. I think Sicko needs to get back to her Scientology Meetings.

  • Slow clap for Kidman and SM

    Thanks to Kidman’s vested interest vote, an explicit lesbian romance film wins the Palme d’Or and sewer mistress comes out, all within the same day!!

  • kate

    I think you’re cool skewer mistress. Coming out as a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks amazing

  • Have a Gay Day

    Both women look beautiful. No idea who skewer mistress is but it seems congratulations are in order. Live and Let Love.

  • kudos

    Does this mean that sewer mistress is not an obsessed fan but is truly in love with Kidman? This is why she protects her so fiercely?

  • SM’s closet capers

    Yes @kudos. SM covets Kidman and is obsessively in love. Hence SM’s overwhelming paranoia when anyone posts a comment about Nicole that SM deems negative toward her one and only true love.

  • duh

    @Joni: It looks like one of the mental patient’s alters realized we were telling the truth. Keith and the girls were in Cannes and now back home because Keith is working on the new album. I wonder if the alter’s eyeballs also pop out of her head when agitated with reality? Brentwood doctors get on that, stat.

  • Come Out @duh

    Bet you just cannot wait to see ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ @duh??

  • Maria

    ZZ looks so beautiful …………….

  • Pancake Face Granny

    After 12 difficult days, the makeup artist has obviously had enough of the notoriously unpleasant Kidman and has caked on her makeup and sent her out looking grotesquely overdone.

  • Jada

    #39 Funny thing is Keith and the girls got back a few days ago. Where was a skeptic to post that info? Puctures of Keith in the studio will make a skeptic slither back into her hole. What is it now, the 3rd or 4th album that was never going to happen??? LOL

  • Not buying it

    So @Jada, let me get this straight. Sacked judge Keith made a very brief contractual appearance in Cannes to “keep Nic company” and generally make a fool of himself on the red carpet. He then hastily left Cannes, arrived in LA, picked up the neglected little girls and their nanny and is now making a fleeting visit to Nashville to work on his pop album.

  • Cari

    What’s with all the homophobic comments? You people need to stop using lesbian or gay as an insult. Grow up already.

  • *

    Takes a lesbian to know a lesbian.

  • Sue Raddatz from Minnesota

    I’m Sue Raddatz and I live in Minnesota. I got drunk and went after some members of Keith’s crew but they laughed at me so I gave Keith’s bus driver a b-job hoping he would help me get closer to Keith. I have a daughter and son who are both dumb as stumps because I was always on the internet. I used dozens of usernames and pretended to be friends with other skeptics so I could find out more about Keith. I spray tan and wax the moustache on my lip. I wear tight tshirts to show off my three rolls of fat on my stomach. I pretend not to like Keith now but I’m the first one to find a picture or listen to a new song and I watched American Idol faithfully. I envy Nicole because she’s tall, blond and beautiful, rich and classy and most of all because she got to marry Keith which means I blew his bus driver for nothing. My kids are grown now and I missed their teenage years because Keith was more important than them. Now I’m in my 50′s and my life is over so I’m going to go drink a bottle and then practice my b-jobbing skills on it.

  • Sewer Mistress from the Gutter

    I am an out and proud lesbian who is obsessed with Nicole Kidman.

  • Kari

    Nice to see all the supportive gay and lesbian comments. Well done Sewer Mistress, you are an inspiration for the gay community.

  • notebooks

    You haters/skeptics don’t know where the “girls” are since in France, it’s against the law to put out photos of children. So you wont see pictures of the girls there. That’s why Halle Berry wants to move there.