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Nicole Kidman Jets to JFK After Closing Out Cannes!

Nicole Kidman Jets to JFK After Closing Out Cannes!

Nicole Kidman makes her way out of the terminal after arriving at JFK Airport on a flight from Cannes on Monday (May 27) in New York City.

The 45-year-old actress is back in the states after serving as a member of the jury at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival last week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Over the weekend, Nicole helped close out the festival by attending the closing night premiere of Zulu and the awards ceremony following the screening.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE fashion choice of Nicole Kidman’s at Cannes?

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  • Louise

    Nicole looked fabulous throughout the festival, both in formal dress and her casual dress. She is such a lovely lady…..classic and iconic.

  • cute

    simple and chic and full os botox!

  • lacey

    That Dior couture was just superb (and her edgy hairstyle). A lesser individual would have been drowned by that “feather dress” (Chanel gown) but her styling , hair and attitude helps her sell it. Queen of Cannes fashion, indeed!!!

  • mmmm

    The Kidman fashion parade in Cannes was hit and miss. A couple of great dresses and some disasters, especially with the day time wear.

  • Oh dear

    Old Botox head has landed!!!!

  • Y

    The Chanel gown? An old bird, exposing deeply disturbing silicone pectoral muscles in a horribly unfashionable feathered dress disaster.

  • Where is the SACKED judge

    Where is Nicole’s trained pet ‘Keith the performing monkey’ and why isn’t he in NY to perform a rehearsed PDA reunion for the paps?

  • Macy

    I liked her in the lace Valentino the best. The Dior resort with the feathers was my least favorite.
    Bet she and Keith are having a great reunion tonight!

  • not so Great Expectations

    Mrs. Nicole Havisham, resplendent in decaying Valentino wedding gown, descends the stairs. But where was hired help Pip Urban?

  • x

    The Dior Haute Couture at the opening ceremony was delightful but unfortunately, it went downhill quickly from there.

  • GossipRox

    Pip Urban in in Nashville with his children…..but Gran decided to stay in NYC. Because she misses her two children ohsomuch.

  • Sue had nothing to do

    On Memorial Day so she posted every single idiotic comment you see here. Her 2 kids must be so proud of Mom(?)

  • And the SACKED judge votes …

    I think if you asked SACKED judge Keith Urban, he would say his favorite was the L’Wren Scott blue labia lip dress. After all, that’s the closest he has ever been to Nicole’s lips.

  • K

    My vote goes to Granny’s wig maker.

  • http://Comcast joni

    We all know that all of these negative remarks are made by one crazy person that follows every move Nicole and Keith make. Have you been going to your Scientology Classes??? Or have you made an appointment with a psychiatrist ?? If answer is no, run don’t walk to psyc doctor !!!

  • And SM’s vote goes to …

    The trashy white Armani dress Kidman wore to the closing ceremony because a dress can never be too plunging or too revealing for SM.

  • SM’s favorite chick flick …

    The Hours.

  • wan

    Love you N K & K U somuch …

  • AubreeQ

    Nicole switched planes in NY and is home now since you’re so concerned.

  • x

    I just tried to imagine Sue Raddatz in that same outfit and threw up in my mouth a little.

  • X

    I can totally imagine sewer mistress in that same black butch outfit heading straight to her favorite l€sbian bar in NY.

  • bahahahaha

    My vote goes to Sewer Mistress for her drunken typo “Nicole Kudman” posted in the previous thread!!

  • Down on the Farm Granny

    awww @AubreeQ, Nicole is making a token visit to her PR home of Nashville, before she high tails it out of there ASAP.

  • ?

    Is it just me or does Nicole’s chest seem oddly masculine.

  • Deb
  • The girls

    Her family is in Nashville, but she is in New York City?

  • lady

    The girl …Do you know why she go to N.Y. ?

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Congrats to Nicole on the complete success as the jury member of Cannes.
    She’s beautiful, elegant, yet never shied away from adventures!
    Wish you spend some well deserved rest time with your beloved family!

  • duh

    @lady: She flew commercial to NY, then took a private flight back to Nashville as she usuakly does. ”the girls” is a liar who hates Kidman.

  • Lia

    Welcome back. I imagine that was a great experience to enjoy and celebrate FILM.

    As we say, enjoy life, nicole, you only get one!

  • IDK

    @? – it’s you. The skeptics say she had a b@@b job so…….

  • Justme

    Imagine being away from your kids that long, yet she doesn’t strike me as someone overly motherly anwyay, so possibly doesn’t affect her much.

  • Reflex 5

    @Justme: She wasn’t away from them for the length of Cannes. You know that but you’re a liar so posting misinformation definitely doesn’t bother you that much anyway.

  • don


    Ha Why are you looking at Nicole Kidmans chest? Thats pretty funny?

  • The girls

    When you have a family, and it is Memorial Day, don’t normal people go out with their little kids for meals?

  • No they don’t

    @The girls – Nobody I know goes out to eat on Memorial Day. They usually stay home and barbeque but since it’s really an American holiday where we salute our veterans, it really doesn’t relate to Keith and Nicole. But if you’re really so concerned about the welfare of children, you should talk to Stephanie who dumped hers to go to Nashville and stalk Keith. Or Sue who left her kids to follow Keith’s tour bus and blow his bus driver. Now those are kids you should worry about. They’ve got cr@ppy @ss mothers.

  • The girls

    @No they don’t: If they live in this country, they better be celebrating Memorial Day. If not for Veterans, these two would be in the unemployment line or not allowed in the country. You are wrong, many go out to eat for the holiday, but they don’t leave their kids home with a nanny. Their nannies’ holiday schedule must really suck.

  • Why?

    @The girls- Memorial Day is for remembrance, not celebration. And what does being a veteran have to do with not being allowed in the country or the unemployment line? And you’re just speculating about where their children are and you’re using the word ‘nanny’ like it’s a bad thing. Two full time working parents usually have help like day care or baby sitters. Your comments boarder on the ridiculous.

  • Louise

    You negative posters on this site………………….I feel so sad your life is so pathetic. The comments that are made regarding Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is totally uncalled for and malicious. Life is good; you should seek out the good things in life and not dwell on the pathetic.

  • Why?

    And maybe some people go out to eat and some people stay home and bbq. Why is that even an issue? What did you do with your kids yesterday that was so much better than the rest of us?

  • The girls

    @Why?: You seriously need an American history lesson.

  • WAY too late

    Honey, you’re not saying anything the rest of us normal people have been saying for 8 years. They’re severely delusional.

  • Why?

    @The girls – Uh, I think it’s you who needs an American history lesson. You said if it wasn’t for veterans, Keith and Nicole would be standing in an unemployment line. Veterans don’t provide jobs for people. Many veterans can’t find jobs for themselves. And veterans don’t have anything to do with immigration to this country. Yeah, they provide freedom but unless you’re a native American, people came to this country without the help of any veteran. Feel free to explain yourself. Try not to be snarky, if possible.

  • @Why

    Don’t bother. @The girls doesn’t care anymore about Veterans than she does about the girls. She’s just flapping her old gums.

  • don

    @The girls:

    Lordy you are insane. Nicole Kidman was born in the United States. Apparently you were not or you would not be saying such dumb things about the United States.

  • Just Barb

    @Louise: Eonline use to house a group of haters on their message board.. When E wisely closed the board, they came to JJ because they have nowhere else. It’s the same old, same old. Nobody takes them seriously but it’s fun to see them foam at the mouth when a new picture of Nicole comes out. LOL

  • Just Barb

    @don: I guess since Nicole didn’t have flag sticking out of the back of her head when she got off the plane, she doesn’t care about veterans. God forbid we boil up some hot dogs…..skeptic meltdown. LOL

  • R&R New York stopover

    2008 BLIND: Which well known, successful and contemporary actress who has an apartment in NYC, (she has worldwide residences) was blatantly cruising an attractive, mature, married woman at the gym? At first the woman didn’t think it was anything, just a friendly glance … but the glance turned into staring and smiling. This has happened repeatedly whenever they are both at the gym. It got to the point where the woman felt very uncomfortable. The woman said there was no mistaking that the actress had serious eyes for her.
    REVEAL: Nicole Kidman

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Why do skeptics continually post blinds that say Nicole Kidman is successful and A-list? Makes me laugh every time. Not to mention blinds and vices are nothing but a revenue scheme for gossip sites. Reveals aren’t the truth, just whoever the site thinks they can get away with ”outing”. Skeptics are indeed stupid.

    Don’t worry skeptics, Keith Urban and his daughters had a very nice Memorial Day poolside in Nashville. People normally don’t go out to eat, but do partake in summer activities. Nicole returned home as soon as her work commitments were over.

  • Jada

    @R&R New York stopover: 2008 – Sue why are you living in the past?

    I see the same nuts that two years ago denied Nicole’s American citizenship, want her waving the flag. LMAO!