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Amanda Bynes: Someone Faked My Rihanna Tweets!

Amanda Bynes: Someone Faked My Rihanna Tweets!

Amanda Bynes has taken to Twitter to explain a supposed argument that occurred between her and Rihanna over the weekend.

“I saw a bunch of mocked up tweets about me bashing Rihanna in my mentions. I’m followed by so many people that someone is always mocking up fake tweets so I feel the need to address them! Rihanna and I met and I’m sure we’ll be in a music video together one day!” the 27-year-old entertainer wrote.

“That’s one of the mocked up images, they took photos of me from outside and morphed them onto someone else’s body. I am allergic to marijuana and alcohol but I smoke tobacco. Why does Rihanna smoke weed and not get in trouble for it but I smoke tobacco and people think I’m on drugs?,” Amanda wrote. “I refuse to be treated like someone I’m not, which is why I fought for myself and am suing everyone involved. I don’t need to go to rehab. There is never a drug or alcohol in my system! I’m sick of all the lies!”

Click inside to read the rest of what Amanda had to say, including her thoughts on her recent arrest

“What would you do if someone accused you of things you didn’t do and yet you still had to be in jail at all over it! I’m so offended but I am so educated that I know cops cannot illegally enter my apartment, sexually harass me, arrest me, take me to a MENTAL HOSPITAL, then lock me up for a crime I didn’t commit. I’m suing them all for this upsetting nightmare. My lawyer knows I’m a model citizen who doesn’t partake in drugs. He’s going to court this week to set the record straight again on my behalf. Thankfully I’m an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer.”

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  • dessy

    the saga continues…

  • ha ha

    Yes amanda a MENTAL HOSPITAL is where they should have still have you detained! What a loon

  • Camden

    Oh boy…is this supposed to be helping her case any? She sounds crazier and crazier by the minute. Someone should shut down her damn Twitter account asap, this girl is losing it.

  • nolano

    I believe her.

  • Jennay


  • kristy

    I just don’t know what to make of all of this. Is she being honest or is she genuinely suffering from mental issues. Either way I do feel sorry for her, because being in the spot light like this isn’t going to help. She needs to remove herself from social media and get past this ordeal.

  • name

    she’s pathetic. i don’t even feel sad or sorry for her.

  • LiLi

    In denial. Can’t help someone who doesn’t recognize that they need it. Sad.

  • Missy

    At first, I felt sorry for her but now she is just getting annoying. Someone shut down her twitter or everyone should just give her zero publicity.

  • sweetness

    I do hope that she gets help…but for now..I don’t know why but I love this girl. How can anyone criticize her if you are following every word that she writes. This girl is a marketing genius if someone could somehow manage to break through to her.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    RIhanna gets away with it because she gives Blows Jobs to whoever to get where she is. So Amanda be thankful you are being held accountable, it means you are not a S-L-U-T like RIhanna the Whore!

  • zanushka

    she is acting like she is on drugs!! what happened to this girl, she use to be so sweet!

  • Jeff

    She says someone faked her tweets… then why bash on Rihanna on top of that? This girl is all kinds of messed up.

  • lala

    you never really know with celebrities thats the problem.
    how many people have read the same thing and assumed that its correct without even questioning?
    we dont even know whats true or not because the news is so tainted nowadays

  • Bet

    She is crazy! she really need help

  • ontd

    Wish we could go one day without seeing her crazy antics.

  • Olivia

    You know what might help? If media outlets stopped giving her exposure. Stop reporting on her, let her get on with her tweets, don’t give her the extra exposure and sooner or later it’ll all become boring to her. It’s attention seeking.

  • :)

    I believe her

  • True

    She should verify her account, so someone can’t fake her tweets.

    It’s likely she hasn’t because, well, she wants to use “someone faked my tweets” as an excuse each time she says something nasty.

  • http://@Melu91 Melu

    @Oh Yeah!!!: idk why you’re saying this . Amanda is cray cray , deal with it ! i’m not a huge fan of Rihanna but Amanda is looking for attention and will say anything so that everybody will listen to her … pathetic, that’s what she is.

  • Olivia

    lol she’s full of it, saying she doesn’t hate Rihanna then pointing the finger at her for the weed. I was actually happy not to have to see LiLo in headlines but looks like Amanda saw the opportunity to steal the trainwreck spotlight

  • Tee

    @lala: I AGREE 100%..None of us know what’s true & fake. This girl could be telling the truth. We see it happen to celebrities all the time and what does everyone say “He/She has mental issues”. Let’s stop allowing the media to distract & brainwash us.

  • Mandy

    Wow, she is so FUNNY. She loves to party with the Ladies at the Bachelorette Party with the BEST DEALS at BacheloretteSalesDotCom

  • cute


  • drea

    Yup. She’s a mental case. And very nasty on top of it. Rihanna shoudn’t have even responded to the ravings of a nutcase, even if they are below the belt.

  • kris

    her “fake” tweets and her real tweets sounds the same, the way she writes.

  • Whee

    For her sake, I hope that she gets help before things get really bad.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    I think she’s sick, bc what’s the reason 2 repeat such words like I’m pretty, prettier, u’re ugly, I’m a model citizen, beauty queen, bla, bla, bla, etc, etc…She does it 4 the 2nd time- 1st twas Rihanna, and now-Chrissy Teigen!!! What she wants 2 prove idk?! Or maybe her word stock isn’t big enough 2 express her thoughts, such a pity to a native speaker! (irony). Dam narcissi! But, seriously, I dnt understand..she’s definitely not healthy enough!!!