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Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Victoria's Secret Model Toni Garrn?

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Victoria's Secret Model Toni Garrn?

Leonardo DiCaprio dons a stylish fedora while spending time with friends on Tuesday (May 28) in Venice, Italy.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by Vladimir Doronin, who recently split from supermodel Naomi Campbell.

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Over the weekend, Leo suited up while posing with Cameron Diaz at the Tag Heuer Yacht Party in Monaco.

It was recently reported that Leonardo is dating Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn.

“They’ve been getting quite close over the last week. There is definitely chemistry there,” a source shared to New York Daily News.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio spending time in Italy…

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  • Daleann

    She’s blonde (and German) and 20. Of course.

  • Aubrey

    She looks like all of his exes, so I guess he’s dating her lol

  • also

    The rumor started with some photos of Leo and Toni in France but it turns out the girl on the photos is not Toni Garrn.
    He looks good here and his mom is still travelling with him.

  • yeah

    He has become such a creepy old man, dating girls half his age and then tossing them away after about six months. Gross.

  • Meghan

    This site says he’s in Ibiza? Is he in Venice or Ibiza?

    I want to hear more from “the psychic” love her lol ;)

  • Anna

    “Victoria Secret models, i’m getting older but they stay the same age”

    Literally in a year or two he will be dating girls young enough to be his daughter. Kind of creepy and sad when you think about it.

  • Lee

    I think toni garn is beautiful, do go for it leo

  • Bulldog face

    Ew he’s so ugly. Dude lost his looks so young, right after The beach. At his age Johnny Depp was freakin perfect and Brad Pitt in his Fight Club hunk days, just to name those two. What’s Leo gonna look like when he’s 50, a jowls fest.

  • Sarah

    If they’re supposed to be dating, then why isn’t she travelling with him?
    We don’t see her at all.

  • jay

    wouldn’t call one week ‘dating’, Christ.
    that’s just hangin out.

  • Well…

    C’mon JARED…. this is rumors.
    She’s 20 and he’s 38!!

  • kylee

    everybody knows his track record so I don’t understand why any self-respecting woman would even entertain the thought of going out with him.

  • Frozoid

    He looks 50, not 38. He doesn’t know how to have close relationships. His playboy schtick is old and sad.

    He MUST stop the chain smoking and boozing. George Clooney looks better than he does, and he is 14 years older.

  • Leo Fan

    I don’t think he is dating anyone at the moment. He’s single, he’s having fun and relaxing with close friends and relatives overseas. Period.
    Love the new pics, Jared. Thanks!

  • Mkiujingu

    I agree with all the comments here! What’s with all these women too? It’s definitely become creepy and sad. Look at brad pitt, the guy’s genuinely happy with his life. I don’t mean that he needs to be stable cause it’s his life but i def don’t want him to be the next hugh hefner still banging VS models at 87 and perhaps dying still empty about love.

  • leahanna

    him and Levine are two of a kind.

  • Baby

    I can’t believe you think any of his flings with any girls is real! They are BEARDS don’t you guys understand! We all know we swings the other way! It’s a matter of time until the truth is exposed! I’ll still love Leo no matter who he is because I’m a TRUE FAN! <3

  • z

    aside from the hopping the repulsive parts is the trend that gets worse as you recount the points.
    not only are they all models. all blonde. all under 25.
    they all
    I mean really, it’s weird and creepy at this point.

  • bm


    thans Meghan

  • xyla

    the one anomaly, b-lively, was still a tall blonde under 25.
    he just doesn’t stray from the formula.
    he keeps getting older, but they stay the same.

  • @11

    So? That’s the same age difference between Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse!!!!

  • TBH

    Good Luck Leo. If true. Maybe she’ll teach him his mother tongue LOL
    Toni Garrn best prepare herself for the bucket of hate coming her way. Not that she’ll give a f cuk

  • Smurf

    I’m so happy Giselle didn’t marry this guy.
    He’s ridiculous.

  • also

    @Baby: ‘we all know’? No, we don’t. Maybe you…
    I don’t know much about Toni but come on! A 38 years old guy with a 20 years old blonde model, totally interchangeable. Even IF they are dating ( intend to agree with ppl who say he is single and just having fun ) it would be another typical Leo relationship with an easily predictable end!
    Am I the only one who would like to see some change, some variety, something new and interesting in his life? Not the usual cliche models.

  • what Victoria’s secret is

    Guyses it’s just difficult for him to find the love of his life. Also she has to do a.n.a.l.


    If this happens to be true, then it is totally hilarious. It is almost like a cartoon… leo has become a caricature of an aging modelizer.

  • @7

    Toni is beautiful but I’m surprised if this is true. Yes she reps VS but shes also a legit HF model who has covered several Vogues, walked runway for every Fashion Week, is currently the face of Mango, Prada and Saint Laurent amongst others. She does not need this.

  • Livin’ the Life

    I agree with #10. Everyone ought to know by now Leo likes to date a lot. So what. Rich, single, can do what he wants and he obviously likes to party. Are we supposed to keep a record of every girl he hangs out with? Sheesh.

  • also

    @28: I agree. I think he is still single and just having fun. There were lots of different girls around him in the past two weeks.
    Also the source of the story is not that reliable. Daily News had the post about Leo and Kevin Connolly having dinner with 20 girls and Leo bragging about how awesome it is to be him… The story was denied.
    Let`s wait and see if there`s more to the story. If they are dating they will show up together soon.

  • Myra

    as much as i love leo, this side of him is always so downputting. i’m 21 and it weirds me out that his new gf is younger than me and same age as selena/miley. still a huge fan though.

  • Liv

    Leo has the right to be happy the way he wants, nobody sends in his life.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    As this point, I think Victoria’s Secret should just send him a Look Book as they seem to be his feeder. Blech. He has the most limited palate in women. He’ll be the next Rod Stewart. Creepy old guy dating young blonds.

  • Leo Fan

    Lukas shows a few pictures of their trip on his Mobli account. Ibiza and the last one is taken inside a hotel in Venice.

  • also

    Lukas with his mobli account is like a compass to Leo`s whereabouts.

  • Brian

    Is it just me, or does Leo look like a slightly younger Jack Nicholson in this outfit?

    Why is he dressing like a fifty year old? You’re no kid Leo , but there’s no reason to TRY and look old.

  • GrossedOut

    Eww imagine all the STDs he carries. I wouldnt touch him with. 10-foot pole. Hes a s…

  • DV8


  • Livin’ the Life

    You know, the game is so obvious. These models all want to get famous. There are dozens and dozens of models out here competing to be the next Heidi Klum or the next Gisele or the next Cindy Crawford. The ones who get really famous get the best jobs and the most money. A lot of them try to start businesses so when they get past their prime they can leave the business and not fly all over the place constantly for photo shoots. So if they “date” some famous musician or some famous actor, it helps raise their profile. They are all playing the same game. Erin, Toni, Adam Levine’s new girl, his old girls, all of them.
    it’s a joke really. None of them are looking to settle down, they all want to advance their “career.”

  • 4realz

    @GrossedOut: im sure he has at least ONE std

  • Rita

    Whew, this guy is such a disgusdting superficial ahole. He needs to grow up.

  • Ava

    I think Leo’s gay , didn’t they much of the rumors before but watching him hanging around all these girls on boats , they just look like props, he barely interacts with them, and come on why all the girls if you just want to f-ck a model, don’t need 10 other average chicks hanging around, unless it’s about a image and there’s no pressure to hook up if their so many around. Then there’s his 20 years of still hanging around , doing all his traveling with his “best friend” Lukas, who never got married, girlfriend , kids or any life except what he has with Leo and Leo now going to events for the Gay/Lesbian community , insiders know he’s Gay and asking him to step- up do more …… GAY,, wake up ladies.

  • LOL

    it’s a win win formula for Leo and whichever flavor of the month model he chooses to date.
    An unknown model gets more recognition as she puts in her time with Leo and he looks like the guy every dude can envy. When her time is up, and the model realizes he’s not going to marry her, they break up…she hooks up with an athlete who will worship her because hey this is a Victoria Secret Model and that’s the top of the food chain for any athlete..and she becomes worshiped and adored by the meathead athlete..whereas Leo is onto the next model.

  • vagabond

    Wow!This story is spreading like wildfire.That’s not even her in the pictures.Some of the Bellazon guys are getting into even though they know she’s not in the!It’s clear they have favorites,but he has been acting single this whole time.I wonder if this will get denied or float like the Margot rumors?I’ll wait and see on this.

  • @42

    Too Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liv

    I love The Great Gatsby <3 : )

  • Chris

    @Smurf: Gisele is so ridiculous as Leo!
    She is famous now only because of Leo! nobody cared about her before their relationship. I only heard her name when the rumors about her being Leo’s girlfriend started, and is a well-known fact that Gisele cheated on her boyfriend at that time (Scott Burnhill) with Leo because he was rich and famous and Scott was just a model who nobody knew and Leo was in the best moment of his career after Titanic’s sucess, he had international fame. Btw, Gisele appeared in a brazilian magazine saying that she didn’t want Leo not even as a friend because “he drinks and wants to call attention”: http:// – (look who’s talking!) but everyboby knows what happened next.
    Gisele ALWAYS dates (or simply fu*cks with) rich (milionaires actually) and famous guys since the beginning of her career because they can help her. First was the brazilian milionaire João Paulo Diniz (who helped a lot with her career in Brasil), then Leo, then another brazilian milionaire called Ricardo Mansur, then Kelly Slater, and finally Tom Brady who was dating Bridget Moynahan back then (and she was pregnant!). Besides being a climber famewho*re, Gisele is also a homewrecker! She always wanted to get pregnant of a rich and famous guy and she got what she wanted! Not to mention who she really is when there’s no cameras around, lots of people who worked with her says she is an arrogant person who treats people like garbage, she treats bad even her fans, she is not the person she says she is in front of the cameras!
    Leo can be a crappy guy who only dates stupid and anorexic models with half of his age, but Gisele in not better than him!

  • also

    @Vagabond: Well, the story is about Leo and a VS model so obviously everyone is jumping on it even though it’s based on false info.
    Some bz people I think just want him to date somebody already even though that doesn’t seem like the case. I agree with you Leo is acting single and I think he is just having fun.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Leo Fan: Here here.
    Even I have to call f-off with the constant media hook-ups. He’s needed a break for awhile. Leave him be.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Chris: Gisele, as much as I love her, has her own threads. Bash her there.

  • Z

    Even that Leo got married with a 40 year old nurse people would keep thinking he’s horrible, so not any news on the reaction here. Typical!