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Rachel Weisz & Henry Hold Hands After Memorial Weekend

Rachel Weisz & Henry Hold Hands After Memorial Weekend

Rachel Weisz holds on tight to her six-year-old son Henry on their walk to school together on Tuesday (May 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old actress walked Henry back to school after the three-day Memorial Day weekend. Hope Rachel, her husband Daniel Craig, and Henry had a great time!

It was just announced that Rachel and Daniel have partnered with The Opportunity Network, a New York City nonprofit, to put high-achieving, low-income students on the road to the top colleges and successful careers.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a rag & bone jean jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Weisz and Henry walking to school…

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rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 01
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 02
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 03
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 04
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 05
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 06
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 07
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 08
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 09
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 10
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 11
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 12
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 13
rachel weisz henry hold hands after memorial day weekend 14

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  • Reba

    Henry’s starting to look more and more like his dad, Darren Aronofsky, as he gets older. He’s a cute kid.

  • Livin’ the Life

    You know, in the UK, the British newspapers blur out the faces of children. I think it is very wrong to take photos of minor children without their parents permission and then sell them and post them all over the internet. That kid is entitled to safety and security and privacy so they can grow up and be kids and feel safe.

  • Sara

    So is Aleph Millepied. Darren, despite not being handsome (imo), makes cute kids.

  • Toni

    @Sara: Oh my. You said it! So true!

  • lots

    Daniel is obviously not a leg man.

  • Christina

    I love what Livin’ the Life says about papers blurring out the children’s faces. These children are not public figures like their parents. People thought MJackson was crazy for hiding his children’s faces all these years they were growing but all he was doing was protecting them. It’ unfortunate for these kids.
    Rachel looks beautiful,a s always. Loved her since The Mummy. :)

  • Jim


    Rachel has beautiful legs to me.

  • frt

    aww, he’s got his mommy’s lips – pretty boy. O love that shot with a dove

  • legs

    her legs are ok but she’s got UGLY knees.

  • lots

    Quit posting Daniel, jeez! LOL

  • Gabi

    Henry is completely adorable!! A gorgeous boy…. Lucky Rachel

  • flo


    This from what i have read, from someone who is known to post under different names to trash Rachel and Daniel because of a personal problem.

  • lots

    Yawn.. your reply is a perfect example of why this website needs some moderation, just to filter out the REAL nutjobs like yourself

  • Guinness

    I typed Daniel Craig in the search box!! ho hum. hi peeps!! Thx Fio -and I hope you got to see the hotness on Star Trek!
    AND Mendel–glad to hear from you too. What do you think? should Dan play the next next bad guy for Star Trek? I will think of a character and get back to you…or suggest one for me. AND we went back to winter again–thanks for jinxing us. . but my iris didn’t die. yet. so Dan is in NYC… I am so confused. but turned on… end of june getting close—my friend remembered my Dan fetish–oh crap–she was the friend who came with me for the Broadway show too.!!! (she preferred Huge tho. to each her own!!! ) ciao!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    woah, the comment box is back! I couldn’t reply to you, because I couldn’t post! Gah! So here is a quickie ;) before the box disappears again!

    Hope you and Fio still come back to check this site for Dan news, even when there hasn’t been any. here recently. This might interest you:

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    I posted new info in the last thread. Check it if you’re interested in!

  • Guinness

    Hey gurls!! and I already hit the site where they are selling…will hit your site Mendel. If you need a crash site for the show, you are always invited. I really don’t know if I want to see such a tragic broadway show… really. would you, mendel????
    I gottto go to the last thread too for Fio. But —I am going to NY somewhere near Dan & wife…tour the beer/winery areas with girlfriend…surry you couldn’t make it Mendel–finance priorities are a bummer and I know that you would benefit from your art therapy session… ha ha ha …. all I can think of is that HUGE pic of Dan crying. And I cant believe she got the director’s seat for the Gray P0rn0 movie!! (can u tell I had some Sam Adams?)

    I am so psyched for the beer festival.. or The storm king art center…
    buh bye=– check in tomorrow~ciao girls.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    I moved from the last thread!
    Oh, want to go see? I guess it won’t a tragic show, it would be comical and funny. The book is replete with comedic wit. I want to fly to see the show!

  • Fio

    There was a rumor Daniel was in Kalkan, Turkey. But it seems like it’s his dad!
    Author Topic: Daniel Craig is in town….
    I have just been ( Very ) reliably informed that Daniel Craig is in town….staying in a villa just in front of ours.
    I wonder if Pussy Galore is with him.

    Tim Craig: Glass House Kalakan #Turkey very comfortable would recommend

  • Fio

    Callum Smith: heard a class story at the weekend. my mate paul works as a guard at Buckingham palace. daniel craig and his wife walks by them
    Callum Smith: daniel craig says “morning boys” to paul and his mate. paul (whos not supposed to speak) replied with “good morning 007″ hahaha

  • Guinness

    HI! wow–we can post again! Hi peeps!
    Had a spectacular time at Woodstock NY. I thought I saw Dan in a Mercedes flip top–but, alas…not him. I will attempt to post pics, but anyone want to friend me on fb???

    woah–its a witfull 3some? yikes. not sure adultery is gonna be witfull. jeez, guess I better read it?

    Hey Mendel–see if jj can post pics of Dan again and not Mrs. Dan. What u been doin?

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    “I am going to NY somewhere near Dan & wife…tour the beer/winery areas with girlfriend…surry you couldn’t make it Mendel–”


    “Had a spectacular time at Woodstock NY. I thought I saw Dan in a Mercedes flip top–but, alas…not him.”

    Woah, even if it wasn’t him, it sounds like you had a great time!

    “woah–its a witfull 3some?”

    Better than the Gray P0rn0 movie?! *grin*

    “What u been doin?”

    Been really busy, so now I want to play…! (Dan take note ;)

    Hi Fio,

    thanks for the links on the older thread, I was just checking them out, then thought that it was really quiet over there and came here!

    “There was a rumor Daniel was in Kalkan, Turkey. But it seems like it’s his dad!”

    LOL! How could they have mixed them up…? Should have gone to Specsavers…!

    “daniel craig says “morning boys” to paul and his mate. paul (whos not supposed to speak) replied with “good morning 007″ hahaha”


  • Guinness

    Play? It sounds like you do work the weekends!! And I kinda garbled your post and it read to me:
    You want Dan(Christian Grey) to play(do some fanatical fun bedroom gymnastics) and drink with cheers to his hotness 007. oh, and have (to give) a (turkey) bone as delicious as (Guiness)me.
    Will you (mendel) go see the show? should I? Did I already ask you? I dunno. My daughter needs braces. Braces for kids crooked teeth vs Dan on stage. with his wife. hhmmmmm…… this sucks.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    It may sound strange, but this is a comedy of sexual manners in which Pinter captures the psyche’s sly manoeuvres for self-respect with sardonic forgiveness :)
    Hi, Mendel
    Yeah, I don’t really know why! Probably Tim would wear a tiny blue speedo. lol

    SomeOfJess: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are here. We’re playing it *totally cool*
    James Denman: @SomeOfJess Where? Spotted Pig?
    SomeOfJess: @thekingmob nope. Bar in EV.

  • Fio

    The Lone Ranger: Daniel Craig takes a drive through the streets of Manhattan
    Daniel Craig hits the streets of Manhattan in Land Rover’s latest SUV, as the brand continues to provide a safety net to the actor’s chosen charity.
    Daniel Craig has just navigated four blocks of Midtown, Manhattan – sealed off on the edge of rush hour thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself – and deposited the brand-new Range Rover Sport in front of an A-list audience. With a budget rumoured to be around £3m, Land Rover decided to go large on the world debut of its new car which, with a nod to last summer’s Olympian blockbuster, climaxed in a specially shot film with a 45-second live nailbiter starring 007 himself.
    It’s ballsy stuff from start to finish, not least because the bulk of the film has obviously been shot while the Sport was still top secret. Park Avenue Tunnel was closed for 24 hours for one sequence, Manhattan Bridge cleared for another.

    On the evening of the big reveal, eleven cameras line the streets leading to the venue. There are three outside-broadcast trucks, a satellite uplink is feeding a live global web stream and at least one Land Rover executive is wondering if he’ll be looking for a new job come tomorrow morning. But as Craig emerges from the dry ice and powers the Range Rover along 8th Avenue and into position, New York’s in crowd whoops like a Justin Bieber fan-club convention. It’s a sensational coup de théâtre.

    Inside his trailer, barely half an hour later, Craig is nursing a tumbler of Scotch, eyes glinting as he reruns it in his head. “It was a bit bizarre, but a lot of fun,” he tells me. “They said, ‘OK, five minutes, Daniel.’ And it dawned on me that I was doing this live. Normally if I’m doing something like this and I make a mistake or crash, someone shouts ‘Cut!’ and we can do it all over again. Not today, though.”

    Having walked the route earlier, there was some scope for a momentary brain fade and last-gasp wrong turn… “Actually, the only thing I really wanted to do was stick my foot down,” he laughs. “The Sport really goes. I had someone on a walkie-talkie trying to get messages to me, and they’re saying, ’30mph.’ And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, come on!’ And there’s a bike over there with a camera on it, and a Steadicam on the other side, so I obviously can’t ruin the shot…”

    Craig, it turns out, is well briefed on the brand, in particular the new Sport’s vastly lighter aluminium chassis, though we stop short of discussing its improved torsional rigidity. He also likes its Evoque styling cues and, despite having a 1959 Series II Land Rover back in England, approves of the newly lavish interior tailoring. But there’s also a personal connection.

    “I like the cars. They’re particularly British and Land Rover has been very generous with the Bond movies, especially the ones I’ve been in. But the real kicker came a few years ago when they asked me to be involved and I had no time because I was prepping a movie. Anyway, I said, ‘Look, if you’re feeling generous you could give my mate a Defender, because he really needs a car.’ And they did. That really warmed me to them. Then they told me about this car, that it was being launched in New York, and did I want to be involved? I said yes, but only if you give my mate another Defender… So on an emotional level, it’s been good.”

    The mate in question is Nick Reding, a former actor who stunned his LA agent when he turned down a major acting job in favour of moving to Kenya to help set up an Aids clinic with a doctor friend. Since then, his organisation, Safe (Sponsored Arts For Education), has used theatre to spread the safe-sex message in Mombasa, Nairobi and among the Maasai community. “We can’t work without being mobile,” Reding says, “because we go to places no one else travels to. Having a Defender has been a genuine life-saver on many occasions.”

    “Nick is one of the bravest people I know,” Craig adds. “If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. Nothing ever surprises me. So now I just help in any way I can.”

    Which brings us back to tonight’s spectacular. Did it ever occur to him that it might actually be a bit too spectacular for its own good? “No! I make movies and this is what we do all the time. Close down a city centre,” Craig laughs. “I know what the deal is in New York, because New Yorkers won’t stop for anything. So even though the guys didn’t shut those four blocks until about 30 seconds before we went live, I was a bit concerned that someone might – quite rightly – think, ‘F*** this!’ and jump over the barrier. And I had to drive through smoke at the beginning, so I was literally in the dark. But it worked out. And I think it’s added up to a pretty good bit of showbiz.”

    We have 30 seconds left. One last question. The man who was taught to drive by the longest-serving Top Gear Stig – Ben Collins – has demonstrated some serious prowess behind the wheel. So what’s his favourite movie car chase? Craig doesn’t miss a beat.

    “Oh, the film to watch is Bullitt,” he says. “That’s the benchmark. Because McQueen was driving, he’s spinning the wheel and the camera is right there… he’s the guy really doing it. It doesn’t get much better than that, except perhaps the chase in The French Connection.”

    The climax of The Bourne Supremacy was pretty cool, don’t you think? Those famous blue eyes narrow. “Bourne? Bourne? Come on, we don’t talk about that guy…”

  • Guinness

    Dear Dan,
    and Cheeky Brit:
    Thank your ancestry for my paid holiday tomorrow!! yey!
    (4th of July)

  • Fio

    Dear Guinness:
    Happy Independence Day America! Having fun on your holiday? :)
    For a Star Trek fun, Guinness.

  • Guinness

    holy crikey FIO!!!
    I screamed in delight when I saw it!!!
    And my daughter yelled at me for scaring her–she’s on her Kindle Fire, NOT reading.
    I pointed at the laptop and My Dan told me I was a fruitcake.
    Life is short, squeeling in delight is under used!!!

    THANK YOU!! (ah, Mendel, whatcha gonna pull outa your English hat to top that one!! )

    sweet. (gotta goole the dude in the middle…)

  • Daniel Meets Lions In Sydney

    Daniel Craig flies in for Lions game
    Eyes may wander from the British Lions game tonight to catch a glimpse of James Bond’s alter ego, Daniel Craig, among the crowd, after he arrived in Sydney for the final match this morning.
    The Bond actor and British Lions fan, who sat in first class while his bodyguard sat in business, arrived on an early morning flight from Los Angeles, sources at Qantas and the Australian Rugby Union told Fairfax Media.
    While his famous character’s sporting passions notably include fast cars and skiing in exotic locations, Craig’s passion for the Lions has lured him to take the trip to see the final against the Wallabies of the three-match series, which is tied one game each ahead of tonight’s match.
    And Craig won’t be the only 007 at tonight’s game.
    Injured Lions captain Sam Warburton, who will also be watching the game, has been nicknamed “007″ after the breathless British media compared his rippling muscly body with Craig’s after emerging topless from the water in both Bondi beach and in Perth.
    “Take it in good heart, of course, but I have to say that that is not my style at all. I do not really like having photos taken with my top off. I think I will have to wear a T-shirt next time,” Warburton told the British media.
    Both Warburton and Craig will join more than 30,000 Irish and British fans who have been painting Sydney red since the start of the thrilling season.
    Tonight’s game starts at 8pm.

  • Guinness

    I love rugby. Dan is so cool to do this!!! btw: his hair is getting longer-fanfukingtastic.
    THX Fio.
    You working Mendel? Tell Dan you need a day off. or just give Dan an off— *youknowwhatimean*

  • Guinness

    Sam is a Neanderthal. Dan is hotness with proportioned upper and lower. lower being VERY worked and tight. yeeee hawww! Dan is my pick hands down. *handseverywhere* cheeky brit read your mind there.

  • Christopher Wolff

    She’s just so pretty.