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Suki Waterhouse & Lily Collins Film 'Love, Rosie' in Dublin!

Suki Waterhouse & Lily Collins Film 'Love, Rosie' in Dublin!

Lily Collins pushes a pram while filming a scene for her upcoming flick Love, Rosie at Georges Street Arcade on Monday (May 27) in Dublin, Ireland.

The 24-year-old actress was seen rushing the stroller past her co-star Suki Waterhouse, who bared her super toned tummy in a revealing costume for that day of filming.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lily Collins

Lily was spotted walking around makeup-less on set last week.

Love, Rosie, which also stars Sam Claflin, is set to be released sometime next year.

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  • cindy

    Now, Suki is an actress. LOL

  • milena

    lily and a teen mom! cute XD

  • Derpy!

    It’s Hannah Montana!!

  • AG

    So… all of the Bradley Cooper freaks who were losing their sh*t over thinking that Suki was in Paris with him can officially calm themselves.

  • Olivia

    Wow, she’s made use of him in just a few months.

  • Tae

    I’m pretty sure lily Collins a bigger celebrity that sw who is know for f#cking Bradley cooper and being friends with cara d but I digress.

  • Jen

    @Olivia: You nailed it. Would this even be on the site if she hadn’t been seen with him in the past few months? Pathetic.

  • ace11

    She could be Cooper’s daughter

    Guy must have some serious women issues to be dating this youngster

  • Cate

    The wardrobe and make-up people could have tried a bit harder to make Lily look like a broke miserable teen mother like in the book! Aside from the frumpy clothes she still looks pretty and her hair and skin are flawless.

    Suki Waterhouse is very pretty.

  • Cate

    @Jen: Um? What? Can you Suki Waterhouse haters calm down please? Just Jared has been covering the movie because Lily Collins and Sam Claflin star in it who are both more famous than Suki. There have been 3 or 4 other posts about on “Love, Rosie” on JJ and JJr since filming started just 2 weeks ago and none of them mentioned Suki. Just search the “Love Rosie” tag.

    I think you guys need to examine the fact that you are only paying attention to this post about the movie because of Suki Waterhouse…

  • Let’s Talk

    Thank-you Cate for that informative update.

    Does working on Suki”s PR team pay well? Or do you just like lecturing strangers?

  • James

    It looks like JustJared got these pics and story form the Daily Mail.

    You can tell Suki’s PR team gave the DM the story because it tries to portray Suki as the “star” of the film when she only has a very small part.

    Lily Collins is the star.

  • Cate

    @Let’s Talk: What a bizarre response! I’m not a fan of Suki’s and I’ve never commented on a post about her before. How does calling her pretty make me a member of her PR team? I was just responding to the post above that the movie is only getting attention because of her when there have been plenty of other previous posts about the movie because of Sam and Lily.

  • Let’s Talk

    You need to look up the definition of bizarre.

    You’re REALLY easy to wind up, aren’t you? Get a sense of humor.

  • Jen

    @Cate: I don’t hate her at all … i just find it odd that they mention her before the other actual stars of the show all of a sudden. You are proving my point that they mention the movie other times without mentioning her. It just seems strange she’s a headline all of a sudden.

    I agree she can be pretty. I just don’t think she was news before she started dating Bradley Cooper.

  • emerits

    so i did a bit of research.. suki doesnt actually have a ‘PR’ team

  • paul

    I saw them in paris at the bristol hotel. someone also put a photo of them checking into the hotel on instagram.. it was definetly her. she probaby was there for short time or wasnt filming on the weekend.

  • Let’s Talk


    She was in Dublin filming at the weekend.

    People saw her THERE.

  • Brian

    I just got back from the Moon.

    You’ll NEVER guess who I saw checking into a hotel!

    Come on, guess!!!!

  • Karl

    Suki is a odd name she chinese or a jew?

  • Jack

    Hahahaha…………..Paris or not…least his bezzie mate got Brazil

  • Brian

    I wonder why we never see Bradley hugging Suki like this in public?

  • Jack

    Brian that’s an easy one to answer….Cos BC and SW relationship is apparently underwraps…low key… because his smitten casual serious being reflective……

    I just wonder how healthy it is to date a guy you had a crush on so badly

  • Brian


    That “under wraps” rubbish is nonsense from a gossip site. This has been nothing but public photo-ops from day one.

    Nothing private, low key or “reflective” about it

  • whiteLatina

    Much better than that ugly old Zoe Saldana.

  • Dan

    Ah she made it into the sun news paper saying bc can help with her acting homework for someone who says she has no pr what do you think her agency are there for?

  • Dan
  • Brian



    Suki Waterhouse has a PR TEAM just like every other celeb on this site. Where ELSE would the stories and photos come from, thin air?

    As another poster said, it’s obvious the story was written by her PR team because it tries to make Suki the focus of the film when she only has a very small part.

  • jovaaaaaaaanaaa

    @Let’s Talk: Lol HIGH FIVE. :) hahah

  • Chrissy

    It’s funny that Suki whatever seems to be drawing more attention to this project than Lily or Sam and they’re technically more famous. Hahaha