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Who Got Voted Off 'The Voice'? Top Six Revealed!

Who Got Voted Off 'The Voice'? Top Six Revealed!


This week started with the top eight contestants on The Voice and tonight (May 28) the competition was narrowed down to the top six during the results show!

Each veteran coach – Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – went into this week’s competition with their three contestants still intact. However, the new coaches – Shakira and Usher – started this week with only one contestant each.

On Team Adam we have Amber Carrington, Judith Hill, and Sarah Simmons. On Team Blake we have Danielle Bradbery, Holly Tucker, and The Swon Brothers. On Team Shakira we have Sasha Allen. Lastly, on Team Usher we have Michelle Chamuel.

Click inside to find out who was sent home on The Voice this evening

Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons

Sadly, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were sent packing!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the results?

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  • Siya

    Poor Adam. Lol

  • becca

    These kids need to compete next season :) obsessed.

  • Sandra

    America got it wrong – Judith Hill was amazing and will have a great career much like Jennifer Hudson. She should never have been voted off!

  • Sam

    Blake’s team sucks… I can’t believe they ALL got saved!

  • MrsOzzie

    SHOCKING!!!!! Neither one of those women should have been voted off.

  • babboom

    I was hoping the Swan Brothers would be sent home. Enough of them!

  • summer


  • Bert

    Thanks for the spoilers. It hasn’t aired yet on the west coast. kill yourself

  • Kay

    The show is becoming boring and predictable with fan favoritism towards country singers. If one of Blake’s artists wins again the show is going to have to change something with their format. What stops the coaches from only putting country singers through, since they are the only ones that get the votes? It’s incredibly frustrating to see amazing vocalists leave far too early in the competition.

    I’m not saying anything bad about the country artists, the show just needs more variety than that.

  • Roxie

    Disgusting turn of events……Adam’s team was fantastic and the best singers got sent home. No way Blake’s team should all be advancing. I am so sick of the Swan Brothers! Seriously Judith Hill not returning…..what the heck is America listening to?

  • Leni

    Those were my top too. Not cool!! I love Michelle too though. And Sasha. Team Blake stinks though!

  • cruizin

    America is listening to country music….they tend to do this when times are tough. Also, America obviously didn’t connect with Judith – she has a great voice, great staging, but it’s all about the show…she is too much of a professional for America to want to give this competition to her. Sara was hurt by singing the tired Gotye song and singing it in such an angry manner – she was angry last week too.

    All you have to do is look at itunes to see what America is listening to. Look which Voice contestants are charting well week after week. Just because country music might not be your thing, doesn’t mean that much of America gets it.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    I tried to like this show The Voice. The male judges act so immature and singing to the back of a chair. I don’t think so.

  • notebooks

    Winning this show doesn’t mean anything anyway. The singers don’t go on to do anything. Actually they all go back to their day jobs flipping burgers.

  • http://@rhodesmarketing Melanie Rhodes

    America got it wrong. Judith Hill is was the best singer on the show and should have not been sent home. I have watched the voice since it has been on the air and none of the past winners have made it big but the ones who didn’t win do. In this case Judith Hill will go far and we will hear more from her than the winner as usual.

  • brock

    i laugh at all you complaining about blakes team and his country stars. About that all america like please recall last few seasons and who have won mainly r$b stars. get with it people

  • Janie

    @Sandra: Judith is a star, it really doesn’t matter that she’s been sent home. she has a huge future, a film coming out about famous background singers (don’t know why she’s included as she wasn’t famous at the time) so she gets to get started on her future just a little bit earlier. It clears the field for those who are not as far along as she is….

  • Sam

    @Joni: “singing to the back of a chair”? Lol you clearly never even watched the show because the Blind Auditions only happen in the first round!

  • onlything

    That was shocking, how can Holly and Swon Brothers saved over Judith and Sarah, isn’t it all about VOICE? And country music is boring…

  • Rashaud

    @cruizin: America isn’t listening to country music. Country isn’t popular, and it NEVER will be. There are VERY, VERY, VERY few country artists that reach superstardom, and almost all of them are not just country, they are pop Country, which, if we are being honest, is not really Country at all. You can’t tell me that Taylor Swift is a Country artist. Also, let’s not pretend that The Voice represents what America at large feels. It’s a big show, but it’s not a mega show, and has a very limited amount of viewers which is why NONE of The Voice’s winners are even known. I didn’t start watching The Voice until this season, and when I looked up last year’s winners – I was shocked. They were literally nobodies.

  • Marie

    I’m still shocked!! I didn’t believe that Sarah and Judith aren’t in the show nevermore! Team Adam had the most amazing voices! How the Swan Brother still in this competition? I know that many people have different taste of music, but for me the show became boring, Country music is boring and monotone, I really hope next week two of Blake’s team go home, otherwise I’m not going continue seeing this show, I’m very disappointed, these eliminations were not fair!

  • Sara

    Wow! That is insane! They are two of the best in the whole competition! Danielle Bradbery is cute and all but she’s a dime a dozen. And Holly what’s her name is just a Carrie Underwood wannabe. Hopefully these two women get signed because they are amazing. They were two of my faves so now I am just hoping for Michelle Chamuel to take the whole thing!

  • Tammy

    I loved Sara soooooo much. I too am so sick of the Swon Brothers, but then I was at a stuck point cuz I really did like everyone else. I just feel so bad for Sarah. Isn’t it Adam who chose her song.

  • Destiny

    Judith & Sarah shouldn’t have even been considered off the show… Adam Levine’s face was complete shock along with majority of us at home, but I have no doubt that Judith or Sarah will have career issues from this point on..

    because of the remaining contestants lack of originality or uniqueness I’m no longer watching the show.. there’s no need to just tune in for 2 “ok” contestants..

  • awesome515

    lmao the people that are complaining about country singers are retarded…you do realize that a real country singer hasn’t won this show right? stop whining-_-

  • awesome515

    Sarah was ok but Judith was waaaayyyyyy overrated and boring…way to use MJ’s name to try and get some votes-_- The show is better off without her, now some real talent can win. I am rooting for Danielle or Swon Brothers…either of them can sing circles around Judith-_- also to the moron that says country singers rarely make superstars…umm, I am not a huge country fan but Kenney Chesney, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Reba, Lady Antebellum just to name a few…and to counter your one terrible point Taylor Swift did start out country, just listen to her first few albums. There are plenty of others but I figured this would make you feel dumb enough…to wrap this comment up…THANK GOD WE DON;T HAVE TO LISTEN TO JUDITH ANYMORE AMIRITE?!

  • ivy

    I was surprised that two members of Adam’s team were sent packing but I think both of those singers were too extreme for the population that is watching this show. Judith’s performance Monday night was extreme…song, hair, clothes… and Sarah’s style and the stuff she does with her voice is too unusual. I love Michelle…she is out there as well…the whole Indy thing … but in a more relatable way and she has a great voice. These shows are great for exposure but the winners of this show and American Idol don’t seem to do much after. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the only famous winners. I seriously can’t name any other winners and have no clue who won the Voice in past seasons. I think those who go home early have a much better chance at fame.

  • whatever

    seriously you are stereo typing country listeners. just because you dont like country who wants to hear your rude comments. you know I lived in the south for years, then moved back to New York i see more inbreed people up here then I ever did down there. I certainly hope you dont have kids and pass on your rudeness, the world doesnt need anymore of that

  • IROC280

    To the ignorant… and for the record. Season 1 Won by Javior Colon, sings R&B, neo soul, soul, acoustic – team Adam. Season 2 Won by Jermaine Paul, sings R&B, soul, pop – team Blake. Season 3 Won by Cassadee Pope, sings Pop rock, pop punk power pop – team Blake. The winner receives 100k and a record deal w/Universal Republic Records.

  • Katy

    I am not sure where you have been but country music is very popular. @Rashaud:

  • Katy

    For the “haters” saying that Blake stacked his team with country singers is the only reason for his winning. His two winners were not country singers. And for the “haters” saying country isn’t popular. Look who is left on Adam’s team…the country singer. Country music has a loyal following and with singers like Kelly Clarkson and Darius Rucker switching to country music is here to stay.

  • Maris


    that doesn’t mean we have to have mediocre country singers in the top 6 while better ones leave the competition! we now have 4 country artist (counting Amber even though she’s proved to be more versatile) in the top 6, and of those 4 only 2 are good enough to still be there.

  • Kathy

    the 2 best singers got voted off how crazy is this

  • ranna

    Michelle Chamuel is the worst singer on the Voice! She is painful to watch.

  • AubreeQ

    Ivy, The Voice runners up have not had careers either. American Idol has two superstars, but they also have a lot of singers that have had some hit albums and success in the beginning even if it didn’t last. The Voice doesn’t even have a minor success story. Clay Aiken was selling a lot of records for awhile. Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar winner for a musical. Kelly Pickler just won Dancing with the stars so idol runners up are doing well. Even Contantine is on Broadway. Idol winner Phil Phillips just got a platinum selling single.

  • Nosgoth1979

    Last night was a devastating hit to Adam’s team. I’m mainly bummed about Sarah though. I didn’t think she was necessarily a shoe-in to win, but I didn’t think she’d get eliminated yet. Oh well, at least Sasha is still in the competition. I worked late at DISH last night so I actually missed the results show live and avoided spoilers by staying away from my phone. I love having the DISH Hopper because while I’m going from room to room doing my nightly routine (some cleaning, getting the kids ready for bed, etc.), I can pause my show and pick it up in the exact same spot in any of the four rooms we have TV in.

  • http://nowhere Madelyn


    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! BLAKES TEAM HAS THE BEST SINGERS!! Danielle Bradberry is gonna win…..OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!

  • http://@petersonjohanna Jpeterson

    I am so glad it went the way it did last night. I truly think this will be a duel between Danielle and Amber, and I think Amber will will it all!!

  • http://@petersonjohanna Jpeterson

    Also, Michelle NEEDS TO GO HOME! I am so done with her.

  • Anderson

    I think it will come down to Danielle and Michelle; and Danielle will win. I never connected with Judith or Sarah for some reason so it didn’t bother me to see them go but the Swon Brothers need to go next.

  • shane


  • shane


    are you kidding me? LMAO

  • That dude

    It’s a shame the swon brothers are still in this because only one of them can really sing. Their act is mostly based on one brother the other is just a crowd teaser….. Judith should have won this an maybe the show needs to come up with another way to count the votes or another voting system…

  • Cil

    If a singer is overweight by America’s standards or looks gay, or is not a cute young African-American, sadly they get voted off.

    It’s the same old, same old, prejudiced American public who has little regard for talent, and even less imagination.

  • Ann

    I loved both of them, but especially Sarah. What a talent. It is amazing that they were voted off. It does make one wonder what in the world the voters could have been thinking of. In any case, I think both of them will go far anyway. It is great that they’ve been brought to our attention.

  • just saying


    Sort of like “America’s Next Top Model”….when did that ever work out for the so-called winners?

  • Rashaud

    @awesome515: The Swon Brothers? Seriously? Judith was more talented vocally than the Swon Brothers, Danielle, and Sarah. She outsang all of them even with her range limited due to her recovering nodule, or did you forget? Especially Danielle and the Swon Brothers. Their performances were consistently boring. The only reason Danielle is liked is because she’s cute. Her performances are always boring and show little vocal ability. Her performances the other night was the best she’s ever given us simply because of the high note at the end. And most of the people on your list of “superstars” are not superstars. And if you think they are, me and you must have VASTLY different ideas of what a super star is. Also, TAYLOR SWIFT IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN COUNTRY! Throwing a banjo in the background doesn’t make your song country! She was pop country at best. More pop than country. You can defend country all you want, but the fact remains that it isn’t a major force in the music industry and it NEVER will be. :)

  • http://Jprincess joy

    i agree Judith Hill has the best voice, why was she voted off???