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Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego Kiss, Hold Hands in Italy

Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego Kiss, Hold Hands in Italy

Zoe Saldana and her rumored new boyfriend Marco Perego share a kiss while vacationing together on Monday (May 27) in Capri, Italy.

Later that day, the 34-year-old Star Trek Into Darkness actress and the Italian artist were spotted holding hands while doing some shopping in Naples.

Speculation first began about Zoe and Marco when the two were seen holding hands at the Star Trek Into Darkness after party.

“‘The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.’ – Minot J. SavageZoe tweeted that day.

Also pictured inside: Zoe wearing a Banana Republic Milly Collection dress and a Kymerah Cleo blazer while out with her sister last week in New York City.

FYI: Zoe is wearing a Bella Dahl jean top and Joe’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

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zoe saldana marco perergo kiss hold hands in italy 05
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  • Nance

    Lucky bastard

  • lala

    nothing against zoe but she only ever dates white men and never anyone of colour. i mean its her personal choice but its just a bit strange


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  • Josephine

    As you said – it’s her choice. She is attracted to white men and she dates them, end of story. That doesn’t mean she has anything against men of color, but a person can’t really control who he or she is attracted to. I never date blonde men. Do I have anything against them? No. But I am more attracted to gingers and dark-haired guys. No one holds it against me because it’s just the hair but I think the same should be with a skin color. We are all human, why do we still care if someone dates people with the same or a different skin color?

  • NameNotImportant


    Yea, because we men of color never do the same? LOL

  • lala

    @Josephine: i understand your point, but i dont think you can compare hair color to skin color. you are right that hair color should be viewed the same as skin color, but it is not, as race plays a big part in peoples lives hence why slavery existed. coming from an ethnic heritage, i found that my family who went with white men mainly went with them for better opportunities and simply because it was perceived as a nicer thing than to have an ethnic dark skinned man/woman. that is why i was wondering if it was the same thing from zoe, since nowadays not only do darker women/men go with lighter/white men/women, but they also bleach their skin as the lighter you are, the more accepted you are in society

    i take it that you are not ethnic/you are white hence why you dont really understand my argument to the full depth

  • lala

    @NameNotImportant: men of colour do the same as women of color, it just so happened that i am referring to a woman.

  • kenny

    in the small picture the guy looked like Jared Leto :D (btw i agree w/ @josephine, she dates whoever she wants :)

  • Cee Cee

    OH MY GOD. Everyone shut up about race! Who cares! Why must everyone anaylse such pointless things!!

  • Mandy

    WOW, what a HOT COUPLE. She loves to Dance with the Ladies at the Bachelorette Party with the BEST DEALS at BacheloretteSalesDotCom

  • AL

    It’s pretty patronising to say that because someone is white they don’t really understand the argument – not that there’s an ‘argument’ to even understand.

  • lol

    the only prominent actor in HW who dated and married a black woman is Robert DeNiro, just saying.

  • sdf

    @lala: I’m black and so what that she dates only white men. Is she obligated to date ‘men of color’ because she is a woman of color? No! If you have a problem with her choice, date a man of color and make yourself feel better.

  • lala

    @AL: if you are from a different cultural/ethnic background you are not really going to understand every thing of that origin. i didnt mean for it to be patronising what i meant was that you may not fully understand where i am coming from as a girl of a similar race to zoe if you are e.g. white. the same why i wouldnt understand everything a caucasian person is coming from is they were to bring up an argument regarding race. i dont really view that as patronising.

    and plus its clear that the person who i was conversing with didnt really understand where i was coming from because he/she compared hair color to skin color perhaps because he/she couldnt identify with being ethnic. theres nothing wrong with that.

  • @lala: I’m black and you’re an idiot. How’s that for understanding “where you’re coming from”?

  • lala

    @sdf: i never said she was. did i say she was because i dont recall saying that she was forced to only dating men of color. no because like i stated, it is her choice. i only brought this up because of learning more about how it is more socially acceptable for ethnic women/men to date caucasian men since it helps them in various zones.

    read the “Willie Lynch how to make a slave” letter and then come back to me and see what you find. part of what he believed to make a slave was to take the black men away from the black women causing the children to be fatherless and have the black women only rely on either the white men or themselves. now you tell me this has nothing to do with the fact that a majority of black families remain fatherless and more black women are turning to white men in order to find security.

  • monica

    I understand where lala is coming from…and especially since zoe one day will say ‘i am a black woman’ and another day say ‘there is no such thing as people of color’ a lot of her interviews in the past have given me the feeling that she doesnt really want to associate with black people or identify herself that way. so seeing this doesnt really surprise me.

  • lisa

    I understand where lala is coming from…and especially since zoe one day will say ‘i am a black woman’ and another day say ‘there is no such thing as people of color’ a lot of her interviews in the past have given me the feeling that she doesnt really want to associate with black people or identify herself that way. so seeing this doesnt really surprise me..

  • @lala: Do you know what I hate about black girls like yourself? You always try to speak for all of us black girls and it’s annoying. You do not speak for me so stop. I don’t “bleach” my skin and I don’t *think* (see what I did there?) most black women and girls do because it’s dangerous and unnecessary . Now if you are talking about melasma that is a whole other thing and has nothing to do with bleaching, it’s about getting your skin an even tone because dark skin is sensitive to discoloration.

    As for your rant about black girls with white guys – Why is it always this pairing that gets so much hate? Why don’t you go to the (many) black guys who ONLY date white? Are they doing it because of status or some other weird reason? How many black male celebrities do you see with dark black women!? Or black women at all? *crickets*

  • lala

    @: honestly i never intended to offend anyone but thats just rude. this is why i suggest reading the willie lynch how to make a slave letter that was written before slavery before you insult me

  • Josephine


    I know what you’re trying to say but that was then. Now we have the XXI century – and if we are trying to change anything, stop the racism, discrimination and intolerance, people should stop perpetuating those outdated notions. There will never be equality if people will still be thinking the way you are. I come from the nation that was through centuries the most discriminated, mistreated and degraded in an entire Europe (people were tortured and killed for using our language, our country was destroyed, leaders of our neighbors called us worms that are supposed to serve them or die). But now, we are finally getting closer to being perceived as equals and walking around reminding everyone how things used to be back then and trying to separate us from the others because of that will do more damage than good. Slavery existed, that’s an undeniable fact, yes, but Zoe Saldana is a very succesful, rich, independent woman of color who accomplished everything by herself and doesn’t need to date white men to gain anything. She already is accepted and she has a freedom to date anyone she wants without bringing the ulterior motives into the equasion. By saying that, you and not the white people, are bringing her down and insulting her.

  • @lala: How is it more socially acceptable for black women to date white men? Black women-White men pairings have been killed by black males (see the 4 black males who killed and raped a black women and white man couple who were married by breaking into their home). And/Or beaten up by black males for just walking down the street.
    You sound like some poor indoctrinated black girl who has been fed a lie and the willie lynch letter is fake.

  • lisa

    to … most black girls dont, but many in the industry do. and many black girls bash black guys that only date white girls. my brother does, some of my friends only date white girls, and based on what they tell me its always for the wrong reasons. regardless zoe can date whoever she wants to date! i have dated white guys before its nbd, but since ive followed her career (as a fan) a lot of her interviews have rubbed me the wrong way in terms of how she views black people and how it appears she tries to dissociate herself from that category, its disheartening. i still love her as an actress but I do feel she has something against the black society in general.

  • @lala: For the last time, the willie lynch letter is fake.
    You need to go read Halima’s blog “who’s zooming who”.. Go and google it.
    Most black “power” males are with white women.

  • real


    White men are a@Josephine:
    White men are attracted to her, too.

  • lala

    @: i get it. you disagree with me. thats fine, but i will continue to study the society around us. i recently found a website which tells black people the harsh truths that we dont want to face. maybe you should read it.

    maybe im ridiculous, but at least i am always open to learning. i have accepted what you have said and i will look at Halima’s blog and read about the whos zooming who :)

  • Josephine


    I was comparing skin color and hair color not because I didn’t understand your point but in my opinion in this day and age, both should be perceived as what they are – elements of our physical appearance and not something that defines us. I know that through ages white people defined black people by just that – a skin color, but again – that was then and they were awful racists. We are not racists, we are normal, civilized people who should look at what every person represents and not how dark or fair he/she is. But you are the one looking only at the skin color. You don’t wonder what this man represents as a human being and why Zoe fell for him – him as a person, but you wonder why he is not black.

  • lala

    @Josephine: skin color and hair color SHOULD be perceived as the same thing. but it is not. you would assume people are civilized but they are not. racism is still alive and well today its just not as obvious as before. the amount of things that have happened to me due to my color is why i know for a fact people in general are still racist today.
    here is a video clip to illustrate what im talking about

  • lala

    heres another that i watched in my sociology class

  • babs

    since everyone is talking about race im surprised she went to italy. my friend warned me to avoid places like cyprus and italy cuz she is from cyprus and they would call me all sorts of names like the n word.

  • mh

    EEEWWWWW. She must be horney and desperate because he looks like he smells. Look at his gross shoes. Zoe you can do better.

  • Jessie

    lisa @ 05/28/2013 at 2:21 pm
    I hear what you’re saying. There will always be race issues, not talking about them doesn’t make them go away. I agree that she should date whomever she wants to date, but the fact is all people of dark skin don’t consider themselves black, especially if they were born any place other than Africa or N. America. Saldana may well be one of those people.
    It doesn’t matter how the world views them nor should it matter. Halle Berry by her own admission when she was young asked her mother why people called her black when she had a white mother. She thought of herself as white, although the world doesn’t. Racism still exists in all of it’s forms. The color of the skin sometimes has little to do with how people think of themselves and I think Saldana is like that and that is her choice. No one should be ale to define who you are, but many will try.
    Not everyone see things as black and white. Men of color date Caucasians too, some exclusively, it shouldn’t matter, but it does to some. I personally don’t care, but there are always people wanting to make something of it. Whatever motivates them to be attracted to people of other races is no one else’s business. We are all people.

  • Annabelle

    It’s funny how all of you are complaining about race and all that but don’t acknowledge the fact that Zoe is HISPANIC! I’m pretty sure shes very proud to be Hispanic and doesn’t want people assuming shes African American when she is not. This guy is hot! & so what if he’s white? I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican just like her and I mostly date white men. It has nothing to do with color! It’s all about who you feel attracted to!! They make a cute couple and I wish them happiness.

  • NameNotImportant


    Hey genius, being Dominician or Puerto Rican is not a race. You can be from either place and be white, black, asian or mixed. You’re trying to tell me someone lke Big Papi David Ortiz and J-Lo aren’t different at all? Just because they’re both from Latin America? Slaves where sent to many places in the Americas. Including Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico and many other places. Zoe Saldana is of West African descent just like many African Americans. And people like you pretending it’s not so won’t ever make it not be true.

  • mh

    @monica: Agreed because she does it all the time. I think she just does it for the media. I’m not a fan but I’m happy for her success.

  • @babs: No offense, but your friend seems shady (for lack of better words). I’ve been to Italy and never been called the N word. Is she trying to scare you from going or something? Don’t be scared.

  • @lala: So did you check out the blog I mentioned? It’s really interesting.
    Black women are not responsible for the failure of the black community. I’m just going to be honest and say this: Black men have shown the world how little they care for black women. When I look at media all I see from black males is indifference or hate from black men, yes, even the so called “Good black men” stay silent when black women and girls are abused in every form.
    I suggest you check out to learn more about how little the “black community” cares for its women and girls.

  • lala

    @: yes i have started reading it and it is very interesting, im going to tell my mother to read it as well. i have learnt a lot in sociology in regards to Black families and how they do not provide a suitable male role model but a fantastic role model to girls.

    did u check out the website i suggested? it is also very helpful to out race in general..

  • lala

    @: movies like missippi burning and rabbit proof fence have really educated me as well as the book to kill a mockingbird. you should watch/read them

  • Toni

    Cmon we dont know all the men she dates, she could have dated all types of men in her life. We only know a couple, after her career took off. Give her a break.

  • fanny

    yeah one day she doesn ‘ t want to say that she is black and the next day ,hw chooses her to portray DARK SKINNED NINA SIMONE out of all the talented black actresses (viola ,angela bassett etc ).so honey you are LAAaaatina for the interviews but BLACK for the movies .and before anyones says anything ,i think it’s important to say that i perfectly know that you can be both LATINA and black as the first one is a culture and the second one a race .it’s just that when someone like me reads her interview it sounds more like an interview that cameron diaz could have given

  • fanny

    that’s true and that is why i won’t see her in the movie about NINA SIMONE

  • @Toni: She is probably unapologetic about it which is healthy. You don’t have to justify why you like a certain type. You like what you like. No need to explain or try to prove how black you are by dating black guys.
    Men (of ALL races) never explain or apologize for their preference and neither should women.

  • Ava

    Most rich , famous black men are with white women or mixed race women, and Zoe’s is mixed races and considers herself Hispanic , which is cultural and part of that cultue is Latin and the first latins are Italians , so culturally she maybe feels closer to white Eurpean men then Black African American men……… So why this thing on the colour of the guy she is dating, Hally Berry who goes on and on about being a ” Black women” , but then only has children by white men, so that her off spring will be only 1/3 black…. Beyonce another who always gong on about being a black women, has a nose job to thin out her nose and lightens her skin and has never been caught without a fake blond wig…… Why don’t you go and nip pick their personal choices instead of Zoe Saldana’s

  • Neil

    I love Zoe but I would have to be pretty clueless to NOT notice that all her male partners, on-screen and off are always white. No judgement by me (I’m white, so I can at least dream) but it is rather interesting, especially her on-screen pairing. It will probably be noteworthy when and if she ever does get paired up on-screen with someone of color. Brave new world.

  • Elodieee

    What a sad world… thinking it’s “strange” she dates white men.. I mean… really?


  • Neil


    I don’t think Denzel Washington would agree with you.

  • Verity

    @NameNotImportant: Exactly!

  • @Neil: So what? Why do people always do this when it’s black women with white men!? No one says anything when it’s a black man with a white woman!
    Most actors in Hollywood are white so it makes perfect sense that she is often paired with white actors.
    What is your problem? Do you feel threatened or something? This question is aimed at those who have a problem with it which, no matter what you say, you clearly do.
    There is nothing strange with having a preference for someone of a different skin color.
    I thought we had moved on from superficial things like this, but clearly some people ares till stuck in the past.

  • @Elodieee: People think it’s strange because it’s not normalized.
    I remember when people thought black men/white women pairings were strange but now when it’s common, it’s perfectly “normal”.