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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Hollywood Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Hollywood Premiere!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up while attending the premiere of his latest film The East held at ArcLight on Tuesday (May 28) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actor was seen posing on the red carpet with director Zal Batmanglij.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Last week, Alexander was spotted keeping a low profile while exiting his hotel in the Big Apple.

“I’m glad it wasn’t for the entire film. Because it was so itchy and uncomfortable and horrible. And so it was kind of a relief once I got rid of it,” Alexander recently shared about his long hair and facial hair in the film.

After the premiere, guests headed over to No Vacancy for the after party, where they enjoyed Svedka vodka.

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Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • Peanut Gallery

    Man really rocks a suit

  • jamiehsu

    he looks stunning,JJ should post those pics he’s with Ellen.they look so cute together

  • JenJen

    Maybe JJ is tired of the madness that occurs when any photos of Alex and females are posted.

    The entire cast looked nice.

  • JenJen

    I like scruffy Alex. Too bad beards make him uncomfortable.

  • Stockholm syndrome

    So let me get it straight Brit wants him in real life and in script and Ellen wants him badly apparently look at those pictures of her and him she is basically telling it he can get it. When EVER has Ellen wore a dress and makeup with her breast in view. Oh Alex does have a way of turning on the ladies it’s Alex Stockholm syndrome isn’t it.

  • Stockholm syndrome

    Oh just wanted to add to me he looks at her like a buddy you know like he didn’t even glance at them you would think he would be like damn Ellen has boobs let me look at them. Nope! I like the one where she rests her head on him and his face like dawww the baby is tired. lol The dude has something on the ladies that’s for sure.

  • jamiehsu
  • Magdalena

    Beautiful man. Sigh.

  • jerry

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  • Magdalena

    @jerry: Get lost!

  • Strange

    Sexy as hell!! Everyone looks amazing.

  • Canuck

    @Stockholm syndrome: Man, Ellen would have to have it bad, since she bats for the other team. Lol

  • bi


    DO NOT THINK SO. She is into Alex, pretty sure she is not all about the girls.

  • ladybug

    @JenJen: It’s not his own facial hair that makes him uncomfortable, it’s fake beards that are uncomfortable.

    And here are some photos from earlier in the day, at a press conference:

  • Canuck

    @bi: Well, if she’s getting that, good on her, however mindboggling the logistics might be. Lol

    I think they’re just friends though.

  • Canuck
  • bi

    (By the way, I don’t know if Skarsgard and Page are dating, but they looked very chummy at the junket; they sat close together and answered questions as a pair. Page also stared intensely at Skarsgard, who did most of the talking. They are very cute together anyway.)

    Just because she dresses like a dude doesn’t mean she is not into dudes too. She is into him.

  • Carly Jane

    Ellen and Alex are rekindling mabes & that has got to be messed up for his lady friend of late who was there helping out only 2feet away most of the duration. Alex don’t give a crap about that shizz so won’t GAF but wait for onlookers goss about the girl with sheer pink blouse and jeans she was green eyed & I don’t mean eye colour. Dig him but he’s no Prince Charming and hides a craptonne that’s chuckle worthy when ladies flock like flies around poop.

  • Jess

    Skars team work it hiding all his sordid hook ups and creepiness. He’s a mess and I think Ellen likes him but pray smart enough to dodge that bullet being no stranger to confusion about orientation and relationships.

  • JenJen

    @ ladybug

    Thanks for the picture. Handsome as always.

  • ladybug

    @bi: Nah, he’s dating Patricia Clarkson :)

    And I’m joking, by the way.

  • Took blond

    Alex tuck girl in pink blouse to premiere they are pictures of her wuth him. Typical another blond Leo dicap twin blonds only and 19 / 20 moudel

  • Kellie

    He is so hot and sexy. Alexander always gets the Best COUPLES TOYS for women and men at AthenaToysDotcom to improve a Couple’s Relationship.

  • ladybug

    @Took blond: Except she’s not 20 something, she’s carrying a purse and a cell phone, not what you’d normally carry onto the red carpet:

    Odds are, she’s a PR person. But then, that’d kill your ‘outrage’ over what you think of his dating life.

  • pliss

    @Took blond:
    She is well past 30, and she is simply his PR-person at the premiere, you can see it in her clothes, phone, bag and flat heels and she even isn’t dressed for the party, just to work – comfortably … but I think that even if this woman was over 70, you certainly would say that she is his girlfriend.

  • JenJen

    It’s obvious Alex is dating everyone. he is just that awesome he’s like a magnet women don’t stand a chance. Zap! They’re pulled in!

    I’m joking just in case you cannot tell.

  • alex7

    they look way too comfortable for friends. ellen must be really into him!

  • Morin

    If Alex wasnt gay him and Britt had been a couple already

  • AO Gal

    @alex7: oh you mean when she kinda grabbed his vest button and made it sort of tidy each side? Yeah riiiiiighhhhttt… an intimate moment? Maybe, probably! They dating? we don’t know!!!
    All we can say he looks extremely relaxed and in a good shape in these pictures, there is one where he smiles genuinely. I loved that. Colgate moment

    Brit seems a bit weird in these pics…like she aint smiling alot…I won’t comment on her outfit… each his own

  • Music Fan

    and the saga continues…I think that you want him to be gay so that you wouldn’t find him so attractive or so deliciously talented. I think you believe you can be with him. Right?
    See right there? i assumed something that I have no clue if it’s true or not. just go away… if he is gay = still Hot… if he is a secret hidden unicorn = HOT Viking Unicorn. It don’t matter. This is as far it will go for all of us. so thank you blessing to actually see him on pics. I love Keanu Reeves but we don’t see him on the tabloid. and I don’t blame him.

    Ellen looks simple but elegant. Brit…she ain’t feeling the red carpet moment…in her other thread she is not smiling one bit. Love her make up very flawless but that outfit of hers…she looks like a penguin! This outfit Rihanna would have rocked it because she has that attitude and androgyneousity about her but Brit is too delicate fair beauty…like the clothes are overtopping her and not the other way around… That lady in the red dress (forgot her name) HOT HOT HOT!!!She has a killer figure and that red outfit and lipstick put her skin and hair complexion in great display…
    Oh and Alex…humm…where do we start: I think we have seen this suit somewhere…maybe im wrong but it looks good. Wished he would put a belt but oh well…love the 3 week facial beard on him…SEXY!!! and he seem like he gained a little bit a weight, don’t you think? I mean i love ittttt…

  • Happy Alex/ sour Brit

    Alex looks really relaxed I bet the girl from NY gave him a real good shag for the night that’s why he looks happy at the premier

    As for sour face Brit maybe Alex turned her down for the night because ya darn well know Brit wants some second swedish goodness in her bed.

  • Keiko

    Brit seems a little strained when Alex’s full attention is not on her, I’ll be honest. No, I am not suggesting anything of the two. I’m simply noting a pattern. When they are interviewed together she is grinning and bubbly, when they pose for photos together she is grinning and bubbly, but when she’s photographed apart from him….well, you can see for yourself.

  • Keiko

    Or maybe she was just constipated last night.

  • Cafélady

    Oh…wow! Great pics – exactly what I was hoping for. He looks super-duper good here – I love the 3-day-beard…LoL…But where is the necklace?? I noticed earlier already that he doesn’t wore it for a while – but thought this was because he traveled so much lately. Perhaps forgotten in the bathroom before stepping out of the house, or something? LoL

    And I also like the pics where he is posing together with ellen. She is really cute – love her dress. Feminine – but not overdone like some others often do for such events.
    I love the way how he is holding her – somehow protective. I like especially the pic where he is looking down on her – and she nestles into his arm. Soo cute!
    He obviously has something, what brings a woman to it, to do that. :) Somehow understandable…LoL

    I also hope, we will see something of the press-conference/Interviews.

  • Skipper

    @ Keiko I do not see any jealously coming from Brit. Maybe she is just more comfortable in a group setting than on her own.

    @Cafelady I see something between Alex and Ellen as well in these pics. I don’t know what that something is but there is something.

    But the entire cast seems close so who know.

  • Cafélady

    @Skipper: This “he has something, what…” was meant in general. I think, in my sentence it was pretty clear, that I had no special person in mind. Much more, I have the feeling that he has this effect on almost every woman. And that’s what I commented. But the pics with him and ellen are sweet, like I said. And yes, one can see that they feel obviously comfortable in the company of the other. But he seems to have this attitude also with a lot of people – not only in the company with ellen or brit or kristin.

  • Skipper


    I agree with you.I think Alex is very charming very charismatic. Women seem to be comfortable with him as a friend.
    You would think he grew up with lots of sisters instead of brothers.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I’m not seeing anything in his relationship with Ellen other than friends.

    And Alex will be making an appearance on The Conan O’Brien Show on June 5th.

  • Harriet

    Maybe Alex and Brit are dating and you know Alex does not pose with his date. someone on another site said they stood close together at the after party so maybe there is something there and keeping it private who knows . Alex must be a crappy date / bf didn’t he have a one night stand like a week ago??

  • Canuck

    @Harriet: That’s really stretching the definition of “boyfriend”. Standing next to the woman who co-wrote and starred in the filmnat the after party. Um…yeah… she was probably one of the five people out of a couple of hundred that he actually knew. Ditto for Brit.

  • Keiko


    #35 I didn’t say she was jealous.

  • Keiko

    I cannot BELIEVE so many people are saying they “see something between Alex and Ellen”. It is beyond ridiculous. Alex hugs and smiles all over almost all his co-stars, including the men. Suggesting that out of all this hugging and smiling there is something SPECIAL about the hugging and smiling with Ellen…sheesh, I don’t even.

  • TRIA


    Yeah I know.

    Actually, looking at his pattern of behaviour, it’s can be confidently said that he’d NEVER pose like this with someone he’s actually dating.
    Public affection/ posed pictures= no romantic involvement.

    If anything, the one observation to make about this whole red carpet thing is that there’s not ONE picture of him and Brit together, not even in the group pix (they’re not next to each other).
    Both of them took “duo” pics with Zal, Ellen and P. Clarkson, but not each other.
    Of course it could not be intentional but it seems weird, especially considering they’re the two main leads.
    Probably doesn’t mean anything LOL, I just thought it was a bit puzzling…

  • Keiko


    I have a theory about that based on “woman’s intuition” but there’s no point getting into it here. And no, I do NOT think they are a couple. Quite the opposite. However, I did point out elsewhere the same thing that you noted.

  • Hype


    IMHO I sense there is alot of like, love in this Cast, Zal seems to be a Askars fanboy too. Ellen seems enchanted by Alex and Brit seems to have fallen hard too I mean the video and the photos and the way she laughs extra when he says something it’s very pre teen and to go on further I am pretty sure Alex is aware of it I mean how could he not be it so obvious. If something has transpire between the lot I don’t know but something happen in those woods and it wasn’t all work and making movies. As to these photos Brit seems very displeased when she is not near him and on the others when she is near him there are smiles. I am going to go and say that Brit wants a more than co working with Alex if Alex wants more than co working with Brit is another thing. Actors and Actress almost always end up doing it off screen.

  • What’s up Keiko!

    Fangirling again I see.
    You’re obsession with Brit Marling would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

    It’s pathetic how envious of her you are and it’s even worse how you can’t see your own envy.

    You just can’t help yourself from speculating keep fangirling.

  • Olivia

    I don’t see anything special happening between Alex and Ellen or Alex and Brit.

    To me the entire cast seems very close and bonded with each other.

    Now it’s just my thought that Brit has a crush on Alex I don’t think it goes beyond that and like Harriet I think Alex is aware of her crush.

    I do not understand where people get this idea that Alex is cold to his girlfriends in public there is evidence out there of just the opposite he only became publicly cold towards KB when the attention on them became out of hand and he naively thought it would die down if they weren’t spotted being publicly affectionate.

  • Maybe

    Maybe some fans were on to something in the premier pics where it seemed Brit and Alex were holding hands behind Ellen’s back.

    Alex and Brit seemed to go out of their way to be distant from each other.

    Maybe the fans got a little close to the truth.

  • Keiko


    # 45 That’s it, basically. Unrequited crushes or unrequited love, whatever the case, are difficult for anyone.

  • Hype


    I don’t think so, after all this time now they start hiding it, ridiculous. She lives in LA Alex lives in LA they have been seen and promoting since January if something would have happen it would have happen already.
    @ Keiko Unrequited love, I also have the feeling that she is still trying to make something happen I don’t feel Alex sees her like that though, could be wrong but if he was interested as I stated he seems to know there is a crush there he would have acted on it not go look for woman in NY when Brit was also there in NY the same very night they had NY premiere.